Case 1:00-cv-00792-SLR Document 1118

Filed 08/11/11 Page 1 of 1 PageID #: 9983

1201 N O R T H M A R K E T S T RE ET P.O. B O X 1347 W I L M I N G T O N , D E L A W A R E 19899-1347 302 658 9200 302 658 3989 F A X
M A R Y B. G R A H A M 302.351.9199

August 11, 2011

BY ELECTRONIC FILING The Honorable Sue L. Robinson United States District Court Federal Building 844 King Street Wilmington, DE 19801 Re: Micron Technologies, Inc. v. Rambus Inc. C.A. No. 00-792 (SLR)

Dear Judge Robinson: Rambus is in receipt of Micron’s letter dated August 11, 2011, requesting a status conference in the above-referenced matter (D.I. 1117). Rambus joins in Micron’s request for a conference to discuss the schedule and structure of briefing on the remanded issues, and further requests that the status conference be conducted in person. In light of existing international travel commitments and other conflicts of counsel, Rambus respectfully requests that the status conference be scheduled for August 29 or 30, or September 2 or 7, subject of course to the availability of the Court and Micron’s counsel. Respectfully,

/s/ Mary B. Graham
Mary B. Graham (#2256) MBG/dam cc: Frederick L. Cottrell, III, Esq. (by e-mail) Matthew D. Powers, Esq.(by e-mail) Gregory P. Stone, Esq.(by e-mail) Rollin A. Ransom, Esq. (by e-mail)

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