Eli Reiter

411 Ave N Brooklyn, NY 11230 EliReiter@gmail.com 718.877.3326

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y Touro College (GPA: 3.6/4.0) Bachelors of Science in Economics President of Economics Club, VP of Computer Science Club Editor and Journalist of University Paper

y Financial Consultant, Blackpool Advisors Assisted clients in financial distress by advocating to financial institutions on their behalf. Advised clients that were at risk of foreclosure on residential and commercial properties. Personally responsible for the savings of millions of dollars by clients. Instructed clients about the various government mortgage assistance programs. Ensured proper documentation was sent to bank. Compiled presentations to institutions on behalf of clients. y Paid Intern, Neuberger, Quinn, Gielen, Rubin & Gibber Reviewed and assisted with the preparation of legal documents, and assisted and instructed clients in the proper use thereof (with written and oral documentation). Assisted attorneys in court during trials and hearings. Filed documentation in proper Federal and State courts. y Intern and Licensed Salesperson, Hercules Realty Group Attained state license and presented clients with vacant properties in an extremely competitive environment. Assisted other salespeople with their listings by showing their properties and maintaining their advertisements. y Intern, Germantown Estates Monitored on-site progress for residential and commercial development projects. Helped pitch properties to potential bidders resulting in increased sales. Presented clients with residential units for rent. y Proprietor, Esrogim Plus Started company while still in school that sold exotic fruits for religious purposes. Sold thousands of items is short period of time in high pressure environment. Managed employees on consumer relations. Maintained supplier relations, ensuring steady and cost-saving inventory. y Founder and Sole Proprietor, Apple iRepairs: Mac & iPod Repairs Established company while still in school. Developed client and supplier relationships to effectively order parts and repair client machines. Most suppliers based overseas in Asia, yet I built a strong relationship with them despite that. Specialized in hardware repairs but also solved many software issues as well. Advertised online, but most clients came by referral. y Teaching Assistant and Private Tutor, Torah Institute Tutored grade school students with math, reading comprehension, writing, and spelling. Instructed both students with learning disabilities and students who were above grading average. Worked closely with students, parents, and teachers to ensure maximum potential from students. y Mailroom Supervisor, Ner Israel Rabbinical College Managed the mailroom at university attended. Categorized hundreds of letters and parcels per day to ensure seamless delivery of items. To further assist students, implemented personal package delivery service from the office to place of residence, improving operations and generating further revenue.

August 2010 to present

Summer 2010

Summer 2009

Summers 2007, 2008

Summer 2002 to Fall 2005 Summer 2005 to present

September 2009 to June 200

October 2008 to August 2010


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Proficient with computer hardware and software repairs and MS Office programs Camp Counselor & Swimming Instructor; Summers ¶03, ¶04, ¶05, and ¶06 Hobbies include: eBay and Craig¶s List sales, reading of many topics, and fitness

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