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Girl meets boy Girl falls in love with boy Boy easy and comfortable to be with Girl such a giver Boy still young and adventurous Girl Conservative and selfless Boy meets Girl 2 Girl adventurous Boy finds many things in common with Girl 2 Girl 1 found out the affair Boy apologetic Girl 1 Forgiving Girl1 got pregnant Boy proposes marriage Girl 2 became pregnant as well before marriage of boy 1 with girl 1 Boy confused Boy thinking deeply Boy chooses girl 2 Boy wants to spend his lifetime with girl 2 for the reason of similiarity Girl 1 depressed , committed suicide

Script Boy: Hi Im (name) and you are? Girl: im (name) pleased to meet you Boy meets Girl at a party. Dated regularly and became a couple They slept together on the nth night Boy: I will love you you forever.. Girl: I will Love you till the end of time Years passed of being a couple many things happened Differences realized Boy: i need space Girl 1: i will give you time .. for us to grow apart. Boy meets girl 2 Boy : Hi im (name) Girl 2: im (name) pleased to meet you Boy and Girl 2 Dated for a while and slept together many times Boy: I will love you forever Girl 2: Show it Meanwhile, Girl 1 is expecting Boy to be loyal and faithful and thinks of him all the time to address her longingness for him. Confident that they will be together in the near future. Time passsed Girl 1 suspects something not right...Girl1 finds out..... Girl 1: How could you do this to me Boy: its not you...its sorry forgive me, im only human... Girl 1 forgives Boy, Girl 1 becomes pregnant Boy proposes marriage...

Boy 1 met Girl2 accidentally at a party..Boy and Girl 2 slept together Boy: i will take care of you Girl 2: I know Boy cancels marriage with Girl 1 Depressed she committed suicide. .