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Letter Of Transmittal

December 2, 2008 Mohammad Khaleq Newaz Lecturer BRAC Business School BRAC University Mohakhali, Dhaka. Subject: Submission of Internship Report. Dear Sir, This is my pleasure to present my internship report entitled “Internship Report On Human Resource Division of BRAC Bank Limited.” I have conducted my internship program in BRAC Bank Limited, Head Office, 1 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1, Dhaka – 1212, under your close supervision. I believe that knowledge and experience I gathered during the internship period will be helpful in my future professional life. I will be grateful to you if you accept the report. I will be available for defense on this report any time. Your support in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thanking you. Sincerely yours’ ____________ Shahida Akter ID – 04204010


A good number of people were involved with this study. I would like to unfold the names of some of those supportive bodies. Some names may be skipped unexpectedly. I request them to excuse me. I express my heartiest gratitude and deepest respect to my internship adviser, Mohammad Khaleq Newaz; BRAC Business School, BRAC University. I must first take this opportunity to thank BRAC Bank Limited and Ms. Tahniyat Ahmed Karim, VP and The Head of Human Resource Division, for giving me the opportunity to complete my internship in such a reputed organization. Particularly, I would like to acknowledge my gratefulness to Mr. Sukumar Chandra Ghosh, AVP and Senior Manager Administration, Human Resource Division, who gave me some special directions, information and advice about various HR systems and procedures from time to time. Again, I would like to acknowledge my gratefulness to Mr. Mesbah Uddin Muntasir, Manager Recruitment, Human Resource Division, who guide me to complete my whole internship program successfully. I also express special gratitude to Mr. Shanjidul Bari (Senior Principal Officer Administration), Mr. Md. Rokanuzzaman (Manager Payroll), Mr. Jashimuddin Sharif (Officer Recruiment), Ms. Tania Ahmed (Relationship Manager), Mr. Khaled Shah Newaz Mr. Imteaz Ibna Mustafa (Officer Administration) and The Whole HR Team who make the environment easy for me to learn about overall role of Human Resource Management in banking sector and tried to help me from the core of their heart. And I also thank them for their cordial co-operation and guidance in all the way to do my internship and to prepare this report.


Table Of Contents
Particulars Letter of Transmittal Acknowledgement Table of Contents Executive Summary Chapter 1 Introduction About BRAC Bank Limited Corporate Mission Corporate Vision Special Features of BRAC Bank Limited Management Aspects Departments of BRAC Bank LTD Target customer Organogram Of BRAC Bank Limited Recruitment Process Recruitment Service Level Agreement Recruitment Budget Recruitment Policy Administration Leave System Probation and Confirmation Promotion Resignation Resignation Process Resignation and Settlement Procedure Pay Benefits Basic Salary House Rent Medical Allowance Training Training Procedure MIS and Strategic Planning Statistical Report Statistics of CRO Recruitment Statistics of Recruit Employees Statistics of Resigned of Employees Recruitment vs. Resignation Page No 1 2 3-4 5-6 7 8 9-10 11 11 12 13 14-15 15 16 24 24 24 28 30 31 32 32 33 34 35 37 38 39 40 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 3

Chapter 5 SWOT Analysis Recommendations Conclusions References

50 51 51 51 52

Executive Summary
This is the internship report based on the three month long internship program that I had successfully completed in BRAC Bank Limited under Human Resource Division from 07.09.2008 to 04.12.2008 as a requirement of my BBA program on Department of Business Studies, BRAC University. The Topic covers mainly the Human Resource Management and its different types of use provided by BRAC Bank Limited. I have worked in Human Resource Division of BRAC Bank Limited especially with the Recruitment and Administration wing. The data provided by me are accurate or approximate in number.


BRAC Bank has a rich Human Resource Department. It maintains the organizational responsibilities successfully. The HR team of BRAC Bank is completely organized and well reputed team. First two months of my internship program on Human Resource Division I have worked with the full support of recruitment wing and the last month I have with the administration wing and so others. But mainly I have worked with the Recruitment Wing and the Administration Wing.

I had the opportunity to join the recruitment procedure of Customer Services Officer [CSO]. 250 Cvs are short listed for the interview secession. 63 CSOs are recruited at that time. After the recruitment of Customer Services Officer I have worked with other types of recruitment procedure of BRAC Bank Limited. Within my three months internship around 219 employees are recruited in regular basis in BRAC Bank Limited in different procedure and system. At the last month of my internship I have worked with the HR Administration such as leave system and configure the employee’s status etc. I also worked with the Payroll. Before drawing any conclusion based on this report it may be noted that the report was prepared in a very short term and there is lack in data. But still the report may be useful for designing any further study to evaluate the HR facilities provided by the banks.


CHAPTER # 01 BRAC BANK LIMITED…….  Introduction 6 .

individuals for various business operations. 7 . The bank is primarily driven with a view of creating opportunities and pursuing market niches not traditionally meet by conventional banks. BRAC Bank is one of the fastest growing banks in the country. network and its various business segments. Today. In order to support the planned growth of its distribution. It has both local and International Institutional shareholder.1 Introduction: BRAC Bank Limited is a full service scheduled commercial bank. BRAC Bank is currently looking for impressive goal oriented.        About BRAC Bank Limited Corporate Mission Corporate Vision Special Features of BRAC Bank Limited Management Aspects Departments of BRAC Bank LTD Target customer Organogram Of BRAC Bank Limited 1. BRAC Bank has been motivated to provide “best-in-the-class” services to its diverse assortment of customers spread across the country under an on-line banking dais. enthusiastic.

democratic and poverty free Bangladesh. BRAC Bank.2 About BRAC Bank Limited: BRAC Bank Limited. enlightened Bangladesh.The bank wants to build a profitable and socially responsible financial institution. The bank maintains a high level of standards in everything for our customers. It is also assisting BRAC and stakeholders to build a progressive. which the future affluence of our company rests. our shareholders. The Bank operates under a "double bottom line" agenda where profit and social responsibility go hand in hand as it strives towards a poverty-free. It is an affiliate of BRAC (Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee). one of the world’s largest non-governmental development organizations founded by Fazle Hasan Abed in 1972. And this year Bank’s disbursement plan is BDT 4100 crore.000 small and medium entrepreneurs in 2007. focuses on pursuing unexplored market niches in the Small and Medium Enterprise Business. one of the latest generation of commercial banks started its journey on July 04. In the last five years of operation. The 8 . 2001. 1. healthy. It carefully listen to the market and business potentials. It helps make communities and economy of the country stronger and to help people achieve their financial goals. a fully operational Commercial Bank. the Bank has disbursed over BDT 2200 crore in loans to nearly 50. our acquaintances and our communities upon. which hitherto has remained largely untapped within the country. It has been the fastest growing Bank in 2004 and 2005.

000 advance accounts through 2006. BRAC Bank had a $178 million portfolio consisting of around 21. Retail Branches and ATMs across the country.76% 40% 5% 5% 100% 9 .000 loans with an average loan size of $8. The shareholding structure of BRAC Bank Limited: Shareholders BRAC IFC Shore Cap International General Public through IPO Non-Residents Bangladeshis Mutual funds through IPO Total Percentage 31. savings mobilization and consumer lending businesses.50% 8.000. In addition to small business lending.000 deposit and 45. In the years ahead BRAC Bank expects to introduce many more services and products as well as add a wider network of SME unit offices. Since inception in July 2001.74% 9. In 2005. the Bank's footprint has grown to 36 branches. It has around 400 regionally-placed loan processing units offering services in the heart of rural and urban communities and employs over 700 business loan officers – around 60% of total staff. BRAC Bank has fast growing remittance. more then 400 SME unit offices and 38 ATM sites across the country.management of the Bank believes that this sector of the economy can contribute the most to the rapid generation of employment in Bangladesh. and the customer base has expanded to 200.

It wants to become the Bank of choice both for its employees and its customers.50% B RAC S hore Cap International IFC General P ublic through IP O Non-Residents B anglades his utual funds through IP O M 1. teachers.74% 40% 8. immigrants and people belong to all income and professional groups through out Bangladesh.5% 5% 31. The missions that BBL follows are• • Continuous endeavor to increase fee based income Sustained growth in 'Small & Medium Enterprise' sector 10 .76% 9. It tries to be a world-class organization in terms of service quality and establishing relationships that help its customers to develop and grow successfully.3 Corporate Mission: BRAC Bank Limited wants to be the absolute market leader in the number of loans given to small and medium sized enterprises. the model bank in this part of the world. students. service holders.

These institutions will be based at the clients’ localities. » Institution Building: The Bank emphasis creation of self managed institutions of its clients.5 Special Features of BRAC Bank Limited: BRAC Bank Limited possesses the following special features: » Target Group Strategy: BRAC Bank will attach special emphasis to the target group strategy of development. 1. far flung team fully motivated and driven towards materializing the bank's vision into reality 1. healthy.4 Corporate Vision: The vision of BBL is. » Training: A special feature of BRAC Bank will be the provision of training for its clients.• • • • • Keep our Debt Charges at 2% to maintain a steady profitable growth Continuous low cost deposit growth with controlled growth in Retained Assets Corporate Assets to be funded through self-liability mobilization. The aim of the training will be to increase the capability of the borrower to utilized loans effectively. democratic and poverty free Bangladesh". enlightened. 11 . Growth in Assets through Syndications and Investment in faster growing sector Achieve efficient synergies between the bank's Branches.Building a profitable and socially responsible financial institution focused on Markets and Business with growth potential. SME Unit Offices and BRAC field offices for delivery of Remittance and Bank's other products and services • • Manage various lines of business in a fully controlled environment with no compromise on service quality Keep a diverse. thereby assisting BRAC and stakeholders build a "just.

Unlike the traditional banking system. BRAC Bank will not normally seek collateral for providing credit and will use peer pressure to ensure timely repayment which has already proved effective.» Technology: The Bank will encourage the use of new and improved technologies in order to increase employment opportunities and productivity of the poor. The poor who do not have resources to offer as collateral have. The Board of directors being at the highest level of organizational structure plays an important role on the policy formulation. 1. which is called MANCOM. » Service at the Doorstep: BRAC Bank will provide service at the doorsteps of the customers. They have delegated their authority to its management committee. Fazle Hasan Abed is the chairman of the bank. All the directors have good academic background and have huge experience in business. BRAC Bank worker go to the villages regularly to collect savings and loan repayments. so far. The Management Hierarchy of BRAC Bank Limited is given below:  12 . Mr. However. The Board of directors is not directly concerned with the day-to-day operation of bank. Now there are 5 directors in the Top management of the bank. the Top management makes all the major decisions at BRAC Bank Limited. The credit activities will be structured in such a way that the use of appropriate technology is ensured and the poor can benefit from improved technology. The board of directors holds meetings on a regular basis. » Women’s Development: BRAC Bank will attach special attention to women in development. » Collateral Free Lending: BRAC Bank will provide credit without security. been denied access to formal credit.6 Management Aspects Like any other business organization.

 ADC.  NFB and Secured Assets. 13 .7 Departments of BRAC Bank LTD: The BRAC Bank Limited has 26 departments in three different criteria. Retail Banking. The Departments are• Business • Support • Operations Business: 1.Chairman Board of Directors Managing Director Deputy Managing Director Executive Vice President Senior Vice President Vice President Senior Assistant Vice President First Assistant Vice President Assistant Vice President Senior Principal Officer Principal Officer Senior Officer Officer Grade II Officer Grade I  Executive 1. 2. SME Banking.  Retail Distribution.

24. 18. Enterprise Risk Management. 14. 20. Complaint Handling Cell. PSO & MIS 14 . Unsecured Assets. Credit Inspector.  International Distribution. Financial Administration. Cards. 22. Corporate Banking. 4. 7. Central Operations. 6. 23. 19. Impaired Assets Management. Call Center. 17. Marketing and Corporate Affairs.  Service Quality / Business Intelligence. General Infrastructure Services. Support: 8. 3.  Collections. Card Operations. Technology. Operations: 16.  Liability. Business solutions. 21. Treasury & Financial Institution. 11. Human Resource Division. 5. Probashi Banking Operations. 25. 9. Credit. 13. Probashi Banking. 10.  Regional Distribution. Wholesale Banking Operations. Retail Banking Operations.  Cross Selling. SME Banking Operations. 26. Company Secretariat & Regulatory & Internal Control. 12. 15.

There are different types of employees working in different places inside BRAC Bank. BRAC Bank has a strong SME focus and has developed a wide range of SME business products. The bank has the ATM card and Credit card facility. transport business. Besides them. individuals. any other high worth companies. The regular employees are allowed to get the bonus. industries. education institutions. these are customized for specific localized small and medium business across the country. The SME loan products cover a range of rural. 1. Regular employee: The permanent stuffs are known as regular employees. And these types of employees also have the benefit of gating extra facilities the BRAC Bank limited is providing for their employees. HR Stuff: 15 . 2. etc are also the main customers of the bank. incentives and other allowances with their basic salaries. semi-urban and urban financial needs in the market.8 Target customer: As the main product of BRAC Bank Ltd is SME. marine business. The types of employees are- 1. medical centers.1.9 Employee: The BRAC Bank Limited has in different employee’s criteria. so the users of the same are also in target.

whose performance is monitored by the Bank Management. The HRD will prepare the proposal of such engagement with individual/institution and forward it to the MD& CEO for consideration with the recommendation of the Head of HR. They will be recruited through outsource agency’s. 3. has access to Bank’s confidential data’s & valuable properties (car. Staff under HR contract are those people who directly or indirectly deals with customer. 4. The bank reserves the right to terminate the contract with the Outsource Agency without assigning the reason whatsoever.per month. The requirement of any support staff through outsource agency must come through HR signed by the Division Head. etc). as decided by the MD/MANCOM and will not be entitled to any other benefits. The HR Stuffs salaries are fixed and they won’t get any allowances with their salary. However. also where staff need to deal with customer as a representative of BRAC Bank directly. deals with sensitive areas. Individuals engaged as Internees will be paid a consolidated Honorarium of Tk. consultant. They might be specialist. The Outsource Stuffs salaries are fixed and they won’t get any allowances with their salary. The decision to enter such an engagement will be decided by the MD& CEO on the recommendation of the Department Head. for non-budgeted requisition it will go through after the approval process of MANCOM. HR will send the requirement to provide staff by the Outsource Agency. where he/she needs to be under the direct supervision of Bank’s authority. Outsource Staff recruitment depends on the budgeted requisition of the staff from the respective departments. and specially assigned staff.HR temporary contract are for those categories whose Job description is such. Outsource Stuff: Other contractual employees are not entitled for any service agreement. 3500/. 16 . Intern: To encourage and help human resource development in the financial industry the Bank may decide to offer internship programs to individuals or educational institutions.

Management Trainee Officer(MTO): Management Trainee Officers highly qualified students of BRAC Bank Limited. Prior approval by MD& CEO internship program can be extended for a maximum period of six months. After one year if they can complete their learning period successfully they will become a senior officer directly from the MTO. The MTO’s are regular employee but they have to learn as a student inside BRAB Bank for the period of one year. 5. 1.10 The Organogram of BRAC Bank Limited: 17 . All Internships program will be for a three months. As per requirements Department Head will make the intern requisition and after receiving intern requisition HR will take 15 days for an intern to join.Managing Director & CEO will determine and analyze the necessity of intern on the basis of yearly budget and also requirement of special projects.

CHAPTER # 02 18 .

 Sending reference letters.  File processing.  Leave Processing. 19 .  Maintaining the external CVs.    Job Description Job Responsibilities Critical Observations & Recommendations 2.  Conducting different interviews.  Maintaining & updating database of the employees.About Job….  Checking the documents of personal file.  Updating personal files.1 Job Description:  Creation of Database of the interview candidates.  Evaluation of trainee’s exam script..

2. Conducting the interview. Employee Satisfaction Survey results preparation. Checking the documents of the personal file. Updating the Database of disciplinary actions. 2. Preparation of interview documents.3 Critical Observations & Recommendations: During my internship program I have found some critical issues in the Human resources Department of BRAC Bank Limited. Creating the personal files. Joining of the interns. Joining of the selected candidates. 20 . Processing of leave of the employees.  Maintenance of the external CVs in archive that come to the HR or collected from the job fair. Updating the Database of provident fund. Assisting the admin to conduct the employee satisfaction survey.2 Job Responsibilities:           CV data entry. Assisting the recruitment team in checking the reference of all the BRAC Bank employees.       Assisting training team to evaluate the exam scripts of the trainees. Creating the Database of full & final settlement of the resigned or terminated employees. Updating personal files. Calling the candidates.

BRAC Bank is a big company now. Strong influence of external references in some cases. The external forces should be reduced. It should be upgraded. Insufficient manpower in proportion to the bank’s total workforce. Sometimes they keep a lot of work pending. There is lots of pending work in HR admin & in Pay benefits because of less manpower. BRAC Bank uses VISTA Manager as software for different purposes. Sometimes it disturbs and gets slow. HR software in use needs upgradation and modifications. then they give ad in the newspaper. They should give more paper ad so that many people can know about it.        21 . If they check the papers on regular basis then the work does not remain pending. HR Vista Manager needs to pick up more features & speed. Only when they recruit the MTOs and higher positioned employees like CEO. I have seen that BRAC Bank does not go for paper ad that much when they recruit employees. Not Sufficient manpower to execute large sized recruitments. They should recruit more people.

1 Objective of the study Every task has a particular aim. The specific objectives are written down bellow: • To know the overall HR Department of BRAC Bank Limited.…  Objective of the study  Scope of the study  Importance of the study  Methodology  Limitation of study 3.CHAPTER # 03 Description of the Project. The main objective of the study is to gain practical knowledge and experience on Human Resources Department of BRAC Bank LTD. A study without objective cannot reach the destination... 22 . My internship program was also directed to some particular targets.

The management of BRAC Bank Ltd can use the findings and recommendation for their policy making and organizational development purpose.3 Importance of the study The study helps us to gain hands on knowledge in Human Resources Department .• • To know the functions of HR in BRAC Bank Ltd. my three months work experience in HR and had discussions with officials of different wings. And different leakages of the HR policies and how to overcome these leakages. 3.2 Scope of study This report will give a clear idea about ‘Human Resources Department in the BRAC Bank Ltd. which indicate the academicians can develop them in this field in Bangladesh taking this study as an initiative to study the how effectively HR can work. It will help them to introduce a new dimension of hiring more efficient people for their organization. To evaluate effectiveness of HR Policy in BRAC Bank LTD. I tried to go through the BBL HR policies. The relevant information is collected from the primary sources and also uses the secondary sources of information. Above all.” How efficiently they utilize their resources? What types to benefits they offer to their employees to motivate their work? Does the training program that they organized is effective or not? What are the aims to develop training program? To have answers of all these questions. So I think this report will give a clear picture of Human Resources Department of BBL.The study has enormous implication to develop HR guide line. the study has academic implications.4 Methodology The three months internship program was basically executed by observing the daily activities of the staffs and working in progress. 3. 23 . Primary data are collected through: • Observation for the total internee period. 3.

for which it has been difficult for me to gather enough knowledge about all the training programs. of which I do not have any prior knowledge. Time constraint is one of the problems. 3. there was very little opportunity for me to analysis data individually as well as the study is suffered from inadequate data. The major problem I have faced is lack of understanding. one has to face numerous constraints.• • Open ended and close ended questions.5 Limitation of the study In every program or activities. During my three month internship program and in preparing the report. That’s why I have to rely on the provided data. Conducted discussions with Officers of HRD. There were a lot terminologies as well as terms and conditions. 2. These areas1. 24 . 3. As most of the data is collected from Primary sources. Secondary data are collected through: • • Manuals of BRAC Bank Limited Website browsing. To solve this problem. I have to find out similar topics in my text books which I have found difficult to cope up. I have also faced some limitations.

Having a Human Resources Department in Bangladesh business organizations today is becoming a common and important part. Human Recourses Department of BRAC Bank LTD.CHAPTER # 04 Human Resources Department of BRAC Bank Ltd….       Administration Recruitment Training and development Payroll and benefits MIS & Strategic Planning Statistical Report 4. Where 25 .. But Human Resource Management is a relatively new discipline to study and implement in this part of Asia and in most organizations HR Department work as a ‘Support’ department to the organization.

Employee Gratuity Fund Policy Formulation. They are as follow: Administration • Recruitment 26 . 4. Making Reward and Recognition Policies. Policies for Resignation or Termination from Services. which is the workforce. Promotion Planning. The HRD of BRAC Bank Limited performs the following functions: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Selection and Recruitment.2 Human Resource Division’s Wings: There are five wings in human resources department in BRAC Bank LTD. Policy Formulation for Staff Loans (Car/Housing). Local and Foreign Travel Planning.1 Functions of Human Resource Division: BRAC Bank Limited has a fully functional Human Resources Division (HRD) supported by manpower. Bond Policy Formulation for Travel/Training/New Joiners. Compensation and Benefits Planning.as it was suppose to be an integral part of the business without which an organization cannot maximize the utility of its most valuable resource. 4. the employees of the organization. Employee Provident Fund Policy Formulation. Employee Welfare Fund Policy Formulation. Policy Formulation for Leaves. Retirement Policy. Training and Development of Employees.

4. Leave process: a) Annual leave: All officers will become entitled for annual leave of 24 working days after completion of one-calendar year.• • • Learning and development Payroll and benefits & MIS. Any leave that is pending may be carried forward to the next year. Of this 24 working days leave 15 days must be taken at a time. 4.1. Casual Leave more than 3 days will be considered as sick leave and has to be supported by medical reports. d) Study Leave: 27 . b) Casual/Sick Leave: Casual leave up to 14 days can be granted per year to an employee who may be unable to attend duty due to sudden illness or urgent private affairs. The administration has to go with the following work. Any types of advance to be adjusted during the final settlement period. Not more than 2 days casual leave can be taken at a time in a month.3. One employee will be entitled to avail this leave for 2 times in her entire service period. strategic planning & Market intelligence. In case of prolonged illness the Managing Director may grant medical leave in excess of sick/casual leave with full pay and allowances for a period up to one month.3 Administration: The Administration is the wing that maintains and controls the employees of BRAC Bank Limited. Annual leave facilities may be allowed to the person for a maximum of 90 days at the time of his/her leaving the bank. c) Maternity Leave: Female (confirmed) employees will enjoy 4 months maternity leave.

f) Leave During Probation Period: For sick leave in the probation period. extend his probationary period by a maximum of additional 6 (six) months. the leave has to be specially mentioned by the department. the appointing authority may. at its discretion. In the event of the probationer’s failure to show satisfactory progress and acquire required efficiency during employee’s probationary period. or dispense with his service by giving one months notice or by paying a sum equal to one month’s pay without assigning any reason. g) Encashment Facilities of Annual Leave: Annual leave encashment facilities may be allowed to the employees for a maximum of 90 days (based on last basic) at the time of employee’s leaving the bank. e) Leave without Pay: Leave without pay may be granted to an employee in special circumstances where no other leave is admissible under these rules. the period does not exceed 60 days.Study leave of maximum 2 years can only be granted to an employee without pay and allowances provided he/she has put in at least three years of service. In case of Leave Without Pay. if the person fails to show satisfactory progress. Any leave taken prior to completion of 6 months will be adjusted against the casual leave.2. Probation and Confirmation: The terms of probation are as follows: • • A person selected for appointment with less than 3 years job experience will be on probation period of one year.3. This leave shall. however be allowed in the entire period of service. employee’s appointment will be terminated. 4. In the case of one year. Casual leave will be granted to probationary employees after completion of 6 months. 28 . An employee with job experience of 3 years or more will be on probation for 6 months.

According to the comment and remark of appraisal form the employee will get the confirmation with increment of salary or confirmation with promotion or no confirmation. According to Performance Matter ranking scale the employee can get promotion in the job grade of their own. 4.After the probationary period of six months or one year the administration send the appraisal form to the Department Heads. 29 . In BRAC Bank there are two types of promotionsa) Regular Promotion: Regular promotion is given according to the employee’s regular performance.3.3. After completing the appraisal form send the form to the administration. When the supervisor or department head of the employee evaluate that his employee is become an asset for the bank and deserve promotion then the supervisor or the department head take a promotion appraisal form from HRD and recommended the employee for promotion. Promotion: Promotion is a continuous process by which the employee motivates for batter work. According to the comment and remark of appraisal form the employee will get the promotion with increment of salary. In the procedure the HRD head send this appraisal form with his approval signature to the Deputy Managing Director of BRAC Bank Limited to approve and forward it Managing Director of BRAC Bank Limited and after that it will be approved signed by the Managing Director. get the price for employee’s better work. b) PM Promotion: Performance Matter (PM) is the annual performance report of individual employee of BRAC Bank Limited. In the procedure the HRD head send this appraisal form with his approval signature to the Deputy Managing Director of BRAC Bank Limited to approve and forward it Managing Director of BRAC Bank Limited and after that it will be approved signed by the Managing Director.

3. Note: Certificate will not be provided to staffs who were forced to resign. in writing or pay to the bank as compensation an amount equal to the employee’s total pay for one month. 4. And on the other section the employee can get promotion after six months of his previous promotion. got “unsatisfactory” rating in their Performance Matters or have integrity issue and nonconfirmed staff. by giving him/her one month notice in writing or on payment of one month substantive pay in lieu of such notice and the employee shall not be entitled to any form of compensation for termination of service. This part will discuss about the policies and procedures for resignation or termination in situations when: • • • • A regular employee wishes to resign A probationary or temporary employee wishes to resign When a regular employee is terminated When a probationary or temporary employee is terminated Resignation of Regular Employee: A confirmed employee may leave or discontinue from the services of the bank by giving one month notice.4. Termination of Regular Employee: The competent authority may terminate the services of a confirmed employee or call upon him/her to resign without assigning any reason. Termination of Probationary or Temporary Employee 30 . Resignation: The following sections will display the policies of BRAC Bank Limited regarding its employees’ resignation and termination situations.According to the policy any employee can’t get any promotion within a year after the employee’s joining in the BRAC Bank Limited. Resignation of Probationary or Temporary Employee: Probationary or any temporary employee shall leave or discontinue employee’s service from the Bank by giving 15 (fifteen) days prior notice in writing of employee’s intention to do so or pay to the bank as compensation an amount equal to employee’s total pay for fifteen (15) days.

5.3.6. Resignation Process: Resignation submitted to line manager With the acceptance & recommendation line manager forwards it to departmental/ divisional Head Resignation letter forwarded to HR HR will take final approval from Managing Director to start the process Resigned staff will collect clearance form from HR which to be cleared by all concerned Departments The filled up clearance form will then sent to Finance for final settlement After final settlement HR will take exit interview of the resigned staff 4.The service of a probationer or a temporary employee shall be liable to be terminated by the competent authority without assigning any reason without giving him or her any notice and the probationer or the employee shall not be entitled to any from of compensation for termination of service. Resignation and Settlement Procedure: The official formalities for resignation and settlement cases administered by the HR will prepare the release letter and a certificate concerned department and HRD are sequentially shown below: 31 . 4.3.

HRD will do the final settlement work after having clearance. After Receiving Resignation/Termination/Dismissal Letter with handover and takeover documents HRD will due clearance from various departments.3. If separated staff has liabilities with the bank then the concerned department / owner of liabilities will take initiatives. FAD will pay the final settled amount after having final settlement documents from HRD.Serial Number Tasks Working Days Required to Complete the Task 2 Days 1 2 3 Resignation letter must be forwarded to HRD by concerned supervisor or department head after his/her proper signing. to ensure both small contributions as well as the larger ones is recognized. In case of unsettled matter HRD will hold the files.7. HRD will send the personal file to “Orogenic” after final settlement done in normal case. Total 4 Days 4 Days 4 5 2 Days Reasonable Time 6 7 Once in a month Until settlement Reasonable Time 4. dedication and contribution to the Bank. LEVEL 1: Individual Contribution Award & SME Monthly Award LEVEL 2: Departmental Committee Award LEVEL 3: Organizational Competence Award 32 . Reward: Reward and Recognition is a way to express appreciation for another employee's hard work. There are four levels of rewards and recognition. There are many levels of Reward and Recognition.

LEVEL 4: Chairman’s Excellence Award Spot award: This is an award is given to employees on the spot recommended by the customers or the employees very nicely handle any difficult client /situation. Recruitment: Selection and Recruitment is an integral part of any organization that heavily depends on their workforce to successfully perform their mission and achieve their vision in the long run. which is ensured by the Human Resource Division in BRAC Bank Limited. Thus appropriate selection of candidates to join in the workforce is a necessary part of Human Resource Management.4. In direct recruitment the HRD short list Sorting offrom the CVbased on specific Criteria that referred by the the CVs applications Bank or collect the CVs employees of BRAC Bank Limited for direct interview for the specific selected post. Recruitment Process: For the recruitment The BRAC Bank Limited use the following process Direct Recruitment: The BRAC Bank Limited has a CV Bank in HRD.4. Investigation of previous employment history (Reference Check) 33 Issuing Appointment Letter . And afterPreparation of applicant will be finally selected. 4.1. In second part there will be meeting with MANCOM. After short listing tae applicants are directly informed of called for the inter view. The interview committee will compile first part of some basic Q/A with uniform scoring system. the session will Process Flow of Direct Recruitment: reveal the behavioral aspects of the interviewee. 4. interview the Preliminary selected list  Conducting Interview: There will be two parts of that interview.

In this situation the HRD advertise of recruitment in specific post mentioning the job description with the minimum requirement that the applicant should have for the post. After that the CVs will be short listed and the recruitment procedure will go according to the direct recruitment process. Only the Managing Director & Chief Executive 34 . And collect CVs which are being specified according to the requirement that has been published in the advertisement. Through Advertisement: Some times the HRD of BRAC Bank Limited can’t able to short list CVs for specific post from their CV Bank.  Internal Job Posting: For any kind of internal job search it will operate through a circular as lotus notes or board notice. Any existing staff other than permanent also HR Temporary (minimum one year with BRAC Bank Limited) & outsource staff (minimum three years with BRAC Bank Limited).

Interested candidate will get clearance from their respective department heads regarding the employment in other department. Job specification will be clarified in that circular and interested candidates will have full liberty to apply subsequent to the clearance from his or her respective line manager. An interview will take place in front of a interview selection committee comprises of delegated authority approved by the MANCOM (Must attend Head of HR & Head of the recruiting department). 35 .Officer can allow exceptions. After a formal interview in front of the Recruitment committee or Management Committee/MANCOM he or she can be absorbed in the suitable position. Process Flow of Internal Job Posting: Circular will be issued through Lotus Mail or on the Notice Board to every employee.

Transfer on deputation: Based on requirements and needs bank can adopt that policy after taking the approval from MD’s Offices.   Note: If the number of post for recruitment is several then the candidate will face the interview in Direct Recruitment system. Full justification of the necessity of the change must be presented. If the number of Post is in large number then the HRD of BRAC Bank collect huge number of CVs by giving paper advertisement and then create a written exam for short listing the candidates and after that the candidates have to face interview board. Every time for Customer Relation Officer and Management Trainee Officer the BRAC Bank HRD use written exam to short list the applicant for interview. Promotion: Promotion can be used as an effective tool for recruitment as it can serve the internal purpose for recruitment within the organization. The process of upgrading a job will have to be undertaken through a process of reviewing the Job Content. Responsibilities. Dimensions. Contract as specialist/consultant/counsel It is not a post of regular employee. It is a contractual job and these persons are directly appointed by MD with the reference of the Chairman/ Board of Directors or Management Committee. etc. Changes in the Organization Structure. Promotion may also take place if the job size increased and the MD/ Management Committee decide(s) to upgrade the job upon recommendation of the respective Department Head or Line Manager. 36 .

After Receiving Requisition from Concerned Department.4. From the date of CV collection.2. After CV collection interview will take place. HRD will constitute interview Board and Members will be informed prior to interview.4. 05. 03 02 Recruitment through Advertisement 06. Appointment letters will be signed after final interview. Application Duration (Collection of CV with application from external candidates against the advertisement published) HRD will scrutinize the CVs (Other than CRO & MTO) after CV scrutinize is over. Advertisement will also published in our website. Recruitment Service Level Agreement: Beside the general guideline recruitment procedure will be followed as per Service Level Agreement (SLA). Recruitment through Internal Job Search & CV Bank No Particulars Working Days Required to Complete the Task 05 01. 15 08. 02. HRD will arrange the Interview (Other than CRO & MTO) after 07 07. 05 37 . Internal Job Search will be published or CV will be collected through the CV bank/E-Recruitment site after getting requisition from respective department with respective Job Description (JD) as per approved head count budget. 05 03 04. 03. Appointment letters to be handed over to candidate after signing by HOHR and Managing Director. 03 09. Marketing Department will published the Advertisement upon the advice from HRD.

Besides they are the supreme authority to create any kind of new position. Same as above (Sl # 3 to 5) 4. 12. it may be reviewed and revised when necessary from time to time. Therefore.CV collection is over. The Organogram shall however.4. HRD will scrutinize the CVs (Only for CRO & MTO) after the period for collection of CV is over. to see whether an additional hand is really necessary Board of directors holds the authority to finally decide any matter regarding any sort of recruitment. 13. Subject to review from time to time. Other Process (Sl # 03 to 05) 10 11. it is the responsibility of the management to examine the work load and carry out the job analysis and as well as looking into the real requirement of employees under various categories. the competent authority as per power delegated by the Board will make the appointments. 10. HR will Process the data of the scrutinized CRO & MTO applicants HR will send the letters to the applicants ahead of interview process HRD will arrange the Interview (Only for CRO & MTO) after CV scrutinize is over. not be rigid.3. 10 15 10 14. BRAC Bank must recognize the importance of manpower estimation and accordingly an Organogram should be prepared for the Bank and for each Division & Branch. • • 38 . Recruitment Budget: • Managing Director & CEO will determine and analyze the necessity of manpower based on recruitment required by the Departments and projected budget based on the year after discussing with different department heads.

4. All HR contract and outsource contract employees will be appointed by The Head of Human Resource Division. Recruitment Policy: • • • • • • • All regular employees will appointed by the Managing Director. For internal job posting the employee can only apply if he has the service time in BRAC Bank is more then two years and also need to recommend the candidate’s application by the reporting supervisor of the employee. From Senior Officer and more there will be a second interview with the Managing Director of BRAC Bank Limited after the first interview. The schedule of recruitment will be created according to the Service Level Agreement (SLA).1 Salaries: 39 .5 Payroll and Benefits: 4. The new recruited will get the probationary period of one year if the employee has less then three years of working experience and will get the probationary period of six months if he has more then three years working experience. • • • Outsource Stuff can apply for the regular post after servicing more then three years in the BRAC Bank. Officer Grade l and Officer ll can appoint directly after the interview. The HR Contract employee can apply for the regular post after servicing more then two years in the BRAC Bank. The interview board will with The Head of Department of that post. The Supporting Department Head and The Head of HRD.

5. responsibilities.5. Job grades will be decided on the basis of an analytic assessment of the position based on the size.3 Allowances: 40 . decision-making authorities and the nature of the job.The Bank is committed to follow a fair. Internees will be paid a consolidated honorarium per month. HR Temporary & outsource staff do not have any assigned job grade. The Board is the final authority for approval of this policy and will amend and review the policy on recommendation of the Managing Director / Management Committee periodically. The contract will have a consolidated payment per month and there will be no other entitlements applicable except commission based on job criteria. as decided and will not be entitled to any other benefits. competitive and flexible remuneration policy. The salary ranges for these job grades will be reviewed from time to time. The Board reviews the BSR at least once every two/three years 4. The remuneration of employees consists of:    Basic Salary House Rent and Medical Allowance Salaries are confidential between the employees concerned and the Management.2 Basic Pay: Basic Salary Ranges (BSRs) is commensurate with the job grades and is determined by the Board on the recommendation of the Managing Director. The Salary structure of the Bank will be based on Job Grades. 4.

All confirmed employees would get one bonus during Eid-ul-Fitre and another one for Muslims during Eid-ul-Azha and for others based on their respective religious festival. The Board of the Directors will decide the annual salary revision and recommendation will be based on: • • • Revised Pay Scale. 25000/. Festival Bonus:  basic Festival Bonus will be paid to all confirmed officers/staff at one month salary which will be reimbursed twice in each calendar year. the Bank will reimburse the officer (Group C) up to a maximum of Tk.  HR Contract & Outsource Staff would get 1 bonus. Medical allowance: Medical Allowances may be paid in accordance with the job grades and on such conditions that may be prescribed by the Competent Authority from time to time. and/ or Inflation adjustment rate Performance Hospitalization Insurance: In the event where hospitalization or surgery is required for a member of the officer’s dependent (Spouse and Children) including hospitalization on account of maternity. which is 50% of this gross salary.House rent allowance: House Rent Allowance may be paid to the employees at such rates and on such conditions as may be prescribed by the Competent Authority from time to time. 41 .  Non-confirmed employees will be entitled to get Festival bonus as pro rata basis depending on his/her BBL joining Date.per annum.

6 Training and development: Providing employees with training and development opportunities not only contributes to the quality and effectiveness of the organization it also serves to motivate and retain employees. It includes on-the-job and formal training programs. Training programs include: • • • • • • Orientation Training In-house training Job specific training Need base local/foreign training Peer or Supervisor’s coaching E-learning: Online training and evaluation Every department has to follow an employee performance measurement method devised by the HRD. In next page there is a training need identification flow chart: 42 .per annum for MANCOM (Group A). 4.for executives (Group B) Tk. The banks policy is to train the Human Resources to enhance skill and knowledge for better understanding of job responsibilities.per annum and 150000/. Based on these performance reviews. training needs are identified for different employees. This performance measurement form is filled out and signed by the supervisors and respective Department Heads. According to BRAC Bank training is not an expense but an investment. 80000/.

If the participants arrange any course (local training institute). HRD is confirmed by the concerned department/person after receiving offer from HRD. Head Recommend by Dept.Identification of the need by the employee in performance measurement Discuss with the Dept. Arrangement of Post field attachment training for CROs who have been nominated by the concerned authority. HR department works as a coordinator for the whole process. HRD is informed/concerned person is informed by HRD prior to foreign training Concerned person/department is informed prior to outside local training. Head of HR Arrange Training Completion of Training Feedback to HR Counseling. In-house resource person is informed prior to training. Special Training for Retail Staff and Corporate who deal with Cash. it should be informed to HR along with proper approval from MD/COO for necessary action before training. 43 . The training procedure followed by BRAC Bank HRD can be summarized in the following steps: • • • • • • • • Orientation Training after the new hires has completed all the formalities. Material Reading Record Keeping in Personal File The training and development department conducts this training session. Mentoring.

there is no centralized system formed yet. It includes work process improvement. • For cancellation of participation in any training (Local or in-house). 44 . as most of the functions are project or assignment based. Employees can sit for online exams within the workplace and it is the duty of the MIS & Strategic Planning Manager to evaluate the electronic scripts and distribute the results after evaluation. The current projects of MIS & Strategic Planning are development of two computerized systems named “E-Attendance” and “E-PM”. increasing use of technology more and paperwork less by developing and generating ideas to incorporate technology in different business and day-to-day functions. project management. BRAC Bank’s different departments and divisions use different MIS. MIS & Strategic Planning: MIS & Strategic Planning wing is a relatively new division under the HRD. Thus MIS & Strategic Planning does not go by any specific work procedure. 4.7.• Training Arranged by Bangladesh Bank or any legalized body where any staff of the bank has been nominated by the supervisor and the same has been informed to HR. MIS & Strategic Planning is in charge of the Projects/Assignments and currently the MIS & Strategic Planning section is maintaining the “E-Learning” system which is an Employee Development program based on Online Training & Evaluation. HR must be informed through concern supervisor/department heads before training. one for employee attendance management and the other is for employees’ performance measurement matter respectively. The Manager. The MIS & Strategic Planning section does not follow any procedure of work.

4.8. Statistical Report 10. Recruitment Vs Resignation: No Title Recruit September 2008 Resigned Recruit October 2008 Resigned Recruit November 2008 Resigned Recruit Total Employee Resigned Number of Regular Employee 18 7 32 9 31 32 81 48 Number of HR Stuff 60 59 41 100 37 60 138 219 Total 78 66 73 109 68 92 219 267 Chart Recruitment Vs Resignation 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 Resigned Resigned Resigned Resigned Recruit Recruit Recruit Recruit Number of Regular Employee Number of HR Stuff Total September 2008 October 2008 November 2008 Total Employee 45 .4.

Chart Recruitment Vs Resignation 45% Recruit Resigned 55% 46 .

CHAPTER # 05     SWOT Analysis Recommendations Conclusion References SWOT Analysis: 47 .

The ‘X’ & ‘Y’ motivational theories are perfectly use by the Human Resource Division to control the employees properly. Well planned training schedule with sufficient time allotment. Better employee motivation generation through internal recruitment opportunity. Training opportunity provided to employees working in every level.Strength:   BRAC Bank Limited has perfect policies to maintain and control their employees. Well maintained CV database. Opportunity: 48 .  Online recruitment system is not upgraded. Effectively Stringed with other departments of BRAC Bank Little amount of bureaucracy in the process. There is less manpower to control and maintain the large amount of employees. Weakness: The overall situation of Human Resource for a company like BRAC Bank Limited is not that much controlled to be used and utilized it perfectly. The Employees of BRAC Bank Limited respect Human Resource Division and the Human Resource Division earned it. Less dependent on external recruitment agencies.          Well organized team. The salary structure is not high enough according to the workload of the employee.

BRAC Bank is not out of it. Very few Bangladeshi organizations have this kind of opportunity to be used. Reference control on Human Resource policy can be a bad threat for BRAC Bank Limited. Reference control on policy is common situation of Bangladeshi organization. So is difficult to maintain the Human Resource policies with this large number of employees.   The resignation rate too high in BRAC Bank Limited then it anticipated. Threat:  BRAC Bank Limited has a huge number of employees. The Human Resource Division is always thinking to do something new with their employees that can help to motivate the employees and can able to make them better resources/assets for the BRAC Bank Limited. 49 .  BRAC Bank Limited has more then 3655 employees to work with.

some valuable issues of BBL are discussed. Arrange proper training for the employee. • • • • • • • They should provide that much of information in orientation training that will ensure them to do their work their job smoothly. Better MIS support is needed for smoother operation. According to SWOT analysis some decision can be taken. They can build an own training center which can ensure accommodation facilities. Make succession planning. The Human Resource Division’s control must be structured.Recommendation: In this part of recommendations. These were the aspects that came out while working as an intern at BBL. 50 . Reduce the extra workload of the employee. Managerial control should be implemented perfectly. • • • • • • • • • • Increase the number of employee in required position. For better training they can go for professional trainers. They should upgrade it. They should increase the manpower of HR department. The training should be motivational. These were related to various parts of BBL and thus are placed in the list of general recommendation. BBL has one own training center which is in Banani that is not sufficient for arrange all of the training. Supply more training materials during training. They should evaluate the trainees properly. After every training it is very much important to take evaluation about training program. some other technical supports. Online recruitment system is not upgraded. Arrange co-curricular activities for employee’s refreshment. Make the salary structure attractive to the employee.

It demonstrates that a locally owned institution can provide efficient. It was an honor for me that I have worked as an intern in a reputed organization like BRAC Bank Limited. I am not allowed to get the information which is too much confidential for the Bank. friendly and modern banking service on a profitable basis. 51 . By working in HR Division the knowledge was learnt would be helpful enough to sustain with the real organizational environment. BRAC bank Limited is the fastest growing Bank in Bangladesh. The BRAC Bank Limited is a bank that confirms the best service to the customers as well as to the employees by Human Resource Division. So in my report all the information that I give that I am allowed to take the information and I have learnt from my Work.Conclusion: BRAC Bank intends to set standards as the market leader in Bangladesh. Here as an intern I am allowed to get limited information for my study. Human Resource Department is the most confidential department for any organization as well as Human Resource Division in BRAC Bank Limited.

Human Resource Manual of BRAC Bank Limited. 3.References: 1. 2. Official website of BRAC Bank Limited. Annual Report BRAC Bank Human Resource Division 2007. 52 .

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