IETF:- The IETF's mission is "to make the Internet work better," but it is the I nternet Engineering Task Force

, so this means: make the Internet work better fro m a engineering point of view. We try to avoid policy and business questions, as much as possible. If you're interested in these general aspects, consider joini ng the Internet Society. Most participants in the IETF are engineers with knowle dge of networking protocols and software. Many of them know a lot about networki ng hardware too. The IETF's standards development work is organized into 8 Areas (http://www.ietf .org/iesg/area.html). Each Area has 1 or more Area Directors (ADs), which togeth er comprise the IETF Engineering Steering Group (IESG). The IESG is responsible for technical management of IETF activities, the Internet standards process, and for the actions associated with entry into and movement along the Internet "sta ndards track," including final approval of specifications as Internet Standards and publication as an RFC.

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