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2 ... .. . .. .. . John's Day . the Gospel Soothing .23 The Pilgrim's Song The Epiphany First Sunday after Epiphany The Nightingale Second Sunday after Epiphany The Secret of Perpetual Youth Third Sunday after Epiphany The Good Centurion Foiurth Sunday after Epiphany The World is for Excitement.. ...17 18 13 . Stephen's Day..... ..... Christmas Day St. . The Holy Innocents First Sunday after Christmas The Sun-Dial of Ahaz The Circumcision Second Sunday after Christmas ..15 . for 33 35 . 20 21 ..5 11 3 7 9 The Travellers Fourth Sunday in Advent Dimness . ..27 29 31 25 . St..CONTENTS Dedication Morning Evening Advent Sunday Second Sunday in Advent The Signs of the Times Third Sunday in Advent . . THE CHRISTIAN YEAR . .. . .. . . . ..... .

.. 46 48 49 51 . ... ....vi CONTENTS FAQE Sunday after Epiphany Cure Sin and you cure Sorrow Sixth Sunday after Epiphany The Benefits of Uncertainty Septuagesima Sunday Sexagesima Sunday Fifth . 80 82 . 63 64 The Vision Good Friday Easter Eve Easter St.. of the Latter Days 67 68 70 72 74 76 78 First The Snow-drop Sunday after Easter The restless Pastor reproved Second Sunday after Easter Balaam Third Sunday after Easter Languor and Travail .. . 53 55 The Rosebud Sunday in Lent The Burning Bush Sunday next before Easter The Children in the Temple Monday before Easter Fifth Christ waiting for the Cross 57 59 61 Tuesday before Easter Christ refusing the Wine and Myrrh Wednesday before Easter Christ in the Garden Thursday before Easter . 37 39 42 44 Quinquagesima Siuiday Ash-Wednesday First Sunday in Lent The City of Refuge Second Sunday in Lent Esau's Forfeit Third Sunday in Lent The Spoils of Satan Fourth Sunday in Lent .. Day Monday in Easter Week Peter and ComeUus Tuesday in Easter Week . . ....

... . ..... .88 ... . . . 117 . ..CONTENTS Fourth Sunday after Easter The Dove on the Cross Fifth vii Sunday after Easter The Priest's Intercessor Ascension Day Sunday after Ascension Seed-time Whitsunday Monday in Whitsun-week The City of Confusion ... . 93 96 98 100 Charity the Life of Faith Third Sunday after Trinity Comfort for Sinners in the Presence of the Good Fourth Simday after Trinity The Groans of Nature ...101 104 105 108 Sunday after Trinity— The Fishermen of Bethsaida Sixth Sunday after Trinity The Psahnist repenting Seventh Sunday after Trinity The Feast in the Wilderness Eighth Simday after Trinity The Disobedient Prophet Ninth Sxmday after Trinity EUjah in Horeb Tenth Sunday after Trinity Fifth .... .. . 110 . .. .. . . .. .. Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity Moses on the Mount Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity The Ten Lepers .112 114 115 . ..122 125 . Day 92 PAQB 83 Tuesday in Whitsun-week Holy Orders Trinity Sunday First Sunday after Trinity Israel among the Ruins of Canaan Second Sunday after Trinity ......86 ..89 .... ...119 120 • The Deaf and Dumb .... .... Christ weeping over Jerusalem Eleventh Simday after Trinity Gehazi reproved Twelfth Sunday after Trinity ....

. .. Thomas the Apostle. Mary . Meshach. St.... St. Virgin..viii CONTENTS PAOB Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity The Flowers of the Field Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity Hope is better than Ease Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity Ezekiel's Vision in the Temple Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity The Church in the WUdemess Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity Shadrach.158 . Day Anmmciation St... Conversion of St. . ... . . 135 137 138 140 141 Twenty-first Mountain Scenery Sunday .. .160 162 163 I65 167 i69 171 173 175 177 180 183 Day . Twenty-second Sunday after Trinity The Rule of Christian Forgiveness Twenty-third Sunday after Trinity Forest Leaves in Autimm . . 143 145 Andrew's Day ... St.. .. .128 130 132 .. ... The two Rainbows Sunday next before Advent Self-examination before Advent St. . of the Blessed Virgin Mark's Day PhUip and St. St. Day St. .. and Abednego Twentieth Sunday after Trinity ... after Trinity The Red-breast in September . . St.... James the Apostle Bartholomew the Apostle Matthew the Apostle Michael and All Angels Luke the Evangelist Simon and St. Day ... Twenty-fourth Sunday after Trinity Imperfection of Human Sjrmpathy Twenty-fifth Sunday after Trinity .. Paid Purification of St... . Peter's St.. . St. St.. 147 149 151 153 156 ... Matthias' Mary the . . Jude. 126 - .. St. .... James's Barnabas the Apostle John Baptist's St. .. St...... ... Apostles .


. .. Unwearied Love (Twenty . Confession (Sexagesima) 2... . Repeating the Creed (First Sunday after 262 Easter) 10.X CONTENTS PAea 11. Loneliness Shyness Stammering (Twelfth Sunday after Trinity) Fear of Wild Beasts (Quinquagesima) .. IV. 246 and Retrospection . Tears Restrained (Eighteenth Sunday after 10.. — Effect of Example (First 2. 5. .. Stephen) . .. 8.. Anticipation . . . . Sunday 13. Trustworthiness (First Sunday after Epi- phany) Samuel's Prayer 3. Sickness in the Cradle (Circumcision) 12. Danger of Praise (Fourth Sunday in Advent) . Tnnity) Presumption .second Sunday 265 after Trinity) 7..247 . .. . Early Warnings 1. Judas's 15.260 Absolution 261 8. . . . 6. 9... Mark) . . 6. . III. . 4.. Hours of Prayer 9. . .. .. Ill — 267 268 269 270 271 272 274 276 279 280 . .. Sunday after 3.. 247 249 The Cradle Guarded Early Encouragements 1.. (Third . . Children's Troubles 1. Luke) 264 11. . Temper V. Paul) 5.. Infancy (Wednesday before Easter) 14.. The Samts' Infancy (St. . Prayer at Home and in Church 4... Thomas) Fine Clothes (Palm Sunday) Irreverence in Church Disrespect to Elders Home Sickness (St.. . 7. 4. Envy Mistrust of Elders (St. Self-Examination (St. 6. The Cross laid on Infants (Good Friday) 2.. — . 5. Lessons and Accomplishments (St. 283 285 287 289 290 291 Trinity) 3.. Tell thy Mother .251 254 255 256 257 259 260 . after Easter) ... .

. . Sunday Nosegays (Seventeenth Sunday after 10. Noontide (Ascension Day) Bathing (St.. The Gibeonites Childhood (Sixth Sunday after 4.. May Garlands (St. Hezekiah's Display . after 5. .. Orphanhood Sunday after Trinity) Punishment 12. Bereavement Trinity) 9. .. . . 339 341 342 343 7. James) 3. — . . 306 307 309 Trinity) 4. . Simon and St. . . Matthias) VII.. 6. 310 312 314 316 .. . The Oak (Third Sunday in Advent) 327 8.. 324 The Gleaners 325 6.. (St.. Pebbles on the Shore .. Lessons of Grace 334 1.. Jude) .. Sunday .. Autumn Buds (Advent Sunday) 326 7.. Isaac on Moriah (First Sunday in Lent) 336 2. Trinity) 5.. Languor VI. The Waterfall (St. The Starry Heavens VIII. Gardening (Ninth Sunday after Trinity) 2..319 1. .. . Penance 13. Song of the Manna-Gatherers 339 3.. . . Sarepta Naaman's Servant (Eleventh Sunday after Trinity) . — . 7. Dressing Trinity) up (Twenty -first . . .. Children's Sports 1. Lessons of Nature . .. . The Bird's Nest (Whitsun-Tmsday) 3.CONTENTS 7. David's 5.. Peter) Enacting Holy Rites — . Separation Trinity) (Twenty -fourth Sunday (Sixteenth 8.... Sunday after xi PAGE after 292 293 295 297 298 300 302 . The Mother Bird with her Young (Tenth 321 Sunday after Trinity) 322 4. .. Vernal Mirth 320 2.. Elijah at 6..331 10. Fire (Nineteenth 11. The Pahn 328 9. Philip and St.

6. VI. 2. IV. Michael) Church Rites (Second Sunday phony) 11. The Mourners following the Cross 11. Continual Services X. before Easter) The Offertory Church BeDs 17.. VIII. VII. White Choristers in White Bridal White. The Sunday Dress Confirmation Priests in III.. II. Disuse 15. 4.. Carved Angels (St. 2... 363 363 364 364 365 366 366 367 367 368 369 371 373 375 378 14.. Bartholomew) . Christmas Eve: Vespers Christmas Eve Compline Christmas Day : 4. Walk . White Apparel I. . 12. 6. St. — (Sunday before Advent) . The Empty Church Church Decorations Church Wiadows (All Saints) Relics and Memorials (St.. Penitents in White White upon the Altar IX. The Epiphany The Piuiflcation Lent Easter 7. 16. Obeisance at entering Church 5. V. The Lich-gate.. ... 13.. . — 344 346 348 349 351 352 353 354 355 356 357 358 358 361 Preparing for Sunday Services to Church 3... Holy Seasons and Days 1. Eve 382 384 386 387 389 390 392 . 3. St. after Epi . The Chrisom 10. 9.. . CONTENTS Joseph 9.xii 8. The Boy Tdth the Five Loaves 10. Disuse of Excommunication Infant (St. 5. 7. Holy Places and Things 1. his Cross PAGE Andrew and IX. 8. The Winding Sheet Redbreast in of Chmch Communion (Thursday Barnabas) .

Octaves of Festivals 393 395 397 399 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Ode for the Encaenia at Oxford . 11. 10.CONTENTS 8. Whitsun Eve Whitsunday . . xiu PAGE Easter-Day 9.

—Part . Fire.XIV CONTENTS I.

... I will stamp her image on my soul ") Stanzas addressed to a " Gloomy Thinker" " Nee me discedere flevit " ' ' .. ...CONTENTS " Pange.. . .... . . quae sera tamen respexit inertem.481 Written at Sidmouth 482 To a Cave under High Peak... On being requested to write some Verses in a Friend's 483 Commonplace-book 484 Robin Lee 486 Stanzas on leaving Sidmouth. . . who was complaining that she had forgotten her Sister's Birthday Lines suggested by the Remembrance of an early but long-lost Friend On visiting the Ruins of Farleigh Castle. .. . . ye maidens fair and wise ") 491 Ode on the Victories in the Pjrrenees. XV FASB ." 1808 To on her Sister's Death To a Girl.. on his Election to a Fellowship of Oriel Song (" They say I am no faithful swain ") A Thought on a Fine Morning To the Nightingale Sonnet (" Yes... . . . 466 468 468 469 470 472 473 474 474 475 476 476 477 478 478 479 480 480 . (Fragment) " Nunquam Auditurae " 487 . lingua.. . . stay thee yet 493 Sonnet (" When I behold yon arch magnificent ") 494 Lines sent with the Lives of Ridley and Cranmer 494 At Hooker's Tomb 495 Forward 496 Early Visions 497 On a Monument in Lichfield Cathedral 499 At Penshurst .. . . First Sight of the Sea . . . gloriosi proelium certaminis " " O Deus. Somersetshire On leaving Corpus Christi College. C. . . dulce carmen " . . .. . . . . ... . . .. . . 488 Sonnet " concerning the True Poet " 489 To J.... .. Sidmouth 482 To the Memory of John Leyden.D. T. . A Wet Day The at Midsummer . M. ego amo Te " " Alleluia. .. . .. . . .. . . ... 1813 492 O.. .... with Petrarca 490 Song (" Tell me.. . . " Corde natus ex Parentis " Libertas.

?... . Ulcombe Parsonage 509 Fragment on his Sister Mary Anne's Death 509 Huntspill Tower 510 The Exe below Tiverton at Sunrise A Mile from Totness on the Tor Road.. . .. .. K.. near Fledborough By an Old Bachelor very disconsolate at parting with 503 his Four Wives 503 To the Same 504 The Rook 505 A Thought upon taking Leave of some Friends 506 Hymn for the Annunciation 508 A Hint for a Fable 508 Moonlight... .. . Mark xvi.. . . . ... .. .. .. . ..515 Fragment (" There sate one lonely ") 515 May-day Song for the Hursley ChUdren 516 Mother out of Sight 516 When is Communion nearest ? 520 Holy is the Sick Man's Room 520 St. .501 Newton Cliff. . . .. John xiv.. down to Sapperton 511 Nay. .. looking back 510 Fairford again . .. . . . .xvi Hammond's Grave 500 Spring Flowers 501 On the North Road .. . . . . .... . . . . 23 523 Why seek we..511 Turning out of the London Road. John V.... 4 521 O Lord.. . . jim 514 Malvern at a Distance . . sounding High and Low 524 Fragment (" The shepherd lingers ") 525 St..... .. ... . if ever 521 St. . CONTENTS PAGE 500 . .. 1 522 Ye of nice Touch 522 The Clarion calls 523 In Choirs and Places where they sing. . ...... 17 526 • . 16.. here followeth the Anthem 523 Jeremiah xxiii... ... but these are Breezes 512 How shall the Righteous 513 There have been mighty Winds 513 In Harmony 513 Two Lamps apart 514 To E.. . . . . .. . ... ......

.... ... 557 Index of First Lines . To a Little Girl To Master Bernard . Bradfleld.563 . 526 527 529 530 530 531 533 534 535 535 536 537 537 541 . .CONTENTS When in her Hour of still Decay To the Lord of the Manor of Merdon To his Sister Elizabeth Written in the Album at Cuddesdon Palace "Nurse.... 1859 Prayers of Saints .. . xvii PASE Hymn for Easter-tide For the Opening of the West Window of the Hall of St.. .. Epitaph Dart and Weber Hymn . . let me draw" . . April 5. Wilson's Dog Sermon on National Apostasy . Andrew's CoUege.. ... Index of Titles of "Lyra Innocentium" and Miscellaneous Poems . . . .....


on many even of its sincere admirers the very tempers. there is nothing of so much consequence as a sober standard of feeling in matters of practical reUgion and it is the peculiar happiness of the Church of England to possess. The work does not fiu-nish a complete series of compositions. setting themselves. in many parts. . May 30. from their personal and domestic nature. But in times of much leisure and unbounded curiosity. Something has been added at the end concerning the several Occasional Services : which constitute. which most require such discipline. in general. in her authorized formularies. than originally suggested by them. most decidedly against it.ADVERTISEMENT TO THE ORIGINAL EDITION OF " THE CHRISTIAN YEAR " to a sound rule of faith. which it is the chief purpose of these pages to exhibit. rather adapted with more or less if propriety to the successive portions of the Liturgy. 1827. this part of the merit of our Liturgy is likely in some measure to be lost. any person find assistance from it in bringing his own thoughts and feelings into more entire unison with those recommended and exempUfled in the Prayer Book. when excitement of every kind is sought after with a morbid eagerness. : Next an ample and secure provision for both. : The object of the present pubUcation wiU be attained. the most perfect instance of that soothing tendency in the Prayer Book. being.



I sought a strain not all unworthy Thee. I would bask In the clear ray that makes Thy pathway plain. Over my dark. Fountain of Harmony ! Thou Spirit blest. . sununoning New worlds of music. for such holy task Is my frail arm. void spirit. too wavering. Too weak. to myself I said. my Prayer is the secret. 1 dare not hope with David's harp to chase The evil spirit from the troubled breast Enough for if I can find such grace To listen to the strain. heart. strains that may not die. dovelike wing that makes confusion fly. the troubled waves of earthly sound Are gathered into order. Thy happiest who before Thine altar wait. Knocking at Heaven's gate with earth-palsied arm . Gave forth no note of holier minstrelsy.DEDICATION When My in sUent solitary walk. The undying lamp of heavenly Poesy. With pure hands ever holding up on high The guiding Star of all who seek Thy gate. Strong supplication must call down the charm. stiU ringing with wild worldly talk. And thus with untuned heart I feebly prayed. such as best Some high-souled bard in his enchanted round By whom May compass. and be at rest. O Lord but I would fain Track to its source the brightness. me . Power divine ! O spread Thy wing.

Hearts that with rising morn arise ! Eyes that the beam celestial view. 5. joyless sight ? Upon our day by day to sin awake. Pay. ere the glorious sun be born. iii. 22. and power. Their tribute to the genial heaven Why Who ! waste your treasures of delight thankless.MORNING His compassions Lament. and thought. 23. Seldom of Heaven and you partake Oh timely happy. Which evermore makes all things new. By some soft touch invisible Around his path are taught to swell . That. for soft rains in season given. lo By which deep grove and tangled stream . They are new every morning. And Ye brushing by with joyous wing. Thou rustUng breeze so fresh and gay. — Hues of the rich unfolding morn. fail not. 3 . . timely wise.^ every morning is the love Our wakening and uprising prove Through sleep and darkness safely brought. Restor'd to life. That dancest forth at opening day. fragrant clouds of dewy steam. 20 New ^ Revelation xxi. Wakenest each little leaf to sing .

in all themselves deny. will lovelier be. Such is 40 the bliss of souls serene. in all t' espy Their God. for cloister'd cell. thoughts of God. O could we learn that sacrifice. daily. nearer God. of Heaven in each we see : Some softening gleam of love and prayer ShaU dawn on every cross and care. friends. Seek we no more . Ever. When they have sworn. Finding a spell unheard before . As more As for some dear familiar strain Untir'd we ask. in its melodious store. Nor strive to wind ourselves too high sinful trivial man beneath the sky The Would round. Room to deny ourselves . the common task. and ask again. ! What How would all around us rise would our hearts with wisdom talk Along Life's dullest dreariest walk lights ! We For need not bid. 30 New God Old of countless price. As Heaven shall bid them. old scenes. will provide for sacrifice. Let present Rapture. and steadfast mean. new hopes of Heaven. content with these. : so . Comfort. a road To bring us. come and go The secret this of Rest below. perils past.MORNING New mercies. Counting the cost. furnish all we ought to ask . on our daily course our mind set to hallow all Be we find. each returning day. treasures still. 60 Our neighbour and our work farewell. Ease. Hover around us while we pray New New If new sins forgiven.

and the day is far xxiv. Scanning Thy gracious Providence.EVENING Only. in Thy dear love Fit us for perfect Rest above . In earth or sky. this and every day.nt. Except in all I I hold. To live more nearly as we pray. To hide Thee from Thy When round Thy wondrous works below My searching rapturous glance I throw. and Love. The The last faint pulse of quivering light. : lO Oh may no earth-bom cloud arise servant's eyes. Luke : for it is toward evening. 'Tis gone. In darkness and in weariness traveller No gleam Sun It is ! to on his way must press. Or by the light Thy words disclose Watch Time's full river as it flows. the lonesome hour. Tracing out Wisdom. ! WhiUng away of my soul not night if Thou Saviour Thou be near dear. EVENING Abide with '. . And help us. that bright and orbed blaze. When My the soft dews of kindly sleep wearied eyelids gently steep. Fast fading from our wistful gaze Yon mantUng cloud has hid from sight . in stream or grove . watch on tree or tower. 29. Thee discern. O Lord. — tis St. Power. Where not too deep for mortal sense : 20 When with dear friends sweet talk And all the flowers of Kfe unfold Let not my heart within me burn.

John vi. 40 Oh by Thine own sad burthen. Let ! all do all as in Thy sight.— Guide Thou their course. For ever on my how sweet to rest Saviour's breast. 'Twixt Thee and us ordain'd to stand. Watch by the sick enrich the poor With blessings from Thy boundless store Be every mourner's sleep to-night : : 60 Like infants' slumbers. 21. O Lord. Come near and bless us when we wake. Lord. Let him no more of Thine spurn'd. borne So meekly up the hill of scorn.^ Thou Framer : We The Rulers of this Christian land. the gracious work begin . to-day. Ere through the world our way we take Till in the ocean of Thy love . aright. 30 Abide with me from morn till eve. For without Thee I dare not die. We 1 lose ourselves in Heaven above. lie down in sin. nor count it loss ! some poor wandering child Have Now.6 EVENING Be my last thought. For without Thee I cannot live Abide with me when night is nigh. Then they . Steer through the tempest Thine own ark Amid the howling wintry sea are in port if we have Thee. willingly received Him into the ship : and immediately the ship was at the land whither they went. the voice divine. pure and light. Teach Thou Thy Priests their daily cross To bear If as Thine. : of the hght and dark. St.

is our salva- xiii. to-morrow " Crucify. And truth in all the world both hated and believ'd. Thou E'en heart-searching Lord." The changeful burden still of their rude lawless cry. Nor wonder. Alas ! : lo no need to rouse them long ago They are gone forth to swell Messiah's show With glittering robes and garlands sweet They strew the ground beneath His feet O doom'd to prove All but your hearts are there The arrows wing'd in Heaven for Faith that will not : — love ! Meanwhile He paces through th' adoring crowd. tion nearer than when we —Romans is sleep : for now 11. Speed to the eastern mount like flame. Constrain'd to own Thee. E'en with the loud Hosanna ringing in His ears. keepest silent watch from Thy triumphal throne : so. as years roll on. On 29 . Strange words fulfiU'd. and mighty works achiev'd. Awake —again the Gospel-trump blown From year to year it swells with From year to year the signs louder tone. 20 Calm as the march of some majestic cloud. but in heart Prepar'd to take Barabbas' part " Hosanna " now. ? Sworn liegemen of the Cross and thorny crown Up from your beds of sloth for shame. the world is thronging round to gaze the dread vision of the latter days. That o'er wild scenes of ocean-war Holds its still course in Heaven afar : E'en so. should ye find your King in tears. of wrath Are gathering round the Judge's path. Awake ! why linger in the gorgeous town.ADVENT SUNDAY ADVENT SUNDAY Now it is high time to awake out of believed.

Light without love. an age of light. Children and childlike souls are there. ! » 2 " Arianism in the fourth century.8 ADVENT SUNDAY in that throng of selfish hearts untrue rests upon Thy faithful few. that Passover to keep. 60 A fouler vision yet . Erasm. Where shall the holy Cross find rest ? On a crown'd monarch's ^ mailed breast Like some bright angel o'er the darkling scene. St. And And Still wiser Mary linger'd at Thy sacred feet.^ And cheer'd his sickening heart with his own native air. 1. . his four days' sleep. Enduring life again. where Jesus deign'd to stay. 123. through decaying ages as they glide. When And Love's Years roll away again the tide of crime Has swept Thy footsteps from the favour'd clime. Jerome's Works. edit. And Lazarus waken'd from And fast beside the olive-border'd way 40 Stands the bless'd home. The peaceful home. how lone the ray benign On shelter'd nooks of Palestine ! Then to his early home did Love repair. Yet Thy sad eye Blind Bartimeus' humble prayer. Thou : withering blasts of error swept the sky. Some shelter is in sight.^ last flower seem'd fain to droop and die. Where Martha lov'd to wait with reverence meet. Through court and camp he holds his heavenward : course serene. so How sweet. some sacred safe abode. to Zeal sincere heavenly Contemplation dear. Meek Walton shows thy green retreat. Louis in the thirteenth century. See St. glares on the aching sight O who can tell how calm and sweet. lov'st Thy chosen remnant to divide Sprinkled along the waste of years Full many a soft green isle appears Pause where we may upon the desert road.

Or birds that cower with folded wing ? What sees she in this lowering sky then. Nor dare the tender flowerets show Their bosoms to th' uncertain glow. then look up. first finds thee out in thy secure repose ? 9 Thus bad and good their several warnings give Of His approach. o'er a sleeping infant's eyes mother's kiss . Touch us with chastening hand. The nearer swells the trumpet's soimd ? Lord. That draw their curtains closer round.SECOND SUNDAY IN ADVENT When The eye wearied with the tale thy times disclose. and wintry time. whom none may see and live : Faith's ear. Why lifts the Church her drooping head. and for your redemption drawelh nigh. Not And As till Till freely leaps the freezing blast is still. in sad all Why Her heavens 10 To tempt her meditative eye ? . No sunny gleam awakes the trees. up your heads come to pass. the sparkling rill. and make us feel Thee nigh. 70 But what are Heaven's alarms to hearts that cower In wilful slumber. with awful still delight. A gales sweep soft from summer skies. deepening every hour. Keeping the heart awake till dawn of morn. While to her funeral pile this aged world is borne. 28. Counts them hke minute-bells at night. 78 SECOND SUNDAY IN ADVENT And when lift these things begin to . Luke — xxi. ere our trembhng lamps sink down and die. As though her evil hour were fled ? Is she less wise than leaves of spring. dark with doubt and crime. ere calls like these. St.

^ Christ watches by a Christian's hearth. Tertull. Rigalt. Your Lord is listening peace. 9.i And through that last and direst storm Descries by faith her Saviour's form. : : Think not of rest though dreams be sweet. She sees the world is waxing old. and the times begin to wax See St. be still. ut qui sciant Apolog. edit. Be silent. rushing waves and falling stars. James v. Set in the fig-tree's polish'd stem. And look with calm unwavering eye On the bright fields beyond the sky. By By By 20 Not surer does each tender gem. tempests. : : 40 But chiefly ye should lift your gaze Above the world's uncertain haze. Than these dread signs Thy mighty hand : But oh frail hearts. pledge of love that cannot tire . 36. Dominum audire. Start up.10 SECOND SUNDAY IN ADVENT A She has a charm. " vain deluding mirth. But miss the Judge behind the door. and ply your heaven-ward feet. and spirits dark The season's flight unwarn'd we mark. every sign her Lord foretold. Foreshew the summer season bland. so • old. " —2 Esdras xiv. idle words. a word of fire. and thoughts of ill." Till in thine alter'd voice be known Somewhat of Resignation's tone. . . Ye. The world hath lost his youth.^ ! ! 30 For all the light of sacred lore : : Yet is He there beneath our eaves Each sound His wakeful ear receives Hush. who your Lord's commission bear. and by wars. ' Ita fabulantur. earthquakes. 10. His way of mercy to prepare Angels He calls ye be your strife To lead on earth an Angel's life. p.

— ye out to see O'er the rude sandy lea. I say unto you. That o'er her western slope breathe airs of balm All through the What went ? summer night. Matthew xi. The world's incarnate Maker we discern. 9. St. 7. Sleeps sweetly in th' embrace Of mountains terrac'd high with mossy stone. . Left shining in the world with Christ alone Below. the lake's still face.THIRD SUNDAY IN ADVENT Is not God's oath upon your head. Till 20 . to the breeze. and more than a prophet. to our soul the former days return Till on the grassy bed. Or where Gennesaret's wave DeHghts the flowers to lave. Ne'er to sink back on slothful bed. lo Like hermits watching still Around the sacred hill. knees. unheeding. Those blossoms red and bright i Spread their soft breasts. . . Till. Ye hear your Master's midnight call 11 ? 56 THIRD SUNDAY IN ADVENT What went ye out into the mildemess to see ? a reed shaken with the wind? But what went ye out for to see ? A prophet? yea. Nor let your torches waste and die. and dream Over the heavenly theme. . when the shadows thickest fall. Here may we sit. Where thousands once He fed. ^ Oleanders : with which the western bank of the lake is said to be clothed down to the water's edge. Where erst our Saviour watch'd upon His The Paschal moon above Seems like a saint to rove. Where stately Jordan flows by many a palm. Never again your loins untie.

40 The chill night-blast to feel. Who Rising thus alternate see 50 His death and victory. Beside the springs of Love. glade. Like children gazing round. And wind thy thoughtfii way. Yet are they. Or sun-bright hall of power. In spirit journeying through the glorious land. On listless Who on God's works no seal of Godhead find. so Bask not in courtly bower. Or choose thee out a In Kedron's storied dell. dalliance bound. Nor Honour's purple meed. day by day. Wandering so wild and vain. Nor gifted Prophet's lore. . on angel wings. And watch the Moon that saw thy Master's agony. where the Lord was laid. and seek the holy land From robes of Tyrian dye. while they seem to roam.12 THIRD SUNDAY IN ADVENT O cross no more the main. They.Where rested once the Temple's stately shade. if at home they stay. falling as still and Their heart untravell'd kings. To count the reeds that tremble in the wind. Pass Babel quick. Then . that never die Among the oUves kneel . nor Science' wondrous 60 wand. rise at dawn of day. With due feet tracing round The city's northern bound. Not for light Fancy's reed. To th' other holy garden. Draw daily nearer home. or Carmel's cell Turn with imdazzled eye To Bethlehem's haunted strand. adores the King of Or.

misty all. with dull and tuneless I linger And in ear. Isaiah xxxii. Or faint. — lo by my soft Music's cell. that outring Earth's drowsy chime. in me they die. When .FOURTH SUNDAY IN ADVENT 13 But more than Prophet. or false. their shadows prove. 3. I dearest love Unchanged themselves. I cannot paint to Memory's eye The scene. that hear shall hearken. Whose grace Shews Him in every place To homeliest hearts of pilgrims pure and meek. but cannot trace. me. As Heaven outshines the taper's light. both sight and sound only know 'tis fair and sweet wandering on enchanted ground tottering feet. heart of hearts would hear What 'Tis I 'Tis to her own she deigns to tell. : 65 FOURTH SUNDAY IN ADVENT and the ears of The eyes of them that see shall not be dim. more Than Angels can adore With face unveil'd. In vain. is He they go to seek Blessed be God. — them the bright things in earth and air little can the heart embrace Soft shades and gleaming Kghts are there Of How I ! know it well. 20 With dizzy brow and But patience ! there may come a time these dull ears shall scan aright Strains. fair outspread a wishful look. Mine eye unworthy seems to read One page of Nature's beauteous book It lies before I only cast . the glance.

if over sea or sky Some tender lights unnotic'd fleet. or speak amiss. We shall not need her where we dwell Ever in sight of all our bliss. each day. too curious ear. spares us too. And we see far in holy ground. sure. the brightening goal. The distant landscape draws not nigh For all our gazing but the soul. Which Heaven. and not in trance. that dazzled now and weak. 1 Thine eyes shall see the King in His beauty they shall behold the land that is very far off.14 FOURTH SUNDAY IN ADVENT These eyes. the worthier thee . That upward looks. to us. : . 30 Though scarcely now their laggard glance Reach to an arrow's flight. Isaiah xxxiii. Content thee with one simple strain. Unread. Shall see the King's ^ full glory break. and undestroy'd. 50 Nearer. The lowlier. Nor from the bUssful vision shrink : In fearless love and hope imcloy'd For ever on that ocean bright Empower'd to gaze . If duly purg'd our mental view. The region " very far away. their lesson sweet Yet are there saddening sights around. At glancing motes in sunshine wink. And thou. that day They shall behold. Deeper and deeper plunge in Ught. 17. If 40 Meanwhile." Memory sometimes at our spell Refuse to speak. in mercy. Or on lov'd features dawn and die. may still descry . that fain Wouldst thread the maze of Harmony.

and shine. — St. Th' angelic signal given " Glory to God " from yonder central fire Flows out the echoing lay beyond the starry quire ! What . et in terra pax hominibus bonae volun- tatis. eo CHRISTMAS DAY And suddenly there was wiih the Angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God. with that inward Music fraught. " the Saviour born in David's home. and sing. the wondrous sound Is echoed on for ever : " Glory to God on high. 13. after orb. where Christ should be. Luke ii. sudden blaze of song Spreads o'er th' expanse of Heaven ? In waves of light it thrills along. " And love towards men of love ^ salvation " release. as being generally known through Pergolesi's beautiful composition. " the Christ the Lord With fix'd adoring look : : "— 20 The choir of Angels caught the word. Listen and mark what gentle air First stirr'd the tide of song . on earth be peace." Upon Orb lo — and Yet To stay. 'Tis not. " Gloria in excelsis Deo. In sudden light they shone and heavenly harmony. before thou dare join that festal throng . The concord sweet of and taught Love divine : Then." . Nor yet their silence broke But when they heard the sign. Like circles widening round a clear blue river. " To for power and health obedient worlds " should come " Whom : — 'Tis not. ' I have ventured to adopt the reading of the Vulgate.CHRISTMAS DAY Till 15 thou art duly train'd. For ever rise.

How should I part with Thee ? Bethlehem must lose Thee soon. who follow Truth along her star-pav'd way. Abiding in the field. For they in lowly thoughts are nurs'd. but Thou wilt grace The single heart to be Thy sure abiding-place. Guests rudely went and came. Meet for Thy lowly shrine Sooner than they should miss where Thou dost dwell. All through the wintry heaven and chill night air. Once duly welcom'd and ador'd. eo . 30 But where Thou No dwellest. Lord. What though your wandering Reckless of what they see and hear. 50 wakeful shepherds Thou art found. other thought should be. And in His manger laid. In quiet ever. where slept the royal : No Child. And they. and in shade. 40 Shepherd and sage may find They. : Still. In music and in light Thou dawnest on their prayer. Lie lost in wilful sleep ? High Heaven in mercy to your sad annoy Still greets you with glad tidings of immortal joy. Babe divine.16 CHRISTMAS DAY Wrapp'd in His swaddling bands. on the bosom laid Of a pure virgin mind. By O faint not ye for fear sheep. The Hope and Glory of all lands Is come to the world's aid peaceful home upon His cradle smil'd. who have bow'd untaught to Nature's sway. The pastoral spirits first Approach Thee. Thee. Angels from Heaven will stoop to guide them to Thy cell. as the day comes round For Thee to be reveal'd.

— As rays around the source of light Stream upward ere he glow in sight. The Saviour left for you Think on the Lord most holy. looked up stedfastly into heaven. iv. : 10 And Foremost and nearest to His throne. Play smiling with the flame and sword. the first both in will and deed. of Martyrs wait Three chosen bands. STEPHEN'S DAY . and saw STEPHEN'S DAY He. come So And dwell with hearts imtrue ye tread untir'd His pastoral ways.ST. the second in will but not in deed the third in deed but not in will . being full of the Holy Ghost. 17 Think on th' eternal home. 2. By perfect robes of triumph known. " As there are three kinds of martyrdom. to His sure word Unconscious witness give. 65 in the darkness sing your carol of high praise. and welcomes death One calmly yields his willing breath. ere they speak. The holy Stephen kneels. : . in royal state. John the Evangelist next. of good and great. which is the highest . who suffered martyrdom in will but not in deed . And watching by his futm-e flight Set the clear heavens on fire . nor hurrying. . the glory of God. c. Is gather'd in that choir. the darlings of their Lord. ' 20 Prayer. And. 55." Wheatly on the Common . who suffered death both in will and deed St. so the Church commemorates these martyrs in the same order St. So on the King One presses on. and Jesus standing on the right hand of God. ^Acts vii. Stephen first. but in faith Content to die or live some. : To shall ST. v. who suffered in deed but not in will. Nor slow. the holy Innocents last. And likest Him in look and tone.' And all earth owns. sect.

must live 4o He. do Thou my soul receive " Jesu. St. glide in air like gentle dove. men behold all o'er.18 ST. what is that to thee ? follow tlwu Me. 21. and what shall this man do ? Jesus saith unto him. ' And all . as when the Flew open to his fainting eye. Which. th' atoning wounds 30 He He sees them all . Seeing what death conceals. John xxi. and what shall this man do ? " Ask'st thou. no other view sees them all Could stamp the Saviour's likeness true. Well might you guess what vision bright Was present to has raptur'd sight. like a fading lamp. If I will that he tarry till I come. saw his face as it had been the face of an angel. E'en as reflected streams of light Their solar source betray The glory which our God surrounds.i Till Must draw . Lord. The Son of Man. saith to Jestis. the holy Cross. ST. 15. do Thou my foes forgive " : : — He who would Under Must learn that prayer. for thy friend If his love for Christ be true. looking stedfastly on him. though he seem on earth to move. Martyr and meet to trace 48 The lines of Jesus' death. and earth's dull bounds Are melting fast away. Christian. JOHN'S DAY Peter seeing him. Or with His love so deep embrue Man's sullen heart and gross " Jesu. flash'd high. Christ hath told thee of his end : ? that sat in the council. Acts vi. — " LoHD. 22. JOHN'S DAY sky- With steadfast gaze. From yon unclouded depths above his purer breath his angel face All radiant with celestial grace.

since our souls will shrink At the touch of natural grief. as the rivers of whithersoever He will. . Wealthy. 1. if so He will. their pain to see. And Thy grace. Sick or healthful. slave or free. 20 May be left. to follow Thee. Sweeter melodies can wake On the lonely mountain rill Than the meeting waters make. Who doth hearts as streams command. When our earthly lov'd ones sink. * The : king's heart is water He turneth it in the hand of the Lord. Whether. : Or with Love's supporting force Cheat the toU and cheer the way Leave it all in His high hand.' Gales from Heaven. Lend us. Thy sure relief Patient hearts. or despis'd and poor What is that to him or thee. He in youth shall find his rest. Who will count the billows past ? 30 Only. Proverbs xxi. early call'd to bliss. Who hath the Father and the Son. So his love to Christ endure ? When the shore is won at last. whom Jesus loves. not forlorn) he stay. JOHN'S DAY 19 This This is is he he whom God approves. Ask not 10 Or arm^d Till his in his station wait Lord be at the gate Whether in his lonely course (Lonely.ST. Leave it in his Saviour's breast. Lord. of him more than this. but not alone.

" God set His seal. ever had been heirs of dark mortality ? Ask. 20 " Baptiz'd in blood for Jesus' sake. He bless'd them from the world and all its harms Heirs though they were of sin and shame.20 THE HOLY INNOCENTS THE HOLY INNOCENTS These were redeemed from among men. and some angel will reply. How But As if. — Say. 31 He bless'd them in His own and in His Father's Name. round the Saviour's palace gate. who wait In Bethlehem. their King to see. ye celestial guards. 4. Say. were bom to sin and die. ^Revelation xiv. He rais'd them in His holy arms. fresh-borne from Eden's happy grove. " Now underneath the Cross their bed they make. Their palms and garlands telling plain That they are of the glorious martyr-train. being the firstfruiis unto God and to the Lamb. and brighten as on Him they gaze ? But where The their spoils and trophies ? where glorious dint a martyr's shield should bear ? lo chance no cheek among them wears The deep-worn trace of penitential tears. " Not to be scar'd from that sure rest " By frighten'd mother's shriek. They had flown here. or warrior's waving " crest." Mindful of these. Bless'd Jesus ever lov'd to trace The " innocent brightness " of an infant's face. Nor all is bright and smiling love. like yourselves. and mark'd them for His own. " But ere the poison root was grown. . That hover o'er the new-born King of kings. who are these on golden wings. Next to yourselves ordain'd to praise His Name. the first-fruits sweet Borne by the suffering Church her Lord to greet. " These.

at the shepherd's : How FIRST SUNDAY AFTER CHRISTMAS So down. that in their cradles Thou hast bought ? But chiefly these. to aid Th' avenging storm of war. Teaching so well and silently Where — . si How. . as each fond unconscious child Parent sweetly smil'd. degrees. the lamb should die happier far than life the end Of souls that infant-like beneath their burthen bend. (Like infants sporting on the shore. that laid Seven guilty realms at once on earth's defiled breast. And Was She dares not grudge to leave them there. As her pale placid martyr sinks to sleep.FIRST SUNDAY AFTER CHRISTMAS 21 On th' everlasting Then. just born. joy for Rachel's broken heart She and her babes shall meet no more to part So dear to Christ her pious haste To trust them in His arms for ever safe embrac'd. All souls. Thy gracious word as a pledge of benediction. it was gone 'Tis true. Oh. baptiz'd.) Were they not present to Thy thought. of old th' unchanging sun His daily course refus'd to run. who died for Thee. 13. 40 next to these. call. That Thou might'st live for them a sadder death to see. by which degrees compare Josh. x. to behold them was her heart's first prayer She dares not grieve but she must weep. The pale moon hurrying to the west Paus'd at a mortal's call. —Isaiah xxxviii. That tremble not at Ocean's boundless roar. while they moan Their treasur'd hopes. stor'd For Christian mothers. and gone. 8 the sun returned ten .

athwart the conscience glare. . These.22 FIRST SUNDAY AFTER CHRISTMAS But can it be. one suppliant tear Should stay the ever-moving sphere ? A sick man's lowly-breathed sigh. We would not have them stain'd and dim. O Lord. And eyes that never more may smile Can these th' avenging bolt delay. Thy showers would pierce the harden'd ground. would smile on Thee The tears that bathe our offer'd hearts. hand. and such faint half-wakmg dreams. 2. Like stormy lights on mountain streams. When from the world he turns away. Thou seek'st to warn us. smil'st on us in wrath. ye wanderers of the sky ? And We As too. How Can shall spirits we 'scape th' o'erwhelming Past ? : The broken. Thy wonder-working And backward force the waves of Time. . Thou 40 ' Then Hezekiah turned his face toward the wall. too pure to be perform'd. Or win us back one little day bitterness of death to soften and beguile ? ! 30 Father and Lover of our souls Though darkly round Thine anger rolls. joys o'ercast. And prayers blown wide by gales of care . Should change your mystic dance. All glowing with the light accepted love imparts. and we. 20 And vows. then. not confound. E'en in remorse. But dropp'd from wings of seraphim. and prayed unto the Lord. that erst the bosom warm'd. And win it to give out its brightness and perfume. Bright hopes. would fain command. Thy sunshine smiles beneath the gloom. That now so swift and silent bear Our restless bark from year to year Help us to pause and mourn to Thee our tale of crime. Wavering and broken all. Isaiah xxxviil.^ lo hides his weary eyes to pray.

overflow this heart of mine. Power cannot change them. 60 THE CIRCUMCISION OF CHRIST In whom also ye are circumcised with the circumcision Colossians ii. above. tears Thy — Like sacrificial wine Pour'd on a victim's head Are those few precious drops of Thine. Are not enough the legal sword Must do its stem behest. upon the breast. Whole years of folly we outlive. her searching view Can read where Faith is fix'd and true.THE CIRCUMCISION OF CHRIST 23 Time's waters will not ebb. By every gush of pure desire. Till in one blaze of charity Care and remorse are lost. must flow. Thine infant O Lord. — made The year begins with Thee. Open Thy fount. 11. O Thou. milliout haruls. but Love may What cannot be. To let the world of sinners see That blood for sin cries. Through shades of setting life can see Heaven's work begun. Love counts it done. eternal Dove. lo Now first to offering led. nor stay. who measures Life by Love. as each moment wafts us higher. who keep'st the Key of Love. 50 And . Deep in the heart. And high-breath'd hope of joys By every secret sigh we heave. Enlarging as it fills with Thee. like motes in light divine Till. . And Thou beginn'st with woe. In His unerring sight.

24 THE CIRCUMCISION OF CHRIST are the pledge and seal Of Christ's unswerving faith Given to His Sire. fallen on faithless days. By 30 O bond And ! Is there a mourner true. . dear strong as is Thy grace Saints. our souls to heal. of union. Prophets. soon in Eden thou shalt greet nursing Father dear. art. Patriarchs Along the sacred line. They They to His Church of old. To each true Jewish heart. 20 Now of Thy love we deem As of an ocean vast. Heaven deign'd to praise In spirit ? 40 mayst thou meet With Whom A faithful Abraham here. — all have part blood and water too God's mark is set on Thee. In Gospel graces manifold Communion blest impart. May thus in heart embrace. Sighs for the heart-consoling view Who Of those. That in Thee every faithful view Both covenants might see. Although it cost His death. Both theirs and ours Thou As we and they are Thine Kings. Wouldst thou a poet be ? And would thy dull heart fain Borrow of Israel's minstrelsy One high enraptur'd strain ? . parted by a thousand year. Mounting in tides against the stream Of ages gone and past.

and hold thy peace The Giver of all good E'en from the : womb From If suffering. I the Lord will hear them. if at all beneath the moon. thy feeble chant. —Isaiah and God xli. Here.SECOND SUNDAY AFTER CHRISTMAS here thy soul to tune. takes no release and blood. Cradled in care and woe ? And seems it hard. Wilt thou forgive the wayward thought. 25 Come Here set so Art thou a child of tears. love. 17. their tongtie faileth for thirst. And And wilt Thou hear the fever'd To Thee in silence cry ? heart as th' inconstant wildfires dart of the restless eye. so dearly bought. thou wouldst reap in in holy fear : So life a winter's morn may prove To a bright endless year. By kindly woes yet half untaught Saviour's right. From all the hopes and charms Untimely call'd to part ? Look here. Is holy David's haunt. First sow 68 SECOND SUNDAY AFTER CHRISTMAS When the poor and needy seek mater. and there is none. tears. I the of Israel will not forsake them. That Hope should never die ? Out A . thy vernal years Few vernal joys can show ? And fall the sounds of mirth of earth 60 Sad on thy lonely heart.

Nor knew an Angel form was nigh. On earth no sheltering bower. Fond And on 30 Thou wilt be there. by whom our bright hours shone. See Genesis xxi.26 SECOND SUNDAY AFTER CHRISTMAS Thou wilt for many a languid prayer Has reach'd Thee from the wild. ' Upon Hagar. The hidden rill to charm Out of the dry unfathom'd deep 20 Of sands. Cast down her fainting child. The scent of water far 40 away : the breeze is flung The desert pelican to-day Securely leaves her young. the traveller's listless way Rises and sets th' unchanging day. To show Thou Is soft waters gushing by mild.i Then stole apart to weep and die. These moments of wild wrath are Thine Thine too the drearier hour When o'er th' horizon's silent line hopeless fancies cower. And Thine unwearied arm ready yet with Moses' rod. No cloud in heaven to slake its ray. Our darkness best may rule. Into a bright and breezy lake. Save when the scorching whirlwinds heap Their waves in rude alarm. Israel's And dewy shadows wilt —for Thou art God. that lie in lifeless sleep. Till left The throbbing brow to cool awhile with Thee alone The wilful heart be fain to own That He. . 15. : lo Since the lorn mother. wandering there. and not To turn the bitter pool forsake.

Our Sun and soothing Moon. . 28. to bless Our trial hour of woes. and dreariness We Is ask not full repose. Thy crown in sight is hung. Where on the sand Thy step appears. From darkness. Thou. ^ St. went before them. While yet we gaze with childish eye Star . John xix. they saw the star.^ To Thee we turn. 6. The gate of Heaven unclose ? THE EPIPHANY And. Most dearly lov'd. our Last and First. Pointing to Thee in Thy sure rest. When father. and loving best. 1 St. Thou from Whose cross in anguish burst The cry that own'd Thy dying thirst. here. 9. John iv.THE EPIPHANY Reproving thankless man. not the pilgrim's toil o'erpaid By the clear rill and palmy shade ? And see we not. nursing friend. the star. lo. how sweet art Thou.i 27 so The languid pulses Thou canst tell. mother. First bid us from their arms ascend. Seen in life's early morning sky. who fears To journey on a few lone years. Ere yet a cloud has dimm'd the brow. When it came and stood over where the young Child was. 10. who didst sit on Jacob's well The weary hour of noon. St. The nerveless spirit tune. up Earth's dark glade. till — of the East. Matthew ii. which they saw in the east. 60 Only be Thou at hand. they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.

in calm old age star again arise.i in earlier. Thou lovely star. Lord. our hopes and thoughts are led To where stays its lucid flight Over our Saviour's lowly bed.28 THE EPIPHANY Too soon the glare of earthly day Buries. With breathless Reverence waiting by. She too. . lo What matter ? if the waymarks sure On every side are round us set. but not obscure 'Tis ours to ? mark them ? if or forget. Soon overleap'd. On Chastity's meek lap enshrin'd. Will not the long-forgotten glow Of mingled joy and awe return. And we are left to find our way By faith and hope in Thee unseen. Our mother dear. swath'd in humblest poverty. to us. Had watch'd Thee gleaming faint and far But wandering in self-chosen ways She lost Thee quite. and take our parts E'en on Thy throne of purity ! From these our proud yet grovelUng hearts Hide not Thy mild forgiving eye. purer days. There. Did not the Gentile Church find grace. Crowning our lonely pilgrimage With all that cheers a wanderer's eyes What matter Our childhood's ? 20 Ne'er may we it Till all lose it from our sight. this favour'd day ? With gold and myrrh she sought Thy face Nor didst Thou turn Thy face away. When stars above or flowers below First made our infant spirits burn 30 ? Look on us. When we our Sovereign Master find. Thy brightness keen. ' 40 The Patriarchal Church.

shall spring up as among the grass. 4. Sweet the lengthening April day. men : 20 8. or Heaven-taught art ? Lessons sweet Welcome title what it may. Ranging wild o'er hill and lea. . — of spring returning.) so They lavish on Thy cottage-floor. Their richest. When waken'd from her wilful trance. Chanting with a solemn voice.FIRST SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY Yet had her Father's finger turn'd To Thee her first inquiring glance The deeper shame within her burn'd. Who sacrifice the blind and lame ^ Who will not wake or fast with Thee — On FIRST SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY They water courses. Needs no show of mountain hoary. Soft as lo Every leaf in every nook. They give their best O tenfold shame us their fallen progeny. To the inward ear devout. purest store. (Yet own'd too worthless and too late. : 29 Behold. as willows b)/ the ^Isaiah xliv. Touch'd by Ught. Every wave in every brook. her wisest throng Thy gate. Where the landscape ' in its glory Teaches truth to wandering Malachi i. Winding shore or deepening glen. Wliile with you the soul is free. to the thoughtful heart May I call ye sense or learning. Instinct pure. Minds us of our better choice. sweetest. with heavenly warning Your transporting chords ring out. Be your Memnon's harp at morning.

Every way her free arms flinging O'er the moist and reedy grass. so Though the rudest hand assail her. But when showers and breezes hail her. See her tipp'd with vernal red. Ready to give thanks and live On the least that Heaven may give. the stony vale I wind. See the soft green wiUow springing Where the waters gently pass. scenes and simple views thoughts may best infuse. So they live in modest ways. Long ere winter blasts are fled. but none may see. . my sadness to reprove. If.30 FIRST SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY Give true hearts but earth and sky. Hardly will they fleet aloof . Patiently she droops awhile. Trust entire. 40 the quiet brooklet leaving. And her kindly flower display'd Ere her leaf can cast a shade. Fearless of the passing hoof. Thus I learn Contentment's power From the slighted willow bower. the light declining All may hear. Gladlier than in cultur'd grove. By the dusty wayside drear. Nightingales with joyous cheer Sing. Wears again her wilhng smile. 50 There they plunge. and ceaseless praise. And some Homely Lowly flowers to bloom and die. Up Where the thickest boughs are twining Of the greenest darkest tree. Haply half in fancy grieving For the shades I leaye behind.

and when men have well drunk. Why should we fear. and prove Meet for His bridal board. Till the sear'd taste from foulest wells Is fain to slake its fire. In her first charming bowl Infusing all that fires the breast. Such is the world's gay garish feast. . " Indulge thee and rejoice . as loud the revel swells. — The We heart of childhood frolic to and fro is all mirth : As free and blithe. still. too. indeed with reckless faith trust the flattering voice. but thou St. 20 Unlike the feast of heavenly love Spread at the Saviour's word For souls that hear His call. would sparkle less ? Why should the cup the sooner cloy. youth's draught of joy. fever'd pulse beats higher. John ii. " if But We Too surely. every setting day. Which God hath deign'd to bless ? If pure. Till we. " Take thy fill ere death. hast kept the good wine until now. The flowers all die along our way. 10. lo Some lost delight we mourn. Which whispers. die forlorn.SECOND SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY 31 SECOND SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine . then that which is worse . as if on earth Were no such thing as woe. And And The cheats th' unstable soul.

And with Him Uves our joy. that she shoiild not have compassion on the son of her womb ? yea. Fathers may hate us or forsake.32 SECOND SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY For. We may look home. God's foundlings then are we : 50 Mother on child no pity take. Or is it Love. Isaiah xlix. Speeding her gaze o'er time and death : To realms where nought can perish. say. 15. keen is it Hope. through the world's sad day of Still chant his morning song ? Christian. yet will I not forget thee. the dear delight Of hearts that know no guile. unseen Still whispering glorious things Faith makes the vision plain. : Nor shall dull age. But in vain To do a Christ hath given His promise plain Brother's part. That all around see all things bright With their own magic smile ? The silent joy. Of confidence and rest. as worldings The heavenward flame annoy The Saviour cannot pass away. they may forget. 60 ' Can a woman forget her sucking child. That blessing may strife. that thrills so Along each bounding vein. and seek A fond fraternal heart. that sinks so deep. Lull'd in a father's arms to sleep. . so ?— The world would kill her soon but Faith Her daring dreams will cherish. but a through all life prolong ? Who. Clasp'd to a mother's breast ? 40 Who.i But we shall still have Thee.

And as I walk and muse apart. It shames the weary heart to feel itself alone. And Music in the dullest plain. What time the wild autumnal sun From his dark veil at noon look'd forth. lo would revive it in my heart. As glorying in his course half done. to cast Our lot with Thine. and said to them that followed. And chanting in so blithe a tone. Verily I say unto you. Flinging soft radiance far and wide Over the dusky heaven and bleak hill-side. Matthew viii. Such O 68 THIRD SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY When Jesus heard it. Which on some holy house we mark Dear to the pastor's aching heart To think. was a gleam to Memory dear. not in Israel. And keep our best till last. — I mark'd a rainbow in the north. where'er he looks. c . Is the soft gleam of Christian worth. 10.THIRD SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY Ever with the richest tenderest glow Sets round th' autumnal sun But there sight fails no heart may know The bhss when life is done. such gleam may have a part. : 33 is Thy banquet. When all seems faithless round and It I drear. For there the lark is soaring high Over her flat and leafless reign. dearest Lord give us grace. I have not found so great faith. He marvelled. to trust Thy word. no. 20 More cheery than the matin lark. Light flashes in the gloomiest sky. Brighter than rainbow in the north. St. And watch how Ught can find its way To regions farthest from the fount of day.

for he said he was afraid he should at some time or other do some enormous thing. ." Burnet's Life of Hale.i sin. " The friend of Thine in fear and need " For to the poor Thy mercy lends That solemn style. whose outward eye A graceful lines of art may trace. which. May It fears in open day to shine. " 2 He He loveth our nation. in Wordsworth's Eccl. Like diamond blazing in the mine . ' Lord. Discerns the glorious from the base Till out of dust his magic raise ^ home for prayer and love." Happy the soul. St. " From the first time that the impressions of religion settled deeply in his mind. praying. Luke vii. and give great advantages to impious men to blaspheme the name of God. Biog. For ever.^ 40 He too is blest. and giving alms in secret. To find a prayer their Lord may hear Voice of the poor and desolate. if he were looked on as a very religious man. Luke vii. might cast a reproach on the profession of it. You best may bring it to His ear 3i : Your grateful intercessions rise With more than royal pomp. soaring high. but from a particular distrust he had of himself . where such grace is given. he used great caution to conceal it . of fasting. and full harmonious The praise.34 THIRD SUNDAY AFTER KPIPHANY dwell. hath built us a synagogue. and Faith be sham'd by the believer's In silence and afar they wait. unseen by all but Heaven. 5. St. " Thy nation and Thy friends. not only in obedience to the rule given by our Saviour. 5. Luke vii. vi. I St. 73. whose precious cause You in the Sovereign Presence plead " This is the lover of Thy laws. and pierce the skies. While his free spirit. 6. Lest the deep stain it owns within Break out. am not worthy that Thou shouldest enter under my roof.

And where Love is. Who welcomes here a child's as there an angel's love. Matthew viii. Watch for the fitful breeze To howl and chafe amid the bending trees. cottage-born ? Yet from Thy glory in the skies Our earthly gold Thou dost not scorn. xix. In maze on maze the tranced sight Strays. His cross. Worthless and lost our offerings seem. — Him. Drops in the ocean of His praise . th' that He would depart They know Almighty's power. While the strong breath of Music seems To waft us ever on.30. John xii. soaring in bhssful dreams. FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY W}ien they saw out of their coasts. What though Thou 60 Love on the Saviour's dying head Her spikenard drops unblam'd may pour. Who. May mount . and wrap Him dead In spices from the golden shore Risen. To sparkle in His crown above. waken'd by the rushing midnight shower. But Mercy with her genial beam 70 Is ripening them to pearly blaze. they besought Him St. . St. . 35 so in poor and humble guise here didst sojourn. that offering evermore is blest. may embalm His sacred name With all a Painter's art. Too rapid and too pure 1 Touching the tremulous eye with sense of light for all but angel sight. For Love delights to bring her best. mindful of that heavenly love Which knows no end in depth or height. and aU a Minstrel's flame. Watch for the still white gleam To bathe the landscape in a fiery stream. 7 .FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY Where far away and high above. 34.

. And when he takes his seat. But there are storms within din. when the whirlwinds rock the topmost grove. 20 That heave the struggling heart with wilder And there is power and love The maniac's rushing frenzy to reprove. And with the demons be. ii Stand in the shade. Who bade the waves go sleep. . 30 Shaking their dewy tresses now the storm is laid.36 FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY They know th' Almighty's love. Rather than clasp thine own Dehverer's knee ? 1 St. at his Saviour's feet. and cedar tuft. As when He said. the love as blest. amid her vassal lulls. Who watch His eye. and hold His guiding hand Not half so fix'd. Be still. and hear The tumult with a deep exulting fear. Rises the holy pile that Kedron's valley fills. Like a bold steed that owns his rider's arm. The storm is laid and now In His meek power He climbs the mountain's brow. in their fiercest sway. and spicy glade. and ocean sank to rest ? Woe to the wayward heart. Who. 15 . Than marks the silent growth of grace and light Pleas'd in the cheerless tomb To linger. Cloth'd and in calmness. 39. they die away. And lash'd the vex'd fiends to their yawning deep. iv. Curb'd by some power unseen. thy charnel-house and chain. Proud to be check'd and sooth'd by that o'er-mastering charm. while the morning rays illume Green lake. Mark v. How on a rock they stand. How.i Is not the power as strange. That gladKer turns to eye the shuddering start Of Passion in her might. do ! — And wilt thou seek again Thy howling waste.

His ear heavy. lo Ah ! 'tis the world enthralls The Heaven-betrothed breast The traitor Sense recalls The soaring soul from rest. arm divine awake. 1. the Lord's hand is not shortened. that it cannot hear : but your iniquities have separated between you and your God. loves His wayward child so when Waste souls of highest birth their impassion'd might on dreams of earth. merciful and mild. ! ! " Saviour and God. Their lawless cries are tun'd to hymns of perfect love. Who for sinners died. For glories gone. and vanish'd mirth. He. as rule the choirs above. . 2. " arise. " Eye of the only Wise Now for Thy glory's sake. . neither — " " " Wake. opens Nature's book. that it cannot save . Till by such chords. that sealed seems. As if Thy love and power Were vanish'd from her sky Yet God is there. and at His side He triumphs. As erst. And on His glorious Gospel bids them look. beholding.FIFTH SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY 37 Sure 'tis no Heaven-bred awe That bids thee from His healing touch withdraw The world and He are struggUng in thine heart. And in thy reckless mood thou bidd'st thy Lord depart. . And may Thine ear. That bitter sigh was all for earth. Isaiah lix. He FIFTH SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY Behold. " In pity mark our mournful themes ! Thus in her lonely hour Thy Church is fain to cry.

nor ask'd Thee why.38 FIFTH SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY Age would to youth return. Reading a mournful lay Of " One who bore our shame. . Lord of Thou whose this erring flock soft showers distil ! ocean waste or rock. " And yet His glories were of old. : 50 See Acts viu. and rob Thy shrine Of hearts. Nor stay'd to heave one faithless sigh : Upon his lonely way The high-born traveller came. Do Thou our craven spirits cheer. 20 On idoUzing knee Again to fall. Where Philip's steps were led. . His name untold. Free as on Hermon hill. The scrolls of sacred lore No darksome mazes prove The desert tires no more They bathe where holy waters flow.^ " Silent Himself. Then on their way rejoicing go. be. eye serene That on him watchful gaz'd. the right of love divine. 20-40. No Hermit e'er so welcome cross'd A child's lone path in woodland lost. 6-8. And shame away the selfish tear. a Isaiah liii." 40 To muse what Heaven might mean And met an His wondering brow he rais'd. On so 'Twas silent all and dead ^ Beside the barren sea. Led by a voice from TheeHe rose and went. Farther from Heaven would To feel the wildfire burn. Now wonder turns to love .

— There are. who darkling and alone. 2. Absolving and forgiven. No glare of high estate. makes night of day. me the sons of God. 39 — Bewilder'd in a heartless crowd. shall be like now are : what we shall be Him . for we shall see Him as He is. ye cold and proud. round the Cross. Rejoicing still. Though dawning morn should only show The secret of their unknown woe : . No gloom of woe or want. and it doth not yet appear but we know that. we 1 St. The radiance can abate Where Heaven delights to haunt 70 Sin only hides the genial ray. Starting eo and turning pale At Rumour's angry din storm can now assail No The charm he wears within. Thy prayers and tears may earn For fallen souls some healing breath. . And with the thought of God imbu'd. Would wish the weary night were gone. when He shall appear. and doing good. John ili. Then weep it from thy heart So mayst thou duly learn The intercessor's part. Yes mark him well. The sweet remembrance bear. And.SIXTH SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY They part to meet in Heaven But of the joy they share. 78 SIXTH SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY Beloved. Ere they have died th' Apostate's death.

'Tis so in love — From : So have I seen some tender flower Priz'd above all the vernal bower. when dim in view He sees her glories gild afar 20 The dusky edge of stubborn war. Embosom'd in the greenest glade. not needing our caress. When first to her fond gaze is given That purest spot in Fancy's heaven. So frail a gem." they cry. this our frail and foundering bark GHde in the narrow wake of Thy beloved And ark. lo For Thou wouldst have us linger still Upon the verge of good or ill. That on Thy guiding hand unseen Our undivided hearts may lean. . 'Tis so in war — ^the champion true Loves victory more." i Unwise I To profit deem them. unmeet by Thy chastenings sweet. When hardier grown we love it less. ^ 39 'Ei* Si 0d« Kal SKiatrov. give hght and Who To ease : let us die. fearless way against the chafing tide. For all the gorgeous sky beside. though faint and far away. " And if our fate be death. Shelter'd beneath the coolest shade. Than if th' untrodden bloodless field The harvest of her laurels yield Let not my But win her bark in calm abide. And trust it from our sight. 30 Though pledg'd her own and sure t' abide Dearer than every past noon-day That twilight gleam to her. the faithful heart her dim vision would not part.40 SIXTH SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY pray for sharpest throbs of pain them of doubt's gaUing chain " Only disperse the cloud. it scarce may bear The playful touch of evening air . Lord.

Lord . I know it best. so as yet this wayward breast Beat quite in answer to Thy voice. Yet surely I have made choice I know not yet the promis'd bliss. unfelt their earthly growth. Poor fragments all of this low earth : Such as in sleep would hardly soothe soul that once had tasted of immortal Truth. The warrior's pride. their names decay. to last eternally. rather let me die. why lies its part Deep in the mother's inmost heart ? But that the Lord and Source of love Would have His weakest ever prove Our tenderest care and most of all Our frail immortal souls. So be it. live and die . Not seraph's wing for ever soaring Can pass the flight of souls adoring. His work and Satan's — thrall. the hunter's mirth. Their fragrance passes quite away . once made for them so Unseen. Know not if I shall win or miss So doubting. 70 low. no Angel knows Was never yet created eye What ? Could see across Eternity .SIXTH SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY And wherefore is 41 the sweet spring tide Worth all the changeful year beside ? The last-born babe. Bright maidens and unfailing vines. And They self-accus'd of sin and sloth. That nearer still and nearer grow To th' unapproached Lord. Than close with aught beside. Though not my What The A is the heaven we idly dream ? self-deceiver's dreary theme. A 60 is the Heaven our God bestows No Prophet yet. cloudless sun that softly shines.

who runs may read. Daily to lose themselves in hope to find — their God. But they shall flourish from' the tomb. The works of God above. A wondrous race they run. i. The Is like glorious sky embracing all the Maker's love. all their glow Each borrows of its Sun. SEPTUAGESIMA SUNDAY The clearly invisible things of frmii the creation of the world are seen. But peace still voice and closed eye Suit best with hearts beyond the sky. Hearts training in their low abode. Their spirits every hour imbu'd More deeply with His precious blood. below. Then on th' incarnate Savioue's breast. Within us and around. being understood by the things thai are made. . lo Wherewith encompass'd. And all the lore its scholars need. The fount of sweetness. There is a book.42 SEPTUAGESIMA SUNDAY Like violets in the freezing blast No vernal steam around they east. the Church below. they shall rest. Pure eyes and Christian hearts. great and small In peace and order move. Him — Romans 20. The Moon above. to show How God Himself is found. But all their radiance. The breath of God shall wake them into od'rous ^ bloom. Which heavenly truth imparts. Are pages in that book.

SEPTUAGESIMA SUNDAY The Saviour lends the light and heat That crowns His holy hill The saints. the favour'd place is By richest fruits One Name above all glorious names With its ten thousand tongues The everlasting sea proclaims. 9. their flx'd unswerving root. 8. 21. Perform their courses still. John iii.* the roaring Wind. Fire. Give me a heart to find out Thee. Plain as the sea and sky. Fair deeds of charity their fruit.^ 30 But where it lights.^ 43 20 The saints What above are stars in Heaven are the saints on earth ? Like trees they stand whom God has given. ^ Our Eden's happy birth. ^ Isaiah Ix. grace. their unfading flower. 3. Faith is Hope The dew of Heaven is like It steals in silence Thy down known. " Daniel * 48 xii. ° Hebrews xii. St. . around His seat. 29. The glory of their bower. : Thou who hast given me eyes to see And love this sight so fair. boundless power display But in the gentler breeze we find Thy Spirit's viewless way. And read Thee every where. Echoing angelic songs.^ The raging Thy : 40 Two 'tis only Sin worlds are ours Forbids us to descry The mystic heaven and earth within. like stars. ' Psalm Ixviii.

and a flaming sword which turned every way. Genesis iii. to assuage her sharpest throes. 24 compare chap. See here the fruit of wandering eyes. lo Ruin below and wrath above that now the wildering fancy meets. Thine own dire work thou surely wilt confound ! : : 'Twas but one little drop of sin We And lo ! saw this morning enter in. Of worldly longings to be wise. when in some deep garden glade. Of Passion dwelling on forbidden sweets : Ye Are all lawless glances. If If filial and maternal love ^ Memorial of our guilt must prove.44 SEXAGESIMA SUNDAY SEXAGESIMA SUNDAY So He drove out the man . and He plated ai. Where'er I gaze on either hand The sentence is gone forth. sinful babes in sorrow must be born. that softest fall and first. at eventide the world is drown'd. The faithful mother surely knows. . 1 In sorrow thou shall bring forth children. fallen " thou tried. Lord. 29 This was the way Thou cam'st to save the world forlorn. Foe of mankind too bold thy race Thou runn'st at such a reckless pace. the ground is curs'd Yet mingled with the penal shower Some drops of balm in every bower Steal 20 : down like April dews." man ? come forth. Of Thee and of myself afraid. and be Trembling before Thee as I stand. freely rove . to keep the way of the tree of life. vi. Yet. the east of the garden Eden Cherutnms. From thoughts like these among the bowers Nearest and loudest then of all I seem to hear the Judge's call : I hide. of — . " Where art thou.

was afraid because I was naked. But a sweet help and pattern of true love. The doom is half in mercy given To train us in our way to Heaven. How He should rule.SEXAGESIMA SUNDAY If blessed wedlock may not bless i Without some tinge of bitterness To dash her cup of joy. and clothed them. and she with full desire approve. : Yet Mercy hath not left us bare The very weeds we daily wear * Are to Faith's eye a pledge of God's forgiving might. if yet one arrow more. Tremble upon the string a sinner's death Art thou not by to soothe and save. . The Lord God made coats of skins. 40 Showing how best the soul may cling To her immortal Spouse and King. To close the weary eye and hush the parting breath ! And oh — 59 ? ' Thy I desire shall be to thy husband.^ all but labouring hands denied. 'Tis blind Idolatry niggard Earth her treasures hide. If To If on the sinner's outward frame so God hath impress'd His mark And of blame.^ The sharpest of th' Almighty's store. Lavish of thorns and worthless weeds alone. and he shall rule over thee. 45 Chaining to earth with strong desire Hearts that would highest else aspire. ^ ' * ' is the ground for thy sake. since Eden lost. e'en our bodies shrink at touch of light. Cursed Thou shalt surely die. And show our lagging souls how glory must be won. To lay us gently in the grave. And o'er the tenderer sex usurping ever most Yet by the light of Christian lore no more.

Sweet Leaf the pledge of peace and mirth. oceans safely past souls. Plunge in th' empyreal vast. —Genesis a token of a ix. Still in its place the tree of hfe and glory grew. hail ye. thrall. . Dear tokens We of a pardoning God. When first it felt the Sun . ! " Long sought. after showers. Freed from their twelvemonth's jojrful How from th' imprisoning ark the green earth they spring Not blither. the world to teach. the Lark Mounts up with glistening wing. and it shall be for Me and ! covenant between the earth. 13. 66 / do set QUINQUAGESIMA SUNDAY My bow in the cloud. Though into drear and dusky haze Thou melt on either hand. when life is o'er. Turning all ways. sword that guarded show'd still too. one and all. Brightening in ever-changeful bloom As breezes change on high . As when our fathers walk'd abroad.46 QUINQUAGESIMA SUNDAY Therefore in sight of man bereft it The happy garden The fiery was left. and lately won. Sweet Dove the softest.. That though as yet beyond our reach. lo High set at Heaven's command." Bless'd increase of reviving Earth. On ! 20 So home-bound Two So happy sailors spring to shore. Sweet Rainbow ! pride of summer days. steadiest plume In all the sunbright sky.

parted into rainbow hues. vouchsafes to write This truth in Heaven above As every lovely hue is Light. But we may face the rays that stream'd From the mild Son of Man. We see celestial love diffuse Its light o'er Jesus' life. yet we are not won ? Thy The Son of God in radiance beam'd Too bright for us to scan. . That cannot bear the solar beam. In aU the brightening sky ? What but the gentle rainbow's gleam. God. so In sweet harmonious strife. Wondering frail man Thy light should Without Thy scorching blaze . if 40 our fathers turn'd to Thee see With such adoring gaze. And keeps it through a thousand days 47 ? Love face to face reveal'd : Love imag'd in that cordial look Our Lord in Eden bends On souls that sin and earth forsook In time to die His friends. There. and where our hearts.QUINQUAGESIMA SUNDAY What wins their first and fondest gaze In all the blissful field. We who Have tried And have seen Thy Son. 30 And what most welcome and serene Dawns on the Patriarch's eye. Spirit's winning arts. Soothing the wearied sight. ao . by His bow. So every grace is Love. Where is our love. In all th' emerging hills so green. With soft undazzling light ? Lord.

Matthew vi. Where ? is their Joel II. the shame.48 ASH-WEDNESDAY ASH-WEDNESDAY When thou fastest. the sin. to fall On bosoms waiting to receive Our sighs. " Quick let the swelUng eye forget " The tears that in the heart abide. the aspect bold. Till Heaven and we are quite alone. 20 sweet in that dark hour. " And mocking say. Between the porch and altar weep. Then let the grief. this is he " Who own'd a God that could not save " Yes — — lo ? " Thus oft the mourner's wayward heart Tempts him to hide his grief and die.—St. Before the mercy-seat be thrown. Too proud to bear a pitying eye How . anoint thine head. and wash thy face . " Calm be the voice. Unworthy of the holiest place. and gently whisper all They love us will not God forgive — ? Else let us keep our fast within. that thou appear not unto men to fast. Too feeble for Confession's smart. Yet hoping near the shrine to keep One lowly cell in sight of grace. 18. but unto thy Father which is in secret. deep within and deeper yet " The rankling shaft of conscience hide. » 30 God Wherefore should they say among the people. . " For why should Innocence be told " The pangs that guilty spirits bow ? " The loving eye that watches thine " Close as the air that wraps thee round " Why in thy sorrow should it pine. Lo. " Since never of thy sin it found ? " And wherefore should the heathen see ^ " What chains of darkness thee enslave. 17. 17. " No shuddering pass o'er lip or brow.

" Angel of wrath ! why linger in mid air. escape thither . Matthew iv. " Thy full-charg'd vial standing by ? " Thus. " While the devoted city's cry " Louder and louder swells ? and canst thou spare. While far beyond the sound of praise With upward eye they float serene. 1 . The glimmering stars by turns appear. if 40 Or no Angel pass that way. in night-hours drear.FIRST SUNDAY IN LENT Nor fear lest sympathy should fail Hast thou not seen. — : 1 St. He who in secret sees. As when upon His drooping head His Father's light was pour'd from Heaven. with stern voice. Therefore the name of the city mas called Zoar. What time. 22. unspeakable on earth And who can stay the soaring power Of spirits wean'd from worldly mirth. To look where sorrowing sinners kneel. unshelter'd and unfed. And till she give the sign. his fury stays. unsparing Justice pleads He hears her not with soften'd gaze His eye is following where sweet Mercy leads. Untold. perchance May bid His own heart-warming ray Toward thee stream with kindlier glance. ^ Far in the wild His steps were driven. 50 And learn to bear their Saviour's When Judgement shall undraw blaze the screen 55 ? FIRST SUNDAY IN LENT be Haste thee. 49 When racking thoughts the heart assail. — Genesis xlx. High thoughts were with Him in that hour. th' eternal silent And from With home above news of mercy steal ? So Angels pause on tasks of love. for I cannot do any thing till thou come thither.

and hold them fast. " Swells yon bright vale. as Eden rich and rare. Oft in His pity o'er His children weak. And where we fondly cling. till our hearts are wean'd entire. To speed them o'er the tempting plain. Lingering in heart. so sore. 40 Thus. " If God have planted but to bum ? " Surely not yet th' avenging shower will fall. And when. for a nearer refuge crave.30 FIRST SUNDAY IN LENT lo Guided by her. " If all must be forsaken. nor look behind " 30 Ever in thrilling sounds like these They check the wandering eye. severely kind. We His hand withdraws the penal fire. " Haste. The Church. " Where Jordan winds his stately march . Far through the twihght of the morn. surely long ago They had provok'd the withering blast. for thy life escape. " Though to my home for one last look I turn. One hour of home before the grave. or more. forbears to wreak Full vengeance. E'en Mercy's self her face must hide. ruin'd all. o'erwearied with the steep ascent. But that the merciful Avengers know Their frailty well. through 20 Thus while they waver. " wherefore gleam those upland slopes so fair every woodland arch. shall abide." ! Ah ? " And why. she abuse. her lengthen'd span. Nor let the sinner lose his soul at ease. along the mountain road. . Till by the merits of one righteous man. and with frail sidelong eye Seeking how near they may unharm'd remain. our Zoar. on either hand are nigh. With hurrying footsteps from th' accurs'd abode He sees the holy household borne : Angels. One little spot of ground in mercy lent.

" As on th' uprooted flower the genial rain ? " And even so the sovereign Lord of souls Stores in the dungeon of His boundless realm Each bolt. Genesis xxvii. o'erpast thy dangerous race. though he sought it carefully with tearsJ-) And when Esau a great and exceeding — " is there in God's world so drear a place " Where the loud bitter cry is rais'd in vain ? " Where tears of penance come too late for grace. he cried with bitter cry. 51 — the smile of home . 34. that nothing in these stanzas will be understood to express any opinion as to the general efficacy of what is called " a death-bed repentance. 54-64. Butler's Analogy. onward yet a step. Sweet all the joys that crowd the household nook. was quite over when he uttered the cry in the text. There breathe at large. When all around he sees but sea and sky. pp. and thou art free who turn to look. who rest. 17. Sweet is When so Yet of all affections pure in the world e'en these abide. therefore.SECOND SUNDAY IN LENT Then.won soul Though in the Church thou know thy place. 'Tis : 9 Will the storm hear the sailor's piteous cry. The mountain farther lies there seek thy goal. (Compare Hebrews xii. and said unto his father. O my father. Esau's probation. even me also. ' Compare Bp. The haunt we : Once gain the mountain-top. 1736. as far as his birthright was concerned. too late. and Above the world our calling boast . Bless me. thou hard. presume lost. are Till then. SECOND SUNDAY IN LENT heard the words of his father. A God in anger. that o'er the sinner vainly rolls. ed. the tempting wave. ." Such questions are best left in the merciful obscurity with which Scripture has enveloped them. He found no place of repentance.^ Taught to mistrust. a self-chosen grave ? * The author earnestly hopes. is not parallel to any thing on this side the grave. the mutual look hearts are of each other sure . His despondency. With gather'd wrath the reprobate to whelm.

But with the sinner's fear their hope departs.52 SECOND SUNDAY IN LENT Or will the thorns. dark deeds that cannot be undone. Thus. Turn with a wish to down ? will late remorse Recall the shaft the murderer's hand has sped. for pottage . Fresh from the stain of crime . Fast link'd as Thy great Name to Thee. nor fear to meet The God. our Father's blessing miss. When in familiar talk When at the Patriarch's God's voice was heard. despis'd and flung aside. whom here she would not learn to love : 21 Then is there hope for such as die unblest. Or from the guiltless bosom turn its course ? Then may the unbodied soul Through the dark curtains in safety fleet of the world above. the blessing lost and won. That we should endless be. O Lord : That Name. by which Thy faithful oath is past. : — 30 But ask of elder days. No partial hand the blessing may misguide No flattering fancy change our Monarch's doom : . The Grave. Nor wait desponding round the bridegroom's door. Shall on some brother's brow immortal bloom. Watch by our father Isaac's pastoral door The birthright sold. Tell. Esau-Uke. for joy or woe And if the treasures of Thy wrath could waste. that strew intemperance' bed. Heaven has wrath that can relent no more. 40 We barter life For wealth or power. Nor need th' unready virgin strike her breast. Thy lovers must their promis'd Heaven forgo. But where is then the stay of contrite hearts ? Of old they lean'd on Thy eternal word. Our faded crown. That angel wings may waft them to the shore. sell true bhss for pleasure or renown . call the fiery shower Propitious o'er the turf-built shrine appear'd. Then wash with fruitless tears our faded crown. earth's vernal hour.

Bow THIRD SUNDAY IN LENT When a strong man armed keepeih his palace. Genesis xxvii. wisest. The orphan'd realm threw wide her gates. which God hath blest. The softest dews drop on her from above. answering Thy The Saints his spoils divide . — See Lucifer hke lightning Dash'd from his throne fall. Among their fathers' tombs . and move at her behest Isaac's fond blessing may not fall on scorn. eldest-born.THIRD SUNDAY IN LENT His righteous doom. And they had won their homes. victorious call. So when the first-born of Thy foes Dead in the darkness lay. he takeih from him all his armour wherein he trusted. Nor Balaam's curse on Love.i The richest green her mountain garland weave 58 so : Her brethren. by him usurp'd too long. 22. to her sway. And when their wondrous march was o'er. 21. While. This world of Thine. land that drinks the rain of Heaven at will. Where Abraham fed his flock of yore. Luke xi. mightiest. Whose waters kiss the feet of many a vine-clad hill ' A . When Thy redeem'd at midnight rose lo And cast their bonds away. . Now opening all her stores to heal Thy servants' of pride . wrong. 27. his goods are in peace : but when a stronger than lie shall come upon him. St. that meek true-hearted Love The everlasting birthright should receive. and divideth his spoils. 28. and told Into freed Israel's lap her jewels and her gold. and overcome him.

And these are ours : Thy partial grace : The tempting treasure lends . Gray. . ! — Fly from the " old poetic " fields. the roses bright Wreath'd o'er the cottage walls in garlands of deliffht.54 THIRD SUNDAY IN LENT Oft as they watch'd. now breathes of Thee. and tell of Heaven.i Ye Paynim shadows dark Immortal Greece. at thoughtful eve. Left ready for the spoil." Each legend of the shadowy strand Now wakes a vision blest 40 As little children lisp. 30 And now another Canaan yields To Thine all-conquering ark . Lo here the " unknown God " of thy unconscious ! praise ! The olive-wreath. " The sword in myrtles drest. * Where each old poetic mountain Inspiration breathed around. some tower of giants old A 20 Sweep The It was a fearful joy. These relics of a guilty race Are forfeit to Thy friends What seem'd an idol hymn. Just as the hngering Sun had touch'd with gold. the ivied wand. Far o'er the cedar shade. The household stores untouch'd. The limpid wells. So thoughts beyond their thought to those high Bards were given. the orchards green. To trace the Heathen's toil. dear land of glorious lays. I ween. and heave tresses of the palm. gale from bowers of balm o'er the billowy corn. Tun'd by Faith's ear to some celestial melody.

while Joseph made himself known unto his brethren. The first soft star in evening's crown Light up her gleaming crest ? First Who lo Fondly we seek the dawning bloom On features wan and fair. — When Nature tries her finest touch. i. . But look away a little Then turn.i Nor flower in classic grove. 30. Mark ye. Dr. and spoiler of our foes. Lord. Genesis xlv. a richer bloom Than e'er did western heaven illume At close of summer day. Nor soil'd by ruder breath ? ever saw the earliest rose open her sweet breast ? Or. But minds us of Thy Love. and lie entered into his chamber. Currie's edition. Not to be trac'd by sight or sound. FOURTH SUNDAY IN LENT Joseph made haste . 1 20 See Burns's Works. and wept there. when the summer sun goes down. 'tis there. 1. 293. and lo But ! space. for his bowels did yearn upon his brother : and he sought where to weep . our Lord. Genesis xliii. — There stood no man with Mm. The gazing eye no change can trace.FOURTH SUNDAY IN LENT 55 O There's not a strain to Memory dear. There's not a sweet note warbled here. Weaving her vernal wreath. how close she veils her round. is so There no light but Thine : with Thee all beauty glows. there's a sweeter flower than e'er Blush'd on the rosy spray A brighter star.

strikes her kindly root for flower or fruit. The searching sun. the last best IN LENT Heaven gift of . Where deepest For hope or joy. brethren near. Love gentle. pure But tenderer than a dove's soft eye. alone. : In silence best ador'd. look Behind the blissful screen As when. holy. Sings not a note of this. So. The gracious Dove. Old Israel's long-lost son. and good angels. By all but Heaven unseen : God 40 As when the holy Maid beheld Her risen Son and Lord Thought has not colours half so fair That she to paint that hour may dare. witness telling. Of many a chosen. the open sky. that brought from Heaven The earnest of our bliss. its happy part. She never could endure. On many a happy vision dwelling. E'en human Love will shrink from sight Here in the coarse rude earth How then should rash intruding glance Break in upon her sacred trance Who boasts a heavenly birth ? : 30 So still and secret is her growth. triumphant o'er His woes. .56 'Tis FOURTH SUNDAY Love. The Son of God by moonlight rose. Would weep with them .Least knows only. truest so image of the Christ. with sweet He call'd his conscious forgiving cheer. Ever the truest heart. What time.

FIFTH SUNDAY IN LENT 57 He could not trust his melting soul But in his Maker's sight Then why should gentle hearts and true Bare to the rude world's withering view Their treasure of delight ao No — let the dainty rose awhile Her bashful fragrance hide Rend not her silken veil too soon. The Desert's spicy 1 " Seneh " : said to be a sort of Acacia. as he talks. from age to age. with undivided heart. adores. celestial call The works of God to scan. And. es FIFTH SUNDAY IN LENT And Moses why the said. like Moses. iii. . To flourish and abide. I will bush is not burnt. Th' historic Muse. on her way. He thoughtless roam'd and free. But leave her. and see this great sight. Far seen across the sandy wild. shepherd talks with God apart. 3. Where. Through many a waste heart-sickening page Hath But a trac'd the works of Man : to-day Stays her. in her own soft noon. now turn —^Exodus aside. like a soUtary child. One towering thorn ^ was wrapt in flame Bright without blaze it went and came Who would not turn and see ? : lo Along the mountain ledges green The The The scatter'd sheep at will may glean stores : while.

Well may Yet unconsuming still. ! (And To see. . 30 God But will lifts not quench nor slay them quite. God teaching love and fear :) sure. a homeless race. who tend Christ's wildering flock. So bright.58 FIFTH SUNDAY IN LENT Ye too. See Israel's sons. so dark as this ? A hopeless faith. like the solar fount. Still blazing. Oh. ! May Or sin at heart survive. Lost branches of the once-lov'd vine. like glowing brands. 49. Toss'd wildly o'er a thousand lands For twice a thousand year. 1 St. Now wither'd. and sere. But find no refuge there. worth an Angel's gaze. Salted with fire How they seem. 20 ye gather round the rock That once was Sion's hill To watch the fire upon the mount. Ye blessid Angels if of you There be. thiroughout that dreary maze. Mark ix. pale ghosts that darkling roam. And owning the true bliss ! say. them like a beacon light Or Uke Th' apostate Church to scare .i to show spirits lost in endless woe so undecaying live. spent. Yet seeking the most holy place. 'tis 40 Oh win your glance. sickening thought yet hold it fast Long as this glittering world shall last. • Caught from that blaze by wrath divine. in all the Is there a spot to bleak expanse. Hovering around their ancient home. who love the ways to view Of Kings and Kingdoms here .

if these should hold their peace. the stones would immediately cry out. Gentiles with fix'd yet awful eye : Turn ye this page of mystery. 7.) Giving virtue a new birth. He sees their wrong i . " Be sure. God's own work to do on earth." 78 PALM SUNDAY answered and said unto them. 40. Where'er the world-encircling sun Shall see them meekly kneel All that He asks on Israel's part. . is holy ground. that the captive heart Its 70 woe and burthen ! feel. He shall redeem them one by one. He sees. ! 59 Soft Mercy's undersong 'Tis His people's Abraham's God who speaks so loud. Who. Is only. And He Luke — xix. Heirs of more than royal race. 8. Fram'd by Heaven's peculiar grace. 'Tis Sion. eo He is come down to break their chain Though never more on Sion's fane His visible ensign wave . Nor slight the warning sound " Put off thy shoes from off thy feet " The place where man his God shall meet. cries have pierc'd the cloud. wheresoe'er they dwell. with His own true Israel. Minghng with tones of fear and ire.PALM SUNDAY And hark amid the flashing fire. St. Shall own Him strong to save. (If the word be not too bold. I tell you that. Ye whose hearts are beating high With the pulse of Poesy. And a life that ne'er grows ^ old— Exodus iii.

Give us grace to listen well. that grow beneath our feet.) Then.60 PALM SUNDAY Sovereign masters of all hearts ! Know ye. His guiding hand that own. In vile things noble breath infusing 40 Then waken into sound divine The very pavement of Thy shrine. Ere His Name shall be unblest. of meaner birth. Who in that diAdnest spell Dare not hope to join on earth. Thy power and mercy show. like Heaven's star-sprinkled Faintly give back what we adore Till : floor. by every minstrel tongue Be Thy praise so duly sung. to lead His Hosannas here below Mount. . (As in this bad world below Noblest things find vilest using. That Thine We angels' harps may ne'er Fail to find fit echoing here the while. Flowers. : 39 But should thankless Lips. High and low in choir shall meet. He hath chosen you. if 20 Lord. who hath set your parts ? He who gave you breath to sing. Should bards in idol-hymns profane The sacred soul-enthralling strain. and claim your glorious meed Linger not with sin and woe. By whose strength ye sweep the string. we. Stones in earth's dark womb that rest. . . that silence seal might half Heaven reveal. not that the song would cease Angels round His glory-throne. lo But Deem ye should hold your peace. Stars.

: 20 : — 1 Iliad vi. by Faith's undying glow. 429. Thou wilt own the minstrelsy. or wake an insect's mirth They shine and shine with unexhausted store Thou art thy Saviour's darling seek no more. 16. : : Thou art as much His care. : u There are who sigh that None loves them best O vain and selfish sigh Out of the bosom of His love He spares The Father spares the Son. and Israel acknowledge us not. for thee to die For thee O'er — no fond heart is theirs. — " Father " to me Thou art and Mother dear. Ere from her last embrace her hero part So evermore.MONDAY BEFORE EASTER Childlike 61 though the voices be. Isaiah Ixiii. Strange to our ears the church-bells of our home. The fragrance of our old paternal fields May be forgotten . And untunable the parts. as if beside Nor man nor angel liv'd in Heav'n or earth Thus sunbeams pour alike their glorious tide To light up worlds. 48 MONDAY BEFORE EASTER Doubtless Thou art our Father. We own the Crucified in weal or woe. though Abraham be ignorant cf us. kind Husband of my heart ^ " So speaks Andromache in boding fear. ! He died—for thee He lives again thee He watches in His boundless reign. And Brother too. and the time may come When the babe's kiss no sense of pleasure yields E'en to the doting mother but Thine own Thou never canst forget. nor leave alone. If it flow from childlike hearts. .

Gethsemane. And fast as evening sunbeams from the sea Thy footsteps all in Sion's deep decay 40 Were blotted from the holy ground : yet dear Is every stone of hers . where martyr'd seers of old Far in the rocky walls of Sion sleep. that streams From thy dear name.62 MONDAY BEFORE EASTER thee and thine. one hour. Where lies the cypress shade so still and deep. thy warfare and thine end. When. Offer'd where Christ in agony was laid. On — 30 vaulted cells. Green terraces and arched fountains cold. fondly dreams . Dear sacred haunts of glory and of woe. to trace His musings high and low It may not be Th' unearthly thoughts have pass'd from earth away. Over the mournful joy our thoughts would brood. where in His page of woe It shines. self -flattering. 1 so So dreams the heart 60 In Passion week. to mar our sacrifice. from Tuesday evening to Thursday evening : during which time Scripture seems to be nearly silent concerning our Saviour's proceedings. Like birds of evil wing. ere the final pang His soul should rend. Ye One heart-ennobling hour ! : There is a spot within this sacred dale That felt Thee kneeling touch'd Thy prostrate brow: One Angel knows it. in vain had seen Him die. . The ransom'd spirits one by one were brought To His mind's eye ^two silent nights and days ^ In calmness for His far-seen hour He stays. when the bitter waves o'erflow. Till they had fram'd within a guardian spell To chase repining fancies. as they rise. E'en in His hour of agony He thought. Help us. Else wherefore. Miss we the light. ! — Might tear of ours once mingle with the blood That from His aching brow by moonhght fell. a pale kind star in winter's sky ? Who vainly reads it there. for Thou wast surely here. O might prayer avail To win that knowledge sure each holy vow Less quickly from th' unstable soul would fade.

" And the sad burthen press'd Him so to earth. though now of mortal pangs Made heir. and emptied of Thy glory awhile. to Mark drink wine mingled with myrrh xv. Measuring in calm presage infinite descent So to the end." O awful in Thy woe — ! The parching thirst of death Is on Thee. and He " Is tenderer than a lamb. . and pour The dews oblivious for the Cross is sharp. With unaverted eye Thou meetest all the storm.TUESDAY BEFORE EASTER 63 TUESDAY BEFORE EASTER They gave received it not. " The Cross is sharp. and spice it well. — Him St. " His sweat last night was as great drops of blood. benumb His aching sense " With medicin'd sleep. " Fill high the bowl. : but He " " Fill high the bowl. and Thou triest The slumb'rous potion bland. Uke haughty man With suicidal hand Putting his solace by : : 20 But Saw from Thy The as at first Thine all-pervading look Father's bosom to th' abyss. 23. nor in scorn. lo " The very torturers paus'd " To help Him on His way. : " He wept by Lazarus' grave how will He bear " This bed of anguish ? and His pale weak form " Is worn with many a watch — " Of sorrow and unrest. and wilt not drink Not sullen.

as. My — Lord my God. taught by Thee. St. my Father's breast. As the deep calm that breath'd. that Thou mayst pity all rather wouldst Thou wrestle with strong pain. . one by one. Renew'd in eveiy pulse That on the tedious Cross Told the long hours of death." Or. O most entire and perfect sacrifice. soul.64 WEDNESDAY BEFORE EASTER wilt feel all.. 3i Thou And Than overcloud Thy So clear in agony. Father. but Thine. . though the strife be sore. 40 And bid her freely welcome. if Thau be milling. break the charm. clinging to In perfect rest. be done. 42. lest I forsake And Which lulls Thine arm. do Thou Thy holy 1 will will not I will lie still— stir. forgive. The life-strings of that tender heart gave way E'en sinners. " Be with Me in Paradise to-day " ? And. remove this cup from Me will. Luke xxli. unbeguil'd By false kind solaces. feels her present God again. Yet in His parting breath Love masters Agony . me. the soul that seem'd Forsaken. And in her Father's arms Contented dies away. Or lose one glimpse of Heaven before the time. " Father. Look Sorrow in the face. and spells of earth And yet not all unsooth'd : : For when was Joy so dear. so WEDNESDAY BEFORE EASTER nevertheless not Saying.

but follow the (virgin) Lamb for ever. who to that bliss aspire." that Uttle coronet or special reward which God hath prepared (extraordinary and beside the great Crown of all faithful souls) for those who have not defiled themselves with women. D . In Desolation unrepining. Too dazzling for a sinner's sight. and them Who seek the martyr's diadem. all lo Blind guide with siren voice.i Rich with celestial jewelry. 3. Thoughts that in thankfulness endure. And read in thy pale eye serene Their blessing. and the joys above. spirit meek. fire. and learn to love 20 God only. Resignation. Without a hope on earth to find A mirror in an answering mind. Come. Which for bur Lord's redeemed is set. They say. Come. high and pure. There hangs a radiant coronet. sect. Holy ' Living.. who know the life And upward gaze with eagle eyne. That by each golden crown on high. Must win their way through blood and The writhings of a wounded heart Are fiercer than a foeman's dart.' " —Bp. Taylor. w '. 30 Nor deem. Oft in Life's stillest shade reclining. Be silent. Though dearest hopes are faithless found. divine. who by faith can wean Their hearts from sense. Praise.WEDNESDAY BEFORE EASTER Wild Fancy. and blinding That hear thy call. All gemm'd with pure and living light. And dearest hearts are bursting round. xi.. c.. peace thou must not me beguile With thy false smile I know thy flatteries and thy cheating ways ! : 65 . Self-devotion. Prepar'd for virgin souls. And let me kiss thy placid cheek.

where'er they move. Thy best. and thou find All to thy mind. If prompt to quit the bliss they know. there are souls that seem to dwell so rich a spell this earth Floats round their steps. thine all. but Thine if ! 70 Be this My be done "— So spake the Son. — fulfiU'd and mutual love. mellowing Earth's ruder noise Of griefs and joys : That we may cling for ever to In perfect rest Thy breast so . Think. And where He trod May set our steps the Cross on Calvary : Beams Uplifted high on the martyr host. To the still wrestlings of the lonely heart He doth The impart virtue of His midnight agony. When none was nigh. And Above Such. Or that the rod they take so calm Shall prove in Heaven a martyr's palm. who did once from Heaven to HeU descend Thee to befriend : So shalt thou dare forgo. Save God and one good angel. " O Father not will. a beacon light 60 In open fight. Thus everywhere we find our suffering God. on high their thoughts are set. who little dream Their daily strife an Angel's theme. ! Mortal Ufe smile on thee. By purest pleasures unbeguil'd To idolize or wife or child Such wedded souls our God shall own For faultless virgins round His throne. if From hopes so Following the Lamb where'er He go. to assuage The tempest's rage. our charm.66 WEDNESDAY BEFORE EASTER Meek souls there are. at His dear call. Nor in the stream the source forget.

Yet dares not open farewell of Thee take. " How art thou riven and strewn abroad. ! in owning Thee. and consider the vision.THURSDAY BEFORE EASTER 67 THURSDAY BEFORE EASTER At forth. if he dar'd. for thou art greatly beloved : understand the matter. . Who. throned high. . sunk as low. 1 Daniel vi. " Under the rude and wasteful sky 'Twas thus upon his fasting-day The " Man of Loves " was fain to pray. come to shew thee . The fruit of death or life to bear. 23. lo To wing to Heaven but one strong prayer For God's new Israel. And compass'd with nursing-fathers. that grapes of gall Oh grief to think. As Sion in her height of pride. Should cluster roimd thine healthiest shoot God's herald prove a heartless thrall. Yielding a surer witness every day. But thou. nor winter stays thy growth. Nor torrid summer's sickly smile The flashing billows of the south Break not upon so lone an isle. the and I ther^ore beginning of iky supplications the commandment came am. " How do thy towers in ruin lie. With queens for handmaids at her side. rich vine. 10. Yet flourishing to sight as fair. 20 To thine ! Almighty Author and His steadfast sway. " Oh ! for a love like Daniel's now. art grafted there. would fain be mute E'en such is this bad world we see. ! "O HOLY mountain of my God. and her high-boasted Reason's Which self-condemn'd 30 sake. With kings her 'Tis true. — Daniel ix. His lattice open ^ toward his darling west. the world's too tempting blazonry. Mourning the ruin'd home he still must love the best. For very pride.

who loves to bless The prayer that waits for Him and trembhng strive To keep the Ungering flame in thine own breast alive. of th' eternal year He only of the sons of men Nam'd to be heir of glory then. 13. not strange. Kneel on to Him. the darkest hour sinful earth Should touch the heart with softer power For comfort. the pure and meek.^ Else had it bruis'd too sore his tender heart To see God's ransom'd world in wrath and flame What The boundary depart.^ Then look no more Thy so : GOOD FRIDAY He Is it is despised and rejected of men. Ken's Sermon on the Character of Daniel. —Isaiah liil. Yet rage with passion. For every glimpse thine eye can catch Of what shall be in those dread days So when th' Archangel's word is spoken. .— xii. 13. And Death's deep trance for ever broken. and stand in thy lot at the end of the days. See Bp. In mercy thou mayst feel the heavenly hand. ? Have we not Nay — our faith to seek but in steadfast humbleness still . through shadows dim. than an angel's mirth ? That to the Cross the mourner's eye should turn Sooner than where the stars of Christmas burn ? That ever dawn'd on 1 Daniel xii.68 GOOD FRIDAY What do we then ? if far and wide Men kneel to Cheist. 41 time he saw. : or closer watch course in Earth's bewildering ways. swell with pride. 3. " Daniel Thou Shalt rest. The loving and belovM Seer. And in thy lot unharm'd before thy Saviour stand. Dark frown'd the future e'en on him.

duly tried. Where gentlest breezes whisper souls distress'd. As in all lowly hearts He suffers still. to and fro the tidings run. Or Friendship scorns us.GOOD FRIDAY Sooner than where the Easter sun Shines glorious on yon open grave. temper'd by the Saviour's prayer.i some early day. When Then like a long-forgotten strain Comes sweeping o'er the heart forlorn What sunshine hours had taught in vain Of Jesus suffering shame and scorn. and drop holy balm. He who with one rough word. Till All turn to sweet but That bitterest to the — most Up of all of pride. . Down in some lonely hermitage Like wounded pilgrims safely laid. Their idol world and them shall sweep for aye away. But we by Fancy may assuage The festering sore by Fancy made. Soft as imprison'd martyr's deathbed calm. " Who died to heal. They turn to sweetness. His ears are open to abide The wildest storm the tongue can raise. is ris'n to save " ? Sooner than where upon the Saviour's friends The very Comforter in hght and love descends 69 And lo ? Yet so it is for duly there The bitter herbs of earth are : set. 3i His pierced hands in vain would hide His face from rude reproachful gaze. While we triumphant ride and have the world at will. the flower that closes up for fear When rude and selfish spirits breathe too near. and Patience shall find rest. 20 hopes presumptuous fade and fall. That Love yet lives. And with the Saviour's life-blood wet. 9. Or Love. * 40 Wisdom of Solomon xii.

'Tis Thine by vows. by Thy last cry. and hopes. and Thy foes aroimd. 50 Let not Thy blood on earth be spent Thy feet I fainting he. Should wince and fret at this world's Uttle ! O loss. streaming woimds my weary eyes Wait Hke the parchSd earth on April skies. and fears. — hide. Thou sleep'st a silent corse. at my heart. 11. in funeral fetters wound. and Thou Thy darksome bed . art laid and cold beneath yon dreary stone sacred form is gone Around those hps where power and mercy hung. and dry these bitter tears. That sinners know what Jesus wrought.70 EASTER EVE shame beyond the bitterest thought That evil spirit ever fram'd. — At All length the worst Deep still in is o'er. Thy . O let my Long since O call Thy wanderer home To that dear home. Yet feel their haughty hearts untam'd That souls in refuge. Mine eyes upon Thy wounds are bent. lo voice . Sleep'st fled. Upon Thy Wash me. Where only broken hearts their sin and shame may . The dews of death have clung The dull earth o'er Thee. Thou indeed ? or is Thy spirit At large among the dead ? Whether in Eden bowers Thy welcome Wake Abraham to rejoice. safe in Thy wounded side. Zechariah ix. CO EASTER EVE As for thee also. heart no further roam. Lord of Lo. by the blood of thy covenant I liave sent forth thy prisoners out of the pit wherein is no water. holding by the Cross.

Thine . 40 O come When But that day. in the grave with Thee Hmbs shall rest. and wing'd with pure desires. and bright examples given To show through moonless skies that there is light in Know them by Heaven. and thank them all For helping us in thrall. one happy soul.EASTER EVE Or in 71 some drearier scene Thine eye controls The thronging band of souls . smile. by Thee we hang a Watching Thy patient Till 20 while. " 'Tis justly done.i Waits on Thy triumph even as all the blest — With him and Thee shall rest. Each on his cross. and the grave Call Thee to come and save : Thou take us Then on Thy bosom borne Earth all refin'd shall we descend Again with earth to blend. Meanwhile with every son and saint of Thine Along the glorious Une. as Thy blood won earth. we have wilt learn'd to say. 43. Lord. Where'er Thou roam'st. Seen at Thy side in woe. look and voice.agony Might set the shadoAvy realm from sin and sorrow free. Till Thine elect are number'd. we know. . when in this restless heart Earth shall resign her part. For words of hope." to Thy tranquil bower To rest one little hour. That. Luke xxiii. 1 St. Sitting by turns beneath Thy sacred feet We'll hold communion sweet. Tinctur'd with holy blood. Only Soon in glory. soul with Thee be blest stay. presixmptuous Cheist with thee abides In the rock's dreary sides : my My He from If the stone will wring celestial dew but the prisoner's heart be faithful found and true. 30 with bright supernal fires. Thy sinful servant own.

fullness of 1 lo Turn you to the strong hold. till Angels bid us rise. Genesis xxxvii. following in their train. there was no water in it. and lift on high Thy grovelling soul that feels so desolate and dry. : Zechariah pit ix.72 EASTER DAY When so tears are spent. Think thou art taken from the cross. and call Out of the rocky wall The fount of holy blood . the rod of prayer. 6. Be one Lord's day of holy joy. buried with our Lord. we'll close our eyes To the decaying world. They took him. An Easter Day in every week : . EASTER DAY And as they were afraid. He is not here. and cast him into a pit and the empty. and thou art left alone With ghosts of blessings gone. both resting and employ. they said unto them. Take Moses' rod. ye prisoners of hope. thy blessing gain. 12. ^ — As in the pit his father's darling lay 60 Beside the desert way. but is risen. and bowed down earth. And week The days. but knew his God would save E'en from that living grave. — Why St. Till all. ' was . ! seek ye the living Luke their fates to the among the dead ? xxiv. Thou shedd'st thy Ught on all the year Sundays by thee more glorious break. Prisoner of Hope thou art i look up and sing In hope of promis'd spring. Oh No day of days shaU hearts set free " minstrel rapture " find for thee ? Thou art the Sun of other days. and laid In Jesus' burial shade . So. 5. 24. ! They shine by giving back thy rays : Enthroned in thy sovereign sphere. And knew not how.

Yet e'en the lifeless stone For thoughts of Him who is dear And the base world. vault of ruin and decay Th' imprisoning stone is roll'd relics of lost A away : io 'Tis now a cell.EASTER DAY Then wake. Christ hath died. (An angel brought them from the sky. Where is your Lord ? " she scornful asks " Where is His hire ? we know His tasks . earlier light thine altar fires : my The World some hours is on her way. . our treasure is not here. if she think." " : We in the words of Truth reply. " We watch not now the lifeless stone " Our only Lord is risen and gone. see the place where Jesus lay " now a fane. Where'er she sets her duteous Da . No more The a charnel-house. thou blessed day Or. " 'Tis stor'd above the highest sphere : " Methinks your wisdom guides amiss. 73 And soul. where angels use To come and go with heavenly news. where Love can find Christ everywhere embalm'd and Aye gathering up memorials shrin'd sweet. " To seek on earth a Christian's bliss . Ennobled and glorified. " Let us your crowns and treasures see. is now late lay here . " Sons of a King ye boast to be . And 'Tis in the ears of mourners say. to fence innocence.) " Our crown. to high desires. Nor thinks on thee. feet. The vernal it is in scorn light of Easter : mom 20 To her dark gaze no brighter seems Than Reason's or the Law's pale beams. : " Come." so .

As their glad errand they pursued Happy. 'Mid reeds and mountain fern. how far away Some sister nymph. 10 Bear navies to and fro With monarchs at their helm. and worketh righteousness. soul-soothing tone. far in Ocean's swell How Her freshening billows send ? Perchance that little brook shall flow The bulwark of some mighty realm. beside her urn Reclining night and day.74 ! MONDAY IN EASTER WEEK so Oh joy to Mary first allow'd. In lonely hours. Streaking the heath-clad hill With a bright emerald thread. 35. Acts x. as still His own ! Joy to the faithful Three renew'd. Or canst thou guess. Breathing her name. 34. . is accepted with Him. Canst thou her bold career What rocks she shall o'erleap or rend. When rous'd from weeping o'er His shroud. who Christ would see : : Must turn all tasks to Charity. By His own calm. foretell. 60 MONDAY IN EASTER WEEK Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons : but in every nation he that feareth Him. — Go up and watch the new-born rill Just trickling from its mossy bed. That He may meet them on their way ! ! So is it still to holy tears. Christ risen appears In social hours. who so Christ's word convey.

Where. Where all his Seem'd sacred eye survey'd in that hour. 20 E'en so. Brightening their high estate With dearer happiness. Far o'er the glowing western main His wistful brow was upward rais'd. There daily through Christ's open gate They see the Gentile spirits press. like an angel's train. The while upon his terrac'd roof The lov'd Apostle to his Lord In silent thought aloof For Heavenly vision soar'd. The soldier in his chosen bower. Springs out of sight. Yet brethren true in dearest love Were they and now they share — Fraternal joys above. Unheard by aU but angel ears The good Cornelius knelt alone. Then in the wide sea end Their spotless lives at last ? store. the course of prayer who knows ? It springs in silence where it will. so . and flows At first a lonely rill But streams shall meet it by and by hearts. Nor dream'd his prayers and tears 30 Would help a world undone. 40 The saint beside the ocean pray'd. The bumish'd water blaz'd. To each unknown his brother's prayer.MONDAY Nurses her IN EASTER WEEK 75 When many with thine to blend a moor and glen are past. From thousand sympathetic Together swelling high Their chant of many parts.

Their witness can refuse ? Yet mortals doubt. that loves the spring. Where.76 TUESDAY IN EASTER WEEK What civic wreath for comrades sav'd Shone ever with such deathless gleam. And tell us. 8. They twinkle to the wintry moon. In vernal green and virgin white. Thou first-born of the year's delight. and did run to bring His disciples word. Or when did perils brav'd So sweet to veterans seem ? 56 TUESDAY IN EASTER WEEK And great joy they departed quickly from the sepulchre with fear and . One of Life's fairy isles. TO THE SNOW-DROP. a heart. Thou weav'st thy circle gay . like the ringlets of a child. Thy vestal robes. When chilly shades from gathering storm Affright thy tender breast 'Tis for yon river islet wild Beneath the willow spray. Matthew xxviii.— St. all will glisten soon As green and bright as they. when angels bring From Heaven their Easter news : Is there 20 . Nor lo 'Tis not for these I love thee dear Thy shy averted smiles To Fancy bode a joyous year. Pride of the dewy glade. And cheer th' ungenial day. array'd : not because thy drooping form Sinks graceful on its nest.

in gentle spirits. " And to His presence speed . : They They who have sought. " Let Pleasure go. voices. fear joy so duly meet. : so Where Patience her sweet skill imparts Beneath some cottage roof Revive our dying fires. " heart. And when they say. Wear not so bright a glance They. nor hope to : find. " Turn. put Care apart. 40 But where. And of our scholars let us learn Our own forgotten lore. wandering " Thy Lord is ris'n indeed. Lost in desponding gloom. that now so freshly glow. 30 We smile in scorn and yet we know early sought the tomb. These sure have seen the angels near. that forbid to seek 77 And The Kving 'mid the dead. Their hearts. . As on their lowly couch they lie. who have won their earthly mind. And Nor let the Pastor's thankful eye Their faltering tale disdain. when our faithless hearts From Thee would start aloof. Prisoners of want and pain. Less reverently advance. And kiss'd the Saviour's feet.TUESDAY IN EASTER WEEK When Of holy maids and matrons speak Christ's forsaken bed. O guide us. to bum High as her anthems soar.

Wild Fancy blew his bugle strain. 9. Thy whisper'd warnings. 30 . In sunshine moments past. — First Father of the holy seed. A Hermit 20 I would have join'd him — ^but as oft soft. kind and My better soul confess'd. let the world alone " Safe on the steps of Jesus' throne " Be tranquil and be blest. While. of souls by Thee redeem'd. gaily sweeping by. But. scorn with Thee to dwell. And Where Heaven I thought it my lot had cast. lo For when summer leaves were bright. to bring you near to Himself? ^Numbers xvi. Not quite an outcast if I prove. that the God of Israel hath separated you from the congregation of Israel.) Hear. while I rov'd or idly dream'd. " My servant. If yet. Thou count me for Thine own.78 FIRST SUNDAY AFTER EASTER FIRST SUNDAY AFTER EASTER Seemeth it but a small thing unto you. And marshall'd all his gallant train In the world's wondering eye. (Thou joy'st in miracles of love. every flower was bath'd in Ught. oft. from Thy mercy-throne ! Upon Thine altar's horn of gold Help me to lay my trembUng hold. invok'd in hour of need. Lost to be found no more. My wilful heart would burst away From where the holy shadow lay. Though The blood stain'd with Christian gore . in a silent ceU.

Our common air is balm. And hide ourselves for calm The herbs we seek to heal our woe Familiar by our pathway grow. around and hymns within eye can entrance win Where guards Uke these abound ? If chance some heedless heart should roam. 79 " With incense of pure heart's desire " To heap the censer's sacred fire. " The ark to touch and bear. With lead the choir where angels meet. away. so Alms all What evil 60 O joys. need not shun our daily task. breathe. " The snow-white Ephod wear ? " Why Who should we crave the worldhng's wreath. Fall not. that sweetest in decay.FIRST SUNDAY AFTER EASTER " Seems it to thee a niggard hand " That nearest Heaven has bade thee stand. Our unseen foes appal. Uke wither'd leaves. But with the silent breath Of violets drooping one by one. Sure. Soon as their fragrant task is done. Are wafted high in death ! . Like armed angels at the door. angels' food our brethren greet. mi On whom the Saviour deign'd to To whom His keys were given. We Around each pure domestic shrine Bright flowers of Eden bloom and twine. thought of these will lure it home Ere lost in Folly's round. And pour the drink of Heaven ? When sorrow all our heart would ask. Our hearths are altars all The prayers of hungry souls and poor.

17. ! 20 One And gentle Star glides down. — O FOR a sculptor's hand. No : Lo from yon argent field. Thy wild hair floating on the eastern breeze. To him and us reveal'd. but not nigh : there shall come a Star out of Jacob. way lo They tower and they Yet are gone. which saw the vision of the Almighty. token of wild war. As one who deep in heaven some airy pageant In outline dim and vast Their fearful shadows cast The giant forms of empires on their To ruin one by one : sees. That thou might'st take thy stand. in the Prophet's soul the dreams of avarice stay. Yet low upon the earth his heart and treasure lie. ^Numbers xxtv. To him it glar'd afar. sun or star so bright In all the world of light That they should draw to Heaven his downward eye He hears th' Almighty's word. hut having his eyes open : I shall see Him. which heard the words of God. and knew the knowledge of the Most High. on earth to dwell.80 SECOND SUNDAY AFTER EASTER SECOND SUNDAY AFTER EASTER He hath said. Chain'd as they are below Our eyes may see it glow. and a Sceptre shaU rise out of Israel. as it mounts again. 16. He sees the angel's sword. falling into a trance. Thy trane'd yet open gaze Fix'd on the desert haze. may track its brightness well. The banner of his Lord's victorious wrath A . and shall smite the corners of Moab. but not norm : I shall behold Him. and destroy all the children of Sheth.

and died away. While seven red altar-fires Rose up in wavy spires. of those magic fires at random caught But true prophetic light Flash'd o'er him. high and bright. Sceptre and Star divine. and reap what Thou hast sown. his powerless tongue In blessing only moves ? Alas the world he loves Too close around his heart her tangling veil hath flung. so Who ! feels his God so near. That when he fain would curse. Its soothing lustre streams 81 Around our home's green walls. that silent sweep Around the banner'd lines. Where on the mount he watch'd and dread. We in the tents abide Which he at distance eyed Like goodly cedars by the waters spread. his sorceries dark He watch'd till morning's On lake and meadow lay. O claim Thine own More than Thy seers we know O teach our love to grow Up to Thy heavenly light. And The ray willow-shaded streams. He Not watch'd till knowledge came Upon his soul like flame.SECOND SUNDAY AFTER EASTER But close to us it gleams. their several signs desert-wearied tribes in sight of 40 Where by Canaan sleep. Flash'd once. Who in Thine inmost shrine Hast made us worshippers. and left his darken'd thought. And can he choose but fear. and on our church30 way path. 60 .

Well may I guess and feel should be sad . and half could wish my weariness were death. The travail pangs must have their way. the sacred light Which dawns that moment on her tender gaze. When to her eager lips is brought Her O never shall infant's thrilling kiss. Warbles around a busy crowd Of larks in purest air. 30 In the eternal distance blending bright Her darling's hope and hers. let the proud heart say. : Why Autumn Like a bright veering cloud lo Grey blossoms twinkle there. she rememman is born into the St. it set.82 THIRD SUNDAY AFTER EASTER THIRD SUNDAY AFTER EASTER A is woman when come : but as soon as she is delivered of bereth no more the anguish. I sit me down beside the hazel grove. John xvi. Reading her cheerful lesson in her own sweet time. In her self -torturing hour. . — she is in travail hath sorrom. But vernal airs should sorrow heal. 20 The aching brow must lower. The languid sweetness seems to choke my breath. * Nor Mysterious to all thought A mother's prime of bliss. Our throes should be forgot. or only seem Like a sad vision told for joy at mom. for joy that a world. 21. Spring should be gay and glad Yet as along this violet bank I rove. for love and joy and praise. And sigh. To us long since the glorious Child is born. Shame on the heart that dreams of blessings gone. because her hour the child. When nature sings of joy and hope alone. Or wakes the spectral forms of woe and crime. For joy that we have wak'd and foimd it but a dream.

When the glad Earth is offering all her best. And wish it worthier on a Parent's heart to rest. the Comforter mill not come unto you . but if I depart. unknowing of their guide Welcome to her the peril and the pain. St. When Heaven's bright boundless avenue Far open'd on their eager view. Her Father's household to adorn. Some gentle maid bend o'er a cherish'd flower. " You lingering yet awhile below " 'Tis Thine own gracious promise. in Spring's bewitching hour. can it ever be I should gain by losing Thee ? The watchful mother tarries nigh. 48 FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER EASTER Nevertheless I tell you the truth . 7.FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER EASTER need for her to weep Like Thraeian wives of yore. Though sleep have clos'd her infant's eye For should he wake. that I should go. — My That Saviour. Lord Thy saints have prov'd the faithful word. John xvi. ! . Save when in rapture still and deep Her thankful heart runs o'er. And dwell with her in Heaven. So have I seen. 83 No to trust their treasure on the main. I mill send Him unto you. For well she knows the home where they may safely : They mourn'd hide. and find her gone. Sure of the storm. She knows she could not bear his moan. And Thou art more than mother dear Without Thee Heaven were but a wild : How can I live without Thee here ! lo " 'Tis good for you. But I am weaker than a child. 40 She joys that one is born Into a world forgiven. It is expedient for you that I go away : for if I go not away. .

But ne'er so soft fell noon-tide shower. and. Thy shadowy car went soaring on . Who bent with bounty rare to aid The splendours of His crowning day.84 FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER EASTER And homeward to Thy Father's throne. Nor ev'ning rainbow gleam'd so fair To weary swains in parched bower. The everlasting gates again Roll back. Where still He shines on Abraham's race. that favour'd place. 20 Thou bidd'st rejoice they dare not mourn. lo a royal train From the far depth of light once more The floods of glory earthward pour They part like shower-drops in mid air. And far and wide their fancies rove. Their home and God's. 40 Should make their Saviour's going gain. . Still lessening. They track'd Thee up th' abyss of light. made More welcome for that brief delay : 30 In doubt they wait. ! : ao Swiftly and straight each tongue of flame Through cloud and breeze unwavering came. sure all has given awe they muse What course the genial stream may choose. Keeps back awhile His largess. The day of comfort dawns at last. And darted to its place of rest On some meek brow of Jesus blest. brightening on their sight. Nor of the gracious will of Heaven Who But gave His Son. But to their home in gladness turn. but not unblest They doubt not of their Master's rest. in ecstatic And to their height of wonder What secret miracle of love strain. The days of hope and prayer are past. In prayers and blessings there to wait Like suppliants at their Monarch's gate. .

still those lambent lightnings stream Where'er the Lord is. Ask thine own heart. that prayer and hope were o'er ? Nay. : so 89 . They light His altar every day. for Heaven is won by Be sober. there are they In every heart that gives them room. arise and sing Mount. : ! 70 Then. Though He had deign'd with thee to bide ? The Spirit must stir the darkling deep. Thy God hath said. . fainting soul. The Church's hope finds eyes to see. Or if thou yet more knowledge crave. Just smother'd in the strife of sin. Else we should all sin on or sleep With Christ in sight. 85 And . The pure flame spreading high and low. 'Tis good for thee To walk by faith and not by sight Take it on trust a little while Soon shalt thou read the mystery right In the full sunshine of His smile. turning our gain to loss. blessSd Spirit but by Thee The Church's prayer finds wings to soar.FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER EASTER Nor fades it yet. for thou art not there Till prayer. that willing slave To all that works thee woe or harm Shouldst thou not need some mighty charm To win thee to Thy Saviour's side. They quicken to a timely glow. Death the weary spirit free. that living gleam. Said I. and vice consume. but be sober on the wing Mount up. The Dove must settle on the Cross. . so Soft as the plumes of Jesus' Dove They nurse the soul to heavenly love The struggling spark of good within. Zeal to inflame.

Of her cii. faltering song. as . And As evermore. As suits a lost returning spouse. forty nights. Angels wonder why He stays below Yet hath not man his lesson learn'd. And pierce. Thy justly sealed ear. gracious rain. O Lord. I fell 7. is : Deep the silence as of summer noon. Till Thy dear love to blot the sad account rebellious race be won. Lord was very angry with Aaron to have destroyed and I prayed for Aaron also the same time. Pitying the mother in the son.^ all night long She trills her widow'd. and offer all its store In holier love and humbler vows. down before the Lord forty days and down at the first. How endless love should be return'd. 20. the — Now And is there solemn pause in earth and heaven The Conqueror now His bonds hath riven. let — lo turtle-dove's sad call arise In doubt and fear Through darkening skies. first. Deut. Thy Teach her to know and love her hour of prayer. 30 1 2 I fell Psalm. Where on the house-top. Deuteronomy ix.86 FIFTH SUNDAY AFTER EASTER FIFTH SUNDAY AFTER EASTER ROGATION SUNDAY And him . freshening the weary bower O sweetly then far off is heard The clear note of some lonely bird.^ Not as at but with intenser cry. Unlock her heart. Upon the mount She now must lie. When a soft shower A So Will trickle soon. 20 faith grows rare. 25. ix.

In act to break ^ Thine outrag'd laws. yet awhile. ' Exodus xxxli. Chiefly for Aaron's seed she spreads her wings. The Mediator in His wrath Descending down the lightning's path. 19. If 87 But but one Win leaf she may from of the reconciling tree. when holy water banes Or who may guide ? Thy O'er desert plains lov'd yet sinful people wandering wide. Therefore on fearful dreams her inward sight Is fain to dwell lurid light Shall the last darkness of the world dispel. while sigh. Yet least of holy things descry. offended Saviour. that wakeful To muse upon some Roaming in youth's darling child uncertain wild. ^ Exodus xxxii. That nearest to Thine altar lie. 40 Aaron's hand unshrinking mould An idol form of earthly gold ? If i Therefore her tears are bitter. men sleep. go 'Tis forfeit like the first it —we own it all for love's sake not fall But at Thy touch let veiled hearts awake. lie. 4. Thee For what shall heal. pause. The covenant Yet Let of our second birth. so What Yet. O spare Thy rebels for Thine own dear sake Withdraw Thine hand. Sad-hearted mothers heave.FIFTH SUNDAY AFTER EASTER chiefly (for she knows Thee anger'd worst By holiest things Profan'd and curst). . nor dash to earth . and as deep Her boding As.

Chains of my — and lo My Saviour's pathway to His home above. Wait on His word and yet He stays His car : For every sigh a contrite suppliant brings. The sun and every vassal star. avaunt I say in the strength of love Pursue the bright track ere it fade away. Thou art our Moses out of sight Speak for us. from the snare. to free 70 First Levi. Meet pavement for an angel's glorious march My soul is envious of mine eye. I mark Him. 11. Heaven will o'ercome th' attraction of my iDirth. 30 All space. He to earth's lowest cares is still awake. that while the breeze of May : Chants her glad matins in the leafy arch. And I shall sink in yonder sea of light Till resting by th' incarnate Lord. now triumphant for my sake. Sure. ^Acts i. That it should soar and glide with thee so fast. how by seraph hosts ador'd. lie. or we perish quite. heart. Draw'st thy bright veil across the heavenly way. Once bleeding. The while my grovelling thoughts half buried Or lawless roam around this earthly waste. .88 ASCENSION DAY ! ! Teacher of teachers Priest of priests The sweet strong prayer from Thee Must rise. I will arise. then all Israel. ASCENSION DAY Why stand ye gazing up into Heaven ? this same Jesus. is — Soft cloud. when I reach the point where earth Melts into nothing from th' uncumber'd sight. which taken up from you into Heaven. shall so come in like manner as ye have seen Him go into Heaven. beyond the soar of angel wings.

— Our thoughts have We must not stand to gaze too long. And to her Lord with duteous heed Gives large increase : lo Thus year by year she works unfee'd. Peter iv. And will not cease. But such as Age after age. — 1 St. tree. Though on unfolding Heaven our gaze we bend. 40 Then For ever shall we fix'd in see Thee as Thou no unfruitful gaze. that gleam revive. So help us evermore with Thee to bow 3i Where human sorrow breathes her lowly moan. To nurse her treasure : True to her trust.StnSfDAY AFTER ASCENSION 89 listens to the silent tear the anthems of the boundless sky And shall our dreams of music bar our ear To His soul-piercing voice for ever nigh ? He For all Nay. The Earth that in her genial breast Makes for the down a Mndly nest. of her very best. or reed. art. in worthier love and praise. 10. lifts the new-created heart. No fear but we Faster than now it fades. hath received the gift. Yields. and live. even so minister the same as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. Where lost behind the bright angelic throng We see Christ's entering triumph slow ascend. When issuing from his cloud of fiery gold Our wasted frames feel the true sun. herb. She renders for each scatter'd seed. . SUNDAY AFTER ASCENSION As one every man to another. gracious Saviour but as now trac'd Thee to Thy glory-throne. shall soon behold. Where wafted by the warm south-west It floats at pleasure. thankful.

That not two roseate cups are crown'd With dew alike : so E'en so. and Thy word Is. gracious Lord. in silence. on th' ambrosial bowers Yet nought we yield. Matthew x. on soft-handed Charity. " Freely give. Nor yet His Holy Spirit sent To our abode. : 40 Lends heaven-ward wings Leads them the way our Saviour went. By To humbled turns she brings . . set celestial flowers. Till not a woe the bleak world see. 1 St. and to sinners wholesome blame. And shows Love's treasure yet unspent As when th' unclouded heavens were rent. Where Thou hast water'd with more balmy showers e'er distill'd In Eden. 8. Largely Thy gifts should be restor'd Freely Thou givest. that sink for shame. likest Thee. Tempering her gifts. To starving bodies food and flame. souls.90 SUNDAY AFTER ASCENSION Woe worth And Than these barren hearts of ours. Largely Thou givest." 1 He only. that seem so free. Yet varying so on various groiuid — They pierce and strike. who forgets to hoard. Wisely Thou givest all around Thine equal rays are resting found. By time and place. Opening His road. and to the lame Feet. But finds her grace Steals : Eyes to the bhnd. 20 Has leam'd to live. .

78 . and they shall fleet From Heaven On to Earth. Tied to his own by gentlest band Of silent Love offers hearts : About Him wingM blessings stand In act to move. eo The golden censer He in His hand. saints to light. and holy songs. that prayers in throngs May rise on high. from every land. 91 so Open they stand. in aid Of souls that mourn. Till their high deeds the world appal.SUNDAY AFTER ASCENSION Ten days th' eternal doors displayed Were wondering (so th' Almighty bade) Whom Love enthron'd would send. Give what He gave. Left orphans in Earth's dreary shade As soon as born. Prophets. And sinners save. Where stands the Healer of all wrongs In light divine To the . all Shall feel the shower of Mercy fall. 70 On Apostles. A little while. that sacred is and sweet. And starting at th' Almighty's call. attendants meet the life-giving Paraclete all With Speeding His flight. Pastors. Such incense as of right belongs true shrine.

that angels quake to hear. In power and wrath He came Before His feet the clouds were riven. The trump. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost. and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire.92 WHITSUNDAY WHITSUNDAY suddenly there came a sound from Heaven as of a rushing mighty wind. But when He came the second time. and not of grace A dim and dreadful day. lo The fires that rush'd on Sinai down In sudden torrents dread. voice from Heaven was heard abroad. Softer than gale at morning prime Hover'd His holy Dove. dark cloud So. He came in power and love. . a glorious crown. 2-4. and it sat upon each of them. mighty wind. . And — ^Aets ii. Thrill'd from the deep. A when the Spirit of our God Came down His flock to find. Half darkness and half flame : Around the trembling mountain's base The prostrate people lay . When God of old came down from Heaven. A rushing. But these. like tongues. o'er all the earth Proclaiming life to come : 20 And as on Israel's awe-struck ear The voice exceeding loud. On every sainted head. . A day of wrath. Like arrows went those lightnings forth Wing'd with the sinner's doom. Now gently light.

MONDAY IN WHITSUN-WEEK alone start 93 Nor doth the outward ear At that high warning so Conscience gives back th' appalling tone "Tis echoed in the heart. come Wisdom. it fills . Lord : scattered them abroad from thence upon left off to of all the earth and they —Genesis the face xi. In their own The relics lo . The sinful world around Only in stubborn hearts and wills No place for it is found. Lord. The crash of tower and grove. Light be the hand of Ruin laid Upon the home I love Since : With lulling spell let soft Decay Steal on. Let us not miss th' accepted hour Save. and will not let Heaven's harmonies come in. Far opening down some woodland deep quiet glade should sleep dear to thought. MONDAY So the IN WHITSUN-WEEK build the city. Love. And wild-flower wreaths from side to side Their waving tracery hang. To other strains our souls are set giddy whirl of sin Fills ear and brain. 8. and Power. by Love or Fear. and spare the giant sway. all that is not Heaven must fade. A 40 Come Lord. It fills the Church of God . to hide What ruthless Time has wrought. Open our ears to hear .

half lost on high. ii. Lies fall'n imperial Pride ? 30 With Is half-clos'd eye a Kon there basking in his noontide lair. See Sir R. round his isles of sand. 4. party suddenly halted. but not of rest There her forlorn and weary nest 20 The famish'd hawk has foimd. That shelter'd erst a thousand kings. 387. The golden city's king he seems. Slumber is there. Hiding the glorious sky From No 1 half the nations. . taking the air upon the heights of the pyramid. Porter's Travels. Where in her shadow. till they own holier name. from Babel's crumbKng heap. Euphrates through the lonely land Winds toward the pearly main. K. The serpent's rustling coils affright The traveller on his round. But where are now his eagle wings. Where slowly. Or prowls in twiUght gloom. Seems like a ghost to glide. "In second Nimrood. The wild dog howls at fall of night. having descried several dark objects moving along the summit of its hill. no mightier throne ? 40 That vision is gone by. And watch. fast asleep. What shapeless form. and soon distinguished that the causes out of our alarm were two or three majestic lions. which they construed into dismounted Arabs on the look out : I took glass to examine.i Half seen against the evening sky." visit to Birs my my my * Daniel vii. Such as in old prophetic dreams ^ Sprang from rough ocean's womb.94 MONDAY IN WHITSUN-WEEK Such are the visions green and sweet That o'er the wistful fancy fleet In Asia's sea-like plain.

with blended might The nations on that haughty height Have met to scale the Heaven Thrice only might a Seraph's look A moment's shade of sadness brook Such power to guilt was given. consent. that they upon the name of the Lord.MONDAY Quench'd is IN WHITSUN-WEEK 95 The breath What The the golden statue's ray. who rules above. Withdraw the proud high-reaching arm. That ne'er on brow of mortal birth Shall blend again the crowns of earth. their warfare wage. to serve Him with one ii. 6. . 70 Nor in according cry Her many voices mingling own One tyrant Lord. Zephaniah iii.i of heaven has blown away toiling earth had pil'd. Lord. Daniel Then will I may all call ^ Daniel vii. Heroes and Kings. Divided thence through every age Thy rebels. one idol throne But to His triumph soon He shall descend. obey the charm. 5. and iii. turn to the people a pure language. Thrice only since. Scattering wise heart and crafty hand. : so And 60 ^ Now the fierce Bear and Leopard keen : Are perish'd as they ne'er had been. hoarse and jarring all Mount up their heaven-assailing cries To Thy bright watchmen in the skies From Babel's shatter'd wall. : And ' ' the pure language of His love All tongues of ^ men shall tune. As breezes strew on ocean's sand fabrics of a child. Oblivion is their home Ambition's boldest dream and last Must melt before the clarion blast That sounds the dirge of Rome. 9. There is an oath on high.

will I To him that overcometh Revelation iii. My . Where Angels view the Father's And May * yet in Him the simplest swain read his homely lesson plain." ! ! What ? wearied out with half a life ? Scar'd with this smooth unbloody strife ? Think where thy coward hopes had flown. in Thy field I work all day.96 TUESDAY IN WHITSUN-WEEK Nor let Ambition heartless mourn . — (Addressed to Candidates for Ordination. 4. light. Her high desires may breathe thyself. I teach. " I read. I warn. John putteth forth X. " And yet these wilful wandering sheep " Within Thy fold I cannot keep. I pray. the King of Saints Though thou wert toiling in the grave. shrinkest from a scornful look ? Yet ere thy craven spirit faints. He goeth before them. Had Heaven held out the martyr's crown. He can save. " I journey. To whom a weary hour is loss ? Or how the thorns and scourging brook. lo How Who couldst thou hang upon the Cross. When Babel's very ruins burn.) " Lord.^ and wear The world's imperial wreath. 20 He is th' eternal mirror bright. grant to sit with Me in throne. His own sheep. O'ercome TUESDAY IN WHITSUN-WEEK When He St. and thou mayst share With Christ His Father's throne. yet no step is won ' Alas the weary course I run " Like sailors shipwreck'd in their dreams. . " All powerless and benighted seems. 21. 'Tis He can cheer thee. Hear thine own King.

in : When Shed out of sight. And claim His high celestial birth. And in the wild His trophies raise : 40 With hymns of angels in His ears. He to His Father gently yield The breath that our redemption seal'd Then to unearthly life arise. imprinted deep Both on the Shepherd and the sheep the cloud And through How bright. With folded arms on humble breast. Nor heed. the marks will glow Of the true cross. Yet not at once to seek the skies. Lest on our lonely way we faint : so by glimpses show Heaven. By His o'ivn servant wash'd and blest : Then full of Heaven. But glide awhile from saint to saint. Unmurmuring through the world to roam With not a wish or thought at home : AU but Himself to heal and save. And from behind Thy glorious veil. light that cannot change or fail : 60 . To shun the voice and eye of praise. in heart and prayer Thy chosen people still to bear.TUESDAY IN WHITSUN-WEEK Early to quit His home on earth. To bow before an heir of sin. ? What ? hath the Christ forgot His task " — Conscious of Deity within. Alone with His true Father found Within the temple's solemn round 97 : Yet in meek duty to abide For many a year at Mary's side. though restless spirits " so ask. Back to His task of woe and tears. the mystic Dove Hovering His gracious brow above. TiU ripen'd for the cross and grave.

12. John iii. The wonders of Thy sea and sky. your joy and pride " Our Champion went before and died. Thy course and ours but Who follow on the narrow — who are they way ? yet of Thee from year to year The Churph's solemn chant we hear. in earth's wide field. Have borne us on from grace to grace. how shall ye believe. we be sav'd. with steadier eye To search the deepening mystery. with unfelt pace. As from Thy cradle to Thy throne And She swells her high heart-cheering tone. — Now Ceeatoe. And gird ye for your high emprize By these her thrilling minstrelsies. Whom Listen. Saviour. strengthening Guide. for Him.98 TRINITY SUNDAY This Till is Thy pastoral course. Help each hour. the red-cross shield. ye pure white-robM souls. 70 And wheresoe'er. And yet our silence does Thee wrong. . and ye believe not. Ye lift." TRINITY SUNDAY If I have told you earthly things. Along the Church's central space lo The sacred weeks. in her list she now enrolls. The blessed Angels look and long To praise Thee with a worthier song. Be this your song. us. on Thy mercy's ocean wide Far out of sight we seem to glide. if I tell you of heavenly things ? St. O Lord. and Thou ador'd .

: 30 Yet all are One — ^together all.TRINITY SUNDAY As travellers 99 on some woodland height. nor ever stays of Thy dear praise. In thoughts that awe but not appal. — From each Three solemn parts together twine In harmony's mysterious line Three solemn aisles approach the shrine . Through her grey veil the leafless grove Shows where the distant shadows rove As nearer Such trembling joy the soul o'er-awes to Thy shrine she draws : 20 And now before the choir we pause. 'tis moaning and unrest. o'er her with no vain appeal gust of heavenly song might steal ? ! Why That 40 One Alas for her Thy opening flowers Unheeded breathe to summer showers. . wintry suns are gleaming bright. The busy world a thousand ways Is To catch a note hurrjdng by. Within these walls each fluttering guest Is gently lur'd to one safe nest Without. Unheard the music of Thy bowers. Lose in arch'd glades their tangled sight When By glimpses such as dreamers love . Teach the adoring heart to fall. carv'd nook and fretted bend Cornice and gallery seem to send Tones that with seraph hymns might blend. . tarries not her chariot wheel. The door is clos'd but soft and deep Around the awful arches sweep Such airs as soothe a hermit's sleep.

. And all the listless joy of summer shades. .) eo the grace Thy heavens still hide. our fancy's theme ? Here over shatter'd walls dank weeds are growing. their hope alone Or how A ? How shall Thy Spirit's gracious wile ? The sullen brow of gloom beguile. Where is the land with milk and honey flowing. lo . —Joshua ike country. . . Soft slumbers in the open eye of Heaven. Saviour. For moonlight rovings in the fragrant glades. Creator. The promise of our God. 40. Their Father's joy.100 FIRST SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY echoes from the sacred dome The selfish spirit may o'ercome That will not hear of love or home What ! The heart that scorn'd a father's care. and we are Thy love did once resign. Thine. strengthening Guide We ! FIRST SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY So Joshua smote lie left all none remaining. and all their kings : x. keep us at Thy side. Almighty Trine (Since ! By By all all Thou art ours. These are not scenes for pastoral dance at even. That frowns on sweet Affection's smile Eternal One. 50 How How can an in all-seeing it rise prayer ? Guardian bear filial ? shall envious brethren own Brother on th' eternal throne. And blood and fire have run in mingled stream Like oaks and cedars all around The giant corses strew the ground. And haughty Jericho's cloud-piercing wall Lies where it sank at Joshua's trumpet call. pray Thee.

SECOND SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY 101 We in the midst of ruins live. Which every hour dread warning Nor may our household vine or fig-tree hide The broken arches of old Canaan's pride. John iii. 30 ebbing stream on either side Shows at each turn some mould'ring hope or joy. Where all bright hues together run In sweet confusion blending The When Autumn's : . Christians. —1 St. SECOND SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Marvel not. give. and take your rest. The deep calm sky. if the world hate you. 13. the sunshine of the soul. clouds that wrap the setting sun softest gleams are ending. eternal towers for our appointed 40 bourne. We know that we have passed from death unto life. held out by Jesus' hand. Nor by the wayside Who have th' ruins let us mourn. while drooping sadness Enfolds us here like mist : come Power benign." . So sounds our war-note but our path of glory By many a cloud is darken'd and unblest And daily as we downward glide. ever plann'd. Now Heaven and earth are to our bliss consenting. 14. ^the By the Almighty Three for And from behind the cloud " Now. And all the Godhead joins to make us whole ? The triple crown of mercy now Is 20 ready for the suppliant's brow. my brethren. That we may see that glorious world of Thine ! It shines for us in vain. hold " Is open your own— land before ye —win your way. Touch our chill'd hearts with vernal smile. Where is the sweet repose of hearts repenting. The Man seems following still the funeral of the Boy. because we love the brethren. Thou Sun of life and gladness. Our wintry course do Thou beguile. Life's Open our eyes.

40 All gUstening with baptismal dew. Is the true love of Christ 20 our Lord. ador'd. As man embrac'd. Through the bright shower-drop meet his view The colouring may be of this earth The lustre comes of heavenly birth. . : By leaf or flow'ret worn Cheap forms. as we watch their floating wreath. as God But he. E'en so. lives. soul of man can worthless find All will be precious in his sight. to eyes that see them true. 89. whose heart will bound to mark The full bright burst of summer morn. Loves too each little dewy spark. When up some woodland dale we catch lo The many-twinkUng smile ^ of ocean. 'tis true. Or with pleas'd ear bewilder'd watch His chime of restless motion as the surging waves retire They seem to gasp with strong desire. The spring of the regenerate heart. . . yet. .102 SECOND SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Why. the glow of every part. . . . and common hues. Prom. . 30 who loves the Lord aright. Seem they the breath of Hfe to breathe ? To Fancy's eye their motions prove They mantle round the Sun for love. Since Christ on all hath shin'd : But chiefly Christian souls . . for they. . Still Such signs of love old Ocean gives. No Though worn and Are soil'd with sinful clay. The pulse. ' ttovtIwv re Kv/ndrav av-Zipidfiov yiXaa-jMa JEschyl. We cannot choose but think he life Wouldst thou the of souls discern ? Nor human wisdom nor divine Helps thee by aught beside to learn Love is life's only sign.

Their mutual share in Jesus' blood An everlasting bond imparts Oh Of holiest brotherhood might we all our lineage prove. So is it with true Christian hearts . .SECOND SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Then marvel not. ere the may o'erpower common source be known. Nor wrong. . Spite of all dark offence. so That magic Oft. 70 To spoil Love's earthly paradise. Let the world take us as she may. . The holy house is still beset With leaguer of stem foes Wild thoughts within. marvel not blot. Love the poor Christ's sinner. Are banded in unblest device. 80 . nor wrath of deadliest mood. Give and forgive. do good and love. to find The martyr's foe still keep her mind But fix'd to hold Love's banner fast. if such as bask In purest Ught of innocence. all to God . All evil spirits round about. By soft endearments in kind strife : 60 ! Lightening the load of daily . though in grief. 103 Hope against hope. mark outwears the rankest No distance breaks the tie of blood Brothers are brothers evermore . . Yet. Then draw we nearer day by day. And throbbing pulses silently Move heart towards heart by sympathy. If they who hate the trespass most. in love's dear task. The kindred drops will claim their own. We must not change our road Not wondering. life ! There is much need for not as yet Are we in shelter or repose. when all other love is lost. Each to his brethren. bad men without. And by submission win at last.

. Unseen by man but what if purer sprights By moonlight o'er their dewy bosoms lean To' adore the Father of all gentle lights ? — 21 If A such there be. and mourns to see Dwell coldly. The leaves that rustle near us seem to tell Our heart's sad secret to the silent air. To come between us and all kindly thought spell of Sin ! O HATEFUL To make when tell stern Memory Chill'd at her touch.104 THIRD SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY THIRD SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY There is thai repenteth. 10. ye solemn groves. — friends are nigh. her tale unsought. lo Nor is the dream untrue for all around The heavens are watching with their thousand . where the fresh With the first our thankless glance green earth is strew'd flowers that lead the vernal dance. new-born soul. And raise accusing shades of hours gone by. Luke xv. : the averted cheek in loneliest dell Is conscious of a gaze it cannot bear. joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner St. In wasteful bounty shower'd. Or to your endless depth. yet wrapt in earth's annoy ! . Resign'd or sullen. in the mazes of the budding wood Is near. eyes. they smile tinseen. O grief and shame to think That sight of thee should overcloud their joy. he will hear our sighs. the self-reproaching soul Flies from the heart and home she dearest loves To where In vain lone mountains tower. just waiting on the brink Of endless life. We He cannot pass our guardian angel's boimd. or billows roll.

For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth Romans viii. but by reason of who hath subjected the same in hope. and prove Such joy o'er thee. 19-22. Nor shudder at the Eye that saw thee stray. 40 FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the maniFor the creature was made subject festation of the sons of God. The turbid waters brightening as they run. Who learn their lesson at the Throne of Love. and be thou turn'd the selfish tear. Which bids us hear. O lost and found ! all gentle souls below Their dearest welcome shall prepare. An idle vaunt of song. Let it flow on. not willingly. ! 105 so Let it flow on. In all fair things around. In bitter thoughts of low-born care begun. as raptur'd seraphs know. In whispering leaves. In the deep weltering flood. these solemn words " God made us all for good." lo Ea . but flow refin'd and clear. becaicse the creature itself also shall be delivered from. to vanity. at each sweet pause From care and want and toil. Such as beneath the moon's On Which soft gleam vacant fancies throng bids us see in heaven and earth. Strong yearnings for a blest new birth With sinless glories crown'd . the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY turn. Him — It was not then a poet's dream. Then fearless turn where Heaven hath set thy part. in pain together until now. In the low chant of wakeful birds. When dewy eve her curtain draws Over the day's turmoil. till all thine earthly heart In penitential drops have ebb'd away.

And one by one to earth reveals Those purer fires on high. faint. And through the live-long day lay. Sin is with man at morning break. Open'd in mystic unison To last till time expire. 20 And All still it lasts by day and night. . all faultless. aright. Man only mars the sweet accord. " O'erpowering with " harsh din The music of Thy works and word. All worship and rejoice. Just guessing. Then Nature's voice no more is drown'd. She speaks. A cloudless depth of light. Creation's wondrous choir. With one consenting voice. all in tune. 40 Then pours she on the Christian heart That warning still and deep. and we must hear. 30 Deafens the ear that fain would wake To Nature's simple But when eve's silent foot-fall steals Along the eastern sky. : hymn Thy glory. through their murky blind. Streaks of a brighter heaven behind. and baffling sight. Few. When one by one each human sound Dies on the awful ear. 111 match'd with grief and sin. At which high spirits of old would start E'en from their Pagan sleep. Lord.106 FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY All true.

Beyond the summer hues of even. As with a seraph's robe of fire Invested. the wreck of Paradise. to eyes of high desire. " Pronouncing thee all good " Hath He not all thy wrongs redrest. burn and glow : The rod of Heaven has touch'd them all.FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Such thoughts. 70 " Are not thy fetters broken " ? Who hallow'd thee and blest. The God " And all thy bliss renew'd ? " Why " " moum'st thou still as one bereft. Nor could th' enchantress Hope forecast God's secret love and power The travail pangs of Earth must last Till her appointed hour 60 The hour that saw from opening heaven Redeeming glory stream. But Reason's spells might not disclose The gracious birth to come . The word from Heaven is spoken " Rise. Through many a dreary age. The meanest things below. and sing. Beyond the mid-day beam. thou captive thrall . Thenceforth. Upbore whate'er of good and wise Yet hv'd in bard or sage : 107 so They mark'd what agonizing throes Shook the great mother's womb . Now that th' eternal Son so " His blessed home in Heaven hath left To make thee all His own ? " . shine.

And when they had this done. — " The live-long night we've toil'd in vain. all the night. In Wisdom's ear thy blithest strains. 6.108 FIFTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Thou mourn 'st because Sin lingers still In Christ's new heaven and earth Because our rebel works and will Stain our immortal birth : Because. we have toiled and haoe taken nothing : nevertheless at Thy word I will let down the net. In sad and weary thought. spent With Yet bootless darkling toil. Master. St. whom God hath set to seek The souls His Christ hath bought. Luke v. let : " But at " I will Thy gracious word down the net again " Do Thou Thy will. seem to mourn. till thy God return. 6. The Saviour hides His face. They muse. as Love and Prayer grow cold. So day by day and week by week. Oh Nature. Where all along our glistening wake The softest moonbeams lie . on his Master's bidding bent For love and not for spoil. lo For not upon a tranquil lake Our pleasant task we ply. . they inclosed a great multitude of fishes : and their net brake. so FIFTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY And Simon answering said unto Him. Hence thy groans and travail pains. O Lord " ! So spake the weary fisher. all Hence. And worldlings blot the temple's gold With uses vile and base.

: 109 20 last For wildest storms our ocean sweep No anchor but the Cross Might hold and oft the thankless deep Turns all our toil to loss. .FIFTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Where rippling wave and dashing oar Our midnight chant attend. And guide us to the strand. Sweet thoughts of peace. Or whispering palm-leaves from the shore With midnight silence blend. ye may not Too soon some ruder sound Calls us from where ye soar so fast Back to our earthly round. : Fidl many a dreary anxious hour so watch our nets alone In drenching spray. As when He deign'd to teach (The lode-star of our Christian course) Upon this sacred beach. by force or guile All waters must be tried : By blameless guile or gentle force. cheer our solitary song. We And hear the night-bird's moan : At morn we look. and nought is there Sad dawn of cheerless day Who then from pining and despair The sickening heart can stay ? ! There is a stay —and we are strong 40 To is at hand. Our Master In His own time : but yet awhile : Our bark at sea must ride Cast after cast. and driving shower.

These are Thy wonders. Matthew xiii.^ Reject us evermore : Or.110 SIXTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Should e'er Thy wonder-working in the grace 60 Triumph by our weak arm. 49. Lest on the eternal shore The angels. I have sinned against the Lord. " The Flower. 16. Let not our sinful fancy trace Aught human charm : To our own nets ^ ne'er bow we down. sinners wake at morn. and burn incense unto their s St. of conscience born. — bitter thoughts. hourly wrought. and all is Lifting : bright. The Lord also hath put away thy sin . ? lo and lowering souls at will. From west 1 to east one thrilling ray Turning a wintry world to May. drag. 2 Samuel xii. Habakkuk i. that God is there.^ Thou Lord of time and thought." See Herbert's Poems : . if for our unworthiness and watching fail. prayer. Crowding a world of good or ill Into a moment's vision e'en as light Mounts o'er a cloudy ridge. And Nathan said unto David. In disappointment Thou canst bless. When With Where is the spell to charm those mists away. 13. One steadfast thought. So love at heart prevail. thou shall not die. 60 SIXTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY David said unto Nathan. And make new morning in that darksome day One draught of spring's delicious air. while our draught they own. » They sacrifice unto their net. Toil. When from our restless couch we start With fever'd lips and wither'd heart.

And hasten'd with . noble. accordant to his raptur'd string. yet heard on high. and throng around To the glad mournful sound. whispering peace Till time and sin together cease. sad heart. flush into variety again. Who many a month had turn'd away With veiled eyes. us'd to sing In heaven. The absolver saw the mighty grief. : so Now And spread their wings.. with bright open face. 12. rest. Where heavenly mercy shines as free. 2 . to the contrite can dispense. relief — " The Lord forgives thou shalt not die " 'Twas gently spoke.i As Israel's crowned mourner felt The dull hard stone within him melt. Was wafted to your soul one high desire. Who The princely heart By all the trembling hope ye feel. in silent April shower. Written in balm. leafless Flush'd into green the dry and bower. The rock is smitten. nor own'd his lay. floating from faint earthly lyre." Bishop Home's Paraphrase on the verse. ^ 40 There drink and when ye are at With that free Spirit blest. and to future years Springs ever fresh the tide of holy tears And holy music.^ . " Uphold me with Thy free Spirit. The broken heart to love's embrace.SIXTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Would'st thou the pangs of guilt assuage Lo here an open page." The ' Psalm li. welcome. ! 111 ? 20 Never so fast. The fifty-first Psalm. Think on the minstrel as ye kneel ' And ShaU all this leafless and uneolour'd scene Camper. If ever. princely. for thee. . And all the band of angels. Read original word seems to mean " ingenuous. of innocence.

thou weary soul in store a precious dole Here on Bethsaida's cold and darksome height.) Then narrowing cleaves yon palmy lea." : so And — SEVENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY From whence can a man satisfy these imldemess ? St. is come. all seem gather'd in one eager bound. 'twixt thee and noonday light. No No fiery wing is seen to glide. And a true voice to him may cry. 20 cates ambrosial are supplied. And (Though Spreads far below. " Thy God forgives ^thou shalt not die. Where five proud cities lie. . — men with bread here in the Go Heaven has not away. Should his own lay th' accuser prove. 4. Gennesaret's main many a mile of liquid plain.112 SEVENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Think on the shame. Nor fainting turn to seek thy distant home Sweetly thy sickening throbs are ey'd By the kind Saviour at thy side For healing and for balm e'en now thine hour ! Thou : . that dreadful hour When tears shall have no power. the wailing sea-bird on the hungry shore. by one dire sentence drown'd. Mark viii. need'st not in thy gloom depart. lO Towards that deep sulphureous sea. That his own heart may hear his melodies. Cold while he kindled others' love let your prayer for charity arise. weary heart. Tabor's lonely peak. Landscape of fear yet. fisher's But one poor Is all He Who men And stills rude and scanty store asks (and more than needs) and angels daily feeds. Where over rocks and sands Proud Sirion And arise in the northern skies.

nor autumn leaves decay. Freely they own. or heedless prove curse of lawless hearts. Nor unlamented sink to rest Sweet roses one by one. There's not a star the heaven can show. yet ever near So when the tones of rapture gay On the lorn ear. The lonely world seems lifted nearer heaven Seen daily. Nor fear to seek Whose 60 . Conscious the more of One.SEVENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY is o'er. thou shalt not be beguil'd. 113 The feast And so As moimtain travellers in the night. 40 Earth's common man The low sweet tones of Nature's lyre No more on listless ears expire. so joyless erst and cold. There's not a cottage-hearth below. the wreath of forgiven. The heart's sweet moonUght softly gleams Upon life's varied view. Then bolder scale the rugged fell. or they need our love . and hear When Nor trampling hoof nor tinkling bell. the joy of self-control. Him farther in the wild. die quite away. love can ttirn earth's worst and least Into a conqueror's royal feast Thou wilt not be untrue. paths are strewn all o'er With flowers of pensive hope. feeds with solace kind the willing soulMen love us. iie'er seen. heaven by fits is dark and bright. Nor by the wayside lingering weep. over all that upland lone The breeze of eve sweeps wildly as of old But far unlike the former dreams. Nor vainly smiles along the shady way The primrose in her vernal nest. Pause listening on the silent heath. yet unmark'd before. the guests are gone. so But The Then rouse thee from desponding sleep.

Now. with thy voice the altar rend. The scourge of Heaven. the smooth stones of the stream Isaiah Ivii. Then turn thee. But trace not o'er the former way. Go. Where on the lonely woodland road Beneath the moonlight sky The festal warbUngs flow'd 20 Where maidens to the Queen of Heaven Wove the gay dance round oak or pahn. 1 Among they. .114 EIGHTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY EIGHTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Lord.i By mountain grot or fell. Or breath'd their vows at even In hymns as soft as balm. 6. 26. a darker spell Enthralls : the smooth stones of the flood. lO That idols would befriend. Scatter the ashes. Thou know'st how hard to hurry by. — man who was disobedient unto the word of the Prophet of God. is thy portion . Shrunk at thy withering charm. in the twilight glare The heathen's wizard fires. Or thee. Lest idol pleasures court Thy heedless soul astray. Where Angels down the lucid stair Came hovering to our sainted sires. to shake O'er yon apostate shrine. 1 Kings xiii. arise and take With thee the words of wrath divine. Pollute with infant's blood . It is the of God. they are thy lot. be the arm. for thy time is short. perchance.

God's chariot-wheels have left distinctest trace 'Tis well. On every mountain top. with Elijah. While sadly round them Israel's children look. The grey-hair'd saint may fail at last. — Lord was not in Kings xix. the In troublous days of anguish and rebuke. NINTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY And fire : and after the earthquake a fire . and sky. To the forbidden given. Where all around on mountain. lo . feast return ? ? 40 Yield to the false dehght better soul could spurn ! my brother round thy tomb In sorrow kneeling. God's chosen scene Of pure heart-worship. sand. And their eyes fail for waiting on their Lord While underneath each awful arch of green. let us lie. hut the 1 after the fire a still small voice. Trust not the dangerous path again O forward step and lingering will O lov'd and warn'd in vain And wilt thou perish still ? ! Thy message Thy Alas. and in fear. The cavern whence the timbrel's call : 115 30 Affrights the wandering flock Thou long'st to search them all. 12. We read the Pastor's doom Who speaks and will not hear. true hearts To holy ground. The surest guide a wanderer prove Death only binds us fast To the bright shore of love. Baal is ador'd : : should for a time retire in quiet to aspire Towards promis'd regions of serener grace On Horeb. thine home in sight.NINTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY The giant altar on the rock. .

He will — : 3i : God is not in the earthquake but behold From Sinai's caves are bursting.116 NINTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY There. And to their base the trembling mountains part He on The ! Yet the Lord is not here 'tis not by Power be known ^but darker tempests lower Still. and see outskirts of His march of mystery. as of old. And God's own ark with blood of souls defil'd . . O Lord now let me die " E'en as my fathers did for what am I " That I should stand. The haughty eye may dazzle and confound. At sight of ruin'd altars. " What doest thou here. His endless warfare with man's wilful heart First. frail wanderer from thy " task ? 20 " Where hast thou left those few sheep in the " wild ? " 1 Then should we plead our heart's consuming pain. " God is not in the fire. Best of all gems. sullen heavings vex the labouring ground Perhaps His Presence thro' all depth and height. of His consuming jealous ire. 28. Untimely seeking here the peace of Heaven " It is enough. where they have vainly ! : " striven ? "— Perhaps our God may of our conscience ask. prophets slain. if in jealousy and strong disdain We to the sinner's God of sin complain. . should stern Justice prove His Chosen attribute . ^but He in love Hastes to proclaim. that deck His crown of light." The flames Woe — 40 » 1 Samuel xvii. Lo at His angry blast the rocks unclose. to the sinner. His great Power He to the sinner shows. the rock may bid us stand.

nor fear to cast the waters. sure at last ^ In joy to find it after many days. thyself upon a so : Thy bread upon Go. In thought how soon at death's dark goal Their course will all be nm. Yet in fallen Israel are there hearts and eyes That day by day in prayer like thine arise Thou know'st them not. is 117 o'er —and hark on the ear. desert shore. It is Is 1 lo Ecelesiastes xi. and not where thunders roll. 41. not see sight tempts the heart From sober walking in true Gospel ways. startled by His ways of awe Here is our Lord. Her gorgeous crown of towers ? Mark well His holy pains Why : not in pride or scorn. . but their Creator knows. to say. to the world return. : 60 TENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY And when He was come over it. meek. with the soft. tender ways He loves to draw The sinner. Because the rocks the nearer prospect close.TENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY The storm Steals Is ever soft. That Israel's King with sorrow stains His own triumphal morn. tender soul ! : By Back. Luke xix. and wept St. a still small voice Jehovah's choice meek. The work be thine. doth my Saviour weep At sight of Sion's bowers ? Shows it not fair from yonder steep. He beheld the dty. 'Tis not that His soul wandering sadly on. . complainer Nor deem loathe thy life no more. — near. then. the fruit thy children's part Choose to believe. 1.

" At least in this thy day. the Feel e'en His Gk)d depart ? No though He knew full well The grief that then shall be The grief that angels cannot tell Our God in agony. in deed. vii. Hosanna to This were a Conqueror's grief. in word. Because we will not let Him keep The souls He died to win ? Ye hearts.118 TENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Who now No are shouting round their chief . thou hadst known. tears. But hero ne'er or saint The secret load might know. . the scorn. : It is not thus He mourns Such might be martyr's . 40 " And dash thy children to the ground. that love the Lord. " The message of thy peace but now " 'Tis pass'd for aye away ! : " Now foes shall trench thee round.i Or doth He feel the Cross loss ? 20 Already in His heart. See that in thought. thought like this in Him is found. With which His Spirit waxeth faint His " If is 30 a Saviour's woe. e'en thou. If at this sight ye burn. When his last Ungering look he On human hopes and fears turns . the shame. Ye hate what ' made Him mourn. " Thy glory and thy mirth. " And lay thee even with earth. 46." And doth the Saviour weep Over His people's sin. The pain. Compare Herod.

And curses swarm on every side ? lo No — ^rather steel thy melting heart To act the martyr's sternest part. and vineyards. Bethink thee what thou art and where. Add house to house. The fire of God is soon to fall (Thou know'st it) on this earthly Full ball the price of blood.ELEVENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY 119 ELEVENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Is it a time to receive money. 26. Thy darling visions as they die. oliveyards. And watchful foes are stealing round To search and spoil the holy ground ? Is this a time for moonlight dreams Of love and home by mazy streams. To utter death that hour shall sweep And will the Saints in Heaven dare weep many a soul. Till all Have faded Yes bright hopes. and ? and maidservants —2 Kings to receive garments. While souls are wandering far and wide. and and oxen. To watch. ^let — And if 20 A sinner in a life of care. into twilight gray. Mark'd by th' Almighty's hand for good. the world seem dull and dry. with firm unshrinking eye. ? 30 . and hues of day. them pass without a sigh. Is this a time to plant and build. If long and sad thy lonely hours. Aerial hopes and pensive joys. When round our walls the battle lowers. v. When mines are hid beneath our towers. For Fancy with her shadowy toys. and menservanis. And winds have rent thy sheltering bowers. and field to field. and sheep.

120 TWELFTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Then in His wrath shall God uproot The trees He set. opened. for lack of fruit. 4. 40 Too happy Thy life that dreadful day. How wilt thou then look back. Be — He St. Blessing. And bless the pangs that made thee see This was no world of rest for thee Safe in the ! TWELFTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY And looking up to Heaven. that which I have built will I break down. like Jesus. that is. . Pray only that thine aching From heart. 34. behold. Strong for Love's sake its woe to hide May cheerful wait the Cross beside. The towers His hand had deign'd to that storm begin. I will bring evil upon all flesh.^ if. And In droAvn in rude tempestuous blaze raise . bosom of thy God. Count o'er His mercies and thy silence. be given thee for a prey.—-Jeremiah xlv. The Son of God in Was fain to look And shall the heirs God will doing good to Heaven and sigh of sinful blood Seek joy unmix'd in charity ? not let Love's work impart Full solace. even And seekest thou great things for thyself? this whole land. and smile On thoughts that bitterest seem'd erewhile. seek them not : for. visions vain content to part. and that which I have planted I will pluck up. in thy woe : 1 The Lord saith thus : Behold. lest it steal the heart Be thou content in tears to sow. sighed. Ephphatha. Snatch'd sudden fi"om th' avenging rod. 5. and saith unto him Mark vii. ere sin. saith the Lord : but thy life will I give unto thee for a prey in all places whither thou goest.

But that in such communion high : 40 He hath a fount of strength within. It dazzles like the noon-day blaze But He who sees God's face may brook On the true face of Sin to look. " Under the spurning hoof are cast. Sure His meek heart would break and die. The laggard soul. so In thought of these. His brows benign Not e'en in healing cloudless shine. The vex'd pulse of this feverish world.TWELFTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY He look'd to Heaven. hopes and joys. . . " All that earth owns or sin destroys. and sadly sigh'd What saw my gracious Saviour there. " Out of yon sere and wither'd heap. No eye but His might ever bear all down that drear abyss. The guilt that scorns to be forgiven These baffle e'en the spells of Heaven . So o'er the ? 121 lo Knowing Himself so strong to save ? O'erwhelming thoughts of pain and grief Over His sinking spirit sweep " What boots it gathering one lost leaf . " Where souls and bodies. Because none ever saw so clear To gaze The shore beyond of endless bliss The giddy waves so restless hurl'd. He views and counts with steady sight. The fetter'd tongue its chain may break But the deaf heart. Used to behold the Infinite. " Or tossing in th' autumnal blast ? " 20 The deaf may hear the Saviour's voice. the dumb by choice. that will not wake. With fear and anguish to divide The joy of Heaven-accepted prayer bed where Lazarus slept He to His Father groan 'd and wept What saw He mournful in that grave. O'erburthen'd by His brethren's sin Weak eyes on darkness dare not gaze.

shall meet their view.122 THIRTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY What then When in shall wretched sinners do. and to hear those thirds which ye hear. Seal Thou my lips. From idle words. their last. no God. that many prophets and kings have desired to see those thirds which ye see. As Thou hast touch'd our ears. Preserve. 23. When Thou didst look to Heaven and sigh Thy voice. and guard the way For Thou hast sworn. dark. Sin. and forty days : The Prophet watch'd for one dear glance Of Thee and of Thy ways Fasting he watch'd and all alone. Drowning Thy music in the breast. solid cloud. and taught Our tongues to speak Thy praises plain. godless thought our bonds again. Wrapt in a still. Quell Thou each thankless fast That would make 60 From foul reproach. and jarring wrong. St. deaf spirit from his place so . from mirth unblest. and have not seen them . 24. their hopeless day. as it is. and said privately. Willing or loth. in prayer Full forty nights and trance. that restless throng And haunt oiu: hearts when we would pray. From Pride's false chime. From worldly strife. and have not heard them. Thy servants' ears. that every ear. And He — On Sinai's top. Thy trump shall hear. God turn His face for aye away ? Lord. And every tongue unchained be To own no hope. from thrilling fears. Blessed are the eyes which see the things that ye see : for I tell you. The curtain of the Holy One Drawn round him like a shroud . that with a word could chase The dumb. by Thy sad and earnest eye. : 70 THIRTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY turned Him unto His disciples. but Thee. good Lord. Luke x.

The pageant of God's perfect law Yet felt not full delight. Lord ! " not Thine. and high above The holiest creature. So. Through gold and gems. " Exodus xxxiii. .THIRTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY from the world. Yet not that gorgeous place. where unearthly rays From o'er the ark were shed. Caught by earth's shadows as they fleet But for the soul no help is found. art. to be express'd Ere long on Sion's steep. " 20 Show me Thy glory. Could half appease his craving thought The void was still the same. I seek. his breast Might duly take and strongly keep The print of Heaven. start not at so bold a word " 'Tis Thee. From veil to veil the vision led. a dazzling maze. . gracious cries. part 1. separate 123 lo There one by one his spirit saw Of things divine the shadows bright. Save Him who made it. Spite of yourselves. The eye in smiles may wander round. And ended. nor aught Of human or angelic frame. Hebrews viii. meet. 5." he 2— From man. ye witness this." Nay. dares aspire so To the Creator's love. ' Pensies de Pascal. frail worm and weak : The spark of his first deathless fire Yet buoys him up.^ Who blindly self or sense adore Else wherefore leaving your own bliss Still restless ask ye more ? 40 1 See that thou make all things according to the pattern shewed to thee in the mount. 18. viii.

too. Till we. 2 Exodus xxxiii. Not in a whirlwind hurrying by The too presumptuous glance. But with mild radiance every hour. 70 dear Saviour's face benign Bent on us with transforming power. When of Christ crucified and crown'd His Spirit in them taught But He their aching gaze repress'd. Only the meekest man found and live. For not without us fully blest Or perfect might they be.124 THIRTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY This witness bore the saints of old When highest rapt and favour'd most. That they without us should not be made perfect. grace ^ see His skirts But we as in a glass espy The glory of His countenance. Still seeking precious things untold. 20-23. Hebrews . And land. earth's pride and grace seers would mourn on Sion's hill own so Their Lord's averted face. and in it all The proudest hope of kings dare claim Sion was theirs and at their call Fire from Jehovah came. : Yet monarchs walk'd as pilgrims In their still . Which sought behind the veil to see. ^ 60 The rays No To of the Almighty's face sinner's eye might then receive . 1 From our xi. Canaan was theirs. . 40. Not in fruition lost. Vainly they tried the deeps to sound E'en of their own prophetic thought. faintly shine.

St. Bless'd eyes. 17. Knows what He gave and what we lost. Beheld. Luke xvii. and redemption's cost. Were there not ten cleansed? but where are the nine ? There are not found that returned to give glory to God. So. so deep in grain ? E'en He who reads the heart. As on the rock the Prophet stood. But should the mist of woe roll by. a worthless dew. Sin's forfeit. 20 . which see the things 125 we see ! And yet this tree of life hath To many a soul a poison tree. but His love Our wavering spirits would reprove. Beneath His shadowing hand. 18. save this stranger. Faster than those false drops and few Fleet from the heart. like prov'd 80 (Oh It an angel's is our bliss thought to comfort and appal) needs must bring. What sadder scene can angels view Than self-deceiving tears.FOURTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Sprinkled with His atoning blood Safely before our God we stand. — and only one remain would have thought our nature's stain Was dyed so foul. ! Ten Who Yet 'twas not wonder. FOURTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY And Jesus answering said. ! An angel's hopeless fall. By a short pang of wonder cross'd Seems at the sight to start cleans'd. when the storm is o'er. That heaven-ward seem so free to move When earth can yield no more Then from afar on God we cry. if used amiss. and not belov'd. Not showers across an April sky : lo Drift.

— St. Should choral welcome from above ! Visit our senses plain : 40 Than by Thy placid voice and brow. that own Thy love. who hastes to bow Before Thee. noting down each prayer he made. that round the sick man's bed Watch'd. heart and knee . His pride of health to' abase Or. haw they grow. go thy way in peace. How should we gaze in trance of fear ! Yet shines the light as thrilling clear From Heaven upon that scroll severe. Matthew vi. possess'd " For evermore of Me. What more than magic in you lies. To fill the heart's fond view ? . 28. " On thee alone My blessing rest " Rise. with comfort now. Bath'd in soft airs.126 FIFTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Pour'd idly over some dark page Of earlier life. when soft showers in season fall Answering a famish'd nation's call. Should unseen fingers on the wall . A woe for future years ? Spirits. " Oh thou. Were your unerring roll display'd. Turn'd upon him. With healing first. though pride or rage The record of to-day engage. " Ten cleans 'd and one remain " Nor surer would the blessing prove Of humbled hearts. and fed with dew. 30 Our vows forgotten trace . who only wouldst be blest. Sweet nurslings of the vernal skies." ! FIFTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Consider the lilies of the field.

Your innocent mirth may borrow. They cannot brook our shame to meet But we may taste your solace sweet And come again to-morrow. where'er he roams. Nor may we scorn. and as fair. your fragrant maze. The stars of heaven a course are taught Too high above our human thought Ye may be found if ye are sought. companions gay. our homes of sorrow. How soothing in our last decay ! 127 Memorials prompt and true. dwell beside our paths and homes. The birds of air before us fleet. But 20 And Ye as we gaze. 30 Ye fearless in your nests abide wise. lo As when ye crown'd the sunshine hours Of happy wanderers there. : He taught us how to prize. Fall'n all beside the world of life. we know. io . The same that won Eve's matron smile In the world's opening glow. What passions range and glare How — ! ! cheerful and unchanged the while Yoiu" first and perfect form ye show. tmdescried : By all but lowly eyes For ye could draw th' admiring gaze Of Him who worlds and hearts surveys Your order wild. Relics ye are of Eden's bowers. too proudly Your silent lessons. In sorrow. As pure. as fragrant.FIFTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY In childhood's sports. Our paths of sin. on Life's downward way. And guilty man. is it stain 'd with fear and strife In Reason's world what storms are rife.

desire that ye faint not at ^Ephesians iii. in all my griefs. nor cheat our woe.128 SIXTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Ye felt your Maker's smile that hour. Nor from His lov'd correction start. be hovering o'er the tomb. Wish offering He can crave His portion in our souls to prove. As when He paus'd and own'd you good His blessing on earth's primal bower. to stay. which is not. my pain away Wish me a wise and thankful heart. dear friends." SIXTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY I your glory. But cannot rest. life's In Our thoughts : . What care ye now. ! " Go sleep like closing flowers at night. That daily court you and caress. if winter's storm ruthless o'er each silken form ? Christ's blessing at your heart is warm. Ye fear no vexing mood. . Ye felt it all renew'd. — my tribulations for you. " And Heaven thy morn will bless. What is it to the gift He gave. Sweep of thousand bosoms kind. How few the happy secret find Of your calm loveliness Alas ! so ! " Live for to-day to-morrow's light " To-morrow's cares shall bring to sight. 13. Where buried lie our vain delights. The only Son of His dear love ? The dearest vex'd unquiet sprights. like But we. Nor sweetly take a sinner's doom. Will still lo long sickness evermore are tossing to and fro We change our posture o'er and o'er. With God.

That haunt and vex thee. Though not a beam the clouds remove. . lo The wanderer seeks his native bower. And thank Thee for each trying hour. heart and brain. and thou shalt see How thou mayst turn them all to gain. Him Never strike home and bless the rod. Look to the Cross. to leave for Thy dear sake cannot do as Thou hast done. Wishing. And we will look and long for Thee. of that Altar But cannot — 30 We cannot part with Heaven for Thee Yet guide us in Thy track of love Let us gaze on where light should be. so safe as when our will Yields undiseern'd by all but God ? 20 Thy precious things. quit the cost no throne Is ours. whate'er they be. to be free. Without a streak of heaven's soft blue To aid Affection's dreaming eye. : : We would partake.SIXTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Were Let it 129 not better to lie still. : We So wanderers ever fond and true Look homeward through the evening sky. Lovest thou praise ? the Cross is shame Or ease ? the Cross is bitter grief More pangs than tongue or heart can frame Were suffer'd there without relief. not struggling.

see lost Sion's shame. holier. Wilt thou forgive thy son one boding sigh ? Forgive. 5.^ Who 30 * Ezekiel * 1 Ezehiel viii. 14. as in happier time. 10. which in thought ^ From Chebar's plains the captive prophet brought lo To 'Twas morning prime. Her northern pinnacles had caught th' emerging ray. 5 = Ezekiel viii. and holy are the prayers Which day and night before thine altars rise Not statelier. Before the mercy-seat. worship there in Aaron's robes array'd : Hear Judah's maids the dirge to Thammuz pour. From Aaron's censer steam'd the spicy cloud. The dazzling 20 All seems the same : but enter in and see What idol shapes are on the wall pourtray'd : » And watch their shameless and unholy glee.130 SEVENTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY SEVENTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Every man of the house of Israel that seiteih up his idols in his heart. viii. 3. like And : lines of her majestic roof Cross'd with as free a span the vault of heaven. towering o'er her marble stairs. God's crowned mountain. 2 Kings viii. As when twelve tribes knelt silently aloof Ere God His answer to their king had given. and cometh to the Prophet . O Mother dear. Ezekiel 16. while all in shade around her lay. Not Flash'd Sion's gilded dome to summer skies. while around him angels bow'd. 4.^ Ere yet upon the new-built altar fell The glory of the Lord. And tell thy jewels o'er with jealous eye ? Mindful of that sad vision. I the Lord will answer him that cometh according to the multitude of his idols. Seem'd to rejoice in sunshine all her own So bright.* And mark her chiefs yon orient sun adore. . and putteth the stumblingblock of his iniquity before his face. a Queen new seated on her throne. . Ezekiel xiv. if round thy towers he walk in fear. the Lord of Israel. viii. — Stately thy walls.

hast turn'd from all To worship pleasure's shadow on the wall ? if Have when the Lord of Glory was in sight. Some darling of blind fancy dead and gone. should take us at our own vain word. as in some temple gate. BeUal or Mammon. To bow before the " little drop of Ught. and Jews' idolatries Come. learn to tell aright thine own sins' cost. each glance might thee afford 40 Some glorious earnest of thine high estate. : — What within His world. . looking round. Where. ? while around thee gales from Eden breathe. His Church. . If. to make thy peevish moan Over some broken reed of earth beneath." Which dim-eyed men call praise and glory here What dost thou. As wisely mightst thou in Jehovah's fane Offer thy love and tears to Thammuz slain. our Lord enter'd thee. 60 Thou who hast deign'd the Christian's heart to call Thy Church and Shrine whene'er our rebel will Would in that chosen home of Thine instal . . As earthly hopes abus'd are less than hopes divine. eyes. And thou. Thou hide thine so Turn thee from these. son of man for worse than these Thou must behold thy loathing were but lost On dead men's crimes. but adore the sun. lest in wrath He hear and answer thine unblest desire Far better we should cross His lightning's path : Than be according And God to our idols heard. grant us not the ill We blindly ask in very love refuse Whate'er Thou know'st our weakness would abuse. or dare not to inquire Of Him whose name is Jealous.SEVENTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY 131 Yet turn thee. Thou turn thy back upon that fountain clear. false heart and frail. and scorn Him at whose only word both sun and stars were born If. And sure their sin as far from equals thine.

EIGHTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY / will will bring you into the wilderness of the people. Ezekiel xx. — It is so —ope thine eyes. i Because we would not onward press When And close to Sion's hill. where iniquity What And knowledge both abound. with Christ. living waters brightly smile. . 36. The shadowing The pillar stays. so will I plead with Lord God. Nor by " our daily bread " mean common food. we surely pray . And fresh.132 EIGHTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Or rather help us. sailh the Like as I pleaded with your wilderness of the land of Egypt. • amiss. 35. In the waste howling wilderness The Church is wandering still. though in Christ's own words. our sole true bliss. as when it first was * Springs forth the Saviour's blood. Nor say. Revelation xii. and there I plead with you face fathers in the you. and see A view'st thou all around ? desert. Our steps have been beguil'd. but Thee. Else. Back to the world we lo Yet full before us. to seek to none. To pray for naught. far along the wild. to face. 14. to choose the good. Th' eternal turrets blaze. " From this world's evil set us free " 70 Teach us to love. is Yet Heaven raining angels' bread shed. Lord. all the while. With labour lost and sorrow earn'd. faithless tum'd. 20 To be our daily food.

within this camp of Thine. Thy grace is spread along sweetest nature. race. and we are abhorr'd. Rebellious murmurs rise . far as sin and sorrow reach. O Lord. but few. Turn from us. Their votive incense bring. and we die. oft. Thou who hast sworn to stay Pleading with sinners face to face Through all their devious way How shall we speak to Thee. Or how in silence lie ? Look on us. so .EIGHTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY From Till. To worship every monstrous shape In fancied darkness free. Fain would our lawless hearts escape. 133 every region. Sin cannot bear to see Thee shine So awful to her eyes. and speech. Nor be our To Too foes and Thine allow'd see us faint and fall. io Thy guardian fire. And with the heathen be. Too like the recreant band That with Thy patient Spirit strove 30 Upon the Red-sea strand. Believing myriads throng. Thy guiding cloud. O Father of long-suffering grace. ! own . Still let them gild our wall. alas will love . And every voice and every heart Till Own All Thee their God and King. brightest art.

O God. Our rest must be " no rest below. " When " in Thy love and Israel's sin read our story true. " Till every idol throne " Crumble to dust. all too late. ! We cannot hope the heathen's doom To whom God's Son is given. that ^ shall not be at all Refuse we or obey. " Thou knowest. too well. " For Thou hast every spell. " Thou know'st us fond and frail . that ye say. as the families of the countries. " We may not. 60 Weak tremblers on the edge of woe. " Bring all our wandering fancies home. Our ears have heard th' Almighty's call. wave again Thy chastening rod.134 EIGHTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Vain thought. shall That which cometh into your mind . We cannot be as they. " " 70 Thou know'st our service sad and hard. 32. Win us to be belov'd and spar'd " When all the world shall fail. " So " when at last our trace weary days " Are well-nigh wasted here. Loed. And we can Thy wondrous ways 80 " In distance calm and clear. begin " To wish our hopes were new ^ We : not be at all." And let our prayer be this : " Lord. Who have the key of Heaven. " Reign in our hearts alone. to serve wood and stone. " And 'mid the heathen where they roam. and Thou. Yet shrinking from true bliss. We will be as the heathen. EzeMel xx. Whose eyes have seen beyond the tomb.

I see four men loose. When summer friends are gone and fled. Is Who owns ? Or waves there not around his brow A wand no human arm may wield. Amaz'd they cry. Saviour. and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God. His steps to guide. His Magic Ring. walking in the midst of the fire. answered and said. and spake." 185 Long 88 NINETEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Then Nebuchadnezzar the king was asionied. whom What wondrous — ? . " Unlike in this alone. by Thy grace. They deem'd them lost in deadly night. 24. True. When Persecution's torrent blaze . Just as. " Which turns their sufferings all to bliss ? " " How are they free whom we had bound ? in the gulf 20 we cast ? helper have they found " To screen them from the scorching blast ? " Three were they who hath made them four " And sure a form divine He wore. " What spell is this. said unto the king.NINETEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY " lov'd. long spar'd as they. his Tower. Did not we cast three men bound into the midst of the fire 9 They answered and king. and said unto his counsellors. Lo. in fancied triumph bold. Fraught with a spell no angels know. and rose up in haste. " That. long tried. art his Charmed Bower. Wraps the unshrinking Martyr's head he alone in that dark hour the Lord of love and power When fade all earthly flowers and bays. lo And when the wicked ones behold Thy favourites walking in Thy light. 25. his soul to shield ? Thou. and they have no hurt . O He — Daniel iii. our hearts shall stay " For evermore Thine own. his Rock. " Upright.

know : on these look long and well. The Father. Yet in his heart can mercy own. Still travailing in second birth Of souls that will not be redeem'd. left : The Matron. ^ know what As it had been a moist whistling wind.^ : 30 He knew not. shalt so And thou secret spell Preserves them in their living death : Through sevenfold flames thine eye shall see The Saviour walking with His faithful Three. And fearing most his own vain heart These . Still sweetly yielding to the rod. 27. ver. but there are who know stood. who By « The Christian Pastor. bow'd to earth With thankless toil. Still loving man. The first lorn hour of widowhood. Yet cheer'd and cheering all. still thanking God . and vile esteem'd.136 NINETEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY " E'en like the Son of God. who alone hath When not a prop seem'd below. the murderers died Yet knew he not what angel came To make the rushing fire-flood seem Like summer breeze by woodland stream. Yet steadfast set to do his part. Watching the eye where reason sleeps. Cleansing thy sight by prayer and faith. Song of the Three Children." So cried The Tyrant. the while. With sad but unaffected smile . . when in one fierce flame The Martyrs liv'd. his vigil keeps the sad couch whence hope hath flown.

the soul Owns Thy 'Tis 'Tis entire control ? : on the mountain's summit dark and high. Where. Pleading with care and sin " Child of My love how have I wearied thee ? " Why wilt thou err from Me ? " Have I not brought thee from the house of slaves. " Lest thou shouldst faint or stray ? 'Tis : ! Ea . 2. Where torrents have their birth. When storms are hurrying by 'mid the strong foundations of the earth. Through wither'd bents ^romantic note and clear. The dashing waters when the From many a torrent rill That winds unseen beneath the shaggy Track'd by the blue mist well Such sounds as make deep silence in the heart For Thought to do her part. Mar the full burst of prayer Lone Nature feels that she may freely breathe. scarcely heard so high. ^Micah vl. so " Parted the drowning waves. eternal Voice. . And roimd us and beneath Are heard her sacred tones the fitful sweep Of winds across the steep. and ye strong foundations of the earth.TWENTIETH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY 137 TWENTIETH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Hear ye. undisturb'd by sin and earth. — Where is Thy favour'd haunt. No sounds of worldly toil ascending there. : lo — — The wheeling kite's wild solitary cry. air is still 20 fell. the Lord^s controversy. " And set My saints before thee in the way. then we hear the voice of God within. of The region Thy choice. And. Meet for a hermit's ear. O mountains.

if rightly understood. lo lesson of sweet peace I read. " And as this landscape broad earth. As one still bent to find or make the In thee." " — TWENTY-FIRST SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY The vision is yet for an appointed time. and not lie : though it tarry. according well turn. grey. 3. and in this quiet mead. and take true measure " Of thine eternal treasure . because it wUl surely come. " The world for thee was bought. Rather in all to be resign'd than blest. Yet still the face of Heaven is Nor yet th' autumnal breeze has Faded yet full. Who scornful pass it with averted eye. 'Tis The a low chant. Sweet messenger of " calm decay. it will not tarry. Most welcome to the chasten'd ear Of her whom Heaven is teaching how to mourn. wait for it . sea. With the soft solitary knell. beneath " It fits thy stature now " it : meekly bow . but at the end it shall speak. . — is The morning mist clear'd away. best. The Father of thy Lord can grudge thee naught. this leafy cove. 40 " Raise thy repining eyes. As homeward from some grave belov'd we Or by some holy death-bed dear. a paler green The red-breast warbles round Skirts soberly the tranquil scene. " 'Twill crush them by-and-by." Saluting sorrow as you may. stirr'd the grove. " All centres in thine eye. ^Habakkuk ii. and sky. " So all God does. " Shall work thy final good.138 TWENTY-FIRST SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY was the promise made to thee alone " Art thou th' excepted one ? heir of glory without grief or pain ? " O vision false and vain ! ! " " What ? An " There lies thy cross .

: : 40 Note : The expression. When from the east th' eternal morning moves. Are sweet. : Forc'd from his shadowy paradise. Pour forth thy notes. The And With calm decay. 6. who gay ascends. It shall come clear. Though gone and spent its joyous prime. TO THE RED-BREAST. . : Watching. hers.TWENTY-FIRST SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY 139 O cheerful tender strain ! the heart its That duly bears with you part. But none so blends. And on the world's autumnal time. blackbird's song at even-tide. to pass in that day. 20 Singing so thankful to the dreary blast. Pilling the heavens far and wide. sweet singer. And tracing through the cloud th' eternal Cause." is borrowed from a friend by whose kind permission the following stanzas are here inserted. As thine. and peace ^ divine. Feeling the rock beneath his feet. His thoughts to Heaven the steadier rise There seek his answer when the world reproves Contented in his darkling round. If chance the golden hours be nigh. nor dark. " calm decay. that the light shall not be Zechariah xiv. its lot be east That is the heart for thoughtful seer. so That is the heart for watchman true Waiting to see what God will do. Nor fly Too soon from winter's scowling eye. in trance nor dark nor clear. Wooing the stillness of the autumn day Bid it a moment linger.i Th' appalUng Future as it nearer draws His spirit calm'd the storm to meet. As o'er the Church the gathering twilight falls No more he strains his wistful eye. By youthful Hope seen beaming round her walls. 'Mid wither'd hues and sere. If only he be faithful found. Unheard in summer's flaring ray.

The thwarting cliffs that bound his They bound his fancy too. and I him ? St. 21.140 TWENTY-SECOND SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY TWENTY-SECOND SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Lmd. The cries of camp or town. Two ways Or alone his roving eye For aye may onward go. Matthew xviii. ! ! more blessed range Too soon the happy child His nook of homely thought will change blest restraint O For life's seducing wild : 20 Too soon his alter'd day-dreams show This earth a boundless space. how oft shall my brother sin against me. — forgive What liberty so glad and gay. A prisoner Uves in joy ? The dreary sounds of crowded earth. 10 sight. . The snow-clad peaks of rosy light That meet his morning view. With sun-bright pleasures to and fro Sporting in joyous race : While of his narrowing heart each year. Or darksome mere below. in the azure deep on high. Reckless of regions far away. Nor drew his visions down. through his grosser ear. The tones of mercy thrill. Less keenly. Never untun'd his lonely mirth. As where the mountain boy. less Heaven and less will fill.

And Echo . ! ! Yes. : TWENTY-THIRD SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Who shall change our vile body. Whatever owns. of light. — Red o'er the forest peers the setting sun. bids good-night from every glade . ransom'd sinner wouldst thou How often to forgive. : The line of yellow light dies fast away That crown'd the eastern copse and chill and dun Falls on the moor the brief November day. that it may he fashioned like unto His glorious body. to earn The bliss of pardoning thee. and see the calm leaves float Each to his rest beneath their parent shade. Now the tir'd hunter winds a parting note. in depth or height. Creation's wondrous bond Then in their solemn pageant learn Sweet mercy's praise to see Their Lord resign' d them all. By our We own niggard rule we try The hope to suppliants given mete out love. according to the working whereby He is able even to subdue all things unto Himself. as if our eye Saw to the end of Heaven. 21. Look where thou hop'st to Hve . Philippians iii. Yet wait awhile. : 30 While from His pard'ning Cross He " O spare as I have spar'd ? " calls. know 40 When thou hast told those isles And fancied all beyond.TWENTY-THIRD SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY It 141 must be so else wherefore falls The Saviour's voice unheard. How dearly to embrace thy foe.

As his when Eden held his virgin heart. or borne On lofty steed. In all the world of busy life around No thought of them in all the bounteous sky No drop. were all his second Ufe Only the first renew'd ^the heathen's choice. And lo Soon o'er their heads blithe April airs shall sing. Tho' brighten'd oft by dear Affection's kiss Who for the spangles wears the fimeral pall ? But catch a gleam beyond it. And haply half unblam'd his murmuring voice Might sound in Heaven. if earth were all. for them. thousand wild-flowers round them shall unfold. earth. and 'tis bUss. 30 Heavy and frame of limbs and heart. might he break his chain ? 40 . while these unmurmuring part With their sweet lives. And all be vernal rapture as of old. And fish. But where they fall. and clouds in heaven. A round of Ustless joy and weary strife. and birds. — this earth. A Unconscious they in waste oblivion lie. . like living shafts that pierce the main. or loftier prow. we dart O'er wave or field yet breezes laugh to scorn dull this Whether slow creeping on cold : Our puny speed. as pure from sin and stain. For dreary were . And stars that shoot through freezing air at even Who but would follow. of kindly influence found. 20 Man's portion is to die and rise again Yet he complains. and they ask no more. forgotten to abide Is all their portion.142 TWENTY-THIRD SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY like ! How decaying life they seem to glide yet no second spring have they in store. The green buds glisten in the dews of Spring.

by many a stern and fiery blast The world's rude furnace must thy blood And many a gale of keenest woe be pass'd. The laggard body soon will waft to Heaven. 143 shalt break it soon the grovelhng worm Shall find his wings. Leaving a glorious track. and a stranger doth Proverbs xiv. Our eyes see all around in gloom or glow Hues of their own. heart. nor spend its zeal On cloud-born idols of this lower air. — When from the grave He sprang And led through boundless air at dawn of mom. The mounting TWENTY-FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY The heart knoweth his own bitterness . soul. Might fearless follow to their blest abode. fresh borrow'd from the . And : lo ^ Je mourrai seul. and soar as fast and free As his transfigur'd Lord with lightning form And snowy vest such grace He won for thee. thy conquering road. Since all alone. . every limb obey the mounting soul. we die. so Heaven has will'd. and fear to live alone. and next our own. — Why should we faint. But first. new-born. well it is for us our God should feel Alone our secret throbbings so our prayer May readier spring to Heaven. 10. Till Till refine.TWENTY-FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY And thou . 60 every pulse beat true to airs divine. Knows half the reasons why we smile and sigh ? Each in his hidden sphere of joy or woe Our hermit spirits dwell. not intermeddle with his joy. the call by Jesus given.i Nor e'en the tenderest heart. He who the stormy heart can so control. Pascal. and range apart. where saints.

So too may soothing Hope Thy leave enjoy Sweet visions of long-sever'd hearts to frame Though absence may impair. And with our memory wings her own fond prayer. Some constant mind may draw us still the same. And raise new worlds. Weak mortals. ! O Tried to old age 40 Bright are their dreams. Thou who canst love us. Nor listen for those purer strains above. tho' Thou read us true As on the bosom of th' aSrial lawn Melts in dim haze each coarse ungentle hue. Forgetting quite this grosser world of sin. answering love for love. on earth would lie. and love creative power to win. or cares annoy. Their memory cheering : but th' earth-stain'd spright. : 30 We in dark dreams are tossing to and fro. nor heed Love's gentle thrall ? ? 20 Who As A would not shun the dreary uncouth place if. Or what if Heaven for once its searching light Lent to some partial eye. fond leaning where her infant slept. all entrane'd. that in our bosom's night Wander at large. . because their thoughts are clear. bliss of child-like innocence. Whose wakeful musings are of guilt and fear.144 TWENTY-FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY For if one heart in perfect sympathy Beat with another. mother's arm a serpent should embrace So might we friendless live. : Then keep the softening veil in mercy drawn. Pine with regret. The while she bathes us in her own chaste glow. or sicken with despair. and less in light. disclosing all The rude bad thoughts. where happy fancies rove. and die unwept. Must hover nearer earth.

Psalm xxxi. Ye gentle elves. how every line Of us. With many a clear gem strowing The early shepherd's way. . Tread more than airy Ught. His beams have faster sped. Though fast yon shower be fleeting. ! Thou know'st our bitterness our joys are Thine No stranger Thou to all our wanderings wild Nor could we bear to think.TWENTY-FIFTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY 145 Farewell. th' ideal scenes so fair Yet not farewell her hope. Creator of all hearts to own and share The woe of what Thou mad'st. by Fancy seen Stealing away with night The To slumber in your leafy screen. is glory. and we have stain'd. Thy darken'd likeness and defil'd. for her. For lo above the western haze High towers the rainbow arch ! And lo In solid span of purest rays : How "^ stately is its march ! Thou hast known my soul in adversities. a crown of —^Proverbs xvi. since Thou hast deign'd. see what joyous greeting The sun through heaven has shed. — : TWENTY-FIFTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY The hoary head of righteousness. if it be found in the way bright-hair'd morn is glowing O'er emerald meadows gay. 31. But that Thou call'st us Brethren sweet repose ^the Lord who dwells on high Is in that word Knows all. 7. yet loves us better than He knows. : — ^ 50 Stands in full sunshine of Thy piercing eye.

lamb-like. longing to be right. Nor the quick-swelling breast. so That soonest thrills at touch of praise These do not please him best. Still pressing. But And A 40 These in Life's distant even Shall shine serenely bright. And ere they sink to rest. such dawnings gay Bring noons of storm and shower. The promise Is glorious of the morrow 50 on that eve. E'en so. In these the Pastor dares delight. And travellers linger on the way Beside the sheltering bower. As in th' autumnal heaven Mild rainbow tints at night. live. Nor trusts the gorgeous sky. That seem for aid parental To sue all wistfully. When the last shower is stealing down. ! 20 For well he knows. The sun-beams weave a parting crown For some sweet woodland nest. Yet fearing to be wrong.146 TWENTY-FIFTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Pride of the dewy morning The swain's experienc'd eye From thee takes timely warning. voices low and gentle. Dear as the holy sorrow When good men cease to . Christ-like throng. . in hope and trembling Should watchful shepherd view His little lambs assembling. With glance both kind and true 'Tis not the eye of keenest blaze. timid glances shy.

tliat nothing be lost. Still tending with intenser ray- 147 When brightening ere Mounts up To Heaven whence Say not 'Tis it dies. SUNDAY NEXT BEFORE ADVENT Gather St. pour'd To hymn the birth-night of the Lord. Will God indeed with fragments bear. But we no holy fire have caught Back on the gaudy world our wilful eyes were bent. that glory. O spare to heave A bosom freshly taught to grieve For lavish'd hours and love mis-spent Now through her round of holy thought The Church our annual steps has brought. Heart-rending sighs. up the fragments that remain. The sailor's untried arms are cross'd In agonizing prayer. — John vi. lo Too soon th' ennobling carols. will Ocean cease her strife ? Sighs that exhaust but not relieve. Just ere he sink for ever lost. Those saint-like brows so hoary Shall wear it in the sky. 60 No smile is like the smile When all good musings of death.SUNDAY NEXT BEFORE ADVENT it die away their altar flame. Which duteous Memory should have stor'd For thankful echoing all the year 20 . 12. Snatch'd late from the decaying year ? Or can the Saviour's blood endear The dregs of a polluted life ? When down th' o'erwhelming current toss'd. caught unqueneh'd on high. past Rise wafted with the parting breath. first it came. The sweetest thought the last.

or scar'd by worldly strain of hope and victory Easter wings might lift us high A little while we sought the sky : And when the Spirit's beacon fires On every hill began to blaze. For the dear feast of Jesus dying. Where souls with sacred hunger sighing Are call'd to sit and eat. not for each and all of these. the marriage vow. Profan'd by worldly mirth. Nor yet for these. while angels prostrate Not — : fall : No. By which our Mother's voice invites Our God to bless our home deUghts. And sweeten every secret tear : The funeral dirge. nor all the rites. twelve weary months ago. sweetest. The hallow'd font where parents bow. our earth-bound Fancy fear. best of all.148 SUNDAY NEXT BEFORE ADVENT Too soon those airs have pass'd away Nor long within the heart would stay The silence of Christ's dying day. holiest. Who but must kindle while they gaze ? But faster than she soars. so high and low. Some On . so tires. Lightening the world with glad amaze. You would have thought Remorse and Woe Had taught the innocent air their sadly thrilling . so The gale that stirs th' autumnal trees Seems tun'd as truly to our hearts As when. parts. And now elate and trembling now To the Redeemer's feet their new-found bear : treasures 40 for the Pastor's gracious arm Stretch'd out to bless a Christian charm To dull the shafts of worldly harm Nor. Upon that altar ever lying. 'Twas moaning bleak. Have our frail spirits found their ease.

Messias. and yield us clean To regions where one thought serene Breathes sweeter than whole years of sacrifice below. bright hours together told. — When brothers part for manhood's race. And blissful dreams in secret shar'd. first findeth his i. — . And all o\ir work to do with palsied hands and cold ? Of our O watch and pray ere Advent dawn For thinner than the subtlest lawn 'Twixt thee and death the veil is drawn. . around His dazzling shrine Earth's gems the fire of Heaven have caught 60 Martyrs and saints each glorious day Dawning in order on our way Remind us. How love divine lost may woo and fail. ! so SAINT ANDREW'S He St. Shall last in fancy unimpair'd. DAY brought own brother . 70 Our weeks all number'd to the last. . We have found the John 41. With time and hope behind us cast. These we have scorn'd. O false and frail And now once more th' appalling tale. But Love too late can never glow The scatter'd fragments Love can glean. year in Heaven is told What if as far our life were past. . And he him to Jesus. gay or bold. how our darksome clay May keep th' ethereal warmth our new Creator brought. Simon. dare not hope like Him to shine see. 42. DAY ? 149 We But Christ's light is too divine. And certify a brother's love ? What 'Tis true. Refine the dregs. and saith unto him. Serene or solemn. gift may most endearing prove To keep fond memory in her place.SAINT ANDREW'S Is it.

thoughts of good together done. with even pace. Each lucid course be duly sped. potent with the spell of Heaven. spirits feel. Clean hands. We — die. And known Him for the Christ by proof Such proof as they are sure to find Who spend with Him their happy days. Who art thou. like twin stars. 20 thy Saviour out. Urge him with thine advancing tread. Till thou have scann'd His features well. shall live on. of hope for aye to live. if before thee in the race. Then. 30 Go. Till. too. But yet our craving though Fancy And seek a surer pledge a seal Of love to last eternally. and learn to frame Thy love-charm with First seek true Christian art. face. And haunt us with no vexing mood When all the cares of earth are over. Though changed and glorified each Not unremember'd ye may meet For endless ages to embrace.150 SAINT ANDREW'S DAY lo E'en round the death-bed of the good Such dear remembrances will hover. . and dwell Beneath the shadow of His roof. see his Saviour plain. and thine erring brother gain. and a self-ruling mind Ever in tune for love and praise. Or. Entice him home to be forgiven. before the judgement-seat. that wouldst grave thy name Thus deeply in a brother's heart ? Look on this saint. 40 so. frail No fading memorial give To soothe But wreaths And That his soul when thou art gone. Till he.

as then. they worshipped Him but some : doubted. — We We As In a were not by when Jesus came. Till Reason enter in. 17. week that past. 24. far and near. ' * xxviii. and His name In choral echoes hear. Peter and St. John xx. John. While some might doubt. to make His new-forsaken bed To 20 ? " * Thomas. St. Faith faster runs. fair ground our lot is cast. because thou hast seen Me. She sought to weep with Thee alone. but all ador'd. one of the twelve. thou hast believed : blessed are they that have not seen. and here His sacred head. called Didymus. but waits without. " And who was by. Mary Magdalene's visit to the sepulchre. As fearing to presume. see His trophies. St. St. St. Matthew . From Thou wert Reason and Faith at once set out * search the Saviour's tomb . and trace Christ's relics round the holy place " Here lay His limbs.i But round us. St. 29. His bounteous lo — ^ her sad couch she sprang forlorn. and yet have believed.^ Ere the whole widow'd Church had seen her in the solemn risen Lord. Love sought Him first at dawn of morn Slowly. 2 When they saw Him.SAINT THOMAS' DAY 151 SAINT THOMAS' DAY Thomas. John xx. And saw Thine open grave. Drawing to Heaven with gentlest band Wise hearts and loving minds. hand The golden chain unwinds. was not with them when Jesus came. and knew that gone.

a spirit frail. Smooth without step or sound. fears to take their word. ever brighter and more bright." He said no more They own Him. Cease not in all the world to show His saving power. Joy too to those. the faithful pair are they. As one who for redemption still had long to wait. Body and soul in every part. Though with seal'd eyes awhile they walk. kneeling round. gliding through th' unopening door. and loving heart. To think he sees the Lord ? eo . Eye. Successive made His witnesses that hour. Nor Most see Him at their side . 80 " Peace to your souls. and hand. till their Master shed His glory on their souls. made known in breaking 40 bread. Who Scarce daring. on earth. Half darkling. Who once to Emmaus took their way. through the twilight pale. who love to talk In secret how He died. Then. On those He came to save The Lord of new-created light Dawn'd gradual from the grave . No thought can tender Love beguile — From Jesus' grave to roam.152 SAINT THOMAS' DAY Both wonder. one believes but while They muse on all at home. And with clos'd door in silent bower The Church in anxious musing sate. ear. like Thus. Till pass'd th' enquiring day-light hour. 30 Weeping she stays till He appear Her witness first the Church must hear All joy to souls that can rejoice With her at earliest call of His dear gracious voice. — Is there.

With eyes too tremblingly awake To bear with dimness for His sake ? Read and confess the Hand Divine
That drew thy
likeness here so true in every line.


For all thy rankling doubts so sore, Love thou thy Saviour still, Him for thy Lord and God adore. And ever do His will. Though vexing thoughts may seem to last, 70 Let not thy soul be quite o'ercast Soon will He show thee all His wounds, and say, " Long have I known thy name i know thou My

face alway."

And he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou Me ? And he said. Who art Thou, Lord? And the Lard said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest.


ix. 4, 5.

The mid-day

sun, with fiercest glare, Broods o'er the hazy, twinkling air Along the level sand The palm-tree's shade unwavering lies. Just as thy towers, Damascus, rise



yon wearied band.

The leader of that martial crew Seems bent some mighty deed to


So steadily he speeds. With lips firm clos'd and fixed eye,
Like warrior when the fight is nigh, Nor talk nor landscape heeds.

In Exodus xxxiii. 17, God says to Moses, " I know thee by meaning, " I bear especial favour towards thee." ; Thus our Saviour speaks to St. Thomas by name in the place

name "

here referred to.


is round him pour'd. Heaven's refulgent hoard In one rich glory shone ? One moment and to earth he falls What voice his inmost heart appals ? Voice heard by him alone.

What sudden
As though




For to the


rest both words and form lost in lightning and in storm, While Saul, in wakeful trance,


Sees deep within that dazzling field His persecuted Lord reveal' With keen yet pitying glance


hears the

meek upbraiding


As gently on his spirit fall, As if th' Almighty Son Were prisoner yet in this dark earth. Nor had proclaim'd His royal birth. Nor His great power begun.
" Ah wherefore persecut'st thou Me ? He heard and saw, and sought to free



His strain 'd eye from the sight But Heaven's high magic bound it there.


though untaught to bear

Th' insufferable Ught.


art Thou,


? "

he falters forth


" "

shall Sin ask of heaven At the last awful day.

and earth

When did we see Thee suffering nigh,^ And pass'd Thee with unheeding eye ?
" Great


of judgement, say



Ah little dream our Ustless What glorious presence they


While, in our noon of Ufe, To power or fame we rudely press. Christ is at hand, to scorn or bless, Christ suffers in our strife.


Matthew xxv, 44.

And though heaven gate long since have And our dear Lord in bliss repos'd,
High above mortal ken,


To every

ear in every land

(Though meek ears only understand)


speaks as


did then.

Ah wherefore persecute ye Me ? " 'Tis hard, ye so in love should be " With your own endless woe. " Know, though at God's right hand I " I feel each wound ye reckless give " To the least saint below.
" I in your care






ye should be bereft " Of waiting on your Lord. " The meanest offering ye can make " A drop of water for love's sake,^ " In Heaven, be sure, is stor'd."


O by those gentle tones and dear. When Thou hast stay'd our wild career.
Thou only hope

of souls,

us cast one look behind, But in the thought of Jesus find


every thought controls.


to Thy last Apostle's heart lightning glance did then impart Zeal's never-dying fire. So teach us on Thy shrine to lay Our hearts, and let them day by day Intenser blaze and higher.

as each mild and winning note (Like pulses that round harp-strings float When the full strain is o'er) Left lingering on his inward ear Music, that taught, as death drew near. Love's lesson more and more







x. 42.

So, as

we walk our


earthly round, the echo of that sound

Be in our memory stor'd " Christians behold your happy state : " Christ is in these, who round you wait " Make much of your dear Lord "


Blessed are the pure in heart

for they shall see God.



v. 8.

Bless'd are the pure in heart. For they shall see our God,


secret of the Lord is theirs. Their soul is Christ's abode.

Might mortal thought presume To guess an angel's lay. Such are the notes that echo through

The courts




Such the triumphal hymns

On Sion's Prince that wait, In high procession passing on Towards His temple-gate.


ye kings

—^bow down,

rulers of the earth This, this is He ; your Priest by grace. Your God and King by birth.


No pomp

of earthly guards Attends with sword and spear.
all-defying, dauntless look. Their monarch's way to clear

Yet are there more with Him Than all that are with you The armies of the highest Heaven, All righteous, good, and true.

Spotless their robes and pure, Dipp'd in the sea of light, That hides the unapproached shrine From men's and angels' sight.


His throne, thy bosom blest, O Mother undefil'd That throne, if aught beneath the



Beseems the

sinless child.

Lost in high thoughts, " whose son " The wondrous Babe might prove," Her guileless husband walks beside, Bearing the hallow'd dove ;

Meet emblem of His vow. Who, on this happy day.
His dove-Kke soul best sacrifice Did on God's altar lay.


But who

is he,

by years
his tears ?

Bow'd, but erect in heart. Whose prayers are struggling with " Lord, let me now depart.

hath Thy servant seen saving health, O Lord ; " 'Tis time that I depart in peace, " According to Thy word."

" "


Yet swells the pomp one more Comes forth to bless her God
: :


Full fourscore years,

meek widow, she Her heaven-ward way hath trod.

She who to earthly joys So long had given farewell.





Heaven on


Christ in His Israel.




Wide open from that hour The temple-gates are set,



the saints rejoicing there

The holy Child have met.


count His train to-day,

learn : child-Uke sires, meek maidens find. Where pride can nought discern.

And who may meet Him,

to the lowly soul doth Himself impart. And for His cradle and His throne Chooseth the pure in heart.




Wherefore of these men which have companied with its all the time that the Lord Jestts went in and out among us, beginning from the baptism of John, unto that same day that He was taken up from, us, must one be ordained to be a witness, with us of His



21, 22.

Who is God's chosen priest ? He, who on Christ stands waiting day and night, Who trac'd His holy steps, nor ever ceas'd. From Jordan banks to Bethphage height


His Cross poor men's eyes and hearts consent to bless To whom, for Christ, the world is loss

hath learn' d lowliness his Lord's cradle, patience from



both in agony

Hath seen Him and in glory and in both Own'd Him divine, and yielded, nothing loth. Body and soul, to live and die.
In witness of his Lord, In humble following of his Saviour dear This is the man to wield th' unearthly sword, Warring unharm'd with sin and fear.


But who can




Winning The

e'er suffice for this more than angels' task, or losing souls, Thy life-blood's price ? gift were too divine to ask,


But Thou hast made



dear promise to Thy Church and Bride, That Thou, on earth, wouldst aye with her endure. Till earth to Heaven be purified.

By Thy

Thou art her only spouse. Whose arm supports her, on Whose faithful Her persecuted head she meekly bows.
Sure pledge of her eternal


Thou, her unerring guide, Stayest her fainting steps along the wild Thy mark is on the bowers of lust and pride, That she may pass them undefil'd.



then, uncall'd

by Thee,

Dare touch Thy spouse. Thy very self below Or who dare count him summon'd worthily. Except Thine hand and seal he show ?

Where can Thy seal be found, But on the chosen seed, from age to age


Thine anointed heralds duly crown'd.

As kings and


Thy war





Then fearless walk we forth, Yet full of trembling. Messengers of God Our warrant sure, but doubting of our worth. By our own shame alike and glory aw'd.

Dread Searcher of the hearts, Thou who didst seal by Thy descending Dove Thy servant's choice, O help us in our parts. Else helpless found, to learn and teach Thy






And the Angel came in unto her, and said. Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee : blessed art thou among






Thou who

deign'st to sympathize

With all our frail and fleshly Maker yet Brother dear,

Forgive the too presumptuous thought, If, calming wayward grief, I sought To gaze on Thee too near.

Yet sure 'twas not presumption, Lord, 'Twas Thine own comfortable word That made the lesson known Of all the dearest bonds we prove, Thou countest sons' and mothers' love Most sacred, most Thine own.



wandering here a



Thou took'st on Thee to rescue man, Thou hadst no earthly sire That wedded love we prize so dear, As if our heaven and home were here.


Thee no


On no sweet sister's faithful breast Wouldst Thou Thine aching forehead On no kind brother lean But who, O perfect filial heart. E'er did like Thee a true son's part.



Endearing, firm, serene


Thou wept'st, meek maiden, mother mild. Thou wept'st upon thy sinless Child, Thy very heart was riven


what mourning matron here Would deem thy sorrows bought too dear By all on this side Heaven ?




A Son that never did amiss, That never shamed His Mother's kiss, Nor cross'd her fondest prayer E'en from the tree He deign'd to bow For her His agonized brow.

Her, His sole earthly care.

Ave Maria


blessM Maid


Lily of Eden's fragrant shade. Who can express the love That nurtur'd thee so pure and sweet, Making thy heart a shelter meet For Jesus' holy Dove ?


Ave Maria Mother blest. To whom, caressing and caress'd.

Clings the Eternal Child


Favour'd beyond Archangels' dream. When first on thee with tenderest gleam

Thy new-bom
Ave Maria

Saviour smil'd


thou whose name

All but adoring love




Yet may we reach thy shrine For He, thy Son and Saviour, vows To crown aU lowly lofty brows With love and joy like thine.



that bare

Him— bless'd


The bosom where His lips were press'd. But rather bless'd are they Who hear His word and keep it well. The living homes where Christ shall dwell,


never pass away.




xi. 27, 28.






And the contention was so sharp between them, thai they departed asunder one from the other. Acts xv. 39. Compare 2 Timothy iv. 11 Take Mark, and bring him with thee : for he is profitable to me for the ministry.


Oh On

who shall dare in this frail scene holiest happiest thoughts to lean,

On Friendship, Kindred, or on Love ? Since not Apostles' hands can clasp Each other in so firm a grasp. But they shall change and variance prove.
Yet deem

on such parting sad

dawn no welcome dear and

Divided in their earthly race, Together at the glorious goal,


Each leading many a rescu'd soul. The faithful champions shall embrace.
For e'en as those mysterious Four, Who the bright whirhng wheels upbore By Chebar in the fiery blast,^ So, on their tasks of love and praise The saints of God their several ways Right onward speed, yet join at last.

And sometimes
The Saviour

e'en beneath the moon gives a gracious boon, When reconciled Christians meet, And face to face, and heart to heart, High thoughts of holy love impart In silence meek, or converse sweet.


Companion of the Saints 'twas thine To taste that drop of peace divine. When the great soldier of thy Lord

Call'd thee to take his last farewell.

Teaching the Church with joy to tell The story of your love restor'd.


They turned not when they went


they went every one

straight forward.








then the glory and the bUss, all that pain'd or seem'd amiss Shall melt with earth and sin away When saints beneath their Saviour's eye, Fill'd with each other's company. Shall spend in love th' eternal day











Let the brother of low degree rejoice in that he is exalted St. James i. 9, 10. the rich, in that he is made low.


Dear is the morning gale of spring. And dear th' autumnal eve

But few

delights can




Poet's crown to weave.

Her bowers

are mute, her fountains dry, ever Fancy's wing Speeds from beneath her cloudless sky. To autumn or to spring.


the infant's waking smile. sweet the old man's rest But middle age by no fond wile. No soothing calm is blest.





the world's hot restless gleam She plies her weary task. While vainly for some pleasant dream Her wandering glances ask.
Still in


shame upon

thee, listless heart.

So sad a sigh to heave, As if thy Saviour had no part In thoughts, that make thee




along His lonesome way not borne for thee Sad languors through the summer day. Storms on the wintry sea.

He had







Youth's lightning-flash of joy secure Pass'd seldom o'er His spright, A well of serious thought and pure. Too deep for earthly light.



was His

—no fairy gleam
all is true.


He by




and bare what mortals dream.

To worlds where

Then grudge not thou the anguish keen Which makes thee like thy Lord,



learn to quit with eye serene youth's ideal hoard.

treasur'd hopes



and raptures high them go.

Which Christ

grieve the bliss should quickly fly disdain'd to know.

have joy

in sadness soon

The pure, cahn hope be thine. Which brightens, like the eastern moon, As day's wild Ughts decline.

by nature pitch'd too high. sufferings plimg'd too low. Meet in the Church's middle sky. Half way 'twixt joy and woe.



practise there the soothing lay That sorrow best relieves Thankful for all God takes away.


Humbled by




: 20 : Sweet thoughts are theirs. and noblest best Is his. 1 Having it. wisdom there. love to raise the languid eye. and now they shine 30 With rays of love divine. By trial taught your pain Here loving hearts. consolation. The son of BARNABAS a Levite. Through darkest nooks of this dull earth Pouring. The Church of Jesus . laid it Ads . The world's a room of sickness. endearing warmth around Mourners. Warm'd underneath They spread th' the Comforter's safe wing. and brought the money. —Acts iv. where cradled He lay. 37. sold at the Apostles' feet. speed here your broken hearts to bring. where Knows its own anguish and unrest The truest each heart art. who skills of comfort by the softest step and spirits gentlest tone Enfeebled like own. 36. BARNABAS 165 ST. such the love to His chosen taught for His dear widow'd Dove." land. their glow of " quiet mirth. that daily know The heavenly consolations they on you bestow. Of holy offerings timely paid. 'Twixt Prayer and watchful Love his heart dividing. Whom And When. and iv. : Here healing dews and balms abound Here are soft hands that cannot bless in vain. Such were the tender arms. In her sweet natal day.ST. an angel's wing. A nursing-father day and night. they feel him fleeting by : Feel only — ^for in silence gently gliding lo Fain would he shun both ear and sight. in showery times.^ Of fire from Heaven to bless their votive alms And passions on God's altar laid. The world to them is clos'd. that breathe serenest calms.

mark'd by God and man Their messages of love to bear. Only win double life They have but left our weary ways . Or lighten'd secretly by Love's endearing wiles : ! so Where'er one Levite in the temple keeps The watch-fire of his midnight prayer. More pleas'd upon his brightening road To wait. And how the spark ye lit. Sure. in Heaven by love and praise. .^ What though long since in Heaven your brows began genial amarant wreath to wear. the eyes of mourners steeps In heavenly balm. a Acts ix. as when in Jesus' roll They write some hero-soul. than if their own with all his radiance glow'd. of heavenly cheer. Or issuing thence. from heart to heart to clear the way : ^ For mutual love without alloy Never so blest. Yet in your sympathetic heart and our earthly griefs may ask and hope a part. their dearest joy Their next. 40 O happy spirits. xi. 27. The We Comfort's true sons amid the thoughts of down That strew your pillow of repose. BARNABAS : New hearts before their Saviour's feet to lay. Where'er the Cross is borne with smiles. 'tis one joy to muse. This is their first. that seem to die in earth's rude strife. —Acts Barnabas took him. And in th' eternal leisure of calm love Ye banquet there above. : To ^ live in memory here. 2. and brought him (Saul) to the Apostles. fresh gather'd there 60 Thus saints.166 ST. 22 xiii. Lives in our embers here. how ye unknown By sweet remembrance soothe our woes. .

in the blest could envy be. That favour'd seer but where shall he be found — ? lo seek in vain. her 20 own deep tones. he joys with thee To commune how a And faithful martyr dies. in her season of decay Church hath felt Elijah's eye Dart from the wild its piercing ray Not keener burns. in thine. Deathless himself. The Babe leaped in ' my womb for joy. In vain on Carmel's green and lonely mound By Cherith's side we : Angels no more On By Sinai soar. —Malachi iv. . JOHN BAPTIST'S DAY Behold. But wafted to her glorious place harmless fire. Who yet unborn 1 Didst guide our hope. JOHN BAPTIST'S DAY 167 ST. and the heart of the children to their fathers. among the ethereal thrones. Star of our mom. where Christ should rise. 6. in the chill morning sky. Whose torch afar fly. Luke i. His spirit with a dear embrace Thee the lov'd harbinger of Jesus owns. He would behold thy wounds with envious eyes. 44. St. Twice fallen The : The herald star. Shadows and boding night-birds Methinks we need him once again. 1 will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord : and he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children.ST. trace. 5. Well-pleas'd to view Her And likeness true. his celestial errands From bound.

JOHN BAPTIST'S DAY so from your jealous care such as Eden cannot know. John ill. St. So the whole world to Jesus throng ? Spirit. 14. sought ? By lonely prayer the haunted rocks among ? counts it gain i His light should wane. linger.^ That sons to parents. Her watch-fires light. twilight of the great and dreadful day. camp Where is the lore the Baptist taught. To turn the hearts of the fathers to the children. Luke i. but I must decrease. xii. 6. who the Church didst lend eagle wings. and not afar. to shelter in the wild. ere the Judge descend. Who Thou so Her We So glorious let Thy Pastors shine. since we see.^ pray Thee. He shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children. and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just . No anxious fear to damp Affection's glow. all to Thee may turn • " * He must Revelation increase. Love draws a cloud From -you to shroud Rebellion's mystery here below. then divine. . all bright and undefil'd. With flames like these. Ye pour for us your mingled prayer. resting Now For sinners. To guide aright Our weary souls by earth beguil'd. That by their speaking lives the world First filial may . St.168 ST. Malachi iv. The soul unswerving and the fearless tongue The much-enduring wisdom. till Elijah's car sleep ye ? rise Stoop from the clouds ? Ye heralds seal'd And The Why In Why and pray. 17. to make ready a people prepared for the Lord. learn eo duty. and the heart of the children to their fathers. *" Your or field Saviour's banner to display. 30.

61. for aye to burn. : He For He loves and weeps Have seal'd Thy welcome and his One look hves in him. 1 St.ST. the same night Thou thrice denied.^ Thy caU To win him to himself and Thee. At sight of Thee. The prayer — He loves and is belov'd again lo his soul choose but be at rest ? Sorrow hath fled away. and not alone his Aving'd thoughts are soaring high Where never yet frail heart was known To breathe in vain Affection's sigh. —Acts have brought him forth. ST. . 15-17. yet thrice beIov'd. ^ st. Can dearly loves. PETER'S xii. Luke xxii.i Watch by Thine own forgiven friend In sharpest perils faithful prov'd. and Pain Dares not invade the guarded nest. and endears Crosses —but more than tears — love : and wrongs where'er he rove 20 That gracious chiding look. Let his soul love Thee to the end. 6. DAY When Herod would Peter was sleeping. is heard else why so deep His slumber on the eve of death ? And wherefore smiles he in his sleep As one who drew celestial breath ? . Sweetening the sorrow of his fall Which else were rued too bitterly. PETER'S DAY 169 And ready In prove fires of love. John xxi.

— The unexpressive notes to hear Of angel song and angel motion. O'er life and death. 40 With brightening heart he bears it on. As in that solemn evening walk. ere His flight He take. its awful charm. He whose name is Good. Did His dear lambs and sheep commend. Glancing around his prison room But 'tis a gleam of heavenly light That fills up all the ample gloom.170 ST. PETER'S DAY . his native lake 30 Or haply to His vision wafts him back. Not Herod but an Angel leads. To his sweet home so nearly won. When to the bosom of His friend. He dreams he sees a lamp flash bright. He seems. . E'en through the veil of sleep it shines. The memory of that kindly glance The Angel watching by. His passport through the eternal gates. as by the door he waits. to talk With Jesus. divines And spares awhile his blissful trance. Which firm embrac'd with heart and arm. The Shepherd. Both bought and nourish'd with His blood : Then laid on him th' inverted tree. His dream is chang'd —the Tyrant's voice — so Calls to that last of glorious deeds But as he rises to rejoice. Rising and falling on the ear Like waves in Joy's unbounded ocean. Might cast o'er hope and memory.

eo Touch'd he upstarts his chains unbind Through darksome vault. 70 And follow Jesus out of sight. a bidden guest. His dizzy. Then from his cross to spring forgiven. and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with : but to sit on My right hand. ST. that in a few short years Deep through the chambers of the dead Shall pierce. — Then all himself. is not Mine to give. all joy and calm. My — Sit down and take thy fill of joy At God's right hand. up massy stair. St. the keys of Heaven. To wield a while in grey-hair'd might. JAMES' DAY 171 The flame. rightly now great Apostle readest all thy Saviour meant. Matthew xx. 23. doubting footsteps wind To freedom and cool moonlight air. Though for a while his hand forgo. " The first in shame and agony. ! O Thou " Seek ye to sit enthron'd by Me ? " Alas ye know not what ye ask. What time His grave yet gentle brow In sweet reproof on thee was bent. and on left. JAMES' DAY Ye shall drink indeed of My cup. Drink of the cup that cannot cloy. the martyr's palm. and dry the fount of tears. turns him to his task below The pastoral staff. " The lowest in the meanest task ! lo . Eat of the bread that cannot waste. Just as He it touch'd. Is waving o'er his dungeon-bed.ST. but it shall be given to them for whom it is prepared of My Father.

"— " Then be it so My cup receive. should Thy call. with Thee Watching some placid holy death." Take up the lesson. " Nor from the 'whelming waters shrink " " That o'er Me roll so dark and deep ? " " We can Thine are we. Thy lofty hope. " That they in Heaven may highest sit. suffer all — To do and Thy word 20 : " Only be Thou for ever nigh.172 ST. (This was just after the Transfiguration. — " I give it not by partial love Father's book are writ earth shall lowliest prove. 12. " In glory and in agony.i Stay Thou the too presumptuous flight Gently along the vale of tears Lead me from Tabor's sunbright steep. With thoughts of coming agony. dearest Lord. write it there.) — Man . " But in My " What names on so ever on the mount with Thee seem to soar in vision bright. If now and then allow'd. Thy welcome call. JAMKS' DAY " This can be ye ? and can ye drink " The cup that I in tears must steep. ! " Come where thou long hast stor'd thy all. ^Likewise shall also the Son of suffer of them. " Come see thy place prepar'd in Heaven. at last be given . Matthew xvii. that angels weave " For those next Me in glory plac'd. on my silent path. O my heart Thou Lord of meekness. " And of My woes baptismal taste " But for the crown. oh most happy. Let me not grudge a few short years With thee tow'rd Heaven to walk and weep If I : 40 Too happy. Thy lowly prayer." 1 St. Thine own meek self to me impart. Thy secret work of love to see But.

Since in the same bright glass we read The very life of things below. and such as we. Our mirror is a blessed book. . — Hold up thy mirror to the sun." Who — p. and to whom. it makes its condescending though celestial appeal. John i. Where out from each illumin'd page We see one glorious Image look All eyes to dazzle and engage. closest hides its lowly birth. we know. I saw thee under the fig-tree.ST. to note how a book of the description and the compass which we have represented Scripture to be. fixed upon us. 50. And thou shalt need an eagle's gaze. things than these. in every variety of persuasive form. 128. possesses this versatility of power . BARTHOLOMEW Jesus answered and said unto him. BARTHOLOMEW 173 ST. About his path. uniformly Miller's Bampion Lectures. that we ourselves. Because I said unto thee. Can doubt what spirit in thee dwells ? ' " The position before us is. lo The Son We Eye where'er we turn of God's word Ever upon us thy keen gaze Can all the depths of sin discern. and it shall paint as true The soft green of the vernal earth. Unravel every bosom's maze ! ' ! : 2o that has felt thy glance of dread Thrill through his heart's remotest cells. this eye. turn where we will. about his bed. of God : and that indeed see Him as He is. are the very persons whom Scripture speaks of. The point worthy of observation is. And each That small flower of bashful hue. : So perfectly the polish'd stone Gives back the glory of his rays Turn it. believest thou ? thou shalt see greater St. like that of a portrait. as men.

" And brightest angels to and fro " On messages of love shall glide " 'Twixt God above and Christ below. " Waits not for wonder or for sign.174 ST. not shame-fac'd or afraid. So did Nathanael. who so could scan His musings in the lonely shade . if right our feeble lays Take up the promise He reveal'd What . Israelite t' may 30 Bows down indeed adore the Nazarene. At once. The By its own And soon the read. of itself. who runs light the truth is seen. " To hear The knowledge thee that deep mystery. ! happy hours How ! We must not mar with earthly praise God's approving word hath seal'd Enough. so " Heaven to that gaze shall open wide. veil is rais'd . Which by his household fountain grew. impart. Where at noon-day his prayer he made To know God better than he knew. Owning Him God. own pleasant fig-tree's shade. that asks not sight. In waiting for the Lord he lov'd." . BARTHOLOMEW me ? " What word is this ? Whence know'st thou All wondering cries the humbled heart. " The child-like faith. things divine. " Believes. aright " Shall see things greater. guileless man. In his 40 Oh of heaven-ward thought richly crown'd ! how well improv'd In musing o'er the Law he taught. because it loves.

Hung hiding sun and star.^ Ood's witnesses. 7. that haunt the twilight vale . Were ye not fain to doubt how Faith could dwell Amid that dreary glare. the sav'd and lost. The nearest Heaven on earth. MATTHEW left all. and saw a publican. like mist uprais'd. ever-growing strengths await. MATTHEW 175 So still To the guileless man is blest. Then as ye turn'd your weary eye To the green earth and open sky. and followed Him. eo Him on his way to endless rest Fresh. in this world's citadel ? Say. 28. Free from rude care and mirth To whom some viewless teacher brings The secret lore of rural things. ST. . him all crooked paths are straight. And he rose up. a glorious host.ST. 27. And named St. ye holy maids. Ye hermits blest. Yet shall to him the still small voice. sitting at the receipt of custom : and He said unto him. That o'er some town. Mercies and judgements cry aloud. Follow Me. Levi. : in pity ye have gaz'd the wreath'd smoke afar. Who talk with God in shadowy glades. — Luke V. The moral of each fleeting cloud and gale. after these things He went forth.—Psafore Ixxxiv. when On lo ' They go from strength to strength. and fix'd his wavering choice. The whispers from above. Nearest and dearest ever sound. Compass him daily like a cloud Martyrs and seers. . That first into his bosom found A way.

As thronging In thought to wander. carry music in their heart Through dusky lane and wrangling mart. Plying their daily task with busier feet. First angel of His Church. and floods unceasing pour Of Christ's true riches o'er all time and space. Bade the meek Publican his gainful seat forsake 40 At once he rose. Nor can ye not delight to think ^ Where He vouchsaf'd to eat. 8. In vain. » St. and left his gold His treasure and his heart Transferr'd. MATTHEW But Love's a flower that will not die For lack of leafy screen. To where their gracious Lord. first steward of His Grace. in such brief rest cares afford. And Christian Hope can cheer the eye That ne'er saw vernal green Then be ye sure that Love can bless E'en in this crowded loneliness. With whom the melodies abide Of th' everlasting chime . 9. . Where ever-moving myriads seem to say. Spake. nor we to thee away .176 ST. beside yon breezy lake. Because their secret souls a holy strain repeat. where he shall safe behold Earth and her idols part While he beside his endless store Shall sit. to win proud Pharisees. Matthew ix. and was heard by fell disease ' But not in vain. Matthew ix. 20 — — There are in this loud stunning tide Of human care and crime. Who 30 How sweet to them. Go thou art naught to us. fancy-blest. 10. that the calling of Levi took place immediately after the healing of the paralytic in the presence of the Pharisees. How the Most Holy did not shrink From touch of sinner's meat 60 * It seems from St.

as if God was not there 70 ! ST. MICHAEL AND ALL ANGELS Are they not all ministering spirits. and scan The work of God untouch'd by man ? Shame on us. shall hide the eye of Till The Heaven. stars that round the Sun of righteousness In glorious order roll.way proud Are mantled with a golden cloud. These gracious shed Gospel light gloomiest cells. With harps for ever strung. As on some city's cheerless night lines On Mammon's tower. them. MICHAEL AND ALL ANGELS 177 What worldly hearts and hearts impure Went with Him thi-ough the rich man's door. Ye eagle spirits. who about us Babel bear. Faint warblers of this earth. ready to bless God for each rescued soul. 60 and dome. And view His least and worst with hope to meet above. that would combine Our trembling notes with your accepted lay." And oh e'en on Babel shine of Paradise. and homeward all. And Uve in Paradise. Ye Flush'd with victorious might. Should not their peace be peace divine. ! Ye Your amarant wreaths were earn'd . might have sped to keep high festival. Oh think of us to-day. and bridge. ! if Such gleams Who day by day arise To look on clearer heavens.ST. And to wise hearts this certain hope is given No mist that man may raise. that build in light divine. sent forth who shall be heirs of salvation ? Hebrews i. And revel in the light lo . That we might learn of Him lost souls to love. "' tide of sun-rise swells. — to minister for 14.

But meeting on our way. who used to soar 20 Diverse along all space in fiery flight. and that glorious night When ye. us. Ye tum'd to help us in th' unequal fray. Tired ere the fight begun. when lowest He : : Oh ! How highest favour'd of all Spirits create. and alone He fought But when His toils were o'er. whence Satan in despair Sunk down on scathed wing Alone He fasted. and may not here be found " ! . to still that bitterest groan. how dearly won : Remembering Bethlehem. In that first strife. fear and mightier joy weak hearts surprising. (If right of thee we deem) didst thou glide on brightening wing elate rising ! swell'd thine anthem's sound. Nor less your lay of triumph greeted fair Our Champion and your King. Were leaning from your golden thrones to know The secrets of that deep But clouds were on His sorrow one alone His agonizing call Summon'd from Heaven. your Eden's festal store. 30 Ye in th' abyss of woe plung'd to save His sheep. And comfort Him. the Comforter of all.178 ST. and made a sinner's child As if the stars should leave Their stations in the far ethereal wild. Ye to the sacred Hermit duteous brought Banquet and hymn. 40 too. To meet th' unclouded beam Of Jesus from the couch of darkness How With " Your God is risen. And round the sun a radiant circle weave. Came thronging to adore Your God new-born. MICHAEL AND ALL ANGELS weak worldlings. Remembering Whose we were.

179 Pass a few days. They Then to their charge all may us turn. that 70 : when around th' expiring world Our seraph guardians wait. That they who nearest stand Alway to God in Heaven." . And aU our angel friends to bring Thee on Thy way ! Oh jealous God ! how ? Since to Thy Httle ones is given such grace. Lord. 60 could a sinner dare Think on that dreadful day. heralding Messiah's conquering march. ere to ruin hurl'd. To wait around our path in weal or woe. Go forth at His command. and this dull darkling globe Must yield Him from her sight Brighter and brighter streams His glory-robe. Linger'd around His skirts two forms of fire : With us they stay'd. Set Thy baptismal seal upon our brow. MICHAEL AND ALL ANGELS . still and thankful see Thy mark upon And all their together rise.ward with enfolding wing Grant.ST. Then. While on her death-bed. As erst upon our King. She owns Thee. holy joy o'er contrite hearts fulfil ! so . 50 And He is lost in light. And waft us heaven. and reign with Thee. and see His face. high warning to impart " The Christ shall come again " E'en as He goes with the same human heart. Ye in innumerous choir Pour'd. all too late. when through yonder everlasting arch. " With the same godlike train. But that with all Thy wounds Thou wilt be there.

—Colossians . 11. together die. Turning our worst His own good way He — lo He only can the cause reveal. Demos Only Luke hath forsaken me. by whose sovereign hand E'en sinners for the evil day i Were made ^who rules the world He plann'd. — Two Two clouds before the summer gale : In equal race fleet o'er the sky flowers. : yea. greet you. . iv. No eye pursue their lawless starts Along their wild self-chosen maze. 4. and one in love. the other keep. 14. Brothers in blood and nurture too. LUKE Luke. the beloved physician. only. things for Himself Proverbs xvi. at the same fond bosom fed. 2 Tim. is with me. Heaven's clue One dwell in wrath. when wintry blasts assail. But two capricious human hearts No sage's rod may track their ways. .180 ST. 20 He only knows. 10. — The mystery for He can read of the wicked heart. and Demos. Taught in the self-same lap to kneel Till the same prayer were duly said. Aliens in heart so oft should prove One lose. having loved this present world. Why ' When The Lord vainly oft our arrows speed aim'd with most unerring art liath made all wicked for the day of evil. even the . Why. LUKE ST. Together pine. iv.

I count not myself to have apprehended." etc. watching by his side. how wanton change. 30 . be sure. And Demas. in. iv. Alike his love and greetings share Luke the belov'd. ^look in — — in his But only Luke Alas ! is with him now : that e'en the martyr's cell.. 7. souls so A Doubt we." Ch. 40 Pass a few years The saint is Save that He and his his once more bonds again hopes more boldly soar. " I know that I shall abide and continue with you all : . In the Epistle to the Philippians. And work some wonder Uttle meant. Heaven's very gate. on the sight should muse awhile. LUKE 18X While from some rude and powerless arm Shall light random shaft in season sent upon some lurking harm. iii. " I have finished my coiu-se.^ lot unchang'd remain.. nam'd in faltering prayer. his death is gain." Look ^ Two converts. In 2 Timothy. — — . i. Ch. and see Christ's chosen saint In triumph wear his Christ-like chain No fear lest he should swerve or faint " His Ufe is Christ. Leaving their own experienc'd rest? Need not around the world to range One narrow cell may teach us best. should scope allow For the false world's seducing spell. shelter all secure aisle. 21.ST. 13. the sick soul's guide. — 50 Nor deem our ^ E'en in the Church's hoUest " Philippians i. 8. 'Tis sad We but yet 'tis well. 25 .

" The Christian hymns are all in St.182 ST. since too oft frail The world yet wins some Demas E'en from thine arms. to the wandering sheep To tell of the great Shepherd's love To learn of mourners while they weep The music that makes mirth above . in life and death. and Nunc Dimittis. Be it vouchsaf'd thee still to Thy true. so ^ The Gospel of St. see cling. makes the Saviour all his theme. who follows Paul As Paul his Lord. The Gospel all his pride and praise Approach for thou canst feel the gleam That roxmd the martyr's death-bed plays : Who : Thou hast an ear for angels' songs. who wants the martyr's heart. ^ . . LUKE Vainly before the shrine he bends.^ A Ah ! dearest mother. which display God's mercy to peni- tent sinners. Benedictus. to breath the Gospel trump to fill. Who knows not the true pilgrim's part The martyr's cell no safety lends To him. Luke : the Magnificat. Luke abounds most in such passages as the parable of the lost sheep. Where'er an aching heart may call. And taught by thee the Church prolongs Her hymns of high thanksgiving still. Ready to speed and take no breath Whose joy is. But if there be. so kind and soft. May When thy tried comforts never faithless ones forsake fail thy wing. fond nurslings closer Cling closer to their Lord and thee.

but Jesus gone. ' JUDE which was once That ye should earnestly contend for delivered unto the saints. how tearful and alone. There she may weave her funeral wreath. Luke . John xix. Where He to shine in mercy meant 20 So evermore He deems His Name Best honour'd and His way prepar'd. Of pardon'd foes. to the disciple. JUDE 183 ST. St. and fills the holy place With records sweet of duties done. " be very anxious ' iirayaviteffOai. took her unto his own home. SIMON AND ST. in true accord Their soothing hymns for her to sing. lo The And as of old by two and two ^ His herald saints the Saviour sent To soften hearts Uke morning dew. SIMON AND ST. Jude 3. a friend in jeopardy. 27. Spirit of the dying Son Is there. x.ST. The widow'd Church is fain to rove ? at hand that loves the Lord ? ^ haste. The Cross in sight. And to her own sad music smile. and take her home. — the faith Seest thou. 1. — Mark vi. And drooping like a wounded dove. and cherish'd grace. and bring Thine household choir. is Who Make Soft on her fluttering heart shall breathe The fragrance of that genial isle." : for it " : " feel for it as for * Then saith He 7 . Behold thy mother disciple ! And from that hour that Si. St. » St. When watching by His altar-flame He sees His servants duly pair'd.

and foemen near. yet taught To bear the sight of dull decay. Joy's golden mean. And nurse it with all-pitying thought Cheerful as soaring lark. 40 These are the tones to brace and cheer The lonely watcher of the fold. Or if perchance a sadden'd heart That once was gay and felt the Cons slowly o'er its alter'd part. Comes 60 . He loves Is 30 Who in life's shadiest covert lie. Thy gracious care will send that way Some spirit full of glee. Fervent old age and youth serene. When visions fade and hearts grow cold.184 ST. Their high and low in concord set For sacred song. and mild As evening blackbird's full-ton'd lay. spring. And bids thee yet be bold and strong Fancy may die. when some clear soaring mind drawn by mutual piety To simple souls and unrefin'd. When the relenting sun has smil'd Bright through a whole December day. JUDE He loves when age and youth are met. SIMON AND ST. In sorrow and remorse to sing. How timely then a comrade's song floating on the mountain air. When nights are dark. but Faith is there.

21 So in Thine awful armoury. till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads. so The seal of glory won and pledge of promis'd rest. Waiting their summons to the sky. Revelation vll. Each lo Like weary men when age is won. and spotless shine On every brow in light divine The Cross by angel hands impress'd. nor the trees. in mercy stor'd. Till the last flower of autumn shed Her funeral odours on her dying bed. The Hghtnings of the judgement day Pause yet awhile.ALL SAINTS' DAY 185 ALL SAINTS' DAY Hurt not the earth. thou wintry wind. idly droops. and dark and still The shadows sleep on every slanting hill. half drawn on high. Their downward sweep a moment stay'd On ocean cove and forest glade. to thee resign'd. — Why And blow'st thou not. . Lord. Now every leaf is brown and sere. neither the sea. Of silvery haze. its duty done. 3. How quiet shows the woodland scene flower and tree. Such cahn old age as conscience pure And self-commanding hearts ensure. Content to live. Till willing hearts wear quite away Their earthly stains . Sure if our eyes were purg'd to trace God's unseen armies hovering round. We should behold by angels' grace The four strong winds of Heaven fast bound. Reposing in decay serene. The fading chaplet of the year ? Yet wears the pure aerial sky Her summer veil. but not afraid to die.

lighten'd of the world's misrule. Think ye the spires that glow so bright In front of yonder setting sun. And Faith may feed her eager view With wonders Sinai never knew. Gather'd long since at Jesus' feet. of Mercy. . From many a rural nook unthought of there. should pale sinners bear the sight. yoiu" task all praise and joy. 60 Short be your strife. those haughty souls empires own with bended knee. Ye soar those elder saints to meet. as Thy power is surely here. And. Together link'd by Heaven's decree As bloodhounds hush their baying wild To wanton with some fearless child.186 Little HOLY COMMUNION they dream. Your prayers and struggles o'er. No world of passions to destroy. « Stand by their own unshaken might ? No ^where th' upholding grace is won. in Jesus' name. HOLY COMMUNION O God How If. Rises for that proud world the saints' prevailing — prayer. What lowly fate their own controls. So Famine waits. and War with greedy eyes. ? Thine open glory should appear For now Thy people are allow'd To scale the mount and pierce the cloud. On Champions blest. Till every heart have caught your flame. Whom . God of Might. But sure from many a hidden dell. We dare not ask. Till some repenting heart be ready for the skies. nor Heaven would tell. your triumph full.

. 20 My mother Church ? and hear thee Of a world lost. yet lov'd so well. after the Son. so sweet the tone. . The precious words are all our own. To feel thy kind upholding arm. ^ 30 Hear them. Whispering it says to each apart. " Come unto Me." 2 Communion Confession. all that travail and are heavy laden. " So God loved the world. voice from Mercy's inmost shrine. Who can express the soothing charm. May take Him for his daily bread. that See the sentences in the He gave His only-begotten Service. by whom the angels live. His foe. kind Saviour hear Thy spouse Low at Thy feet renew her vows Thine own dear promise she would plead . His only Son for her would give ? 1 tell And doubt we A A yet ? Thou call'st again a sweeter strain . thou trembling heart " And we must hope. That man. " Come unto Me.HOLY COMMUNION Fresh from th' atoning sacrifice 187 The world's Creator bleeding lies. by whom He lo bled. — For us her true though ^ fallen seed." . That He. O " agony is When " It of wavering thought sinners first so near are brought my Maker My Saviour —dare stay —dare turn away I ? I ? " Thus while the storm is high within 'Twixt love of Christ and fear of sin. and I will refresh you. The very breath of Love divine. lower still.

Watching the tearful joy and calm. told witnesses of old. With words of blessing and of peace. • St. That Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.^ She pleads by Thy chosen 40 This.* " Thine Intercessor never dies. To the poor babe." The eye of Faith. Into the wavering heart descends : " What ? fall'n again ? yet cheerful rise. From Him who saw creation's mom. From realms of triumph or of rest. to hold it fast And when Thy drawn at last. dearest of Thy bosom Friends. and -worthy of all men to be received. Love's heralds sent to man forgiven. Lord. And with them every spirit blest." » " If any man sin. " Jesus Christ the righteous. Sweet awful hour ! oo the only sound gentle footstep gliding round. who died to-day. that waxes bright Each moment by Thine altar's light. Lifting on high th' adored Name : " Sinners to save. Let us depart where shadows cease. Of all Thine angels eldest born." ^ That. veil is Paul and St. John." . While sinners taste Thine heavenly balm. we have an Advocate with the Father. To the lost spirit brings reUef. One from the Cross. Offering by turns on Jesus' part The Cross to every hand and heart. Christ Jesus came. " This is a true saying. Take part in our thanksgiving lay. Sees them e'en now they still abide : so In mystery kneeling at our side . One Refresh us.188 HOLY COMMUNION all Thy mercies. and one from Heaven. of true Penitents the chief.

That precious sacrifice. where cradled lies. : A A few calm words of faith and prayer. that see the smihng gleam Upon the slmnbering features glow. With Jesus' mark impress'd To nurse for Jesus' sake : To whom Ye as if in hallow'd air knelt before some awful shrine His innocent gestures wear A meaning half divine : — 30 . few bright drops of holy dew. 'tis blood Out of a dear Friend's side. And the yoiuig soldier duly sworn With true and fearless mind To serve the Virgin-bom. But happiest ye. arms. sparkles in that lucid flood by gross mortals ey'd But seen by Faith. When the life-giving stream Touches the tender brow cross is ! 20 Or when the holy sign'd. springs O'er which th' eternal Dove Hovers on softest wings. for the Lord's embrace. What Is water.HOLY BAPTISM 189 HOLY BAPTISM Where is it mothers learn their love ? In every Church a fountain. Shall work a wonder there Earth's charmers never knew. who seal'd and blest Back to your arms your treasure take. The darling of His grace ! lo O happy And ready Blest eyes.

dream not. yet the heaven-taught mind learn the sacred air.190 CATECHISM By whom Love's daily touch is seen In strengthening form and freshening hue. Was not our Lord a little child. and aU The harmony imwind. Taught by degrees to pray. too. By father dear and mother mild Instructed day by day ? lo . heavenly notes To childish ears are vain. That the young mind at random And cannot reach the strain. Dim May And or unheard. Though in our frail embrace ? O tender gem. CATECHISM Oh ! say not. In the fix'd brow serene. floats. ! Sweet one. make haste and know Him Thine own adopting Father love. The deep yet eager view. Who taught thy pure and even breath ? 40 To come and go with such sweet grace Whence thy reposing Faith. and full of Heaven Not in the twilight stars on high. Not in moist flowers at even See we our God so nigh. That like thine earliest dew Thy dying sweets may prove. the words may fall.

Heard by some twilight grove : Yet He near us. What false or low. that cannot know ? some tones be Half the deep thought they breathe In His But own words we Christ adore. 30 Now if taught by cottage dames. Like spring-flowers in their best array. yet He owns their praise : Why should we think. as we speak. sages would have died to learn. He turns away From infants' simple lays ? And And . are all prayers beneath cries of babes. to survey These bright and order'd is files. Save that each Some What And But little voice in turn glorious truth proclaims. All silence and all smiles. To meet them in His daily walk. 191 And to His arms invite ? What though around His The In glory jubilant ? throne of choir fire everlasting chant 20 Be wafted from the seraph Yet stoops He. o'er children Higher above our meaning soar Than we weak : 40 yet His words mean more than they. angels. ever pleas'd to mark Our rude essays of love. Faint as the pipe of wakening lark.CATECHISM And lov'd He not of Heaven to talk With children in His sight.

and dew Turning the waste Thy people trod ! Draw. to the end. When beckon'd up the awful choir By pastoral hands. all mist above. As if the Dove that guides their flight Shook from her plumes a downy shower. So should Thy champions. Thy freshening Our fever'd brow in age to soothe. So. Seen deepest in the frozen stream : Such is their high courageous love. Breathe. Then to the desert breeze unroll'd. Thy seven-fold veil Between us and the fires of youth . By holy hands o'ershadow'd kneel. Steady and pure as stars that beam In middle heaven. Cheerly the waving pennons fly. While drooping paus'd twelve banners proud. ere the strife. They brood upon life's peaceful hour. fearless for their charmed life. Till He arise and lead the way. Holy Ghost. Spirit of 20 Now leading on the wars Now to green isles of shade might and sweetness too of God. gale. The hallow'd hour do Thou renew. lo Thy Spirit's seal. And soft as pure. Bear. toward Thee we drew 30 . Holy Ghost.192 CONFIRMATION CONFIRMATION The shadow Calm on the of th' Almighty's cloud tents of Israel lay. Lion or eagle each bright fold A — lodestar to a warrior's eye. and warm as bright. And oft as sin and sorrow tire.

with Thine altar full in view. With even matron pace . And scaring with base wild-fire light Ill 20 The sacred nuptial hall. Felt Thee how strong. all chaste and kind desires. Thy votaries would enthrall To a foul dream. far other fires. O'er-shadowing all the weary land. deep mysterious fear Half of the heart will still employ. though soft as dew And free as air it fall. There A We th' heart-searching eye In rapture as in pain . : cower before lo fare the lay. to our frail desires. What cost us once so dear. of heathen night. That. Forbidding. till Thou be nigh. E'en wedded Love. As if we drew too near To Eden's portal.MATRIMONY trembling at the sacred rail hid our eyes and held our breath. And leaves her woodnote wildj and sings A tun'd and measur'd strain. Our marriage-offering grace Welcome. And long'd to own Thee to the death. and those fires That bicker round in wavy spires. Lifting her torch in Love's despite. 193 When We For ever on our souls be trae'd That blessing dear. Far other strains. that dove-like hand. The breath of Heaven beneath her wings. our hearts how frail. A sheltering rock in Memory's waste. Dares not believe her gain Then in the air she fearless springs. « MATRIMONY is an awe in mortals' joy.

Then leaves ye kneeling. . shed Of old on Isaac's nuptial bed. band. Of converse high. Which only souls in sufferings tried : Bear to their suffering bretlSen's side. — : ^for Him no need : earth. Of Heaven and earth beneath. ye duteous lay. Now on the board before ye spread Of our all-bounteous King. so VISITATION AND COMMUNION OF THE SICK Youth and Joy. hand in hand. nor turn away From the pure shrine. Farewell for one short life we part 1 rather woo the soothing art. where Christ to-day Will store each flower. your airy tread Too lightly springs by Sorrow's bed. on 40 He who clasps the marriage And fits the spousal ring. Too restless for a sick man's sight. Are yours. Your keen eye-glances are too bright. the heavenly seed comfort in His eye we read For bridal joy and fear.194 VISITATION AND COMMUNION OF THE SICK ! Approaching down the hallow'd aisle Where should ye seek Love's perfect smile. For an eternal wreath. He own'd no self No To Yet 'Tis waits to bless you here ? nuptial vow. but on His benignest brow. Only kneel on. Out of His stores to bring His Father's dearest blessing. But where your prayers were learn'd erewhile. and sacred home. All blessings of the breast and womb. bower to Fancy dear Love's very nurse. in life and death. Who Living. In her so own native place ? Where.

till 20 With her pale eye glow joy. And each calm feature. Thine is the key-note of our strain. lo How sweet with thee to : lift the latch. the farewell word is. Such have I seen and while they pour'd Their hearts in every contrite word. I : " : All mourners. ready for her last abode pale form like a lily show'd. silently. : . thy glorious Creed. and when we cease To pray. wild health can never know. Where Faith has kept her midnight watch. ere we read. Where fix'd. " Peace.VISITATION AND COMMUNION OF THE learn that gentle spell SICK ? 195 Where may we Mother of Martyrs. sate and talk'd of Jesus' death. If e'er we charm a soul in pain. Whose tears from age to age are shed O'er sainted sons untimely dead. Smiling on woe with thee to kneel. and snowy vest. and plate. We ate and drank then calmly blest. Chalice. We 40 Once more Was And The the silent room I came veil'd in sadly-soothing gloom. She listens." : 30 came again the place was bright With something of celestial light "— A simple Altar by the bed For high Communion meetly spread. Speaks. as if one prayer could heal. who didst watch thy dying Spouse With pierced hands and bleeding brows. thou canst tell Thou. one with dying breath. How have I rather long'd to kneel And ask of them sweet pardon's seal How bless'd the heavenly music brought By thee to aid my faltering thought " Peace " ere we kneel.

let some graceful arch be there With wreathed mulUons proud. haunt us. We to the lonesome world again. . Young man. Arise. — Who says. Weep not. the wan autumnal sun Beams with too faint a smile To light up nature's face again. 14. 13. Yet mindful of th' unearthly strain Practis'd with you at Eden's door. As though beneath an April . With thoughts Waft him. thou of spring the heart beguile ? soft September breeze. Ye so With whom we shar'd the cup of grace. By virgin fingers duly spread. reddening ere they gently lay And fall. BURIAL OF THE DEAD And when the Lmd saw her. He had compassion on her. though the year be on the wane. Where bright leaves. With burnish'd ivy for its screen. O soothe us. To be sung on. St. OF THE DEAD fled. Luke vii. And He cartw and touched the bier : and they thai bare him stood still. And. gentle Spirits far away.196 BURIAL. him down Within some circling woodland wall. night and day. And priz'd for love of summer The light from those soft-smiling eyes Had fleeted to its parent skies. lo Wave And gaily o'er the waters brown. I say unto thee. And moss. where Angels soar. that glows as fresh and green cloud. and said unto her. Then parted ye to Christ's embrace. With blended voices evermore. And He said.

BURIAL OF THE DEAD 197 says the widow's heart must break. Nor wake. A Yet is the voice of comfort heard. But all is still. that sound widow o'er her only son. ! How —O heart bereft. Which e'en beside that mournful bier Whence parents' eyes would hopeless shrink. by some church-yard gate. and die no more. 'twixt hope and fear. new earth. And such the tones of love. E'en such an awful soothing calm We sometimes see alight On Christian mourners. which break stillness of that hour. FeeUng more bitterly alone For friends that press officious round. . Quelling th' embitter'd spirit's strife " The Resurrection and the Life " beUeve. Answering its call we gladlier rest Our darlings on earth's quiet breast. Who The A 20 Bids weep no more strange. The swelling bosom dares not sigh." I The Am : io Unchang'd that voice and though not yet The dead sit up and speak. Their 30 summons to the holy rite. while they wait In silence. imtil new heaven. Meet for their new immortal birth For their abiding-place be made. For Christ hath touch' d the bier The bearers wait with wondering eye. And our hearts feel they must not break. M . childless mother sink ? kinder truer voice I hear. — Far better they should sleep awhile Within the Church's shade. to thee.

in faith to muse How grows in Paradise our store. Then cheerly to your work again With hearts new-brac'd and set To run. ye mourners. love's blessM race. ! O . : on earth spouse with all a daughter's heart. as ye watch life's falling leaf. To the great Father hfts her pale glad eye." lO Fresh from the perilous birth. and form for Heaven Each passionate wish and dream to dear affection given. Through prayer unto the tomb. by smile and wing More exquisitely bland Here let him speed to-day this hallow'd air Is fragrant with a mother's first and fondest prayer. CHURCHING OF WOMEN Is there. richer incense breathes No " A what a treasure of sweet thought Is here what hope and joy and love All in one tender bosom brought.198 CHURCHING OF WOMEN Than wander back On our frail to life. and lean love once more. cheerly on. Still. as year by year we lose Friends out of sight. As meet for those. untir'd. For the all-gracious Dove To brood o'er silently. who face to face Over the grave their Lord have met. Like a reviving flower when storms are hush'd on high. 'Tis sweet. in bowers of endless spring. Gathering from every loss and grief Hope of new spring and endless home. Then pass. One known from all the seraph band By softer voice. ! : Only let Heaven her fire impart.

by the unexpressive smile. To bear the joy help. as otherwhile. High o'er the echoing nave. too keenly blest. Or coldly proud. She lingers in the porch for grief and fear. The white-rob'd priest. xiii.COMMINATION Her fluttering heart. Sees Thee by faith on Mary's breast. that made A Heaven on earth around the couch where Thou We — ! ! wast laid ! 30 COMMINATION The prayers are o'er long. Hke breeze from mountain cave. but she leans on Thee. the rubric (as it last review) directs that she be decently ap- i. i. c. 1 " When the woman comes was altered at the parelled. to this office. Would sicken. are too weak. That wak'd Thy natal morn Help. Virgin-born By Thine own mother's first caress. Lo. 3. Up to the Altar's northern side swell'st Thou ?— : mourner's tale of shame and sad decay Keeps back our glorious sacrifice to-day A The widow'd Spouse of Christ with ashes crown' d.." custom and order was formerly. : why slumberest thou so Why voice of sacred song ? thou not. : Keeping her penance drear. And breathes serene and free. sect. . when Thou dost bless. with a white Wheatly on the Common Prayer.e. 10 Her Christmas robes unbound. to her alter'd eye the Law's stern fires are O is it lent. as the covering or veil. naught to you ? that idly gay. ye turn away ? But if her warning tears in vain be spent. to guide. 199 20 Slight tremblings only of her veil declare 1 Soft answers duly whisper'd to each soothing prayer.

. And who can blame the mother's fond affright. Smiling he turns and spreads his Uttle wing. " torn. whose tones of old 20 Forgiveness only told. She bares her tender breast. that on mount Ebal rang.^ Who sporting on some giddy height Her infant sees. There to glide home. Alluding to a beautiful anecdote in the Greek Anthology. 133. and stain The glory of the Cross.200 COMMINATION Each awful curse. by the judge within Absolv'd. 40 heavy laden soul kneel down and hear Thy penance in calm fear With thine own lips to sentence all thy sin ! : O Then. there safely cling. too early scap'd the nest. ed. See Pleasures of Memory. i. forgiven and cheer'd in vain. and springs with hurried hand To snatch the rover from the dangerous strand ? _ surer than all words the silent spell (So Grecian legends tell) When to her bird. But ye perchance : Your God Till Are deeper plung'd in sorrow's trance forgives. So softly falls the lay in fear and wrath begun. But so Wayward and blast. is past The rod of discipUne. but ye no comfort take ye have scourg'd the sins that in your conscience : ache. So yearns our mother o'er each truant son. 180. spoil'd she knows ye : the keen That brac'd her youth. Nor on remorseful thoughts to brood. p. the robe of shame She bears them in your name Only return and love. Peals with a direr clang Out of that silver trump. Jacobs. in thankful sacrifice to part For ever with thy sullen heart.

or when the fires of war Come lightening round our course. And loves thy sacred mirth When storms are high. The shower of moonlight Upon the desert falls as still and clear main. In whose sweet presence Sorrow dares not lower. I mill be with ihee. far away. Pledge of the untir'd arm and eye that cannot .FORMS OF PRAYER TO BE USED AT SEA 201 FORMS OF PRAYER TO BE USED AT SEA When Isaiah thou passest through the waters. Nor Expectation rise Too high for earth what mother's heart could spare 30 To the cold cheerless deep Her flower and hope ? but Thou art with him there. : art here with thy soft inland tones. o'er the brightening billow streams unfurl'd. 2.^— xliii. Mother of our new birth lo The lonely ocean learns thy orisons. To solace and relieve Some heart too weary of the restless world . : As where sweet flowers some pastoral garden cheer With fragrance after rain The wild winds rustle in the piping shrouds. Or when a comrade dies. Like flower-leaves in a precious volume stor'd. the homesick seaman's hoard. Thou too Far. Thou breath'st a note like music from afar. Tempering rude hearts with calm angelic force. kindly soothing in high Victory's hour. Thy fragrant tokens hve. O sleep : Ha . beneath the shadowy clouds The yielding waters darken in the breeze. As in the quivering trees Like summer fields. 20 That Or like thy sabbath Cross. Whatever gale the labouring vessel toss.

night her sorrows fall By day and Where miscreant hands and rude Have stain'd her pure ethereal pall With many a martyr's blood. Acts xxiii. She mourns that tender hearts should bend And upon Before a meaner shrine. And there was no more sea. Each in his coral cave. 11. — Me must thou bear Beneath the burning eastern sky : The Cross was rais'd at morn The widow'd Church to weep stood by.^ unchanging orbs of 40 GUNPOWDER TREASON in Jerusalem. evermore By We know the lonely Spouse the dear mark her Saviour bore Trae'd on her patient brows.202 GUNPOWDER TREASON The eye that watches o'er wild Ocean's dead. Fondly as if the green turf wrapt his head Fast by his Father's grave. sea. to hate and scorn. and the seeds of life shall spring Out of the waste abyss. gold. . At Rome she wears as of old hill lo Upon th' accursed clad in By monarchs gems and She goes a mourner still. The world. it. Saint or Angel spend That love that should be thine. * 20 1. Revelation xxi. Now. journeying westward. One moment. And happy warriors triumph with their King In worlds without a bhss. so As thou hast testified of witness also at Rome.

That on His altar-throne Highest exalt thy glorious Lord. . come and pour Into her bosom all thy care.GUNPOWDER TREASON And yearns not her parental heart. That show'd the righteous suffering still Upon If th' eternal shore. and find What they had deem'd her genial wing Was Error's soothing blind. For she has balm in store. Upon whose doubting way Bewildering shadows apart rise ? Who to her side in peace would cling. in hours of gloom. But She treasures up each throbbing prayer Come. With the If thou hast lov'd. with thy heart the strains accord. fear to wake. th' eternal Priest Will His true self impart. 203 To hear their secret sighs. are near. Dream on the soothing dream at will The lurid mist is o'er. : so Her gentle teaching sweetly blends clear light of Truth Th' aerial gleam that Fancy lends To solemn thoughts in youth. in the heart so in the hands. 40 To dream the dead And people all the lonely room With guardian spirits dear. O come As to our Communion Feast There present. trembler. Yet leave Him most thine own .

suffering thankworthy. Peter ii. shades impervious to the proud world's glare. : . Speak gently of our sister's fall Who knows but gentle love May win her at our patient call The surer way to prove ? KING CHARLES THE MARTYR This is grief. Though in our sight no powers of darkness bow ! Before th' Apostles' glorious company The Martyrs' noble army still is ours. if a man for conscience toward 1 St.204 KING CHARLES THE MARTYR Thus. — God endure Praise to our pardoning God though silent now The thunders of the deep prophetic sky. And lo : Yes wheresoe'er one trace of thee is found. Lone battle-field. and warning thou mayst learn From aU that tempts thee there. Far in the North our fallen days have seen How in her woe the tenderest spirit towers For Jesus' sake in agony serene. When for an elder's shame the tears Of wakeful anguish flow. ! And O by all the pangs and fears Fraternal spirits know. or crumbling prison hall. the shadows fall With beating hearts we roam the haunted ground. Praise to our God ! not cottage hearths alone. should thy soul misgiving turn Solace Back to th' enchanted air. 19. Such witness yield a monarch from his throne Springs to his Cross and finds his glory there. As in the Sacred Land. wrongfully.

. Calls us. Over the self-same lines to bend. like thee. and pour Thy heart with hers in some victorious psalm. after the Service was done. to His dear feet to cling. our royal Saint thy memory rests On many a prayer. Our own. And bury in His wounds our earthly fears. For thee she offers her maternal tears. And well did she thy loyal love repay When all forsook. Whose widow'd walk with thought of thee is cheer'd. Straight to the Cross she turn'd thy dying eye. Matthew. 131. her Angels still were nigh. which the King was much affected with. so aptly serving as a seasonable preparation for his death that day. ' May it please your Gracious Majesty. The Angels hear.KING CHARLES THE MARTYR 205 And there are aching solitary breasts. 40 ^ " His Majesty then bade him (Mr. and there is mirth in Heaven. And at their Saviour's knees thy bright example own. For thou didst love to trace her daily lore. when spirits won Like thee to patient Faith. Oft in her solemn hours we dream thee nigh. which relateth : . the more for thee endear'd. Nurs'd in her aisles to more than kingly thought. early taught With her to worship and for her to die. before the Martyrs' King. And where we look for comfort or for calm. shall rise forgiven. being so applicable to his present condition ? The Bishop replied.^ And yearly now. asked the Bishop. Herbert) withdraw for he was about an hour in private with the Bishop (Juxon) and and reading also being called in. The King. the Bishop went to prayer the 27th chapter of the Gospel of St. 30 Chain'd and bereft. as appears by the Kalendar ' . . Fit prelude of the joy. and on thy funeral way." Herbert's Memoirs. p. it is the proper lesson for the day. if he had made choice of that chapter. 20 : True son of our dear Mother. the passion of our Blessed Saviour.

pp. . The while round altar. who through the tomb Into high glory pass'd : When Such were the Ughts and such the strains. Oxford. 2 whose mild persuasive voice Taught us in trials to rejoice. Tokens of Him. 34. For with that triumph seem'd to float Far on the breeze one dirge-like note Of orphanhood and loss. niche. Sleeps in the silent aisles no more The breath of sacred song. and The funeral evergreens entwine. 1806. » Read Fell's Life of Hammond. Father and King. And clearer rays surround O for one hour of prayer like thine. Or deepening rolls along ^ . That by some ruin'd homestead builds. . But by the rising Saviour's light Awaken'd soars in airy flight. lo The brighter for their hues of gloom. shrine. 283-296. that 2 Sam. xix. ? 20 To plead before th' all-ruling shrine lost For Britain and found ! And he. the King unto Jerusalem ? — As when the Paschal week is o'er. How long have I to live.206 THE RESTORATION OF THE ROYAL FAMILY THE RESTORATION OF THE ROYAL FAMILY And Barzillai I should go up with said unto the King. O where art thou A greener wreath adorns thy brow. And a dark brilUance cast. Most like a faithful dove. And 1 pours to the forsaken fields His wonted lay of love : 30 : The organ is silent in many Churches during Passion week and in some it is the custom to put up evergreen boughs at Easter as well as at Christmas time. proudly stream'd o'er Ocean plains Our own returning Cross .

Yes. And waken Joshua's spear of flame To victory on the mountains green. and guide th' exulting heart ? A hand that cannot spare Lies heavy on his gentle breast 207 Why To Uft We wish him health . with airs divine The wandering heart to seize Whispering. my native Land Her royal offering brings. dear placid spright. With thee for ever dwell. Upon the Altar lays the Crown. And spreads her robes of old renown Before the King of Kings. They greet us with a cheering thrill Of power and comfort in decay. 50 THE ACCESSION As I was thee. And Heaven accepts the prayer. 40 whene'er with duteous hand. Be some kind spirit. Till then. When Kings or Parents pass away. go in peace. Its trumpet tones are sounding still. Year after year. Joshua i. 5. We need not grudge thee to the skies. likest thine. he sighs for rest. but would we store aright Thy serious sweet farewell. " How long hast thou to Uve.THE ACCESSION comes he not to bear his part. — : I will not fail voice that from the glory came tell how Moses died imseen. " That thou shouldst Hope or Fancy give " To flowers or crowns like these ? " . with Moses. Sure after thee in time to rise. so I will be with thee nor forsake thee. The To . 111 spar'd . Ever at hand.

while pageants glare " Around ^the Cross supports them all. lo wistful gaze is oft allow'd glimpse of the unchanging sky : Let storm and darkness do their worst For the lost dream the heart may ache. True Might and ever-present Love. Who could endure a crown ? but He. The heart may ache. Our A One rock amid the weltering floods. " I ne'er will leave thee nor forsake." . Lo here the fountain to imbue 40 With strength and hope your feeble dust. One torch in a tempestuous night.208 THE ACCESSION Behind the soft bright summer cloud That makes such haste to melt and die. " Sad lonely dreams in crowded hall. One changeless pine in fading woods Such is the thought of Love and Might. Far in the nameless mountain cove Each pastoral heart thy bounty knows. who in place of shepherds true Come trembling to their awful trust. " Lean on Me " Thy days of toil. : 20 And Sorrow her keen sting would prove On Monarchs orphan'd and alone. In that lorn hour and desolate. to whisper. " Darkness within. When Death is busy near the throne. Who singly bore the world's sad weight. Not upon Kings or Priests alone The power of that dear word is spent It chants to all in softest tone The lowly lesson of Content Heaven's hght is pour'd on high and low To high and low Heaven's Angel spake " Resign thee to thy weal or woe. Is near." : 30 — Promise of undying Love While Monarchs seek thee for repose. thy nights of care. ! O Ye. but may not burst Heaven will not leave thee nor forsake.

the Congregation shall be desired. o'er She weighs and numbers and o'er To Love's treasure hid in her fond breast.ORDINATION 209 ORDINATION After this. slowly through the hallow' d air spreading cloud of incense soar'd. After which shall be sung or said by the Bishop (the persons to be ordained Priests all kneeling) " Veni. cuU from that exhaustless store The dearest blessing and the best ? shall Mother's And where With bosom find. Lord. there was silence in Revelation viii. Holy Ghost." Rise floating on its dove-like way. Charg'd with the breath of Israel's prayer. When And And Is it the last wondrous seal unclos'd. prayer so sweetly to her mind. to make their humble supplications to God for all these things : for the which prayers there shall be silence kept for a space. A Is deep love-learned skill. — 'TwAs The Thy temple. in this sacred hour and stiU. 1. all its 20 wafted from the white-rob'd choir. silence in When 'Twas silence round Thy throne on high. this deep pause. Heaven about the space of half an hour. ^ When he had opened the seventh seal. As." Rubric in the Office for Ordering of Priests.^ in the portals of the sky Thine armies awfully repos'd. our souls inspire. Ere yet the pure high-breathed lay. . that o'er us Is hovering comes it not of — now Thee ? lo not Hke a Mother's vow. secretly in their prayers. " Come. Creator Spiritus. When with her darling on her knee.

Spirit of Christ — 3i Oft as at morn or soothing eve Over the Holy Fount they lean. Thine earnest given That these our prayers are heard. not to th' entranced ear own heart-cheering call. When Passion's storms are loud and high. so deep and clear seems Less than Thine strain.210 ORDINATION And when The It it comes. so And wake come ever near. Their pastoral warfare guide Thou well. Come . the sword of Heaven. and they. ! And brooding o'er remember'd sin dies The heart down —O mightiest then. Spirit of Counsel and of Might. mists hang wide o'er moor and fell. their slumbering love again. Shall feel Thee on their weary way. Spirit of Light and Truth ! to Thee trust them in that musing hour. with open heart and all free. Their fading garland freshly weave. And O when worn and tir'd they sigh With that more fearful war within. We Till they. When foemen watch And their tents by night. Spirit of God's most holy Fear ! ever true. this hour. Who grasp. 40 Teach Thy word in all its power. so soft the melting fall. Or fan them with Thine airs serene.

Could I but teach the hundredth part Of what from thee I learn. O I Wordsworth. dearest boy my heart For better lore would seldom yearn.LYRA INNOCENTIUM THOUGHTS IN VERSE ON CHRISTIAN CHILDREN THEIR WAYS AND THEIR PRIVILEGES ' Jesus called a little child unto Him. ." dearest. and set him in the midst of them. Anecdote Jor Fathers.

: . and others who are much employed about Children.ADVERTISEMENT TO ORIGINAL EDITION According to the first idea of this Uttle work. with the subject of the Poem. the Day to which it was meant to be adapted. it would have proved a sort of Christian Year for Teachers and Nurses. By degrees it has taken a different shape but it was thought advisable in the Table of Contents to mention in many instances.

who laid one hand the Lyre of Innocence. While the other. who love upon their knees To linger when their prayers are said. There are. Not as dim-seen through prison-bars. Where underneath Thy Cross they he. O had we kept entire the vow And covenant of our infant eyes. Else wherefore bid us hope and pray ? . : there were. And higher waft these earth-bound prayers. What if Upon Beckoned foul shapes. Have rent the bowers that o'er them wave. to whom the gay green earth Might seem a mournful penance cave For they have marr'd their holy birth. ! 213 . who gazing on the stars Love-tokens read from worlds of light. in dream intense Of earthly Passion ? Whoso reads. We too might trace untrembling now Glad lessons in the moonlight skies. over sea and land. And lengthen out their Litanies. and pour A That much it needs) deep heart-prayer (O lies may be his hope no more. gently glide.TO ALL FRIENDLY READERS There are. ! There are. Thou. of an Love the Source and Guide O may some hovering thought of theirs. But as with Angels' welcome bright. In duteous care for quick and dead. even to such as I. Where I am kneeling. Mark me a place Thy Mercy's ray Is healing. In pity kneel for him.

: : Nor from thy Mother's shadow stray . in Love We own all Churches." : . of Saints in Heaven above. Guard. . by sin and shame that he Left on his soul. as of old. in Christ's power. and are owned. . 8. our lonely tents Till. Feb. " Stay God chooses for thee seal His choice. ' Let us depart then fear to roam. by chastenings keen. That he may guide them. . 1846. that ask to see Their way in our dim twilight hour His lips so purged with penance-fire. The harps that hail His Bride enthroned From wayward touch of hands tinclean.214 TO ALL FRIENDLY READERS Pray that the mist. And with no faint nor erring voice May to the wanderer whisper. Pray Him to save. ' Pray that the Prayer of Innocents On Earth. may fleet A true and timely word may frame For weary hearts. For sure thine holy Mother's shade Rests yet upon thine ancient home No voice from Heaven hath clearly said. Along the path of their desire . . as one Faith is ours.

19. . and Once in His Name Who made thee. Name it in dewy morning. Yet in sharp hours of trial The mighty seal must needs be prov'd Dread Spirits wait in stern espial But name thou still the Name belov'd. the Name is One : Henceforth no evil dream befall thee. When duly for the world's keen 215 fray 20 With prayer and vow thy soul adorning. Once in His Name Who died for thee. : : lO Name it with heart untainted. dear child. we call thee . Lips fragrant from their early vow. Now is thy heavenly rest begun. xxviii. We plunge thee in Love's boundless sea. Thou in thy bower salut'st the day. Ere Shame have dyed the willing brow. Matthew of the Father.I HOLY BAPTISM 1 THE MOST HOLY NAME Baptizing them in the of the Holy Ghost. Ere Conscience yet have swerved or fainted. Christian. Threefold the Bath. and of the Son. — Name St. Once in His Name Who lives to aid thee.

the life-giving holy Dove Upon the wateri? gently move. Upon thy death-bed name it So may'st thou chase th' infernal horde. When toward the East our awful greetings Are wafted ere our Lord appear. " Let there be Light. God on the first day spake in might. gently. Thrice Holy. One Almighty Lord. Celestial fruit to bear. 'Mid chanted anthems grave and clear. . So o'er the Font enhghtening grace As surely beams from Jesus' face. Thou sink'st to sleep O see thou claim That saving Name upon thy knees. So learn with Angels to proclaim it." and there was Light. it- Name it in solemn meetings. dark and wild. the wondrous birth declare Of Earth and Heaven so vast and fair Yet whensoe'er to Love's pure spring Who may ? A helpless Little One they Those wonders o'er again we see In saving mystery. 11. 2 NEW CREATION He hath set the world in their heart. And power impart. —Ecclesiastes bring. All in the unregenerate child Is void and formless. As when in Jordan's wave He bow'd Beneath the hovering cloud. iii. When — . like a wearied breeze.216 HOLY BAPTISM In quiet evening name it. soft brooding Till 10 there.

earth-defiled. When from the earth He bade thee rise : 40 To greet Him in the skies. was given. Moulded. Christ in the Font became our Noon. And the soft moon. whose chaste cold ray Tells tidings of a purer day. Inspired. For then the sun and stars were born. From tossings of the world's rude In vernal peace to be. Christian Child. the last in place. the cold dull clay. sea.HOLY BAPTISM The second day. dear babe. Thee. Dread in its deeps of untold grace. In watery deeps and deeps of Heaven Such gift to thee. The sixth dread day. The Holy Church. awful image of the All-good. To the fifth dawn and eve belong Motion and Ufe. Reserv'd in yon ethereal well. and flight and song. that we might hide In His love-pierced side. at eve. That one atoning day renew'd For the whole world the fontal wave To each apart the glory gave. With herb and flower the green earth smil'd : : So art thou rescued. 30 Bright rose the fourth triumphal morn. at morn. Renewed us. Faith to revive upon her way. Washing us clean. Hope's weary thirst allay ? The third day dawn'd at His command The rushing waters left the land. our Moon. : so . the quickening ray The same sad morn and evening mild . God stored on high The dewy treasures of the sky : 217 20 And who the pure glad drops may tell.

10 On his soul together rise. Where the freshest waters fell In an ever-living well.218 HOLY BAPTISM Thus in each day of toil we read Tokens of joy to Saints decreed. shall give His Angels charge concerning thee. Who in your own Seraphs' arms Here are wafted. Whoso of those springs would draw. Each beneath the soft bright wing Seem'd a tender babe to bring. and seal'd. Starhght keen and dark blue skies. Perchance to wake in Heaven ! 60 GUARDIAN ANGELS He iv." " In the flowery sweet spring-tide I beheld a sparkling stream. the margin breath'd and bloom'd Flowers from Eden far below Gems from Heaven the sides illum'd But nor flower nor gem might show Half so fair as your soft charms. and wash'd. in pure vest Rob'd. What if the day of holy rest The sleep foreshow of infant blest. Where by thousands Angels glide . : Round : 20 . 16. Wondrous joy and wondrous awe rays. Matthew " Tell me now thy morning dream. — St. Borne from the Font. the seal new given. Far within the unearthly Font Showed the pure Heaven's steadfast Stars beyond what eye can count Deepening on the unwearied gaze. and bless'd.

To the Throne where all repair With the first-fruits of their care. its veil of Through 40 Through the pure Heavens now at large See the immortal guardians soar. and ere it rose. wing'd. so gentle. silent thrill. rill. brighten'd more and more. or kid. Came but went not every : sprite. Now is drench'd in quickening light Light wherewith the Seraphs burn. Light that to itself would turn Whatsoe'er of earth and shame Mars even now the new-born frame. eo . Light would burst From where golden morning glows. Ne'er with smile so glad and kind Welcom'd God's High Priest of old Abraham's seed with Abraham's mind Offering gifts from field and fold. As in that entrancing dream. Joying to behold their charge Purg'd. as each new sacrifice. . Over that mysterious 30 Ne'er so bright. Glory of the Paschal morn When the shades from Salem's wall On Siloah deepest fall so Lamb .HOLY BAPTISM There one moment lay immers'd 219 Each bright form. or first-ripe corn. Rose regenerate. With a sudden. On my sleep-embolden'd eyes. As the strong undying spark Buoys them upward to God's Ark. In a moment came that ray. From the shrine. sweep Lightnings o'er the summer deep. mortal clay. the approving beam Thrill'd.

Lamb of that Shepherd's flock. ii And keep thee purified with His dear blood " Amen and therefore am I sworn His servant." sweet morning dream. " His more joy to her who bare thee. and nurse thee into heavenly calm ? O HAPPY What Bosom bears me. —Revelation iii. fade not on my view. I pray. whose name is Good As He hath won. in His white robe drest. His saving words. fervent. each soul Borne beyond where shadows roll. Charm me Thoughts that ache and eyes that lower. BAPTISMAL VOWS That which ye have already holdfast till I come. of power to. Pass not with the matin hour : heart and tongue allay. thou trance divine Faint not. safe. where art thou lying ? are these sounds that fill with heaUng balm The hallow'd air. found Place in the eternal round. and to be my rest." Joy to thy nurse. new-born babe. Shepherd's fostering grace. With its faithful Watcher." life on God's own bosom leaning But passion-hours are nigh keep thou thy place And far and wide are evil watchers. who on earth descended. blest. still thy crying At once. for ever may He wear thee. with holy water blended. 25. ! : His sacred Heart through To watch His eye with adoration Foe of His foes. Of a poor Maid vouchsafing to be born.220 HOLY BAPTISM Each new living ray. : O O — ! : . gleaning The lambs that sUght the. Have brought the glory to my prime of morn. : O — 70 Till I wake and find thee true. From the Fountain to the Shrine Bear me on.

" Reeeyve the signe of the Holy Crosse. Even as I am to tarry till He come. Good Angels guide me with pure heart to fall Before His Altar-step. my The dying Saviour's trust to each true friend. 30 A loving heart. mine all. And Jesus welcom'd from His cross victorious A Virgin Mother to a Virgin Child. and be thy warfare glorious But Saints are pure. And taste of Him. vow is taken . Where His holy Priest that token gave With finger dipt in the life-giving wave. And Christian babes on heart and brow Wear Jesus' token now. my first. both in thy forehead. and in thy — / will write upon him My new Name. obedient eyes and wary. eternal are young children's home. —^Revelation ui. and see His Beauty. my last. With Ne'er will drink His cup . 12.HOLY BAPTISM " Nay. Whereby He seals His own ? Slaves wore of old on brow and breast Their master's name impress'd. his baptizing blood mine own shall blend be that holiest charge by me forsaken. " Then ask for Whose arms me of the dread Son of Mary. : . I 221 21 . is the mark to Jesus known." 40 SIGN OF THE CROSS breste.") (See the First Prayer Book of Edward VI. . and mine own boxmden duty. but higher He would lead thee His bosom-friend ate of that awful Bread So will He wait all day to bless and feed thee Come thou adoring to be blest and fed." : Prayer shall not fail. " 'Tis meet and right." : Well hast thou sworn. the Church is undefiled.

That Shepherd counts him foe. 10 The royal badge on forehead bold They show to young and old. or fear my wrath. Ere on the mountain waste He loose them. Nor may we hide for fear or shame The persecuted Name. or newly taught Grave prayer and quiet thought. to try Their daily walk. Or set on earth with earnest eye And tottering feet. Or sporting on our knees. thmk on this Think on the mighty bliss. though dim. the Friend of babes." signs his lambs in haste. fee. Should He. ill airs of earth. Where'er my soldiers cross your path. The Shepherd 30 Fresh from th' eternal Arms are these. Honour my royal Sign. Fresh from His arms are these. If The watchers 20 Nor mine handwriting blot. will not bear From spirits unblest or reckless man Unpitying word or ban. The words of blessing say ! : . : 10 Ye elder brethren. The fragrant breath of their new birth Is round them yet avaunt. the dread mark. far and wide to stray.222 HOLY BAPTISM When soldiers take their sovereign's And swear his own to be. be there. and sure We read His token here undimm'd and pure. Or scorns the awful Name they show. And whoso mars their way. " Mine own anointed touch ye not. Only with downcast eyes we go At thought of sin that God and Angels know. one day.

And with his radiance bathes it through and through. Hid in some nook from all but Angels' ken. 3 The deiv of Thy birth is of ike womb of (Book of Common Prayer). then lost in joys above ? . Then into realms too clear for our frail view Exhales and draws it with absorbing love ? And what if Heaven therein give token true Of grace that new-born dying infants prove.HOLY BAPTISM " 223 My seal upon My lambs ye knew. the morning. than when The Sun looks down upon a drop of dew. What Just touch'd with Jesus' light. : And I will honour you " And think upon the eternal loss If 47 on their foreheads ye deface the glorious Cross. DEATH OF THE NEW-BAPTIZED ex. — Psalm purer brighter sight on earth.

and breath So still. as light on dew Some inward joy that smile reveals . 224 . 8. but all of earth shut out.II CRADLE SONGS 1 THE FIRST SMILE Post Confess. It . 'Tis perfect Oh dim Though dear to this the flashing ray. 20 From waking ^ smiles. as life to mother's heart. Noting the spirit stirred within. Closed eyelids. Tears from the birth the doom must be Of the sin-born but wait awhile. and dimpled chin Mantles and glows that radiant smile. and thine eye shall see The dawning of the first soft smile. —August. peace yet all the while O'er marble brow. — comes in slumber. you scarce can calm the doubt If life 'Tis lo can be so like to death life. that later play In these earth claims the larger part. deinde vigilans. dormiens prima. et i. Young mother. 1 ridere ccepi. gently steals O'er the fair cheek. Sit by and muse such dreams are true. . limbs supine. this For Poem the Author is indebted to a dear friend.

Still sleep upon his beauteous face. clearer faith enlarge her heart. thought of trial for her breast. And then to shine a light in heaven. O blest. victory without peril given Sent a brief while on earth to shine. But did the smile disclose a dream Of bliss that had been his before ? so Was Or from heaven's deep sea a gleam Not faded quite on earth's dim shore it ? told some Angel from above The be his at last. And haply thinks 'twere death to part. or froHc mirth. 40 Thou and heaven be . With gradual light and soberer grace. Did the mild spirits whisper then. Of heart intent on opening heaven. " From the Baptismal Fount. That smile reviving once may play — so let me live my day." ! Blest smile That when my latest sun shall set. again ? shalt be ours. . — Or if in pensive wise it creep.CRADLE SONGS 'Tis childish sport. Or glittering toy. 50 And gild my dying features yet That smile to cheer the mourners round With hope of human sins forgiven Token of earthly ties unbound. 225 Or the fond mother's blameless guile. Yet shades of earthly sorrow sleep. sunset. thine. Thou " shalt be ours. some gaud of earth. Thy " And her that folds thee now so warm. crowning hours of love His labours done his perils past ? glories to Of — — Or. Her A shall a holier love inform. dear child. That stirs him to that merry smile.

while your hearts so blithely dance With frail fond hopes of earth. to descry The welcome notes of fatherhood. for we shall see Him as He is. Will ye not cast one onward glance To the true heavenly birth ? . : — When travail hours are spent and o'er. lo As round the babe by turns they crowd. Oh. In form. and eye. genial hours of joy In cradle songs and nursery lore All the glad home employ. we shall 1 John iii. A brief and wondering while. Easier each hour the task will grow. and lip. and it doth not yet appear hut we knots thai.226 CRADLE SONGS CHILDREN LIKE PARENTS Beloved. And Full busy in her kindly mood Is Fancy. And elder brethren's hearts are And sisters blush and smile. are we the sons of God. when He shall appear. By plumage and by song to know 20 The nestling in his bower. be like now what we shall he Him . To name the unfolding flower. As though such burthen once to take A blessing were and charm. With eager speed they ready make Soft bosom and safe arm. By power of that first wondrous spring To all but babes unknown. 2. proud. And ever as with hastening wing His little life glides on.

the Living Ray. hath left Is A 60 . By patient smiles in woe. By tears that to obey have learn'd. And even as loving nurses here so Joy in the babe to find The likeness true of kinsman dear Or brother good and kind. too keen for earthly day. That shows us weak or strong. By clasped hands on high. 40 By gaze of meek th' Towards inquiry. Each accent noting. For of her Saints the Sacred Home never quite bereft Each a bright shadow in the gloom. to trace The hues of a more glorious prime. Well may we guess. " 227 the time 30 God speed Spirits pure. our Guardians true Stoop low and tarry long. seal. " Its deepening Ught reveal ? Oh. each faint hue. turn'd informing Eye. Shall lean from their high place. glorious type.CRADLE SONGS Will ye not say. By filial yearnings sweet and even. well the denizens of Heaven Their Master's children know. The Father's stamp and Christ in the heart. So in each budding inward grace The Seraphs' searching ken The memory haply may retrace Of ancient. When " And mark. holy men.

Of bold or gentle gleam. haply glance or mien lily Reminds them of the With Blessed Mary But flower 80 seen. who scan the meek desires And lowly lone employ Of maiden When in her quiet bower.228 CRADLE SONGS And by those features. " Smiles on that little child ! how soft 70 Yon aged man The loved even so full oft Disciple smiled." saith one. Pure Light and endless Love. Their memory blend with all." And oh." another cries. stern or sweet. In all the Parents' right we own. the Fountain Orb of Good." And see. Heaven's keen-eyed Watchers haply mete What mortals holy deem. So in earth's saintly multitude Discern we Saints above In these. " the soul I guide heard it gently sigh In such a tone as Peter sighed. " And I Touched by " his Saviour's eye. : . be sure no guardian fires Flash brighter in their joy Than theirs. as when babes by look or tone Brother or friend recall. hark.

Defend me. Pause on thy way from evening prayer. To him is as the Saving Name Pronounced in every tone. 20 Angels may read such words of power. : And But we the while infants feel them dimly guess. : that guarded us of old Their hidden virtue shall unfold 30 Charm'd writings are they now no eye May read them till the fire be nigh. Lest haply ruder ears be nigh But to the babe her sense is plain. as in 29." ^ : And : Without a Psalm she breathes her strain.CRADLE SONGS 3 229 THE LULLABY Ye shall have is kept. and strong To guard his sleep from every wrong. The burnished Cross upon the spire Gives token where the Sun hath set. In that half word of lullaby. —Isaiah xxx. sleep. lo maiden rocks a babe to times the cradle to her song . And listen : through the twilight air Floats from A A soft yon open cottage door strain warbled o'er and o'er. is the night when a holy solemnity western sky glowing yet. New Version. Lord. But awful thoughts thereto belong For oft in holy Church's shade She to that strain hath lent her aid " In thee I put my steadfast trust. Touch'd faintly with its last dim fire. . . still the same. That sound still varied. A simple strain. 1. The a song. not high nor deep. for thou art just. till in His hour see the Lord's spells We Then unclouded smile. ^ Psalm Ixxi.

Where fires are bright within. By Thee our wearier age we bear. Than underneath some cottage roof.230 CRADLE SONGS O awful touch of God made Man ! have no lack if Thou art there. What kindlier home. . The buds that in that nook are born Through the dark howling day Old Winter's spite they laugh to scorn What is so safe as they ? : 10 — Nay. asleep on a pillow and they awake Him. But gayer smiles the maiden's eye Whose guardian care they know. — While snows. The cradle where Thou watchest. what safer nest. from Herod's sword. : The lowly 20 A As though the slumberous dew Stole o'er him. are closed on sin ? The scarlet tufts so cheerily Look out upon the snow. From Thee our infant joys began. look again beside the hearth cradle mark. 40 We 4 SLEEPING ON THE WATERS And He was in the hinder part of the ship. Sleeps in his own warm ark bright-haired babe. wearied with his ten hours' mirth. while in faith he gazed Upon his Guardian true. carest Thou not that we perish ? St. 38. Mark iv. . And fretting And doors cares scowl far aloof. Master. Is safe : the Avenger's rushing cry Is like a sister's lullaby. and say unto Him. with arm upraised. From Satan's breath. even from the mild South-west. For flower or fragrant spray. Where. Lord. Come blinding o'er all day.

sound. Where boding night-winds sigh'd : . To right and left the watery wall From Israel shrinks away. ! Shadowed of old by thee. A restless sea of blood . — ! ! Soon a mightier flood thy call outstretch'd rod obey . 231 Of that immortal flower. Blood of some priestly child. So gently slumber'd on the wave The new-born seer of old. and crimes and woes Deform the quiet bower They may not mar the deep repose Storms . Ordained the chosen tribes to save Nor dream'd how darkly roll'd The waters by his rushy brake. And o'er the haughty flood Wave his stern rod and lo a lake. He on a wider wilder deep. 30 Though only broken hearts be found To watch his cradle by. His sister's boding sigh ? The whispering reeds are all he hears. shall And so Hail. Such honour wins the faith that gave Thee and thy sweetest boon Of infant charms to the rude wave. No blight is on his slumbers No touch of harmful eye. soft weltering nigh. Sings him to sleep but he will wake. 40 What recks he of his mother's tears. . chosen Type and Image true Of Jesus on the Sea In slumber and in glory too. Perchance even now defiled With infants' blood for Israel's sake.CRADLE SONGS may rush in. And Nile. In the third joyous moon. 60 Save that in calmness thou didst sleep The summer stream beside.

For the souls' sake He loves so dear. how they watch. Into a wilder deep. till He awake. the fond heart highest dances. and saith Him. Nor will He spare to leap. 'mid all those beaming glances. Where young Learning faith and silent praise From each pure calm sigh. ? A Prophet slumbering lay The surges smote the keel as fast As thunderbolts from heaven Himself into the wave he cast. She turned herself. Upon His slumbers came. John xx. : How O Around His rude low bed wistful count the waves that break So near His sacred Head faithless ! ! 78 How When know ye not of old in the western bay. Say. But with a sound Hke flame At midnight from the mountain's crown Lo. which is to say. Mary. . St. Rabboni . When and gleams. E'en now He dreams of Calvary Soon will He wake and say The words of peace and might do ye His hour in calmness stay. FIRST unto WAKING Jesus saith unto her. a mightier far is here . Feeling Heaven so nigh ? " . dark and vast the billows roU'd. — " Ye who wait in wistful gaze infants lie. : 80 Behold. And hope and life were given. 16.232 Sigh'd CRADLE SONGS when at eve He laid Him down. Starts. Master. and silent trances.

" " Nay." " But the watcher's look prevailing In a moment stills that wailing. Lo. Say. Tears that morn were in her waking. 'mid gifts so sweet Choosing out the prime But no brighter smiles we meet : 233 " Hard 10 Than at waking time. ? 40 la . but with a moaning sound Babes awakening start 20 See the uneasy eye glance round. Fain to hide from sad alarms In Love's safe embrace. Now again her heart is breaking Who may soothe her soul's sad aching For her Lord is gone. Even her soul's delight. 30 ? Him for tears she may not see. the babe spreads out his arms Toward the watcher's face. Feel the beating heart. Chains that guard but not encumber. And glad fancies without number Ring their playful chime." was the word endearing Heaven and earth grew bright. . You might see Love's eye withdrawn From th' adored One.CRADLE SONGS it is. Eye and heart have ceased their ailing. did Hosts of Light Ever breathe in mortals' hearing Tones so soft. so heavenly cheering " Mary. When they burst the chains of slumber. Yet full near to her is He." So when rose on Easter dawn Our all-glorious Sun. Joy hath learn'd her part.

When for a bright and conscious gaze He lifts his eyelids meek. Love with infant's haste would fain Touch Him and adore. To guide his soul on high. But a deeper holier gain Mercy keeps in store. And keen the diamond's spark. — Had I an infant. Then draw near and never leave Me. 2 Corinthians iv. a glorious way. Lord. How should I watch in hope and fear The first deep glance of awe. hath shined in our hearts." Is the Word of Grace. the Word of Grace attending. " Touch Me not till Mine ascending. That wins his steadfast eye A path of light. . 6.234 CRADLE SONGS See. who commanded the light to shine out of darkness. " Touch Me not awhile believe Me Touch Me not till Heaven receive Me. lO O. and pure the ray. . And round his own world's little maze Some marvel fain would seek ! Bright be the spot. to rear And mould in Jesus' Law. rich the tint of earthly gold. Magdalen full lowly bending. Then I go no more." : : so LOOKING WESTWARD God. But the young Lamb of Jesus' fold Should other splendours mark.

But bring him where aerial light Falls from the Moon's soft beam. Brood o'er a world serene. Preventing all false gleams of ill By His own glorious Face. Yet. might I choose a time. whose eyelids close so fair a sight Not gentler mother's music flows. Where the strong wings. But o'er. Her sweetest. fill . best good night. There taste the dew by Angels brought In silence from above. lift him where the Eastern heaven Glows with the Sun unseen. There let him breathe his matin thought Of pure unconscious love. me seems That earliest wistful gaze Were best to meet the softening beams so Of sunset's glowing maze.CRADLE SONGS To soothe him I ask in the unquiet night 235 no taper's gleam. to morning given. Wide be the western casement thrown At sultry evening's fall. 40 his sleep. Count not thy jewels o'er and Show him no mirror's glare. Calm be Upon So hastes the Lord our hearts to With calm baptismal grace. His heart at early morn to store 20 With fancies fresh and rare. The gorgeous lines be duly shown That weave Heaven's wondrous pall.

in mine ears. Mother of God. As though he read engraven there His fontal name. " Whence is the mighty grace. v. boy.236 CRADLE SONGS 7 UPWARD GAZING And whence is this to me. joying to find The dusky veil of sleep undrawn. . And who mine unborn I should view Heaven's Spouse so nigh. JRn. in bosom leap for joy ? " my O cry of deep delight Aaron's sainted daughter breath'd that hour O joy preventing life and light. Christ's saving charm. A That Who He By sinful child hid in in God's sight my womb ? am I. Oft as in sunbright dawn 20 The infant lifts his eye. 44. to. Me. When the Incarnate in his Power Came to th' Unborn even now Your echo faint we feel. who but fill a sinner's place. that thou to me shouldst come. And to the East gives welcome kind Or in the morning air : Waves high his little arm. 525. Luke i. Oft as in hope untold The parent's eye pursues that eager look. ^ : Enkindling Where the shafts of old. ! ! li When Glad o'er the newly sealed brow airs and gleams of summer steal. — 43. as soon as the voice of thy salutation sounded St. that the Mother of my Lord should come to me ? For. mid the stars their way they took like 1 Virg. the babe leaped in my womb for joy.

That holy mother's glad amaze. in the heart just seal'd His own. Vigil and fast his frame must bow. and lone : Vow'd from his birth. we descry. Prayers of high hope what bUss they mean. exulting Sires. then makes haste to hide Again its lustre deep of 9 Under the purple wing. Turns the glowing neck. CHILDREN'S THANKFULNESS A joyful cxlvii. Gathering up thy queenly charms. From Home's too soothing praise . Which. — Psalm Why so stately. That infant's worship. All who the pure baptismal spark Would duteous nurse to saintly fires ! : 40 Stern is the Babe. Like some gorgeous Indian bird.CRADLE SONGS Love's steady gaze. to Him is known But. imborn he seals the And ere he win his glory-throne. when at eve the balmy copse is stirr'd. 1 and pleasant thing it (Book of Common Prayer). is to be thankful. apart vow. And hours of prayer. In Joy's unbidden cry. And mark. to chide Th' irreverent foot-fall. mark. Maiden fair. joyous Mothers. And where they soar. Rising in thy nurse's arms With that condescending air . Still in Still 237 30 Mary's Child unseen : Comes breathing. best home downy sleep ? . His Saviour's image in his heart Increasing while his own decays.

31. 2. And with wondering grave rebuke Tempers. never dim. Train'd in Heaven Graceless one. to chide Our too tardy sympathies. Not in vain they clasp and raise The soft pure fingers in unconscious praise. Thrones Seraphic mounts th' eternal ' hymn. day and Little night. lo. she opens wide Both her blue and wistful eyes. Babes and Angels bright They muse. And pronounce the solemn word. when feasts are spread. and near and nearer press. sinner's hand in thanklessness receive. shy tone and bashful look. for her 20 Therefore. wonder not for why ? we feel it all too near. P. Breathes her grateful chant. to-day. and wonder. Fill the air with smiles and thanks If but once one babe you greet. The But th' all-holy Hand should give. From Children in their joyous ranks. Never weary. See Hooker. How Taught perchance by pictur'd wall little ones before the Lord may fall. v. didst no word of thanks repay. full and free. . E. 30 How We : Not in vain. As you pace the village street. Who maiden bounty.238 CRADLE SONGS Not How But a as yet she comprehends the tongues of men reprove. The violet from her gay And guileless bosom. spirit o'er her bends to courteous love. How Reach out the to His lov'd caress restless 39 arm. see it and we hear. 'tis all of thee. be sure. To the youngest at the board ^ Call we to incline the head.

meet For Love to lavish on His sacred Feet . Will reach thee in thy dreamy trance. Shrink from their hardening touch.CRADLE SONGS : 239 Babes and Angels grudge no praise whom His saving ways Are open. save the blight of thankless eye Teach us for all joys to crave Benediction pure and high. Infant dear wilt thou waste thy precious smiles. and joyous wiles. We tempt thee much to look and sing. heart. and the cockatrice' den. Thy mimic notes are rather drawn From feathered playmates on the lawn. hear the Grace. Prize them as sparkles bright Of heavenly dew. 8. to Save our blessings. Isaiah xi. 60 CHILDREN WITH DUMB CREATURES The sucking child shall play on weaned child shall put his hand on the the hole of the asp. from yon o'erflowing well of light. The quivering moth or bee's soft wing. 5i : From Own them given. . ear. On bird or insect gliding near ? Why Why What is court the deaf and blind this ? wondrous sympathy. That draws thee so. Thy beckonings blithe. Brushing the window pane. — Thou mak'st me jealous. But elder souls. yet prize them won : Prize them as rich odours. and no meek answer make. Master. fearless take Their portion. and Towards the inferior kind ? eye. endure them gone. When nurses' skill for one bright glance lo Hath toil'd an hour in vain.

though in strife. Of lives in other beings led. That in such league mysterious bind The gentlest with the fiercest kind. " Dim memories haunt the child. Wizard or sage. though blind. without fear Their hayings wild . Would sheathe his claws. That mightier guard than fairy spell Of old.240 CRADLE SONGS as thou hold'st the creatures dear. So are they fain on thee to wait. The tiger's whelp. Other. And 20 daUiest in the lair Of watch-dog stern . call it recollection deep Of Eden bowers. The war-horse treads If in his full soft. high purity Beaming around from brow or eye Of infants. or magic ring. and yet the same. The entranced thought recall ? Oh. that each and all The living sympathize with life ? That sudden movements. 30 who the secret powers hath traced. waking or asleep — so : . Dwells in the soul of meaner kind. : Bees have for thee no sting They love thy trusting heart too well. Blood-hounds at thy caress abate yea. The sheepfold with the howling waste ? Is it. they say. thy mother's eye Shrinks not to see thee slumbering he Thou Beneath his duteous care. Nor less an instinct true. in day-dreams wild. 40 He whom the burning East hath bred. Might say. path a babe he see. to sport and play. Spark of past hope or shame. encaged with thee." Nay.

so all must him obey. why are ye so fondly stirr'd ? For bounding lamb or lonely bird Why should ye joy or mourn ? 80 Ah. : 70 Who knows but here. A gleam preventing heaven we see. and calm purpose. The holy Fount hath you imbued With His all-healing kindly Blood. in mercy lent. And watch their noon-day sleep. Thus tender babes and beasts of prey May silently each other mind Of the old League " Let man be kind And true. : .CRADLE SONGS As in old time. you have been in Jesus' arms. The royal lion bending low Did Una's virgin-glory know. seen In eyes that smile or lower. A token of Love's victory In a sweet awful Sacrament ? Hearts fallen and sin-born. The broken dream may yet endure Within them visions vague arise — 60 Of a Superior Power. Wild elephant or mountain bull. And care for His lost sheep. Ye there have learn'd in order'd tones Gently to soothe the lesser ones. Beneath some quiet stripling's rule Stand quailing and subdued. Oh. Discern'd by form erect. we read. guileless then and pure. Her guardian prove in need. And somewhat of His pastoral charms. and mien Commanding. Of homage paid in Paradise 241 To Adam." Thus giants of the wood.

tending lamb or dove But aye the choice of all your love — so : Ye To for His Least reserve. o'er and o'er. Both man and beast His mercy knows . deepen on the tender brow Christ's seal and saintly charm. far and wide the Love o'erflows. the holy Cross. go.242 CRADLE SONGS Lo. 22. Teach them untir'd all courteous lore. point the way where they should By word and : — lOO : And the Good Shepherd on From far approving sees. Hear their first prayers. gesture.— Nor from His pattern swerve His children. But Jesus answered and — Oft have And And I read of simny realms. so meek and low These are your arts by these Ye in the fold your task fulfil. and earth seems nearer Heaven. Matthew xx. have mused how awfully its shadows and its gleams Might haply fall on infants' eyes. sight goes deep in lucid air. St. wheresoe'er you lift your eyes. by lone or crowded way. they say. Are ye able to drink of the cup that I shall drink of. We are able. I And And draw them up by And silent power of its o'er-shading arm. The Love that to your souls He gave In the regenerating wave . Stands guardian of your journey. 10 the hill LIFTING UP TO THE CROSS said. Ye know not what ye ask. and to be baptized with the baptism thai I am baptized with ? They say unto Him. and mingle with their dreams. . where skies are pure at even.

I've sinned say. She lifts the new-baptized. so A traveller tinent. as though she fain would downward her heart " Thou. : will He not is I dare not ^ meet His searching eye my penance undone. this scene on the Con- . Upon a verdant from a believing shore. A damsel on no trembling arm an eager babe uprears. A noble-hearted maiden.CRADLE SONGS Oft have I read. gaze. pilgrims seek the heaUng well. and dream'd. and an elder sister's pride. is Perchance a breath of self-reproach : fluttering round darling.i Who may the maiden's thought divine. from Ireland witnessed and described it to the Author. to greet the Friend Who 20 for him died. performing thus in sight Of all the heavenly Watchers her pure unbidden rite ? While fearless to those awful Lips her treasure she would raise. ' Begone ? ' and little wept . Where Memory age. hillock the sacred sign appears. With a sister's yearning love. where Faith fresh 10 of hue. in our Saviour mayst for certain claim thy part The dews baptismal bright and keen are glistening on thy brow. in His arms received But much e'en now. to see Christ's little ones Him Crucified adore. and 243 now behold is a A token true maiden from a distant ! isle. Is by. to reprove our cold irreverent In churches set hermitage like stars around some saintly . far over moor and moss. I see her features shrink. tarries. He cannot choose but own thee. Where And old Devotion lingers beside the granite Cross.

all aching and decay ? And 'twas I that laid it on thee what if thou fall if What the martyrs' : away Such is ? " — Love's deep misgiving. She brings her earthly dariings to the Cross for life or death." But thou and thy good Angel. high Comforter. deeply in her bosom went the thought. Law. be Thou lead present in that hour. but in daily dying thenceforward dare we Hve ? 40 knoweth what mysterious pledge upon it meet. O. pledging thee to vows thou never canst life And was unsay ? fire some day thy dainty Umbs devour ? What if beneath the scourge they writhe. To copy in their own hearts' blood each keen and bitter Wound ? If of the dying Jesus we the Kiss of Peace receive. on thy young to lay Such burden. or in dull famine cower ? What if thou bear the cross within. by the great King so .— Who How " their souls is bound. and share the Lord's departing sigh.244 CRADLE SONGS to bear thee up so near prayer. will strive for me in Or chanced the Thorny Crown her first upseeking glance to win. to th' eternal Her memory to decreed. when stronger far than Faith. thou tender flower. And the deep lines of agony traced by the whole world's sin? Oh. " Who draw so nigh Unto those awful Lips. who nerves mine arm And lift Him.

So Thy first greeting life imparts. are the portion of the Spouse. duteous maiden The pale and dying the nails and bleeding Ups.CRADLE SONGS What time the highly favoured one lay. to greet With homage feet. O well for that fond mother. repeat it all day : Thy baptism and Thy cup be long. maiden. well for her belov'd. And Simeon's hymn full closely did with his last breath entwine And Magdalen's first tearful touch prepared her but . that Taught by they." Learn it. 245 who on His bosom trode the martyrs' And he who way. did by their promise stay. at matin prime. as the mother's all Even morning kiss is token of delight the merry hours of day. but the Cross she could not see. . For her dreams were of the Glory. ye babes. And each with death or agony for the high rapture paid. trust thy nursling here choose amiss For his sweet soul . Thy . last shall cheer and heal. and at fall of 60 dewy night Her evening kiss shall to her babe the softest slumbers Through seal. When " th' hour His secret meaning told. of a broken heart . Three Saints of old their lips upon the Incarnate Saviour laid. His Mother's holy kisses of the coming sword gave sign. here let him dwell here is the . his pierced and lifeless 70 . Then courage.— brows. crav'd the boon next to Thy throne to be. thou wilt not Then. gate of bliss. of the chosen twelve first their mother. for both our ours hearts are strong.

30 Cross so lately seal'd. Or ever eight brief days have flown. The Saviour's Presence-tokens. for therefore was He born. Yield to the chastenings of th' Unseen. Stay the complaining word ! lo wouldst thou have ? Thy suffering child Is as his Saviour Lord. " Or in strong grasp of sinners' agony With blood That never yet knew dream ! O. must make His moan. yet still O For why ? that Mother's love one with His Almighty will. Pierc'd Is is 20 her heart. that Maiden bright Resigns her Well-beloved at morn To shed His blood . 13. sweet as keen. ! A Christian child in pain sad amazing thought babe elect and born again. the Virgin blest Calls on her Babe to wake From His sweet slumber on her breast How should her heart not ache ? From her pure bosom. the unstain'd. With the dread . Behold. He. Must to the Cross devote the tender life. that He should touch them. nor will unclean . What Must taste the sacrificial knife. where all night He softly slept. mother fond and wild. Mark " x.246 CRADLE SONGS 11 SICKNESS IN THE CRADLE — They brought young children to Christ. of sin. freely then your treasures yield. Chang'd by the o'ershadowing Dove. Yet faint with fever see him lie. A O of Jesus bought. St. Nor throb of pride.

: lo Christ's Passion eve fell dark and drear Upon His faithful few.CRADLE SONGS 12 247 ANTICIPATION AND RETROSPECTION And St. St. — John xvi. ye now therefore have sorrow rejoice. your heart shall . An hour ago the storm was here. A FRAGMENT of a rainbow bright Through the moist air I see. Alas that e'er the pangs of birth. loud the chant of hope and glee O'er Adam's eldest born. Matthew xxvi. 24. if on its edge Fall soft that holiest ray Joy will be grief. and and your joy no man iakeih from you. who like thee And Her travail pangs might mourn ? 20 13 JUDAS'S INFANCY The Son of man goeth as it is written of Him : but woe unto that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed ! it had been good for that man if he had not been born. whereby Eden revives. The consecrated throes. The gleam was far behind. But. should breed on earth Untemper'd agony — ! . So will our joys and griefs appear When earth has ceased to blind. hut I mil see you again. But brighter. each returning year. All dark and damp on yonder height. if no faint pledge Be there of heavenly day. Grief will be joy. 22. In memory gleam'd anew. hapless mother. All clear and gay to me.


Yet sure as frail repenting Eve For pardon knelt of yore, and now
Adoring kneels, there to receive, Where all the world shall bow,


fruit of her




The peace, the home, her wandering Sure as to blessed Mary come The Saints' and Martyrs' host.


To own, with many a thankful strain. The channel of undying bliss. The bosom where the Lord hath lain. The hand that held by His

Sure as her form for evermore The glory and the joy shall wear. That rob'd her, bending to adore The Babe her chaste womb bare;—


So surely throes unblest have been. And cradles where no kindly star Look'd down no Angel's eye serene. To gleam through years afar.

Did not our Lord speak out His ban. The Christ for His betrayer mourn ? " Alas good were it for that man If he had ne'er been born."

Nor may we doubt, his Mother mild Upon that bosom pitying thought, Where Judas lay, a harmless Child,


By When

gold as yet unbought.
as holy sages sing. earth and sin have waxed old,
will bring. last foe of the fold.

But Time,





Of mortal




seed, of woman bred, Antichrist, they write, will be, a soft bosom duly fed,

Roek'd on a loving knee.

High grace at first to Judas came Who knows but he, the Man of In the baptismal wave and flame




dread course begin



By Font

ye who wait with hearts too light or cradle, fear in time let not all your dreams be bright,

Here in Earth's wayward clime


From the foul dew, the blighting air, Watch well your treasure newly won.


Heaven's child and yours, uncharm'd by prayer, May prove Perdition's son.


all that sat



his face as

had been

in the council, looking stedfastly on him, saw the face of an Angel. Acts vi. 15.


the brow to bear in mortals' sight The Crown of pure angelic Light ? And where the favoured eye Through the dim air the radiance to descry ?


infant on




Wash'd from the world and sin's defiling. And to Faith's arm restored, while yet With the blest dew its cheeks are wet

There Christ hath sworn seraphic Light shall be. There eyes, the Light to see.
vouchsafed to kindle that pure glow it day and night, we know. By duteous fear of sin Fann'd into flame the virgin heart within,
Will feed


He who



once again at Angels' warning Heaven-gates shall part as clouds of morning, And the confirming Spirit pour His glory where young hearts adore There is Heaven's Light ; there, if true Pastors be. Are eyes, the Light to see.


And what


there some favoured one should kneel.

in His time the Lord will seal, High in the Mount to draw Light uncorrupt from His pure fontal Law,


Then 'mid his brethren bear unknowing The lustre keen within him glowing. But veil it, when he feels their gaze. As Moses veil'd the Sinai rays ? Blest, who so shines and blest the thoughtful



see that brightness true.

Wouldst thou the

tide of grace should higher flow,

The angelic ray more glorious show ? Wait for His trial hour. His willing Saints in His dread day of Power. Ever as earth's wild war-cries heighten. The Cross upon the brow will brighten.
Till on the very scorner's gaze Break forth the Heaven-reflecting rays. Strange awful charms the unwilling eye compel


the Saints' Light to dwell.



thou world, in thy rash tyrant-mood. slake that burning Cross in blood It will but brighter burn,

As martyrs' eyes near and more near discern Where on the Father's right hand beaming, Light upon Light in glory streaming. The Saviour, felt, not seen, in life,

And Angels

Deigns to be seen in that last strife, hail, approaching to the shore, Rays like their own, and more.




Who knows

but maiden mild or smiling boy, Our own entrusted care and joy,

By His electing grace with His martyrs find their glorious place O hope, for prayer too bold and thrilling, O bliss, to aid its high fulfilling O woe and wrong, O tenfold shame, To mar or damp the angelic fiame To draw His soldiers backward from the Cross
! !


Woe and

eternal loss




Whose fan

in His hand, and


mill throughly

mill floor, and gather His wheat into the garner ; but the chaff with unquenchable fire. St. Matthew iii. 12.
therefore the tares are gathered shall it be in the end of this world. St.


— —


purge His burn up
fire, so

and burned in the Matthew xiii. 40.


Lord, th' All-gracious, hides not

His Ire


Through the dim chinks of this decaying earth Gleams ever and anon th' unwasted fire, Starthng rude eyes, and shaming lawless mirth.


in the joy of Harvest, see, His


kindling ; sheaves for food And tares for fire. He binds in equal band. At vintage time His robes are rolled in blood.

Over the chaff

His Angels and His Saints cry out. How long His Little ones, full keenly are they bent To right the fallen and redress the wrong. Full eagerly to justice run unsent.


These are Thy tokens, all-redeeming Lord Where, but of Thee, learn'd we aright to name The last dire prison ? Thine the dismal word. Thine the undying worm, th' unquenched flame.



Thy duteous Spouse, our Mother dear, Tuning her love-notes to the Father's voice. Is fain to breathe grave warnings in deep fear.


say to Sin, Hell


thine hopeless choice



strain Love taught her, she in love repeats. Call it not hard, if in each holiest hour. When with unwonted joy her King she greets.

With His own threatenings she would fence His

though to her Babes she show The smoke aye glaring o'er th' abode of ill Though guileless hearts, even in their vernal glow. Hear now and then her thunders, and are still.
Call it not stern,

Might the calm smile, that on the infant's brow So brightly beams, all its deep meaning tell, Would it not say, " For Love's sweet sake allow Fear's chastening Angel here with me to dwell





not the purchase of my quiet bUss anguish and a Cross of woe ? much I fear the mountain-path to miss. If from my sight I lose the gulf below."

Such lesson learn we by the cradle's side, Nor other teach dark hills and valleys deep Where rude rocks fiercest frown, and waters chide, 'Tis but to guard the green mead's lowly sleep.


a peak ^the raven loves it well. the mists of neighbouring ocean love, Which if you climb, what seem'd a pinnacle Proves as a wide sea-beach where cormorants rove. There



Rocks showered at random, as by giant hands.


Strew the rude terrace heedful be his eye. firm his step, who on the dark edge stands Beneath the cloud, and downward dares espy.



What seest thou there ? " A thousand feet below. And further on, far as the mists that sweep so Around me suffer, dimly trac'd in snow,
Pale forms I
see, reclining

on the steep.

Each in his drear ravine, where never ray Even from the cold north-east in June might fall. They sleep in silence till th' appointed Day, Nor heed the eagle's scream, the whirlwind's call.

now hide reveal the watchers dark and vast, Which by each awful resting-place abide, Grim towering crags who there his eye
The wastes
of vapour, veering round,

And now



With aught

of sin's sad

burthen on

his soul.

Feels he not like a powerless child forlorn. Over a gulf where flaming billows roll By a strong outstretch'd Arm as yet upborne



surely then to his heart's deep



The prayer, the vow, there evermore to cling, And sickening turn from the wild haunting thought,



at once o'er the dread verge I spring


Retiring, sure he to a warning Voice Will time his footsteps, on a true Arm lean What happy vale soe'er may crown his choice. That awful gulf, those rocks will be its screen.


Lo, nesthng at the mountain's further base, And guarded by its terrors, a soft glen


waters run a golden gladsome race. Its windings hide meet homes for pastoral men.

if in such calm bowers a rest Thou give, pray Thee, crown Thy gift with Fear, that we May in the shadow of Thy judgements live. The wrath o'ertake us on our bended knee.






child Jesus tarried behind in Jerusalem.





The cares, the loves of parents fond Go deep, all loves, all cares beyond.
Fain would they read the good and nestles in our silent will.


night and day They wish and pray

That only good


there find way.

But deeper lurk all breasts within The secrets both of grace and sin. Each has his world of thought alone, To one dread Watcher only known. And far and wide



every side

Our dreams dart on


earthly guide.


they be and calm of heart.

Who, when their child so walks apart, Seek him and find where Angels come


Jesus' work, in Jesus' Who, out of sight,



One law

all is right,


for darkness


for light.

If in pure aims and deeds and prayers His path mount high, and far from theirs, If seeking him 'mid friends below






what joy




hath but turn'd

Where Jesus yearn'd To be where heavenly Love

Thou who didst teach thy Mother dear. In three dim days of doubt and fear,



timely training to foreknow Thy Passion and its three days' woe, Prepare Thou still Our heart and will,






good and


Out of



mouth of very babes and sucklings hast Thou ordained viii. 2 (Book of Common Prayer).

joy the guardian Angel sees duteous child upon his knees, And writes in his approving book Each upward, earnest, holy look.


Light from his pure aerial dream morn's orient beam, the kindling skies His clear adoring melodies.

He springs to meet And pours towards

Some glorious Seraph, waiting by, Receives the prayer to waft on high, And wonders, as he soars, to read
More than we know, and




More than we know, and all we need. Is in young children's prayer and creed.
They, for their Home, before Him fall, Hc; for His Church, receives their call.


They cry with simple



" Bless Father, Mother, Brethren dear He for the Priests of His dread Son Accounts the blessing ask'd and won.


For holy Priests and Matrons mild. For penitents and undefiled, For dying Saints, for babes new-bom. He takes their offering, eve and morn.


gives the frail and feeble tongue to speak on sin and wrong Unconscious they stern lightnings aim, When His ten Precepts they proclaim.

A doom

Thus in the Tabernacle shade At morn and eve young Samuel pray'd, Nor knew his prayer God's ark would win. Forfeit by priest's and people's sin.

To EU thus dread words he spake Ye hearts profane, with penance ache



wondrous peal o'er Israel rung, Heaven's thunder from a child's meek tongue.


These all conlintied with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women, and Mary the Mother of Jesus, and with His brethren. Acts i. 14.

Where are the homes of Paschal Mirth, The bowers where heavenly Joy may rest her wings on
earth. at her leisure gaze adoring Where out of sight the golden clouds are soaring


Beneath the ascending Saviour's Feet ? Where may rejoicing Love retreat To frame a melody for His returning meet


Two homes we know
of Love's resort. in the upper room, one in the Temple court In glorious Sion both, possessing Alike her presence, whom the awful blessing



Lifted above all Adam's race The royal Twelve are there in place ; Women and duteous friends, awaiting

His high


Two homes for us His Love hath found. One by our quiet couch and one on holy ground.
There in due season meekly kneeling Learn we our lesson ere His last revealing. The Mother of our Lord is there,

And Saints are breathing hallow'd air, 20 Living and dead, to waft on high our feeble prayer. And with His Mother and His Saints He watches by, who loves the prayer that

never faints. thoughts and thoughts of folly Where christen'd infants sport, that floor is holy HoUer the station where they bow. Adoring Him with daily vow. Till He with ampler grace their youthful hearts endow.




the city,

he trembling and astonished said, Lord, what wilt Thou to do ? And the Lord said unto him. Arise, and go into and it shall he told thee what thou must do. Acts ix. 6.

wouldst Thou have me do, O Lord Darkling he spoke and lowly laid. With all his heart he spake the word. The awful Voice mild answer made " Go, seek one out who thee may bring Where healing, holy waters spring. Then will I show thee speedily What burthen thou must bear for Me."






wouldst Thou have me do, O Lord Each morn and eve we seem to say, And He gives back no doubtful word : " Remember, little child, all day. Thine early vows, the hallow'd wave Where Jesus first His blessing gave There stoop, there cleanse thee every hour Christ's Laver hath refreshing power."






Lord ? do, Rise, little child, and onward go. Where Saints are met with one accord The praises of high God to show. In meekness learn their prayer and song, Do as they do, and thou ere long Shalt see the wonders they behold In heavenly books and creeds of old.


What wouldst Thou have me





wouldst Thou have me do, O Lord So whispering, Saul with prostrate brow



The persecuted One adored.
So breathed his earUest Christian vow. Stern the reply to fast alone. And in the darkness make his moan. Thrice set and rose the weary day. Ere with the Christians he might pray.


wouldst Thou have me do, O Lord Think, httle child ; thy conscience try. Rebellious deed and idle word. And selfish thought and envious eye : Hast thou no mark of these ? and yet







thy sight His

Law was




joy'd the Cross to bear. patience take thy little share.




And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden.— Genesis iii. 8.
Didst thou not hear how soft the day-wind sighed. How from afar that sweeping breath it drew, Waved the Ught rusthng branches far and wide, Then died away, then rose and moaned anew ?

aright our morning prayers were said.

in those tones the Almighty's unseen walk Shall hear, nor vainly shun the Presence dread Which comes in mercy with our souls to talk.




art thou, child of earth? "


seems to say;
all -



eye ? " I heard and feared, for I have sinned to-day." " What ? know'st thou not the Almighty








was by

" Think'st thou to lurk in yonder wavering boughs. Where even these earthly sunbeams gUde and steal ? Nay, speed thee forth while yet high grace allows. Lay bare thy wounds to Him who waits to heal.

They only rankle in th' im.wholesome shade But sun and air have soothing power, and He Yearns to forgive, when hearts are lowly laid. Even now behold His robe prepared for thee.



" These fluttering leaves the more unveil thy shame. Fall humbly down, and hide thine eyes in dust He will upraise thee, for His own great Name His penance garb will make and show thee just."

20 7 ABSOLUTION Whose sins ye forgive. I : lo Penance for your shame and sin. kneeling. as lambent lightnings play. they are forgiven. John xx. but ye are straitened in your own soul and burthened sore. 12. Glancing wide and watching near. here abide Till th' : absolving Voice is free. —2 Corinthians vi. Fear not all thy grief to pour In this heart. prostrate in sin and shame I lay. Mothers' eyes are quick as light. hard heart and dry Seek my penitential bower. Think not all is hidden quite : Mothers' ears are keen to hear.260 EARLY ENCOURAGEMENTS 6 TELL THY MOTHER Ye bowels. with boding anguish read Half your tale ere ye begin Bitter drops in heart I bleed. Grudge not thou thine eyes to hide On this breast that aches for thee Patient. Weary are not straitened in us. true Love's abode. I : In the dust beside me he. 23. . as keen. from thy baptismal hour Yearn for thee. Labouring with thy secret load. sweet awful hour. heart.—St. Live ever in When And heard As soft. my my the absolving accents fall with power.

Thine Hours of Prayer.EARLY ENCOURAGEMENTS And (O 261 sure with lightning glance they seem'd to thrill. dread : ! 8 HOURS OF PRAYER Evening. pierced hands and feet At eve. sweet. And O blissful hope. 18 (Book of Common Prayer). slothful heart how dar'st thou say. the Lord's own bounteous showers ! Keep their appointed hours. " Yesterday I gave. Upon his fasting day. " Call not so oft to pray ? " Behold. The forenoon saw the Spirit first On orphan'd Saints in glory burst to At noontide hour Saint Peter saw The sheet let down. Watch thou unwearied to receive. —Psalm Down. ! — if yet. is an Angel shone revealed. not thou to ask. Wilt thou for ever crave ? " He every moment waits to give. upon the Cross To Him were hours of woe and shame and loss Scourging at morn . Iv. and at noon-day will J pray. lo in mercy's task. heavenward all earth At eventide. What if the Spirit grieved did then return ? O fear. at noon. for thee He counted Untired He Then tire . 20 . to tame to curb the unchastened eye. when good Cornelius kneel'd draw . and morning. lo The lore of evil I And Live in quite forget. may the dream prove true !) and search and burn Each foiil dark corner of my lawless will. with the pure in heart my portion be ? may The haughty brow. fierce pains of death. He says not. O joy to think and what In some far moment of eternity. shape to deeds of good each wavering aim teach me some true penance ere I die my heart.

by night and day. By meek confession purified. When Faith would show this lower air The token of her victory. head cloud and storm lost in deepening Ught. An Eagle from the deep of space hovering near. Many the banners bright and fair. even our faith. 4. Gazes on high. Is 20 . One bodies Holding aloft is forth a Virgin Form. Then smile. the ninth each with high praise will keep. a Cross of might. Ere the dread tones be gone and spent. in spite or scorn. All night the dew descends : The blue sky The green earth to the blue heaven's ray Its bosom spreads all day. in the gleaming sky. as — . intent To hear what God the Lord shall say. He with gifts of 30 power. 1 bom — and this is John v. Of a calm Prophet's face. Passion hour.) A plume of his mysterious wing. the sixth. how through Another dreams. nor fails to find Which way the signs celestial guide. We to our God will kneel ere prime of morn : The We third.262 EARLY ENCOURAGEMENTS o'er the green earth bends. UpUfted The heaven-enlightened eye and mind. Earth answers heaven the holy race Should answer His unfailing grace. low world. and hastes to bring (Meetest the unearthly tale to trace. 9 REPEATING THE CREED Whatsoever is of God overcometh the world : the victory that overcometh the world. lo And Its watching.

while his lips so gently move. the Christ new-born. With half a frown his eye sealed fast Against the world's intruding glare. The saints and mourners kneeling round. I seek lowlier impress for seal. The fiery tongues sent down to save.— mantles there is life or death Dragon to the unpurged eye. the Font of Life.EARLY ENCOURAGEMENTS 263 A What A O golden Chalice standing by. Give me a tender spotless child. The Mother-Maid. True to their time as stars in heaven. His slender fingers joined for prayer. Seal but thine eye to pleasant sins. though pure You A my and meek. visions dread and bright. Upon his unstained fancy throng ? all his And 40 The world new-framed. More of this earth. wrought above. The Day to end the body's strife. 30 Down be his earnest forehead cast. The gathering Church. Love's glorious world will on thee burst. Rehearsing or at eve or morn His chant of glory undefiled. the cross and grave. The rising sun on Easter morn. I feel are too high for me. day by day rehearsed. The Creed that with the Church was born. and thus she wins victory. look is purpose strong. . The Saviour in His people crowned. Who. A Serpent from the Cross. so And Her this is Faith. Can say what wonders. No morning dream so still and clear. to Faith. All in majestic march and even To the veil'd eye by turns appear.

Kind Physician. Skill'd. With that Mother undefiled. Wont with many a potent verse By our cradles watch to keep. Oft as o'er our childish trance History bids her visions glance. Who to Jesus' cradle-throne Led us first. In our coarse dim air to trace Lines and hues from yon high place. tenderest breath to-day Breathed on all we sing or say. Wonders wild in airy measures. Who with pen and pencil true Christ's own awful Mother drew Be thy prayer untired and strong. Singing new-born Saints to sleep . For to-day that Saint we own. 20 That when eager fancies throng. Be thy lo Spouse of Christ. Gathering tones from earth and sky For His perfect harmony As to-day thou guid'st our thought Where that holy Painter wrought. Mother of Christ's children dear. 30 . There to adore the wondrous Child.—Psalm xix. : . 6. Records grave from Memory's treasures. so pure and bright. Pure may be our dream and song. Teacher true of loving Fear. wakeful Nurse. by His unearthly light. with shepherds mild. Luke's Day) nothing hid from the heat thereof.264 EARLY ENCOURAGEMENTS 10 LESSONS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS (For There is St. Watcher of the eternal ways. Trusted with the Saints' high praise.

Still onward. and rest in peace.EARLY ENCOURAGEMENTS Guide thou well the heart-winning line. Until seven times My child. day by day. The mountain path climb o'er and o'er. limit to discern In patient woe. To say the prayer we said before. when holy prayers. I say not unto but. But learn thy Mother's mind. in duty stern. Listening at the Kingdom's door. Stay not too long to count them o'er Rise in His Name throw wide the door. —St. 265 May our love and hate be thine. Third of the mysterious Four. : 20 Ka . 22. thee.— Learn we all His sacred lore. to cease Her kindly toil. onward in Love's way To speed. When longings pure. : should the Tempter say. her only dream. listen. So many love-deeds done. No end to warfare find " Nor seek thou. Matthew xviii. He whose tongue of Jesus told On His Cross and in His Fold. When self-denying thoughts and cares Room in thine heart would win. Nor " How 10 ! She will not tire on thee to wait In early hour or late To-morrow even as yesterday. wearying. Let the good Angels in . Small joy to her would seem. 39 11 UNWEARIED LOVE Jesus saith unto him. the counsels high attend Of thine Eternal Friend. . Until seventy times seven.

more to win Of hope in thy last end. day and night. Remains He pardoning wearies not. All that by the tide of tears. 40 . In heart forgive ^that pays Him all But grudging souls must die in thrall. His treasure-house above Is open. 30 from old abhorred years of wasting leaven. — No Savioiu" and no Friend. With grace to mourners given.266 EARLY ENCOURAGEMENTS And He. Behold with evil eye Ah. why ? Thy brother asking grace for sin He doth but aid thee. with store Of heaUng for our daily sore. the Fountain of her Love. O'er-powering.

In the dread judgement they And we shall 267 meet .IV EARLY WARNINGS 1 EFFECT OF EXAMPLE five brethren . 28. Or ill dream told. they also come into this place of torment. souls. Luke xvi. that he may testify unto them. for ! Eternity ! Who for such burthen may suffice ? Who bear to think. St. evermore to be Each deed of each to thrill For good or ill Along thine awful line. how scornful tone. the air words we say. May bar from Paradise Our Master's own ? lo We And dream we scatter seeds with careless hand. In weeds that mar the land. Or healthful store. ne'er shall see them But for a thousand years more Their fruit appears. 20 We coimt them ever past But they shall last. they seem to fleet. The deeds we Into still do. Or word or glance too bold. For I have — lest Five loving And each each one as mine.

Nor deem'd he e'er should rend as they. With heart as pure as mountain air A lo He caroU'd to his fleecy care free as : With motion mountain cloud He trode where mists the moorland shroud. From bear and lion tore the prey. O never sure on me So foul a blot shall Angels see. generous boy with open brow. . For the love's sake of brethren dear Keep thou the one true way In work and play.268 EARLY WARNINGS I charge thee by the years gone by. Such was his dawn : but O ! how grieve ! o'er his noon and eve He that with oil of joy began In sackcloth ends. 13. young David was as thou. that he should do this thing? viii. — But mark. to thee the tale is told Of him who robb'd the poor man's fold. Lest in that world their cry Of woe thou hear ! 30 2 PRESUMPTION Is thy servant a dog. a fallen man. Good Angels 20 Then wherefore trust youth's eager thought Wait till thine arm all day hath wrought Wait humbly till thy matin psalm ? Due cadence find in evening calm. and with scorn and ire Thy quivering brow is all on fu-e. Thou listenest. Thou think'st. —2 Kings Dear Child. . For joy thou hold'st thine eager breath To hear him doom'd he dies the death.

lo Only a voice from out the Throne Of dread yet blest decree. nor dared deny. to that Christian's heart. but confessed. 20. he might not vie. hides so well his sin. John i. and denied not . in man's praise would walk steal his Saviour's part Who on high. None hoUer than the Desert Priest Beneath the Law's dim sky. And ! to him what tenfold woe. We read. of Christ No gospel Prophet he . When mortals praise thee. Praise be our Penance here ! . hide thine eyes. . If Woe he confessed. one pang to send Of deep remorseful fear For every smile of partial friend. yet.EARLY WARNINGS 209 3 DANGER OF PRAISE And he confessed. Through earth he seems a saint to go. Yet dies impure within And ah Who 20 Pray we our Lord. No member.—St. Nor in thy Master's wrong Take to thyself His crown and prize Yet more in heart than tongue. Yet in Heaven's kingdom with the least. the Son. I am not the Christ.

Genesis iv. O chain it while . That crowned him with the forfeit of thy crime. . For the sweet fragrance' sake Of loving deeds bring thou the same. Thine altar too shall feel the gracious flame Haste. Learn on thy brother's joy to gaze With thankful eye and heaven's high counsel praise. is his prayer. — What is this cloud upon thy brow ? " The Lord accepts my brother's vow. thine Lies couched home within.270 EARLY WARNINGS ENVY Jf t}wu doest well. ere the monster at thy door awake. : 20 Thy sullen tones to meek confessions turn. dear to Angels. and still 'tis a deadly time. But turns no ear to mine. . 7. Yes : And : ifl : Beside thine hearth. sin. May wear it out thine evil eye May melt in dews of holy charity. And unto thee shall be his desire. the Almighty makes no sign. But where I kneel. High in the Uquid heaven behold His altar-flames in many an airy fold. and thou shall rule over him. shall thou not be accepted ! and if thou doest not well. sin lieth at the door. Thy forehead yet awhile must bear His wrathful mark but alms and prayer. And penance true and stern." welcome to the pure bright air.

too often. when loving friends. because thou hast seen Me. The blessing we delay It comes at last with saddened cheer. parents grave and kind Tell of the peace the Almighty sends On the pure heart and mind. When When they. We will not see with others' eyes. declare. thou hast believed : blessed are they that have not seen. worldly wise. Thomas. : Seven days. and yet hmje believed. lo We scorn what they reveal. Thus many a precious day. we read. St. Even with that A A light of love there soft yet warning cloud. John xx.EARLY WARNINGS 271 MISTRUST OF ELDERS Jesus saith unto him. year. 29. . on whom The wondrous joy our souls should lean. a Saint of old Dreamed on in doubt alone Seven days of hope and joy untold For evermore were gone. How Alas ! And found to Gk)d's Altar they have been their Saviour there. — When holy books. month. Made answer to his secret word And showed the Wounds divine. shade of pity more than blame : came " Behold thy prayer allowed. He justly dims His ray. Ourselves would touch and feel. : 20 And when at last the all-gracious Lord Vouchsafed the awful sign.

How Thou A seest it not : fluttering leaflet. doubting race. Or eastward turn thee. that Where Thou hast set his place ! FINE CLOTHES {For Palm Sunday) their garments in the way . Around where late the waning sun Sank in his evening cloud. An And Lo ! eyelid hide the sky. One finger's breadth at hand will mar A world of light in Heaven afar. arid strawed them in the And a very great muliitude spread others cut way. Nor his still home in shelter choose Alas. twilight haze. dim and 20 . fair an envious screen. pensive little one. quench'd the living gleam. 8. the trees. and admire How linger yet the showers of fire. A veil too near thine eye. St. Till " My 30 heaven has purged their sight. while to clear the view we stay. Deep in each fold.272 EARLY WARNINGS glorious Woiinds I show to thee. — down branches from Matthew xxi. all Hath grey. who wait to see. the bright hour hath pass'd away A . high on each spire Of yonder mountain proud. Even here in earth's dull light But happier they. A mote eclipse a glorious star. Look westward. hangs between lo Thee and that mysterious scene. the bright hues together rim." man his breath should lose In wayward.

As mourners . Thy 40 His very shrines. His pavement let them now adorn. Will doff their rich attire. His palace court hath order blest. precious robes unfold. a breath. Drive from the heart th' eternal joys.EARLY WARNINGS Remember Come this. O grief. Nor dread the dust of Sion's street. ! But ah and heaven seems bright and too soon frail heart and eye Sink down and earthward rove. Or with His daylight blend. this week of woe. O An For Displace the Lord of Love half a prayer perchance on high ! We soar. Yea. when fancies wild Betwixt thee and thy Saviour mild 273 floating on life's stream. when earth's rude toys. 3i The Sunday garment glittering gay The Sunday heart will steal away. The gorgeous hues by sinners worn. 'Tis jewels all and gold. When from His Throne of earthly rest In glory beams th' immortal Guest. I bid thee lavish all thy store In fearless sacrifice. thou Uttle child. ere the fond glance stray. and show fear we then to go In glad and festal guise. In hours of Prayer. Then haste thee. nigh. when the funeral days are o'er. And altars shine in gold once more. a noise. opening door. . 50 We to the dust descend. And cast before thy Saviour's feet Him spare not with thy best to greet. Our pride and oiir good Angel's scorn. shame.

know'st. searching aisle and shrine. He to His Temple came. With many a chant divine. thy keep. O GRIEF for Angels to behold Within Christ's awful home ! A And child regenerate here of old. nor ever brought them more. with adoring hearts kneel'd to that gaze of power. His ire brake out for His Even in His week own holy place. and serve Him in His courts aright Where vow ? lO Thou of grace. so keen Happy Nor they unblest. He Thrice in those seven dread days. And with Forgetting love and fear. On Sunday eve with many a palm. —Habakkuk is in His Holy Temple ii. And for His sounding scourge made duteous way Who at His word their store 29 Of earthly goods remov'd.274 EARLY WARNINGS IRREVERENCE IN CHURCH The Lord before Him. we read. : let all ike earth keep silence 20. still and calm. that 20 Eye Like a Who lamp. lay : Who low before Him In penitential guise forlorn. that hour. the morrow morn. far the few. with doom of thrilling Prophecy. Seal of His Love and Might. It came. Whose life-blood earn'd thee power. If haply from the wrath decreed might redeem th' abode of His great Name With silent warning Eye. here for lowliest adoration come. . bold eye and tone bringing the rude world here ! To is the Cross upon thy brow. With scourge in Hand.

that without hope or end The Temple Roof will draw Down on the irreverent head. When And The the third evening fell. Who only offer'd not amiss. : ! The saintly Thrones are duly set. The doom prepar'd. o'er the olive-shaded glen to His Came wafted " Mount His stern farewell. Save on that widow poor. till ye own and scorn'd before the Judgement Throne. blessing left the : No 40 Thrice warn'd the dread departing word The city of His choice . Where waits beside the door the sacred throng.EARLY WARNINGS But ah ! 275 no blessing left He then. 60 ." unseen Eye we are these frowns. By sentence heard in Heaven. Even now to reckless eye and heart and voice. What if the place were doom'd ? Love will abide the fire her gift is unconsum'd. Of sin-retaining power. and penal ways rebel hand and tongue ? True tokens of the heart's amaze. We Crucified meet not. out of the Presence driven What With so : Driven for a while The scornfxjl and O if yet brow they bend. Why is there silence here ? Why hush the prattling babe ? " An fear. And threefold are Thy Lessons." Lord of bliss. Whose praise for aye shall in His Book endure. there Ungering without awe. Lord.

Where childhood's simple courtesies Are scorned so trains he up his school impure. : The in some thievish corner of the street Full often lurking low we trace.e forth two two children of them. And looks that pastoral eyes should greet. And he turned back. 23-5. faint and silent tokens learn At distance whom to trust. where warring hosts abide. Their choral chants in many a winning tone.276 EARLY WARNINGS DISRESPECT TO ELDERS And up by he went up from thence unto Beth-el : and as he was going looked on them. thou bald head. the way.. from whom to hide So round us set on every side Th' aerial sentinels our good and ill discern. — The Powers of 111 have mysteries of their own. : . processions. Their sacramental signs and prayers. As flowers the morn. 2 Kings ii. and tare forty and And he went from thence to Mount Carmel. Him 20 His poisonous whisper hath been there. go up. thou bald head. Whose onset ever Saints await on bended knees. and foe : their lights and perfum'd as men. be sure. seals. as on empty space. And she bears out of the wood. known Far off to friend airs. there came forth little children out of the city.. arid mocked him. fall coldly. To lure foul spirits haughty brows and high Are signals to invite him nigh. And even By lo lawless wish. Are as a taint upon the breeze. Their watchwords. and there cam. the unaverted eye. and cursed them in the name of the Lord. When sullen Ups our kindly glances meet. Go up. and said unto him.

so The stubborn knees with holy trembling smite. Now self-accusing by the drear wood-side She ranges where th' avengers came. And in the pure white Robe. To Carmel top is gone. christen'd babes as Beth-el's lawless band. though late. Where the rude world may come and go. O may Her 40 O grant us Thy good Angel. . Nor be our Write in young hearts Thy reverend lore. — ! it 50 wrought. good Lord. far from our woe and shame. Open their eyes. the Church path. But He. that they may know Whose edicts they so dearly hold. In dreams of penance wandering wild and wide. Making Thy rites a revel and a show. and by the low school door. unlearn reckless unbelieving heart. our fallen land. Pour from Thine Altar Thine own glorious Light Winning the world-enamour'd sight To turn and see which way the healing radiance came. Which bow not at Thine awful Name. and judge the Saints and Seers of old. ere the last Saint depart. sweet as from Aaron's urn. And in the Gifts. with unseen scourge in hand. faint and few. breathing the poison'd air bosom fresh and fair too well Alas from her own drew life. evermore To On wait. the Healer and the Guide. discern Signs lingering. Perhaps among the waiKng matrons there Was one who to her child had taught The ways Into that Which of scorn.EARLY WARNINGS So 277 may his nursery tasks inure shall The hearts that by and by against the Church rise. To sit at ease.

prompt as fairies round their queen.weather cherish Ye How there. perchance. Ever. feverish and untrue. In that fair round we may discern A beaming smile and an obeisance low . could we breathe the parched air Of the world's freedom. school-hours past. His — — ? fragrant showers. his awful : : His prayers go up o'er ocean vast For those whom he hath doom'd he now. Or homely garden. O were it not for you. Come greetings from a throng and press Of little strangers. sweeping o'er each in turn. welling night and day And our Elisha To plead. as up and down our glances go. So forest bluebells in a row Stoop to the first May wind. Withering each soft and kindly hue Even in young hearts ? but ye spring. brow some bleak cavern cast. 80 here and there. here on earth's dull ground. o'er village green.278 EARLY WARNINGS from his lips the Now The lightning from Low on his knees in judgement word hath pass'd. one graver found comrade's roving eye may school To courtesy forgot so in each round Of duty. Angels with us rehearse their own majestic Rule. When. bright in its May dress. 70 Your influence from afar we own and bless. is their Patron 60 ^fails He on the Mount holy ones to pray For rebels and profane ? O who may count The drops from that eternal Fount Of heavenly Intercession. And A : — .

lo The sister true of him who poured : His treasure at Thy feet. and children. . perchance. not for ay endure. O Lord The Son of Comfort named was he By those who hearts could see. life also. Child of a priestly line. Ere long. yea. 26. and household maid. in meek strife Winning their Pastor's life. Nor feared the tyrant's might . Mark's Day) Me. a mother bold. a sterner sound where wilt thou be found Will summon Even holy homes may hearts beguile. A holy home. and wife. and hate not his father. With fast and vigil.EARLY WARNINGS 9 279 HOME SICKNESS {For If any St. Who to the scattered fold Threw wide her door at dead of night. Of their o^vn joy afraid. young Saint. and each the race would win To tell the news within. 20 As parent's voice familiar own The pastoral Apostolic tone. to man come — A HOLY home. and his own St. Luke xiv. Bred where the vernal midnight air Was vocal with the prayer Of Christians fresh from Paschal meat. he cannot be My disciple. A holy household ! yet beware ! Even here may lurk a snare. With supplication strong and sweet. a refuge-bower Where For Saints in evil hour. These home delights. and mother. and brethren. 'Tis heard. child. was thine. And mar God's work a while. and slave. : May ? 30 . so keen and pure. and sisters. A holy home.

When the dark clouds plied each its heavy sling. The traveller on his way 20 Was like a pinnace on the deep. hearts that lo And days have been. The sport of every gust and spray. No softly-brightening trail of mom : : Their day. Luke xi. And it came to when the Devil was cast out. 14. the dumb spake.280 EARLY WARNINGS 10 ILL pass. that sullen o'er the unlovely prime Looks out no lingering star. TEMPER Jesus was casting out a Devil. — Not On often bends the face of heaven and earth A dull and joyless brow own meek love and quiet mirth But such their aspect now. hiding all The bright hues of this earthly ball. 30 . thine enchanted clime : Two evil spirits mar. happy childhood. in gloom or tempest born. This wild. Whirling around as rude waves sweep. and leafless forest bower. Slowly and late through leaden skies The scanty Ughts of morning rise. Fretting or fierce. O'er-powering breath and thought. St. Pine top. and it was dumb. And hour by weary hour The hard stern outlines loom around Of hill by many a frost embrowned. Lowers on till noon and night Because the new-born soul made haste Love's christening gift to scorn or waste. in Angel's sight. So. And air and ocean wrought As erst o'er Noe. wild days of stormy wing.

and cast The sparks of Stygian glow. m O ye who feel the dumb deaf spirit's breath About your heart and home. Wild evil words. : There be your tale of anguish 60 Though prayer of man find tardy grace saintly knees be bowed. : 281 Swift as a vane may turn on high The smile of heaven comes on. Haste. As in foul cavern spreading damps of death. : blast Hath spent the summer Faint not. ^the voice of Love Through the glad air will gently move i " Believe. with Angels sing. : so But if the frenzy fire blaze out. And heart and tongue for prayer be free. But wait untired beneath the mountain's base. — — : 70 . One flight across the unquiet sky . Where only Love should come Who mark. but to be allowed One breathing o'er the wave. So waits the Lord behind the veil. and all may be " The voice of Power command afar The rushings of that ireful war.EARLY WARNINGS Yet burns the sun on high beyond the cloud Each in his southern cave The warm winds linger. how wane the lamps of prayer Where sullen thoughts are in the air . if night in prayer told. His light on frenzied cheek or pale To shed when the dark hour is gone. such showers as rode the In Sodom's overthrow If tossing limb and glaring eye Declare the o'ermastering agony On Tabor's crown behold The pure calm glory Jesus there . to the Healer bring The moody silent one perchance He at the mighty word and glance With Saints will hear. Soon will the healing Cloud T'ward thee descend.

When Angels at the porch Met led along the sacred floor. Within thee. and And from That happy hour's strong The seal of heaven. be sure thee. if thou wilt. so . companion dire Of all in evil born. not spells endure. doubt it not He gave His signs of yore. their unseen torch Shrank muttering to his penal fire The Demon Shade.282 EARLY WARNINGS : Nay. all outworn.

lo a flood. or ere thou breathe thy plaint. Part of the Cross who knows Which in his secret heart he chose. and on him they laid the cross. a Cyrenian. And mark Who climbs the hill. like How rushing round Him Nor They seize upon his way. — Well may I brook the lash of scorn On mine own head to fall An evil mark is on me well I know " : or woe I have deserved it all. What have they sown. They drag Him. Early that fearful morn. Whose brows with anguish wrung On the rough way droop blood : so faint. murmuring tongue. tender sheep. fallen beneath the accursed and galling wood. sad heart. or the 283 meek Saviour's woes ? . coming out of the country. St. such ill to reap ? Why should a " new-born babe the watch of sorrow But these my keep ? Stay thee.V CHILDREN'S TROUBLES 1 THE CROSS LAID ON INFANTS And as they led Him away. Luke xxiii. they laid hold upon one Simon. 26. : Him 20 The persecutor's peace. alone. One hastening Zion-ward. and on him lay Part of the pain and scorn. that he might bear it after Jesus. And still thee. so meek.

284 CHILDREN'S TROUBLES the yoke to bear. the safe bosom part nursing Father's awful crown to seek. surely so And with true heart's desire He set where Jesus trode Still His steps along the mountain road. 40 Nor to the darlings of thine aching heart. learning more and more of His sweet awful : load. that fain Would reach and cUng to thee. for Him who spared us all ? . and start With grieved and wondering call ? if so From but would joy. Thou leanest o'er thine infant's couch of pain It breaks thine heart. in the silent air : The hosts of scorn and love With the sad train they onward move : Owns he the raven's wing. Grudge thou the good Cyrenian's patient part. Yet is there quiet rest Prepared upon the Saviour's breast For babes unconscious borne on Calvary to be blest. the wasted arm. The Cross that maketh whole Met unawares. Nor to thine own weak soul. The sacrificial fire Of Love redeeming did his spirit melt. one drop should fall of his own dull veins. The tottering feet upon the way of sorrow led. Upon What The Who Out at times the playful hand. and laid the unresisting head. to see The wan glazed eye. Bowed he with grudging mind Or was the For Jesus' sake ? On unseen pinions fleet bitter sweet Lo. or the soft gliding Dove ? O when the healing Rood he felt. And find it thorns. though weak.

for That hiu-ries each brief shower down our sky. Who hath the springs in hand Of ocean. make no mourning for the dead. and cover not thy lips. or frail sea-weed." " Nay. in heart they say. I love not weU That they should gaze immoveable : On sights of fear and woe. I ween. soft and wavering shows the heart Ufe-drops so lightly start. There. they know. they say An April dry makes cheerless May Eyes that with answering glow Meet eager joy. 17. ' Retire to that. and eat not the bread of men. so . To aurse them or allay. ' unbridled rave High on the thirsty sand. giant rocks aside be hurled." Such talk when Angels watching near From earthly guardians overhear. — " Tears are of Nature's best. Who deeply scan The mystery of the tears of man. bind the tire of thine head upon thee. " These are half-truths. a mightier skill the task fulfil. and put on thy shoes upon thy feet.CHILDREN'S TROUBLES 285 TEARS RESTRAINED Forbear to cry. Ezekiel xxiv. Haply He who may ' : " Demands.' 20 — " He in His wisdom hath decreed That shingle light. And harsher by and by Will prove. So in the heart's lone awful world His waters know their way. the withering hour Whence the Of lo selfish care. Should here the proud waves stay. saying to this wave.

Faith might discern the healing Rood Invisibly applied And when her veil soft Pity drew Over each glad and vernal hue. but trace His impress on some bright yovmg face. And babes for others sighed. tear. Half passion and half awe. hath blessed and called His own. Ask ye. " Whom He tries He 40 " And mortals deemed it gentle blood. or duteous deed. lent high virtue to the wave In their baptismal hour : Or one of those He deigned to weep O'er Salem. " A so A world-embalming shower. or speed The pure resolve. dread seal of Love. look and tone. Thou to Thy babes art mourning mild Even as Thy Saints of old From weeping now forbore. in the olived steep. by what high law ? Go not to sage or seer. Bent brow and throbbing heart Tries them with pain. Power the inward storm unchains His Power and Love refrains. " Thou art stern courage. : Had we knew. 60 " One law Self-loving is theirs.286 " His CHILDREN'S TROUBLES At will." . from Lazarus' grave. moans —allow no way He and Thine : to stay For grief that only grieves. He gave them. receives. them early. Heavenly Child. But drops that cherish prayer. Oft when their ready patience strove With keen o'ermastering smart. . now prayed Their eyes might endless showers be made Over Thy fallen fold.

From all the nursery's joyous Nor babe nor playmate by ! cheer. And the clear shadows flee. and see . and bones. . as ye see My My Me — Alone. Luke xxiv. That I with spirit free Mine evening hymn may sing or say Upon my bended knee. But Scarce dare I lay me down and sleep. Why are ye troubled ? and why do thoughts arise in your hearts ? Behold hands and feet. all Love. No Leaving flash to pass o'er strained eyes. all Power Now sweet will be my rest. all dark and drear. 20 kindly and in happy hour bring the Volume blest There all is Truth. for a spirit hath not flesh have. Lest in half-waking dream Dimly all ways to dance and creep The forms around me seem. help to pray. that it is I Myself : handle Me. The lamp ye light burn clear. St. all is strange to me ! And now the twilight hour is come. wild heart. apart from mother dear And father's gracious eye. lo Help me with reading. A place where others are at home.CHILDREN'S TROUBLES 287 LONELINESS And He said unto them. In dreams o'er sea and land : 1 bid thee at no shadows start The Upholder is at hand. 38. But look your lore be true and wise. Ye : Now at thy pleasure roam. 39.

in hour of storm. and softly sign to Angels known. make 60 So never need thy young heart ache In silence and alone. While midnight lamps burn dim and low. Are but His signs. Hark The ! ! 40 " 'Tis I. Fear with His sudden shade. A spirit o'er the heaving waste He seemed they cried for fear.288 CHILDREN'S TROUBLES The Till That blend lurid hues." He saith : " be not afraid " ! Whether in ocean vast. Who is the Truth. Name thou His Name. One only spell hath power to soothe so When thoughts and dreams appal. Or flickering shadows come and go In weary hours of gloom. calm might Came with His Flesh and Blood Him name The in Faith. Round some mysterious room. . And He will hear thy call As when new-risen on Easter-night Amid His own He stood. whose ear such music fills By night upon his bed. 30 every hurrying night-wind seems To waft a phantom form. the deep sea-gleams. Or where across the moonlight glade Strange woodland shapes are cast. — in the gale how softly thrills voice that wakes the dead Happy. Who lonely paced The midnight waters drear.

Feeling thine eager sight. Else never Hope to grasp the wonder-working rod. : Nor from its shelter rudely rend The heaven-protected flower It waits for sun and shower To woo it kindly forth in its own time. But in his heart's deep joy the Dread Eye gazing : feels. lo The lowly drooping brow. — Teae not away the veil. for he was afraid to look upon God. ? The springs 2. When in His destined hour He calls them out in power. if Whose eye can ne'er depart From our frail evil heart ? Who knows how near His look of awful love The gaze of aged men may to the young heart prove of silent awe. the stammering tongue. his face . The giddy wavering thought. and fear to look on God. And when they come. behold The Shepherd on the Mount Adores the Living Fount Of pure unwasting fire no glance he steals. will highest swell. untaught will know prime. Hide thou thy face. its hour of Blame not the eye that from thee turns. The cheek that in a moment burns With tingling fire so bright.0 With quivering hands that Over his closely fold downcast eyes.— 3<' .CHILDREN'S TROUBLES 289 SHYNESS Moses hid Exodus iii. that dwell Deepest in heart. What herein weak Nature own Her trembling underneath His Throne. dear friend. scarce knowing right and wrong. 6.

gladlier far would die There will he lie the Dread Voice return. and face to face Upon : the glory gaze. 10 — . He knows it all none half so well. And — Ere long to the same holy place He will return. mar we not His work. And longs in turn his tale to tell. In holy Church is said. 37. his glance Will shrink. CHILDREN'S TROUBLES and Than Till let it go. deep penances to bear. 40 Then onward bear the rays To Israel priest and people from trance. he the lore may learn Of his appointed task bold deeds to dare. When When Perhaps some deed of sacred story. and the dumb to speak. How hard to find no tongue ! The little babe upon the breast Wails out his wail and is at rest These may but look and long. Or lesson deep of God's high glory. eager words within are glowing. But all his words are fled.290 Feels it. For many a toilsome hour rehears'd or read. who trains His saints in awe 5 ! STAMMERING He maketh Mark vii. as he from God's in that deep Horeb Then tear we not the veil away Nor ruthless tell in open day The tender spirit's dream. — St. heart and head are both o'erflowing. High mysteries to impart. O O let the deepening stream Might from the mountain-springs in silence draw. And all at once for utterance crowd and throng. both the deaf to hear.

ill spirits' work Satan no more may round thee lurk. Shall in free air rejoice : Thoughts with their words and tones shall meet. lightning thrill'd across the midnight skies : When tempests howl'd o'er land or main Oft have I thought upon the deluge rain. : FEAR OF WILD BEASTS {For Quinquagesima) No lion shall be there. But vainly would his frail Ups try The tones his soul hath found. 20 O gaze not so ia wistful sadness Ere long a morn of power and gladness the unchained voice Shall break the heavy dream . . The rainbow-sign is given. free notes flinging. Thine Ephphatha is sung. Oft have I hid mine eyes. 9. The unfaltering tongue harmonious greet The heart's eternal choice. thereon. Even now the The call that wakes the dying so Steals on thine ear with gentle sighing : breath. that never more Will Heaven's dread windows so give out their awful When store. : To soar at will the mazy roof around But his to earth are bound. His word endures in Heaven.CHILDREN'S TROUBLES Perhaps on high the chant 291 The youthful choir the is ringing. the dew of heaven hath touched thy tongue Far to the winds are flung The bonds unseen. But now I read. In every chord his heart beats high. —Isaiah xxxv. nor any ravenous beast shall go up it shaU not be found there.

As homed herds will turn and fiy 20 but a child survey them with bold eye. For full . His word endures on earth. Hell powers at distance gaze. I fear Even If as the bright calm Is safety's pledge bow when waters wild o'erflow. nor Uon fell. Well the word sink deep in me. nor glance. if His Cross He raise. muse and mark His blessing waits on inmates of His ark. If v. Mark said. may I. Nor sounding tempest dread. and keep the seal His Holy Spirit made. When forms that And 10 seem'd of giant mould drew near. nor speak. thine own may be So. I may ioiich but His clothes. So in the storms we may not see Thy Saviour's raiabow crown. deeply in my childish heart I thrill'd at every rush.- She did but touch with finger weak The border of His sacred vest. Yet found she health and rest. Nor did He turn. His chain the Lion break. O Faith. Uttle children. I shall be whole. and bound. Have felt Love's guardian power. Fast clinging. mother dear. Else will the flood awake. many a fearful hour. and start But now I hear th' Eternal Law That binds them in His chain of deep mysterious awe : no monster birth. But. On such as in His awful shade Abide.292 CHILDREN'S TROUBLES Oft have I shrank for fear. to thee. so SEPARATION For she St. : There may we cahnly dwell. 28.

my heart was bold. This while I felt. And many a primrose smil'd." BEREAVEMENT The Lord gave Job 1 I twice as nmch as he had before. I from her robe might part. by bend or smile. unknown and wide. 10.CHILDREN'S TROUBLES 293 side. Thou haply on thy path Owning a playmate the while Didst seem unheeding me to fare. there. Long have I nurs'd and borne : And : nurs'd and borne thee up on high. mark'd her. A dimpled three years' child. . tender as a callow dove. blithe as morning light. lo When looks were strange on every When gazing round I only saw : Far-reaching ways. in childish race. : " Have so " Nay. Ere Mother's love to thee was known And now I set thee down. O grudge no more Thy Lord His joy. Scarce now and then. and hold garment's border as I might. not alone — ^but I would prove Thy duteous heart. 20 What matter Deep place. the Foimt of Mother's Love Infant's Faith. —Job xlii. ? well I knew in mother's inmost heart I fear'd but. I could Thy My step was free and light. my my my Lord. when healing Love His very robe flows 8 o'er. maek'd when vernal meads were bright. to try If thou canst walk alone. I hear thee mourn " Thee. I could but nearer draw but nearer draw.

Th' autumnal sun had set : 20 chill and damp that Sunday eve Breath'd on the mourners' road That bright-eyed little one to leave Safe in the Saints' abode. One a A The summer months swept by again That loving pair I met. full oft Tow'rd thee for refuge cast. sweet cares. the timid one Shall hide in thine embrace. ! Who still'd Jairus' wail Thou moum'st to miss the fingers soft fast. 30 That held by thine so The fond appealing eye.294 CHILDREN'S TROUBLES A basket on one tender arm Contain'd her precious store Of spring-flowers in their freshest charm. And Behind. for ever gone stranger's face ! No more from Or startling sound. On russet heath. dreary seems thy way. Told proudly o'er and o'er. A maid who scarce twelve years had So walk'd they side by side. maiden in His Name. FuU joyous on their loving dream The sky of April shone. lo told bright bud. Her bright brow dim and pale O cheer thee. The other wound with earnest hold About her blooming guide. the guardian sister came. first Thy glad earthly task is o'er. Sweet toils. But what if nearer than before She watch thee even to-day ? And 40 . and bowery lane. and one might seem sister flower half blown.

" What if she be there ? " so 9 ORPHANHOOD Behold thy Mother. wait to bless her tomb. But rather now with thee. And To sport again. 27. With the pure gales. but deeper far The soothing power of yonder kindly star : Thy first soft slumber on thy mother's breast Was never half so sweet as now thy calm unrest. And as of old undoubting upward spring. one Uttle hour. And smile in sleep with thee . that fan thy nursery bower. When foes are strong and trials keen. Think. Oft have I watch'd thy trances light. — St. ! Who In loving hope with her unseen Walk as in hallow'd air. Thy woes go . lo deep. John xix. in her turn prove guide to thee ? In ways to Angels known O yield thee to her whisperings sweet Away with thoughts of gloom In love the loving spirits greet. Fain would I he awake. Feeling the breath of heaven beneath my joyous wing. For with no feverish care and wild May thy clear bosom ache . dear child. A longed for once to be partner in thy dream's deUght.CHILDREN'S TROUBLES 295 What But if henceforth by Heaven's decree She leave thee not alone.

a precious sister spright to thy nursery bower. ^ best for thee may pray. I pray. as now in woe. Wondering perchance. in yon ethereal air. an Infant. dwelt below The thoughts that ache and burn : Nightly within thy bosom. and whisper. Now as of old. And thou with earnest tone didst say. rapt in more prevailing prayer." first When Came 39 Then in delight. The vision (whoso chides. For dearly do I love to think upon That gracious Mother-Maid. Christ A home is 48 here. and there as here Nor yet alone she prays.286 CHILDREN'S TROUBLES Thy heart is sad to think upon Thy mother far away. now she is gone. may blame . . " Mother. of love In many a waking dream Thou seest her yet upon her knees above : The vows she breathed beside thee yesternight. Who Both vespers soft and matins clear For thee she duly pays. Where God. Thou to that home didst turn. nursing her Holy One. She breathes above thee now. find in Nazareth to their own sweet mind. More than all music are the soothings dear Which meet thee at that door. A holier Mother. winged with intenser might. 'Tis she to — so whom thy heart took flight Of old in joyous hour. The instinctive reachings of the Altar flame) Shows thee above. let Mary be her name.

And rule with eye and hand. Wouldst lead thy little band. . made had been a moist whistling wind. La . And wavering wildly float. . 27. violets by the reedy pool Peep out so shyly gay : true and gentle guide. How oft such music home she brought Comes gushing But ne'er shall bring again. a lo And if we miss. O who may speak What thoughts are hovering round The pallet where thy fresh young Its evening slumber found ? cheek How many Where Thy a tearful longing look In silence seeks thee yet. ere that A more than earthly friend. thine And on Where homeward way. Sweet maiden. in its own familiar nook 20 fireside chair is set ? And oft when little voices dim Are feeling for the note In chanted prayer. With all an elder sister's pride. —Song the midst of the furnace as of the Three Holy Children.CHILDREN'S TROUBLES 10 297 FIRE Tlie it Angel of the Lord . or psalm. for so calm a life Too bitter seemed thine end But thou hadst won thee. o'er a sudden thought Of her who led the strain. We miss thee in thy place at school. strife. Where thou. or hymn.

Even as we read of Saints of yore Her heart and voice were free To crave one quiet sliunber more : fio Upon her Mother's knee. 'Twas calm ere life had flown. train. He hath prepared for thee lo A garland in that region bright Where infant spirits reign.298 CHILDREN'S TROUBLES O say not so Is fraught ! the springtide air so with whisperings sweet Who knows but heavenly carols there With ours may duly meet ? knows how near. where in shrine or bower The mourner's prayer is said ? Who And He who will'd thy tender frame (O stern yet sweet decree !) Should wear the Martyr's robe of flame. The The scourge in hand of God or Man Full deeply tries the secret soul. each holy hour. Ting'd faintly with such golden light As crowns His Martyr : Nay. 41. — Leviticus xxvi. doubt it not His tokens sure Were round her death-bed shewn : The wasting pain might not endure. her bearing scan tear that from beneath her quivering eyelids stole. Yon dark-eyed maid. The pure and child-like dead May linger. 11 PUNISHMENT They shall accept of the punishment of their iniquity. .

that hangs e'en 299 now Upon her wistful brow.CHILDREN'S TROUBLES The shade. And lowly cast him down as in remorseful fear. And And The Lord had said. One of the teachers true Commission'd to imbue Our dull hard hearts with heavenly skill. Come conscious of his broken bound. but own'd in store Of penitential tears —why made he restless moan. thrice. ii Recall'd by look and voice severe. and humbly seeking more 19 ! He who of old at Caiaphas' door Denied th' eternal Holy One. How seems he penance to implore. Feeling upon her heart the griev'd and gracious Eye. . for his denials three. so lov'd and loving. But she with pitying heart full fain Would twice the penance burthen bear. In words denied. My Shepherd be ? Yet were his waking thoughts self-blame. spare. It comes not all of shame or pain. Patient in woe decreed. With heavenly love our proud cold will. will mourn them loyal Love 39 Will for the Holy Friend above Lament in reverent sympathy. So have I mark'd some faithful hound. Yet may the scar and stain : To the And Love last fire remain. When the forgiving Eye Had beam'd on him so nigh. Might she the chastening arm. so For should the soul that loves indeed Stoop o'er the edge of deadly sin. Though wonder-working grace might heal the wound within. And e'er so lightly taste its meed. ever with cock-crowing tearful memory came.

if such Thou be. 60 12 PENANCE 1 If we would judge Corinthians xi. With touch ethereal whispering low 10 Of grace to penitential woe. that turn Keen wholesome airs to poison blight Touch'd with Heaven's rod. in ire they burn. ourselves. O give me grace. come chase our pangs away. Bask on in warmth of worldly ease. I know my sin is great. the mourner still enhance." ! — Th' impenitent would still abate His pain.300 CHILDREN'S TROUBLES Alas for sullen souls. 31. Open thy casement. " Saviour. And of the soothing hand that Love on Conscience lays . moody man. And taste the gushing fragrance there. — Thou. But hold to the wrong'd Cross on worn and aching . they come and go. when the judgement hour is past. we should not be judged. I would not hide away from Thee in heartless trance When penal lightnings glare. who with eye too sad and wan Dost on the memory gaze Of evil days. O Lord. : Drink of the balm the soft winds bear From dewy nook and flowery maze They rise and fall. Or in dim anguish writhe beside them in its might The saving Cross we rear. knees. to bare My sinful bosom to the blast Nor. They neither love nor fear : Each from his own unblessM tree The five dread Wounds unmov'd they see 49 O hard of heart and scornful say. Look out into the midnight air.

20 Or owlet chanting his dim part Or trickling of imprison 'd rill Heard faintly down some pastoral hill. His pledge. on the weary heart. Each rustling note from breeze and bower. But never mourner's ear so keen Watch'd for the soothing sounds That walk their rounds Upon the moonlight air serene. When the hot world hath hurried by. Sighs that the herd half-dreaming heaves. youthful hearts are fain to Unbidden wear — wear : ^their penance-bond stripling grave and maiden meek Forgo the bright hours of the week. Listening apart." . The mist drops from th' o'erloaded eaves. Where ocean gently rocks within his summer bounds. As the bright As Saints around the Glory-Throne To each faint sigh respond. Nor at the board their place will seek " Have we not sinn'd ? and sin must be by pain When : aton'd. who rules the froward will With more than kingly power. so sentinels on high Stoop to receive each contrite sigh. And souls have time to feel their wounds. Nor ever tenderest bosom beat So truly to the noiseless feet Of shadows that from light clouds fleet. O surely Love adoring there When Is quicken'd to intenser prayer. with more than wizard art. 40 Of Penitents that inly moan. The mimic rain mid poplar leaves. And yearning fond. in the sweet still hour.CHILDREN'S TROUBLES 301 How Falls welcome.

CHILDREN'S TROUBLES tried ! Thrice happy. in Repentance' school So early taught and so At Jesus' side. Three happy sprites. entitled " The First Smile. 224. dread Fore-runner's rule. the writer of the stanzas on p. shall be in Joy — The Come. and now apart. Train'd from the womb ! nor they unblest. we glide and dart ' For the leading idea in these lines the Author is indebted to a ftiend. they mourn . 70 When sweet breath the Heavens receive When bosoms with confession heave.302 . When April showers are twinkling nigh. which need no repentance." . 7. Who underneath the world's bright vest With sackcloth tame their aching breast. Together now. as lost Not No : To aged husbandman Is the at eve. 13 LANGUOR! Heaven over one sinner that repenteth more than over ninety and nine just persons. and with us by summer seas revel hold of Mirth and Ease. lowly Magdalen hath won her Saviour's eye. St. Luke XV. : And by His 60 Esau mourn'd. th' absolving Voice abide. The sharp-edged cross in jewels hide Who day by day and year by year Survey the Past with deepening fear. loud and bitter cry They cast on high But on through silent air is borne The fragrance of their tearful love To the Redeemer's feast above. Fresher than steam of dewy grove. Yet hourly with more hopeful ear To the dim Future turn.

a deeper bliss shalt learn. O gently tread. and see If aught of sprightly. and mildly gaze. can this earth a loving trance Of deeper bliss reveal ? . as free and bright As waves that leap in morning light Or mark in playful pensiveness How fast the evening clouds undress O'er gleaming waters far away. And by the tir'd Sun gently lay Their robes of glory. notes may trace the heart's deep hymn. Our little sister. Say. Tempers. Or with the pulse's healthier chime In praise melodious keeping time ? What . With the calm sweetness may compare Of the pale form half slumbering there. late as gay : Yes And thou 20 sea-lark drench'd in ocean spray.CHILDREN'S TROUBLES O'er rock and sand. 39 The laughing waves and tuneful Parental eyes for joy grow dim. his strong caress Lightly the small soft fingers press The wan and wearied cheek. to her. . 303 lO from the shore with us return. our mother's glance. from her couch of languor freed One hour upon soft air to feed. In silence mingling with the breath Of child by prayer recall'd from death. Our trusting hearts are still at home. and where'er our fancies roam. fresh. beside tide. For at our side we feel Our father's smile. There. As Now 111 30 may she brook our bolder ways The babe who cannot speak . Come to our cottage home. And if in festive hour. Just as the mounting sun hath drawn Warm fragrance from the thymy lawn. to be worn More gorgeous with returning morn. and free.

sweet pledge of pardoning . Is in His ocean springs the same : 80 . over brows That mourn in dust their broken vows. Therefore. Which rings from all the harps of Heaven. Then far along the mournful way Paternal Love speeds out. Into her lap we pour. Or breathe into his ear one note Of that high loving strain. 70 Ungrudg'd. unsparing. Rather than where the Saints are seen Each reigning in his place serene : If in Love's earthly home and bower The mournful or the dangerous hour Unblam'd each prayer and longing guides To the one couch where Pain abides He who is Love. The full heart grudges smile or sigh To aught beside. when its flower seems fain to die. to say care as he daily seeks aright His lowly station in their sight. Like a bruis'd leaf. this one dear couch about We linger hour by hour The love that each to each we bear All treasures of endearing care. at point to die. When from the Shrine the word is given." O. darkling home. though fair and dear. And Bid amaranth odours round him float. for leave Some flower of Paradise to give.304 CHILDREN'S TROUBLES O. They watch th' all-ruling Eye. prepar'd to wait In doubt and dimness by the gate. When Come smitten souls. if the Powers and Thrones above Hover with crowns of joy and love. : so Type of that holiest Family. at touch of Fear Its hidden fragrance Love gives out. and owns Love's Name. " The dead soul lives again. 60 The words of welcome Angels bear The robe.

CHILDREN'S TROUBLES As in each little murmuring brook soft mead or wayside nook : Brighter the joy. Than where. 90 . Before Him. in Heaven's unchanging deeps. 305 That cheers A thousand orbs endure. where one sinner weeps. be sure.

He There learns he flower and weed To sort with careful heed waits not for the weary noontide hour. he That ring plies his pleasure-task ? of fragrant ground.VI CHILDREN'S SPORTS 1 GARDENING He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much. child. no more. How Seest thou yon woodland amid flowerets wild. his Uttle heart need ask. Wilder himself. Thus faithful found awhile. dear boy thine shall be. — Luke xvi. and thanks him for the shower. With He claims : its low woodbine bound. : wins the joyous smile Of friend or parent glad and bright When for his garland gay He hears the kind voice say." 306 He is he. as yet. There with the soft night air : 10 Comes his refreshing care : Each tiny leaf looks up. 10. St. : the garden . " Well hast thou wrought.

Bring me here the richest crown on breezy down. give us Who lent us Earth. 11. And muse on all the lore there learned hour Is in each bright not a life well spent A child's play-garden. The breath of patient Love. will prove cast. Come. that He might Heaven at last. sure. Even from these fading sweets by Memory As deepening evermore To Him our song we pour. what joy in field or 20 bower To view by Memory's aid Again that garden glade. The sun is no sooner risen with a burning heat. Familiar sounds. Or by river's rushy screen. Or in sunny meadow wide. ye little revellers gay. Will no mild tones of earth blend with the adoring hymn ? 30 O fragrant. but it mithereth and the flower thereof falleth.CHILDREN'S SPORTS 307 And when long years are flown. Wreathed this mom Or in nook of copsewood green. Learners in the school of May. of it —James i. and the grace of the fashion perisheth. MAY GARLANDS the grass. And the proud word. lent For Heaven's high trust to train young heart and limb? When in yon field on high Our hard-won powers we try. Gemmed with cowslips in their pride . Mine Own.

Each a lily of his own Offering. embalmed the flowers. Lovelier than May's gleaming mom. : Keen March winds. From the choicest garden bed. Now in your glad hour and gay. or a rose half-blown. soft April showers. Bring 20 — . : Go where all that ever bloomed. drooping. children of the May. 40 How should else Earth's flowerets prove Meet for those pure crowns above ? . behold they lie. high prized o'er all. so Hearken. 'Mid bright smiles of infants bred. Must the way of bUss prepare. They are gone their light is o'er Ye must go but ye once more Hope in joy to be new-bom. : In its hour must lie entombed. Shower or dew. Braced the roots. Ye whom all good Angels greet With their treasures blithe and sweet None of all the wreaths ye prize But was nursed by weeping skies. Where are now those forms so fair ? Withered. Feeling nought of earth or sky.308 CHILDREN'S SPORTS Or perchance. lo From beneath the southern wall. if e'er that second spring Her green robe o'er you shall fling. tearful prayer. me now a croMm as gay. Wreathed and woven yesterday. So. Stem self-mastery. . Vernal airs no more to know They are gone and ye must go. wan and bare.

But most He turns His face away. Come still and pure as drops of dew. adoring fall all lo The Holy Board beneath. With many a Sunday smile. Betraying where they lowly lie 20 By Ye the soft airs they breathe ? Oft as with mild caressing hand cull and bind in tender band Those bashful flowers so sweet. envy's sidelong eyes betray foul unhallowed fire. Gathering around His temple gate To learn His word and will. A welcome gift and meet. The heart that bounds at human praise. Which of you all would fain be first Come here and take your fill. to rest Upon some loved and honoured breast. Seek the last room. ? Come. Ye children that on Jesus wait. Is aught so fair as violets shy. For glory hungered and athirst.CHILDREN'S SPORTS 309 SUNDAY NOSEGAYS He that humbleth himself shall be exalted. to the feast prepared for you. Go higher. Your prayer in silence breathe . 11. the scorn'd of If that be filled. little maids that love the spring. — so . When The Say. Not to the quick untrembling gaze. —^Luke xiv. Loves He to say. Of all the fragrant gems ye bring For bower or bridal wreath.




to the Heaven-taught soul present token and a sacrament,

How to the highest room Earth's lowliest flowers our Lord receives Close to His heart a place He gives. Where they shall ever bloom.


PiU on
the whole

armour of God.


vi. 11.



is the joy when leave is won. sim-bright holiday, deck some passive little one

In fancy -garments gay

Whether it be a bright-haired boy With brow so bold and high, Or maiden elf with aspect coy, Grave lip and laughing eye.

What flashes of quick thought are What deep delight and pride



the whole house the wonder share. From room to room they glide.


smile, their eager ways to see But mark their choice, when they To choose their sportive garb are free, The moral of their play.

In semblance proud of warrior's mail The stripling shall appear. The maiden meek in robe and veil

mimic bridal



All thoughtless they, to thoughtful eyes

Love-tokens high present


The Bride descending from the The mail in Baptism lent.





fearless he lift the brow. bears, unstained and bright. touch of Angels sealed e'en now.


His Saviour's Cross of might.

Radiant may be her glance of mirth, Who wears her chrisom-vest Pure as when first at her new birth It wrapt her tender breast.
if so fair the first dim ray In Jesus' morn of grace, How will it glow. His perfect Day, On our triumphant race





but His banner's hovering shade



scare the infernal band. strong, who to the end arrayed

In His

armour stand





warrior, year



day, and hour By hour. His armoury to draw near. And don His robes of Power.

And day by


girdle, Truth ^to hate a Then, purpose high of soul In Righteousness to live and





breastplate, firm

and whole.

Then, heavenly Calmness, lest thou fall Where scandals Kne the way Faith in the Unseen, thy shield o'er all. Each fiery dart to stay.
in His gift, thine helmet sure; Trust in His living Word Thy weapon keen, to chase the impure. His Spirit's awful sword.




thine armour, bathed in heaven


Keep thou by prayer and



Saviour's seal, so early given shall be thine at last,




Ho, every one that ihirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money ; come ye, buy, and eat ; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and withovt price. Isaiah Iv. 1.


undelightful prove

The rounds of restless love, When high and low she searches, mine and mart, And turns and tosses o'er Some crowned merchant's store.




token finds of the


yearning heart.

Yet in Heaven's searching beam As bright may haply seem




offering, stone or shell.

Found by some joyous crew
Glittering with ocean dew. Where feathery Unes of spray the waves' last


Behold them, how they dance Beneath the breezy glance Of April morn, or fresh October noon How on the twinkling sand, In many a fairy band.



leave their foot-prints light, to turn them soon.

and count

What if some nursing friend His sportive counsel lend To sort the treasure, wreathe the chaplet gay. Coral or crimson weed ?
is it


joy indeed.


he to mind

some comrade




then how bright arise fancy's quick young eyes smiles that o'er the kindling


will spread.



When on

the nursery floor

They range their bounteous store. Precious to them as pearls from India's ocean30

What though

By money,
Those simple


unseen, unbought or thought.

offerings come they not of Love ? Love gives, and Love will take. Such are the vows we make To the dread Bethlehem Babe, nor He will them




a royal crown,

Or first-bom babe,


Before His Cradle, to one heavenly smile

We may
But He
Of His own

40 not buy nor cam, toward us will turn Love but we must kneel in Love the


Thus learn we Bounty's lore Along the unbounded shore And even beneath the mists which man hath made.



walks the


on memories sweet Of a dread Bargain sealed, a countless Ransom



hear the frequent cry, " Approach, ye poor, and buy, Buy of the best for nought " and dreams arise Of yon supernal Home,



And Angel voices " Come, Come to the Living Wells, buy without

gold or price.


to the true Vine's shade.

There in contrition laid Drink of the drops He in your cup shall press.

Come to the quiet fold, And while the lambs are



Taste the pure treasure of the pastoral wilderness."


The homeless and

In cities, think they scorn Freely to quaff the fountain's unbought store ? Freely to learn the song It warbles all night long In murmurings such as soothed their cradle dreams 66 of yore ?



Lord, if


be Thou, bid xiv. 28.

me come

unto Thee on the water.

The May winds


the willow leaves

Around the rushy point comes weltering slow The brimming stream alternate sinks and heaves The hly-bud, where small waves ebb and flow. Willowherb and meadowsweet

Ye the soft gales, that visit there, From your waving censers greet
store of freshest balmiest air.

Come bathe the steaming noontide hour Even in your face the sparkling waters

invites smile.


Yet on the brink they linger, timid wights. Pondering and measuring ; on their gaze the while Eddying pool and shady creek Darker and deeper seem to grow On and onward still, they seek





adventurous show.

At length the boldest springs but ere he cleave The flashing waters, eye and thought grow dim Too rash it seems, the flim green earth to leave Heaven is beneath him shall he sink or swim ? Far in boundless depth he sees The rushing clouds obey the gale. Trembling hands and tottering knees.
: :


All in that dizzy



well, ye candidates of Heaven, Called long ago to float in Jesus' ark Ye know not where His signal now is given. The Lord draws near upon the waters dark To your eager prayer the Voice Makes awful answer : " Come to Me


Oh mark him




Once for all now seal your choice. With Christ to tread the boisterous sea."



we come


since he, the trusted Saint,

with one only shared the Lord's high love, Shrank from the tossing gale, and scarce with faint And feeble cry toward the Saviour strove. Yes we answer the dread call, Not fearless, but in duteous awe He will stay the frail heart's fall. His arm will onward, upward draw.
: :




why didst thou doubt ? to walk the midnight wave. On the dim shore at morn to seek Him out,^ Work 'neath His Eye, and near Him make thy grave. So backslidings past no more Shall in the Heavens remembered be. Faith the Three Denials sore O'erpaying with Confessions Three.
thou of little Spare not for


Strange power of mighty Love if Heaven allow Choice, on the restless waters rather found, Meeting her Lord, with cross and bleeding brow, Than calmly -waiting on the guarded ground Yearning ever to spring forth And feel the cold waves for His sake ; AU her giving of no worth. Yet, till she give, her heart will ache.








hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, revealed them unto babes. St. Matthew xi. 25.





talk of wells in caverns deep,

Whose waters run a wondrous


Far underground, and issuing keep Our floating tokens, bright or base. So in the child's light play we read The portion to the man decreed ; His future self he hastes to prove
art, in toil, in

warfare, or in love.

Those waves emerging far away, True to their fount, the likeness bear Of fancies nurtur'd many a day. How in the end their course they wear
Into the light of Manhood free : The hidden soul breaks out, and we In careless mien, in careworn face. The long-forgotten Infant wondering trace.




a joyous mother's brow

Is sadden'd o'er

And watching

The Through Her prophet eye pursues her

when sports are rife. by, she seems e'en now tale to read of coming strife. lawless camp, o'er ocean wild.


Scans mournfully her Poet's strain. Fears, for her Merchant, loss aUke and gain.


if a holier task engage His busy dream, if clad in white

She see him turn some hallow'd page.

Dimly enact some awful rite, Then high beyond the loftiest Heaven The flight that to her hopes is given,



darker than the gloomiest deep The fears that in her boding bosom creep.

an empty Throne, away, Him whom the Lord had placed thereon She hears the dread Proclaimer say, " Cast ye the lot, in trembling cast ^ The traitor to his place hath past." Strive ye with Prayer and Fast to guide The dangerous Glory where it shall abide
sees in heart




falling, falling far






towards some serious brow,

In love and patience lowly bent,

Some youthful Athanase,*



his future task intent

His Creed rehearsing to the roar Of billows on the lonely shore. Or with a child's deep earnestness Showing his mates how Saints baptize and


She hears one glance, how brief and keen As with a lightning touch reveals Her Saint upon his path serene ;


With all her heart his vow she seals, Acts i. 2 " Alexander, Bishop of Alexandria, on a certain day being in his own house, cast Ms eyes towards the sea, and seeing afar off boys playing on the shore, and enacting a Bishop and the customs of the Qiurch, as long as he saw notlung too adventurous in their play, was pleased with what he saw, and amused himself with their doings. But when they touched even upon the
Mysteries, he was troubled, and summoning the Clergy, made them observe the boys whom having caused to be brought before him, he interrogated about their play, and the kind of things said and done therein and they informed him that Athanasius was their Bishop and director, and that he had baptized some of the lads who were unchristened. Of these Alexander made careful inquiry, what had been asked of them, or done to them, by him who was Priest in their name, and what they answered, and were taught to say. And finding that all the order of the Church had been accurately observed in their case, he deemed, on consulting with the Priests about him, that there was no need to rebaptize such as had once for all received the grace of God in simplicity. Only he performed for them
: ;



the other ceremonies, which the Priests alone may lawfully minister in the Sacraments. Moreover, Athanasius and the other boys, who in their sport were Priests and Deacons, he commended to their respective kinsmen, calling God to witness ; to be nurtured for the Church, and trained to that which they

had enacted."

Sozomen, Eccl. Hist.






her heart the prayer prolongs,

That round him still the Watchers' songs Echoing may purge the hallow'd air. And from his soul the dreams of Judas scare.
in hope and agony in hope when most he fears, She prays In trembling when his hopes mount high. Far, far away she feels, not hears A deep chord thrill, an answering note Go forth in Heaven, and earthward float. Her Guardian Angel wafts it nigh. But more it breathes than Angel sympathy.




Yea, gloom was on the Source of Light,i A trouble at Joy's very heart, When with the Traitor in His sight His secret sad He told apart. And when He spake of treasures seal'd To proud wise men, to babes reveal'd,^ From His celestial aspect fell A lightning as in Heaven, a bliss ineffable.


These are Thy signs. Thou Shepherd good. To Daring and to Meekness given To babes of mild, self-chastening mood. Whispering their part in chants of Heaven. " Else," warning Love cries out, " beware Of Chancel screen and Altar stair."

Love interceding kneels in fear. Lest to the Pure th' unholy draw too

xi. 25.











Behold the fig
ye see

tree, and all the trees ; when they now shoot forth, and know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at hand.



xxi. 29, 30.

What is the joy the young lambs When vernal breezes blow ?




carol out so blithe and free birds from every leafless tree ?

Why Why


so high the boys at play

On grass so green and gay ? From nursing arms, his proper throne,
rings so clear


infant's joyous tone ?



that in them deeply dwells

Of genial spring-tide tells Of their own selves they see and know To what glad tune the sunamer brooks shall



Be thou through life a little child By manhood undefiled So shall no Angel grudge thy dreams Of fragrance pure and ever brightening beams.



As an
eagle stirreth

. . .

up her nest —^Deuteronomy xxxii. 11.

so the

Lord alone did


Behold the treasure of the nest. The wingM mother's hope and pride See how they court her downy breast, How soft they slumber, side by side.




that nestles there,



motion and delight

may not burst, till soft as air It feel Love's brooding, timely might.

Even such a bUssful nest I deem The cradle of the Lord's new-born, Where deeply lurks the living beam
Lit in the glad baptismal morn.


into keen enduring flame may not burst, till heavenly Love Have o'er it spread, in Christ's dear Name, The pinions of His brooding Dove.


steal once more across the lawn. Stoop gently through the cypress bough, And mark which way life's feeble dawn Works in their little hearts, and how.
Still close


and closer, as you pry. They nestle 'neath their mother's plume. Or with a faint forlorn half-cry. Shivering bewail her empty room.

Or haply, as the branches wave, The little round of tender bills Is raised, the due repast to crave Of her who all their memory fills.

Hast thou no wisdom here to lear Thou nestUng of the Holy Dove,
hearts that with the true life burn Live by the pulse of filial love ?





sorrow comes to thy calm Early or late, as come it will,



yon brood, yon downy breast. hide thee deep in Jesus' will.
evening moan,

By morning and by

As doves beneath the cedar

Make thou thy fearful To Him who is not





The food With eager

Cherub-borne in royal state. of His Elect to be. lip do thou await. And veiled brow, and trembling knee.

So underneath the warm bright wing, The hidden grace of thy new birth Shall gather might to soar and sing. Where'er He bids, in heaven or earth.


How often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen ga&ereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not


xxiii. 37.

lends His creatures tongue to preach His will To Salem came His mournful call. His last sad word to Sion's wall, Froni the green Eastern hill.

The Lord who



The little children waiting by Wondered to see Him weep. The louder swelled their duteous As He in lowliest majesty Rode down the shady steep.



hear Had I the joy to Him speak. Ascends the clear blue slqr. So would thy Lord His pinions spread Around thee. And keep thee kind and pure. The spoiler scare away. . The wheeling hawk on high. — ^Acts i. vow. So. In faith entire they flee. in that left And 20 Look how the Hen invites her lie." Sure I should keep my hour He thought on thee. Ever in times of vernal glee Around thee in thy walks to be. all Those simple nestlings How To hurrying at their mother's call. dauntless mood. brood Beneath her wing to Look how she How calls them to their food. So lead thee. by the Cross whereon He bled. night and day. 4 NOONTIDE They looked siedfastly toward Heaven as He went up.322 LESSONS OP NATURE Thy " little heart. so heavenly meek. a token sure. 30 But be thou gathered : —one and see. in eager. The shepherd boy lies on the hill At noon with upward eye Deep on his gaze and deeper stiU . 10. Nay. whate'er befall. musing now. eyes. where is heavenly Bread. To see that Eye. so wild is Perhaps and weak. their one home.

raised anew. And Pain is soothed by Prayer. we know. Hid Him from human sight. and deem perchance He lies but half awake. While pastoral eyes were strained below To trace Him through the hght. Blest shall he be. Blest. Thine heart must inly burn. Like haunting sound of stream. shall view so When the strong portals. if At night or noontide. If upward in that tide His eye be turned. Nor closed in inward pride : if the glory o'er him break Through chancel roof.LESSONS OF NATURE 323 You pass him by. 40 . What if in such array cleft Our Saviour through the aerial Rose on Ascension Day ? That hour. In sleep or waking dream. Disclose the march divine. came unsought. For he a cloud hath seen Into that waste of air depart. Wondering what mortal first The dread returning sign. 20 Oh but once such awful thought. nor wandering wild. 'Tis gone. Full wakeful he. Surely thou durst not let it go . lO and he is musing left . And picture in what airy trance His soul may sport or ache. that sinner's child. Oft as thine eye shall turn Where overhead the clear deeps glow. both eye and heart. or where Some mourner's bed good Angels make. a glorious cloud. As bark in ocean green.

come with steady heart. Your pure thoughts. come early out. 20 Yon slumbering infant in the shade. your gladsome talk and gay. not to seek wild flowers the field about. As high will swell your heap when day is done. and help them on Full handfuls drop. little Come lo The sun of Autumn climbs full fast have quaffed each drop of dew. glean. fashioned to your Master's : mind. yet at dreams of fancied vipers start. The work with singing With ready mirth all sharper tones abate. Roam Nor ones. Grudge not one hour on him to wait While others glean. where they may take a part. where best the bounteous Hand may spare. here and there the sheaves among. Blithe be your course. Where Time and Death are gathering in Rich blessings by the Almighty Owner sealed For spirits meet His pardoning word to win. Ere half the fragrant. will He Come. quit your toys.. they will find scant ears and few. 3. yet bear in heart The lame and old. The Church one wide Harvest Field. joyous. heathy lane be passed The lingerers. Come. —Isaiah is.324 LESSONS OF NATURE THE GLEANERS They joy before Thee according is to the joy in harvest. We So learning for His perfect store to long. : We are as children A few fallen ears. and haste away. aid. But mark ye may not leave behind Your store of smiles. .

With the calm hour soft weary fancies come. Touched by the frost-wind's wing. Will light us home with our glad burdens soon Grave be our evening prayers. . . The glow-worm on the dewy groimd. Matthew xxi. Such buds of hope are Advent hours Ere the Old Year its leaves and flowers : Have shed. — the Temple . ! How fast these autumn leaves decay But nearer view the naked spray. the rooks fly home. lo So when our Lord in meekness rode Where few save wintry hearts abode. the New in promise lives Christmas afar glad token gives. The light streams gorgeous up the o'er-arching beech. our slumbers sound. so — But see the tall elm shadows reach Athwart the field. . And many a bud thine eye will meet Prepared with ready smile to greet The showers and gleams of spring. Soft carols faintly ring. 38 AUTUMN BUDS The children crying in David. Hosanna to the Son of St.LESSONS OP NATURE 325 Sing softly in your heart all day Sweet carols to the Harvest's Lord. Each leaf on Judah's sacred tree Was withered. wan. and foul to see. 15. In heaven the low red harvest moon. . So shall ye chase those evil powers away That walk at noon rude gaze and wanton word.

His Uttle ones came chanting round ^ Hosanna to their King. In penitential garb austere Fix'd in the wild. And points the waters' silent way Down the wild maze of reed and spray. 7. his girdle stern. But firmest in the bleakest hour He holds his root in faith and power. How steadily his arm he flings Where from the bank the fresh rill springs. from year to year 20 The lessons of stern love to teach. Matthew xi. THE OAK What went ye out into the wilderness to see? with the wind ? St. To penitents and children preach. winter's sleet. in each time and tide.326 LESSONS OF NATURE Yet lurk'd there tender gems beneath. are one. His robe. There stands he. lo The splinter'd bark. Mark'st thou in him no token true Of heaven's own Priests. The new-born streamlet's guard and guide. Ere long to bloom in glorious wreath. — A reed shaken Come take a woodland walk with me. Brown autumn. To him spring shower and summer sun. Bold words and eager glances stay. While Priest and Scribe looked on and frowned. And gently level Jesus' way ? . both old and new. grey moss and mountain fern. Known only by the livelier green. And mark the rugged old Oak Tree. Two furlongs on they glide unseen.

Pines may tower. St. Hexaemeron.LESSONS OF NATURE 327 THE PALM Palma virens semper manet conservatione et diuturnitate. . thine honours are decreed For thy green unchanging glory. 71. and high communions nourish. the voice of praise is heard. When When we tread treasure. iii. Nor of sun nor air afraid ? Is it that in antique story lo Conquerors own'd thee for their meed Nay. and laurels flourish Deathless green is only thine Tj^e of hearts which airs divine Cheer. Ambrose. Like courageous mountain maid. preferred. non immutatione follorum. brightest In the zone of colours bright ? Or that with aerial height Thou the genial clime requitest. ? 20 Hearts on whose pure virgin wreath Sin indulg'd might never breathe. . Why of all the Holy Palm. Till thy vigorous life die down. Wearing thy first leafy crown. woodland art thou Why Why Is it for our thankful measure ? before our Saviour borne ? by glorious Spirits worn ? thy verdure.

: . Remember. morn and even ? Nay. 16. 5. And glorious to the builder shone The pile then how should Grace One Uving gem disown. each air lO Upon the faltering tongue. are built up a spiritual House.328 LESSONS OF NATURE THE WATERFALL Ye 1 Peter also. Each half note in the great Amen. waste of sea and sky To one frail drop of rain. when in earlier days Thou toil'dst upon the floor Palace or tower to raise. When at the Saviour's Name : The Church shall call thee out. 20 No doubtful sound thy trump shall pour. —Genesis xiii. Where millions round the Throne Are chanting. lively stones. as ii. What boots one feeble infant tone " To the full choir denied or given. to one poor sandy grain. No mimic stone but found a place. Even by the utterer's self unheard. They store O fail not then To bring thy lowly word : : Spare not to swell the bold acclaim So in the future battle-shout. the kind Watchers hearkening there Distinguish in the deep of song Each little wave. " What A " A is the Church. and what am I ? world. — I will make thy seed as the dust of the Earth.

We that with eye too daring seek : To scan their course. and find their rest Together in their ocean home. Now round the rock. They rush and roar. Still seeming more and more To sweU They win as we survey. From East and weary West. 40 their way. Strange powers their course inform. Now flashing to the sun. From North and South they come. all giddy turn Not so the floweret meek. In dreams of mortals unespied : One is their awful End. they whirl and leap.LESSONS OP NATURE One pearly mote. one diamond One sparkle of th' unearthly Go where the waters fall small. In lawless dance they win their way. One in a thousand. so Yet in dim caves they haply blend. Not wilder drives the wintry storm Yet a strong law they keep. No imion and no love. One their unfailing Guide. Even so the mighty sky-bom Stream : Its living waters from above All marr'd and broken seem. Harebell or nodding fern : so Ma . Now still as beast in lair. a thousand streams in one. now mounting o'er. on they fare. light ? 329 30 Sheer from the moimtain's height Mark how.

And Hope sweet answer brings. Scorn not one drop of drops the shower Is made. peace-loving breast Even here can find her life. to the Living Waters still (O joy with trembling !) they pertain. and onward press Toward the Living Sea By deeds of holiness. and drink the spray The torrent's foaming pride But keeps them green and gay.330 LESSONS OF NATURE They from the rocky wall's steep side Lean without fear. And Christ hath lowly hearts. Joined by some hidden rill. so Then Low in Earth's darkest vein. If of the Living Cloud they be Baptismal drops. that rest Amid fallen Salem's rush and strife : The pure. of showers the waterfall Of children's souls the Power Doomed to be Queen o'er all. : : 88 . 70 heaven-descending dews. What though The broken On On On in harsh and angry note flood chafe high ? they muse mists that lightly float. virgin snows. the feeders pure river's Of the bright mountain springs : And still their prayers endure.

30 . what deeds and words are there. at deepening twihght. Or amid thousands more beam glad and gay From mirthful bower or hall. Stars out of sight. and o'er the far-resounding seas.LESSONS OF NATURE 10 331 THE STARRY HEAVENS So shall thy seed be. We know but this alone^'tis well if all be prayer. Father ? trace me out their ways Far in the deep serene. When sun and moon are o'er Fixed in the deep of grace and song. by yon empyreal ray. in each keen heart-thrilling glance of theirs Of other stars we read. they say. how afar lo heath or mountain down The shepherds kindle many an earthly star. How from the low damp town We through the mist the lines of torchlight trace In dwellings proud or base But whom they light. whereon the floods of mercy stream. as these In the blue skies. we know surely of yon lamps on high we deem As of pure worlds. Stars and ever as I gaze Brighter and brighter seen Whence come they. souls for whom Love prepares A portion and a meed In the supernal Heavens for evermore. these eyes of mine but faintly show One step on earth below And even our wisest may but dream. and patient be the woe. —Genesis xv. ! " More and more : Of what is done on high. If pure the joy." My child. Thou know'st On : Whether on lonely shades the pale sad ray From a sick chamber fall. : 20 Heaven's breath is there. And Yea. ! S.

— : Such are O the forms so manifold Saints' ways Our mystic Mother wears. planets traversed in majestic march. All 40 humble holy gleams I bid thee seek. far unlike our dreamings. below So shall the Almighty give a tongue to speak. even in glaring mom. robed and in glory crowned. Lion or Eagle. The vision to meek love. More and more Saints above But to the wistful gaze the sight is given. all beauteous.332 LESSONS OF NATURE ! More and more Stars. A heart to read and know Of Saints at Home. Seeming to earth's dull eye ! . of midnight Heaven's pure field. all in place. Love taught of old to treasure and embalm Whate'er in morning calm Or evening soft steals from the gracious skies. Bear or Harp such dream As heathen hearts beguiled Or as a flock untended. Yea. ! — 60 Love-guided. heaven-attracted. Dews on the lowly groxmd May as we downward gaze true token yield. The dry ground freshening with the dews of Paradise. lingering here Dim Stars to the childish eye may gathered seem so Into strange shapes and wild. till she reach The orb whence all and each By golden threads of order and high grace Are pendant evermore. Spanning the vault on high. More and more Stars By behold yon hazy arch. young and old But Faith still onward fares. roaming wide Heaven's waste from side to side : But of a central glory sages sing Whence all may be discerned in clear harmonious ring. . here in our outward Heaven.

Upon the glorious shore Deem thou. So may that little spark of glory swell To a full orb. to man's dim praise unknown. O may the touch of Faith Those chords so fine and low Early control. whose separate beams shoot keenest through this air. Not otherwise of yonder Saintly host . As theirs. night.LESSONS OF NATURE 333 A air but take thou wing Of Faith. child. and upward spring 70 Into a thousand stars the misty light Will part each star a world with its own day and : breath of gleaming : — . so My even now I see thy tender breath come and go At sound of praise. and tune thy heart too high For aught beneath the sky. Full quickly . He marks them all not one is lost By name He counts them o'er. May on its glory-throne As brightly shine. and prove as strong in prayer. Full many a soul. and soar with loftiest Saints to dwell.

331 . and wondering pray to us that deep of love and woe. go yonder Dread was the mystery on Moriah's hill Low on the ridge the cloud of morning lay From each dark fold. 5. — the ass . The knife in Abraham's hand upraised to slay. Meek Isaac bound and waiting for the blow. While toward the mount the father and the son Pursue their course. But we must wait below. in His still shrine apart To learn His lore of healing agony. soon in that awful haze To vanish. Comes to our ear the sound " I see full well The fire and wood but who the Lamb will give ? " : — . and upward gaze. lo We may Unknown but stay without.VIII LESSONS OF GRACE 1 ISAAC Abide ye here with ON MORIAH and I and the lad will and worship. Genesis xxii. Borne now and then on breathing winds of eve. So when the Lord for some parental heart Prepares a martyr's crown. along each gliding rill. till the appointed deed be done. He calls on high Father and child. Weak as the echo of some distant knell. Strange whispers from the mountain met our way.

Fears." Not even to dwellers on the mystic height. and eye sacrifice : : That up the mount of glorious Sees such a httle way Turn not away yet kneel we nigh let prayer in gloom arise. that the memory of loved souls o'ershade. they hold by. Widows' and orphans' tears. is full enlightening given The Cross. should Angel bless our dream. — : — . : On the hill peak opens a deeper heaven. " The Almighty will provide. 40 He who beside His own the Cross allows who to each Saint Of penitential grief His bleeding brows Calls from His height of woe Will meekly droop to hear our breathing faint. The memory now would fleet and now abide. though in one were gathered all the woes That mourners e'er on household altars laid. untimely throes. it all. poured on Thy mountain here In Thine own hour ? O joy that Blood is mine For us it flowed. towers beyond their sight. even as for Saint and seer. Not to the Saints.LESSONS OF GRACE Fitful 835 21 and faint. Such to our hearts the stern sweet form may seem Of him who said. to bitter drop. Yea. ! : Well may we mourn : our dull cold heart. 30 What were One match one drop of Thine. .

nor in sloth To your tent bring all untasted To thy Father. Think upon the unearthly hght Brought from Sinai. : 20 Wouldst thou store it ? let it go. Comrades. — Exodus xvi. and Trust His daily work of wonder. not ravening. Wrought in all His people's sight Think on yon high place of thunder. : .336 LESSONS OF GRACE SONG OF THE MANNA-GATHERERS This is the bread which the Lord liath given you to eat. And some poorer seek to borrow. : Trust Him : care not for the morrow Should thine omer overflow. Be thy gift nor scant nor slow. Left when earthly dews exhale. now bestrowing Thymy slope and rushy vale. nothing loth. so . or ere the third hour glowing With its eager thirst prevail O'er the moist pearls. Ope thine hand. Glean. When the prophet's face grew bright. haste : ! the tent's tall shading Lies along the level sand Far and faint the stars are fading O'er the gleaming western strand. Ere the bright good hour be wasted. Airs of morning Freshen the bleak burning land. and keep thy troth. lo Dews celestial. Bring thy treasure Trust thy God. Haste. 15.

to deny thee Stores abounding to thy harm. For our God and for our neighbour. that heavenly morrow. for it will come Smiling vales shall soon enfold us Comrades. the Glory yet is 337 nigh thee. Love aye watching. Power unfelt arrests thine arm. Lord. with all our best. Fill 50 Signs prophetic our week. Thy bright Cloud and outstretched Hand : In Thy shadow on Abraham's land. we thus our songs of labour At our harvest in the wild. We may care and toil to-day Other thrift is loss and sorrow. as from Egypt ever. Till six times the morn have smiled.LESSONS OF GRACE Think. : ! While the faithless and unstable Mars with work the season blest. both toil and rest. Savings are but thrown away. eo We beside the wondrous river In the appointed hour shall stand. All are levelled by Love's charm. And For that one. sires have told us wait. what our Watch and In a : new and her vernal Home : Earth will feed us From own benignant womb. We around Thy heaven-sent table Praise Thee. Hoarded manna Moths and worms shall on it prey. . Following. Sing 40 our vessels Are with twofold treasure piled. Rich and needy. We shall rest.

no prophet's touch awaiting. our glorious Leader Salem may but see. and die ? Israel's guide and nurse and feeder Israel's hope from far must eye. fond Fancy trace him.338 LESSONS OF GRACE Not by manna showers at morning But a strange pale Shall our board be then supplied. gold. cool deep cavern start that since their first creating Ne'er have ceased to sing their part. Then departing Find a worthier throne on high. lOO . when travel-toils are over. From each Rills. with thirsty heart. Wondering what high Powers embrace him. fair Canaan Is not heavenly Mercy's best. adorning Many a tufted mountain's side. Oh. shall 90 Dimly Dim though Where in silence Sleeping. Glean we Manna. Oft we hear them In our dreams. sweet her dreams shall prove. Yearly feed us. 80 ? Know ye not. Deeps of blessing are before us Only. Year by year our murmurings chide. while the desert sky And the sheltering cloud hang o'er Morn by morn. When above our tranquil nest All our guardian Angels hover. : us. Where in light he walks above. Will our hearts be quite at rest Nay. obediently. And the song of Moses try. 70 There. hallows heath or grove.

a fearful fray : — lo I cannot stand alone this evil day." 4 DAVID'S CHILDHOOD / rente unto you. because ye have overcome Wicked One. Their voice hath power to stay the sun. young men. To hew Thy servants' wood. The world of Sense. and hide His corse. a worthless Gibeonite. 37 (Book of Common Prayer). Heaven hath dropped on thee. Lord. and win The frail fallen mourner time to hate his sin. Unmeet to bear one burthen in Thy sight. .LESSONS OF GRACE 339 THE GIBEONITES / will follow upon mine enemies. Him and all Israel they for thee shall plead. the doom more drear. The deadlier sure the guilt. seek Joshua in thy need. Psalm xviii. lest even in those dry bones 21 Some quickening fiend the bold bad Ufe renew. — the Cheistian child. and overtake them : neither mil I turn again till I have destroyed them. unpitying. Purer oil than David knew. Yet trusted with Thine own eternal Law. whoe'er thou be. Mingling with baptismal dew. Should Canaan powers prevail and they are near." " Go. Chariot and horse they come. and I thy robe have marr'd. Be sure thou crush him : deal out blow on blow : Set thy stern foot upon his neck. Nor venture but in thought to move the stones That guard his place. shamed and scared. 13. five mighty Monarchs. in the dark cave's side . hard Upon me Ues. or water draw. But when their prayer hath laid the Tempter low. And thou in sevenfold guilt thy heart's backsUding : rue. — " Behold me. 1 John ii.

and take his head abhorred. and frail. Thy right arm shall wield his sword. Thou didst win by prayer. 20 He through every gate of sense. Eye and and smell. the Cross. touch. Gems from our baptismal Brook. Wield. in hand Thou shalt see the giant foe By the word of Faith laid low. . But with charm-words from our Book. Christ in thee prevail. Keep thy staff. ear. Holy hands for a new strife Thee have stored with ampler Set thine heart on high. life : Not with sword and shield and lance. Childish Pride and childish Wrath. Now a mightier foe is nigh . Fain would hurl the shafts of hell Seek thou strong defence. 40 . taste. When the Lion and the Bear. lo Lay athwart thy morning path. Meet his stern advance. O'er him conquering stand.340 LESSONS OF GRACE Strength is given thee. With the Law from God's own Moimt So thy war shall thrive. Stripling though thou be. : 30 Mark and use the trial-hour : When Be his whispers nearest sound. thou then most faithful foun(i Then tread down his power. Guard in time those portals five With the smooth stones from the Fount. Thine own soul to watch in feax : Sleep no faithless sleep. watch to keep O'er the lamb He bought so dear.

Who to the famished cries. 20 To One Whom for hfe we kneel Uttle cake He asks with lowly mien. 13. simple one. with eye forlorn and feeble hand. So shall your cruse for many a day run o'er. : And lo Haply the That all child his little hand holds forth. For in yon haggard form He begs unseen. Lavish for Him. though To Jesus in His need : hungering. for years ensures thee bread That drop of oil shall raise thee from the dead. thy mother's faith is worth Healing and Ufe to thee. dear child. The widowed mother But who in the wilderness Gathers dry boughs. That handful given. your children's store. and lends a heart to give. 1 Kings xvii. . their last sad meal to dress. " I with thy child would share ? She bounteous gives but hard he seems of heart. " Come give me food. his own may be. and bring it unto me. — and random on the wild sea sand low wailing lies Around. Nay. cast at A child : Scarce heeding its faint cries. 30 . thee and for thy son. blesses every meal. Who of such scanty store would crave a part. Who And thou. is this that comes with mantle rude vigil-wasted air. Lo. give glad way So thy blest mother at the awful day Thy name in Heaven may read So by His touch for ever mayst thou live.LESSONS OF GRACE 341 ELIJAH AT SAREPTA Make me after make for thereof a little cake first. ye poor. Who asks our alms.

20 By thee desponding lepers know right The sacred waters' sevenfold might. 28 .342 LESSONS OF GRACE 6 NAAMAN'S SERVANT Who " hath despised the day of small things ? —Zechariah " iv. Then wherefore sink in listless woe ? Christ's poor and needy. shall the healing Name be known By thee on many a heathen shore. claim your Your heavenly do and bear nor yield one sigh To pining Doubt nor ask. 10. Who for the like of me will care ? So whispers many a mournful heart. to . When in the weary languid air For grief or scorn we pine apart. and sold and bought. A — — : lo But One who ne'er forgets is here : He hath a word for thee to speak Oh serve Him yet in duteous fear. " What care In the wide world for such as I ? " right. Forgotten such her moody thought Even as the worm beneath the gates. And Naaman on his chariot throne So Wait humbly by Elisha's door. In the proud Syrian's hall she waits. And to thy Gentile lord be meek. All for His sake . captive now. So haply mused yon little maid From Israel's breezy mountains borne. No more to rest in Sabbath shade Watching the free and wavy corn.

And offer thee fond praise when God is nigh. nor let the world discern. where the tender seedlings fold Their dainty leaves a treasure even to thee Close thou the garden-gate. Their race will come again. There chiefly. Angels bring thee treasures from on high. and for ages four they bare the sign. bright one. they haste with words of love But if thou lightly all thy wealth impart. In its own time the hght will o'er thee sweep. then spoiling far and wide Voluptuous Sloth make free with Sharon's flowers. O'er richest halls will swarm. freely then The fragrance will steal out. There is nothing among 2 Kings xx. 20 Then rest thee. true arms to keep. From Babel. : Think of the babes of Judah's royal line Display but touched them with her parching glare Once. the children of that King of Pride. 15. and holiest bowers. — my treasures that I have not shewed When Heaven And in mercy gives thy prayers return. the flower unclose But busy hands. : ii Profaning first. see. — Unknown. and all remove. sun and shower give token. Fond eyes to cherish thee. . The fifth beheld them chained in Babel's lair. Shut fast the door. Nor wistful for the world's gay sunshine look . till airs celestial make them bold. In friendly guise. Ill : thoughts. in thy tranquil nook.LESSONS OF GRACE 343 HEZEKIAH'S DISPLAY them. perchance with friendly heart. and an admiring ken. When : Have blighted ere its hour full many a rose. and keep the key.

With duteous staff in hand. Or meekly waiting nigh. Thy Church in memory views . His royal cradle round Standing in meet array. Yet conscious who is by.344 LESSONS OF GRACE 8 ST. Lord. not wholly drowned In dazzling floods of day. is still . dread infancy. Till lo Faith in that deep glory-blaze Dim shapes of earth discern : spotless Mother. Matthew i. glorious Sun at mom Draws round him a soft screen. Thou temperest. : His mild eye. the rays Which in Thy manger bum. first ! The Of creatures O favoured —who her travail nursed. of light and moisture bom The So are the bright forms seen. 25. Nor can her babes aright On Bethlehem But he or on Nazareth musCj in sight. Him 20 Or on the journey wild. And Thy o'er Thee lowly bent. Guiding the Mother and the Child Across the sea of sand. — St. JOSEPH He called His Name Jesus. Clouds of all hues. Or on some homely task intent. Clear haze.

LESSONS OF GRACE 345 O Yet hearts. : thrilling joys and cares. Luke ii. . than all yearning love In heathen Mothers' hearts. 48. " Father in God " who knows How near it brings us. Who spake Christ's Name o'er thee. unawares. Wherefore in chorus kind Of household jubilee. his soul was higher toned To parents' sympathies Than sires on earth may know And when His Octave came. balm to lonely Who 30 Their place and portion left In bowers of home delight Yet may they draw full near. 1 St. Their share of smile and tear.i Though childless to our eyes. Doubt not. Whom Jesus Father owned. 49. : so He o'er the Lord did first below Speak the Most Holy Name. ride oo Along the Church-way borne Thou seest how babes in triumph On arms by rude toil worn . round the cradle find their parts. And when at holy tide. Name thou his name with willing mind. childless or bereft. To true parental throes ? Of : — 40 Mightier perchance may prove The lore the Font imparts To strangers. And in the treasure claim their right.

he look'd down. And hearts be undefiled. Haply. Or for his sweet obedient ways The Apostles brought him near. of his dread Nurse-Child. that day. To the world's hidden King Well ? How I guess how glow'd his cheek. how well agree. little. 8 (as quoted in the Book of Common Prayer). Though now unknown by name. half pride. And THE BOY WITH THE FIVE LOAVES -Tobit If thou hast liltle. Both leading and both led. the wonders to behold. from evil shrink. 20 . half fear Far off he saw one speak may : Of him in Jesus' ear. That led him sacrifice to bring For his own simple part. What time the Saviour spread His feast For thousands on the mountain's side. A lamb of Jesus' fold. lo Or might it be his duteous heart. to share Their Lord's laborious days. A boy 'mid other boys he came. Grey Poverty and childish Glee Leave not His lore unread : . One of the last and least The abundant store supplied. eyes. His frugal basket bear. Then Let of Saint Joseph think.346 LESSONS OF GRACE Or mark'st. do thy diligence gladly to give of that iv.

The mighty Shepherd ranks His Sheep By tens and fifties. Christ will find —but what are" they.LESSONS OF GRACE " There is 347 he. When from that favoured boy The wondrous pledge He took ? 30 Keep Bring thou. thine early word Him thy best who knows but For His eternal board May take some gift of thee ? : . paint the grave endearing look. May catch Heaven's fire. right-aim'd on high. Thy childish darts. on the fresh green hill. dear child. ? hath a way. 4o And Prayer has might to spread and grow. He Thou prayest without the veil as yet But kneel in faith an arm benign : Such prayer will duly set Within the holiest shrine. still As clouds when breezes sleep. In order. is . Where Angels might adore. And souls for ever feed. Oh who can Who tell the trembling joy. and glow Far in the eternal sky Even as He made that stripling's store Type of the Feast by Him decreed. a lad And — five loaves : fishes twain Where hungry thousands be Nay.

Thou send'st Thine unseen powers To help or hide hide in the lowly vale. soothing spells will He prepare. Weep not for Me. — — : The season He bids choose." : — . for wonder or delight Uttering faint cries in sleep. And with each gust some kingdom strews the wild. no sigh of sobbing child. yourselves.' Ne'er may fail The prayer of helpless Faith but she must pray. Loses no lowly moan. While temples crash. and towers in ashes reek. so might seamen's wives at midnight drear Lie listening to the blast. Her forceful knocking must Heaven's door assail For so of old He taught " Pray that your way Be not in winter wild. nor on the Sabbath Day. finds its hoior here in Thine awful week: And since all Mother's love from Thee began. There But is no grief that ever wasted man. of Mother's woe can speak.348 LESSONS OF GRACE 10 THE MOURNERS FOLLOWING THE CROSS — St. for nursing-mother frail. while angels wreak The vengeance on Thine heritage defil'd. ! Even ii — ! Or if the holy Day the few brief hours Of flight abridge. 28.— O restless care Oh all foreseeing pity be our flight In winter. and tell aright The tale of all the waves. yet miss no wailing slight Of nestling babe. 20 For tender babe. Help o'er the weary mountain. like Thee. Lord. hut weep for Luke xxiii. that far and near Break on the reef. Binding His sovereign will in Love's soft band As parents teach their little ones to write . and day and night. and for your children. 31 . And for His lambs allay the bleak heart-killing air. Thine ear prophetic. who in strong hand Winter and summer holds. Sure none.

direr gloom. and by the portal wait Where Saints have past behind their glorious Guide. Tardy through thee. And Must Must : the horror but in dream abide. not hear. 26. to souls that seek the gate Alone but deeper anguish. If to thy bosom clinging. so the maternal feet feel their dim way on the lonely shore. —St John xii. the sad drear word. framing aright Our lowly orisons in time and tune To Litanies on high. and feel thee sweet. on thee to hang Jesus' side. Then feel. thy life before the grave. then grant the boon Such is Thy silent grace. " Too late " ? so Woe. waited by. Cross. Slow speeds the work the lingerers who shall save ? Thy task ere Sunday end. 349 : as the heart maternal evermore rise in prayer. child or mate. . Pupil or friend. The very death He died to Joyful they rush'd to thine embrace. Fast the week-days fleet. and share the hopeless ! Who may doom ! 11 ST. I bid thee haste. And taste aright each healing pang. the heaven-prepared room. What Saint. should miss. Where I am. in that hour.LESSONS OF GRACE With gently-guiding finger. Breathless to knock. ANDREW AND there shall also HIS CROSS My servant be. what Virgin Martyr e'er was O Holy At meet ? Two only of His own found grace die. else vainly wilt thou crave An hour in winter. controlling sun and moon. Ere o'er the path the unpitying surges beat. the fresh spring dews to greet. and delight The wish and prayer to mould. 40 At early dawn. While Angel choirs. half envying.

There bound. of thee. martjT:'d form we may discern. Too forward with His Cross our penal woe to . Two Who And now When in wondrous sympathy. 30 Such glorious crown should him reward.350 LESSONS OF GRACE : Joyful they speed — ^but how is this ? lo doubt they yet. sought and found : and now where'er Saint Andrew's holy Cross we see. Why ? brothers' hearts were they. the first shone as stars in Jesus' Hand. to turn And draw to Him all hearts in bondage sweet. and hide their eyes for awe. With forward And he. yet suffer with his Lord.won bUss ? Well have ye fought why faint in Victory's hour . : He A m And as we gaze may He impart blend. in Jesus' power To grasp their crown of hard. He who denied —he dares not scale step thy holy stair. : As worthier to behold the heart-searching King Ah He Uttle brook'd his lowly heart. 20 These who had yearn'd so long for thee Shrink from thy touch. The grace to bear what He shall send. Or in dread Cipher. sought the way with duteous art To change his Cross. thou art nearer fain to draw. of old time to find and bring Brother or friend with Christ to speak. Best for his giddy heart and frail In humblest penance to hang downward there. dread Cross ! from land to land. there preaching Image meet Of one uplifted high. Wont that saintly Elder meek. For thee in Prayer and Fasting nurs'd. And bearing thee. Holiest Name. In royal banner blazon'd fair. Yet stay the rash self-pleasing heart.

behold. " The Lord is risen indeed. this matin hour. Matthew xxviii. athwart our woodland nest. Behold. have been by His Cross and grave His Angel bade us speed Where they resort. " All True token of that brighter Day. in His dare we the transporting word lo To our own hearts apply ? Trembling we dare for He had heard Our lowly breathed vows. And sky. " All hail. From his own bright and quiet The Sunday sun looks hail. and seems to say. tell His Disciples. whom He will save.IX HOLY PLACES AND THINGS 1 PREPARING FOR SUNDAY SERVICES As they went to saying. He met them power. The holy women on their way. We 351 . And down our misty vale. They sought His Church in love. Which hailed. 9. And bear and say as one. ere flamed yon morning ." ." rest out. Jesus met them." —St.

or men of boyish mood. Day by day that old grey tower Tells its tale. Underneath whose solemn shade Jesus risen hath sworn to be. Trying how afar they swell. Seek we out the holy ground Overhead the breezy sky. Boys. 20 WALK TO CHURCH The path of the Just is as and more unto the perfect day. : Dews Through that yet are glistening clear their brown or briery screen. unsoiled thy Sabbath dress. 10 He hath sworn. that shineth more iv. . Haply down some opening glade Now the old grey tower we see. . their incense sweet 20 and week by week In their tranquil hoary bower To the unlearned its shadows speak. for there will meet in His great name. Now the holy hour is nigh. 18. the shining —^Proverbs light. Two or three Waiting till Feel His heaven-descended flame. Hie we through the autumnal wood. Peat and moss and whortles green. In fear and love thy heart array Straight be thy churchway path. : And He our way will bless. Rustling woodlands all around Fragrant streams from oak-leaves sere.352 HOLY PLACES AND THINGS Then speed we on our willing way. Pausing where the echoes dwell.

And tunable as And fragrant so . their soft song. Thick as the bees that love to play : 20 Under the lime-tree leaves the livelong summer day. Of clouds departing. and twinkle in each drop of morning dew. coffins Where and where mourners the stoled priest hath time His path toward this eastern Like one who bears a hidden Of pardon from a king. that all the way Even from our porch at home hath danced with thee : so gay. to pace gate.—Ecclesiastes v. On every gale that stirs the yew They float. fluttering all around. shrink not so. my fair-eyed boy. seal lo trembling kneel. is the pause. where rebels Brief wait. but thoughts and dreams thousands on that moment crowd. as the honey'd flowers They haunt and cherish. is the throng Of thoughts in these our hallowed bowers. a brightening shroud By : Such visions fill the longing eyes As haply haunt the space 'twixt earth and Paradise. A waning lamp. i. opening gleams. O scare them not away beware Of bolder cry and ruder bound. This is the portal of the dead. The wildfire keen. This Till is the holy resting-place.HOLY PLACES AND THINGS 3 353 THE LICH-GATE Keep thy foot when ihougoest to the House of God. But on the threshold grating tread With wary softness tame the joy. Nay. Such visions in the churchyard air Are gleaming.

4. All in one little hour to meet With boys How 40 hear the doom that slays or saves .354 HOLY PLACES AND THINGS Oh then revere each old grey stone. OBEISANCE AT ENTERING CHURCH They heads. as I. Fresh may the memory prove and dear. And homeward joy'd with thee to speed. shall see His Face . shalt wearied lean Upon the wicket low. A baptism waits thee yet lo As Lazarus rising. " Wouldst thou upon His threshold find Thy dread and loving Lord ? Renew The pledge in silence on thy brow of thy first saving vow. the turf with graves. shall in sweet peace attend. and His Name shall he in their fore- Come hear with duteous mind Thy Mother's whisper'd word. so strong in need. since first we brought And — thee here.— When thou shalt mark. Before thee is a mighty deep. And gently tread the mounds between. And thou. Which met thee at the Font that hour. And Which thy last entering here with the churchyard shadows blend. . such thou art." Safe in thy forehead keep The mark by Jesus set. O'ershade thee still in love and power. and teU Thy tale of playmates called before thee here to dwell . how swarms the street at play. Thy soul and flesh again to part. So when thy blithesome days are done. —Revelation xxii. thou hast come and gone. Then shall the wings.

and leave His temple drear and dark.HOLY PLACES AND THINGS But when thy Lord and thou. A Even Light that needs no watching o'er. And well we know. upon thy brow 355 A — glorious Cross shall be. shall meet. Beside His royal courts they wait And ask His heaUng Hand we dare not close the : sate. And to the holy tale Respond aright in silence meek. to swell those whisperings into warbled But lo songs. and died no more. Why we grudge the hour and house own blind and lame. THE EMPTY CHURCH The blind and the lame came to Him in the temple. bright angel throngs Are by. " in our Psalm their choral answers fail. Than quite lie down. Matthew xxi. 14. What if the world our two or three They in His name are here. Who come to meet Him there ? should of prayer To Christ's Better. . — St. as He rose. His altar-flame Should glow in one dim wavering spark. To Whom in suppliant guise despise ? Of old the blind and lame drew near. and He From Heaven. be sure. but the heart may speak." Nay. Thou from the grave.

rather ask. With foUage rich and rare. Not bearing to his Lord to bring An unbought sacrifice. With crowns and flowerets far To none but Angels fair ? " Why Why for the lofty Altar hide gold in store ? spread the burnished pall so wide Upon the chancel floor ? " Thy gems and Nay. But haste their all to spend. lowly fall. 20 Yea. : nought of theirs be paid Why hearts. that true love-tokens need For brother or for friend.—l Chronicles xxi.336 HOLY PLACES AND THINGS 6 CHURCH DECORATIONS / mill not offer burnt-offerings without cost. And If why duteous boy mother-loving maid filial gifts 10 Scarce in their find joy. " Why deck the high cathedral roof aloof. Count not the cost with careful heed. Ask why of old the favoured king Enquired the Temple's price. 24. . Why praised He Mary's ointment. and of thy Lord In silence ask and dread. poured Upon His Sacred Head.

and bower ! Yet is it dear delight to me The rustling leaves to tread. and o'er them Soft evening lustre shed. sky. To heap and toss them wild and free.HOLY PLACES AND THINGS 357 CHURCH WINDOWS The Lord my God shall come. — Their voice in every song. some From yonder gorgeous pane day. Zechariah xiv. With blind and lame. look again : the Saints are there : Christ's ever-glowing Light Through heavenly features grave and Is fair 20 gleaming all the lonely air Is thronged with shadows bright. : The glory of some Saint will play Not lightly may it pass away. Christ's little fold. old. 5. shall — that the light shall not be Oft have I heard our elders say. see lo And some will say. it come to pass in that day. But in my heart remain ! so . And clear. with poor and There met for Him to heal. 6. : ^the Living Dead. Their beams from every window shed. Their fragrance breathe. And haply where I kneel. How fast the bright hues melt away In mountain. How sad the autumnal horn-. The Saints are there The Momrners glad and strong The sacred floor their quiet bed. . How rude the touch of stern decay. Nay. 'tis drear and cold In holy Church to kneel With one or two. nor dark. and all the Saints with Thee.

How The The O lay them but where the shadow may fall Of Christ's awful Saint. blends. That in Heaven their angels do always behold the Face of My Father. 10. RELICS holy 2. men : Power from the Highest with thought and word to sight poor and mean. The Twelve The Psalm mounts on A A are gathered in prayer. CARVED ANGELS Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones. ! They pass by the way. the Spirit descends keen silent thrilling is round them in air. dumb. Matthew xviii. glorious the train that streams to and fro blind. Man To spread from less. for I say unto you. And even Thy least are great in Thee : .358 HOLY PLACES AND THINGS 8 AND MEMORIALS As the shadow of a great Rock in a weary land. assuaging all needs. withered. and ne'er shall grow 20 See Acts iv. prisoners of Satan lie chained where they go. Greatest art Thou in least. O'er lands parched and weary that shadow began Saint Peter. — Isaiah xxxii. O Lord. halt.—St. high. the whole world to bless. : lo Or bring where they lie Paul's girdle or vest One touch and one word the pain fleets away. The dark hour of frenzy is charmed into rest The hem of Christ's garment all creatures obey. A gale breathe from Eden. to prayer as he speeds The mighty love-token all fiends shaU appal. by himdreds are seen. and v. : — : The Christ is in His Saints : from Godhead made virtue goes out.

in high Heaven His face Beholding ever. best His Ukeness here One Who may trace. all care. For by the Truth's sure oath we know. little child's soft sleeping face staid : The murderer's knife ere now hath The adulterous eye. As And Is so this whole fallen world of ours. and low In deep clear waters all between even so Is earth. souls of infants. Hear their awn chantings in the Lark. in each tiny drop of dew. They love to tend their babes for holy Bethlehem's sake. of the everlasting Thrones. lo Since They cannot choose but fear. they mark 20 Of Heaven's great Sun an image true. sleeping or awake. and spite. Is of a little child afraid. To Angels from above. Glistening at prime of mom. even as Eden's stainless bowers To the pure spirits out of sight. with an oath Thou didst into : Thy Kingdom greet. There is no christened babe but owns A Watcher mightier than his foe. So. a random word. To us and sin. so in the depth and height is seen high among the stars. in that sign they feel God and good Angels near. so foul and base. to weakest infants here. Shall save a soul if Thou decree Much more their presence sweet.HOLY PLACES AND THINGS 359 A Whom A mote in air. Heaven On : : . and tastes of earth The Almighty One draws near To strongest seraphs there. sealed And by new-creating Love.

To read such riddles duteous And thou shalt quickly find. in other accents speak ? There are whom watchful Love empowers .360 HOLY PLACES AND THINGS are robed in white. Unruly eye and wayward hand. and never tire. Haply some — seek. who first Did cherub forms as infants mould. The Mother best may teU the eager babe's deep mind. And lift them where the full deep burst Of awful harmony Might need them most to waft it onward to the sky O 50 : Where best they may in watch and ward Around the enthroned Saviour stand. The Cross of His redeeming grace. May « deal the blessed dole scroll. : 70 . God's Angels keep the eternal round Of praise on high. be sure. well and wisely wrought of old. Or His dread Wounds. His standard-bearers they Learn we to face them on the dread Procession Day. They boast not to be free. co Of saving knowledge round from many a holy What if They in other lines than ours write. so on the old the duteous-hearted boy. Rich with the Lord's own blazonry. with all their hearts' desire. with sad and stem regard. and wear A On ray so pure. *o To linger in the keen bright As Angels wait in joy Saints. They grudge not to their Lord meek ear and bended knee. May quell. we there descry. Nor without guide. shield their arms embrace. His Lambs are in His Temple found Early. Powers are loth air. ill And both On evil and both look ur^harmed.

Even as the Lord had taught His own Filled are they to the height of old. The urns are duly set.HOLY PLACES AND THINGS And O ! 361 Have if aught of pride or lust soiled thee in the world. Where holy water flows bathed. take heed : Entering. to share his everlasting rest. and purest wine behold. iii. But more than Earth e'er knew He wins. Nor our own endure In presence of Christ's babes. shake off the mire and dust. And how. and of their Guardians pure. Now pour them out— 'tis With water pure and bright done. . CHURCH RITES and in —Colossians all. Sin even in dreams unkno%vn ? Full oft so we may mark ill in fear. : lo A Is babe in deep repose are said. but by Such instinct their whisperings soft. : The bridegroom kneels beside His bashful loving bride Earth on that hour seems showering all her best. H. 10 Christ is all. to read By the least lightest sign. When we foul idle thoughts breathe in the air divine. if hearts be true An Angel friend. Angelic eyes are keen. while o'er him holiest words A child of wrath he came : A Now hath he Jesus' Name glory like a Saint's surrounds his favoured head. The wedding guests are met. Feel virgin hearts when sin is near. Na .

and what they touch. : sad eye pursued The coffin sinking in the grave's dark shade The immortal life. to the evangelical interpretation of the Old Testament." And St." Accordingly St.) And St. " The works that I do shall ye do also . heavenly Blood our wine ? 40 Christ. Faith speaks. The change of water into wine was believed by the ancients to typify that change which St. the Sacramental Touch of the Church is the Touch of Christ . whether immediately. This then being the " beginning of miracles. Cyprian applies tliis first miracle to the admission of the Gentiles into the Church. When Bread and Wine And of Christ's Passion he takes. according to His Promise. 63. showed how Christ's glory was to be revealed in the effects of His Sacramental Touch . Making our darkness New And wine our waters. (Ep. fight. according to the Scriptures. I make all things new. And all His Saints.) to the Spirit superseding the letter. Brightly to burn one day when sun and stars shall fade. where they dwell is Heaven." Thus. (In Joan." a kind of pattern of the rest. with His Mother dear.362 HOLY PLACES AND THINGS A 20 mortal youth I saw Nigh to God's Altar draw And lowly kneel. ed. Paul in particular so earnestly dwells on : " Old things are passed away : behold. we know. Behold. 8. divine. And with What is this silent might. and her system : . while o'er him pastoral hands Were spread with many a prayer. is here. as when He touched the leper and healed him: or through the hem of His garment : or by Saints.) And St. and Is we are sure 29 That offering good and pure more than Angels' bread to all whom Christ will own. Mid mourners I have stood. Augustine. becatcse I go unto My Father. Dwells there with hidden glow. all things are become new. makes Memorial high before the Mercy Throne. And when he rose up there He could undo or bind the dread celestial bands. His living members. Tract. John " He thai sitteth on the Throne saiih. and greater works than these shall ye do. Cyril of Alexandria (in loc. Fell.

The Sunday Dress Blessed is he that watcheih. and from its folds afar. in some sense. that still as weeks roll by. and instruments) to this mysterious " marriage. divine . and all this depends on the verity of the Incarnation. All gorgeous hues are in the pure white beam. gladdening earth and sky. the most glorious instance of it. they as ministers. besides being. under Bethlehem's healing star. therefore His Mother is especially instrumental in it .HOLY PLACES AND THINGS 11 363 WHITE APPAREL I. All Christian graces in one drop of Love That sparkles from the bright baptismal stream Over the fair young brow. makes men gods. by calm prayer and searching thought. 14. Let no earth-stain thy robe of glory mar ii Wrap it around thy bosom undefiled Yet spread it daily in the clear Heaven's sight. Whose virtue this our new-born joy shall prove. lation xvi. as nearest to Him." a rule which.— Revelation vii. Therefore the veil ye wove. The dark Powers flee. . waved in Angels' war. where gently move Christ's dawning rays. " The Mother of Jesus is there. and the human. servants. and keepeih his garments. and made them white in the Blood of the iam6. 15. And Heaven rekindles. and both Jesvs and His Disciples are called " (He as the Bridegroom and Author of the whole mystery. But thou. heaven honoured child. Good Angels. To be new-bathed in its own native Light. " deifica disciplina. is The glow that from the grave our Champion brought. Is spotless white : Even as from banner : 11 WHITE APPAREL II." or Communion of — — Saints. Thy Chrisom pure. —Reve- So keep thou. The Chrisom These are they which have washed their robes.

And from thy prayer look up with open eye. .364 HOLY PLACES AND THINGS Pledge of high victory by His dread Wounds wrought. the bliss or curse within ! Where true lo 11 WHITE APPAREL IV. Yet heedful. that hour. : — Shall claim the sevenfold radiance. Confirmation is Ye Psalm shall be as the Ixviii. Plume the soft lily breast. thai covered with silver. the pure Chrisom weed. O deep. When — And And even the very walls of the dread place. Thou mayst put on the garb of Purity. White are his mantle folds. who from shame and sinful blot Hath kept thee safe.— Speed on. erst decreed hearts kneel 'neath Apostolic hands. ye happy Sunday hours. the tall windows with their breathing lights. wings of a Dove. the more to win Of splendour from the Light's far cloudless home. to bless and intercede : And duteous maidens. O speed The moment when a richer gift shall crown A riper faith when Childhood. they shall be clothed with linen garments. 11 WHITE APPAREL III. that to the bright clouds upward draw. who ready stands Before the shrine. 13. Ezekiel xliv. Unbidden use in stainless white to come : As doves. gathering up from earthly mire The glittering folds for even in Sunday air : Foul spirits love to lurk with tainting power. nor suffered base desire Thy soul to haunt. Him owning. casting down Her innocent vesture. lo Then on thy way to church rejoicing fare. 17. skilful in Love's law. unhallowing the good hour. Priests in White they enter in at the gates of the inner court.

Wearing the white robe still. . Timid yet happy. Choeisters in The Lemtes which were their brethren. being White arrayed in the singers. Heaven's garb and speech assay : — lo ? " . —2 Chronicles v. 12. than here in peace to lay. heaped with prayer. before the throne And Innocents." : 11 WHITE APPAREL V. " What happier dawn of being than to meet Matins and vespers here with pimctual feet ? What happier close. in wonder moved to gaze ii — : On the new glory.HOLY PLACES AND THINGS 365 Speak to the adoring heart. fit penance and due meed The Choir was clos'd Sad conscience own'd it one by one I view'd With wistful eye the entering multitude. And so. . but sober heed : — : — Of holy things. No base Or week-day garb may him beseem. invites To the bright nuptial feast of joy and grace. what time they raise The censer. th' exhausted frame. the white-robed brood Of Choristers swept by then musings came. through life. mantling forms well-known. who writes God's message here in hearts of men. But Angels waiting on our awiul rites Should in our frail and mortal Angel trace Some hue of their own robes. for many a godless deed. . At last with joyous step. with their sons and Within a reverend Minster I have stood. As one to whom. lOhite linen. Should ask and learn the clue to Angels' ways " The vision is for the pure heart alone. Uke fawns in forest mead. and say.

Bridal White And unto her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen. the consecrated floor to pace. And Pureness. Luke xv. WeU are they warn'd. If he who daily in the holy Place Wears the bright alb. Thrice pledg'd and thrice forsworn ? " O Saviour mild. in heart be gross and wild. . whereon the shrine is pil'd. Arm we the more Both heart and limb with brightness from above So may we scare the noisome beasts that rove There busiest. to-day. Seem to cry out. But what If if chrisom robes be sin-defil'd. " Who hath requir'd this grace Of thee. In vesture of Thy Saints : for Joy and Love Have vow'd. Lord. White and put it on Mm. who in that smiling maid Heaven's youngest Angel see. once more. So that the stones. clean and white. who in that dangerous bliss May on some Innocent look down. 8. nuptial white of broken vows bear trace.—^t. Penitents in Bring forth the best robe. array'd In bridal white. 22. : : lo 11 WHITE APPAREL VII. flower of the nuptial band. — Once more unto Thine Altar. yet o'erjoy'd nor far amiss Deem they perchance. Revelation xlx. where Earth's rapture most runs o'er. Unconscious. their best on earth to prove. guardian sole of their rich store Of blessing and delight. with wreath in hand.366 HOLY PLACES AND THINGS 11 WHITE APPAREL VI.

give gracious humbleness chaste and grave imaginings. Whereby Faith No ill may lo 11 WHITE APPAREL IX. who die clasping His sacred Feet. Mark xv. White upon the Altar Him down. and wrapped He bought fine linen. Laden with vests for contrite pilgrims meet. glance or eye or mind athwart. 46. for these. bright and fair. 4.-^t. a white robe yet in store ? Yea the Church path is by the fount of tears.— 2 Cor- Not for thai we would be unclothed. 11 WHITE APPAREL VIII.HOLY PLACES AND THINGS Hast Thou. and the mysterious law sees whate'er Apostles saw. when dovelike wings alight . of heart. And of the Unen garment. Him trust with all sad memories and dim fears : 367 lo . and took in the linen. that as Of holy things. Spread o'er the glorious Sacrifice when all Have tasted. The Winding Sheet upon. So unreproved may we to babes declare The secret of the Altar's snow-white pall. in awe we nearer draw To Thy tremendous Altar. benignly rest . And theirs. but clothed inthians V. Him O And Lord. : Then kneel in white before the Mercy-seat. or impart Unto Thy little ones the skill and art Veiled evermore. . Pure is the glory of the Chrisom vest Joyous the Sunday-robe all hope and might The heavenly gleam. On the twice-sealed brow . 'Tis as Jesus' winding sheet. And a grave Angel stands beside the door.

368 HOLY PLACES AND THINGS The And smiles of Angels on the mitred crest flowing skirt of Priests. 21. whose stainless white The heart belies not . Attracts both ear and eye. Romans viii. with the cold pale shroud the Font's piu-e beam Blend not. And yet unbidden rings and free A chant from one unseen. his evening hymn Trying amid the shadows dim. around the shrine Gathered with starlike and unchanging gleam But most where dimly robes of penance shine. Not man alone Lives in the shade of Jesus' Throne. nor spoils the prayer of the gazing boy. It seems to say. In prayer are bowed both head and knee. What winged chorister his arched nook on high Makes in the calm a gladsome stir. . A From lo : Nor time nor tune are there. and o'er all hues of death prevail. . Even 20 And shares the Saints' employ. — is this sudden thrill Of notes so sweet and keen ? The organ's waves of sound are still Within the awful screen. Yet sounds the unruly joy Meet for the hour. or on striplings bright. His proper melody A Redbreast blithe. 12 REDBREAST IN CHURCH The creature itself shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. Glancing like spirits through the region blest Or on glad bridal train. if the last glory fail. lo Yet If all is vain.

She dares not hurl them in her wrath abroad. and insect hail so sun and fragrant shower. 2 Corinthians x. 369 light to heal ? From Christ on earth may flow Bird. all bear that sign O fear and Should ye again enthrall loss. From cruel tasks and base Freed by the mighty Cross. To woe and MTong His creatures. The sheep in Bethlehem's thymy dale. obedience is fulfilled. — when your O WONDEOUS warfare of the Spouse of God. As ere our father's fall 13 DISUSE OF EXCOMMUNICATION Having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience. : And pure. sealed blessing. we know And who can say what pure warm The imreasoning tribes below May by their kindly wafting feel ? What gleams to guide. Trampled to earth. beast. In Blessed Mary's bower Warm The ox and ass to them was given To see our Lord the Light of Heaven Fell on them in that hour. Who For —O mark ! it. what balms .HOLY PLACES AND THINGS The Angels out of sight Worship with us. freed And 40 From slavery and unholy deed. . One patient beast hath seemed to wear The mark of His high grace. aid to earn and yield. His tokens to dimab creatures. yet wielding bolts so keen. Only their ireful lustre glares half-seen. 6. : — since our Lord she bare In triimiph to His place.

at one stem word of thine. to heaven-born high desires. 20 Darkness and mist. Haunt us. Once speak the words that in her bosom dwell. : lo Only her potent arm now for a space quenched and dull her arrowy Lies withered : fires. i. That no shower fall and she may smite and try Earth with all plagues. suddenly recollecting his situation. and crying out. Earth could not bear the sound the angtush sore Might drive her haughtiest to the scourge and cell. For she hath power to shut the Heaven on high. dire thought where'er we walk in sin That mighty secret Power is all our foe But they who bear unharm'd Heaven's seal within ! : May through the penal fires rejoicing go. Thy locusts spoil them. household. as of old. Roused on his heathery bed the mountain boy To every flash that through the dim air thrills Keeps time with eager hands. Oft as in hallowed air her dread notes thrill. But would one Church Like Saints of old. Like smouldering brands in daylight. 83. for Paul's or Moses' art. ' Bonny.' at every flash. is said to have found him lying on his back. and screams for joy. as often as she will. " There is a story of his having been forgotten one day among the knolls when a thunderstorm came on." . bonny. clapping his hands at the lightning.870 HOLY PLACES AND THINGS For if she once unlock her quivered store. heart. and running out to bring him home. till her race Wake. one true Such sacrifice might open the dread way For the Old Signs. 30 Note from the Life of Sir Walter Scott. Might even on scorners' outward eyes descend Fire might break out of each insulted shrine. and his aimt. and thy lions rend. —one Christ's awful lore obey. So when the storm is rife among the hUls. .

20 Thou spak'st. Trace Him along the hallowed street. And swept and garnished all the place." infants bore.— St. The handmaid Penance hath been there. 13. And prayed. be duteous found. and we Thine And bathed them O Then lowly on our knees we Might gently freshen fell. that through the world's hot day Dews from that hour. And where He guides. Thy : ? " Thou saidst. Him faithful following. a balmy spell. in the Living Well That gushes out beside the door. Mark xiv.HOLY PLACES AND THINGS 14 371 DISUSE OF INFANT COMMUNION There shall meet you a man bearing a pitcher of water : follow him. There in Christ's Name the room require. Lord. . glorious Sion rests on high hills that on her wait. Up many a broken wearying stair. Round many a nook of deepest gloom. behold these babes are Thine. Where the Great Lord in royal state Shall eat the Bread of His desire. there linger late. " Where Amid the lo A " Then to the spacious upper room The Host will bid you onward fare. all 30 their way. delight'st to dwell Where Thou. and with loyal hands prepare For Me and Mine the Feast of Grace. and eat O Lord. ye shall spy wicket in a lowly gate : There early knock. Haste. treasured nurslings pure and sweet We have sought counsel at Thy shrine " Where may they sit with Thee. " The Water-Bearer meet Within the chosen City's round.

Then in low place with lowly heart Wait we. then humbly kneel Till He invite ^till sure and near — The " gliding of soft wings ye feel. Such bliss the Love untold allows. " and search with fear If yet the pledge of your high doom Upon the sealed brow appear.372 HOLY PLACES AND THINGS Now. If worn and faint. " Pause here. both thou and I. we read. crave — No tinsel melodies of earth. and of the Adored taste. to the bright hills Her eaglets' speed at once would wing : Now far and wide earth's vapours fling Their tainting dews . and take such part In the Bride's awful minstrelsy." Of old. Bide we our time. the intrusted Spouse Her infants to the Anointing led Straight from the Laver and the vows : Yea. Full oft we bid them backward glance Up Where gleaming from its heavenly cave. by many a tear Renew the lines. trembling still as they advance the far shadowing awful nave. as of old. downward glance. and mars our spring : She. the healing wave Falls in the fount of their new birth. 40 When to the Chancel arch they come. dear babe. Fall prostrate with anointed brows. The ears that hear its murmuring. and she perchance 60 Shrinks from the Fears the debasing. fall such flight may bring. to the inner shrine make haste. Christ was then the children's bread. Then so But now some mournful instinct chills Our Mother's joy. Adore." we say. . The Saviour's side.

Prayers that in Love's might appear With the offerings of the Blest. Calls on thee. See. thee. Fain would see thee hourly buying Prayers against the time of wrath. by Saints are fed Christ before thy door Rouse Whom With the Eternal Living Bread Thirsty. Lo. Priest of Priests. is waiting. from Whose pierced side Heahng waters spring and glide Cold and bare He comes. Faith's virgin sigh to 70 meet Heaven's fire. are sealed on high long lingering tire. At the shrine of perfect rest. — 2 Corinthians ix. Who never May put off His robe of light . To be won and stored at pleasure :— But its hour will quickly pass. thy pomp abating. Hungry. some fruit demanding Of the week's heaven-guarded way . lo Homeless. 7. hope. homeless. thirsty. Christ before His Altar standing. in His own Day. Prayers of thankful mourners here. . Who must dwell for ever In the Father's Bosom bright. 20 His undecaying treasure Lies like dew upon the grass. He comes. cold : Himgry. 15 THE OFFERTORY God loveih a cheerful giver. In kind ambush alway lying He besets thy bed and path. slave of earthly gold.HOLY PLACES AND THINGS As she whose laws Ordains : 373 and if Yet may we The purer mounts.

Open-handed. Ready to dispense around Joys and treasures newly found. assembling Daily 'neath the shower of fire. at each playful call.374 HOLY PLACES AND THINGS Arm stretch'd out to bless nearest to Him press. 40 Strange the law of Love's combining As with wild winds moaning round Tones from lute or harp entwining Make one thread of solemn sound As calm eve's autiunnal glow Answers to the woods below . the last dread lightnings wielding. They may best that Arm abide. When. eagle-eyed. Cloud or flower. As in landscape leaf or stone. Grudging thought and care and moiling Live not in their pure glad air. ! so Church of Salem undefiled ! oo How the new-born Saints. at random thrown." Jesus in His babes abiding Shames oiu: cold ungentle ways. Where nor gift nor prayer shall be. Silently the young heart guiding To unconscious love and praise. Helps the sadness or the glory . So the gift of playful child May recall thy natal story. See His : Whoso 30 He shall lift it. . To their Lord in hope and trembling Brought the choice of earth's desire. See out-reached the fingers small. and decree. ye churls of soul unyielding. Ever. Fearless they of waste or spoiling Nought enjoy but what they share . " Go. Never incense-cloud so sweet As before the Apostles' feet .

majestic Seer. so soft and . Each his several radiance flinging so On the sacred Altar floor. Type of royal hearts and free. Or their mite the mean and poor.HOLY PLACES AND THINGS Rose. from thee. And their names in blazonry. Thou shalt climb where skies are steep. thy choicest treasure. 1. From His Wounds atonement shedding On the blessed widow's part. Heap it high and hide it deep Thou shalt win o'erfiowing measure. Son of hoUest consolation. For as Heaven's true only light Quickens all those forms so bright. casting All their crowns before the Throne. And the treasure everlasting Heaping in the world unknown. Whether great ones much are bringing. Now in gems their relics lie. by Christ to hold : 375 70 Type of Priest and Monarch. Leaving aU. So where Bounty never faints. : 90 16 CHURCH BELLS Lei the hills hear thy voice. " Wake me That to-night. Mercy's sweet contagion spreading Far and wide from heart to heart. Bring thine all. clear. There the Lord is with His Saints. — Micah vi. And their forms from storied panes Gleam athwart their own lov'd fanes. may hear The Christmas Bells. When thou turn'dst thy land to gold. I my mother dear. And thy gold to strong salvation.

How God the Father loved us well. and lo We hear it now in every breeze That stirs on high the summer trees. I my mother dear. Who in the chaste womb framed the Babe so sweet.376 HOLY PLACES AND THINGS To high and low glad tidings tell. Ensuring happy months. It greets us from afar in Ocean's measured swell. lo " Wake me. common 20 ways. ere the snow Had lost its glow. the step of Time Should move to that familiar chime : Fair fall the tones that steep The Old Year in the dews of sleep. How God the Eternal Son Came to undo what we had done. 40 . ! This melody we learned . that I the twelvemonth long May bear the song About with me in the world's throng That treasured joys of Christmas tide with mine hour of gloom abide The Christmas carol ring Deep in my heart. and hallowing May . " Wake me That again. O well I love." 30 ! may In the dark winter. conscience win. the birth to aid and greet. The New guide softly in With hopes to sweet sad memories akin Long may that soothing cadence ear. That speaks our tongue so well ? The dim peal in the torrent seems to dwell. In power and glory came. We pause and look around Where may the lone church-tower be found. hear The peal of the departing year. heart. How God the Paraclete. when I would sing Each of the twelve good days Its earnest yield of duteous love and praise.

HOLY PLACES AND THINGS Perhaps we sit 377 at home. morn. and dream high theme. Which seething waters upward fling. The breeze will sigh and wail. 60 Be mine In manifold melodious cheer. And ever the sweet bells. A true peal let me hear. But most it loves in bowers of June At ^vill to come and go. Who strews our world with signs from His own world 70 above. at Vesper hour to stray Full oft that way. from tower or town. that in low embers gleam. All to the same low tune. : On some And up and down Range fitfully. Then far away. Come to our twilight Fancy's aid Then. So never with regretful eye Need we descry Dark mountains in the evening sky. The while on high the white wreath climbs. that charmed are there. And forms. Nor on those ears with envy think. And when the dreamy soimds decay. wavering as that light and shade. its plaintive scale and bear Life's Meet burden to the lowly whispered air. so pine-logs on the hearth sometimes Mimic the chimes. Where like a minster roof the arched boughs show The And court the pensive ear of loiterer far below. in the rushing whirlwind hear . Which nightly from the cataract shrink And In heart-ennobling fear. In prison wont to dance and sing. As with the sun the gale dies down. Through all the lonely grove Wafting a fair good-night from His high love.

John —St. Which Yet varies on from hour to hour. non vero per saltum. or waking or in dream. of the same high Love and Power Tells alway : such may seem Through life. such as home fancies He crave. lo As though Life's only call and care Were graceful motion. With gentlest intervals Aye lessening on the ear. yet ever new.378 HOLY PLACES AND THINGS (When from his Highland cave sweeps unchained over the wintry wave) Ever the same deep chords. IT CONTINUAL SERVICES {For the Sunday before Advent) Gather up the fragments thai remain. so Ever the same. Changed and yet true." Newton . vi. Such are your changes. * " Continue. Space and Time. 12. and felt As when into each other melt The hues where evening falls. ! Gliding unwearied. far between. The echoing Bells that gave — Our childhood welcome to the healing wave Such the remembered Word. Dying away in softest chime. that nothing be lost. Like the pure heaven's unfailing blue. ^ But smooth as sea-bird's wing. O ENDLESS round of Nature's wheel. now in Air And now in Ocean. How doth thine untired course reveal The universal spring Of Power and Motion Not in keen And sudden startings. so mighty then to : 89 save.

So Nature. Nor but by word of man Or measure rude by man imposed. And ever onward as we go. as To New steal on their dread ending. while morn's still pace On night is gaining. ear fear. The wide earth rounding. or trace In picture bright of blue and gold The orbs that round the sky's deep fold Each other Then most circling chase. Summer or Winter's span. Else starting each its own wild way. Is known when day or year hath closed. fragments may of both be won 40 Earth and Time For holy spending. For why the unseen Preserver's law master and o'erawe The creatures in their race. Watching young fingers idly roll The mimic earth. When plainest strikes the inward What Heaven hath spoken. Is free to wait on Grace ? so Is nigh. bright stars waning Gradual retire.HOLY PLACES AND THINGS Thus moon to moon gives silent place. Thus high may soar the instructed soul. recede they or advance. . 379 And 20 Thus or for increase or decay The seasons wind their viewless way. to : And stiU. so His spheres. for our own chant we So harsh and broken. Before Him in mysterious dance Keep tune and time nor e'er . saved from disarray. The horizon moves in gentle flow. Not in harsh bounding.

And Solitude with the fair throng That owned the festal day. Or drink perforce of care's dull stream. intermitted part In that high gladness. such as sweet flowers breathe. And vernal breezes bear. But to the hour of sacrifice Comes daily in its turn. No waste so dark and lone. Yet somewhere in that hour The holy words are uttered. No desert here. Alternate then His altar-flame Blazed up and died away And Silence took her tiu-n with Song. Each point of time. wavering. and say. Earth Is partner made is in Angels' mirth. From eve to morning. 70 But now We to the revolving sphere point. rite The unspeakable. . The shrine doth from the Spouse receive Praise and adorning. Only man's A frail sin-wearied heart Bears. half in sadness. so While on our couch we Ustless dream.380 HOLY PLACES AND THINGS Fails from this lower world a wreath Of incense. The Infinite To meek hearts bringing. 60 so it was ere Jesus came. from morn to eve. and lies In light beneath the Throne. pure shower Of blessings to the unbloody Even now Its winging 90 awful way. For in earth's daily circuit then Yes : One only border Reflected to the Seraph's ken Heaven's light and order.

dear child. A To voice is granted. the censer at His feet. Like Him undying. All prayer. Make haste. here. and thou.HOLY PLACES AND THINGS 'Tis said. earth's release to be From daily woe and thrall. try unblam'd each solemn air In high Heaven chanted. i3Q . of 381 yore some child of pride Would vaunt him how his empire wide The bright sun never left. Mounts to the Lord the savour sweet Of that which once for all He gave upon the Cross. So in the Name of our dread King Of incense and pure offering We 'Tis never are bereft. and we Give daily. all day long. All years to Him are one In virtue of thy first dread vow : glass) Signing thyself in fear. one iw Wherefore in solemn cheer we pass (Now that the Church hath turned her From year to dawning year. Thus to Heaven's Bride. And the dread Offering. morning And lOO From earth. The Eucharist of God's dear Son. so chaste and fair. But evermore through silent air. Is mighty. prayer must vary . Though half the globe may seem to part Our prayers from home and friends. 'tis evening there. HO Then mourn we not with drooping heart. worlds and hearts in For ever tying. Our matins meet their evensong. and bless : With perfect union. and onward press To high Communion Thy fragments He will glean. Nor dull nor weary. all duty blends.

As once around that Bethlehem inn The vesper hour is nigh. Shall dawn on thankless earth. is set. Shaping in heart a wild green maze Of woodland branches there. —St. 9. 20 . then after that ikou shall cut it The duteous sun hath ceased to keep vigil of His wondrous birth. well xiii. so fresh and clear. The sun A little maid with eager gaze Comes hurrjdng to the House of Prayer.X HOLY SEASONS AND DAYS 1 CHRISTMAS EVE: VESPERS // down. lo One look. : What " if that little The awful Child on Mary's knee. Luke The it bear fruit. : if not." maiden's Lord. the stars begin Their stations in His watch on high. —a cloud comes is No burnished No berries with " There o'er her dream : leaves. Who in few horn's. Even now take up the accusing word No Christmas here I 382 see. their ripe red gleam : no Christmas here. while sinners sleep.

By prunings sharp and waterings mild. dream of joy the withered bough May blush with fruitage still. . While on our watch the cold skies shine Spare. Eyes turned from lips A " pure and meek. and Easter sweets. copying here His pure dread Will. seen afar At eve along the o'er shaded aisles. With the first twilight star ? " Where me and mine Our tardy vows in mercy hear. : 30 Of the departing year. heart that strives to pray ? are the glad and artless smiles. By winter frosts and summer heats. And each adoring sigh. seek. : If We O Heaven repeat our vow. Like clustering hollies. 40 And dare we ask for one year more ? Yea. in ! He — 48 . And all beneath its shade. there is hope One waits on high To tell our contrite yearnings o'er. Ere we again that glimmering view. the sour and wild.HOLY SEASONS AND DAYS " 383 Where are the fruits I yearly As holy seasons pass away. Cleansed be our hearts and lowly laid The unfruitful plant do Thou renew. ill. Keen airs of Tame Thou Lent. gracious Saviour.

4. Yet gay shall be our Christmas wreath. Nay. Look up with pin-e glad eye. in his stand aloof Prepares his keenest beam. Full Is set . of power to go Deep in the reckless hand. Rejoice in God alway. : Each lo Rejoice in God alway. And mark it well even there He wears His crown of thorns. to stream. In at that door. the burnished leaves beneath. With each green leaf rejoice. Upon that hovel roof. Such garland grave and fair His Church to-day adorns. —Philippians iv. From bower and mountain lone The autumnal hues are gone. who may count them ? on our gaze They from their deeps come out in ever widening maze. The gUstening beads above. And count those lamps on high. and stay the grasping Foe. With stars in Heaven rejoice. Ere dawn of Christ's own day Lift up each little voice. Should aught profane draw near. 20 Of berries on each spray The brightest be your choice. rising before the sun. — — many a guardian spear 30 around. Where meekly waits her time The whole earth's Flower and Prime Where in few hours the Eternal One Will make a clear new day.384 HOLY SEASONS AND DAYS CHRISTMAS EVE: COMPLINE Rejoice in the Lord alway.

His cradle to attend. near. with glad array Are gathering in the sky. But half so low as He hath bowed 39 Did never highest Angel stoop from brightest cloud. His mightiest and His least ass that wait estate. To the four living Powers. From ox and Here on His poor A Rejoice in God alway : With Saints in Paradise so Your midnight For vigil service say. Rejoice in Him alway.HOLY SEASONS AND DAYS Rejoice in 385 God alway. With Powers rejoice on high. Listen His voice the night-wind brings He in your cradles lies. and beast. bird Rejoice. decreed thousand ways at once His awful car to speed. He in our carols sings. Rejoice in Who now God alway. Wake and lift up the head Each in his quiet bed. Even they in their calm bowers Too tardy find the hours Till He How must we Ye reveal the wondrous Birth look and long. chained here to sin and earth : ! babes. 60 Ye whom He bade draw O'er loved to pray. : : whom He . glad arise. All creatures. to Jesus dear. And there all lowly bend. again I say.

) Behold I and the children which God hath given me. who didst choose thine awful room Within the undefil^d womb. the new-born Spirit o'er. What shall we do. thou and I. Behold where in the silent shade Thy slumbering little ones till matin prime are Now lo laid. But what is ours who wait on thee ? We offer thee to Him. mine infant dear. Soon will a thousand bells ring out. Came voices low from where departed babes adore. —^Hebrews 13. heart and hand. see. where our God For spousals high made brief abode. Such is thy silent Liturgy. The bridal chamber. evermore to bind The Godhead with our fallen kind : while the o'er-arching clouds among Echoes the Angels' matin song. Far from that glorious company ? 20 Thou smil'st in sleep : Who knows how deep The dream of joy that smile denotes ? Mild as the summer lightning. ii. High spousals. In every land The Saints their sacrifice prepare The Cradle to adore of Heaven's dread Heir. Who may not those glad anthems hear ? How shall we serve Him. Who in like slumber veil'd His power 30 : . While. this hour. A thousand roofs the choral shout Prolong. where Kings with Shepherds meet His manger with their gifts to greet.386 HOLY SEASONS AND DAYS 3 CHRISTMAS DAY {While waiting on an Infant at home. Thou. As if. it floats.

and when gifts. . 40 Mysterious are these smiles of thine But of that Face. Nor Angel then nor Prophet now Might truly deem none trace aright Those hoverings of supernal light. Howe'er thy mother's dreaming heart Shapes thy bright doom In years to come AU with that offering would we blend. Shall the Eternal Child be given. 11. shalt behold Him as He died. Infant dear. . . Unveiled and clear. Thine eye shall gaze upon the Crucified In mercy may He meet thy gaze. Matthew u. in earth or heaven. so But. Those holy lips. No more to sight. . that awful brow. the Godhead's shrine. all gifts of Love are there.HOLY SEASONS AND DAYS Thy cradle with its hopes and fears. And all the joy fulfil of all His bright glad days Thou : ! THE EPIPHANY They saw tkeyming Child with Mary His Mother. Him — gaily seems the sun to rise christening days and days of birth. Thy May-day smiles and April tears. All charms. And on the sovereign Babe's unquenched altar lay. they presented unto St. How On ! Love breathes in all the fragrant air. And bright the promise of that day. . this favoured day. whate'er thou art. Or faintly warm the wintry earth Bright are the dreams he drives away. they had opened their treasures. Which Saints on earth to Angel hands commend To bear on high. . 387 Whate'er thou hast. Whether he smile in summer skies.

I there of the gifts Thy Love hath given One heart restore of virgin gold. Yet own I. my And Fragrant and dear to God above. Thou seest me daily. O ! sweet thoughts of Christmas tide Through aU the year may guard and guide. Thy look may in their hearts endiu-e. Making as though He could not see. Angels and Saints with jealous heed Watch if you bring your best indeed. One prayer. O may He find some good in me lo And He. wayward soul is mine. like incense. who with eyes so pure Have watched Thy cradle day by day. 20 A poor. As on those sages journeying smiled In dreams the Mother and the Child.388 HOLY SEASONS AND DAYS Oh haste we then to-day to greet Him who is born our glorious King Of gold and myrrh and incense s^yeet Your treasures to His cradle bring.— Yet is His Eye all hearts upon. whom 40 . the Holiest. seeking Heaven. Thy saving sign. The Virgin Mother waiting by Your offering scans with earnest eye. Lord. One drop of penitential Love. Humblest One. Yet bitter in the mouth as gall. Fain would I bring Thee 'tis mine : 30 all. weak. Fain would stores unfold. how before Thy gracious footsteps I adore. blessed. Brightening their dim and weary way Blest.

Heaven's softest airs Wait on the Maid who now shall climb So. what fragrant flowers are here Not yet are Christmas garlands sere.HOLY SEASONS AND DAYS 389 THE PURIFICATION The time of turtle is the singing of birds is come. Each nodding violet spray beneath What troops of tender nurslings breathe. Her virgin matron arms inclose The only Gift the wide earth knows Not all unmeet For the dread place where now she His mercy-seat. so . The merry children on the floor As gay within The birds tell out their vernal lore din. The snowdrops round the cottage door Are twinkling gay by tens and more. 12. no fear. stay. no And bloom at will. Pure from her undefil^d throes. and the voice of the heard in our land. Song of Solomon ii. The stern bleak months that lead the year ! Are frowning stiU. might it seem. to greet the holy time. lo Close set as No gems in bridal wreath April's last day richer gift did e'er bequeath To brightening May. goes. Yet forth they come. 20 The Temple stairs. sweet nature's chime Rings out. With joyous As they prevent the matin prime. — What buds.

And soft wing gliding high above. Sanctify a fast . Joel iii. And ill winds blow. The sword shall pierce thy very soul. Lord. and love. dear babe. . . we pine For hope as pure as thine. so Thy Face to seek. 6 LENT the breasts. . control. . 16. One gift we have. for they can die They for their Lord may suffer loss Those but adore. With choice of heart beneath the Saviour's yoke to bow. gather the children. Want's lowly sign. or thunders roll O'er summer night. And learn of Mary's spotless Dove. the immortal Powers on high Might envy Saints on earth. and cold mists stream On flower and leaf So with the glad prophetic theme : 40 Come " tones of grief. one token more than thou. these taste. — and those that suck 'Tis said.390 HOLY SEASONS AND DAYS See the Redeemer on His way Himself to be redeemed to-day In humblest meekness see her lay Before the shrine Such offerings as poor matrons pay. So did that word thy joy Thou Virgin bright Then. Yet would I praise Thee. the healing Cross. 15. poor and orphan'd though I prove. So while in all beside. : But soon the untimely vernal gleam Must fade away Uke morning dream." As on some gay glad hour might toU The funeral knell. With moanings meek.

lo Not Our portion in Chiist's awful year. Pure balm of kindly hope thou didst unknowing yield. or bright Pentecost No memory-cloud in air. Oh much we need To scare a loving spell. dim our upward eye. : More than angelic power is where thou art. Come with thy pure white robe. As who should say. The kindly waters from the heavens above. And So be it now the secret dark Of wasting sin here in God's awful ark In mercy may He keep from thee. Oft have we mark'd thy wistful eye Fix'd upon ours when evil news came nigh. or mar the Seraphs' hymn. To bind our burden. happy child. to melt the cold dry heart. " My dreams are bright. purging contrite hearts With penitential pains. . thine. From earth to be exhal'd in dews of tearful love. our penance-hour to see. He seems to say. Thou from the Font art fresh and undefiled O surely. to thee yet unreveal'd. to dim The unfolding heavens. away the Powers unclean and fell. and deeply thrill : Thou At sense of unknown ill. thy soft caress 30 Would closer seem to press. 39 look'st an Angel : be thy presence found Like a bright Angel's here. The gladsome days are thine : to us are sent The wan soft gleams of Lent. Truth in the inward parts.HOLY SEASONS AND DAYS No From 391 deep of joy to thee is lost Christmas. Whom we too oft have tempted nigh. and kneel to-day Beside the fallen and defil'd. Come. Our penance-hour to see. spotless one. Why should the cloud of woe on thee alight ? " Then sweeter grew thy sndle. and learn 20 How keen the fires must burn Of the dread Spirit. guarding the holy ground. for the woe. is Lent : and yet He calls thee near. Yet be thou near. Easter. More than angelic love.

And e'en the funeral mound gives birth To wild thyme fresh and violets fair. and lowly bend. —^Lamentations quietly wait for the iii. as shall to-morrow dawn. nor fear to kiss of death. for Nor blame our peace : He will rise. Thy fragrant breath with this sweet air From brier and turf may duly blend But keep it : Come pure with Fast and Prayer. StiU lingers in the dreary tomb. the Sun who yester even When Set in that wild tempestuous gloom. thy fragrant breath. Primroses with kindly gleam Are looking out from bower and brake As bright and quiet aU things seem As if no heart on earth could ache. The : Yet He. bliss. . 26. 'Tis in Stoop.392 HOLY SEASONS AND DAYS 7 EASTER EVE 11 is good that a man should both hope and salvation of the Lord. little cliild. 19 The green buds on this bed Thou hast thy first baptismal Like new-born babe's. graves flew wide. and rocks were riven. never yet shone vernal skies So pxire. lo O His veil for evermore withdrawn. early near. that faith the flowers of Earth Their very best make speed to wear.

And even when her hour was come. as Him rose. as erewhile Inwrapt Him. He left His Mother mild A So royal Virgin evermore. And slumber'd on. but Christ had gone before.HOLY SEASONS AND DAYS 8 393 EASTER-DAY I found not let Him whom my go. early before the dawn. nor touch'd the sealed 20 stone. the bolts of death were drawn. surely not in folds so bright the spotless winding sheet and lowly. like incense. in silence past. and would 4. As still And in th' undefiled womb. — The Angel came full early. He bore the spitting. The stone is roll'd away. The prison-doors flew open. The Breath of Life. : I held Him. 'Twas at the matin hour. the keepers fainting fall Satan's and Pilate's watchmen the Day has scar'd them all. And Mary's prayer around night and day. when prayers of Saints are strong. two short days ago. His awful bed. 'TwAS at the matin hour. heavenly left the glorious Body the rock spirit-like and it undefil'd. Him —Song of Solomon soul loveth iii. and wrong. had breath'd itself once more lo Into the sacred Body that slumber'd in the tomb. From realms unseen. wounds. nor such fragrance pour'd the myrrh and As when aloes sweet. the Living Soul. in that chaste Bosom. Where. oa . And following on His silent steps an Angel arm'd in flame. He lay. an imseen way th' Almighty Saviour came.

: Sure thou with Him art risen and now with Him thou must go forth. watching His funeral weeds. 40 . nor for Himself Millions of souls were in His Heart. draw nigh : such thy Saviour's 30 Stoop lowly o'er His traces dim. — ^they meet that they awhile beneath the garb of glory A hide shred of Jesus' grave-clothes. in And humble will. He will be met. be thine guise such portion : yet is even so. much they love. but for His Saints. weave But Virgin Love needs only to behold. That penitents who bring Him tears and perfume of good deeds May for His glory school their eyes. and thee for one He chose. and ready make the way For the descending Paraclete. still rejoice. Not for Himself. the third hour of the day. Early with Him thou forth must fare.394 HOLY SEASONS AND DAYS The Angel came full early. might and worth. thy cleansing had prepar'd His water and His flame. and for that greeting Thou know'st He died not arose : for Himself. They who have who have 'Tis sinn'd. is burst the prison door. such robes as hermits . and of His Angels Where learn face to face yearn. And He will lend thy sick soul health. but Christ had gone before. Upon the palms of His pierc'd Hands engraven was He for thy name. Dearest. believe. thy strivings. though thrice denied.

Until the Blessed Magdalene beheld Him and ador'd. be thou seen FuU soon with mourning Peter. Where aU His Saints assemble. His Easter blessing to receive. And when that first spring-flower of love is gather 'd. . which to thee His image wear. Emmaus see thou lose not the musing comrades narrow path. that art in the clefts of the Rock. — Song of Solomon Dove. . make haste ere twilight cease. and bereaved Magdalene. . 50 And meet with looks of soothing cheer the women on To To their way find the Lord. let me hear ii. nor from beside his stray. He talks apart with her That thou of all the forms. for her heart is as His own. So now. But through the veil the Spouse may see.HOLY SEASONS AND DAYS ' 395 He veil'd His awful footsteps. Might'st own thy parents first. and so peace. with thy prime of loving care. That to His Mother or by sight or touch He made Him known. for there With open face He tarries. our all-subduing Lord. 14. whose dreams of old cradle fain enfold In evening clouds of softest sound. Well fare the sage. lie down in 9 WHITSUN EVE O my thy voice. to give thee Angels' fare. Slow settling ear and heart around. while Seraphs wait. Would every . And even awhile as from His manger bed He gave her His first smile.

for He on healing wings The promise of the Father brings : And Comfort is His name . Nor heeds the lark's unwearied horn. haply with half -pitying smile. " Behold The dimly eyed and narrow-souled He longs for music in the morn. strong and sweet.396 HOLY SEASONS AND DAYS Then with the breeze at morning prime Would mingle some heart-thrilling chime. all things quietly : Yet grave and deep . Though west winds stir. for He draws nigh. to meet The wakening or half-dreaming cares Of souls whom Love for Joy prepares How do wild Nature's chords. From underneath the fragrant bough. Who. He finds at eve no soothing lullaby. else fearing 10 have I desired erewhile. by thee Combined in varying melody. « . Shrink from their own frail hearts. and whispering pines are Such strains When ! nigh. ! ! Make tunes for holy times e'en now. when the nought. Such as in inmost soul they crave. Some Dorian movement. Who float unseen on wave or wind. One of the attendant Spirits kind. for to His sight Heaven's secrets are undazzUng light Content . How dost thou tune thy lyre. Soft are her tones . yet so That in His promptings here below wistful uncomplaining sadness still so Who moveth A Must deeply blend with Joy's adoring thrill. battles of the Lord are fought." 20 O heavenly Wisdom. Might to another say. In notes of hopeful warning the fair Dove Gives token of the approaching morn of love. bold or grave.

One the dread rushing Wind. The glory-crowns shone out in many-coloured In many rest To light. to greet Thy visitations dread and dear Grant us. in all The power of its dread harmony. In twilight or of morn or eve. But here and there in many a spire. Love guiding each to find His lo way in Music's awful maze. and win. But many were the tongues of fire From one bright Heaven they came. Not yet the Whitsun flowers unfold full bright splendours. true echoes from within. Ere to the holy glorious room The fires of New-Creation come. gently lay Thine arm on ours when we would stray Prepare us with Thy warnings sweet. bo 10 WHITSUNDAY The Promise is unto you. when holy times are near. Us and our little ones. —Acts . That breathes of contrite Love. There. But many were the tones of praise. mild Hope. a Hving line they sped on each anointed head. fall The rushing mighty wind. ! Thy dove-like whisperings to receive. In the sky third hour's sun must ride full high. 39. ii.HOLY SEASONS AND DAYS As yet we but our vigil hold. And own them kindlier for the plaintive mood. 397 Their The so O loving Spirit. as yon stars in clearest deep of night. and to your children. Ere on weak hearts. though willing. . Joy subdued. Ne'er to die down. One the descending Flame.

so And sealed it safe. all tribes of earth : Only sweet Infancy Seemed silent in the adoring mirth. and elders sage Of high and low degree But nought we read of that sweet age Which in His strong embrace He took. skill'd for yearn. Whom His lambs the Saviour set By words of awful choice. Levites are there. the theme was one. When on the shore His Saints He met. in Christ's Anthem fails the children's part. from all lands afar the Lord our God shall call. o'er And " Yours Whom speaks the grace to infants given the Promise. and withering airs of HeU The Pentecostal chant no infant warblings swell. And how His Were Spirit now to His new-born is given. ." : is . In her sweet nursing ministry. Blest Peter shows the key of Heaven. how died. all hearts to Widows from Galilee. Mothers and maidens there behold The Maiden Mother young and old : 20 On Apostolic thrones with joy discern Both fresh and faded forms. still the Church in memory sees (O thought to mothers dear) Before her Babe on bended knees. but she worships here. The glory of th' Incarnate Son. and all. Whom Nay. and your babes'. Joined in that choral cry all estates. how reigns in Heaven.398 HOLY SEASONS AND DAYS Many the tongues. by word and look. From Earth's foul dews. How He was born. Or rapt. with fond adoring eye. 39 While Mary bears Him throned in her maternal heart ? How Hear too that Shepherd's voice.

lo Nor will Faith's ear grow weary of the strain. Thou awful Trinity. Nor will their echo cease till they outrun Their Octave : such is heavenly Music's law. (For Thy dread Hours. From thousand Seraphs in harmonious flow O'erspreading earth new-born and gladdened skies Or in high triumph from beside the tomb The sudden anthem pierced the Paschal gloom : : Or cloudlike soared the long-drawn melody. the eighth mysterious morn Doth of the first tell o'er the perfect tale. but ere the bright sun rise. a glorious week behind them draw.HOLY SEASONS AND DAYS 11 399 OCTAVES OF FESTIVALS Blessed are the people that know the joyful sound. 13. as one by one They pass. warbled low On Christmas Eve. The Church untiring holds her note of praise. from Heaven's deep again the lays are borne That seem'd for ever past behind the veil. Still : : 20 For each and all. seven happy nights and days. Hovering and lingering in the moon's still ray. —Psalm Ixxxix. hearts that own the music. So the bright holy days. Are but the Whitsun airs. Breathes o'er and o'er. loitering near. Even as the close of some grave melody. 30 . Lo. new set on high). But long for the glad note to sound again. The notes that are the soul And of the sweet lay. Drink the loved cadence with enchanted ear . upward gliding where the Lord had gone Or in all tongues the Pentecostal cry Rose from all lands in perfect unison For each and all. Whether the tones were pastoral. reviving ere they die.

when the unpleasing time ! some kindly guest to pass away. The memories of such welcome and farewell. And 40 How Came have for I seen you. StiU sound the note. ! . To tale familiar. while they in Heaven. Again. ye gentle babes. What time the Morning Stars around their King Began for evermore to shine and sing. Even as she fain all day with patient arm so Would bear one burthen. O frail heart. and with a tearful spell. you.400 HOLY SEASONS AND DAYS 'Tis only our dull hearts that tire so soon Of Christ's repeated call . how oft soe'er Her yearnings she repeat in unchanged tone. The Mother tires not of one little voice. To frolic ten times tried. to remembered strain. Of earnest O Nor wants in elder love the like soft charm. Cling round his skirts how marked the playful chime voices. ye cry. true image here Of such as walk in white before the Throne. by the first Seraph given. Unwearied basking in the eternal noon. Ye weary not of Love. pledged to make him stay deeply sink. rejoice Love trains thee now by repetition sweet The unwasting and unvarying bliss to greet.



when across the autumnal heaven. At whose undying orb the true and bold May light their lamps with pure heroic flame ? Go ask of every gale that blows. Chancellor of the University. June 11. One glorious star to sight be given. Trace it through the tempest's fold lo Even such.ODE FOR THE ENCAENIA AT OXFORD Written for the Installation of his Grace Arthur. Where hoary cliffs of Lusitane. stand waiting on the shore. Bright names of Heroes glow. an isle in deeps of cloud Watchmen on their lonely tower. Now dim. Of every wave that curls the main . The rude winds draw their restless shroud. now clear. Duke of Wellington. And watch the setting sun. and hear th' Atlantic roar. II of ours are days of old. that gem the days old. Whom will our children's children name The Star of our dark time. Wistful gazing hour by hour. Shepherds by their mountain hold. If. Where at burning noon repose 20 Tigers by some Indian fane . 403 When . 1834. in records dark of care and crime Each in high Heaven's appointed time. Like aged men. the man high-soul'd.

404 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS in Then onward. Towers upheav'd by War's strong hand. The memory rings of that victorious blast. Ask of the shades endear'd of yore By tread of holy feet. In saintly stiUness. Ask wide waters proudly spann'd. Ask them by whom They breathe releas'd. laurell'd. awful and sweet. Oaks upon 30 Where th' priest. But chiefly pause where Heroes' bones are laid By Learning's haunted home in Salamanca's glade. palace tower. Isis. Thee. bloody field ! so — — . a nobler cause. or pour'd a keener strain. The trumpet call'd. Thrill'd in high. their mountains rent. Who knows not how the vulture woke. cottage hearth. nor call'd in vain . Restorer of the rightful thrones Thee. and dearer shrines. their Jiermit hymns. avenging whirlwind went Torrents of Navarre that boil Choking with abandon'd spoil. Not Aaron's clarion. tun'd and blest on The dread Ark moving nigh. busy mart and studious bower. And years and glories past. 40 IV There. where O'er many a deep O'er many a golden river loves to fling His gatherings from the thymy lap of spring. thee. 'Mid other cloisters now. her great Deliverer owns. or calm-eyed th' Iberian mountain gale monastic vale. advance in brightening Unes. Monarch. on the cloister'd youth of Spain. Oh. Whose " deadly wound was heal'd " ? One breathless aim 'tis o'er one stroke That felon wing for ever broke. as before . thine at last. or maiden vow'd. Thee. Charm'd to new life.

serene and fond. ! fair cloud. Daily kneeling at thy side. But thou. And to the weary world th' expected birth 405 60 Day Wrong'd How Of calm. Our votive lays unalter'd swell. . thy meeting waters glide Untarnish'd on thy matron breast endure The treasur'd gems. Our angels breathe their willing spell. TeUing dark Evil's banded powers That he who freed the world is ours. wild and free Swarms out anew the dragon kind Spreads fast and far the kindling war Against th' Anointed and Enshrined. of old thy guardians tried. Simplicity. VI Stand stUl in heaven. Wearing untir'd her lofty bond Thy : Awful Reverence. That in the gloom dares trust the guiding arm on : And Wisdom's high— These.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS of stern joy for heaven and earth ! earth. Breathe on our incense cloud. avenging heaven ! well might War's ungentle lore With thee depart for evermore. bending low Where'er the heavens their radiance throw mate. thy youth's delight and pride Firm Loyalty. bright years be given may not be lo. and bear Our welcome high in lucid air. a space. my Mother green as erst and pure It : ! 70 willows wave. And wont by night to fan thy vigU so fires We feel them hovering now around th' aerial spires. so Nor urge too fast thy hquid race Through fields of day for while thou lingerest here.

in that rough and boisterous season of the year. no And ever brighter burning. 1184. The sainted monarch lights again our aisles his own calm foreboding smiles. a grave. about the middle of December. white-robM throng. Such as heroic spirits wear.) Sobering Pleasure's airy wUes. loo And taming War's too haughty tread. and past. who paced the tottering deck. quite expiring. Ere. after he had refused to receive a pass from Ireton. Renew the vision lov'd. Ormond. (Not courtly smiles. embarked himself in a small vessel for France. 1819. in her meek power he moves On to that brightest crown. The chosen angels of the Church he loves Guided by them. prepared for him ere long. nor earthly bred. 120 ! » See Clarendon. our glorious trial-year. Edit. And mailM forms Oh if th' Elysian dream Were true. . reviv'd in thee. who offered it choosing rather to trust the seas and winds. vi. and future blending. ! hail.406 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Soft hazy gleams from thee descending. Oxf. Present. on the base earth fail The trodden spark of loyalty. " The Lord Lieutenant. Warrior be such our course and thine The eye that never sleeps With undecaying fires benign Will guide us o'er the deeps. With VII are there. Seal'd for high deeds in yon ethereal halls. Around him wait. Upright amid a nation's wreck. Who spurn'd the boon the traitor gave. and with emerging gleam Dread warrior shades at fated intervals Were seen like stars returning. than to receive an obligation from the rebels. Well might our shrines and bowers their Ormond Friend of his king." . 1650.i And slumber'd fearless on the wave.

I come quickly. all shuddering thought. 20. — Feae not : for He hath sworn : Faithful and true His name : The glorious hoiu"s are onward borne 'Tis lit. 3. the Life of souls. — Each morn and Are lifted in eve. and distinguished by the signature y.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 407 THE THREE ABSOLUTIONS i And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth. ' Vid. the Visitation of the Sick. not ope. On the dread Altar duly laid The Golden Keys their witness bear. That not in vain the Church hath pray'd. and the forty-four poems which 'follow it. Full of the past. Surely xxii. is there. That He. but they which are written in the Lamb's Book of Life. not loose. the favour'd fold. the Golden Keys^ the sacred hand. In the Communion . It — ^ I. saith. the lost soul's band. Rev. To bind. and win Daily one living ray 'twill brighter glow within. In the Daily Service II. To close." §. 27. " The Barton Family. In . Man waits his hour with upward eye The Golden Keys in love are brought. lie which testifleth these things. . : ^ lo That he may hold by them and . ' This. But touch them trembling for that gold Proves iron in the unworthy hand. are printed in the Lyra Apostolica. th' immortal flame glows around thee : kneel. Death-bed Scenes. ENCOURAGEMENT Rev. or maketh a lie . and strive. III. neither whatsoever xeorketh abomination. xxi. die. To show the sinner on his knees Where Heaven's bright doors wide open stand.

! ! Souls mortal once. To brighten for the ethereal court A soil'd earth-drudging heart. on Time's unslackening gale. before. The life that erst seem'd long Wondering at His deep love. — — — Then haste Thee. Take Thy great Power. But He. Free of that glorious throng. now match'd for evermore 30 With the immortal gems that form'd Thy wreath Who in Thy portal wait. If He come quick. . the dread Proclaimer of that hour. The dreaming world drives on. Lord Come down. Wondering. Surely the time is short Endless the task and art. to where all visions fail. and reign But frame Thee first a perfect Crown Of spirits freed from stain. the mightier sure will prove His Spirit in each heart that timely strives to love. Is pledged to thee in Love. who purged so base And earthly mould so soon for th' undefilM place. Faster each hour. as to thy foes in Power. — His shoulders bear the Key : He opens who can close ? 20 Closes and who dare open ? He Thy soul's misgiving knows.408 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Yet fear the time is brief The Holy One is near And. like a spent and withered : leaf lo In autumn-twilight drear. review their trial-state.

try once more ^thine eyelids close For prayer intense and meek When the warm light gleams through and shows : — Him near who helps the weak. But when the self-abhorring thrill Is past. too oft on bended knee th' Unerring Ear. lo Unmiurmuring then thy heart's repose In dust and ashes seek. ! Where patiently thou tak'st Thy sweet and sure repose. . Then be the self-renouncing will seal of thy calm trust. — Job xlii. and thou so pure. 6.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 409 BEREAVEMENT—RESIGNATION Wherefore I abhor mysey. and repent in dust and ashes. When The tasks of life thy Risen from thy tears and dust. as pass it must. BURIAL OF THE DEAD I THOUGHT to Death's interposing meet no more. so dreary seem'd veil. " Welcome to me The pang that proves Thee near ? " O words. AVhile the cold spirit silently Pines at the scourge severe. And dare I say. spirit fill. Breathed to Nay. I Thy place in Paradise Beyond where could soar Friend of this worthless heart but happier thoughts Spring like unbidden violets from the sod.

happy soul. the mourners pause. So many tokens dear Of endless love begun. high as th' Eternal Throne. like soft fancies wild. coffin. as the grave. Guiding through light and gloom Our mourning Till gently. — 40 . : . lo While Memory. beheld The pageant of sad joy.warbled anthems. Than those deep.410 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS fall The shadows more soothing Is full of cheering the soft air : whispers like thine own . Lives o'er the funeral day The deep knell dying down. Around the western golden clouds at eve twilight. ! pall Listen it is no dream th' Apostles' trump Gives earnest of th' Archangel's calmly now Our hearts yet beating high To that victorious lay. O ! To cheer hadst thou brought a strain from Paradise us. And sought with us along th' accustom'd way 20 The hallowed porch. So dear to Faith and Hope. Sure with the words of Heaven Thy spirit met us there. Waiting their Saviour's welcome at the gate. high and Low low. That even with beaming eye Counts thy sad honours. bier. thou hadst not touched The sacred springs More tenderly and of grief true. by thy grave. and So many relics of a frail love lost. all subside 30 Into a placid Faith. and entering in.

60 With Thy dear pardoning words. ^This poem was intended for the " Burial of the Dead in the first MS. but was afterwards changed for " says. 8. gentle spright. — " Who LIGHTING OF LAMPS Lights in the Temple shall burn thereon sweet incense every morning : when he dresseth the lamps he shall burn incense upon it. when the handful of pure earth Touches the coffin lid .MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Most like a warrior's to the martial dirge 411 Of a true comrade." so Come o'er us like a cloud . XXX. a perpetual incense before the Lord throughout your generations.treasure And if for awhile : a tear steal down. who canst change the heart. If at our brother's name. And Aaron — Now the stars are lit in heaven. " for ever gone. yet. Thou turnest not away. : : Every lamp an answer Like the prayer of mortal Saint. Exod. he shall burn incense upon it. O cleanse us. Thou know'st us calm at One Till heart. and we have seen our last of thee. We must light our lamps on earth Every star a signal given From the God of our new birth faint. we too sleep and our long sleep be o'er. ere we view That countenance pure again. look. Once and again the thought. Be ready when we meet. the wan autumnal sun ? " It was first intended for the Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity. 7. of the Christian Year. Note. in the grave we trust Om. and raise the dead As Thou art by to soothe oui parting hour. If human anguish o'er the shaded brow Pass shuddering. ! Thou. . And when Aaron lighteth the lamps at even.

far and near Wearied with the World's dim day. Deadly is th' avenger's aim. here. with holy fire — ^your prayer wiU be allowed. When the glory deigns to come. should recreants dare Breathe the pure and fragrant air. John Full many an eve. Pledg'd to faithful Israelites. Token of protecting power. watching day and night. ! 20 There is One wiU He who comes Pray ! bless your toil in Heaven's attire. Should th' unhallowed enter here Keen His fires. ! Morn by morn. . but 12. Sons of Aaron serve in fear. walk in darkness. saying. Emblem Watchers of the sacred flame. Age after age have witness borne To faith that on a lingering Saviour cried. — Me am the Light of shall not viii. I the world : he thai foUoweth shall have the light of life. with holy oil Eve by eve. St. Mark Turn to Him whose eyes are Open. Beaming unapproach'M light With sweet oil-drops in His hour Feed the branch of many lights. of the anointed Home. and many a morn. ! Mingling with His incense cloud 30 LIGHTS AT VESPERS Then spake Jesus again unto them. The holy Lamps have blazed and died The floor by knees of sinners worn. The mystic Altar's golden horn.412 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS the hour and turn this way. Sons of Israel.

The perfumed embers quivering bright. hearts prepared falls benign " I am the world's true Light who hear And follow Me. Aivith the stoled Priest in sight. Ere yet the ceiling's spangled height The glory catch of the new-kindled ray 413 — : lo ! A voice not loud. where they were gathered together. every heart invites. — : He spake He died and rose And now His Spirit lights again The hallowed And fires o'er land and main. Acts xx. 8. power. fearless burn Ere in the morn ye fade. Ye humble Tapers. On many a cabin floor : When the true soldiers steal an hour of Life. lo To break the bread And drink the draught of love and And plan the holy strife. nor changing year The Light of Life is theirs pure Light of Life divine " : ! LIGHTS IN THE UPPER CHAMBER And there were many lights in the upper chamber.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS " At evening time there shall be light " 'Twas said of old 'tis wrought to-day Now. last Even from the dim shade. They glow but not in gems and gold With cedar arched o'er But in far nooks obscure and cold. On : — : Nor waning eve. Ye shaU behold a soul return. : . but thrilling clear. . no darkness fear.

is there. they feast and slumber on. lowly Lamp. Faith may recall that wondrous night Who raised the dead. twinkle in my lonely room. They to their Saviour cried . Trace the dim Past. . and slowly climb The steep of Faith's triumphant prime . 20 wheresoe'er a cottage light for evening prayer. The heavenly vision to retrace. Oft as the foe dark inroads made. Far-sever'd hearts together bound Seven times a day. and we : Before our One hour we find in seven long days God to sit and gaze ! Then. my When. " Why pine o'er evil done ? " Then hours of Prayer. far and wide. in welcome round. by the genial it is there glare. wept and prayed But now. They watched and fasted. light me on a little space. trimmed THE CHURCHMAN TO HIS LAMP Light in the Closet Come. in Jesus' camp. on bended knee.414 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS That all may know what love untold Attends the chosen race. Whom Who And Is apostolic arms enfold. Companion true My There was a time. 10 And say. a ray like thine Waked half the world to hymns divine 20 Now much if here and One dreamer. cling to that embrace. By Saints and Angels loved so well. friendly Lamp. in hours of gloom Come. Mother's glories ere she feU.

lo Care finds the careless out more wise to vow Thine heart entire to Faith's pure strife So peace will come.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS grace. — The Ark of God is in the field. And can it be thou liest awake. thou know'st not when or how. and Israel. abide in tents .. And sort and number wistfully few bright weapons. THE WATCH BY NIGHT And Vriah said unto David.. Sworn watchman. and my lord Joab. whose breathing gives Life to the faintest spark that lives. I trim thee. zeal. Our fathers' armoury to explore. and as thy soul liveth. are encamped in the open fields . 415 Yet by His A so And may thy guidance ever tend Where gentle thoughts with courage blend Thy pure and steady gleaming rest On pages with the Cross imprest touch'd with lightning of calm Our fathers' very heart we feel. shall I then go into mine hxyuse. to eat and to drink 1 . xi. Like clouds around the alien armies sweep Each by his spear. Till. and the servants of my lord. 11. tossing on thy couch of down And doth thy recreant heart not ache To hear the sentries round the leaguered town ? ? Oh dream no more of quiet life. will not do this thing. and Judah. The ark. . bathed on high. In cold and dew the anointed warriors sleep. I 2 Sam. beneath his shield. precious Lamp. As thou livest. once more. : .

a righteous aim. An arm outstretch'd to guide them and to bless Firm as steel bows for Angels' warfare bent They went abroad. And dull the soul. and trembling wear His holy Sign. unworthy how should tones like thine Blend with the warnings of the good and true ? God hath no need of waverers round His shrine What hath th' unclean with Heaven's high cause to ! : do?" Thus in the deep of many a shrinking heart The murmurings swell and heave of sad remorse. But. And more than prowess theirs. lift one glance on high What banner streams along thy destin'd way ? The pardoning Cross. Or spear of theirs in knightly combat vie. Ere the bright mantle might their limbs enfold. that else would keenly dart Fearless along her heaven-illumined course. wayward doubter. — lo n and watch thine armour as of old The champions vow'd of Truth and Purity. and more than fame No dream. thee. His Cross who deign'd to die To cleanse th' impure for His own bright array. but an abiding consciousness Of an approving God. Wash thee in His dear blood. And fame far hovering with immortal beams. And found the time too short for busy dreams. not knowing where they went. Wash 20 . . and take thy station there. Pageants of airy prowess dawning nigh. Three summer nights outwatch'd the stars on high.416 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS CHRISTIAN CHIVALRY The Vigil " Silence.

WeU Where And The hast thou ta'en thy part. here and there a heart. Thy matins As in the quiet mist are borne soft and clear. one gale of western air Has hardly brush'd thy wing Yet thou hast given thy welcome fair. Up Far earliest in the year. in our fallen time. Nor pleasure win them. lo One gleam. Good-morrow to the spring ! . 40 TO A THRUSH SINGING IN THE MIDDLE OF A VILLAGE. the goal in sight. Dwelt on each heart as erst in memory true. Nor to the left hand swerve for gale or shower. many an ear thy notes may reach. . might faithful bands Move on th' eternal way. so And gleams more bright than summer sunsets leave Lingering well-nigh to meet the morn's fresh hue. (They stayed but half a day) The berries bright hang ling'ring on Yet thou hast learn'd thy lay. and clear as lark. Now.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS III 417 For why ? the sacred Pentecostal eve Had bathed them with its own inspiring dew. . wavering to the right Alone with Heaven they were that awful hour. firm and few. linnet soft. Thus. January 1833 Sweet bird ! up earliest in the morn. first snow-wreaths are scarcely gone. The Spirit's chosen heralds o'er all lands Bore the bright tongues of fire. When their oath seal'd them to the war of Faith Alone they wiU be in the hour of death.

And ht awhile the gleam divine That bless'd his infant prayer Has Ere he had known. The spoilers roam at will Yet calmly rise. While hearts. Are we not sworn to serve our King ? He sworn with us to be ? The birds that chant before the spring Are truer far than we. . beat true and right. The 30 That sunny morning glimpse is gone. 40 And cheer thee aU day long. and boldly strive The sweet bird's early song Ere evening fall shall oft revive.418 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Perhaps within thy carol's sound Some wakeful mourner lies. 20 He thanks thee with a tearful eye. That morning note is still The dun dark day comes lowering on. scorner's withering smile . For thou hast wing'd his spright Back to some hour when hopes were nigh And That dearest friends in sight simple. Here in our Christian Isle. he deem'd. his faith to blight. That ne'er again may rise. Dim roaming days and years around. fearless note of thine pierced the cloud of care.

Yet choosing as in youth the better part. as in age high-soul'd. Calmly do thou confirm her awful ban. Voice of the wise of old thrilling whispers now In cells where learned eyes late vigils hold. There. cower and faint Tell : them. lo Dwells. —^Romans xiii. a thousand years and more. thy chief of watchmen. gifts and calling of God are without repentance. lions The And Moslem : — : Trusting the lore of his own loyal heart. thy grave to guard. And teach proud Science where to vail her Go breathe thy brow. where gentle hearts Beat high for truth. —Romans prowl around. and they must take their . doubting. waiting for the first rekindling rays. the day is at hand. 12. but. soothing charms. Thy words to her be conquering. ! Now Voice of the fearless Saint lo Ring Uke a trump. the hour parts. wise and bold. And HOOKER The night is far spent. Voice of the meekest man while the Church for combat arms. is come. When Truth upon the solitary shore For the fall'n West may light his beacon as of yore. unwearied Austin.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 410 THE AFRICAN CHURCH The xi. 29. Cyprian's Master. thy keen gaze On Atlas' steep. too. prayers profane At morn and eve come sounding yet unscared The Holy Shades remain Cyprian.

reported that they perceived. .420 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS DISSENT THE ONE WAY That we should earnestly contend for [for all] delivered unto the saints. But ways must have an end. endless strife .' " Vide Bishop Newton on the Prophecies. Who. the priests. no war to wage This is o'er and o'er lo the Church our earth-dimm'd eyes behold. — St. ii. Jude the faith 3. and then they heard as it were a great crowd. By Mammon's touch new moulded No cross. for one grasp of perishable gold. th' impure the Saints for ever blend. as was their custom. having come into the inner temple to perforin their services. And aim the bolt by Theodosius fear'd ? Is there " Let us depart . " ^these English souls are sear'd. that was once One only Way to life : One Faith. th' Eternal framed of old. saying. . Dissert. Among the portents which took place before the taking of Jerusalem by the Romans. vol. Creeds undergo the trial-flame. first a motion. by night. endow'd with Heaven's high One earnest. deliver'd once for all One holy Band. call This is the Church. and choose 'twixt soft and bold. Heaven's glory with our shame Think on that hour. Would brave the curse by holy men of old Laid on the robbers of the shrines they rear'd — ' IILera^alvwiiev ivrevBev. Nor with : LET US DEPART HENCE PROFANATION no sound about our Altars heard Of gliding forms that long have watched in vain For slumbering discipline to break her chain. Smooth open ways. a noise. the following is mentioned by Josephus : " During the festival which is called Pentecost. 18. ' Let us depart hence. good store A Creed for every clime and age.

Than sing a hopeless dirge. though faint and low." . Or swoln up high with partial tearless pride .MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 421 Who shout for joy to see the ruffian band to reform. and go.) Who knows but myriads owe their endless rest To thy recalling. and leave the apostate land To meet the rising whirlwind as she may. for England's mourners. where they would darken all A shade. Without her guardian Angels and her God. forgetting worm and pall. Creed of the Saints. E'en by the grave. and gaze. Seraphs never trod. but man displays Heaven throws a gleam. where they. if denied The soothing tones of Hope. to wrangle. but Heaven allays. unbidden. tempted else to rove ? " Seek we some realm where In faith untarnish'd by the BURIAL SERVICE " And they who grudge the Omnipotent His praise What wonder if they grudge the dead his hope ? The irreverent restless eye finds room and scope. 9 Alas. and gravely dares reprove. where ne'er they came to pray. As Aaron's trump for the dread Ark's array. (True love is bold. E'en where. And duly raise on each diviner morn The Psalm that gathers in one glorious lay AH chants that e'er from heaven to earth found way Majestic march ! as meet to guide and time Man's wandering path in life's ungenial clime. Sing triumph they excite. and Anthem of the Blest. lo And calm-breathed warning of the kindliest love That ever heaved a wakeful mother's breast. pry. Let us depart. or coldly chide The faith that owns release from earthly woe. Heaven in its mercy hides. ! Better in silence hide their dead. Come lo ATHANASIAN CREED " virgin souls may pray sophist's scorn.

and Jesus' Prayer Their quiet Altars. the aerial train Of heavenly sentinels yet lingering here And what if. where prayer had been. — Nor the Rites that erst their fathers lov'd. listless throng Steals out of church. Learning ever new. Most fatal token of a falling age lo Wit ever busy." It ! . Rides tinkling by. wheresoe'er remov'd. so musical and loud. That souls immortal find that hour too long. And the blithe world. tire of : — lo Angels. ! . a pastor's ear. Shall clear with incense sweet the unholy air In persecution safe. with bells and harness proud. Unsleeping Fancy. Eloquence untired The Saints' and Martyrs' page Prayer only dull A tedious scroll the scorn'd and faithful few Left to bewail such beauty undesired. but faithful hearts will find us near. David's Hymn. A REMNANT Sons of our Mother such the indignant strain Might haply strike." . drowns the Eternal Word. for once. blending with the chant austere. and He who rules them. and wilful men are strong. ! .422 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS LENGTH OF THE PRAYERS " But Faith is cold. cling beside their Mother in her woes. this hour. and leaves the choir unseen Of winged guards to weep. in scorn approv'd. the Angelic Song And one by one the weary. will be there. Purged to discern. A We Who Who love " soft inviting note attune the close ? go .

my words are sacraments divine. — ! Ye scorners of th' Eternal wait one hour In His seer's weakness ye shall see His power. They His words unnerve the warrior's hand. native tribe swept bower and hearth light of Judah's royal star : Fail'd in mid-heaven. and disunite The friends of Israel " yet. —Jeremiah xxxvii. say. set The Lord hath stUl'd in me o'er the kings of earth. falls 13. : To fasten and uproot." Alas Heaven's lightning would ye chain and bar ? . Therefore I bid earth's glories set or shine. the statesman's eye. " The frenzied one is fain to see lo Glooms of his own . and gathering storms afar But dimgeons deep. " The man and away " : Yet sighs my soul in secret for their pride .MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 423 JEREMIAH THE PATRIOT Thou fallest away to the Chaldeans." lo . and fetters strong have we. ! THE RULER OF THE NATIONS — " I have set thee this day over the nations. Jeremiah i. They say. and over the kingdoms. And it is so . and Might. and night and day I plead for them. is false. Tears are mine hourly food. the tones of His deep sway Faintly to echo in the nether sky. " And dim : They say. nor trampling steed and car Ceas'd from the courts that saw Josiah's birth. He tunes my voice. and may not be denied. But He who guides the thunder-peals on high. My words to Faith are Peace. 10. to build and mar Not by mine own fond will else never war Had Nor from my Ne'er had the Anathoth the voice of mirth. and Hope. 'Tis not in me to give or take away. in every land.

. man is worthy to die : for he hath prophesied against this 11. the dread arm that wields the bolt but He Is out of reach. to show hour. Oft have I said. A wither'd leaf inscribed with Heaven's decree. And blown where haply some in fear may learn. Jeremiah xx. th' uprising whirlwind to survey. one sweeps the bright isles away. therefore on me they turn On me. I will not make mention of him. and fain their ire would wreak . That hour. the bitter streams will flow. On lo . that am but voice. Dreaming fair weather would outlast their day. Enough no more ' To uncharm'd ears th' unearthly strain I pour But the dread word its way would win.424 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS THE AVENGER This city. full timely was the leaf unroU'd. How Heaven in wrath would seem to move •» The landmarks of a thousand year. E'en as a burning fire And I was forced to tell aloud My tale of warning to the reckless proud. Now the big storm-drops fall." THE HERALD OF WOE But I said. —Jeremiah xxvi. their dream must cease It veers in silence And one by They know it well. Which to the man belov'd the years of bondage told. Assign'd him for his lot times past and times unborn. which way. his word was is mine. fading and weak. — . How gradual from the north with hideous frown " round the horizon grey. — And till his people's chain should be outworn. And from the tablets of th' eternal sky The covenant oath erase of God Most High. bones within. in mine heart as a burning fire. No pride. No joy of mine to invite the thunder down." Awful warning yet in love lo Breathed on each believing ear. . Where fondly gaz'd the men of worldly peace. " Sad privilege What ' — ! my ! . 9.

In answer from the Holy One. — Jeremiah " timed. till the woe be past. whilst the Irish Church was in progress. . else wandering wearily. kiss the . Job xlii. And meekly bide your hour beside your ruin'd ' home. xUi. Low lies the temple. Is every sign that to His fallen land Th' Almighty sends by prophet mourners now. Since holy Gabriel to meek Mary bore The presence-token of th' Incarnate Son Up a low vale a Shepherd strayed alone Slow was his step and lowly bent his eye. Would Nay. round Canaan roam. ^ 'Twas on the day when England's Church — 1 The above was Bill written March 25. — I of yore Hail'd the New Year a day to angels known. go ye not into Egypt. hut now mine eye seeth Thee. in ova evil day. as e'er was gentle hand Of mother press'd on weeping infant's brow. Speaks out by me the unchanging will Seek not to Egypt there the curse will come But. O SWEETLY lo " Heaven by my mouth was fain to stay The pride that. wondrous store Of mercies seal'd with blood each eve and morn Yet Heaven hath tokens for faith's eye forlorn. pa . 19. fain have struggled in Chaldea's chain : rod : th' Avenger needs must reign And now. 1833.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 425 THE COMFORTER ye remnant of Judah. 5.' " SACRILEGE / have heard of Thee by the hearing of the ear. Save when at times a thought of tasks undone His waken'd wincing memory stung too nigh : Then startled into speed. though every shrine is still. The glory from the ark is gone. The mystic cuirass gleams no more.

may awake And see Him near. and feel and own the bars 'Twixt them and Him. O be Thou near. the seared conscience ache That ! But And O chiefly theirs. And where the pathway skirts the leafless wood. Wavering and flickering. when aged pastors swerve To the base world or wild schismatic lore. And the heap'd snow. scarce one golden isle her station seems to keep rv 'tis ? Nay eyes. redeem'd with precious Blood But Thoughtless too oft. Ill These Easter snows. but of that flock lo And scarM birds forget to build and sing. That never sets. yet on high th' unquench^d stars Blaze as they blazed. to make The worldly dream dissolve. So rudely the cold North has brush'd each tender wing. and in their might go forth : 30 The Spouse of Heaven nor crime nor rapine mars.426 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS II not of Iambs and ewes. Lies mantling primrose flower and cowslip bud. Now deeply plunged where tempests drive and sweep. now deeply seen to muse O'er the cold lea and by the rushing flood. That waver . A Shepherd he. of CAdl do they bode ? Of Faith's fair blossoms withering ere their 20 prime And of a glorious Church that early glow'd Bright as yon crown of stars in cold clear time. who at Thine Altar serve. pride of our arctic clime. 40 . — our human But the Most High permits these earthly jars. while rude gusts of crime Rush here and And there across th' ethereal deep. our airs of earth. in mockery of the spring. for the souls elect Thy life-blood pour grief and shame. souls yet hearing only.

Behold. While in mid air thy stars and arrows flaunt ? That sheaf of darts. and truly told Our tale of contrite faith (O not too bold so The prayer) ^then welcome whirlwind. Except. UNITED STATES Because that Tyrtis hath said against Jerusalem. too lightly. and Other Poems (Oxford Standard Authors). and is reprinted in Newman's The Dream of Gerontitis. now she is laid waste : Therefore thus saiih Ezekiel the Lord God. anger. O Tyrus. If Lord of a world in years. VI Church decayed. 2. Aha. listening . . as of old. a — — And turn their dreamy talk to holy Fear's stern glow. I am against thee. — Tyre of the farther ^ West be thou too warn'd Whose eagle wings thine own green world o'er! spread. will it not fall unbound. from Thy whirlwind answering.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS They had been Alas. 3. beginning " Tyre of the West. she is broken that was the gates of the people : she is turned unto me : I shall be replenished. : 427 Else had they held untired by Thee and Thine Nor gain nor fancy then had lured them from Thy shrine. Touching two oceans wherefore hast thou scorn'd Thy fathers' God. not within the shrine I&eeling in Christian calmness to adore. Thou with the vile wilt plead. O proud and full of bread ? Why lies the Cross unhonour'd on thy ground. Welcome the flash that wakes the slumbering fold Th' Almighty Pastor's arm and eye to know. till we have laid Our hand upon our mouth." It was signed S. disrob'd of thy vain earthly vaunt. xxvi. by Thine open door. Thou bring it to be bless'd where Saints and Angels haunt ? : ' This expression refers to the poem which immediately preceded it in the Lyra Apostolica. woe.

and send. O trying hour for thee Tyre mock'd when Salem fell where now is Tyre ? Heaven was against her. to ocean doom'd and fire : And now the tideless water idly laves Her towers. Here am I . 8.423 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS seed. builds beside thy mighty floods. full many a brow Is rais'd to say. by Heaven's peculiar grace. CHAMPIONS OF THE TRUTH THE WATCHMAN mill Isaiah vi. Nations thick as waves Burst o'er her walls." But ere the words be breathed. far underneath. The holy But many a rank weed round And Mammon it grows apace. What steadfast heart Dares in the storm go forth ? Who takes th' Almighty's par ? And with a bold gleam flush'd. this hour. — Dull thunders moan around the Temple Rock. fair fruitful land. Eastward. braving Nature's God. His footsteps timing as the low winds breathe Hark from the Shrine is asked. " Behold me. perchance thou turn'st thine ear. some broken vow Remember'd ties the tongue . lake. Lord. Who go for us ? Then said I. faltering tones of guilt mar the Confessor's hymn. Whence Truth her sign may make o'er forest. and sadly blend lo With And Faith's pure incense. and lone sands heap her crownM mer! : chants' graves. clouds of conscience dim. . a glorious stand. O while thou yet hast room. Mark thee a place on high. And deep in hollow caves. and strand. . The lonely watchman ! feels the sullen shock. O'ertopping Nature. Ere war and want have stain'd thy virgin sod. Is rooted here and there in thy dark woods 10 . Blend sounds of Ruin from a land once dear To thee and Heaven. zo Listening if haply with the surging sea. send me.

. ark. " ill could Angels brook That lore that on our lips we took. " God is my Light i whom need I fear " How bleak. . Fain would we fix th' unswerving foot. Proudly we show our banner'd scroll. On lips profane celestial lore " And hardly dare we keep the door. And holy hours and days outworn In youth's wild race. prayer unsaid. bid them our old war-cry hear. unwelcom'd. And seize their portion as they may. that hour. to share The glorious holy war but how undo The knot our father tied ? Are we not spoilers too ? . Sin's lesson newly read Then deem we. 10 ^ " Dominus Illummatio mea " is the motto of the University of Oxford. How with unready hearts at first we ventured in. 20 How The bell ! : : SPOLIATION But sadder strains. and bare The strong right arm. across our purpose high. Come haunting round th' Almighty's captive By proud Philistian hosts beset. and direr bodings dark. With axe and dagger newly whet To hew the holy gold away.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 429 THE CREED If waiting by the time-crown'd halls. Which nurtur'd us for Christ in youth. Sweeps the chill damping shade of thoughtless years gone by lo And : ! count we then lost eve and morn. We The love to watch on the grey walls lingering gleam of Evangelic Truth If to the spoilers of the soul. Though sentries sworn the memory thrills so keen.

cleaves the rust of sacrilege of old ? Oh. ! ! The conscience yearning to devise have His treasure lost. what time our prayer In Heaven's sure ward aU Christian kings would leave. Him without cost. but stains that cleave Ingrain'd in memory. is thy 30 call. If haply on the wakening heart remain The vow of pure self-sacrifice.prompted to that strain. The duteous Church. . when hallow'd ! That solemn suffrage hears ? Alas our care Is not for storms without. as to the holiest Shrine we bear Our pure. within the Temple dome. To such methought I heard an Angel say. unbloody gifts. Heaven . nor yet profane God's home. morn and eve. Why should that prayer be faltering ? Wherefore air heave With sadness loyal hearts. proud thoughts of our instructress meek.430 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS for God's Altar How Where may that arm be bold. when high mercy for our King we seek. And but in wish or vow restore But one fair shrine despoil'd of yore How would the windows of th' approving sky Shower down the dews on high Arm'd Levites then. Might we the foe await. 10 Thus. But once her contrite bosom heave. wandering thoughts profane Or worse. . ! ! 20 Vain disappointing dream but oh not vain. " Offer not all to-day. While spoilers keep the shrine yet offer Treasurer of God's high cause: half priestly How God may And we not serve : all. would my country once believe." CHURCH AND KING Nor want And oft there Seraph warnings.

Their nursing fathers. Apostles fell. breathing English air. sworn to Heaven and thee (An oath renew'd this hour on bended knee. their Cross in thine array to bear. Be found. Christ's charter blurr'd with coarse usurping hand. Lo on the top of each aerial spire 18 What seems a star by day. ! Thy — . though touch'd with fire Celestial. the offences of our land Too well agree to build our burthen high. Are ^there in order set foster-children .) Ne'er to betray their Mother nor forget. It quivers from afar in golden light But 'tis a form of earth. worst foes to England's throne.) The round thee. There are met flood is safe. all gaily as our pennons glance. 20 Angel of England who might thee withstand ? Who for the spoil'd and trampled Church deny Thy suit in Heaven's high courts. at 8 a.m. And gall'd with yoke of feudal tyranny The shoulders where the keys of David lie. but thy towers as yet and clear as by a summer's sea Pierce the calm morning mist.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Back on our wincing 481 hearts our prayers are blown our own sins. And for their Mother cast earth's dreams away ? Till then. And with our own. rais'd in other days to tell How. To point in silence heavenward. when they tired of prayer. In fear and grief for Church and King we pray. OXFORD (From Bagley. serene and free. so high and bright. might one true By ! band Of holy brethren. And at the trumpet's call the brave heart dance.

" " Away. " If bright it blaze and clear ? God of the unconsuming fire. Father's tears.432 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS FIRE Part The Lord thy God is I a consuming fire. Beside the mountain rill Ye . but we know our call divine. Stay. Jealous One. ye brethren of the dead. Pure hands had o'er them past. lO . No charm the anointing yield ? . 'Twill lighten and not spare. Silence. The Lord breaks out. Thy burning ire It may not be controlled ! On Horeb . Lo ! Yet sure a holy seed were they. 24. the unworthy die on the cedar floor The robed and mitred corses lie Be silent and adore. —^Deuteronomy ! iv. We feel our hearts sincere . 20 o'er. their bright array. What boots it where we light our shrine. seen of old. Th' atoning blood had drench'd them The mystic balm had seal'd And may the blood atone no more. NADAB AND ABIHU or ere the Lord break forth The pure ethereal air Cannot abide the spark of earth. In Heaven's high mould were cast. be still But choose them out a lonely bed. " Nay. . Cuirass and crown.

therefore bold to sin. We loathe it. th' eternal mandate's worth In philosophic scales of earth. 433 Then bear them 30 Nor leave unwept their desert grave. and Abiram DATHAN AND ABIRAM long endure this priestly scorn. And feed our wildering phantasy With every soothing dream and lie " How Ye .MISCELLANEOUS POEMS as they lie. to our crimes the lightnings find their KoRAH. Nor burns it only then The poor that are not poor in heart. the dread attire. " The bread of Christian men. Who say. the meanest of their tribe." The murmurers in the camp. And wearing (sign of broken vows) The blest. Oft as rebellious thought shall crave To question words divine. The Burning at Taberah The fire of Heaven breaks forth. sons of Israel's eldest born ? Shall two. 10 And " Far from the Lord's tent-door. Dathan. Selecting these for scorn. ? " And temper'd way. are they ! : What should we know of Faith's Oh plead not so there's wrath in — high lore store. To the Lord's host the way prescribe. When haughty Reason pries too near. and those for holy Weighing fear. But mourn their pride and thine. must feel the blazing : dart. o'er and o'er again. their brows Scath'd with the avenging fire.

And altars scath'd with fires of woe Earth heard and sank." Thus spake the proud at prime of morn Where was their place at eve ? Ye know Rocks of the wild in sunder torn. will He no sign Grant but to Aaron's haughty hne ? Our censers are as yours we dare you to the : shrine. Levites though love the song of liberty. Who dared th' anointing Power disdain For freedom's rude unpriestly vaunt. we be. profane. great and small. Lost Egypt's plenty well we know But where the milk and honey ? where The promised fields and vineyards fair ? Lo wise of heart and keen of sight Are these ^ye cannot blind them quite Not as our sires are we we fear not open light. 40 ." — : lo ! — : KOEAH " And we We too. and they were gone. Thus rebels fare but ye. Only their dismal parting groan The shuddering ear long time will haunt. Will 20 He not hear His people's vow ? Lord of all Earth. What if no priestly finger strake Or blood or oil o'er robe or brow. Dire is the fame for you in store Your molten censers evermore Th' atoning altar must inlay : : 30 Memorial to the kneeling quires That Mercy's God hath judgement fires For high-voiced Korahs in their day. Levites and Danites. Did we not hear the Mountain Voice Proclaim the Lord's impartial choice ? The camp is holy.434 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Their craft can coin ? We see our woe. one and all Our God His home in all will make.

without cure. Who to the Church will errands bring ! or impious king.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Elijah and the Messengers of Ahaziah 435 Oh surely Scorner is his name. and aim'd on Against the hour when Christ martyrs' cry. For the blasphemer's seed Wing'd are they all." O'er whom he gaily shakes the miscreant rod. beside The Lord long-suffering deign'd to Nor on the guilty town wait. And. . Then is there fire in heaven. And bolts deep-wounding. In mockery own them " men of God. be sure. THE SAMARITANS SPARED And dare ye In Christ's deem God's ire must new realm of peace ? the scorner's gate cease 'Tis true. From a proud world spoiler's But if we be (Jod's own indeed. He came. hermit. lo high. And thunder-stricken chiefs return ! Oh — One To tell their Lord how dire the Church's lightnings burn. FIRE Part Our God is II a consuming fire. shall hear His teU me not of royal hosts . A . Call'd the stern fires of old Elijah down : victim. Shall gird his sackcloth on. not a judge. 29. With His own blood to slake th' avenging flame. without fear or shame. strong in fast and prayer. —Hebrews xii. and scare Whate'er the vain earth boasts .

gentle though she be. What He do. Nor did she not th' Avenger's march salute With somewhat of exulting mien. and wise beyond the rest. Julian Dread glimpses. that hell-powers and powers of Rome Are banded to reverse His foemen's doom. have been Nor was the holy Household mute. 9 His shafts not at the Church. but at her Lord addrest. the wrath to see Nor may she fail in faith to pray For hastening of Redemption's day. and blazing broad A shower or ere that final storm True Love. Now rushing loud. Leave earth a molten ocean without form. : 20 Though with the triumph come Forebodings of the dread unchanging doom Though with the Saints' pure lambent Hght Fires of more lurid hue mysteriously unite. he. e'en in gospel times. Angel harps of you full well ! That measure stern The Church might learn When Proud champion th' apostate Caesar fell . Now gliding silently. blown. all and high. : Hath eyes. by those hands so rudely rent The bow of Heaven is bent And ever and anon His darts Find out e'en here the faithless hearts. this hour. And mar His Sovereign Majesty ? Seers in Paradise enshrin'd will Now ! Your Must To Vainly glories quail now and bow : th' high-reaching force of mind o'er Salem rolls your dooming tone Her sons have heard. the Anointed One on high. a mightier trumpet 20 .436 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS if Now.

waiting round th' uplifted rod. 30 The Fall of Babylon louder yet the heavens shall ring. Thus evermore the Saints' avenging God With His dread fires hath scath'd th' unholy groimd Nor wants there. The golden idol bruis'd to summer dust " Where are her gems ? her spices. where Tower. : Divine Wkath . Are ready round Moriah's field. While underneath the shrine they lie. . brighter gleam each Seraph's wing. But the clouds that Were ready too lightning breathe And bursting through. Who o'er relenting pride take part in angels' mirth. Whose triumph is when souls return. Billows from the wrath beneath. Watchers in heaven and earth. But And While worldlings from afar bemoan The shatter'd Antichristian throne. doom'd of old by every Prophet's lyre.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS The foes of Christ are gathering. arms of old Babel's war." The while for joy and victory Seers and Apostles sing on high. For Christ and for His Seers so keenly wrought. dome. Chief the bright pair who rest in Roman earth Fall'n Babel well their lays may earn. Proud Babel in her hour sinks in her sea of fire. They half subdued to faith the proud man's dying thought. sworn to build 437 Where He had sworn to waste and mar Plununet and hne. so proud and fair Confusion is their — name— ? lo ^the name of all earth's trust. ay faithful found. When. and arch. Theme of the Saints' appeahng cry.

438 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS God's armies open-eyed His aim attend. yet here and there Some proud soul cowers. ye stars of God's new heaven. where Antichrist hath reign'd flame-tipt arrow of th' Almighty falls. shine clear Far. COMMUNE PONTIFICUM CALLING Al evening. far beneath the opposing mists are driven. Wondering how oft these warning notes will peal. the doors were shut St. The Lord is risen indeed His own have seen. Imperial cities he in heaps profan'd. Ere the great trump be blown. ! . He whom ye mourn. nor mailM guards around. the Judge descend Man only wears cold look and heart of steel. 19. Fire blazes round apostate council-halls. the week. Or gather'd or apart. XX. They who denied. Some lo And if the world sin on. The Invisible is waiting near. . and waits for day. some scorner learns to pray Some slumberer rouses at the beacon glare. being the first day of where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews. And trims his waning lamp. by power unbound The bonds ye fear nor sealed stone below Barred Him. John — sure ? is every bolt made fast whisper wandering through Dare we breathe calm. Age after age. have seen His face. Shall loyal hearts not lean Upon His outstretch'd arm of grace ? ! lo Shine in your orbs. and unalarm'd forecast " Are the gates No dangerous Our calls — ? to suffer or to do ? faith ! " O ye of little twelve hours ago. Weeping and spared.

" Peace be to you " ^their peace. St. John xx. Each an Apostle true. St. He shewed them His hands and His side. so send I you. one hope. Oft as His altar hears thy deep heart-searching vow. Nerves the frail arm. John xx. When Sunday lights with summer airs combine. Then were the disciples glad when they saw the Lord. His ark to guide. yet uncancell'd on thy brow Trust the kind love His holy months reveal. So they the Son's each in his several sphere Gliding on fearless angel wing. and saith unto them. 10 o'er the obedient breathes in life's still hour. ye . Is He not near ? O trust His seal Baptismal. who stand In sentry with God's sword in hand. a crowned and robed seer. the joy benign. to his mission and His cause Welcomes His own with words of grace and might " Peace be to you " their peace. who feel E'en as the Son the Father's seal. And shadows blend from cloud and And trust the wrath of Jesus' foes They feel bower. and in His hands and side The wounds of love. joyful in and hate His mark on you whom He lov'd and chose your King the rebels own you true. 20. one King. The peace of Christ's lov'd champions warring in His ! And And — — sight. He stays the trembling knee. ! SEALS Then said Jesus unto them again.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 439 TOKENS Jesus came and stood in the midst. ! — . Peace be unio you Father hath sent Me. near. lo . Peace be unto you. 19. . 21. — Is He not near ? look up and see Peace on His lips. One heart in all. And when He had so said. — : as My shrink ye still ? ^He nearer draws. : — And That trust the calm. Him O Be take their world.

Lengthening. Wakening your mazed thoughts with an Almighty spell J By His word. God's unction ay endures. — your Lord's creative breath. and by His hour When the promise came with power. 26-28. 'Tis not for you to swerve nor shun Or power or peril . St. which is also addressed to a Christian . 22.440 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Sent as the Father sent the Son. By His Holy Spirit's token. and scorn of death Love untired. ! 10 From His Know seal'd » Vide Rev. cross unto His throne. whose breathing your vows. the bolts of Heaven to dart Fragrant purity of heart . Breathing hope. Guardians of His virgin spouse that His might is yours. By His saintly chain unbroken. on pardon leaning Joy. Zeal. He breathed on them. ye must go before : If caught in the fierce bloody shower. while the world lasts on. Think on your Lord's o'erwhelming hour Are ye not priests to Him who the world's forfeit bore ? Throned in His Church till He return. 20 should ye fear to judge and spurn ^ This evil world. chain'd at His feet and yours ? Why with dejected faltering air Your rod of more than empire bear ? Your brows are royal yet . Receive ye the Holy Ghost. and saith unto them. Why GIFTS And having said this. By the voice ineffable. Bishop. ii. all By mercies sweetly gleaning . John xx.

Son. 9 Son of our God. Kal"A. Sfios el iv wan /caipois i/j-velffdai (puii/ah itriais fiirj. iXBSvTes iirl tov r]\lov Si<n. lo Will the great King affirm their acts of grace. We hymn the Father. alone Therefore. Cull'd from the stores of God's all-judging ire. — Behold your armoury ! sword and lightning shaft. The words.v.ywv Jlvevfia eeov. p. of His pure glory poured is th' immortal Father.Savd. and Holy Spirit divine Worthiest art Thou at all times to be sung With undefildd tongue.. they are retained. ayiov. Lord. blest.] — 0WS l\ap6v aylas Sifi^s d. [Vid. 299. Relliqu. Who careless leave to cankering rust and mould The flaming sword that should the unworthy chase From His pure Eden ? O beware lest vain Their sentence to remit. If ! mU LIGHT gladdening Light. O grief should Heaven's dread Sire Have stayed. that waft And in your wielding left Power to your voice absolving.i Hail ! Who ! ! ! 1 Hymn of the 1st or Snd Century : preserved by St. who never dare retain. Holiest of Holies—Jesus Christ our Lord Now we are come to the Sun's hour of rest.6s Sofifei. Giver of Life. the mercy-dews of old Vouchsafed. Rouih. Sacr. St. John xx. 23. ld6vTes <l>m iairepivov. fidKapos. O^paviou. and whosesoever sins ye retain. . for you.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 441 ARMS Whosesoeoer sins ye remit. when pastors' arms in deep desire Were spread on high to bless the kneeling fold ! ! ! — absolution hold ? censure sleep. iii. they are remitted unto them . Thy glories. i/ivovficv Haripa. 6 diSolis a-e Sii 6 K0<riJ.Tov Jlarpis. The lights of evening round us shine. point with fire Your awful curse.' 'iU Oeov.. they own. Basil. in all the world. Kal Tl6v. heavenly.

Who to Baal never kneel'd Seize the banner. Earth is mighty. Israel yet lo hath thousands seal'd. He the work begun. 6. sweet and rare Relics of a spring-time clear. Philippians i. we are frail. vainly would we force Fatal error's torrent course. of His dear Son He will breathe in their true breath." Yet along the Church's sky Stars are scatter'd. Faith is gone. When the anthem peals at first ? God hath sown. Who. and hope must fail. Earnest of a bright new year. and say. 30 . . Would our dying embers fan Bright as when their glow began. will perform Christ.442 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS THE GATHERING OF THE CHURCH He which the day of Jesus hath begun a good work in you. pure and high Yet her wasted gardens bear Autumn violets. and He will reap Growth is slow when roots are deep 20 . serene in prayer and faith. Let all see the Cross is there ! What if to the trumpet's sound Voices few come answering round ? Scarce a votary swell the burst. " 'Tis vain In their hour hell-powers must reign. will aid For the love . Vainly. — it until Wherefore shrink. spread its fold ! Seize it with no faltering hold ! Spread its foldings high and fair.

38. Lord. whispereth many O. published by Groombridge for the Emigration Office. we are lost " ! to sleep that we may pray. Seeks out Thine hiding-place. I scarce time so soothing in its might. The rude waves urge their race. Nor own'd at even-tide. Man. For Thou art very near Thy voice upon the waves is borne. Forgotten through the calm clear day. lift my heart to Thee at morn. Thou bidd'st us come to Thee. yet 'tis And awful music. and cry " Lord. . lo And a boding thought Of trial-years to come. we know Thee nigh. fraught at With memories scorn'd home . i in the hinder pari of the ship asleep on a pillow. Love unseen. ' Printed in the first edition of Prayers for Emigrants.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 443 HYMNS FOR EMIGRANTS MIDNIGHT And He was St. Thou seem'st 20 But when the darksome gales begin. Thee in the winds I hear. Full deeply dost Thou hide . save us. startled from his sloth and sin. — Mark iv. The winds and waves that chime all night When I am dreaming laid A . When Ocean rageth most. can be afraid.

The hand that did Thy Saint uphold. Our souls have learn'd to pray. Half-sinking in the boisterous flood He cried to Thee. amid Thy waves. So we. . 30 Revive that prayer. Lord of the boundless sky and sea. io MORNING HYMN He walked on the water to go to Jesus. Slowly the gleaming stars retire. When love had made him overbold lo What time at twilight dawn he stood . . ! of our homes. Fain would we grasp the strong right hand. — St. Thine ocean-wanderers. Help us to sing Thine ocean-song Each in his home on shore. 29. begun. and of our graves ever while we lay Beneath Thy stars. Lord. for one day more. and evermore.444 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Well if we pray till Thou awake One word. mine. The eastern heaven is all on fire The waves have felt the unrisen Their matin service is sun. Reach'd to Thine own by sea and land. morn. Matthew xiv. and noon In city. crave Ere the bright flush of morn be o'er. In loving fear we kneel to Thee. The note Thou gav'st do Thou prolong Through life. and Thou didst save. night. or dale Else will the sounds of earth too soon O'er the dread Voice prevail. one breath of Thee ! Soft silence in the heart will make. Thy blessing. Calm peace upon the Lord If sea. .

20 are they aU. we cling to Thee. Our anchor in the deep Heaven cast. what need we more The Cross to welcome us ashore . signal of our King we make. What The coiu"se soe'er the vessel take. draw Nearer to Thee in love and awe . ! 30 Still overhead the saving Sign Streams. and we know that we are Thine. Still 445 We . skies io The Cross on board. but tokens true Of grace for ever fresh and new True tokens of Thine awful love Aroimd us. Fresh hues where pearl and coral hide. dear Lord. as to Southern skies spread our sail. ourselves and Thee. more. — ? What need we Our voyage If hearts safe. The while across the changeful sea Feehng our way. and above ? : What And we would daily. if hearts be true. nightly. Which . High and more high through southern We see the unmoving Cross arise. : ! and lo It hallows air and wave The heavens a glorious answer show. Father. Unchanging Lord and Thou dost mark For each his station in Thine ark. new stars arise New lights upon the glancing tide.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS onward. ere night. of us all may say the word ? Thy Spirit breathe this day ! or we Shall lose. Till in Love's home we pause at last. our port in view ? be true : but O.

as of old Thy Saints at eve A blessing did of Thee receive. to pray So may we trust that our frail bark. and upraise The song of our unworthy praise ? ! 20 Yea. And here and there one silent star. twilight hour When At such soft times the genial air Is fragrant with unbidden prayer. Or old familiar beUs. The is sweet at home. — xliii. or Whitsun bower. 2. And By souls devout their longings pour Christmas hearth. When o'er the waves they took their way. Bearing aloft Thine awful mark. Aerial lines of all bright hues Lie on the level West afar. . And now upon the twilight sea How may we choose but kneel to Thee. O Lord. Thou to the mountain. sounds from brook and woodland come. I will be with thee. To break the stillness. Lord. that bring The memories grave of many a spring.446 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS EVENING HYMN When Isaiah thou passest through the waters. our Peace and may we dare With voices marred by sin and care. worn hearts to heal ? lo Now sails are moist with unseen dews. While airs of Thine own breathing steal O'er the hot calm. Ere she began her ocean-race Had portion in that word of grace.

Which close to every ear begins. The surging prow. the flashing wake . on hand engraven Three seals in one of grace and Heaven . O Lord. Ours too Thy prayer. Thou at the helm.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS For why Is ours. And through unbounded space prolong. Keep Thou to-night our watch and ward Safe may we slumber on the sea. air. to say in 447 We Thine everlasting Creed time of need waft the Name from coast to coast. our hearts with Thee All : ! . will hear the " Our Father " harmonizing all. Its way beyond all hearing wins. seas. Music at hand unwearying make Waves upon waves repeat the song. and Son. — so ! we have been. according well With Ocean's many-voiced swell. earth. As household words with homely thought But angels bear it on and on all its meaning. forgive. and Holy Ghost. call But O that to Thy Prayer and Creed Thine high Commands we join'd indeed. The frailest bark that ploughs the main. 40 We In say the Prayer our Saviour taught. Written in heart. to the Throne. The simplest child may raise the strain Heaven. ? 30 Father. .

Matthew ii. thus : who Christ would win. Thoughts. Where in the dust sad mothers mourn. By angels guarded night and day. His Spirit dwells in all good hearts . St. Nor see the heavenly glory shed On each pale infant's martyr'd head.448 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS THE INNOCENTS' DAY i In Ramah was there a voice heard. Luke xviii. and the 1 St. bear This and the three next poems were printed in the Child's Christian Year. His witness from above. — Bethlehem. — — Our God in glory sits on high Man may not see and live : : Yet witness of Himself on earth For ever does He give. 'Tis ever Must lO Of such is the kingdom of God. All precious fruits of love. 8. And that bear Blood . 16. these three agree in one. lamentation and weeping. 18. 1 made holy. John V. in the school of woe begin And still the nearest to His grace. words. Know least of their own glorious place. St. Where in His manger safe He lay. FIRST SUNDAY AFTER EASTER and there are three the Water. and works. and great mourning. Bethlehem. of cities most forlorn. above all cities blest Th' Incarnate Saviour's earthly rest. . and witness in earth the Spirit.

wait. Prepare.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS The Baptism waters have not ceas'd To spread His Name. And where He passes. abide ! 20 Epistle. That other stream of endless His all-atoning Blood : 449 lo life. our spirits' food ? ! ? never may our sinful hearts. 1 have a place for thee to fill. : And with His kind voice say. What Thou hast joined. "I. not death. joined together. ! Lo . divide Thy Spirit in Thy mysteries still O ! For What asunder. and it is My will. I call thee. By thee to perfect praise . life. Matt. be thou Mine. in the music of the blest. — 10 " I hear thee. xix. therefore St. 16. Have mark'd thy times and ways . xxi. Is it not still our Cup of Grace His Flesh. let not man put Matt. Only do thou sing out thy best.—-St. and sucklings Thou hast perfected from the Eastern hills the Lord Descends in lowly state Let us go out with one accord. God hath 6. Glad joy ! hymn and garland gay if He should look on you. TENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Out of the mouth of babes praise. with willing hearts and true. since first From the Redeemer's wounded Side The holy fountain burst. To Thee a part assign." .

That hour. hath he quickened. ii. I so. teho were dead in trespasses and 1.B. —^Eph. weeps He ? for His people's sin. In His dread book their sin is set. Ps. For whoso know His will. in His sight thy soul appears corse for burial laid. Behold. Why And Gospel. . full high. for thy follies all For each bad dream thine heart within. and knit my heart unto Thee. Had Thy very turn'd aside to greet thee soul would pray. they died. With priests that on Him wait. 10 A Yet boy. to Him. Have What if thou be but young in years. well one moment more. Ixxxvi.V. SIXTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY And you sins. on His way. 11 [P. or simple maid. or lied. The Church her hving dead lays down Before Him in the gate. sworn. O Teach me Thy way. that I will walk in Thy truth I may fear Thy Name. the Saviour weeps He weeps while heaven and earth adore But mark Him Through all eternal deeps. When Christ to village comes or town. and yet stolen.].450 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Thine heart would beat If Jesus. O Lord. Those tears the bitterer fall. 20 know. A .

May break the deadly trance. thy mother. One in steadfast worship eyes Thee. . — — 8. But He may touch the bier. Watching till Thine hour drew nigh. before creation Bom Who of God eternally. and die Well Thy saints have kept their station. Eph. WoBD supreme. v. 20 Only do thou sit up and speak Soon as thou hear'st His call. Thy belov'd. xxii. ST. lying on Jesus' breast. Awake thou that steepest. from His own holy place Are bearing thee away. Now 'tis come. and arise from the dead. 451 Thy The Church. 14.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS sins. Gospel. JOHN'S DAYi He then. Thy latest born In Thy glory He descries Thee Reigning from the tree of scorn. ^Rev. and Christ shall give thee light. didst will for our salvation. are from the Sarmn Hymnal. His grace May bid thee rise and pray. 1870. Him honour with confession meek. : 10 * This and the three next poems. To be born on earth. And I John saw these things and heard them. and faith espies Thee Like an eaglet in the morn. 25. St. weeps for Her tearful prayer perchance May win the word of pardon. . John xiii. He thee. He wiU forgive thee all.

Show'dst him how. 1856. hoping and beheving. of both. leaning. " Little children. the warfare leaving. Answer kind didst Thou accord. April 19. Much he ask'd in On Thy bosom loving wonder. Father of the eternal Word Thee. . 20 Latest he. . trust and love " ! Thee. And his witness we receiving Own Thee Lord for evermore. and realms infernal Own. the breath adored . Lord ! In that secret place of thunder. Yet o'er all a soft Voice steaUng ! How Thy . Thee. trumpets pealing. Blood and water from Thee start. 40 Amen. Thou didst to him impart. revealing judgements earthward move Scrolls unfolded. the Almighty King eternal. Hursley. Did beside the grave adore . Landed on the eternal shore . One glorious God and Lord. Wine-cups from the wrath above.452 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS He upon Thy bosom lying Thy true tokens leam'd by heart And Thy dearest pledge in dying Lord. the Father's Word supernal. so Lo Heaven's doors lift up. Wisdom for Thy Church to ponder TiU the day of dread award. He first. all grace supplying. Heaven and earth.

—Fs. Thine in Thy Name Thy servants And Thou hast sworn to hear . Our hope. The green ear. Ixv. now Spring has on us smiled. when Autumn winds blew Thee And still. with . We The former and the latter rain.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 453 HARVEST Thou visitest plenteous. The love that shines serene. 20 EASTER EVE He iii. The hopes that soothe. 9earth and [P. The summer sim and air. lo Thine too by So grant the precious things brought forth By sun and moon below.]. Aug. As Thine our burden and our strife.B. and fading year : wild. Malvern. All Thine. 19. 1856. — 1 Pet. Thine the seed. We wait on Thy decree. Thou makest plead. are ours by prayer. trusted. went and preached unto the spirits in prison. Father and Lord of our whole life. So Thine the grave and Paradise. . and ours by grace. The wondrous growth unseen. the fears that brace.V. the is blessest it. and the golden grain. As Thine it was to die and rise. The fresh the harvest. That Thee in Thy new heaven and earth We never may forgo. Lord. it very Lord. 4. right.

With Thee this mortal frame we trust O guard and glorify our dust Soul of the Lord. 14. As one by one they fall asleep. To . Aug. All glory. at Thy tomb for rest we pray Here. And lead them high above the stars. Dread Preacher. : bodies. Lord. And Thou didst break their prison-bars. Lo. again dost live. rest from our own work . With the dread Father. Amen. The perfect rest with Thee to share. : True God. And in Thy glory did rejoice. Our souls and To Thine own so Thee.454 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Lord of the eternal Sabbath-day. true Flesh of Mary made. Thy people give. 1856. and there. In a true grave for sinners laid. learn 20 In Eden. and heard Thy voice. waiting They saw Thy day. receive blessed Easter-eve : All our belov'd in mercy keep. Both now. dead. Was " Captivity led captive " then sung by angels and by men Grant us the same to sing by faith. who. And the eternal Paraclete. as is meet. Llandudno. lo And to the Father's hands bequeathed. When we among the dead are free. so freely breathed. Draw us with heart's desire to Thee. Lord. who to fathers old Didst wonders in the gloom unfold Thy perfect creed O may we Thy return. and at the hour of death.

MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 456 HOLY MATRIMONY {To he sung at the Commencement of the Service) A threefold cord is not quickly broken. 12. the Bridegroom. awful Father. Still in the pure espousal Of Christian man and maid. That earliest wedding-day. O . The threefold grace is said. To give away this bride. For dower of blessed children. For high mysterious union. When onward to Thine altar The hallowed path they trace. — ^Bccles. spread Thy pure wing o'er them. As Thou for Christ. Holiest Spirit. The voice that breathed o'er Eden. For love and faith's sweet sake. Which nought on earth may break. The holy Three are with us. iv. To bless them as they kneel. To join their loving hands. Let no iU power find place. Son of Mary. The primal marriage blessing. As Thou didst bind two natures In Thine eternal bands : 20 Be present. lo Be present. The heavenly Spouse dost seal. It hath not passed away. As Eve Thou gav'st to Adam Out of his own pierced side : Be present.

flow. To chase and keep powers away. ill all this day. 1857. E'en as we hymn Thee. to-day. Let darkness to the glory yield. July 12. Lord. be Thou very near. Father. . while we sing We pray Thee. as men in fear Look on us. : : Be Thou the That all its first in every tongue Thine be each heart's first loving glow. and we Must pray our God on bended knee From all our doings.456 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS cast their crowns before Thee In perfect sacrifice. : " JAM LUCIS ORTO SmERE " The Star of day hath risen. from Thee may long. doings. To 30 Amen. all day O holy One. So may night's harm (this too we ask In humble prayer) be hewn away So praise may be our endless task. And gloom unto the star of day So may night's ill be purged and heal'd lo By gift of Thy celestial ray. . TRANSLATIONS OF ANCIENT CHURCH HYMNS "SOMNO REFECTIS ARTUBUS " (For an Early MoRNnsro Service) Sleep has refresh'd our limbs we spring Out of our beds. Till to the home of gladness With Christ's own Bride they rise.

with one accord uprising. Hymns strong and sweet in all their might and softness Watch Sing on. Psalms in due course our meditation always. 20 « NOCTE SURGENTES " us by night. By self-denial clean. as through the world Thy glory Rings undivided. Thou blessed Godhead 10 and Son. and control By meat and drink in measured dole. His glory sing to we may whom we pray. Grant it alike. So to Love's King our melodies combining. Unnily will. lo That when the day departs. unpitying din soothing hand to screen the sight eager gleams of vain delight. ! Qa . stand thou apart. and Holy Ghost co-equal. and for ever. : Pure be the secrets of the heart. The proud flesh bruise we. Such be our boon from Thee. And glory. adoring. To God the Father glory be. Only Son. Now. to Thee With the most holy Paraclete. Father. as is meet. and bridle in Discord's harsh. the blessed Ufe among them There to inherit. We may find grace with all the saints to enter Love's palace hall.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS The tongue to 457 From With From tune. and we In course again the dim night see.

ordering all things and their change. Three in One. Who reignest through all ages with The Holy Ghost the Comforter. And Holy Ghost the Comforter. co-equal only Son. tongue. Strong Who Quench Thou the flame. Health to our mortal bodies give. For ever reigning. Amen. with all your might In tones of perfect praise unite Celestial Love. Good Spirit. Touch all around with U-ving rays ! ! Father of Love. O Father of all Love. is strife. God whose Word is truth. Grant it. lo And Thou. this boon confer. And with Thy fires the noontide hour.458 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS « NUNC SANCTE " E'en now vouchsafe. soul. Into our hearts Thyself to pour. Eye. mind. With brightness dost the morn array. break out and blaze. A treasure heap'd and running o'er. And Thou. . One Both with the Father and the Son. And to our souls true peace of heart. co-equal only Son. lO " RECTOR POTENS " (Sixth Hour) Ruler. where'er Take all our harmful heat away .

Copeland's version. Who measurest out each time and tide By changing Hghts from day to day Lord. nor fall. co-equal only Son. right hand reach out in love .MISCELLANEOUS POEMS " RERUM 459 DEUS " (Ninth Hour) O God. lo " PRIMO DIERUM OMNIUM " (For Sunday Morning) ^ This glorious mom. Rise. Grant O And Thou. Abiding in Thyself unmoved. it. . Who reignest through all ages with The Holy Ghost the Comforter. of that ancient ^ Seer we read. with duteous speed And As seek by night His kindly light. Time's eldest born. our souls to save. ' Isaiah xxvi. — Father of all Love. Amen. grant it clear at eventide That hfe may never fade. in fear. so He may hear. The Framer rose in victory From soul and eye let slumber fly . th' enduring might of things. cleans'd from all earth's stain recall His wanderers to their home above. W. 9. But everlasting brightness dawn At once ^true meed of holy death. one and all. And from the grave. Pray we And His lo 1 Altered from the Rev. And. Wherein was framed the world we see.

now new-cleansed and bright. first and best. Quench Thou the fire of foul desire. And Spirit blest. Light's Creator. or dark offence Corrupt this fallen. Father of Love. Therefore we flee. holiest hours employ Of His own day. The young world making glad and bright By gleaming of that earliest light ' Altered from the " Hymnal Noted." .460 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS So. Father of Light. E'en waiting here in prostrate fear Our glory-hymn may learn aright. mortal frame. Now with o'erflowing hearts we pray. Three in One. " LUCIS CREATOR OPTIME " (For Sunday Evening) • Thou. that we may hve. For ever reigning. And Thou. Lest wandering sense. to Thee O throughly purge our deep disgrace . whosoe'er in chant and prayer These stillest. In mercy give. co-equal only Son. good Lord. of both contest. this prayer approve. So we the same whom carnal shame 30 Made exiles. True treasures from the eternal place. Each harmful deed drive far away. serene and bright. By whom new days in light are drest. on them He may Rain blessings from His own rich joy. And kindUng lust make our fraU dust 20 Meet fuel for Hell's fiercer flame.

a tender sort. do Thou this boon accord. Prove outcasts from the gift of life While thinking but of earth and time They weave them still new chains of crime. Father. and named them Day Night gUdeth on in dim. who gleaming forth. unharm'd and whole. . dark air. and Thee. their haunting sin. He at rest is laid The Virgin-born that steel hath spared Which many a matron childless made. ! : 461 Regard Thy people's tearful prayer Lest sin-bound souls with Thee at strife. As rosebuds by the whirlwind's sway ! The first-fruits unto Christ are ye. Ah what avails so dire a doom ? What boots the stain on Herod's soul The One of many 'scapes the tomb. And win the wreath that fades no more ! Shun harms without.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Whose wisdom joined in meet array The morn and eve. ! ? 10 The Christ is gone. Just on the edge of your brief day. : . Of clear hearts within all their worst. Dost live and reign eternally. E'en by the shrine in childlike glee Ye with your palms and garlands sport. By Christ's keen foe were swept from earth. lo O may we knock at Heaven's dread door. Through Jesus Christ. ! 20 « SALVETE FLORES MARTYRUM " (Holy Innocents) Hail. His lambs new-slain. Martyr-flowers. our Lord Who with the Holy Ghost. Thy Son. Far from their streaming blood who shared His birth-hour.

and laver. When No gloom the Cross endureth. thousand mazes trying. The Cross abide to seal thee. Upon thy chaste bed falling. that on brow and bosom. O A 20 Depart. Ye dreams so base and dreary Begone. With likeness of the Christ endued. The unction thee renewing. gentle sleep is calling. Begone. ye wandering portents. vanish The Sign that well thou knowest Thee and thy crew shall banish. By that strong sign devoted The soul unwavering dwelleth. Of cheating never weary. See. in very slumber The truth of Christ divining. O crooked Serpent. Ordain'd His people home to bring. unclean Deceiver. 10 All crime the Cross repelleth. . — ^the Christ is present The Christ is present. foul. 20 " CULTOR DEI MEMENTO " Servant of God. to trouble The hearts on Heaven reljdng. And winding frauds. remember The drops thy brow bedewing From holy font. ! — What if awhile the body Sink wearily reclining ? Faith wakes.462 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS So did one child of yore elude The wild laws of the wicked king.

Father Supreme. The heavenly and the earthly kind In one sole City He doth bind. The A new See Christ the unconquered Lion rise The Dragon crush'd beneath Him lies. The dead awakening from the tomb." . His soldiers we. And to the Blessed Spirit Now. and for ay be given ! 463 30 " CHORUS NOVAE HIERUSALEM " choir of ' new Jerusalem sweet song must choose and frame. His great power. to Thee we owe Glory and honour. ' Altered from the " Hymnal Noted. Her Paschal feast (O glad employ !) So honouring with all sober joy. And He By triumphs now in glorious light. as meet and right. true King of Heaven. ! Insatiate Hell to light once more of yore. To Christ. lo Hath given the prey devour'd captives freed in due array Are following Jesus on the way. is He our King. Three in One.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Praise to the Eternal Father. 20 Through ages that no limit know. Our lowly chanted prayer must be That He may station each and all In His own glorious palace-hall. His living voice thrills through the gloom. with the Son And Holy Spirit.

Vouchsaflng. And here too.464 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS " VEXILLA REGIS " The banners of the King appear. Whose Whose Hail. but corrupt reading of tills verse. Whose stem He chose and fitly framed That holiest Form to touch unblamed ! 20 O blessed. so bright and fair. we By dint of that dire lance. His very Heart nail'd through and through. With palms outstretch'd our Victim view. There was an ancient. for Redemption's price. " Tell it out among the heathen." O stately Tree. wound on wound. Here to be slain in sacrifice. " The Lord hath reigndd from the Tree. on whose arms sustained The Ransom hung for all ordained His Body there in balance lay. " Among the nations all. Life for evermore. xcvi. how He To cleanse us caused His side to run With Blood and Water all in one. Who dost the King's own purple wear. that the Lord reigneth from the Tree. Whereby upon the Tree of shame In flesh He hangs who flesh did frame." . Altar ! awful Victim. 1 Ps." saith he. ! And spoil'd Hell-powers of all their prey. The mystery of the Cross shines clear. hail glorious pains did so prevail Life bore Death. and did restore By dying. Fulfill' d 1 see lo is now what David sings (True verse that through the wide world rings). 10.

A " virgin wreath eternally. We may Each in his chain of darkness But with the blest in glory win lie. one day. VOX CLARA ECCE PERSONAT " Give ear. That heard at last. Sole succour to a world outworn. now born. the Royal Word Earth's dreamy lights may chase away. When waning Time Enlighten is well-nigh past. Lord. who from the Father hast Thy goings forth of old. their Guide Eternal be 465 With 30 ! " VERBUM SUPERNUM PRODIENS " Deead Word. Three in One praise let every spirit own. Lo Christ from heaven is darting light ! — Now let each slumbering soul arise That yet impure and wounded lies Now a new Star its light doth give. love. . soul. speed your flight. for our several sin. Dark deeds with anguish to repay And with a crown the righteous not. lo The heart's dim records to unrol. Lord most highest. And where it beams no ill may live. Whom by the mystery of the Tree Thou sav'st.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Thee. the Voice rings keen and true The world's dim corners through and through Ye dreams and shadows. Consume them with Thy we pray. And when Thou com'st a Judge. now all bosoms.

high Victory's token. lo Not O as our sin Thy scourge may prove. shield us with Thy pitying love ! "PANGE. the dread affray O'er the Cross. GLORIOSI PROELIUM CERTAMINIS " i Sing. fitness. Mark'd e'en then a Tree to ransom All the first tree's woe and scathe. the Traitor's art to baffle And his wiles of changeful hue . From the Father's palace sent. A horror girding earth and skies. How the Sacrifice enduring Earth's Redeemer won the day. of glorious warfare. Our debt of His free love to pay. Neale's version. Sing the last. In a moment Such the work In its for our salvation order fix'd and due .466 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS The Lamb from heaven is on His way. O may we all with tears most meet. 20 Wherefore in His season's the sacred years were spent. Flesh most pure and innocent. . Thence to draw the balm and healing Whence the foe the poison drew. Art. my tongue. the world's Creator. And loving voice that mercy greet So when anew the Light doth rise. From the Virgin's womb proceeding. Came the Son. LINGUA. ! He with our first father mourning For his crime and broken faith. • When Altered from Dr. of that ill Who fruit partaking lo died the death. Sound the glad triumphant lay.

and lo ! Now the tender Form is pierced. and stars. and ocean Well that cleansing river know.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Hear His cries. None in fruit Thy peer may be. There the Sacrifice they bind. See the cradle-garments swathing God's own feeble feet and hands ! so Now. and spittle. whose praises All created things repeat. Sweetest wood. Reed and nails and lance. an Infant hidden Where the narrow manger stands See the Mother Maid His members Wrapping in rude lowly bands : 467 . . Equal to the Father. Now the Blood and Water flow ! 40 Earth. Sweetest weight is hung on Thee Trinity be glory Everlasting. for therefore came To His Agony resign'd. ! One and only noble Tree None in foliage. Gall and vinegar. Faithful Cross ! above all other. the thirty years accomplish'd (All the time to flesh assign'd). and sky. On the Cross our Lamb is lifted. Neale's version. none in blossom. This stanza is taken altogether from Dr. and sweetest iron. He. equal To the Son and Paraclete Trinal Unity. as is meet. * ^ ! To the so . With good will.

: for why ? 20 "ALLELUIA. But of Thy love and praise Nor understanding brood on aught But Thee. . crown'd above and is — free. No will but what we learn'd as Thine. home eternally. blest Mother. Salem. Voice of joy that may not die Alleluia. and Thou giv'st all The rest is vanity. : So thine own shall joy with thee But as yet by Babel's waters. DULCE CARMEN" Alleluia. Lord !) have we Whatever by Thy gift is ours. Fain would we love Thee. and lo In willing chains to follow Thee Our freedom we forgo. . ! for Thou Let memory nought to us recall. All : : : With love alone endow us so Shall we in turn love Thee. By our gift Thine shall be. 0. sweetest Anthem.468 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS « O DEUS. and Thy dread ways. EGO AMO TE " . voice delightsome E'en to blessM choirs on high Sung by holy ones abiding In God's Alleluia. (Thou knowest. . as Thou know'st and will'st we know Thou art a Lover true. Mourning exiles still are we. : lo was of Thee receive Thou all. Teach what with all to do Rule. 10 Alleluia thy watchword. Give this. Lord Didst love us first.

Holy Trinity Grant us all to keep Thine Easter In our home beyond the sky There to Thee our Alleluia Singing everlastingly. Amen. BlessM.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Alleluia 469 we deserve not for evermore . » Altered from the " Hymnal Noted. When the unspotted Mother bright By the Holy Ghost made fruitful. Or hereafter shall find room. 10 Of the Prophets' sure strong word. ! 20 " CORDE NATUS EX PARENTIS " » (Fob Chmstmas) of Born the Father's bosom. Ere the worlds to light had come. WTierefore in our hymns we pray Thee. As foreshown. His Star is gleaming Now let all things praise the Lord Ever." . Show'd His sacred face in sight Ever. and for evermore. Our salvation brought to light. Alleluia for our trespass must for a while give o'er Here to chant We For a Lenten time approaches Bidding us our sins deplore. the world's Redeemer. O that pure and blessdd dawning. and for evermore. Ever. and for evermore. He alone the source and sum Of all things that are or have been. Alpha surnamed and Omega. God This is He whom Heaven-taught minstrels Hymned of yore with one accord Pledged to man in faithful pages . 20 And the Babe.

might victorious. and for evermore. Mothers. thou race in freedom nurst. Hymn aloud in tones harmonious. Mightily all voices sing. be Praise unwearied. Boys in choral brotherhood. : ! lo Upstarts the Angel of the Western steep. 40 And to reign eternally Ever.470 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Let Heaven's height sing Psalms adoring. what time Braganza first Uprais'd the banner of her prostrate reign. QUAE SERA TAMEN RESPEXIT INERTEM. Ever. Christ. "LIBERTAS. and proudly burst From foul eclipse. And gilded Tajo's stream. One adoring multitude. Sun of Lusitane ? " O Sun Of glory O Heaven wills not so lo from long death-like sleep Waked by the storm of war. to And Honour. and perfect melody. and for evermore. Thee let aged men and youthful. Psalms let all the angels sing. simple maidens." 1808 of Lusitane. by murder's yell. virtue. Song. the Holy Spirit. purest mood. And cried. that erst On rising Lisboa pour'd so bright a blaze. And shaking oft the loathsome dews that fell . Powers and Virtues wheresoever Praise with Psalms our God and King None of all the tongues be silent. Arouse thee as of yore ! be free again ! Art thou for ever set. 30 Thee with God the Father. virgins. are those thy rays set for evermore. " To arms. Ever. Of devoutest. high thanksgiving. and for evermore.

And mothers quit the cradle-side to hear. Like miner's torch half-quench'd in some sepulchral And air. Longings of sacred vengeance. Where hovering amid hero-saints of old. He And at the fury of that blast I flash mark : Ten thousand swords Swords. Nor fear that blanches her unveiled cheek But she hath heard her weeping country's cries. 20 And infants lisp their fathers' battle-cry. The chaste. and drown'd the infant's shriek In fiendish laughter. He sounds the trump that bursts the slumbers of the bold. And from the cell of spotless Piety The spouse of Heaven. sad and pale. — . . and sterner longings swell. And her sick heart hath sunk as it would break For human kind so shrinks she. and cast a pale cold glare. whose blighting spell Hath numb'd so long his darken'd sense. for the fair. that shrank if man came near. Moves forth with downcast fear. the pious. or streaming hair.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 471 From Slavery's poison-tree. that inglorious Quick glancing in the light of Liberty. Dragged by the uplifted arm. Trembling sank down. look. and shudder'd and the Of holy lamps. upward to the sky rust no more shall cark. that lighted 40 fire saints to prayer. witness'd throbs erewhile of pure desire. Then left in shame and horror to expire. 30 Heard how the spoiler made Heaven's altars reek With innocent blood. dragged to insult dire. She hath heard the tale. ^behold — ! climbs once more his mountain citadel. : Till fouler wrongs are told. The altars saw. but not in maiden 'Tis not the blush of maiden shame that dyes.

'Tis done for not unmark'd by Albion pass'd That voice. Now starting at her well-remember'd 'hest. . Save when they caught the storm's wild murmurings Couldst thou be brave for gold ? and shall no stings ? so Of holy vengeance thrill thee ? shall no arm Be bared for blood. Half-deeming it once more thine own . whose dim and tearful gaze Dwells on the shade of blessings gone Whose fancy some lost form surveys. Thence towards the West and North they wave ! And their brand. and lifts her shield emblazed With deeds of high emprize. defenders of a world. And hark Castile as fast Echoes the shout. O ever praised. 60 Of heroes girt for war. till they have hurl'd Their triple bolt on guilt. now while each valley rings With thy oppressors' shout ? shall baneful charm Unnerve thee. ON HER SISTER'S DEATH ! THOU. whom Victory Hath lull'd to sleep upon their country's breast. So on they fare in faith. that gleam her giant arm is rais'd. Within yon circle. holy and blest. Her sail is ! ! 70 TO O . Of power to rouse from their entombed rest The mailed forms of chiefs. Where ocean's echoes lay in lifeless sleep. Lusitane ? shall shape of toil or harm ? Far mightier spells the priests of Freedom try. to their banner call the free of heart and hand. Yet ever wept Thy banner is unfurl'd. Thy waken'd Eagle on the sun hath gazed. lo they take their stand.472 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS ? For glory couldst thou dare the monstrous deep For empire couldst thou stretch thy eagle wings. : : spread.

control . soothing souls to To part. Sister from sister. TO A GIRL. glad heart to prove. or votive line. That Hp all quivering with despair The thrillings of the startled soul That wakes and finds no lov'd one 'Tis hard. 1810. When grief has dimmed our darkling way. her love Thy way of woe still guides and cheers And from her cup of bliss above One drop she mingles with thy tears. heart from heart Yet though no more she share. Who measures bliss by time ? . . . ! ! lO The fond. unchill'd by grief or age. wearying stage. Nov. 1810. : Such lonely gleams are dear But who can mark one happy day. part lo From guiding.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 473 O check that shuddering sob. in life's first there. and hours fly fast. If happy through the year ? Such sweet forgetfulness be thine So ever live and love No need of gift. WHO WAS COMPLAINING THAT SHE HAD FORGOTTEN HER SISTER'S BIRTHDAY Grieve not though Mary's birthday pass'd Without one joyous rhyme When days are bright.

where God hides Himself in brightness. thou shin'st without a stain. and lo ON VISITING THE RUINS OF FARLEIGH CASTLE. supplied From heaven's eternal fountain. lO And Cromwell sheath'd his untired sword To share the feast with Hungerford Though mournful. Yet mayst thou.474 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS LINES SUGGESTED BY THE REMEMBRANCE OF AN EARLY BUT LONG-LOST FRIEND O BLESsiiD gem. though faintly. 1810. When warriors laid them And bowed to dames the blood-dyed : crest. of saintly. o'er thy musing heart The gleam of faded glories dart. SOMERSETSHIRE Thou. To whom reflection's eye recalls The glories of her roofless halls Reminded by the fitful breeze By Of long-forgotten minstrelsies shrubs that crown the turret's height. . Sit'st musing on remember'd power. Of the red flag that stream'd so bright here to rest. And shed a dream Aug. ! Too pure for earthly casket long to hide Thou sparkiest now with the true light. grieve that pride should so decay. when my spirit springs amain Toward heaven. strike the eye of mind And draw thought upward. who in Farleigh's ivied bower. Too enshrined refined For mortal gaze. as with polar gleam. spotless kind. and hope. Nor Give not that rising sigh its way. holy glow o'er prayer.

30 . The tenant of the peaceful cot. untill'd the desert scene. No Houlton liv'd to bless his shed. ON LEAVING CORPUS CHRISTI COLLEGE. But want hung shivering on the gate. since first Of poetry and glory in thy shade. with upward wreath. dream'd Scene of my earliest harpings ? There. Attg. if oft (As through thy courts I took my nightly round. on " Pyramides jEgyptiaciE. ON HIS ELECTION TO A FELLOWSHIP OF ORIEL How soft. Who battles shared might feasts attend . how silent has the stream of time I Borne me unheeding on.C. had Prize for Latin Verses. Sir John T. Nor portal brown. unwelcome and forgot. 475 Nor glow'd The Unclad. 24. Where thy embattled line of shadow hid The moon's white glimmerings) on my charm'd ear Have swell'd of thy triumphant minstrelsy 1 Some few faint notes if one exulting chord . nor rustic seat Gave air and shade for noon's retreat Nor flower-entangled casement peep'd Through bowers in tears of morning steep'd No comfort smooth'd his lowly bed. at that time a Scholar of C. thatch. where played the waving shade. 1810. For him nor jasmine Nor woodbine clomb To meet the slanting From darksome elms bloom'd beneath. nor smiled with green.C.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS High blazed the hall in regal state. Of ' my touch'd heart has thrill'd in unison. in gold. 20 spoiler was his chieftain's friend While pined. 10 Coleridge." in the year 1810. won the .

and gaze again. fix'd in Some lo We ! 1811. A THOUGHT ON A FINE MORNING The God's mercy is in the pure beam of Spring gale of morning is His blessM breath. I cannot creep like weary wight. Like Angels. Transform'd as by Arabian spells. and of my friends I ne'er Home of Shall see thee but with such a gush of soul As flows from him who welcomes some dear face No my my ! Lost in his childhood. 1811.476 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Shall I not cling unto thee ? shall I cast adopted home. strained glance on Departing ? Seat of calm delight. farewell muse. Cheering created things. They My fair one's step is free and light. Might learn through smiles and tears to shine. Because I do not fold my arms. catch the likeness we adore. and like Caroline. that as they drink At these low founts of intermitting joy . And curse my fair one's fatal charms. My fair one's heart laughs in her eye. SONG say I am no faithful swain. Yet not lost to me Art thou for still my heart exults to own thee. And gaze and sigh. : And memory June still. Then ah who would not love most true ? Who would not be in love with you ? So might he learn the bliss of heart Which waits on those who bliss impart. 28. When memory's mirror dwells dear-lov'd form to fleet no more. I cannot weep. I cannot sigh. and friendship make thee mine.

And the rapt ear of Heaven-taught infancy. That trembled from beneath the evening star. And to thy varied descant the low wind Makes fitful answer. and with blissful thought What spell unknown from genial southern grove. 1812. which no sound may mar Of beast or meaner bird they silent all Are held by that sweet chain in willing thrall. for sure those thrilling tones had mind. Mellowing our rude air to receive thy note ? Art thou indeed a thing of soulless frame ? And heaves that bosom with no minstrel flame ? All hail. March 8. Thy song has language It : : 20 . sun-bright gleams. Towards joys that mock the measuring eye As yon abyss ethereal mocks our gaze. Instinct with music.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 477 Their souls may bless Him. no ! lo : to each heart of man sounds in unison but who are they Who best thy mystic melodies may scan ? The Poet musing at the close of day. lo Gladdening at intervals the good man's heart With earnest of infinitude ? The while He on his rugged path moves cheerily. From purer gales. He who with heavy heart and visage wan In thought of vanish'd bliss does sadly stray. O. In whose dear liglit thou sittest as enshrined While woods and waves do rustle from afar. TO THE NIGHTINGALE thou messenger of spring and love. what are ye but a pledge And precious foretaste of that cloudless day. of hope. and light of heaven. and ye unfolding depths Of azure space. and skies without a blot. and with quicken'd thirst Pant for the river of life. O. The lover when his true love is not by. Does round thy charmed beak and pinions move.

I will all Though stamp her image on my soul.478 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Full greedily the joyous infant drinks Those wildly quivering notes thou fling'st on high Shuddering in grief's dear joy. . Coleridge see pp. STANZAS ADDRESSED TO A "GLOOMY THINKER " Ah ! 1 cease my friend. [Sir John T. 483. June 1812. T. Nor. In happy hour So may I frame my soul to think on thee. 1812. shall my heart give way. 489]. C. SONNET Yes. 30 it iiow. though by — ^for fits : lo see." by me. Whom never but from far these worthless eyes may Tablet so vile. that mournful lay Arouse thee from thy gloomy dream The clouds that dimmed thy morning's ray Show but more bright thy noon-day gleam.—J. unworthy such high portraiture ever to endure. 475. Still o'er Ms inmost heart the Poet feels May 11. For not in weak and infant-like distress Behoves it the fair moonlight to survey Because we cannot grasp it rather bless The dear mild ray that on the throbbing heart Falls soft as seraph's glance of kindliest power. And doth its melting loveliness impart To all it looks upon. the mourner shrinks From what he loves. . thy sadder melody And in thy long low strain the lover thinks He hears the echo of his lonely sigh And be thy song of joyaunce or of woe. ! ! ^ I am entitled afraid these were written in answer to some stanzas " Gloomy Thoughts. across my spirit roll Dim clouds of anguish.

Or bathing in the pure deep blue of light. June 1812. whom no selfish joy could move In peace thy steadfast soul possessing. and there to die. . bliss lo How thy sun shall fall. Creep on way benighted half afraid or perchance To lift eyes to brightness If wayward fate so wills. Still on mine ear Like dying notes of angels' minstrelsy Her lips' last music dwells. Why should she think on me ? she holds her course lo A happy star in heaven. of this nether air.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Foremost in glory's sun-bright steep. In grossness I. And it is well. 1812. joyous then shall Memory's eye View sorrows borne at Virtue's call Then shalt thou know the bliss of blessing. spirit lingers My Which : my my : : Bom June 15. Yet not to me. and mists of earthly sense. O not to me was pour'd the parting glance. Foremost in duty's mild career. and good men's love. "NEC ME DISCEDERE FLEVIT round that blessM space. whose remember'd touch Might soothe the absent heart. Rich in good deeds. by gales of bliss LuU'd to repose on the soft-bosom'd clouds. Thou. a moment rais'd To float an unsubstantial meteor-light. Enrapturing anguish not to me the hand Held out in kindness. prisons her fair form. But proud affection's burning tear. No drop for thee thy friends shall weep. 479 And when. thy On clouds of giant course gone by.

and murky hues o'ercast The comfortable glow that wont to cheer This musing hour. but then face to face : now I know in part. when smilingly We shall recount these long anxieties. From thy lo June 23. lo ' This poem was first printed in Days and Seasons. and pulse that throbbed . Blithesome you roved. ! Visions of vastness and of beauty long. 12. 1812. When the storm waved his giant scourge. and rode Upon the rising billow. To him who inly groans in sad suspense Watching some pale lov'd face The summer eve Is dimm'd by showers.480 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS A WET DAY AT MIDSUMMER How mournfully the lingering rain-drops sound. xiii. — 1 Cor. the lightest in the rural throng. in blessing all most blest. . E'en such a mist has hung ! my sister. O'er thee. : While the low sun retiring glow'd from far Like pillar'd gold upon a marble plain Nor yet wild waked from that deceitful sleep. Where erst. have I sate Listening with fearful joy. when-so thou hast look'd sad couch o'er lawns and turfy glades. Too long have I neglected ye content Nor to have sooth'd my soul to rest among Your evening lullaby of breeze and wave. THE FIRST SIGHT OF THE SEA {Probably written in the Isle of Wight) i For now we see through a glass darkly. As one by one they rustle on the leaves. And as e'en now beneath yon dusky arch Bursts unexpected light. but then shall I know even as also I am known. And bliss be dearer for remember'd woe. so Faith's fond eye Looks on to days of health.

and more And Ocean's awful pageantry And dearer far. Aug. Shall pour at once upon the unbodied soul Floods of such blessedness. when all around Such loveliness salutes thee ? fragrant airs. Gay sunny slopes that wear their vernal hues. . Dear to remembrance yet but far more dear The present glories of this world of waves. and righteous diligence. In holy faith. nor spirit pent in flesh Imagine dimly. Why art WRITTEN AT SIDMOUTH thou sad. — Thou art not here far distant many a Thou lingerest. nor beneath a genial sky : : mile : 10 Hovering unseen around th' untimely couch Of her. That purged from earthly film and fear my soul May catch her first glimpse of Eternity. mortals deem Of things eternal but even now is the hour 20 When gales from heaven shall blow. and radiant eyes. formless visions late were mine. Bowers of unfading green. 481 Yet the strong passion slept within my soul Like an unwaken'd sense e'en as the blind Mingles in one dear dream all softest sounds. and the calm waves Still smile and brighten as I draw more near. Thou wert not wont with dim and tearful gaze then wherefore art thou sad ? To look on these . soft murmuring brooks. 30 1812. Mocking the breath of winter gorgeous cliffs. and calls it Light. . So through a glass seen darkly. Mists gradual roll away. . my soul. Rising in glory o'er the unknown expanse. All smoothest surfaces. — . Be my race so run. 5. thy best beloved and thou dost grieve Because thou art not of that happy choir That holds sweet evening converse at her side Because thou sharest not that pledge of peace. and the true : : : Sun. as mortal sense Might not endure.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS In unison with every bursting wave. soft smiles. Such lovely.

M. He was engaged in translating the Holy Scriptures at the time of his death into seven languages into which they had not then been translated. lull That ocean's voice might him to his grave. Jan." . Or mermaid issuing from her coral grove Ennoble nought beside the fretful wave : That round thy portal arch doth idly rave. died as Professor of the Native Disilects in the Bengal College. nor in lonely age for his hermitage. one especially. mourn. TO THE MEMORY OF JOHN LEYDEN. 20 1813. my A my Feb. A because father's nightly orison Hearts knit to thine as its own vital flakes Partake not of thy wonderings. Calcutta. an " Address to an Indian Gold Coin. When the bard sang farewell to Teviotside And gentle hearts. now. or of war or love.i O. TO A CAVE UNDER HIGH PEAK. And evenly the distant billows roar.482 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS . ' Dr. and thy joys. I love thee for his sake who brought me here. who assisted Sir Walter Scott in procuring materials and illustrations for the Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border. in the year 1811. Own'd sad misgivings for thy plaintive lay. John Leyden. it is to be feared. 1. and rills are murmuring near. 10 wildered walk. A small volume of his poems was published in 1821. and bore Companion of part in all those visions dim and dear tranced spirit loves to soar.D. 1813. which contained some very beautiful pieces. 'T is meet that thou should'st I stifle not thy sighs. entirely forgotten . MOURNFUL on our ears the wild harp died . Has waked thine echoes Has seaman sought thee . thou solitary Cave. SIDMOUTH I LOVE thee well. Though thee no legend. 21. In which AVhen gales sigh soft. while thou wert far away.

] . [See pp. Nor miss'd the nightingale from Teviot's grove. C. Thy glorious task hath bowed thee to the tomb. O. 475. 30 All the calm joys of hearts in virtue sure. Those angel-notes that on thy dying ear Fell soft. ! . And fairy forms thy childish ejTie would bless. all affections pure. Thou. 5. hadst learn' d to love and not in vain. T. With thy free soul in bliss for ever to endure. 489. All bright remembrances of deeds well done. yet most blessed was thy doom Most blessed was thy doom. The Border clarion. recaUing all thy soul held dear. If right I guess. To each fond note that down the valley sigh'd Some chord within thy fair one's heart replied Breathless she listen'd for the song of love. too. ask not for a lay of mine. ON BEING REQUESTED TO WRITE SOME VERSES IN A FRIEND'S COMMONPLACEBOOK 1 Nay. or the lute of love. 1 Written by himself in my book. 1813.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS ! 483 Ah. was pour'd thy soothing strain. far from thine Aurelia's tears. : All holy longings. too prophetic in the flush of years Sweet minstrel. Most blessed was thy doom to thy bold glance 20 Flew wide the gorgeous portals of Romance From living gems that deck her mystic cell Thine eye caught lustre. the rural Muse Dropp'd on thy cradled head her blandest dews.—J. Of Mercy's work for half mankind begun. Most mournful. and the sacred spell Of high chivalric song upon thy spirit fell. FO). 10 And melting hues of moonlight loveliness. sweeter than the music of the grove. Too fitful is my spirit's gleam With wavering and unsteady shine It mocks me like a lover's dream.

Devon) " O. thy sighs and tears Have rous'd thy child ^poor babe. HEARD ye not the night-wind's roar How in his rage he swept the cove ? 0. cannot gain. Too soon the lights of minstrelsy Quench'd in some gale of care expire. lo Heart fearless in its glorious aim. . is my tongue . I dare not seek The ennobling meed of sacred song. daughter. 1813. hie thee to the shore. With the true bard should all be born. All earth-born aims of lowlier kind. These. father. . and the self-possessing mind That views unmoved. ^if — 20 Nor upward to its native heaven . That shrinks not from the slanderer's blow. Shrinks not from aught save wise men's blame .484 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS And O. — . cease thine idle fears. But I. ROBIN LEE (A Ballad founded on a tradition still preserved at Salcombe Regis. For lofty look. e'er from dewy eye Or summer sun my soul catch fire. Far off in port he safely sleeps And now. though not in scorn. Ascends the altar-flame but wild By some March capricious passion driven Leaves all forlorn Hope's dreaming child. and open brow. behold. 15. my heart is all And all too faltering I too weak." " Cease. My heart is shuddering for my love. he weeps.

" O. O. sing thy lullaby. " He said. And the parting kiss was agony. Upon this darken'd heart be gleaming ? " was the mother's parting kiss. When he tore him away from his love-lorn bride Bitter the smile. poor baby. tempest tost. and to join the war. For my son's sake demands my care " ! She listen'd as his footsteps part. hush thee. daughter. She listen'd with a stifled sigh Then to her child with heavy heart She turn'd and sang her lullaby. " For I will hie me to the coast.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS " Sing. " O. But mingled with a bitter tear So softly sweet his dream of bli'ss. ' ' 30 For my sighs oft waken thee on my ! breast. So bitter sad her dream of fear. see. To ride o'er the waves. dwells on my heart how he smiled and sighed. " But O. it . Or some poor seaman. My love. Soft io . O think on me When thou singest thy darling's lullaby And all too well have I kept his 'hest. and boding the sigh. how my lovely one smiles in sleep ! mayst thou never wake to weep when will such joy as now thou'rt dreaming. 20 Thou need'st not weep. I like not thy moan. But when the babe is soothed to rest Lend thy light step and eagle eye 485 lo To aid me in my fearful quest. Haply some founder'd bark lies there. though thy father be gone The wild winds have borne thy father afar.

1813. My . Watching with haggard smile the storm ? That aged man is Robin Lee. Her husband's corse lay at her feet Soft was her infant's sleep the while. Seest thou 50 And that lorn boy. For ay that bosom ceas'd to beat Her sire all speechless wrung her hand. Her bursting bosom rose and fell. ere I leave thee. STANZAS ON LEAVING SIDMOUTH {Fragment) Ye My lingering hours speed on ! with infant haste heart springs homeward. Joy's surest pledge. All as she traced old But when she reach'd the lonely strand. I linger in thy bowers. whose eager eye so wild from wave to wave. Wanders 60 April 10. the dear domestic kiss. Which but in one dear spot it ne'er can taste. Responsive to the fitful sea. He dream'd his wonted dream of bliss. springs to meet the bliss. But when he turn'd with waking smile He met no more a mother's kiss. vale of Yet many flowers. yon grey and woe-worn form Slow wandering by the wintry sea. lowly harp would whisper one farewell Though glad to go. And half could wish thou wert my native dell.486 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Robin Lee Along that wild and winding dell. Sings a sad soothing lullaby Each evening o'er his parents' grave.

Oft as the conscious freedom swell'd my breast. 487 lo And but my spirit sear'd by sorrow's brand Can taste no more the bitter sweets of love.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS For oft from rustling copse. As the wild music of thy voice. For not the breath of mortal praise Thine artless beauty dares profane For thee wild Nature wakes her lays. 10 . And the wild wave made solemn undersong. and bids the stranger April 17. hail. Some notes as blithely wild to seek. That in thy bowers of ease and rural glee Cheers the forlorn. or fountain's flow. While my heart owns thy dear control And Heaven and Love have o'er thee flung The softest moonlight of the soul ? O. Thine echoes soft have thrill'd mine heart along. "NUNQUAM AUDITURAE" How can I leave thee all unsung. Some fairy queen of that enchanted land Had heard my harpings in the moonlight grove. I have long'd for thee to call Soft echo from the West Wind's hall. As on thy downs I drank the rushing gale. As the wild roses that rejoice In thine eyes' sunshine on thy glowing cheek. But I can feel and bless the kindly gale. far stretching in the dark blue West. Or mark'd. 20 Forbidden is that dearest thrill to me. . Lulling each wayward care and dream of woe. 1813. The buoyant glories of the sun-bright sail. And thy soul feels the blessed strain.

which concluded with mentioning their beautiful exhibition of female character. 1813.— To these with soft and solemn tone Thy spirit stirs in unison. may soul be blest everlasting. not unweeting of that Ocean source Whose heart still ? Who in * Written at the end of an essay on the Lake Poets. The brooklet's morning melody. And preluding the choir of heaven Soft Eden gales shall sweep the lyre. April 13. And when With thee blessM while I view. to th' All-gracious Mind shall seem Meet help for thee in heaven and Long as before life's gale I drive Shall holiest hope within me live.488 MISCELLAJSfBOUS POEMS The song that breaks the grove's repose. my 40 SONNET "CONCERNING THE TRUE POET" Whom blesseth most the gentle dew of heaven ? 1 is sweetest thrill'd by Nature's song musings moonlight bowers among Drinks purest light from the soft star of Even ? Is it not he who knows whence each is given ? Who. . 29 And star-like points of guiltless fbre From God's own altar-flame to gem thy brow be given. 20 And when in some fair golden hour Thy heart-strings shall give back the Of Love's wild harp. endless gaze on you. Owning the music of its native sky. the port of endless rest Receives me. It is my pride that I can deem earth. of that being's worth. no earthly bower Shall lend such hues as bloom to die sigh But earnest of the eternal spring Their amarant wreaths shall angels bring. Thee fair. Though Who faintly. The shower-drop rustUng on the rose.

When woman duly plays her angel-part ? . as Memnon's erst. my friend. walk'd Among the gardens of true Poesy. I have proved thee true and kind. not misdeeming of their worth. and rouse the sons Of his own Italy to arms and song Or chant his hermit hymn to Heaven and Love. Such shalt thou feel. WITH PETRARCA are the workings of a spirit pure. C. high and zealous . My Coleridge spirit zealous. And ! ! 10 Hath steep'd thy soul in gladness. and every wilder chord Soft. to set their thrones on high Among the sons of men. — Ra . one of those elect Whom the All-wise hath beckon'd from the crowd Of meaner souls. : 20 temper'd to her solemn undersong. Thou wilt love The laurell'd bard. whether his burning wire. all are driven. if Heaven for I have tried Loathe not my daily suit And known thee. Touch'd by the sun-beam of reviving Rome. Owning God most in His most beauteous work. T. And in the consciousness of Heaven rejoice. Sees upon each fair thing the stamp and seal Of Him who made it . : yet severe for Piety had framed The melody. a spirit devout. Because the worldly and the sensual slight Their precious fragrance. So Love seem'd what he is. and high Accept them. Ring out. Was — ! . And every nectar-dew that drops at eve. hears and owns His voice lo Linking all harmonies but most his heart The impulse of its master-key doth feel. all too fine for nerves But thou hast Gross and unpurged as theirs. 1813. Aug. And every balmy steam that morn exhales. pure. My Coleridge at the appointed hour.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 489 Whence springs each stream of glory. TO These J. where in course This lower world first compass'd. 8. Do thou. and such for thee be felt.

12. what hues in earth or skies Doth Beauty most delight to bless ? Comes she on Autumn's sounding wing. our home. Yet once again. Scale thou untired. Now in Regret all sadly smiling. or bliss to come. And be thy ! O. nightly dreams of bliss Be Memory still their comforter. yet sometimes making sign Wise And much That thou rememberest me. By : Oct. 1813. my tide of gratitude Must flow towards Heaven. the mountain's height glory as thy virtue yet. SONG Tell me. Or on the frolic breath of Spring ? Dwells she beneath that banner bright That o'er the car of Morning streams. for I am nought below. If right I guess.490 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS so for the simple. . ye maidens fair and wise. Be Thou their rest in heaven . 14. turns she pours her fairy glance. By bliss gone by. be Hope Their constant guide and wise and good men's love Their stay on earth. insatiable of good For thee and thine. it grieves me that in Life's dark maze So soon our paths shall sever. 1813. Sept. Or trembling in the wan moonlight When faint the rose of Evening gleams Kindles her eye with Hope's full blaze. Now fix'd in Faith's prophetic trance Still luring us to heaven. Thou All-merciful ! Be these ! my friends 40 ! Beneath Thy wing for ever Visit them With daily blessings. forms. Who What joy in Nature's loveliness. for the wavering firm . Fare thee well And as along the lowly vale I wind. Or melts in Memory's lingering gaze ? ? lo our hearts beguiling.

Curses his anguish once. the wasters of the smiling earth. Beneath thy grasp. Iberia. and copse. and torrent cast From Ronceval's immortal fight That told how many a prowest knight. Her peaUng voice dispers'd the night Of mist that long had hover'd o'er her mountain : reign. Of that triumphant clarion blast O'er rock. Hurl'd headlong from his seat of pride. from thy sleep of years Doth yet one 30 . They bow themselves. died ? Wake. Each tyrant draws one wildering gasp. That blithely danced in glory's light Mocking the sun of yesterday. Dash'd from their foul unholy grasp The silver. they sicken with despair. Echo. lingering war-note dwell In arched grot or bowery dell. and dies.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 491 ODE ON THE VICTORIES PYRENEES. Long o'er Biscaya's lonely wold That war-wolf's howl. Hath In justice walks he forth Before his red eye's glare They shrink. 1813 IN THE mountain-echoes roll Across the roughening main ? Is it the torrent's voice that shakes my soul Is it the wolf wild howling o'er the slain ? What ? stormy might flags away. 20 Then from Cantabria's cloudy height Freedom in thunder spake to Spain. at midnight hour in its That torrent Hath swept a thousand lo Now scared the watchers of the fold walks he forth at noon in vengeance to devour.winged Eagle lies.

O. stay. STAY THEE YET. 0. All sad and earth-worn though it be. bright image. Or with that look so meek and still That wayward care so well could guile Or languishing like lily pale. and oft my soul Holds tearful triumph in the dream.492 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS ! Pour. Then hides her in her dewy veil. Most angel-like I trust in Heaven That yet some impress faint of thee ! lo May to this wearied heart be given. 1813. That when Religion's soft control Lights me with pure and placid beam — . The holy work is done Britain hath wiped Iberia's tears And Ronceval beheld the Christians' victory it arise like ! Let July 30. Who wears so bright a gem within. &c. Whether all blithe in childhood's smile. That waits but till the sunlight cease. long and loud. How should his heart from God remove How can he change for toys of sin The earnest of a seraph's love ? ? 20 For well I guess. Let Memory paint thee as she will. STAY thee yet. And bows her head. and sleeps in peace. that solemn melody chanted orison Toward heaven-gate. Nor e'en with parting hfe depart. Fleet not so fast from this sad heart Cheer yet awhile my weary way.

Thou turn'st not then thine eyes below. that rent From that huge cloud. Tasting new joy in Joy's abode. But in my dark and evil hour so When wan despair mine eyeHds seals. the autumnal bed Where the great Sun now hides his weary head. With here and there a purple isle. And all the man corruption feels. such the glories lent my . their solid continent. kindled in musing sprite. — ^thy sister saint. resign'd to God. Lest earthly pangs of fear or woe Upon an angel's brow be seen. Thou look'st on me with eyes of hght.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 493 When I do good and think aright. By one alone. Fancy whispers. Or clouds of glory beam between. Thine eye of joy is on her still. When worldly passions round me lower. When Seem A And fire is floating in a sea of golden light. 16. sister June The day of his Sarah's death. to For well thou know'st her every tear Becomes a deathless gem in heaven To every pang well suffer'd here A suffering Saviour's love is given. 1814. Thou watchest e'en in grief and ill Though on her couch of woe she faint. SONNET I behold yon arch magnificent Spanning the gorgeous West. At peace with man.

To show what might is in a Martyr's prayer. Oct. 1816. Read. AT HOOKER'S TOMRi The grey-eyed A silent shower. and won their way . who wisely them surveys. with a piece of dried wall-rue in it. Scarce could you trace ' it on the twinkling The original MS. weight the tenderest rill. 20. but more by love unfeign'd. Morn was sadden'd with a shower. LINES SENT WITH THE LIVES OF RIDLEY AND CRANMER with proud and happy heart I call birth. the undying Sun and Source Of good and fair. and melting while we gaze. And by that awful warfare most of all. To which by holiest vows we are constrain'd. Will use them well to cheer his heavenward course. These would not spare their lives for fear or ruth Therefore their God was with them. no doubt gathered on the spot. whom first by ! . behold thy calling Who arm'd themselves with Prayer. Sunday. folded. and rejoice yet humbly for our strife Thou. 5. its Scarce droop'd beneath flower. Brother. lo Yet since those shadowy lights sure witness bear Of One not seen. God's Word their lamp. is on a half-sheet of foolscap paper. and the glare lO Of their death-fires still lights the land to Truth. These are they. that trickled down so still. . and boldly tried Wisdom's untrodden steeps. 1817. Is perilous like theirs —for Death or : Life. Mine.494 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS : To this our mortal life most glowing fair But built on clouds. Jan. His Spirit was their guide.

" Who sow good seed with tears shall reap in joy. Riot in wildest bliss of song The moonlight streams so sweetly guide. * ' road.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 495 Or moss-stone bathed in dew. He lingers not for landscape gay. to remain For ever. But who rides on is sure of light To guide him to his promis'd rest. Speeds. March 1818. Composed during a hard trot on the Witney Monday morning. his woodland path beside. Most for thanksgiving meet. God hath sworn to lift on high Who sinks himself by true humility. to court His spirit from its high career. i." So thought I as I watch'd the gracious rain. that Heaven such power To thy serene and humble spirit gave. lo And deem'd it like that silent sad employ Whence sprung thy glory's harvest. The traveller.^ when time short. Let him not swerve for storms and night The erring soul have oft opprest . lo And bowers of bliss are nigh. is — Col. But oh the way is rough and drear ! . The birds The Christian knows his time is short. Aug. careless of the rugged way He lingers not for village sport. FORWARD Tlie hope 1 which is laid up for you in his heaven. He dares not look. First printed in Days and Seasons. 1817. on a . 5. or linger long. It was an hour Most meet for prayer beside thy lowly grave.

and children made our vocal quire. Of soft rains rustling on the dewy eaves Or of that mimic shower when west winds play At random in the trembUng poplar-leaves. lo And many a flower adorn'd the low-roof d hall. Sobering with thoughts of heaven our earthly joy. Presumptuous fancy built my pastoral home. : Still must I hold alone my weary course. fair. Best help two faithful hearts to love and pray. . lambs. in the windings of a bowery dale (A spot where angels might delight to roam). Haunt of each sun-bright hue. With here and . Save that companion of our twilight hours. each fragrant gale. there a village roundelay Such tones as careless flung from Nature's lyre. a long farewell No room for me in Hymen's holy bowers I have no part in Love's delightful spell. so From labour done. or . The sound of rivulets was not far away. whose gentle force From selfish grief my wayward heart might Deep wean. bright visions of my lonely hours. And round the half-hidden casement cluster'd And hard beside the ivy-mantled wall. In holiest beauty rose the House of Prayer. rest. The church-bell's voice went round our quiet bowers. a rustic train. 20 Birds. No louder sound might our sweet rest annoy. Gay dreams of buoyant hope. Nor seem'd the holy invitation vain Duly at mom and eve (so spake my dream) .496 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS EARLY VISIONS Farewell. Pursued the churchway path beside the stream. No tender arm upon mine arm to lean No kind and loving eye.

as sure her faith. Each gently pressing. As calm her brow. " I shall he safe. Yon dark arch'd galleries. As if an angel o'er her stood. Already now her ear began The depths of solemn sound to trace The thrilUng joys that round her ran When music fill'd this holy place. Or sure it must be sweet to die So calm. That e'en lo My Ellen holds me night and day. 1848. she knew (If right I guess) of Life. roof. Printed. But more than infants use. and Death. in Church Poetry. With such entire and perfect trust. I know I must.." grace. 20 .MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 497 ON A MONUMENT IN LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL This cannot be the sleep of death. To slumber in each other's arms This shrinking to her sister's breast. On such a quiet couch to lie. Of Death. For shelter from all earth's alarms. but without the four last stanzas. and Resurrection too. gently prest. . this holy roof beneath. The glory and the mystery Of long-drawn aisle and fretted * Already caught her wondering eye. Half upward turns her fair. meek face. The other with maturer In dawn of thoughtful womanhood. in sleep she seems to say. high aloof.

In little children's wisdom wise. their simple faith crown'd in peace behold they lie. This cannot be the sleep of death. Make grief less bitter." £0 home is won. 3i As if in every niche below And Saints in their glory-robes were gleaming. Strong in the strength of infancy. when morning's glow Through yonder gorgeous panes was streaming. to love. this twilight hour. and cloud. Or sure it must be sweet to die. What visions high. Like fairy nurse with hermit child : Teach her to think. to pray.498 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS she would gaze. What flashes of unearthly day. when the glorious theme Seem'd but to mock their feeble sight As they look'd up from earth's dark dream To worlds where all is piu-e and bright. each kindly wile that elder sisters know. " Come home to Me Yours is the kingdom of the skies. what solemn talk. To Was known thee. and flower ! But one day. They heard a Voice. To check the unseasonable With warning hand. joy less wild From dream «• These were thy tasks and who can say. dear maid. : Might bless them in their evening walk ? Oft as with arms and hearts entwined They mused aloud. What awful truths high God hath shrined In every star. Their Is : 60 . and smile serious brow. to dream with her to rove.

but more by sin. 499 innocent hearts Back. 1819. let it And The blissful rest By vigils of calm each murmuring thought. nor till setting life their enjoyments be to thee reveal'd. fond man. and bards of strains divine lo O'er the arch'd portal day by day was hung Nor yet that sacred oak. Thus vainly strains itself to spy The purer world that Hv'd within their eye. Jvly 22. By high-soul'd chiefs.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS But thou. As soft a veil thine eyes shall shade. 70 And He. . Make His arms thine home. whose earth-bound By sorrow dimm'd. thou here dost see. Yet guards it. Not the rich verdure of thine oaken bowers. Not thy fair winding stream that wanton roves By tufted lawns. whose Blood the purchase made. here a holier shade Haunts thee. We come to pray where Hammond : prayed. Have lured us. ! ! The Only this secret take with thee. That in their grey old age yet seem to shine As bright with glory as in those high hours When some new trophy of the illustrious line. soldier Can to thy daily strife virgin whiteness of thy shield Is sullied . Penshurst. AT PENSHURST Not the dark shade of thy majestic groves. To soothe thy wearied soul as glorious visions come. the undying shrine Of Sidney's name by all the Muses sung. deep agony was bought. and sloping banks of flowers Not e'en those awful and time-honour'd towers.

These yew-trees' massive shade. Still humbleness with her low-breathed voice From steal o'er man's proud heart. Kind spirits. . Come take your side. who one day Shall for their alter'd doom thank you. with mightier witchery Than eloquence or wisdom e'er could own. taught by you to abase themselves and live. First printed in the Casket. love to ply in peace your daily task. quiet souls. 1819. Bloom on then in your shade. To gentlest touches sweetest tones reply. Nor of your gracious God find aught to ask. But what may help you in Eternity. yet seen Because in all A God who lo From some few cottage-windows (As if just so much of the world As might wake Charity.500 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS HAMMOND'S GRAVE Meek. 9. pastoral. Their sea-like dirge soft whispering day and night. and accepts your love : Would ye find out a fitting tomb ? These firs. nor deem yourselves to all unknown. Hither your weary wandering steps invite. contented bloom. 1820. by whose gales and dews ye thrive. lo Sweet flowers. the sun . ^ April. sooth d and cheer'd by all you meet. whoe'er ye be. Heaven knows you. and o'er the green it shared. that hardly stirs On the grey tomb-stones : aU the still churchyard. so violets blue. Can They know. these. 1829. Soothing and cheering all yourselves no less. Sept. Who ye see ye own and bless loves you. Not mingling with the haunts of men. fragrant birth. The happiest of Spring's happy. So the soft star-like primrose drench'd in dew. by holy Hammond's SPRING FLOWERS The loveliest flowers And they first feel 1 the closest cling to earth. and win his choice earth to heaven. rest with silence Pride).

So may the various view best answer make To thoughts that in their bosoms are awake. All sounds that loudest tell of Nature's life. Blend with a few low notes in measure glad but grave. and dale. And in its showery skirts the horizon blue enshroud. 25. Stands like a Christian in the dark cold world. Bespeaking mirth. in the glory Heaven has lent. Join the soft swell of Trent's majestic wave. Who now on this sequester'd terrace roam.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 501 ON THE NORTH ROAD Yon tower that gleams against the blackening Borrowing such haughty radiance of the sun. happy home. their sacred. cloud lo Mantling around him pour its liquid glow O'er wood. NEAR FLEDBOROUGH Written on the occasion of Mrs. thou cheerful summer breeze. and wavy trees. light reeds. Blow And be the time when the last summer sun From his meridian throne has just begun To slope his westering course let one soft . Vain moralizer ! Know'st thou not thyself ? The The lo Aug. The loathsomeness of ill. and tower and spire below. ten days after her marriage fresh and fair. On his way traveller pauses with insatiate gaze. Confronting. With eyes now wandering round the prospect wide. NEWTON CLIFF. fouler for its fairness. Let rustling corn. and mimic strife. . and joy. To admire its faint reflection in man's work. Now On fondly fix'd where all their hearts abide. Arnold's Birthday. 1820. one dear shelter'd spot. And turns his back upon Heaven's fountain fire. and making sin east.

Happy. And she who now is hidden from their eyes Seems closer to their hearts. As bearing earnest of eternal rest at Love's call. Brooding like fondest dove upon her darling nest. O'er every little leaf by day and night is breathing. And lost in winding round his verdurous wall. 30 Look how yon stream. blest tenants of the sweetest isle its soothing smile Tired wanderers o'er the world's tempestuous lov'd footstep Mourn not though henceforth one less. as from its central shrine. then. Is lovelier. And feel Heaven's peace the deeper in their heart. their happiness not here ! of time and change are dear.502 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS if all amiss. Where round the church. 1820. your own fair garden fairer shows For the grey tombs that in its grass repose. And solemn arches with your flowers inwreathing. contented part. 21. Than even in its gayest hours of mirth. enjoying and enjoy'd. sweet hopes. So. And those eyes I read not The day That ever welcom'd with void. tend your quiet bowers. sometimes plunging in his dell. love divine. sweet recollections rise. io The charm of love domestic. O. . who know To whom sad thoughts Who Aug. Sweet dreams. their best -beloved on earth. or Death's. of you belov'd so well. too. if to broad bright sunshine all the way held his mirror : so this happy day Shines happier through such tears as now from you Than He may fall. 20 seenas richer in its tearful bliss. Your consecrated And turf may duly press.

grieve our sweetest solace here to know. Fidgeting in twenty postures. but in this dull. . and nails were bit. I'd blush like scarlet). ungrateful varlet. Ehza. 30. plying heads and elbows. Margaret. by faith and not by sight. lo • This and the follovring poem were addressed to the daughters of the Rev.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 503 BY AN OLD BACHELOR VERY DISCONSOLATE AT PARTING WITH HIS FOUR WIVES i Is it not sad dear friends should part Ere each has to the other shown More than one Httle corner of a heart ? Were it not better to abide unknown ? Nay. Mr. Hear a Silent maidens of the mill. Then let us thankfully forgo lo Nor fancy loves to paint so bright. Anne. Like our last hope. culprit's sad confession. Puzzling all your cyphering wit. Polls were scratch'd. 'Twould surely steal our spirits frail from heaven. 1822. and the heart's mirth. meantime. Whom You were your frowns would almost kill. Mr. Quite forgetting all my vows (If I could. I. Keble's godfather. Was gone up to Craycombe House. curate to the Rev. Pruen. TO THE SAIVIE Mary. darkling earth If more than transient gleams were given Of full confiding love. Stafford Smith. What Aug.

I should spoil Oxford lose her fairest sprig. There came a strong wind. and wish'd to revive 10 Anne. moss. Uncle John walking round saw the rook on the ground. not at all to his mind. may come too late. And I'd haunt. Robert. And smooth'd it. and Hill. where the birds were at rest. when I Your am drown'd in Avon. With a shrill piping sound this wind whistled round. Like a wither'd branch of elder (So says Mrs. and he lodged in a nook Of grandpapa's tallest elm-tree . I do assure you. weather Beneath each old racketing . rock went the nest. All out of the north-west countree.504 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Now so sad the I am wasted. and feather are strewed by the tree. The boughs they all danced high and low Rock. And if You in your fun round the orchard really would wonder to see. they all tried their skill In vain . bark and pith. Haunt you in a doctor's wig ! my THE ROOK There was a young rook. you run. Stafford Smith). How sticks. Till over and over they go. 20 Sunday waistcoat. Spare me in consideration Of my weak regret and nervous state : Think. pangs of conscience. the poor rook would not live.

The wind that blows nobody good have read it in books yet sure the young rooks Would deny it to-day if they could. and the storm has done good. . When through bright clouds disporting he sinks into Glow the rest. how rich. as in proverbs we find. . Martha Hunt. in the light-curtain'd west tints that the sun's setting majesty veil. but they cannot well try. I own. when the nests are o'erthrown. snug she will sit by the fireplace and knit. And silence and dimness o'ershadow the view. . A THOUGHT UPON TAKING LEAVE OF SOME FRIENDS How varied." they will say. what we read in the books Is true. But Daniel and Martha get wood. As twilight draws o'er it her mantle of dew The sky gleam no more with the gilding of day. so While Daniel her fortune will praise. " Master Wind. But the soft summer landscape shall soon fade away. And sheds his last radiance o'er mountain and dale. for a fancy I've got. Their cawing not yet have they learn'd . The wind roars away. How the wind to some use may be turn'd. " We thank you for this pretty blaze. 20 They sure would deny. blustering day ? all all the brunt ! How How gladly she picks the littering sticks Her kettle will soon boil away. It seems hard." — Then spite of the rooks.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS "lis I 505 a very bad wind. And 'tis just as well not . how she bears damp. Do you see Of the chilly.



Yet lingering awhile, the last remnant of light Through the dark blue expanse shoots a silvery ray,


glimmering mildly recalls to the sight The charms that late shone in the landscape of day.

So fleet the blithe visions of friendship and joy, So fancy the dream of delight can restore. And in fond recollection again we descry Faint-imaged those pleasures that now are no more.






deign'st to sympathize our frail and fleshly ties. Maker, yet Brother dear, Forgive the too presumptuous thought, If, calming wayward grief, I sought To gaze on Thee too near.


Thou who


Yet sure 'twas not presumption. Lord, 'Twas Thine own comfortable word That made the lesson known Of all the dearest bonds we prove, Thou countest sons' and mothers' love Most sacred, most Thine own.



wandering here a



Thou took'st on Thee to rescue man, Thou hadst no earthly sire That wedded love we prize so dear. As if our heaven and home were here.


Thee no


On no


sister's faithful


Would'st Thou Thine aching forehead On no kind brother lean But who, O perfect filial heart, E'^r did like Thee a true son's part, Endearing, firm, serene ?
' [For first draft of the Christian Year, see p. 160 mother's death, 1823.]

poem on

the Annunciation in the written on the occasion of his

Thou wept'st, meek maiden, mother mild. Thou wept'st upon thy sinless Child, Thy very heart was riven And yet, what mourning matron here Would deem thy sorrows bought too dear





this side





Son that never did amiss, That never shamed His Mother's



E'en For her His agonized brow. Her, His sole earthly care.

cross'd her fondest prayer : from the tree He deign'd to bow

when those we love are gone, sad thoughts, 'tis only one Brings bitterness indeed The thought what poor, cold, heartless aid We lent to cheer them while they stayed This makes the conscience bleed.



love, and by Thy power, the sorrows of that hour. Let me not weep too late. Help me in anguish meet and true My thankless words and ways to rue,

by Thy

And by


justly desolate.

Thine own Mother's first caress. with smiles so sweet didst 'Twas heaven on earth to see Help me, though late, to love aright Her who has glided from my sight. To rest (dear Saint) with Thee.

Whom Thou



Thou knowest if her gentle glance Look on us, as of old, to enhance Our evening calm so sweet But, Son of Mary, Thou art there. O, make us ('tis a mourner's prayer)
For such dear







Sun, Moon, and Stars, one day contending sought Which should be dearest to a poet's thought. The noonday Sun too bright and gay was found,
In trance of restless joy

whirls us round.

The Moon, too melting soft, unmans the heart, Or peeps too slily where its curtains part. Or sweeps too wild across the stormy heaven, Behind the rushing clouds at random driven. Take Sun and Moon who list I dearer prize The pure keen starlight with its thousand eyes,


Like heavenly sentinels around us thrown. Lest we forget that we are not alone Watching us by their own unearthly light To show how high above our deeds are still in


On a

starlighi night,

April 15, 1825.

gentle Moon, so lone and sweet. Gliding around thy sea of blue. How dost thou change, to greet Each heart with answer true ?

When memory

heaves too sad a sigh

For friends and hopes that once were near Thou whisperest, " Look on high, Perhaps they own thee here."

When from some pastoral home we gaze On thee in thoughtful bliss at even,
Thy shower
Is like


of placid rays

a smile from heaven.

Sept. 23, 1825.



Sweet bed
of death how oft to thee In joy and woe my heart shall turn How dearer than delight to me



spirit-soothing love to learn.

In thought to watch that angel-face, When now the storm had pass'd away. And all mine anxious eye could trace Was only sweetness in decay.
O, truest, kindest, gentlest maid Earth has no words so soft and pure That they our dreams of thee should aid. But Heaven will help them to endure.




is no cloud that floats on high, violet in the dewy vale. breathes of thee, and brings thee nigh


dear memorials cannot


Sept. 20, 1826.

Cove beyond
I trace the

cove, in faint


fainter line

winding shore, and dream I hear The distant billows where they break and shine On the dark isles. Around us, far and near. The bright gay breeze is sweeping cheerily, Chequering the green moor, hke the summer field Of ocean, with the shadows of the sky. In all their graceful majesty reveal'd,

Now purple-shaded, now in playful light. To south and north the glorious hills are





Where hovering fancy may
at will alight pastoral dingle, or deep rocky screen. Such airs, light sallies of thy cheerful heart, living joy, dear friend, to all impart.





S, 1827.

Farewell, thou soft Moon, and ye shadowy gleams. That haunt the traveller all the summer night Where under the green boughs the glittering streams
the dewy light. the east, thou beam of day But by all cheering tones that on thee call From matin breeze or wakening bird, I pray. Draw gently o'er us thy bright mantling pall And let the unsated eye have time to trace lo Along the woody fence of this fair dale, How, one by one, thy glowing lights give chase To the cold mists, and o'er the gloom prevail. Hope is at hand, and whispers, Wait awhile The darkest shades at dawn may wear the gayest

Dance, blithe as

fairies, in

And welcome from



7, 1827.


know not Which of you Yon purple

mountains, happy valley, glorious sky well, nor boots it to enquire.


all I dearest prize, and why peaks, that sea of living fire. Or the green vale, and feudal towers below Where all sweet flowers of peace and home



^ The " dear friend " was Noel Thomas Ellison, the Rector of Huntspill : -whoever knew him would feel as most touching and most characteristic the " light sallies " and the " living joy " they imparted.—J. T. C. [See pp. 475, 489.]



Well are ye match'd, and sweetly do ye blend Your grave glad music in the thoughtful heart. But if I needs must choose, mine eye would send



beyond the source of Dart, and keep those gorgeous hues above. For they are seen far off by those I love.
wistful glance

Aug. 24, 1827.

road-side airs are sweet that breathe of home, their hedge-row nooks the merry flowers Greet our return, much wondering they should roam AVho might have stayed within these pleasant bowers. For wonders seen by ocean or by land. For treasures won in some far orient clime. No ear have they, but leaves by breezes fann'd Awake them soon, and showers at morning prime. A happy choir ; but happier, sweeter still The sounds of welcome from the well-known lo hearth, Where gay, home-loving hearts entwine at will The living garland of content and mirth. Green be the far-off bowers, the skies benign These only say, " Rest here, for we are thine."


When from

Sept. 1, 1827.

of the rude world's angry din. Thine ear still echoing with the sounds Of toil and strife, of gain and sin. Welcome within our peaceful bounds

Come down by

moonlight, see the breath

Of slumbering autumn how serene 'Tis gathering round lone copse and heath. And o'er the deep rill's alder screen.


So silent all, you well might deem 'Twas midnight on the verge of morn, But for the smoke's dim silvery wreath From yon low-nestling cot upborne.

Such dewy breathings of delight, Who dearly love, and deeply scan.


trace in every summer night, Heaven teaching earth to comfort man.
Oct. 2, 1835.

What manner

the sea

of man is this, that even the winds and Him ?-—St. Matt. vui. 27. Nay, but these are breezes bright.

Currents pure from deeps of light Bracing to all hearts are they. He whom winds and seas obey To the children of His love Tempers them that they may prove Free, not lawless, chastely bold. Self-controlling, Heaven-controlled. Fear not if strong o'er thee such gales should blow.

Even when autumnal life might sigh for calm But test them ere thine heart o'erflow, By pureness, and by love's soft balm.



From the rushing of that breeze Far away the ill spirit flees. What were else a storm and strife,
Blotting the last gleam of life, Now shall waft thee steadily Upward through the lucid sky Like the deep air gathering 20 Underneath an eagle's wing. Then fearless let the sacred whirlwind bear Thee, wearied else, where Christlike souls ascend But mark : ^no gales may waft thee there, But thence were breathed, and homeward tend.

Oct. 1, 1835.





shall the righteous win their way In a dark world of snares, where they With jealous care their eyes must hide. Lest with the glance the heart be lured aside ? How may she know, to mend, her brethren's sin. Whom grace baptismal guards from sympathy within ?


Faith, as she lies on Jesus' breast. Will humbly, gently, ask how best She unentangled may discern The wild wood path, and point the safe return, lo Heaven will instruct her, with averted gaze stoop and reach her arm, and grovelling sinners

There have been mighty winds on
The hail-clouds fell and keen Have marred the mild autumnal


Just gaily aping Spring's soft eye. And rent earth's robe of all but vernal green.

But now again the West will breathe, The storms afar will fleet. And clouds above, and woods beneath. Weave, ere they fade, one joyous wreath,
For a kind soothing autumn-farewell meet.
Oct. 31, 1835.


best. is blest.

In Harmony, they say, the part Which rules the strain, and wins the
Is that

which children compass


learns the lesson, he



may brightly burn. brighter if you blend their flame This lesson may our Churches learn,


lamps apart




who worship

in the



E. K., JuN.


Born with no music

dear for a song, in mine ear.


And harden'd now, and duU'd, I fear. By many a care, and many a year.
of music sweet here the day to greet Summer and Spring are both in tune To honour this fourteenth of June. April and May, and June together, Have treasur'd up their choicest weather, Cloud, verdure, sunlight, shower and breeze. And twinkling skies, and waving trees.

But never mind




have kept back their


This happy


to grace the more.

And hark what notes from And whift what gales from

every bower. every flower, Sure if you're not content with these. My little Bess, you're hard to please. But if to match this out-door song For something nearer home you long, I think I know two fairies small. And one light elf will come at call. And whosoe'er shall see them stand With you, my maiden, hand in hand. Shall own 'tis music even to see Eight round blue eyes so full of glee. No need one word to sing or say Your smiles will be a song as gay As ever crown'd a wedding-day.
14, 1838.




Soft ridge

know not

of cloud or mountain which well ; so delicately fine

thou art

Swells to mine eye the undulating line.

Where gazing to and fro, as loth to part. Unwearied Fancy pUes her busy part, To trace what lurks in those deep folds of thine, Streak'd by the varying heavens with hues divine. With me 'tis fancy all but many a heart

Perchance e'en now perusing thee afar The meaning reads of every spot and wave That seems to stain thee, or thine outline mar. Here is their home, and here their father's grave. Such is our holy Mount all dream it fair. Those only know, whom Faith hath nurtured there.


sate one lonely on a green hill side Watching an April cloud his place of rest An upland meadow with its mossy slope


beneath a winding copse.

Where willow-blossoms glanced in sun and Not noticeable was the spot, unless

For the rich world, perchance, of vernal flowers, That seem'd as each had there a claim by right For cradle, home, death-bed, and grave, all one. Violets, by hundreds seen, a token were Of thousands out of sight anemonies


In their

own sweet

fresh venturing out, or e'er

The south-wind blow. Around them, most Round timid maidens in their hour of play, The celandine so bold and open-eyed,


' I cannot refuse myself the pleasure of inserting this sweet picture, incomplete as it is. The spot referred to was a very favourite one of the Author. It is the upper part of a field on Ladwell Hill, in the parish of Hursley, just under the " winding " line of the " copse," in the direction of Fieldhouse Farm.


Singly, or in wild clusters, far and near. Nor wants there the soft primrose, wheresoe'er Advancing hours will draw a veil of shade,

In her glad quiet nook musing at home. Sure 't was a joyous company : the more For the bright Easter bells, that hardly yet Had ceased to stir the noontide air. But he Who in the midst reclined, seemed dreaming on


Of something far away. Was it his flock ? For souls were in his charge, and he had vowed His cares, his visions, one sole way to turn

April's gone, the king of showers May is come, the queen of flowers Give me something, gentles dear. For a blessing on the year. For my garland give, I pray.

Words and

smiles, of cheerful



Birds of Spring to you we come. Let us pick a little crumb.



Written for the " Lyra Innocentium "

the bright-eyed stately child. locks so soft and wild. How in a moment round the room His keen eye glanced, then into gloom Retired, as they who suffer wrong When most assured they look and long ? Heard ye the quick appeal, half in dim fear, In anger half, My Mother is not here "

Saw ye

With sunny



Perchance some burthen'd heart was nigh.
that yearning cry In deeper chords than may be known To the dull outward ear alone. What if our English air be stirred


To echo back


With sighs from saintly bosoms heard, Or penitents, to leaning angels dear, " Our own, our only Mother is not here."
The murmurings of that boyish heart They hush with many a fostering art.
o'er the islands of the


The weary sun will sink to rest The rose-tints fade, that gradual now
Are climbing Ben-y-veer's green brow, Soon o'er the loch the twilight stars will peer, Then shalt thou feel thy soul's desire is here.

Lightly they soothe the fair, fond boy. Nor is there not a hope and joy For spirits that half-orphan'd roam Forlorn in their far island home. Oft, as in penance lowly bowed, 30 Prayer like a gentle evening cloud Enfolds them, through the mist they seem to trace By shadowy gleams a royal Mother's face.

The holy Church is at their side, Not in her robes a glorious Bride As sister named of Mercy mild At midnight by a fever'd child Might watch, and to the dim eye seem



white-stoled angel in a dream. the presence of the Spouse appear tender, trembling hearts, so faint, so dear.




The babe

for that sweet vision's sake Courts longer trance, afraid to wake ;
for love would fain lie still, in dim faith, if so He will.

And we

near Yet seek we. that Flesh unmake. Thenceforth. fear thee. And sin and hate more fiercely striven To mar the league 'twixt earth and heaven. with all saints. Made fast in Mary's awful bower. and Jesus to thy bosom came. But the dread tie. Apart from what How may we so . nor dare espy Thy crownM form with open eye." And if thou art not here adored. He calls thee Mother evermore . choose but name thy name Echoing below their high acclaim In holy Creeds ? Since earthly song and prayer Must keep faint time to the dread anthem there. Fain in thy shadow would we rest. and call thee blest ! We so With thee would " magnify the Lord. Yearly since then with bitterer cry Man hath assail'd the Throne on high. None may that work undo. And kneel with thee. What glory thou above hast won. the love and Which bring and more near. day by day. or choral throng.518 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS And Around us not ? Are not His signs oft as day declines ? to bless or home. wills ? He Fails He Where true hearts breathe His Mother's evensong Mother of God O. see not yet. not in vain learn'd of old thy lowly strain. Or where the angel in the thrice-great Name Hail'd thee. that pardoning hour. By We 60 Rather beside the manger meek Thee bending with veiled brow we seek. whom thousand worlds adore. Angel nor Saint His face may see 70 He took of thee. Hath mightier proved to bind than we to break. special grace of thy dear Son.

strive we pure and bright to be In spirit. To pray with Our But us.M. 8. Nor shun the lay by seraphs framed. ! Which daily in all lands all saints repeat Fair greeting. O. Thy glories .. awful station. Thou blissful one.we may greet unblamed. " Hail. 1844. His Church and Bride.V. with our matin vows Paid duly to the enthroned Spouse. here and on high. in Conceplione B. So unforbidden may we speak An Ave To to Christ's Mother meek :) : lOO (As children with " good morrow " come elders in some happy home Inviting so the saintly host above With our unworthiness to pray in love. Dec. on the other heaven 90 ! Therefore as kneeling day by day We to our Father duteous pray. Mary. awful Bride we the sword that pierced thy spotless lily flower. else how vain of thee ! Feel Our earnest dreamings. To bear and nurse the Eternal Son. high mercy won. full of grace " O. to no seraph given. Whene'er we kneel in aisle or bower. On this side touching sin. every day. the tongue untrue. Who. Figured in her deep purity. born of Eve.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS How. but in love on thine own days. each suppliant hour. welcome sweet. so clear of hue. . side ! no Thy Shrinks from the breath impure. upon thee gaze ? 519 Nay. and gently bear falterings in the pure bright air.

and curtain'd gloom. Seems it not then as though each prayer and psalm. Temper'd Measured . Yet mild as evening gleams just melting into night. Whose When all lo Or rather where soft soaring One silent heart adoring Loves o'er the stillness of the sick man's room To breathe intensest prayer's perfume. But for heaven's harmonious spell Keen to the listening ear. whose Blood is healing balm ? When HOLY Holy IS is THE SICK MAN'S ROOM the sick man's room. Came like one message more from that far world of calm. Sweet the 20 sleep. Whether calm rest be sealing The pained and wearied eyes.520 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS WHEN When When is IS COMMUNION NEAREST? nearest ? Communion blended anthems dearest ? Is it where far away dim aisles prolong The cadence of the choral song ? notes like waves in ocean. and tones as mild As the breath of new-born child. So keen they pierce. are heard. steps. so high they swell. Or in high blended feeling Watcher and sufferer rise. An earnest of His love. air. yet none. With ever upward surging motion Approach the Eternal Throne ? Notes that would of madness tell. as to the sight The purest wintry star's intolerable light. the waking dear the holy Church is near With mother's arms to hush and cheer.

MARK XVI. . as we scorn to fast. IF EVER O Lord. we cease to pray. We run as we are led. Reverent. when in silent agony She pleads her children's hate. that all would know. We. if ever of Thy Spouse forlorn Thy mercy heard the loud and bitter cry. wondrous chain where ay entwine Our human wills. Then loudest. s a . ST. Nor in other discipline Train we hearts that to His shrine 521 lo May unblamed draw near. her subjects' scorn. grave and sweet These to wait on Christ are meet. Thine angel moves the stone. Ere love's one relic crumble quite away. These may kneel where He lies low. 4 Deaw near as early as we may. With His favour'd two and Therefore in its silent gloom Holy is the sick man's room. waitings still. Looks subdued to duty's will. Proclaims Thee Saviour. be that hour now pride. With the strong will divine. like an angel. Grace. ! O. but obeys Thy foe. and be three. goes before. did I say ? 'tis all Thine OAvn Thou in the dark dost Mary guide. Love feels Thee at her side. In His members suffering woe. The stone is roll'd away. a tender thread. lo O LORD. Now : Ere. We find an open door. thoughtful.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Postures lowly.

" Sell all. Rise and obscure the sacred story ? Thee must we own God-Man. good Lord The word that wrought Thy work of yore. O torch. And pray'd for wings as free. and all forsake and trust The Cross for treasure God is just. : lo ST." How should a sinner turn to Thee. when Church fires grow faint. Each cloud of earthly care. O say. 1 " Trust in God. and the glory of thy call . and trust in Me. JOHN XIV. and thrill'd at once in every nook Of his sad soul. fancy-bred and earthly-born. consuming fear and doubt. ere we turn to Thee entire. even as Thy Sire Sole fount of Godhead. may we [Two lines wanting.] . And left heaven's fragrance there ? When from The holy fire lO Thine. bright'ning in some grasp of gifted holy one. holiest hermit. Hail'd the bright City built on high No joyful winning day." Spare : . from saint to saint From Still age to age pass'd on. was the spell (Heaven crowning so thy humble love Earth.522 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS speak out once more us. of nice touch. 20 Wave see thee.) Far off Within his bosom strove. If questions. Brother of a race forlorn. he mark'd heaven's portal ope to thee. When angel accents chimed so clear On great Augustine's ear. Maker of a world of glory. Ye To measure God's open book brake out And flash'd. YE OF NICE TOUCH and keen true eye gain and loss.

_ And Whitsun lights with frost are Yon kindly Moon. make my heart a place where angels sing For surely thoughts low-breathed by Thee Are angels gliding near on noiseless wing And where a home they see Swept clean. wondering how lo Such boldness suits with broken vow. gleaming. Where the bright rose on Christmas smiles. unwearying run. JEREMIAH Far. . And teach that heart to swell their With heavenly melody. A A well I read thy shrinking brow sting is busy there : fretful conscience. . and glorious Sun Their race. When Too holy ground seems lost. HERE FOLLOWETH THE ANTHEM ! Lord. 23 Where other stars are beaming. xxiii. and gamish'd with adoring They enter in and dwell. joy.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 52S THE CLARION CALLS The clarion calls away to take Thy station in God's host And with His mitred watchmen wake And in meek silence for His sake Endure what scornful music earth can make : ! . far on other isles. as here. Didst thou not erst before the Anointed And glad obedience swear ? bow IN CHOIRS AND PLACES WHERE THEY SING. own untired employ.

524 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS What if all else be strange ? lights of heaven neither error. familiar home. The two great Know lO Home Glory to our true Sun. sea.^ thoughts return both day and night. WHY SEEK Why WE. and He will all impart. safe. sounding high and low Through heaven and earth. as though The Eternal Son were yet enthroned on high In His first unincamate Majesty ? tottering on the dizzy steep. Nay homewards. repair. where'er she roam. the bars are there : The word is nigh. nor change. By them all else to sight is given And with them duly. A A . even in thy mouth and Only obey. and thou a reach shalt find Of earth. SOUNDING HIGH AND LOW ? seek we. wandering soul. leaf or spray at hand may hide landscape fair and wide. Who shineth far and near Who for His duteous Spouse hath won A place as of a lunar sphere And by Faith finds a their light. air. fresh and bright. quite to an eagle's mind. and wing'd the prisoner's flight ? Why. Gaze down the lowest deep ? Find'st thou a cave so dark but His dear might Hath burst the bars. heart. stay. Thy casement clear. lo The gloom.

heavenly chastener nay. —too late. Thoughts that had seem'd for ever left behind^ O'ertake him. What if. by his sloth bade roam ? spare his soul O. Now And it returns. . e'en as by some greenwood lane The summer flies the passing traveller find Keen. unworthy eyes. souls.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 525 FRAGMENT shepherd hngers on the lone hill side. — ! home. The He sees the things that might have been arise. or where earth's light no more may dawn. his charge. and he lov'd earth's lore Better than Heaven's. awaiting their dire doom 20 On earth. that hour. but not half so sharp as now thrill o'er his mind. : . spare him. In act to count his faithful flock again Ere to a stranger's eye and arm untried He yield the rod of his old pastoral reign He turns and round him memories throng amain. so Lo a wide shore that feels the breezy West. — his time is o'er . What angel now might say How dear he fain would buy one precious week or day ? He sees from things that are the veil half-drawn. And blood and tears be found to blot the accusing scroll. So the dark Past the Future may control. earth bade slumber. his baseness. lo The heavenly vision how the saints adore Erst slighted by his cold. Seeks he the weary heart's apj)ointed rest ? Each soothing verse to him is stern rebuke. The morns and eves are gone when Heaven bade pray. urge it close and That bitterest pang Marred by . sees where kneeling saints with upward look He ! — . Then upward drawn in wrath. in more than dreams they The come. and seen no more.

Well may the faithful flock hang o'er that page In joy but pastors of no pastoral mood. 17 not what ye ask : Should He but once your rude words hear. WHEN IN HER HOUR OF hour of still STILL DECAY When in her decay. The heavens would start asunder. ere she sink in quiet rest . endless sleep. the Lord of Life. no breath of good Stifled or tainted. 40 None have I left imwarn'd. Or slumb'rers o'er God's wasted heritag'e Oft as they read " Behold me pure of blood. Flees to the blind world's praise. Whom ye seek With mm'derous aim. Ye know Ye know not ." hard and cold the heart Which can endure unbroken dull and rude The spirit. Life's open. The matron Earth to her worn breast The relics of her Spring array Folds. JOHN V. And cease from His eternal task. Such Sabbath as ye bid Him keep Were to the world and you a deathless. wafts high each cloud With upward of care. lo What do they else but seal and stay The fount of their own grace. sphere from sphere. only way ? March 18. 16. which to heal such sudden smart. and tears subdued to prayer. or custom's soothing .526 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Assuage the farewell pang Love scarce can brook. And He who never yet true love forsook By His own loved Apostle sealing there His presence through the veil. ! — ! art! ST. So is it yet when foes would wreak On His immortal Church their haughty strife. look.

seeking without end. then the unsleeping foe Watches to lay that glory low Some breath of passion wild preparing. thou wak'st that hour. 30. lo E'en so when Christian souls are sere. That by the custom of Even from immemorial Have Of all this clime time. sweeping. gentlest motion blending Of frailest shrub in greenwood lair. fading leaves of earthly life Drop one by one. rushing. keep your nest in Sept. We. desire's untimely glaring . 20 TO THE LORD OF THE MANOR OF MERDON The Petition of sundry Life Tenants. Where the swelling meadows sweet With the wavy woodlands meet. or our forefathers old (As in Withering's list enrolled) in occupation been nooks and comers green.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Envying her calm. whose buds are Already. Autunmal wanderers. And sometimes a merry train Comes upon us from the lane. rending. Prince of the tainted air's rude power : 527 And With every twisting. Denizens of the said or Hereditary Manor Humbly showeth. There we peep and disappear There in games to fairies dear All the spring-tide hours we spend. Before their time thou lay'st them bare. Hiding. hate. and leave all clear For a new Spring. 10 . Pride. And rife And a moment mars our best.

glad air Here Faith's lesson learn anew Of this happy vernal crew. birds and bees. Boys and maidens. Loitering in his pastoral walk. Every glade in meadow deep. 30 And And And the village tones afar. the clouds that gently move Tune the heart to trust and love. Now our prayer is. the steeple with its star. Now a giant plump and tall. shadowy ground. Airy whisperings of all trees.528 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Every gleaming afternoon All through April. Called " High Farming. Now and then a graver guest For one moment here will rest. railings. So old Hampshire still may own (Charm to other shires unknown) so . where we Yet may flourish. and sin." stalks o'er all. Us. ." Thus we fared in ages past : But the nineteenth age at last (As your suppliants are advised) Reigns. m And Is his cruel word and will from every copse-crown'd hill. and we no more are prized. Platforms. Here I breathe the pure. and care. May. and straight lines Are the charms for which he pines. 20 With their music well supply All we need of sympathy. To himself we've heard him say. Forms mysterious. here and there. And with us hold kindly talk. ancient hues. and June. May your Honour deign to spare Shady spots and nooks. He with untired hate pursues . safe and free. and our green bowers to sweep. " Thanks that I may hither stray Worn with age. Here the fragrant shrubs around And the graceful.

One that on this favour'd day in happy slumber lay. 60 And we flowers.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 529 Bays and creeks of grassy lawn Half beneath his woods withdrawn So from many a joyous child. Ladwell Hill. April 3. With our very best would own Your young floweret newly blown. &c. with prayers. for saints below. lo the thoughts may guess and deem That haply mingle with her angel-dream. And the blossoms at their feet. Strawberry. Thanks. who . Sister dear. shall find their way. Daffodil. there are two. When among graces tasted here She counts thy warnings. Violet. Wait and long Sure. if by one. in realms of joy begun Earth's pilgrims are remembered one If days and times are noted there. Cowslip.. TO HIS SISTER ELIZABETH Saints in Paradise. and ways of love Here halt-seen. as dear... 1851. Now. Anemone Nemorosa. . that turn toward you. we know. on this Sunday still and fair. &c. Many a sire and mother mild. Primula Vulgaris. Orchis. now felt above. Smiles and words. For the sheltering boughs so sweet. Dearest Sister. &c. Two. Down O. if we could pray. innumerable signatures.

Complain not But 10 . let him see There hath before him been one musing e'en as he. maiden dear. I want to see the Cross upon her brow. let me draw the baby's veil aside." And seem half-lost in memory's maze. If thou wilt open wide Faith's inward eye. clear lines O. 1854. ' I sign thee with the cross. May it now. since last in that lone nook he stood. my child : no loss is here. endless gain.' What joy to think that I at home should scan The bright." Nay. sad and sudden loss ! ! " ! so. Partner of her blissful dream A younger spirit. till life shall end. With her sweetest memorv blend ! 20 WRITTEN IN THE ALBUM AT CUDDESDON PALACE Whoe'er from Cuddesdon's Shall seek the green hill's pastoral shade point. "NURSE. Much wondering where his thoughts of good flown. too fair E'en for love's sake this mean earth long to bear. untiring Love should be So busy round the unworthiest . and gaze On Oxford in the " watery glade. that seal may not abide In sight of mortals' ken . soon shall to thee appear What now by wondering angels is descried. 'tis vanish'd now. She in her partial love had plann'd This sacred task for an unworthy hand. LET ME DRAW" " Nurse. too pure. 13.530 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS With her waits by Eden's stream. for pity when the holy man Said even now. " Alas. Have But wondering more — Jan.

19. while the very image He denied. his gift . So. Saints. And therefore doubly blest. Made much of the dim shadow : now He gives The image. I heard the voice of send. mark it well. O. at Cuddesdon College Whom shall 1 — Then said I am. at our side. prophetic Spirit In sweet measure evermore To the holy children dealing Each Bless As from Thy rich store family. that ere its prime Force the bud open. Father. Lord of life. mar the unready flower Woe to faint hearts that will not wait the time. Woe to impatient hands. So. Blest. and who mill go ferr us? Isa. Here Written for the Book of Prayers. hour by hour. Thy . HYMN FOR Also. saying.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 581 Thy Lord's true token. 1854. : Thy saints. To know the secrets of your blissful bower. adoring in Israel's schools of yore. who content with Him in twilight dwell. : In prayer we own Thee. so Feb. Or several station all are hid in Thee. send me. seen not but believ'd. not each in outline clear. and Thine own Mother dear Are round Thee as a glory-cloud we see : The general glow. 8. I. gladlier will the morn all mists dispel. And be this rule in thy young heart receiv'd. O Lord. . EASTER-TIDE the Lord. courageous faith is tried . In adoring faith abide. vi. Not always feel or taste Thee and 'tis well. 20 As in spring-time we watch unfolding leaves.

send us ! But because Thy work is fire. On lo As to Thine own seventy scholars Thou of old Thine arm didst reach. that cast Elijah's mantle Thine be all Thy grace hath lent . 40 . lowliest worship. rejoice ? " Redeemer. accepts the Almighty's mission ? his choice ? — Turn. Send Thy Seraph from Thine altar Veiled. 20 One Thy light. Hand.532 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Holy Jesus ! Eye most loving each young disciple bent Voice. the Glory comes a Voice. Lord. Must their preparation be. all So be with and each. Breathe no breath of high desire. and Father of all spirits Whose dread call young Joshua knew. Meanest men. that. . and teach. hear we trembling. unclean and earthly. Thy champions too. holy. summon'd Samuel to the awful tent . us. Forty days in darkness waiting With Thy servant good and true Thence to wage Thy war descending. Own us. God. the Temple Holy. 30 Now Thou From " Who Who will make Christ's work Who for us proclaim to sinners Here we are. Under Thy majestic shadow Guiding them to do. seeming earthly. speakest. Highest musings. but in his bright attire. holy Three : filling. And our lips. Till their hour of solemn unction. believe. endure. and brightest angels Wait alike the word from Thee.

To His Word and Wisdom sure. Only feed our flame. the ground he casts him now. to fly full swiftly With the mystic coal in hand. Work. Sin-consuming. dawn'd on work. Touch our lips. Thou awful Mercy. healing brand. To His all-enlightening Spirit. Upon in sleep his heart will ache. Fain would we Thy torches prove. Far and wide Thy beacons lighting With the undying spark of love. soul-transforming (Faith and Love will understand). and not on rest Yet when he laid him down and slept. BRADFIELD. Three in One. Patron of the frail and poor. 533 Thou didst come that fire to kindle . easy as an angel's flight. accursed for his sake The chiU damps on his weary brow. With Thine own keen. his first Sunday kept.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Cause him. If And even lO . light. so Now to God. FOR THE OPENING OF THE WEST WINDOW OF THE HALL OF ST. When Adam It No travail sore his soul opprest . 60 Amen. The grotmd. be praise and glory. to his fellow-men he call. With Thy breathings from above. Lord. Brought slumber as an infant's. 1859 the sweat of thy face thou shalt eat bread. the soul's Creator. we pray Thee. Here. APRIL In 5. and while the heavens endure. There is the curse of Babel's wall. ANDREW'S COLLEGE.

20 . Babel-cries of scattered men Attuned to anthems pure and strong. ^thy rest a sacred song . bathe thee in His Sweat. — lo ! Thy work a blessM pastime then The Shall prove. E'en now presumptuous would reap. Go. One healing ray May dart its downward way. if haply from its stores benign. PRAYERS OF SAINTS Half-hearted men we creep Along our listless way. Yet shadowing with their prayers The fallen land that erst was theirs Where they repose hope never faints. as at first. There prostrate Ues a Sufferer meek. Then in proud wrath Turn on our homeward path. Leaving th' untended plant in the bleak air to see 9 die. The garden-mount where oKves grow. We And stir the root no tender shoot Too fine the work of grace for our rude eye.534 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS But thou the Lord's new Eden seek. and Thou. For Jesus' sweat is healing Blood. The treasures of King Solomon — For holy Church redeem'd and won. shalt rise renewed. There. Not so the unwearied Saints. And where we sowed but yesterday. Before that altar bright : They kneel. In course unerring towards some English shrine. day or night.

Lord. 10 And A really till here in this dingle we met. and we In death would trust them. if Henceforth arm in arm we'll move on. hear you far louder than me. May 24. 1861 Lord Are resting Jesus. open-eyed there on the brink. wild Weber. why rush on so fast ? Your speed so reckless. Besides. Are watching us quite at a loss what to think. Wild Weber. loving hearts and dear in Thy shadow here . DART AND WEBER Dart. with Thee. can't you glide gently around the rough stones ? They'll not move a hair's breadth for all your is Why loud moans. lesson in manners I never did get. Indeed. Holne Chase. . pray consider. please. I must own it is true But then. I'm younger than you. the angle which mortals call Head-foremost you charge me . you And just at your pace arrive at will .MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 635 EPITAPH For the Tomb of the old Biddlecombes. your ease But ere we The echoes April 29. I shrink with The primroses. it never can last. Mrs. 1863. Weber. In Hfe Thou wast their hope. Dart. at " right affright. pray be quite at I foresee.

The Lord the world stands fast He is strong The perfect note He gave. that from His shrine Thrill out in silence. in earth below His wonders the wide ocean fill. Nicholas. Amen. Thou. To the good Spirit. Yet we but bring Thee of Thine own. . And own Him greatest in His saints. King Nature abides. The cavern'd deeps His judgement show. hush. . is .536 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS HYMN Composed on the occasion of the Visit of the British Association for the Promotion of Science. : 20 To the great Maker. earth's daring faints. have no choice They harm not till He gives the sign. to the Son Himself vouchsafing to be made. Newcastle- upon-Tyne. Three in One. 1863 The Lord is King . ! : lo The Lord is King . to be sung in the Parish Church of St. There seek Him whence He ne'er departs. Lord. To cast our crowns before the Throne. By us the creature worships Thee. He wrought His will In heaven above. art King crown'd Priests are we. All praise by all His works be paid. shall last Till cadence of her even-song. wayward heart Earth's wisdom fails. for The Lord is King ye worlds rejoice The waves of power.

all the three And by an o'er agreed. what will the pastime be? No word is here to say. he ponder'd o'er and " The time I see is Wednesday. Bart. a quarter after four. " The seal of the letter showed a heart surmounted with a " Vous poss^dez I'un. " Hark " ! At such bad behaviour as I must confess. a Crown without a care Christmas mirth indeed. This morning so kindly without any call You met me.. But when we're all assembled. for e'en if you bark. ^ The " kind small maiden " of this little poem is one of the daughters of Sir W. and now am inclined In confidence strict to unburden my mind. Folks know not your language. I'll joyfully be : there " lo TO MASTER BERNARD WILSON'S DOG Dear Fussy. and hardly will guess. 22. Dec. That I feel drawn towards you. Heathcote. I know I may trust you. and showed me the way to the FaU. As well you may. vous crown. There was a kind to greet small maiden. and loving treat. old acquaintance.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS 537 TO A LITTLE GIRL Hursley Vicarage. the Vicar's god-child.i and she was fain little Her Godpapa and Vicar with a So she counsell'd with her sisters. 1863. but a Heart and Crown I see : A O little Heart brimful is ! this of love. startled. a letter sent with speed ^ Which when the Vicar open'd. and seem to cry. encircled with the motto m6ritez I'autre." : .

Bernard. Fussy a well-bred young creature like you. lo Who have lived with the courteous all your life through. if you please.) Then tell Mr. Cannot If tell how a conscience at morning will ache with thought of kind letters unanswered it wake. " I forgive like a king. Mr. He's free to lie loitering by the cool spring . in his conscience no sting. (Here suppose a lengthy confession. Bernard will say. 16.538 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS ! Oh." is And 20 Ferniehurst. . Aug. 1864. dear dog. That the man whom he knows of his error now sees. quite fain to promise in prose or in rhyme. And hear the gay Percie-bird whistle and sing From morning to eve. That he never will do so again till next time.

July 14. Oxford. before His Majesty's Judges of Assize. 1833 S39 .SERMON ON NATIONAL APOSTASY Peeached in St. on Sunday. Mahy's.

" I was aching to get home yet for want of a vessel was kept at Palermo for three weeks. I knew nothing of the Presence of the Blessed Sacrament there. as the start of the religious movement of 1833. and I was laid up for several days at Lyons. kindly Ught. Lead. At length I got to Marseilles. It was published under the title of ' National Apostasy. Then it was that I wrote the lines. The following Sunday. Keble preached the Assize Sermon in the University Pulpit. and did not stop night or day . At last I got off again.' which have since become well known. becalmed a whole week in the Straits of Bonifacio.) . My brother had arrived from Persia only a few hours before. This was on the Tuesday. I ' (excepting the compulsory delay at Paris) till I reached England. I began to visit the Churches. I was writing verses the whole time of my passage. Mr. The fatigue of travelling was too much for me. though I did not attend any services. and set off for England." John Henry Newman. bound for Marseilles. At last I got We were off in an orange boat. and they calmed my impatience. July 14th. and my mother's house. {Apologia pro vita sua.' I have ever considered and kept the day.

undissolved and indissoluble by calculations of human expediency. this In the suppression of certain Irish Sees. depending. merely upon the accident of her having a strong party in the country. surely. in the eye of the State. The Legislature of England and Ireland (the members of which are not even bound to profess belief in the Atonement). S41 . has actually overtaken this portion of the Church of God. consistently with our present relations to the State. the calamity.^ The same Legislature has principle the Apostolical Church in this realm is henceforth only to stand. as one sect among many. contrary to the suffrage of the Bishops of England and Ireland. for any pre-eminence she may stiU appear to retain. this body has virtually usurped the commission of those whom our Saviour entrusted with at least one voice in making ecclesiastical laws.SERMON ON NATIONAL APOSTASY ADVERTISEMENT Since the following pages were prepared for the press. in anticipation of which they were written. on matters wholly or partly spiritual. can even ' —that also ratified. to its full extent. It is a moment. Their anxiety turns not so much on the consequences to the State of what has been done (they are but too evident) as on the line of conduct which they are bound themselves to pursue. full of deep solicitude to all those members of the Church who still believe her authority divine. by which they are bound to her. and the oaths and obUgations. How may they continue their communion with the Church established (hitherto the pride and comfort of their lives) without any taint of those Erastian principles on which she is now avowedly to be governed ? What answer can we make henceforth to the partisans of the Bishop of Rome when they taimt us with being a mere Parliamentarian Church ? And how.

This seems the least that can be done. and record. And they are mooted thus publicly for the chance of eliciting. that it is intrusion. promulgate. because. but do from their hearts deprecate and abjure it. or on Churchmen. to submit to any profane intrusion. as cannot be answered by appealing to precedents in English History.542 NATIONAL APOSTASY the doctrinal purity and integrity of the most Sacred Order be preserved ? The attention of all who love the Church is most earnestly They are such. one could venture to be positive about any thing. . it will be obsolicited to these questions. that they yield to it as they might to any other tjn:anny. a correct and early opinion. " There was once here a glorious Church. it must at least be their sacred duty to declare. served. it would seem safe to say that in such measure as it may be thought incumbent on the Church. but it was betrayed into the hands of Libertines for the real or affected love of a little temporary peace and good order. at most. under such trying and delicate circumstances. their full conviction. such could only show that the difficulty might have been raised before. and that soon there will be tens of thousands." July 22. nay thousands. 1833. of Christians. unaffectedly anxious to be rightly guided with regard to these and similar points. It is believed that there are hundreds. from competent judges. If. unless we would have our children's children say.

God forbid thai I should sin against the to pray for you : but I will teach you right way. under a notion. would be not only unwise. But these hazards are more than counterbalanced by the absolute certainty. And what in such cases is natural and obvious is sure to be more or less right and reasonable. and therefore irrelevant to every other True. such as the present. which exhibits to us the will of the Sovereign of the world in more immediate relation to the civil and national conduct of mankind. public errors. 23 As Lord in ceasing the good and the for me. Unquestionably it is We a mistaken theology which would debar Christian nations and statesmen from the instruction afforded by the Jewish Scriptures. since dealing with things supernatural and miraculous as if they were ordinary human precedents. and what is there blamed.NATIONAL APOSTASY 1 Samuel xii. there is hazard of inisapplication. peculiar to this history. and public dangers are in question. from the sacredness and delicacy of the subject. On public occasions. that the circumstances of that people were altogether peculiar and unique. And they would be effectually obviated if men would be careful to keep in view this caution S43 . the minds of Christians naturally revert to that portion of Holy Scripture. wrong. there is whenever men teach by example. but profane. naturally turn to the Old Testament when public duties. There is pecuHar hazard. that what is there commended was right. as case.

the Old Testament was quoted at random for every excess of fanatical pride and cruelty : now. and in this very remarkable point. but on His essential unvarying a less even hand . on these few general observations because the impatience with which the world endures any remonstrance on religious grounds is apt to show itself most daringly when the Law and the Prophets are appealed to. that they both avail themselves of the supernatural parts of the Jewish revelation to turn away attention from that which they. thus taking the very opposite ground to that which was preferred by the same class of persons two hundred years ago. for it depends not on our circumstances. not so much with Christian nations as with the souls of individual Christians. most dread and dislike in it ^its authoritative confirmation of the plain dictates of conscience in matters of civil Attributes. however clear and striking the analogies may be which appear to warrant us in referring to it. with but what tempers and what conduct this is a point which cannot be changed. it may be feared. of course. Rewards and punishments may be dispensed. if I mistake not. The two extremes. meet. I have ventured — wisdom and duty. men give us to understand that they regard the whole as obsolete. Without any scruple or ceremony. as the time may require. of those national warnings which fill the records of the elder Church : the less so. Then. Let us only make due allowances for this cardinal point of difference and we need not surely hesitate to avail ourselves. That portion in particular of the history of the . as usual. God dealt formerly with the Jewish people in a manner analogous to that in which He deals now. by the manner in which the Old Testament is quoted in the New that. but. God will ultimately reward and punish. with much the same purpose and result. visibly at least.544 NATIONAL APOSTASY suggested everywhere. its authority goes for nothing. as regards reward and punishment. as the discrepancy lies rather in what is revealed of God's providence than in what is required in the way of human duty.

stands on record. so they might expect more exemplary punishment ? Still. what can it come to. I do not enter into the question." ^ " Once for all we wiU get rid of these disagreeable unfashionable scruples which throw us behind. possible in any nation whatever now. allow themselves to be weary of subjection to Him." Is this indeed a tone of thought which Christian nations cannot fall into ? Or. the truest of and noble sentiment in the text. as well as to all individual Christians. and their ingratitude more surpassing. 32. has He forgotten to be angry with impiety and practical atheism ? Either this must be affirmed. " We will be as the heathen. in the race of worldly honour and profit. whether ' visible Ezekiel xx. having accepted God for their King. what the prophet Ezekiel long after represents their worthy posterity as saying. or men must own (what is clear at once to plain unsophisticated readers) that this first overt act. which began the downfall of the Jewish nation. and more like the rest of the : world. . who. as we think. without God and without His Church. to exaggerate their guilt in degree beyond what is supposed. after all has been said. as their relation to Him was nearer. must ever be an unpleasing and perplexing page of Scripture to those who would fain persuade themselves that a nation. the wise 545 chosen people. has it ceased to be displeasing to God ? In other words. may do well enough. the famiUes of the countries. which drew from Samuel. for a perpetual warning to all nations. but only this that they wished themselves rid of the moral restraint imphed in His peculiar presence and covenant ? They said.NATIONAL APOSTASY patriots. with its fatal consequences. if they should. in kind and in that they rejected God ? substance. For what if the Jews were bound to the Almighty by ties common to no other people ? What if He had condescended to know them in a way in which He was as yet unrevealed to all families of the earth besides ? What if. even a Christian nation. as such. and think they should be happier if they were freer.

at the present moment especially. I say. is becoming alienated from God and Christ ? And what are the particular duties of sincere Christians whose lot is cast by Divine Providence in nations.546 NATIONAL APOSTASY temporal judgements are to be looked for by Christian transgressing as those Jews did. do well enough without it. the families of the countries. come to-morrow. as such. I proceed to others which appear to me. surely common sense and piety concur in setting their mark of reprobation on such conduct. therefore. of a govermnent and people so constituted deliberately throwing off the restraint which in many respects such a principle would impose on them. in all her legislation and policy. like the Jews. whenever it takes place. suppUes as perfect a pattern of the second as can well be expected : from human nature. then and afterwards. and that on the plea that other states. by the fimdamental rules of that Church ^the case is. when the Lord their God is their King ? Is it not saying in other words. as an essential part of its theory of government. she is also a part of Christ's Church. practically. one of no great importance. of the very gravest practical import. to have an earthly king over them. " We will be as the heathen." the aliens to the Church of our Redeemer ? To such a change. as flourishing or more so in regard of — wealth and dominion. When it is once known for certain that such and such conduct is displeasing to the King of kings. the . or wait till we are in another world. I own. disavowing the principle itself . Waiving this question. whether the punishment. What are the symptoms by which one may judge most fairly whether or no a nation. I. Is not this desiring. or a year hence. may furnish an ample illustration of the first point the behaviour of Samuel. common a time of such dire calamity ? The conduct of the Jews. conceivable. sure to overtake it. as a Christian nation. nay. The case is at least possible of a nation. having for centuries acknowledged. Surely sense and piety unite in representing this inquiry as. and bound. that. in asking for a king.

Men not impressed with rehgious principle attribute their ^the hard times they have to struggle ill success in life with ^to anything rather than their own ill-desert and the institutions of the country. to lend to the measure they were urging. to be no better than a fresh development of the same — — restless. to whom he had deputed his judicial functions. 14-20. just as. so do they also unto thee. 7. to . such as. such as the malversation of Samuel's sons." ^ The charge might perhaps surprise many of them. but into idolatry. or what sounds Mke them. may be ' 1 Samuel viii. Jews pleaded the express countenance which the words of their Law in one place ^ seemed. in reality. the same deficiency in Christian resignation and thankfulness. ecclesiastical and civil. 8. and the intrusive passions of men to be indulged. in modem times. Thus. * Deuteronomy xvii. they have rejected Me. by anticipaAnd so.NATIONAL APOSTASY 547 immediate impulse will probably be given by some pretence of danger from without. was furnished to the Israelites by an incursion of the children of Ammon or by some wrong or grievance in the executive government. wherewith they have forsaken Me. Pretences will never but. as individuals. disdain and forfeit the blessings of the Gospel. which led the Israehtes to demand a change of constitution. at the time now spoken of. though perhaps Uttle suspected by themselves. which they have done since the day that I brought them up out of Egypt even unto this day. . when Uberties are to be taken. and served other gods. the discontent in Samuel's time. that I should not reign over them. the movement will be hard to find always be traceable to the same decay or want of faith. tion. was discerned by the Unerring Eye. are always at hand to bear the blame of whatever seems to be going amiss. in other times and countries. godless spirit which had led them so often " They have not rejected thee. the impatient patrons of innovation are surprised at finding themPerhaps the selves rebuked on religious grounds. precedent and permission. . which leads so many. According to all the works.

is the growing indifference in which men indulge themselves. whether wisely or no. There are one or two more. as a symptom. to other men's religious sentiments. are nationally responsible for much more than the soundness of our deductions as matter of disputation. which have been hitherto mentioned as omens and tokens of an Apostate Mind in a nation. in houses on which Apostolical Authority would rather teach them to set a mark. not of ostensible and colourable we. Redeemer. have been suggested by the portion itself of sacred history to which I have ventured to direct your attention. as well argument . without one serious inquiry whether they do not hold principles which make it impossible for them to be loyal to their Creator. as unfit to be entered by a faithful servant of Christ ? I do not now speak of public measures only or chiefly. will not allow to be passed over. or of law . giving them to understand that in His sight the whole was a question of motive and purpose. we are responsible for the meaning and temper in which we deal with His Holy Church. whether in public or domestic life. to become from time to time necessary. Under the guise of charity and toleration we are come almost to this pass. in His sight. easily found and quoted for everything. do not parents commit their children to be educated. and the palpable tendency of things around us. One of the most alarming. partnerships formed. established among us for the salvation of our — Whom souls. which the nature of the subject. in matters of faith. intimacies courted nay (what is almost too painful to think of). is to disqualify for our approbation and confidence. that no difference. I say. to as they. and Sanctifier ? Are not offices conferred.548 NATIONAL APOSTASY But Samuel. wWch are in reality as little desired by . do they not encourage them to intermarry. Can we conceal it from ourselves that every year the practice is becoming more common of trusting men unreservedly in the most delicate and important matters. silenced all this. many things of that kind may be thought. These. in God's name.

when Christian motives are suggested. Very different are the feeUngs with which it seems natural for a true Churchman to regard such a state of things. nor are these safe topics. I say " their public conduct " more especially. from those which would arise in his mind on witnessing the mere triumph of any given set of adverse opinions. is apostasy too hard a word to describe the temper of that nation ? The same tendency is still more apparent.NATIONAL APOSTASY S49 those who lend them a seeming concurrence as they are in themselves undesirable. by persons who would regret passing for unbelievers. But this is not a becoming place. probably. in this country of late years (though we are lavish in professions of piety) there has been observable a growing disincUnation. — . according to the coolest estimate. and fancying. We know — . the fashionable liberality of this generation be not ascribable. to congratulate one another on the supposed decay of what they call an exclusive system. But I speak of the spirit which leads men to exult in every step of that kind. on the part of those bound by voluntary OATHS. He might feel as melancholy. persons are apt to be more shameless and readier to avow the irreligion that is in them amongst other reasons. because in that. to the same temper which led the Jews voluntarily to set about degrading themselves to a level with the idolatrous Gentiles ? And if it be true anywhere that such enactments are forced on the Legislature by pubhc opinion. whether. from each feeling that he is one of a multitude. that his responsibility is divided. and checks from Christian principles attempted to be enforced on their public conduct. a growing disposition to explain it all away. because the fair gloss of candour and forbearance is wanting. For example : whatever be the cause. in a great measure. for the indulgence of mere feeling. I know not how. he could hardly feel so indignant. exaggerated or even heretical as he might deem them. in the surly or scornful impatience often exhibited. therefore. to whatever reminds them of their obligation. The point really to be considered is.

11.* certainly an impatient breach of — 1 Luke 1 X. but on mere human reasons of popularity and expediency. despiseth Me. " He that heareth you. to leave Him out of all their thoughts. . in proportion as they see and feel more of that impatience under pastoral authority. * * ° Samuel xv. a general tendency. They will have the more reason to suspect themselves. and he that despiseth you. 16. whom God gave to the Jews. it concerns them deeply to be quite sure that they are not indulging or encouraging a profane disUke of God's awful Presence. his first step in apostasy was. If there be any subjects or occasions now on which men are inclined to judge of it more Ughtly. stands convicted in His sight of a direct disavowal of His Sovereignty. as the prophet tells us. as a people. how highly soever she may think of her own religion and morality. suppose it also avowedly grounded not on any fancied tenet of religion.550 NATIONAL APOSTASY what. or commercial life. in His anger. and obeying their voice. Who gave them their commission at first. and what daily experience teaches that disrespect to the Successors of the Apostles. if betrayed by persons officially sworn. or that nation. may be fairly taken as a sample of what public opinion was at that time supposed to require. To this purpose it may be worth noticing that the ill-fated chief.^ and whose disobedience and misery were referred by himself to his " fearing the people. an intrusion on the sacrificial office. 1 Samuel xiii. Suppose such disrespect general and national. in private. heareth Me . is an unquestionable symptom of enmity to Him. some years ago." ^ whose conduct."i Those words of divine truth put beyond all sophistical exception what common sense would lead us to infer. which our Saviour Himself has taught us to consider as a never-faiUng symptom of an unchristian temper. would have been thought of such uneasiness. perhaps. legal. and has pledged Himself to be with them for ever. as such. 8-14. Hosea xiil. 24. either there is no meaning at all in these emphatic declarations of our Lord. therefore.

by the supposition. indeed. that country which now. the crimes of that nation will probably begin in infringement on Apostolical Rights . What if it is to lead to any practical improvement. just so far may he see reason to be thankful. as when he sought the life of David sometimes sympathy with popular feeling. of consideration with energy. she will end in persecuting the true Church . or soon may be. is fast becoming hostile to the Church. violating solemn treaties. by her prevailing temper and policy. should be the tenor of their conduct who find themselves cast on such times of decay and danger ? How may a man best reconcile his allegiance to God and his Church with his duty to his country. sometimes state security. and cannot therefore long be the friend of God ? Now in proportion as any one sees reason to fear that such is. . or incur a sentence of reprobation like his. especially if he be called to any national trust. which con' 2 Samuel xxi. as appears to have been the case when. God forbid that any Christian land should ever. on which it vas proposed to say a few words. for such a complete pattern of his duty as he may find in the conduct of Samuel. he attempted to exterminate the remnant of the Gibeonites in his zeal for the children of Israel and Judah. as with Saul when he spared the Amalekites . revive the memory and likeness of Saul. II. the whole subject must be considered.NATIONAL APOSTASY his 551 of his crimes engagement with Samuel. But here arises the other question. whom he well knew to bear God's special commission.i Such are the sad but obvious results of separating religious resignation altogether from men's notions of civil duty. 2. the ease in his own land. But if such a thing should be. and in the several stages of her melancholy career she will continually be led on from bad to worse by vain endeavours at accommodation and compromise with esal. and with a view to vhich. as the last and greatest was persecuting David. Sometimes toleration may be the word. That combination of sweetness with firmness.

: — . protesting. degraded. he does not therefore at once forsake their service. in the case supposed. on the part of her most affectionate and dutiful childrenl than that she may consistently act in the spirit of this most noble sentence. should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray fdr you but I will teach you the good and the right way. according to the will of Jesus Christ. for the State and all who are in authority. and found them obstinate.! down even to minute details of duty. in intercession.552 NATIONAL APOSTASY stitutes the temper of a perfect public man. the laity as well as the clergy ir. That duty once well and cordially performed. ^the whole body of Christian^ united. Candour. all other duties. and then only. He was prepared to resist it at aU hazards had he not received from God Himself directions to give them their own way. was never He makes no perhaps so beautifully exemplified. in the most distinct and solemn tone." Should it ever happen (which God avert. heart. so to speak. No despiteful usage. the example of Samuel might guide her collectively. undei the Successors of the Apostles. are secured. as before. so as to throw the whole blame of whit might ensue on their wilfulness. nor a course of conducp more likely to be blessed by a restoration to mow than her former efficiency. respectfulness. of course. In speaking of the Churchl I mean. have to be constant. could warrant her in ceasing to pray. all that the Apostle meant in warning men not to " speak evil of dignities " may then. but w6 cannot shut our eyes to the danger) that the Apostolical Church should be forsaken. be of some use to show how. secret of the bitter grief and dismay with which the resolution of his countrymen has filled him. guarded language. no persecution. though most heavy. however. and each of her children individually. as did her first fathers and patterns. It may. The Church would. naj trampled on and despoiled by the State and people of England. he continues discharging all the functions they had left him with a true and " God forbid that 1 loyal. their three orders. first of all. by God's blessing. Having so proteste^. I cannot conceive a kinder wish for her.

which we have warrant of God's word for expecting. which.NATIONAL APOSTASY be practised. Leave oft from wrath. of the close amity which : 1 Psalm xxxvii. 553 forti- attained of praying as we ought for the very enemies of our precious and holy cause. even more than others. neither be thou envious against the evildoers : for they shall soon be cut down like the grass. look. : Church and of Churchmen. . 8. distinct. and persevering. by word. which is apt to lay hold on sensitive minds when they see oppression and wrong triumphant on a large scale. and be withered even as the green herb. 2. whose profession leads them most directly to consider the boundaries of the various rights and duties which fill the space of civilized Society. in pubhc and in private. The custom of interceding. Christian. will keep the Psalmist's reasoning habitually present to their thoughts : " Fret not thyself because of the ungodly. according to his opportunities. Among laymen a deep responsibility would appear to rest on those particularly. but even in the way of natural consequence. which can be kept up no other way. calm. 1. the first duty of the when the habit is . direct and indirect. . The very solemnity of this day may remind them. The constant sense of God's presence and consequent certainty of final success. even for the wicked. almost amounting to misanthropy." ^ Thus not only by supernatural aid. sincerely would prepare them for the second ." Remonstrance. without compromise of truth and tude. intercession. and demeanour is the unequivocal duty of every practised. " I will teach you the good and the right way. and let go displeasure fret not thyself. would also prove an effectual bar against the more silent but hardly less malevolent feeling of disgust. . The immediate machinery of change must always pass through their hands and they have also very great power in forming and modifying public opinion. when the Church landmarks are being broken down. we may confidently pronounce to be remonstbance. else shalt thou be moved to do evil. following the words of Samuel as our clue.

to Saul especially. ." whether they foster the true Church or no. when " Samuel came no more to see Saul. It is an amity. for his impious liberality in sparing the Amalekites. and that publicly. of piety. is a sort of expansion of the sentiment in the text. if possible. grave. But I return to the practical admonition afforded her. It will be a consolation understood by every ' 1 Samuel xv. associations. After the accomplishment of the change which he deprecated. in the case of the Church and Law of England by historical recollections." On the same principle. Submission and order are still duties. and precedents of the most religion. purity. Apostolical religion engaging and ennobling cast.554 NATIONAL APOSTASY subsist must ever between equal justice and pure more especially. in proportion to her superior truth and exactness. come what may. the surest way to uphold or restore our endangered Church will be for each of her anxious children. They were so in the days of pagan persecution . Even when it became necessary for God's prophet to show that he was in earnest. and give the most effectual of warnings. God. in his own place and station. his whole behaviour. which are not immediately affected by the emergencies of the moment : the daily and hourly duties. After all. I mean. Saul is boldly rebuked. he still " mourned for him. made still more sacred. in critical periods. affectionate remonstrance with the misguided man himself. charity. It is all earnest intercession with God. we have ill learned the lessons of our Church if we permit our ^ — — patriotism to decay together with the protecting care " The powers that be are ordained of of the State. we are told. to resign himself more thoroughly to his God and Saviour in those duties. yet so as not to dishonour him in the presence of the people. by Samuel's example. by separating himself from so unworthy a person. 35." even then. and the more of loyal and affectionate feeling we endeavour to mingle with our obedience the better. public and private. respectful. justice.

As to those who. which the return of an Assize week offers to our practice . 10.NATIONAL APOSTASY 555 thoughtful Churchman. from a dread of disparaging the holy name of the English Church in her hour of peril by his own personal fault or negligence. more especially those of a devotional kind. once did not disdain to urge good conduct upon his proselytes of lowest condition. feel themselves most deeply interested. as far as he knows. fairness in pleaders. they cannot be too careful in reminding themselves that one chief danger. they would adorn and recommend the doctrine of God our Saviour. apparently. ecclesiastical or civil. and very likely pass out of this world. to credit and advance the cause he has most at heart . and what is more. for example. strict impartiality. I do not see how any person can devote himself too entirely to the cause of the Apostolical Church in these realms. personal and official. never so remote from such great interests. more earnest in his petitions for spiritual aid. one reason more for veracity in witnesses. . in times of change and excitement. These cautions being duly observed. that. There may be. so doing. it is in his power. and An Apostle for an awful sense of God's presence in all. he possesses. will prove indeed ruinous to those who permit them to occupy all their care and thoughts. to draw down God's blessing upon it. either by station or temper. in those on whom decisions depend . the personal consolations of a good Christian : and as a true Church' Titus ii. if he be consistent. if any man be more circumspect in his behaviour. let his occupation be. This ought to be felt. self-command. Public concerns. He may have to wait long.i Surely. neglecting or undervaluing ordinary duties. but a very few to sympathise with him. upon the ground that. and patience. But. then. before he see any abatement in the triumph of disorder and irreligion. as one motive more to exact piuictuaUty in those duties. to the utmost. arises from their tendency to engross the whole mind. by doing all as a Christian. more watchful and fearful of himself. it will be no unworthy principle.

and against His Anointed. universal. sooner or later. " For of a truth against Thy Holy Child Jesus. He need not fear to look upon the efforts of Antichristian powers. soberly.556 NATIONAL APOSTASY he has that encouragement which no other cause man in the world can impart in the same degree : he is calmly. who welcomed the first persecution in the words of — the Psalmist " Why do the heathen rage."' » Acts iv. that. were gathered together. against the Lord. Whom Thou hast anointed. with the Gentiles. his will be the winning side. eternal. as did the Holy Apostles themselves. . and the people of Israel. and the rulers take counsel together. and the people imagine a vain thing ? " The kings of the earth stand up. " FOE TO DO whatsoever THY HAND AND THY COUNSEL DETERMINED BEFORE TO BE DONE. 25-28. and that the victory will be complete. demonstrably sure. both Herod and Pontius Pilate.

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.. ..... " Jam Lucis Orto Sidere " Jeremiah the Patriot Jeremiah xxiii. . ! ' Guardian Angels •.. Light Lighting of Lamps Lights at Vespers Lights in the Upper Chamber Lines sent with the Lives of Ridley and Cranmer Lines suggested by the Remembrance of a Friend Loneliness 302 422 390 264 420 470 353 242 441 411 412 413 494 474 287 .. The Lifting up to the Cross . .. .. . . .... ..'. The Gibeonites..... .. ... 23 Judas's Infancy : Languor Length of the Prayers Lent Lessons and Accomplishments Let us depart hence " Libertas.... The Gifts Gleaners. . . . _ for Emigrants .... etc. . The Irreverence in Church Isaac on Moriah ...... ..... .. . .... ! 536 531 506 443 280 523 513 448 274 334 456 423 523 247 Temper In Choirs and Places where they sing..INDEX OF TITLES Gardening Gathering of the Church. _ .. . Room .... How shall the Righteous Huntspill Hymn Hymn for Easter-tide Hymn for the Annunciation Hymns 111 Tower .... ... .. ...... ! ' 442 339 440 324 218 500 453 424 343 5O8 520 455 279 419 261 513 509 Hammond's Grave Harvest Herald of Woe..... [ . In Harmony Innocents' Day. .. A Holy is the sick Man's ! \ [ Holy Matrimony Home Sickness Hooker Hours of Prayer. ... . .' ! ! ! ' ' .. .. quae sera tamen " Lich-gate. . The 559 '^^g .. . .. . The Hezekiah's Display Hint for a Fable....

Noontide . orrSumlnt'in Lichfield Cathedral On being requested to write some Verses On leaving Corpus Christi College •. but these are Breezes " Nee me discedere flevit New Creation Cliff. Mistrust of Elders Moonlight. Penance . Presumption " Primo Dierum Ommum • . stay thee yet " O 468 . A . • • • . • . PAGE Looking Westward " Lueis Creator Optime " . 492 326 354 399 403 491 373 497 483 475 501 474 295 431 327 466 312 300 256 534 351 268 459 • • • . The • Vu ' v. Ihe • of Sight Mother out Mourners following the Cross. m . • • Newton near Fledborough " Nocte Surgentes " . Most Holy Name. Sunday Services .•. . Lullaby. " Nunc Sancte " " Nunquam Auditurae " . O. . . Ego amo Te " O Lord. ine • • Naaman's Servant Nay. Orphanhood Oxford .560 INDEX OF TITLES . . The Malvern at a Distance May-Day Song May Garlands Mile from Totness. . * . Obeisance at entermg Church • . . Lingua " Pebbles on the Shore . Prayers of Saints Preparing for . Palm. " Nurse. . -. . . .. Octaves of Festivals . . . The Mother Bird with her Young. • 234 460 229 515 516 307 510 271 508 215 321 516 • . . 521 Oak. . let me draw " 342 512 479 216 501 457 322 458 487 530 Deus.„ On the North Road On visiting the Ruins of Faileigh Castle . • • . The " Pange. Ode for the Encaenia at Oxford in the Pyrenees Ode on the Victories .' -u Church Prayer at Home and .:„. . Ulcombe Parsonage . if ever .

. Sonnet (" Whom blesseth most the gentle dew of heaven Sonnet (" Yes. John xiv... ... .. . .. 4 Saints' Infancy.. .. .INDEX OP TITLES Punishment Purification. . The .. I will stamp her image on my soul ") .. 285 260 449 513 476 505 .. 249 461 255 439 257 292 289 246 221 ? Spoliation Spring Flowers Stammering Stanzas addressed to a " Gloomy Thinker " Stanzas on leaving Sidmouth Starry Heavens... .......... ... 17 St. .. ... .. .. .. 561 298 389 458 368 358 422 262 459 Remnant. .. John's Day St.... . 484 504 423 425 349 526 522 451 344 521 Sacrilege St. ye maidens fair and wise ") Song (" They say I am no faithful swain ") Song of the Manna-Gatherers Sonnet (" When I behold yon arch magnificent ") . Song (" Tell me.... A . Mark xvi... John V.......... ... Andrew and his Cross St.... .. ... " SaJvete Flores Martyrum " Samuel's Prayer Seals Self-Examination Separation Shyness Sickness in the Cradle Sign of the Cross Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity Sleeping on the Waters " Somno Refectis Artubus " ..... The .. .... A Repeating the Creed " Rerum Deus " Robin Lee Rook.. .. . 450 230 456 490 476 336 493 ") 488 478 429 500 290 478 486 . ... Joseph St..... . ..... . . The Ruler of the Nations. Sunday Nosegays Tears Restrained Tell 331 309 thy Mother Tenth Sunday after Trinity There have been mightj' Winds Thought on a fine Morning. 1 St.. ... . The .. A Thought upon taking Leave of some Friends. .. .... .. . The " Rector Potens " Redbreast in Church Relies and Memorials . . . .... 16.

... . A When in her Hour When is Communion nearest ? White Apparel Whitsunday Whitsun Eve ....D the Nightingale .562 INDEX OF TITLES PAGE .... . . T.. To a Girl .. Trinity.. ... Written in the Album at Cuddesdon Palace Why ... . Three Absolutions. Walk to Church Watch by Night. Seek We Written at Sidmouth ..... jun To his Sister Elizabeth To J. . with Petrarca Tokens To To To To To Master Bernard Wilson's Dog .. . .481 522 Ye of nice Touch .... To a To a Cave under High Peak . . The Thrush singing in the Middle of a Village. To a Little Girl To all Friendly Readers To E. . K.. The Waterfall. Tenth Sunday after Trustworthiness Turning out of the London Road Two Lamps United States Unwearied Love Upward Gazing Vernal Mirth " Verbum Supernum prodiens " " Vexilla Regis " " Vox clara ecce personat 407 417 482 473 537 213 514 529 489 439 537 472 527 482 477 450 449 254 511 514 427 265 236 319 465 464 465 352 415 328 480 526 520 363 397 395 524 530 ". . The Wet Day at Midsummer. on her Sister's Death the Lord of the Manor of Merdon the Memory of John Leyden. ..... C. . . Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity. .. M.

" But Faith is cold. sweetest Anthem All gorgeous hues are in the pure white beam All hail. — made fast ? " At length the worst Awake again the Gospel-trump is blown " Away. and Thou art laid 439 421 25 49 516 438 17 206 70 7 432 351 339 Behold. And dare ye deem God's ire must cease And even the very walls of the dread place " And is there in God's world so drear a place " And shrink ye still ? He nearer draws And they who grudge the Omnipotent His praise And wilt Thou hear the fever' d heart " Angel of wrath why linger in mid air ? " . " Are the gates sure ? is every bolt As rays around the source of light As when the Paschal week is o'er . thou cheerful summer breeze Born of God the Father's bosom . Bethlehem. young Saint. athwart our woodland nest " Behold me. above all cities blest . ! . and wilful men are strong " : — ! 320 441 202 448 156 501 469 422 563 . Lord. ! .. . or ere the Lord break forth " 1 — is o'er. was thine Ah cease my friend. a worthless Gibeonite " Behold the treasure of the nest sword and lightning shaft Behold your armoury Beneath the burning eastern sky .. April's gone. the king of showers . " Welcome to me " " A A A PAGE ! ! . that mournful lay Alas that e'er the pangs of birth Alleluia. Bless'd are the pure in heart Blow fresh and fair.. apart from mother dear And dare I say. 246 247 279 478 247 468 363 477 287 409 435 364 51 — . thou messenger of spring and love Alone.INDEX OF FIRST LINES Christian child in pain ! " fragment of a rainbow bright holy home.

^the Voice rings keen and true Go not away.. . Each morn and eve. ... thou weary soul . . each one as mine. bright visions of my lonely hours . far on other isles Farewell. ... ... . . .. . .. . . One Even as the close of some grave melody .. Fear not : for He hath sworn " Fill high the bowl. .. thou soft Moon. . have been Dread was the mystery on Moriah's hill Dread Word. .. for Thou . But louder yet the heavens shall ring But sadder strains...564 INDEX OF FIRST LINES . ... 407 458 399 468 523 496 510 453 Fain would we love Thee. 610 268 259 261 521 436 334 465 428 .163 . strengthening Guide . ... ye little revellers gay ! Comrades.. Lord Far.. . PAGE By your Lord's creative breath Christ before thy door is waiting Christian child. . . and many a morn 1 . . haste the tent's tall shading Cove beyond cove. . who from the Father hast Dull thunders moan around the Temple Rock . Dark mountains.. Farewell. . .. happy valley. Come hear with duteous mind Come take a woodland walk with me . and direr bodings dark But what if chrisom robes be sin-defil'd .. . the Golden Keys E'en now vouchsafe... and ye shadowy gleams Father and Lord of our whole life " Father to me Thou art and Mother dear " ..63 . . twinkle in my lonely room Come.... — Go up and watch the new-bom rill God's mercy is in the pure beam of Spring Great is the joy when leave is won Greatest art Thou in least. . Give ear. .. ...61 ... .. .. . and with us by summer seas . . . . ... . .. .. . Come...... . ... . . 78 267 44 412 465 112 74 476 310 358 473 . .. ..... ... . to thee the tale is told Dear is the morning gale of spring Didst thou not hear how soft the day-wind sighed ! . . glorious sky Dear Child.. . . whoe'er thou be Come. . . . . . e'en in gospel times. . Foe of mankind too bold thy race Full many an eve.. . .... ... ... and pour " First Father of the holy seed Five loving souls. Saviour. .. slothful heart 1 Draw near as early as how dar'st thou say we may Dread glimpses.... .. and spice it well.... Down. . .. .. .. ... . 437 429 366 440 373 839 302 354 326 414 307 336 509 98 . O Lord Grieve not though Mary's birthday pass'd ... .. in faint and fainter line Creator. 407 .. Good Spirit. .

Hues of the rich imfolding mom .. . in the light-curtain'd west 1 Hold up thy mirror to the sun Holy is the sick man's room . 29 260 341 449 272 18 96 453 535 443 523 531 the banners bright and fair Mary.. .. ... I mark'd when vernal meads were bright I thought to meet no more.... how rich. . to rear gladdening Light. quiet souls... . . ..... thou solitary Cave I mark'd a rainbow in the north .. make my heart a place where angels sing Lord of Ufa.. ! . Margaret.. in Thy Name Thy servants plead Lord Jesus. Lord. " Lord.INDEX OP FIRST LINES Had Hail 1 I an infant. . loving hearts and dear Lord. . . 565 PAOE 234 441 461 534 413 173 520 487 325 387 433 480 . whoe'er ye be " More and more Stars and ever as I gaze". and see It is so It was not then a poet's dream — 482 33 293 409 429 403 513 115 439 503 68 198 420 119 132 105 — . pensive little one .. . in bowers of endless spring Is there no sound about our Altars heard Is this a time to plant and build ope thine eyes. Many . in Thy field I work all day " Lord. Anne. . and what shall this man do ? " " Lord. the part . .. 475 505 3 I love thee well. . . they say.. the darkest hour Is there. . EUza Meek. . .. .. .. Lessons sweet of spring returning Live ever in my heart. . how sUent has the stream of time How varied.... pastoral..513 . so dreary seem'd If waiting by the time-crown'd halls If. . who gleaming forth . Martyr-flowers. . . of His pure glory poured Hail. prophetic Spirit .. sweet awful hour Lo.. . Half-hearted men we creep He spake : He died and rose again How can I leave thee all unsung How fast these autumn leaves decay How gaily seems the sun to rise " How long endure this priestly scorn " How mournfully the lingering rain-drops sound How shall the righteous win their way How soft. .... . In troublous days of anguish and rebuke Is He not near ? look up and see Is it not sad dear friends should part Is it not strange. lift my heart to Thee at morn Lord.. when across the autumnal heaven In Harmony. cast at random on the wild sea sand Lo ! from the Eastern hills the Lord Look westward. 262 603 500 331 ! . .

.. . . . ..... . ... . of saintly. behold these babes are Thine O Lord.. . where skies are pure at . ... Not till the freezing blast Not undelightful prove is still Now Now Now is there solemn pause in earth and heaven the holy hour is nigh ... .566 Mother of INDEX OP FIRST LINES PAGE Christ's children dear My My My high attend Saviour.. . .. . .. . . heard ye not ths night-wind's roar O Holy Cross.. .... ...194 O Youth and Joy... heavenly notes Oh surely Scorner is his name Oh Thou who deign'st to sympathize Oh who shall dare in this firaU scene . .. can it ever be . . spotless kind O endless round of Nature's wheel O for a sculptor's hand O God of Mercy... . God of Might O God.. ask not for a lay of mine Nay.. . give gracious humbleness of heart O Lord. let me draw the baby's veil aside " ... whose dim and tearful gaze O wondrous warfare of the Spouse of God . 435 160... O blessed gem. ... . where art thou lying O hateful spell of Sin when Mends are nigh ! " O. stay thee yet. if ever of Thy Spouse forlorn O Lord my God. ... . 474 378 80 186 459 274 220 104 484 349 67 371 367 521 64 482 492 470 425 472 369 .. th' enduring might of things O grief for Angels to behold O happy new-bom babe. . . morn and eve Not often bends the face of heaven and earth Not the dark shade of thy majestic groves . . .. ... 312 86 352 530 .. . ..... 506 162 ... ... .. ... ... dream not. . spirit lingers round that blessed space child.. do Thou Thy holy will O.. I 242 295 72 190 ..13 .... your airy tread Of the bright thmgs in earth and air 357 Oft have I heard our elders say 291 Oft have I hid mine eyes Oft have I read of sunny realms... . .... . . . .. the stars are lit in heaven " Nurse..... stay O Sun of Lusitane. .. .. .. on thee to hang " O holy mountain of my God " O Lord. . as e'er was gentle hand" O thou. .. the counsels 264 265 83 479 483 512 424 430 280 499 9 Nay... ... . ..... .. ... even ! Oft have I watch'd thy trances light ! 1 ! ! Oh day of days shall hearts set free Oh say not..... but these are breezes bright " No joy of mine to invite the thunder down " Nor wants there Seraph warnings. .411 .. . .... are those thy rays " O sweetly timed.. . ". mournful on our ears the wild harp died O. bright image.

we know . steadiest plume Sweet maiden.. by cahn prayer and searching thought Soft cloud. for so calm a life Sweet nurslings of the vernal skies ! . . and only one remain 1 . 384 424 529 516 20 53 421 183 806 462 292 416 93 466 171 456 " Sad privilege is mine.. Lord. in prayer and trance Once in His Name made thee 567 PAGE Who Once more unto Thine Altar. arise and take Pure is the glory of the Chrisom vest . . 289 285 224 218 490 125 . remember She did but touch with finger weak "Silence. once more One only Way to Ufe One the descending Flame Our God in glory sits on high Praise to our pardoning God I though silent Prophet of God.. now 122 215 366 420 397 448 204 114 367 141 Red o'er the forest peers the setting sun Rejoice in God alway . they say '' Tears from the birth the doom must be " Tell me now thy morning dream " Tell me. how tearful and alone Seest thou yon woodland child Servant of God. Saw ye the bright-eyed stately child Say. of glorious warfare Sit down and take thy fill of joy .. ye maidens fair and wise . who wait See Lucifer like lightning fall " Seek we some realm where virgin souls may pray Seest thou.. dear friend " Tears are of Nature's best.. ye happy Sunday hours. . my tongue.. God whose Word is truth Sun. Ten cleans' d. to show " . unworthy ! how should tones Uke thine Since all that is not Heaven must fade Sing.. Moon. how sweet art Thou Stately thy walls. ye celestial guards. and Stars. Saints in Paradise. . ! ! ! 444 363 88 515 422 364 27 130 458 508 509 417 46 297 126 Tear not away the veil. one day contending sought Sweet bed of death how oft to thee Sweet bird up earliest in the morn Sweet Dove the softest.. Sleep has refresh'd our limbs : we spring Slowly the gleaming stars retire So keep thou. and holy are the prayers Strong Ruler. O speed Star of the East. that while the breeze of May Soft ridge of cloud or mountain which thou art Sons of our Mother 1 such the indignant strain Speed on..INDEX OF FIRST LINES On Sinai's top..

. . .. . .. th' All-gracious. That by the custom of this clime The Ark of God is in the field The banners of the King appear The bright-halr'd morn is glowing The cares. : ! 464 145 254 463 324 523 101 382 89 433 431 344 494 31 419 108 423 536 251 321 500 314 153 138 276 199 392 511 298 192 322 525 201 120 456 495 358 446 455 207 361 229 165 23 39 213 513 42 193 . when his time is short The Twelve holy men are gathered in prayer The twilight hour is sweet at home The voice that breathed o'er Eden The voice that from the glory came The wedding guests are met The western sky is glowing yet The world's a room of sickiiess. but thy towers as yet The glorious Sun at morn The grey-eyed Mom was sadden'd with a shower The heart of childhood is all mirth The lions prowl around. who runs may read There is an awe in mortals' joy There is no grief that ever wasted man . and we The traveller. ... 527 4. the loves of parents fond The choir of new Jerusalem The Church is one wide Harvest Field The clarion calls away to take The clouds that wrap the setting sun The duteous sun hath ceased to keep The Earth that in her genial breast The fire of Heaven breaks forth The flood is round thee. . . . 348 ... ... where each heart The year begins with Thee There are. .1s .568 INDEX OF FIRST LINES PAGB . with fiercest glare The morning mist is clear'd away The Powers of 111 have mysteries of their own The prayers are o'er why slumberest thou so long The Primroses with kindly gleam The road-side airs are sweet that breathe of home The scourge in hand of God or Man The shadow of th' Almighty's cloud The shepherd boy lies on the lull The shepherd lingers on the lone hill side The shower of moonlight falls as still and clear The Son of God in doing good The Star of day hath risen. thy grave to guard " The live-long night we've toil'd in vain " " The Lord hath set me o'er the kings of earth " The Lord is King He wrought His will The Lord. .. : . who darkling and alone There are who love upon their knees There have been mighty winds on high There is a book. hides not all His Ire The Lord who lends His creatures all The loveliest flowers the closest cling to earth The May winds gently lift the willow leaves The mid-day sun.

. nook sate one lonely are the workings of a spirit pure .INDEX OF FIRST LINES There There There These 569 FASB on a green hill side was a kind small maiden. They know th' Almighty's power They say I am no faithful swain They say. 480 419 37 375 457 151 260 395 283 82 389 328 319 " Wake. whom with proud and happy heart I call Thus evermore the Saints' avenging God Tired of the rude world's angry din 'Tis gone. of old th' unchanging sun " Trust in God. my mother dear " Watch us by night. that bright and orbed blaze 'Tis said. liOrd Twice in her season of decay . . " The man is false. . . . arm divine ! awake " " Wake me to-night. . yet thrice belov'd Thou. and he lodged in a. and she was fain to greet was a young rook. so lone and sweet Thou. first and best Thou mak'st me jealous. Well may I guess and feel What buds. Infant dear Thou thrice denied. with one accord uprising We were not by when Jesus came Weary soul and burthened sore Well fare the sage. what fragrant flowers are here " What is the Church. who with eye too sad and wan Thou. whose dreams of old " Well may I brook the lash of scorn or woe . who in Farleigh's ivied bower Thou. and what am I ? " What is the joy the young lambs know - 1 . the Immortal Powers on high 'Tis true. from age to age This cannot be the sleep of death . This glorious morn. Voice of the wise of old ! 1 . 515 537 504 489 35 476 423 316 57 497 459 353 537 76 508 460 239 169 386 474 300 494 437 511 5 390 21 Two clouds before the summer gale Two lamps apart may brightly burn Tyre of the farther West ! be thou too warn'd . . early before the dawn 'Twas on the day when England's Church of yore 'Twas silence in Thy temple. long . . Light's Creator. 522 393 425 209 167 180 514 427 139 Unheard in summer's flaring ray Visions of vastness and of beauty . Time's eldest born This is the portal of the dead This morning so kindly without any call Thou first-born of the year's delight Thou gentle Moon. . . who didst choose thine awful room Thou. and trust in Me " 'Twas at the matin hoiir. and They talk of wells in caverns deep falls away " Th' historic Muse.

. " 'Tis vain " is " Whence . Who may the wondrous birth declare Whoe'er from Cuddesdon's pastoral shade Who says.. . and say... when loving Mends When I behold yon arch magnificent When in her hour of still decay When in my silent. While snows. . Where Where Where Where Where is it mothers learn their love ? Wild Weber. hide thine eyes When Nature tries her finest touch When Persecution's torrent blaze When travail hours are spent and o'er . sounding high and low Why should we faint.. than when What sudden blaze of song What time the Saviour spread His feast What went ye out to see " What wouldst Thou have me do.. of conscience born When brothers part for manhood's race When Christ to village comes or town When God of old came down from Heaven When heart and head are both o'erflowing When heaven in mercy gives thy prayers return When holy books. the wan autumnal sun Whom blesseth most the gentle dew of heaven ? is . the brow to bear in mortals' sight .. even from the mild South-west " Who for the like of me will care ? " Who is God's chosen priest ? . .. why rush on so Will . Why art thou sad. thou wintry wind " Why deck the high cathedral roof" Why doth my Saviour weep Why of all the woodland treasure Why seek we... . . and fear to live alone Why should we grudge the hour and house of prayer Why so stately.. . . . . the mighty grace " . is the land with milk and honey flowing is the mark to Jesus known is Thy favour'd haunt. dear friends. O Lord ? " When Adam his first Sunday kept When bitter thoughts. fast ? Wish God indeed with fragments bear not.. . ...570 INDEX OF FIRST LINES What is this cloud upon thy brow ? What is this sudden thrill What liberty so glad and gay What mountain-echoes roll What purer brighter sight on earth. eternal Voice . .. . . when all around Why blow' St thou not. wild Weber.. Where are the homes of Paschal Mirth Wherefore shrink. .. my soul. solitary walk When is Communion nearest ? When mortals praise thee. Maiden fair . PAOE 270 368 140 491 223 15 346 11 .. my pain away 257 583 110 149 450 92 290 343 271 493 526 2 520 269 55 135 226 236 256 442 189 249 100 221 137 230 342 158 216 530 196 488 481 185 356 117 327 524 143 355 237 535 147 128 .. . .

Clark. ... . ... & R... . ... . . and keen true eye Ye stars that round the Sun of righteousness * Ye who wait in wistftil gaze Ye whose hearts are beating high ! " Yes deep within and deeper yet " Yes. Limited.... . . 255 365 . ... THE END Printed by R. I will stamp her image on my soul Yon tower that gleams against the blackening east You ask me for a song.. ye holy maids Ye know not what ye ask Ye lingering hours speed on with infant haste Ye of nice touch.INDEX OF FIRST LINES With joy the guardian Angel Within a reverend Minster I Word supreme. before creation Ye children that on Jesus wait Ye hermits blest... .451 . ". ... .... Editihurgh... .48 . . my dear .... — .. .. sees 571 PAGE have stood . .. .... . . 309 175 526 486 522 177 232 59 478 501 514 . .. .

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