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What’s Happening BLOG pdf copy

What’s Happening BLOG pdf copy

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Published by: Cathy Kennedy on Aug 12, 2011
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Cathy Kennedy © 2011 “MAMA,” a voice rang out through the house, “COME QUICK!” “What’s wrong?” “Look, I can move my front tooth with my tongue! Do I have some kind of disease?” Six year old Emily had recently learned the meaning of disease. She learned about it when the old tabby got sick. The vet explained the cat had a disease and that is what caused it to be sick. By this time, Emily’s younger sister and baby brother came to see what the ruckus was all about. Anna peeked around the corner. “Does it hurt?” “Nope.” Mama smiled. “No, you don’t have a disease. This is normal. All little children your age begin to lose their teeth.” “All of my teeth!” “Oh, no! Not all at once. God allows them to come out one by one to be replaced with your permanent teeth.” “Permanent teeth?” “Like what Daddy and I have.” “Will my friends laugh at me?” “No, this is a sign you’re growing into a big girl.” “Really?” “Really.” “I want to be a big girl, too.” Anna said. Mama patted her on the head. “You’ll get your chance before long.”

********* “Children, Daddy’s home.” “Daddy!” they said, running to greet him at the door.

“Hello squirts,” he said, kissing Mama on the cheek. “What’s new with you kiddos today?” “I have a wiggly tooth,” Emily said. He bent over, “Let me see your wiggly tooth.” She smiled big and wiggled it with her tongue. “Wow, my little girl is growing up to be a big girl.” “That’s what Mama said.” Ann said, “I want to be a big girl, too.” He smiled. “You’ll get your chance before long, Princess.” “That’s what Mama told me,” Anna hung her head. Daddy rubbed the top of his son’s head. “What about my little buddy, does he still have all of his teeth?” Joshua took out his pacifier. He gave Daddy a big grin. He showed off all eight of his teeth. The family laughed. “Dinner’s in 10-minutes, kids. Time to wash up.” “Okay,” Emily said, leading the way to the bathroom. At the family table, Daddy was saying the grace. “Thank you for this food, we are about to receive. Amen!” He took a deep whiff, “Mmm, the chicken smells good.” Mama smiled. “Emily, be careful to not swallow your wiggly tooth.” “I will,” she took a small bite. “Oooh, it hurts.” Daddy said, “Trying eating the chicken with your back teeth.” She pulled a stripe of chicken off the bone. “What will happen once my tooth comes out?” “Didn’t Mama tell you?” She shook her head no. He leaned forward. “Actually, a pretty neat thing happens.” This got all three of the children’s attention. “On the very day your tooth comes out, you will place it under your pillow when you go to bed for the night.” “Why?” “For the Tooth Fairy. She will come while you are asleep and take your baby tooth.” 2

“Why?” “So she can leave you some money in place of your tooth.” “Moneeeey, I get money for my baby tooth?” Daddy shook his head yes. “What will the Tooth Fairy do with my tooth?” “It’s told the Tooth Fairy buries it as a sign the little boy or girl is growing up.” “Like a big girl?” “Yes, like a big girl.” Anna said, “I want to be a big girl, too.”


Later that night, the girls were snuggled under their covers. Joshua was curled up with his favorite blue fleece blanket asleep at the bottom of his sisters’ bed. Mama finished the children’s bedtime story when Emily asked, “When will my tooth come out?” Mama patted the edge of the bed, “Let me look.” Emily careful to not wake her little brother got out from underneath the covers to sit beside Mama. “Open wide, dear,” Gently, she wiggled Emily’s tooth, “Hmmm.” Emily closed her mouth. “Well…when will come out?” “I’m not sure. These things are unpredictable.” “Unpredictable?” “Yes, unpredictable…you know, not knowing for sure. I can tell you this, your tooth will get wigglier and wigglier every day until finally it comes out.” “How will it come out?” “It can come out while eating something chewy or you may need help getting it out.” Anna climbed over Joshua, “How did your first baby tooth come out, Mama?” “My grandma…your great-grandma Joy gently tugged it out with the hem of her apron.” 3

“Can you pull mine?” “It’s not quite ready.” Mama smiled, “The both of you get back beneath the covers now. It’s time for you young ladies to go to sleep.”


One day, the girls were having a tea party in their bedroom. They invited Joshua to be their guest and all of their dolls and stuffed animals. Anna’s eyes lit up. “I have an idea on how to get that ole wiggly tooth out.” “Emily cocked her head to the side, “How?” “Stay right here.” A few minutes later Anna came back. Emily pointed, “What’s that for?” “It’s for your tooth. Lay on the floor. I’ll get it out for you.” Joshua watched curiously. His pacifier rapidly moved back and forth.” “Okay.” Anna sat on top of Emily’s chest. “Open wide, now.” Emily began opening her mouth. Anna leaned forward with Daddy’s pulling tool. Suddenly, Emily clamped her lips shut. She pressed both of her hands over her mouth, tightly. “Aaah… gee! I can’t pull your wiggly tooth. Open up, Emily!” “Uhhh-uhhh…” she shook her from head side-to-side. Joshua looked on. He knew this was a good time to get Mama. He quietly slipped away. In the kitchen, Mama was busy with the dishes. She stopped and dried her hands. Ruffling the hair on the top of his head she said, “What’s my favorite boy doing today?” “Anna doctor on Emmy’s tooth, Mama.” “What?” “Anna got Daddy’s pulling tool.” “Oh goodness,” she picked up Joshua up. “Let’s go see.” When Mama got to the girls’ bedroom, Emily and Anna were in the same position. “Pleeeease… Emily, open up!” she begged. 4

“Anna Elizabeth, what are you doing with your daddy’s pliers?” Anna’s head jerked around. She got off her sister. “Ahhh… I was just trying to help Emily get that ole wiggly tooth out.” “I believe she doesn’t want your help, dear.” By this time, Emily was standing. “Gee Anna, I got really scared when I saw Daddy’s pliers get close.” “Oh, pooh I saw Bumblebee at the tooth doctor on TV this morning. I wanted to be Emily’s tooth doctor.” “I know you were trying to help your sister. Let’s not use Daddy’s tools for pulling Emily’s tooth anymore, okay?” Anna gave Mama the pliers. “All right,” she sighed.

********** Emily, Anna, and Joshua sat outside a few days later having a picnic lunch on the grass. Suddenly, an idea popped into Emily’s head. She remembered something. “Mama, may I have some taffy?” She got up off the blanket, “Sure…” Mama motioned for the children to follow. “Anna and Joshua, would you like a piece of candy, too?” “Goody, yeah,” Anna said. They all went inside to the kitchen. Mama got the candy dish off the top of the refrigerator. She sat it on the dining room table. “You may each have two pieces.” Emily took the wrapper off a piece of cherry taffy, “I’m going to try eating this to see if it gets my wiggly tooth out.” She bit the candy in half. Her jaws began moving up and down and up and down. “Unnn, it sure is awfully chewy.” Anna and Joshua ate their candy, as they watched Emily chew and chew and chew until all her candy was gone. “Did it work,” Anna asked. “No,” she said with her finger in her mouth. “The candy is just stuck to my teeth now.”

********** 5

“Good-morning, sleepy head.” Mama said. Emily yawned, “Can you pull my wiggly tooth today?” “We can try later,” she smiled. “Right now, eat your oatmeal with your sister and brother while it’s still hot.” As soon, as the children were done with breakfast they carried their empty bowls into the kitchen. The girls helped Mama load the dishwasher. Joshua played with his matchbox cars in the dining room floor. “Emily put the last glass into the dishwasher, “Can you be my tooth doctor now?” “Okay,” Mama smiled, taking Emily by the hand. “A tooth doctor is called a dentist.” “Ooooh, I have heard that word before,” she said, thoughtfully. “…on the TV.” Anna asked, “Do you want Daddy’s pulling tool?” “No thank-you. I don’t have an apron like my grandma, but this dishtowel should work just as well.” Emily sat in the dining table chair. “Will it hurt?” “It may smart just a little, but nothing too bad.” Bravely, she opened her mouth, while her sister and brother watched. Mama wrapped the thin dishtowel snuggly around the tiny baby tooth. She gave a firm, quick tug, and removed the dishtowel. They all peered inside the towel. “Where is it,” Anna asked. “It’s still in my mouth.” Everyone looked at Emily wiggling her tooth with her tongue.

********** “Give that back!” said Anna. Joshua begged, “Me want to play with it.” “Boys, don’t play with baby dolls.” He whined, “Baby hungry, me feed baby.” “Let go,” she demanded.


“‘C’mon Anna…he just a little feller.” Emily said, stepping between them. At that precise moment Anna turned loose with Joshua still tugging hard on the doll. WHOMP! “Oooouch!” Emily grabbed her mouth. Joshua looked on innocently. Anna’s eyes got wide. Mama came into the room, “What’s all the commotion?” Anna swallowed hard, “Joshua hit Emily in the mouth with my baby doll…accidentally.” “Your mouth is bleeding, Emily,” said Mama. “Did he knock your tooth out?” “Noooo,” she shook her head. “It’s still there.”

********** The days slipped away. Emily’s wiggly tooth wiggled on her very special day. Around the dining room table the whole family cheerfully, sang, “Happy Birthday, dear Emily. Happy Birthday to you!” As the yaying and clapping faded Mama said, “Go ahead, Sweetie, make a wish and blow your candles out.” Emily closed her eyes. “Poof.” In one swoosh she blew out all the tiny flickering flames. “What did you wish for,” Anna asked. “Can’t tell you or it won’t come true.” Joshua leaned close to the cake licking his lips, “Me want cake!” Everyone laughed. “Okay, but the birthday girl goes first,” said Mama. “Mmm, gooo…” Emily made a funny face. “Huh…what this?” “What is it, dear?” “There’s something in my cake.” She spat the bite out into her napkin, and then looked. “Hey…” she exclaimed, opening her napkin for everyone to see. “my tooth!” Anna clapped, “OH goody!” 7

Daddy said, “Hooray for the birthday girl.” “My wish came true. It really came true!” “Emmy’s wish come true, Emmy’s wish come true,” chanted Joshua. Mama said, “I suppose the Tooth Fairy will come tonight.” “Oh, I forgot,” she smiled. “This has been the best birthday ever.” Mama laughed, “Indeed… the best birthday. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!” She gave her daughter who was growing into a big girl a hug. And, so that very night while Emily was sleeping the Tooth Fairy carefully removed her baby tooth from beneath her pillow leaving in its place a nice shiny silver coin. The End

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