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All About Diamonds

All About Diamonds

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Published by: pushkar_k123 on Aug 12, 2011
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Article Copyright © 2009 AllAboutGemstones.com
The process of creating man-made diamonds (aka cultured diamonds, lab diamonds) was first
conceived by French chemist Henri Moissan in 1892. With Moissan's process, tiny fragments of
synthetic diamond were created by heating charcoal, or carbon to an extremely high temperature
(4000º C) in a cast iron crucible.
Using an electric furnace constructed with blocks of lime, the intense heat would render the crucible
and its carbon contents into a molten liquid mass. Once the desired temperature had been achieved,
the crucible and its contents were rapidly cooled by immersing them into cold water. This abrupt
cooling caused the rapid shrinkage of the molten iron crucible, which created enough pressure to
crystallize the molten carbon into tiny diamond fragments.

The first practical commercial application of Moissan's process was developed in 1954, by H.Tracy Hall
for the General Electric Company. The process, known as the HTHP (high-temperature, high-pressure)
"belt press" process was used for synthesizing industrial-grade diamonds, and has been steadily
improved upon throughout the last 50 years.
These man-made synthetic diamonds are a laboratory-grown simulation of the natural gemstone, yet
they have the identical carbon-based chemical properties of natural diamond. Although synthetic
diamonds were originally conceived as a substitute for natural industrial-grade diamonds, they are
increasingly used in fine jewelry as their quality increases.

Synthetic Diamond under Fluorescent - © AGS Labs

Synthetic Yellow Chatham Diamond - © AGS Labs

Today, there are two main processes for creating lab diamonds: the High-Temperature High-Pressure
or "HTHP" method, and the Chemical Vapor Deposition or "CVD" method.

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