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Marketing Mix 4Ps SWOT of Nokia SWOT of Apple i-phone SWOT of Samsung Mobile Comparison Questionnaire Webliography


INTRODUCTION OF NOKIA:` Nokia is a Finland based company, incorporated in 1967. ` Nokia started of as a pulp, rubber and cable manufacturing company to a major manufacturer of mobile devices. ` Its the leading manufacturer of mobile devices. ` Nokia offers a wide range of mobile devices with the experience in music, video, imaging, gaming and a lot more. ` It also provides the services for network operators. ` Company recorded revenues of 41,121 Million in 2007 about 20.3 % increase from 2006. ` Company offers its products in 150 countries. Its HQ is in Espoo, Finland and employees about 68,500 people. Other company of Nokia are in China , Hungry , Germany , Korea and India

Marketing Mix of Nokia:4Ps

Features: - Each set of Nokia has its own features. The models of Nokia are based on features. Brand name: - Brand name is written on each set. Packaging: - On packaging of Nokia set detail information about the set is given and packing is made attractive by picture. Each set has its own booklet with information about its.


PRICE:Pricing objectives of NOKIA ` ` ` ` Nokia has a reasonable price for every series. To provide service to all income groups. Price is listed on every packing Nokia also offer cash allowances:

PROMOTION:` Advertising: 1. Though TV , Sign boards , Bill boards , Radio and Newspaper 2. ` Broachers , Posters ,Dummies and display stands Personal selling:

By product training to Distributer (what is product). ` Sale promotion:

1. Gift like Yamaha bike , Philips TV , Mitsubishi split AC , Watches and digital diary 2. With N73 mobile offer 2500Rs original Bluetooth free. 3. With 6300 offer caps and shirts.

PLACE:` ` ` Channels: Nokia > Distributer > Whole seller > Retailer > Customer Coverage: Nokia is widely available all over India


Distributer: Nokia main distributers are The Mobile Store, United mobiles, Mobile zone and Advance telecom. Nokia mobiles are mostly available through every mobile outlet.

SWOT Analysis of Nokia

Durability Long battery life User friendly Global Expansion Brand loyalty Use of Carl Zeiss lens

Market skimming prices of high sets Heavy sets Less stylish Low voice quality N Gage is a flop.

Mobiles with computer window New growth markets Other hand held devices Well designed and styled sets

China mobiles Orange, Vodafone and O2 and many other operators are globally selling their own brands of phone. Company in China Country situation


SWOT Analysis of Apple i-phone

Strengths Reputation for value for range of products Has grown substantially over recent years Resistance to computer viruses Combined functions in one device Cool device designs/very sleek Apple store/Itunes/Applications

Weakness Choice of distribution to only AT&T AT&T phone assistance is not great Very expensive, does not offer lower priced models

y y

Opportunities Expand to other companies to gain customers Allow a 1year contract Future hardware upgrades

Threats Blackberry Storm Target for competition Not affordable due to current market


SWOT Analysis of Samsung Mobile

New product concept to rollout in five months Catching the pulse of the consumer, offering good designs & understanding Emotions Heavy investment in technology, product design, and human resources Focus on innovative products for the high-end market.

Not pro actively coming out with newer models Lack in product differentiation. Different models at different price points Focus on mass market instead of niche markets Not very user friendly designs.

Distinguish its service from competitors. Offer product variations Demand for cell phones driven by the service providers or carriers Tie up with service providers Lowering the price of a phone by just $20 in many countries could increase its affordability by 43%.(As per a study report)

Motorolas dominance in the U.S, Nokias popularity in the European market, controlling more than half of the world market Aggressive competitors, including Sony, Ericsson, and Siemens eating into its share. Not keeping track of the new trends in the market Not an accessory and fashion statement


Comparison:Sr. No.

Nokia 5800


i-phone Samsung Galaxy

1) Size

2) Weight 3)Screen Resolution 4) Storage 5)Input Methods 7) Colours 8 ) Battery

Nokia 5800 is designed to The iphone is bigger in fit well into your hands. size and uneasy for one hand grip. Galaxy Tab: 380 g Nokia 5800: 109g Iphone: 133g Galaxy Tab: 240 by 400 Nokia 5800: 640 by 360 Iphone: 480 by 320 8GB with micro SD card Iphone comes with two 16/32 GB external options- 8GB & 16GB memory. Finger, stylus, plectrum, Finger only. TFT capacitive handwriting recognition. touchscreen Red, Blue and Black. Black for 8 & 16 GB, Black & White only. White for 16 GB only. 8.8 hrs talk-time, 406 hrs 5 hrs talk-time, 300 hrs 15 hrs talk-time, 710 standby, removable standby, not removable. hrs standby, removable battery. battery. 3.2 MP, Flash, 3x digital 2 MP, no flash, no zoom, 3.2 Mega Pixels zoom. A second camera no additional camera. Camera with Auto in front is available for Focus. no additional video camera calling/conferencing. Video calling is possible. No Video calling possible Video calling is in Iphone. possible. VGA@30fps No option for video 320x240 (QVGA)15 fps recording.

9) Camera

10)Video Calling 11)Video Recording


Questionnaire for survey of Product

Name or initials: Gender: Age: Education: Profession: Do you agree to publish above mentioned personal data ? Yes No

Agree or Disagree 1. Nokia mobile phones are very stylish (e.g. appearance and color choice) 2. Nokia mobile phones offer large variety of models to choose (from simple functions to comprehensive functions) 3. Nokia mobile phones are very user-friendly (e.g. easy to handle, direct menu, wide screen) 4. Nokia mobile phones are priced very reasonably. 5. Nokia mobile phones have many added features you like (i.e. games, ringtones, text, e-mail etc.) 6. Nokia mobile phones are in the forefront to apply advanced technologies i.e. Bluetooth, infrared, GPRS, etc.).


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