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MACH’s Guide # 8

Welcome to the 8th Edition of MACH Guide to Acronyms and Abbreviations!

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Industry Definitions & Organisations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 158 This book is a guide to the acronyms and abbreviations that often appear in the Telecoms Industry. With any luck you will find some answers here! Mobile Operators . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 214 This new edition makes the MACH A&A Guide one of the most complete telecoms reference guide with over 4,500 Telecom keywords listed. In addition to the alphabetical list, we have put together a host of other useful information developed specifically to reflect the technology’s evolution. Every care has been taken to ensure that the A&A Guide is as complete and accurate as possible. If you think of any information that could be included please email them to us at We wish you enjoyable and informative reading! MACH’s Services & Solutions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 282 GSM Association . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 204

The MACH Team

Industry Terms

Accounting Automatic Alternative Billing Auto Answer Back Automated Attendant Billing System Advanced Audio Coding Authentication and Access Control Auxiliary Analogue Control Channel Automatic Answer of eMLLPP service ATM Adaptation Layer ATM Adaptation Layer Composite User AAL Interface Data Unit AAL Protocol Control Information AAL Service Data Unit Associated Account Number Alternative Approval Procedures Automatic Alternate Routing Automatic Audio Remote Test Set Alternative Access Vendors Authentication Algorithm Version Access Burst Answer Back Aggregate Bearer Admission Control BSC/BTS interface Advanced Broadband Communications ABbreviated Dialling Alternate Billing Entity Code ABnormal END/ABortive END ABI ABM ABM ABME ABR ABR ABS AC AC AC AC AC AC AC AC ACA ACA ACA ACB ACBO ACC ACC ACC ACC ACC ACCH ACCS ACD ACDS ACE ACE ACE ACE ACEK Application Binary Interface Aggregate Bearer Measurement Asynchronous Balanced Mode ABM Extended Available Bit Rate Average Bit Rate Alternate Billing Service Access Charge Access Class Access Control Alternative Coding Application Context Area Code Authentication Centre Authorization Code Adaptive Channel Allocation Asynchronous Communication Adapter Automatic Circuit Assurance Automatic Call Back Automatic Cross Band Operation ACCess Access Control Class Analogue Control Channel Automatic Callback Calling Automatic Congestion Control Associated Control Channel Automatic Calling Card Service Automatic Call Distribution Automatic Call Distribution Systems Access Connection Element Advanced Coding Efficiency Authentication Encryption Automatic Cross-connection Equipment Authentication Encryption Key 6 7 . Authentication.INDUSTRY TERMS A A A3 A38 A5 A5/1/2/X A8 AA AAA AAB AAB AABS AAC AAC AACCH AAeM AAL AAL-CU AAL-IDU AAL-PCI AAL-SDU AAN AAP AAR AARTS AAV AAV AB AB ABAC A-bis ABC ABD ABEC ABEND Ampere authentication algorithm algorithm performing the functions of A3 and A8 stream cipher algorithm encryption algorithms ciphering key generating algorithm Auto Answer Authorization.

INDUSTRY TERMS A ACF ACF ACF ACG ACH ACI ACI ACIA ACK ACL ACM ACM ACO ACO ACP ACP ACP ACR ACR ACR ACRE ACS ACS ACS ACS ACSB ACSE ACT ACTL ACTS ACU ACU ACU A/D Access Coordination Function Advanced Communications Function Authentication Control Function Automatic Code Gapping Access CHannel Access Core network Interface Anonymous Call Interception Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter ACKnowledgement Asynchronous Connection Link Accumulated Call Meter Address Complete Message Authenticated Ciphering Offset Automatic Cut off Access Control Point Adjacent Channel Power Automatic Cell Planning Absolute category Rating Alternate Carrier Routing Anonymous Call Rejection Authorisation & Call Routing Equipment Advanced Communication Service Asynchronous Comunications Server Automatic Call Sequencer Automatic Configuration Server Amplitude Companded Single side Band Associated Control Service Element Activation Access Customer Terminal Location Advanced Communications Technology Satellite Acknowledgement Signal Unit Antenna Combining Unit Automatic Calling Unit Analogue to Digital AD AD ADC ADC ADCCP ADCP ADDS ADEOS ADH ADL ADLC ADM ADM ADM ADM ADN ADN ADP ADP ADPCM ADPE ADS ADS ADSI ADSL ADSU A/DSP ADU ADU ADX AE AE AEC Abbreviated Dialling Administrative Data ADministration Centre Analogue to Digital Converter Advanced Data Communications Control Procedures/Protocol Advanced Data Communication Protocol Application Data Delivery Service Advanced Earth Exploration Satellite Automatic Data Handling All Digital Loop Asynchronous Data Link Control Add/Drop Multiplexer ADMinistration processor All Digital Mode Asynchronous Disconnected Mode Abbreviated Dialling Number Advanced Digital Network Answer Detection Pattern Automatic Data Processing Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation Automatic Data Processing Equipment Advanced Digital System Asynchronous Data Service Analogue Display Services Interface Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ATM Data Service Unit Analogue/Digital Signal Processor Asynchronous Data Unit Automatic Dialling Unit Automatic Data Exchange Application Entity Authenticating Entity Acoustic Echo Control 8 9 .

INDUSTRY TERMS A AEC AECE AEF AEIR AeMS AeMSS AES AF AFC AFC AFE AFI AFIRF AFLT AFN AFP AG AGC AGC AGCH AGE AGRAS AH AHAR Ai AI AI AIC AICC AIG AIM AIMUX AIN AINI Alternate Exchange Carrier Acoustic Echo Control Equipment Additional Elementary Functions Administrative Equipment Identity Register Aeronautical Mobile Service Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service Advanced Encryption Standard Audio Frequency Area Frequency Coordinator Automatic Frequency Control Analogue Front End Authority and Format Identifier Adaptive Finite Impulse Response Filter Advanced Forward Link Trilateration Absolute Frame Number Automatic Frequency Planning Audio Gateway Automatic Gain Control Automatic Generation Control Access Grant CHannel Aerospace Ground Equipment Air-Ground Radiotelephone Automated Service Authentication Header Advanced Highway Advisory Radio Action indicator Air Interface Artificial Intelligence Advanced Intelligent Networks Automatic Incoming Call Connection Address Indicator Group Amplitude Intensity Modulation ATM Inverse MUltipleXing Advanced Intelligent Network ATM Inter Network Interface A-Interface AIO AIOD AIP AIP AIS AITS AIU AK AKA A-KEY AL AL ALB ALBO ALC ALCAP ALE ALI ALIT A Links ALN ALS ALS ALT ALU AM A/m AM AMA AMADNS AMC AME AME Interface between MSC and BSS Asynchronous Input/Output Automatic Identified Outward Dialling Advanced Infrastructure Planning Advanced Information Processing Automated Information System Acknowledged Information Transfer Service Analogue Interface Unit Anonymity Key Authentication and Key Agreement Authorisation KEY Access Line Application Layer Analog Loop Back Automatic Line Build Out Automatic Level Control Access Link Control Application Part Automatic Link Establishment Automatic Location Information Automatic Line Insulation Test Access Links Adaptive Logic Network Alternate Line Service Application Layer Structure Automatic Link Transfer Automatic and Logic Unit Access Manager Amperes per meter Amplitude Modulation Automatic Message Accounting AMA Data Networking System Administrative Management Complex Amplitude Modulation Equivalent Automatic Message Exchange 10 11 .

INDUSTRY TERMS A AMF AMI AMPS AMPS AMR AMR-WB AMSE AMSS AMTICS AMTS AN ANC ANC AND ANI ANI II ANL ANM ANR ANS ANS ANSA ANSA ANSI ANSI-41 ANT ANT ANT ANT AOA AoC AOC AoCC Authentication Management Function Alternate Mark Inversion Advanced Mobile Phone Service/System Automatic Message Processing System Adaptive Multi-Rate standard Adaptive Multi-Rate .WideBand Average Mean Square Error Aeronautical Mobile Satellite System Advanced Mobile Traffic Information & Communications System Automated Maritime Telecommunications System Access Network Access Network Controller All Number Calling Automatic digital Network Dialling Automatic Number Identification ANI Information Digits Automatic Noise Limiter ANswer Message Automatic Network Routing Advanced Network Services American National Standard Advanced Network System Architecture Alternate Network Service Agreement American National Standards Institute ANSI standard for mobile management Access Network Termination Access Network Transport ADSL Network Terminator Alternate Number Translation Angle of Arrival Advice of Charge All Ones Code Advice of Charge Charging AOC-D AOC-E AoCI Ao/DI AOS AoS AP AP AP AP APA APAD APC APC APCM APDU APE API API APK APL APLT APM APMN APN APOC APP APS APS APT AQ AQCB AR AR Advice Of Charge during a call Advice Of Charge at the End of a call Advice of Charge Information Always on Dynamic ISDN Alternative Operator Service Area of Service Access Point Access Provider Application Process Attendant Position Access Provider Architecture Asynchronous Packet Assembler/Disassembler Adaptive Predictive Coding American Personal Communications Analog PCM Modem Application Protocol Data Unit Application Protocols Entities Application Process Invocation Application Program Interface Amplitude Phase-Shift Keying Analogue Private Line Advanced Private Line Termination Application Transport Associated PMN Access Point Name Advanced Paging Operators Code Applications Portability Profile Asynchronous Protocol Specification Automatic Protection Switching Telephone Applications System Adaptive Quantitisation Automated Quote Contract Billing Access Rate Alternate Route 12 13 .

INDUSTRY TERMS A AR ARA ARC ARCH ARCNET ARD ARDIS ARF ARFCN ARM ARM ARP ARP ARPU ARQ ARQ ARS ARSR ART ARU ARU AS AS AS AS ASAM ASBR ASC ASCE ASCI ASCII ASE ASE ASG Automatic Recall Access Registration Point Adaptive Reception Control Access Response Channel Attached Resource Computer NETwork Automatic Ring Down Advanced Radio Data Information Service Absolute Radio Frequency Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number Advanced RISC Machines Asynchronous Response Mode Address Resolution Protocol Authorised Receipt Point Average Revenue Per User Automatic Repeat reQuest Automatic ReQuest for retransmission Automatic Route Selection Air Route Surveillance Radar Audible Ring Tone Alarm Relay Unit Audio Response Unit Airborne Station Analog Signal Answer Supervision Autonomous System ATM Subscriber Access Multiplexer Autonomous System boundary router AIN Switch Capabilities Association Control Service Element Advanced Speech Call Item American Standard Code for Information Interchange Application Service Element Application Specific Entity Access Service Group ASI ASI ASI ASIC ASK ASN ASN ASN.1 ASP ASP ASP ASP ASP ASP ASR ASR ASR ASR ASR ASS ASSP ASTA ASVD AT AT ATB ATC ATD ATDM A-TDMA ATE ATG ATIM ATM Alternate Space Inversion Application Software Interface ATM Service Interface Application Specific Integrated Circuit Amplitude Shift Keying ATM Switching Network Auxiliary Signal Network Abstract Syntax Notation One Abstract Service Primitive Adjunct Service Point Advanced Speech Processor Aggregated Switch Procurement Alarm & Status Panel Application Service Provider Access Service Request Airport Surveillance Radar Answer Seizure Ratio Automatic Send and Receive Automatic Speech Recognition Access Switch System Application Specific Standard Product Advanced Software Technology & Algorithms Analogue Simultaneous Voice & Data Access Tandem Advanced Technology All Trunks Busy Adaptive Transform Coding Asynchronous Time Division Asynchronous Time Division Multiplexing Advanced Time Division Multiple Access Automatic Test Equipment Address Translation Gateway Announcement Traffic Information Message Advanced Testing Methods 14 15 .

INDUSTRY TERMS A ATM ATO ATP ATP ATRS ATS ATSAC ATT ATTS ATV AU AU AU AUC AUI AUP AUSM AUT(H) AUTHBS AUTHR AUTO AUTODIN AUTOSEVOCOM AUTOVON AUU AV AVC AVD AVI AVL AVM AVM AVT AVT Asynchronous Transfer Mode Analogue Tandem Office Access Transport Parameter Authorisation To Proceed Automatic Trunked Radio System ATM Transmission System Automatic Traffic Surveillance & Control ATTach Automatic Trunk Testing Subsystem Advanced TeleVision Access Unit Adaptation Unit Alternative Use AUthentication Centre Attachment Unit Interface Acceptable Use Policy ATM User Service Module AUTHentication AUTHentication from the BS AUTHentication Response AUTOmatic mode AUTOmatic DIgital Network AUTOmatic SEcure VOice COMmunications Network AUTOmatic VOice Network ATM User-to User Authentication Vector Analog Voice Channel Alternate Voice Data Audio Video Interleave Automatic Vehicle Location ATM Voice Multiplexer Audio Visual Management Audio/Video Transport Audio Visual Terminal AWACS AXE ATM Wireless Access Communications System Automatic Cross-connection Equipment 16 17 .

INDUSTRY TERMS B B b2b b2c B8ZS BA BA BA BACC BACP BAIC BAOC BAOIC BAP BAR BARG BAS BASIC BATS BB BB BBM BBN BB-RAS BBS BC BC BCC BCC BCCH BCD BCD BCDIC B-CDMA BCF Bit / Byte business to business e-commerce business to consumer e-commerce Binary 8-Zero Substitution Balanced Asynchronous Basic Access BCCH Allocation Billing And Customer Care systems Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol Barring All Incoming Calls Barring All Outgoing Calls Barring of Outgoing International Calls Bandwidth Allocation Protocol Backward Adaptive Re-encoding Billing & Accounting Rapporteur Group Bit-rate Allocation Signal Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code Broadcast Air-interface Transport Service Bandwidth Broker Base Band Base Band Module Bulk Billing Number Broadband Remote Access Server Bulletin Board System Basic Call Bearer Channel Base transceiver station (BTS) Colour Code Basic Control Channel Broadcast Control CHannel Binary Coded Decimal Broadband Content Delivery Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code Broadband Code Division Multiple Access Backward Control Field BCF BCF BCH BCH BCI BCIE BCM BCM BCP BCSM BCT BCTP BCU BDN BDSL BDT BE BE BEC BECN BEP BER BER BERT BETRS BEX BEZS BF BFCV BFI BFT BGP BHCA BHM Base station Control Function Bearer Control Function Bids per Circuit per Hour Binary Code Height Bit-Count Integrity Bearer Capability Information Element Basic Call Manager Bit Compression Multiplexer Basic Call Process Basic Call State Model Business Cordless Telephone Basic Call Transfer Protocol Base station Control Unit Barred Dialling Numbers Broadband Digital Subscriber Line Billing Data Tape Bandwidth Efficiency Block Error Backward Error Correction Backward Explicit Congestion Notification Back End Processor Basic Encoding Rules Bit Error Rate Bit Error Rate Test Basic Exchange Telecommunications Radio Service Broadband Exchange Bandwith Efficient Zero Suppression Bearer Function Binary Facility Coding Value Bad Frame Indication Binary File Transfer Border Gateway Protocol Busy Hour Call Attempt Busy Hour Minutes 18 19 .

INDUSTRY TERMS B BHMC BI BIA BIB BIB B-ICI BIC-Roam BID Binhex BIOS BIP BIP BISDN BISYNC BISUP Bi-sync Bit BIT BITE BIU B-LE BLEC BLER B Links B-LLI BLOB BLSR BLV Bm BMTI BN BNC ID BNI Busy Hour Minutes of Capacity Barring Incoming calls Burned In Address Backward Indicator Bit Balanced line Interconnect Board Broadband Intercarrier Interface Barring of Incoming Calls when Roaming outside home PMN country Billing IDentifier Binary hexadecimal Basic Input / Output System Billing Interconnection Percentage Bit Interleaved Parity Broadband ISDN BISYNChronous Transmission Broadband ISDN Users Part Binary synchronous Binary digit Built-in Test Built-in Test Equipment Bus Interface Unit Broadband Local Exchange Broadband Local Exchange Carrier BLock Error Rate Bridge Links Broadband Lower Layer Information BLOck of Bits Bidirectional Line Swirched Ring Busy Line Verification fullrate traffic channel Block Mode Terminal Interface Bit Number Backbone Network Connection IDentifier Broadband Network Interface BNM BNN BNS BNS B-NT BO BOA BOC BOF BOIC BOIC-exHC BOT bpi bps BP BP BP BPOP BPRZ BPSK BR BRA BRAN BRAS BRI BRITE BRLU BRQ BS BS BSA BSA BSC Broadband Network Module Boundary Network Node Billed Number Screening Broadband Network Service Broadband Network Termination Barring Outgoing calls Basic Ordering Agreement Bell Operating Company Business Operations Framework Barring Outgoing International Calls Barring Outgoing International Calls except to Home PMN Country Build Operate Transfer bits per inch bits per second Bit Position Breakeven Point Bypass Building Point of Presence Bipolar Return to Zero Binary Phase Shift Keying Bit Rate Basic Rate Access Broadband Radio Access Networks Broadband Remote Access Server Basic Rate Interface Basic Rate Interface Transmission Equipment Broadband Remote Line Unit Bandwidth Request Base Station Basic/Bearer Service Basic Serving Arrangement Basic Switching Arrangement Base Station Controller 20 21 .

INDUSTRY TERMS B BSC BSC BSCS BSE BSG BSI BSIC BSIC-NCELL BSM BSMAP BSMC BSN BSN BSNR BSNT BSP BSRF BSS BSS BSS BSS BSS BSS BSSAP BSSC BSSMAP BSSOMAP BST BSU BT BT BT BT Binary Synchronous Communications Binary Symmetric Channels Business Support and Control System Basic Serving Element Basic Service Group Base Station Identifier Base transceiver Station Identity Code BSIC of a Neighbouring CELL Base Station Manager Base Station Management Application Part Base Station Manufacturer Code Backward Sequence Number Broadband Service Node Backward Sequence Number Received Backward Sequence Number to be Transmitted Base Safe Processor Basic System Reference Frequency Base Station System/Subsystem Basic Service Set Basic Synchronised Subset Broadband Switching System Broadcasting Satellite Service Business Support System Base Station System Application Part Base Station System Control cabinet Base Station Subsystem Mobile Application Part Base Station System Operation & Maintenance Application Part Broadcast SMS Teleservice Base Station Unit shelf Bandwidth Time Bit Time BlueTooth Burst Tolerance BT BT BT BTA B-TA BTAM BTC B-TE BTM BTN BTP BTS BTSM BTU BUS BVA Bw BWC BWM BXM Burst Type Business Telecommunications Busy Tone Basic Trading Area Broadband Terminal Adapter Basic Telecommunications Access Method Bus Terminator Card Broadband Terminal Equipment Basic Transfer Mode Billing Telephone Number Base Transceiver Processor Base Transceiver Station Base Transceiver Station Management Basic Transmission Unit Broadcast and Unknown Server Billing Validation Application Bandwidth Bandwidth Control Bandwidth Management System Broadband Switch Module 22 23 .

Control.INDUSTRY TERMS C C/I C2 C3 C3CM C3I CA CA CA CABS CABSINET CAC CAC CAC CACH CACS CAD CAD CADN CAE CAGR CAI CAI CALC CALC CAM CAM CAMA CAMEL CAN CAN CAN CAP Carrier to Interference Ratio Command and Control Command. Control and Communications C3 Counter Measures Command. Communications and Intelligence Call Appearance Cell Allocation Channel Aggregation Carrier Access Billing System Cellular Access to Broadband Services & Interactive NEtwork Television Carrier Access Code Connection Admission Control Customer Administration Control Call Appearance Call Handling Centralised Alarm Control System Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Dispatch Cellular Access Digital Network Computer Aided Engineering Compounded Annual Growth Rate Charge Advice Information Common Air Interface Carrier Access Line Charge Customer Access Line Charge Call Applications Manager Computer-Aided Manufacturing Centralised Automatic Message Accounting Customised Application for Mobile network Enhanced Logic Campus-Area Network Controller Area Network Customer Access Network CAMEL Application Protocol CAP CAP CAP CAPCS CAPS CARE CARE CARS CAS CAS CAS CAS CASE CASS CAT CATNIP CATV CAU CAVE CB CB CB CBAC CBC CBC CBC CBCH CBCU CB-DRX CBDS CBE CBMI CBMIR CBR Carrierless Amplitude Phase modulation Cellular Array Processor Competitive Access Provider Cellular Auxiliary Personal Communications Service Common ISDN API Service Carrier Access Records Exchange Customer Account Record Exchange CAble television Relay Service / Station Call Associated Signalling Centralised Attendance Service Channel Associated Signalling Cordless Access Service Computer-Aided Software / System Engineering Common Air Satellite Structure Common Authentication Technology Common Architecture for Next Generation CAble TeleVision Controlled Access Unit Cellular Authentication and Voice Encryption Call Barring Cell Broadcast Citizen Band Context-Based Access Control Call Bearer Control Cell Broadcast Centre Cipher Block Chaining Cell Broadcast CHannel Centralised Broadband Control Unit Cell Broadcast Discontinuous Reception Connectionless Broadband Data Service Cell Broadcast Entity Cell Broadcast Message Identifier CBMI Range Selection Constant Bit Rate 24 25 .

7 Common Control Switching Arrangement Common Channel Signalling Network Common Channel Signaling System Call Completion Service Setup Channel Coding Theorem Common Control Unit Circuit Channel Check Test 26 27 .69 CCITT X.164 CCITT E.121 CCITT X.212 Cell Broadcast Short Message Service Common Base Station Cell Broadcast Short Message Service Computerised Branch eXchange Call Control Common Carrier Cost Component Country Code Cross Connection Carrier-Controlled Approach CENELEC Certification Agreement Common Cryptographic Algorithm Call Control Agent Function Call Control Block Common Carrier Bureau Customer Care and Billing Completion of Call to Busy Subscriber Customer Care & Billing System Completion of Calls for Busy Users CENELEC electronic Components Certification Clear Coded Channel Clear Channel Capability Credit Card Calling Common Control CHannel Charge-Coupled Device Common Channel Distributor Call Control Function Conditional Call Forwarding Connections per Circuit Hour Control CHannel Connection Control Interface Common-Channel Interoffice Signalling CCITT ISDN telephony numbering plan CCITT land mobile numbering plan CCITT F.INDUSTRY TERMS C CBS CBS CBSMS CBX CC CC CC CC CC CCA CCA CCA CCAF CCB CCB CC&B CCBS CCBS CCBU CCC CCC CCC CCC CCCH CCD CCD CCF CCF CCH CCH CCI CCIS CCITT E.25 CCK CCL CCL CCLC CCM CCM CCNRc CCNRy CCOT CCP CCP CCPE CCPN CCR CCR CCR CCR CCS CCS CCS CCS CCS7 CCSA CCSN CCSS CCSS CCT CCU Cct CCT CCITT telex numbering plan CCITT data numbering plan CCITT specification & protocol for public packet switched networks Complimentary Code Keying Continuous Communications Link Carrier Common Line Carrier Common Line Charge Call Connection Management Current Call Meter Completion of Calls when Not Reachable Completion of Calls when No Reply Cross Office Transfer Time Call Control Processor Capability/Configuration Parameter Control Channel Protocol Entity Call Completion to a Ported Number Call Connect Reliability Comparison Category Rating Continuity Check Request Customer Controlled Reconfiguration 100 Call Seconds Central Control System Cluster Control Site Common Channel Signalling Common Channel Signalling No.

Furnished Equipment Calling Feature Indicator Call Forwarding on No Answer Call Forwarding mobile subscriber Not Reachable Call Forwarding No Reply Channel Frame Processor Communications Frame Structure 28 29 . also known as IS-95 IS-95 CDMA air interface and ANSI 41 network standard for switch Interconnection TIA standard for 3G evolved from cdmaOne Cellular Digital Messaging Protocol Content Distribution Network Called Party Address Capture Division Packet Access Cellular Digital Packet Data Called Party Number Coherent Differential Phase Shift Keying Call Detail Records Compact Disc Rewritable Compact Disk Read-Only Memory Call Detail Rating Point Caller Display Signalling Control Data Terminal Conversation Data Table Central Display Unit Chargeable DURation CDV CDVCC CDVT C-E CE CE CEB CED CEI CEI CEIR Cellco CELP CEND CENTREX CEP CEPS CER CER CES CESID CF CF CFA CFA CFAC CFB CFE CFI CFNA CFNRc CFNRy CFP CFS Cell Delay Variation Coded Digital Verification Color Code CDV Tolerance Communications – Electronics Conditioning Equipment Connection Endpoint Control Equaliser Board Called Station Identifier Comparably Efficient Interconnection Connection Endpoint Identifier Central Equipment Identity Register Cellular company Code Excited Linear Prediction END of Charge point Central Office Exchange Circular Error Probable Common Electronic Purse Specifications Call Event Record Cell Error Ratio Circuit Emulation Service Caller Emergency Station IDentification Call Forwarding Conversion Facility Carrier Facility Assignment Carrier Failure Alarm Call Forward All Calls Call Forwarding mobile subscriber Busy Contractor .Circuit Television Cable Cut-off Wavelength Call Deflection Carrier Detect Collision Detection Compact Disc Call Detail Collection Point Continuous Dynamic Channel Selection Copper Distributed Data Interface Combined Distribution Frame Cumulative Distribution Function Call Detail Generation Point Call Detail Information Source Cellular Data Link Control Code Division Multiple Access.INDUSTRY TERMS C CCTV CCW CD CD CD CD CDCP CDCS CDDI CDF CDF CDGP CDIS CDLC CDMA cdmaOne TM cdma2000TM CDMP CDN CdPa CDPA CDPD CdPN CDPSK CDR CDR CD ROM CDRP CDS CDT CDT CDU CDUR Closed .

INDUSTRY TERMS C CFU CFW CGA CGB CGBA CGF CGI CGI cgi-bin CGLP CgPN CGR cgs CGSA CGU CGUA CGW CH CH CHAP CHTML CHP CHR CHV CI CI CI CIAS CIBER CIC CIC CIC CIC CICS Call Forwarding Unconditional Call ForWard Carrier Group Alarm Circuit Group Blocking CGB Acknowledgement Charging Gateway Function Cell Global Identity Common Gateway Interface common gateway interface-binary Calling Geodetic Location Parameter Calling Party Number Circuit Group centimeter-gram-second Cellular Geographic Serving Area Circuit Group Unblocking CGU Acknowledgement Customer Gateway Call Hold Cell Header Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol Compact Hyper Text Markup Language CHarging Point CHannel Reliability Card Holder Verification Carrier to Interference ratio Calling Identity Closed user group Index Circuit Inventory and Analysis System Cellular Intercarrier Billing Exchange Roamer Record Carrier Identification Code Circuit Identifier Code Confidentiality and Integrity Control Content Indicator Code Customer Information Control System CID CID CIDB CIDR CIDCW CIF CIFAX CIFS CIG CILE CIN CIPHONY CIR CIR CIR CIT CIU CIX CK CKSN CL CLASS CLAW CLE CLEC CLEC CLI CLI CLID CLIP CLIP CLIR CLKX CLLI Caller Identification Call Instance Data Calling Line Identification Delivery Blocking Classless InterDomain Routing Calling Identity Delivery on Call Waiting Common Intermediate Format CIphered FACSimile Common Internet File System Calling Subscriber Identification Call Information Logging Equipment Communications Interconnection Network CIphered telePHONY Carrier to Interference Ratio CIrcuit Reliability Committed Information Rate Computer Integrated Telephony Communications Interface Unit Commercial Internet Exchange Cipher Key Ciphering Key Sequence Number ConnectionLess Custom Local Area Signalling Service Common Link Access for Workstations Customer Location Equipment Certified Local Exchange Carrier Competitive Local Exchange Carrier Calling Line Identity/Identification Command Line Interface Calling Line IDentification Calling Line Identification Presentation Calling Line ID Parameter Calling Line Identification Restriction CLocK eXtender half size board Common Location Language Identifier 30 31 .

INDUSTRY TERMS C CLM CLNP CLNS CLP CLR CLR CLS CLSP CLTP CLTS CM CM CM CMAC CMC CMC CMC CMD CME CMEA CMI CMI/HIC CMIP CMIS CMISE CMM CMNS CMOT CMR CMR CMRR CMRS CMS ConnectionLess Manager Connectionless Network Protocol Connectionless Network Service Cell Loss Priority Cell Loss Ratio Circuit Layout Record Control Line Setting Competitive Local Service Provider ConnectionLess Transport Protocol Connectionless mode Transport Service Call Manager Configuration Management Connection Management Control Mobile Attenuation Code Cellular Mobile Carrier Common Mail Call Common Messaging Calls CoMmanD Circuit Multiplication Equipment Cellular Message Encryption Algorithm Coded Mark Inversion Cable Microcell Integrator/Headend Interface Converter Common Management Information Protocol Common Management Information Service Common Management Information Service Element Channel Mode Modify Connection-Mode Network Service CMIP Over TCP/IP Cellular Manual Revision Cellular Mobile Radio Common Mode Rejection Ratio Commercial Mobile Radio Service Call Management Server CMS CMS CMS CMSS CMT CMTRI CMTS CMTS CN CN CN CNAD CNAE CNAM CNAP CNAR CNC CND CND CNG CNI CNIP CNIR CNIS CNL CNM CNMA CNR CNR CNR CNS CNS/ATM CO Call Management Signalling Content Management System Customer Management System Call Management Server Signalling protocol Cellular Messaging Teleservice Cable Modem Telco Return Interface Cable Modem Termination System Cellular Mobile Telephone Services Centralised Network Complementary Network Core Network Calling Name Delivery Customer Network Access Equipment Caller ID with NAMe Calling NAme Presentation Calling NAme Restriction Complementary Network Service Calling Number Delivery Calling Number Display CalliNG tone Calling Number Identification Calling Number Identification Presentation Calling Number Identification Restriction Calling Number Identification Services Co-operative Network List Customer Network Management Customer Network Management Access Carrier to Noise Ratio Combat-Net Radio Complex Node Representation Complementary Network Service Communications Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management Central Office 32 33 .

INDUSTRY TERMS C CO COAM COBOL COBUCO COC CoC COCH CoD CODEC COFDM COFRAD COLI COLP COLR COM COMINT COMJAM COMM COMPANDER COMPUSEC COMSAT COMSEC CON CONEX CONFIG CONNACK CONS COO COR CORD CoS COT CP CP Connection Oriented Customer Owned and Maintained Equipment Common Business Oriented Language COrdless BUsiness COmmunications system Central Office Connection Certificate of Conformance COmmon control Channels Class of Device COder DECoder Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex Central Office Frame Relay Access Device COnnected Line Identity Connected Line identification Presentation Connected Line identification Restriction COMplete COMmunications INTelligence COMmunications JAMming COMMunications COMpressor-exPANDER COMPUter SECurity COMmunications SATellite Corporation COMmunications SECurity Connection Oriented Network services CONnectivity EXchange CONFIGuration control program CONNect ACKnowledgement Connection-Oriented Network Service Cell of Origin Central Outdoor Router Cellular Operations Record Distribution Class of Service Central Office Terminal Call Processing function Capability Provider CP CP CPA CPAF CPAS CPC CPC CPCS CPCS-SDU CPDE CPDP CPE CPG CPH cpi CPI CPFSK CPL cpm CPM CPN CPNI CPODA CPP cps CPS CPS CPT CPU CPUG cPCI CPN CQM Connection Point Control Point Called Party Address Customer Premise Access Facility Cellular Priority Access Services Calling Party Control Calling Party Connected Common Part Convergence Sublayer Common Part Convergence Sublayer – Service Data Unit Centralised Position Determining Entity Cellular Digital Packet Data Customer Premises Equipment Call ProGress Message Call Party Handling characters / cycles per inch Calling Person Identification Continuous Phase Frequency Shift Keying Call Processing Language counts per minute Continuous Phase Modulation Calling Party Number Customer Proprietary Network Information Compression Priority Demand Assignment Calling Party Pays characters per second Cycles Per Second Communications Processor Unit Cellular Paging Teleservice Central Processing Unit Call Pickup Group Compact Peripheral Component Interconnect Cisco Powered Network Channel Quality Measurement 34 35 .

INDUSTRY TERMS C C/R CR CR CR CRA CRABS CRC CRCC CRD CRDB CRDC CRE CRIS CRITICOM CRM CRM CRM-LS/HS CRNC CROM CRS CRT CRTS CRU CRV C/S CS CS CS CS1 CSA CSA CSAP CSC CSC Command/Response field bit Call Reference Call Register Channel Reliability / Circuit Reliability Call Routing Apparatus Cellular Radio Access for Broadband Services Cyclic Redundancy Check Cyclic Redundancy Check Character Call Rerouting Distribution Coordinate Routing DataBase Central Reference Database Centre Call RE-establishment procedure Customer Record Information System Critical Intelligence Communications Cell Resource Manager Cellular Radio Modem Cellular Radio Modem-Low Speed/High Speed Controlling Radio Network Controller Control Read-Only Memory Cell Relay Service Cathode Ray Tube Cellular Radio Telecommunications Service Control Unit Call Reference Value Client/Server Capability Set Carrier System Coding Scheme Capability Set One (ETSI) Called Subscriber Internet Address Carrier Service Area Code Service Access Point Call Signalling Channel Circuit Switching Centre CSC CS-CDPD CS-CN CSD CSDN CSE CSF CSFP CSFP CSI CSI CSI CSIC CSID CSM CSMA CSMA-CA CSMA-CD CS-n CSP CSP CSPDN CSS CSS CSS CSS CST CSTA CSU CSU CSU CSU csv Common Signalling Channel Circuit Switched-Cellular Digital Packet Data Circuit Switched Core Network Circuit Switched Data Circuit Switched Data Network CAMEL Service Environment Signalling Control Function Call Setup Failure Probability Coded SuperFrame Phase CAMEL Subscription Information Called Subscriber Identification Carrier Scale Internetworking Customer Specific Integrated Circuit Calling Station ID Call Segment Model Carrier Sense Multiple Access Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection Capability Set n (ETSI) Commerce Service Provider Competitive Service Provider Circuit Switched Public Data Network Capability Sets Stages Cell Site Switch Cellular Subscriber Station Customer Support System Convergence Sublayer Trailer Computer Supported Telephony Application Channel Service Unit Channel Sharing Unit Circuit Switching Unit Customer Service Unit Comma Separated Value 36 37 .

INDUSTRY TERMS C CSV CT CT CT CT CT CT CT CT0 CT1 CT2 CT2-CAI CT3 CTD CTD CTD CTD CTE CTE CTI CTIP CTM CTM CTN CTN CTP CTR CTRMP CTS CTS CTS CTTU CTX Circuit Switched Voice Call Trace Call Transfer Call Type Channel Tester/Type Computer Telephony Cordless Telephone Cross Talk Cordless Telephone zero generation Cordless Telephone 1st generation Cordless Telephone 2nd generation Cordless Telephone 2nd generation-Common Air Interface Cordless Telephone 3rd generation Call Termination Driven Cell Transfer Delay Charge Transfer Device Continuity Tone Detector Channel Translation Equipment Connected Telecommunications Equipment Computer Telephony Integration Computer Telephone Interface Products Cellular Text Telephone Modem Cordless Terminal Mobility Call Tracking Number Corporate Telecommunication Network Cordless Telephone Profile Common Technical Regulation Cordless Telephone Range Measurement Performance Clear To Send Conformance Testing Services Cordless Telephone Services Centralised Trunk Test Unit Clear To Transmit CUG CVSDM CW CW CWID Closed User Group Continuous Variable Slope Delta Modulation Carrier / Composite / Continuous Wave Call Waiting Call Waiting ID 38 39 .

INDUSTRY TERMS D d D* D() da D/A DA DAA DAB DAB DAC DAC DACC DaCS DACS DACS/CCR DAI DAL DAL DAL DAL DAM DAMA D-AMPS DAN DANS DAP DAPLL DAS DAS DASS DATATACTM DAU deci Specific Detectivity Dispersion Coefficient deka Digital to Analogue Destination/Device Address Data Access Arrangement Digital Audio Broadcasting Dynamically Access Arrangement Device Access Code Digital to Analogue Converter Digital Access Cross Connect Data Communications Server Digital Access Cross-connect Service/System Digital Access Crosscontrol System/Customer Controlled Reconfiguration Digital Audio/Access Interface Data Access Line Dedicated Access Line Digital Access Line Direct Access Line Diagnostic Acceptability Measure Demand Assignment Multiple Access Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service (USA Standard). also known as IS-136 DECT Access Node Distributed Access Node System Demand Access Protocol Decision Aided Phase Locked Loop Data Acquisition System Dual Attachment Station Digital Access Signalling System Motorola Standard for wireless packed data networks Database Administration Unit DAU DAWS dB DB DB dBa DBA dBc DBIR dBm DBMS DBN DBOR dBr dBrn DBS DBS DBS DBU dBv dBW dBx dc DC DC DCA DCC DCC DCCH DCCH DCE DCE DCE Direct Adapter Unit Digital Advanced Wireless Services deciBel DataBase Dummy Burst decibels adjusted Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation dB relative to carrier power Direct Beam InfraRed dB referred to 1 milliwatt Data Base Management System Dial Back Number DataBase Of Records power difference in dB between any point and a reference point dB above reference noise Direct Broadcast Satellite Direct Broadcast Service Domestic Base Station Dial Back-Up dB relative to 1 V (volt) peak-to-peak dB referred to 1 W (watt) dB above reference coupling direct current Direct Current Dry Circuit Dynamic Channel Assignment Data Communication Channel Data Country Code Dedicated Control CHannel Digital Control CHannel Data Circuit terminating Equipment Data Communication Equipment Digital Cellular Equipment 40 41 .

now GSM1800 Data Calling Tone Digital Carrier Termination Digital Cordless Telephone Data Circuit Terminating Equipment Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network Distribution and Control Unit Direct-Current Working Volts Device Driver Application Program Interface Digital Data Communications Message Protocol Direct Distance Dialling Dynamic data Exchange Digital Distribution Frame Direct Dialling Inward DDM DDN DDN NIC DDNS DDP DDR DDS DDS DDS DDSD DEA DECT DEMUX DEPSK DEQUEUE DES DES DET DETEM DF DFC DFE DFIR DFS DFS DFSK DFT DFT DGNSS DGPS DHACP DHCP DHKE DHP Digital Data Multiplexer Defence Data Network Defence Data Network Information Centre Dynamic Domain Name Server Distributed Data Processing Dial on Demand Routing Dataphone Digital Service Digital Data Service Direct Digital Synthesis Delay Dial Start Dial Data Encryption Algorithm Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony DEMUltipleX Differential Encoded Phase Shift Keying Double-Ended QUEUE Data Encryption Standard Destination End Station DETach DETector/Emitter Dedicated File Data Flow Control Decision Feedback Equaliser DiFfused Infrared Radiation Distributed File System Dynamic Frequency Solution Double Frequency Shift Keying Discrete Fourier Transformation Distributed Function Terminal Differential Global Navigation Satellite System Differential Global Positioning System Dynamic Host Automation Configuration Protocol Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Digital radio Host Processor 42 43 .INDUSTRY TERMS D DCE DCF DCF DCH DCH DCI DCL DCM DCME DCN DCP DCP DCPSK DCR DCS DCS DCS DCS DCS DCS DCS1800 DCT DCT DCT DCTE DCTN DCU DCWV DDAPI DDCMP DDD DDE DDF DDI Distributed Computing Environment Data Communications Function Distributed Coordination Function Data Clearing House Dedicated Channel Default Check Initialization Direct Communications Link Digital Circuit Multiplication Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment Data Communications Network Dedicated Control Panel Digital Communications Protocol Differentially Coherent Phase Shift Keying Degradation Category Rating Data Coding Scheme Defence Communications System Digital Cellular System Digital Communications Standard Digital Crossconnect System Dynamic Channel Selection Digital Cellular System at 1800MHz.

INDUSTRY TERMS D DI DI DIAC Dibit DID DIL DILIC DIMM DIP DIR DIS DIS DISA DISC DISN DISNET DIU D/L DL DL DLC DLC DLCI DLCS DLD DLE DLE DLEC D Links DLL DLPI DLSP DLU Dm Digital Interface Distribution Interface Dedicated Inquire Access Node Two bits of information Direct Inward Dialling Direct-In-Line Dual In-Line Integrated Circuit Dual In line Memory Module Dual In-line Package Device Interface Routines Digital Identification Signal Draft International Standard Direct Inward System Access DISConnect Defence Information Systems Network DDN Integrated Secure NETwork Data Interface Unit Down Link Data Link Dial Level Data Link Control Digital Loop Carrier Data Link Connection Identifier Digital Loop Carrier System Data Link Discriminator Data Line Equalizer Data Link Escape Data Local Exchange Carrier Diagonal Links Dial Long Line Data Link Provider Interface Data Link Service Processes Digital Line Unit control channel DM DM DMA DMAC DMB DME DME DMF DMH DMI DMI DMM DMO DMPB DMR DMS DMS DMS DMS DMT DMTF DN DN DNA DNAL DNC DNCF DNIC DNIS DNPA DNS DNS DNU DO Delta Modulation Disconnected Mode Direct Memory Access Digital Mobile Attenuation Code Dynamic Multipoint Bridging Distance Measuring Equipment Distributed Management Environment Discrete Matched Filter Data Message Handler Digital Multiplex Interface Distributed Management Interface Digital MultiMeter Direct Mode Operation Digital Multipoint Bridging Digital Mobile Radio Defence Message System Digital Multiplex Switch Digital Multipoint System Distribution Management System Discrete Multitone Discrete MultiTone Frequency Directory Number Distributed Network Digital Network Architecture Dedicated Network Access Line Dynamic Network Controller Directory Number Call Forwarding Data Network Identification Code Dialled Number Identification Service Data Numbering Plan Area Domain Name Service Domain Name System Digital Networking Unit Design Objective 44 45 .

INDUSTRY TERMS D DoC DoD DOD DODD DODISS DOD-STD DOI DOMSAT DOS DOV DP DP DP DPA DPBX DPC DPC DPC DPCCH DPCH DPCS DPCM DPDCH DPDT DPE DPL DPM DPNSS DPO DPS DPBX DPCM DPLB Department of Commerce Department of Defence Direct Outward Dialling Department of Defence Directive Department of Defence Index of Specifications and Standards Department of Defence Standard Domain of Interpretation Domestic Communications Satellite Disk Operating System Data Over Voice Detection Point Dial/Dialled Pulse Dialing Plan Distributed Processor Architecture Digital PBXDPC Destination Point Code Downlink Power Control Dynamic Power Control Dedicated Physical Control Channel Dedicated Physical Channel Digital Personal Communications Service Differential Pulse Code Modulation Dedicated Physical Data Channel Double-Pole Double-Throw Distributed Processing Environment Digital Power Line Digital Phase Modulation Digital Private Network Signalling System Dial Pulse Originate Digital Passage Service Digital PBX Differential Pulse Code Modulation Digital Private Line Billing Destination Point Code DPSK DQPSK DPU DQDB DQPSK DR DRAC DRAD DRAM DRCS DRCU DRF DRI DRIVE DRIX DRNC DRNS DRP DRS DRS DRSI DRT DRX DS0 DS1 DS DS DS DS DS DS DSA DSA DSA Digital Phase Shift Keying Differential Quaternary Phase Shift Keying Digital Processing Unit Distributed Queue Dual Bus Differential Quadrature Phase Shift Keying Digit Receiver Dynamic Resource Allocation Control Digital Remote Antenna Driver Dynamic Random Access Memory Dynamically Redefinable Character Set Diversity Radio Channel Unit Data Record Format Digital Radio Interface board Dedicated Road Infrastructure for VEhicle safety DRIeXtender half size board Drift Radio Network Controller Drift Radio Network Subsystem Distribution and Replication Protocol Digital Reference Signal Digital Reconfiguration Service Destination Routing Station Diagnostic Rhyme Test Discontinuous Reception Indicator Digital Signal Level 0 Digital Signal Level 1 Data Set Digital Signal Direct Spread Direct Support / Sequence Distribution Service Duplex Signalling Dial Service Assistance Direct Subscriber Access Directory Service Agent 46 47 .

INDUSTRY TERMS D DSA DSAP DSAR DSAT DSB DSB-AM DSB-RC DSB-SC-AM DSBTC DS-CDMA DSC DSCH DSCS DSDC DSE DSG DSI DSI DSL DSL DSLAM DSMA DSN DSP DSR DSR DSRR DSS DSS DSS DSS DSS DSS1 Distributed Systems Architecture Destination Service Access Point Direct Subscriber Access & Restriction Digital Supervisory Audio Tones Double Side Band Double Side Band Amplitude Modulation Double Side Band .Reduced Carrier transmission Double Side Band Suppressed Carrier Amplitude Modulation Double Side Band Transmitted Carrier Direct Sequence CDMA Digital Selective Calling Downlink Shared CHannel Defence Satellite Communications System Direct Service Dialling Capability Data Switching Equipment/Exchange Data Systems Group Detailed Spectrum Investigation Digital Speech Interpolation Digital Subscriber Line Distributed Service Logic Digital Subscriber Line Access Module Digital Sense Multiple Access Defence Switched Network Digital Signal Processor/Processing Data Signalling Rate Distributed Speech Recognition Digital Short Range Radio Decision Support System Dial Selective Signalling Digital Subscriber Signalling Systems Digital Switched Services Direct Station Selection Digital Subscriber Signalling No 1 DSSCS DSSS DSTE DSU DSVD DSX-1 DT DT DTAP DTC DTCH DTE DTG DTH DTI DTLU DTM DTMF DTN DTR DTS DTS DTSR DTT DTX DTU DTU DTU DTU DUA DUP DV DVB DVC Defence Special Service Communications System Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Data Subscriber Terminal Equipment Data/Digital Service Unit Digital Simultaneous Voice & Data Digital Signal Cross-connect level 1 Data Terminal Dial Tone Direct Transfer Application Part Digital Traffic CHannel Dedicated Traffic CHannel Data Terminal Equipment Date-Time Group Direct To Home Digital Trunk Interface Digital Terminal Line Unit Dynamic synchronous Transfer Mode Dual Tone Multi Frequency Data Transmission Network Data Terminal Ready Digital Transmission System Diplomatic Telecommunications Service Dial Tone Speed Recording Digital Trunk Testing Discontinuous Transmission Data Terminal Unit Data Transfer / Tape / Transmission Unit Digital Test Unit Direct To User Directory User Agent Data User Part Data Voice Digital Video Broadcasting Digitised Voice Communications 48 49 .

INDUSTRY TERMS E DVD DVL DVM DVMRP DVT DWDM DWS DX DXC DXCC DXCS DXI DXX Digital Video Disc Direct Voice Link Data over Voice Multiplexer Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol Digital Video Terminal Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing Digital Wireless Communications Direct current / DupleX signalling Digital Cross Connect Digital Cross Connect Control Digital Cross Connect System Data eXchange Interface Digital cross connect system E911 EA EA EAP EAS EAS E-BCCH EBCDIC EBDI Eb/No EBO EBPP EBS EBSG EBX EC EC ECC ECC ECC ECC ECH Ec/No ECM ECM ECMEA ECN ECP ECR ECT ECTS EDAC EDACS Enhanced Emergency Services (USA) Evaluation Authority Extended Address Extensible Authentication Protocol Emergency Alert System Extended Area Service Extended-Broadcast Control CHannel Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code Electronic Business Data Interchange Energy per bit/Noise floor Embedded Base Organisation Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Emergency Broadcast System Elementary Basic Service Group Electronic Branch Exchange Earth Coverage Echo Canceller Electronically Controlled Coupling Elliptic Curve Cryptography Emergency Call Codes Enhanced Call Completion Enhanced Call Handling ratio of Energy per modulating bit to the NOise spectral density Electronic Counter Measures Error Correction Mode Enhanced Cellular Messaging Encryption Algorithm Explicit Congestion Notification Enhanced Call Processing Energy Constant Radio Explicit Call Transfer Electronic Custom Telephone System Error Detection And Correction Enhanced Digital Access Communications System 50 51 .

Commerce & Trade Extended Data Out Electronic Data Processing Extended Digital Subscriber Line Electronic Digital Signal Cross Connect Eastern Daylight saving Time Extended Definition TeleVision Either End Hop Off Electric Echo Loss Electrically-Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory Expanded Electronic Serial Number Earth Exploration Satellite Service Elementary File Explicit Forward Congestion Indicator Event Forwarding Discriminator Enhanced Full Rate End of Frame Sequence Electronic Funds Transfer Enhanced Group Call Extended Golay Code Exterior Gateway Protocol Enhanced GPRS Extended Global System for Mobile communications Extremely High Frequency (3 to 30 GHZ) Extended HyperFrame Counter ExaHertz Expansion Interface EII E-IPQM EIFS EIGRP EIR EIRP EIRP EIS EISA EKTS eL EL ELAN ELCA ELF E Link ELINT ELSEC ELT EMA EMC EMCON EMD EME EME EMF EMI EMI eMLPP EMMI EMP EMR European Information Infrastructure European In-Process Quality Metrics Extended Inter Frame Spacing Enhanced Internet Gateway Routing Protocol Equipment Identity Register Effective Isotopic Radiated Power Equipment Identity Register Procedure Emergency Information System Extended Industry Standard Architecture Electronic Key Telephone Sets elevation Echo Loss Emulated Local Area Network Extended Local Calling Area Extremely Low Frequency (<3 kHz) Extended Link ELectronic INTelligence ELectronic SECurity Emergency Locator Transmitter Enterprise Management Architecture ElectroMagnetic Compatibility/Control EMission CONtrol Equilibrium Mode Distribution ElectroMagnetic Energy ElectroMagnetic Environment ElectroMotive Force ElectroMagnetic Interference Exchange Message Interface enhanced MultiLevel Precedence & Pre-emption service Electrical Man Machine Interface ElectroMagnetic Pulse ElectroMagnetic Radiation ELECTRO-OPTINT ELECTRO .INDUSTRY TERMS E EDC EDFA EDGE EDH EDI EDIFACT EDO EDP EDSL EDSX EDT EDTV EEHO EEL EEPROM EESN EESS EF EFCI EFD EFR EFS EFT EGC EGC EGP EGPRS EGSM EHF EHFC EHz EI Error Detection and Correction Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution Electronic Data Handling Electronic Data Interchange Electronic Data Interchange For Administration.OPTical INTelligence 52 53 .

INDUSTRY TERMS E EMR EMRP EMS EMS EMS EMSEC EMU EMV EMW EMX EN ENET ENQ ENS EOC EOD EOF EOF EOL EOM EOP EOP EOP EOS EOT EOT E-OTD EOW EPABX EPE EPFD EPI EPIRB EPOS Exchange Message Record Effective / Equivalent Monopole Radiated Power Electronic Message System Enhanced Messaging Services Expanded Memory Specification EManations SECurity ElectroMagnetic Unit ElectroMagnetic Vulnerability ElectroMagnetic Warfare / Wave Electronic Mobile eXchange End Node Enhanced NETwork ENQuiry character Enhanced Network Services Embedded Operations Channel End Of Data End Of File End Of Frame End Of Line End Of Message End Of Packet End Of Program End OutPut End Of Selection End Of Tape End Of Transmission Enhanced Observed Time Difference Engineering Order Wire Electronic Private Automatic Branch eXchange Enhanced Privacy and Encryption Equivalent Power Flux Density External Provisioning Interface Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons Electronic Point of Sale EPP EPROM EPROM EPSCS EPSN EQB ER ERL ERLE Erlang ERLINK ERMES ERP E-RQMS ERR ES ES ES ESA ESC ESDI ESE ESF ESI ESI ESM ESME ESMR ESMTP ESN ESN ESNE ESP Enhance Parallel Port Electrically Programmable Read Only Memory Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory Enhanced Private Switched Communications System Enhanced Private Switched Network EQualiser Board Essential Requirements Echo Return Loss Echo Return Loss Enhancement a dimensionless unit of average traffic density Emergency Response Link Enhanced Radio MEssaging System Effective Radiated Power European Reliability & Quality Measurements for telecommunications Systems ERRor End System European Standard Expert System Enhanced Subscriber Authentication Enhanced Satellite Capability Enhanced Small Device Interface Emulation Scenario Editor Extended Super Frame End System Identifier Enhanced Serial Interface Extended Subscriber Module Emergency Services Message Entity Enhanced Specialised Mobile Radio Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Electronic Serial Number Equipment Serial Number Emergency Services Network Entity Enhanced Service Provider 54 55 .

INDUSTRY TERMS F ESRD ESRK ESS ESS ESS ET ETACS ETB ETC ETC E-TDMA ETH ETI ETN ETR ETS ETSI ETX ETX EUCL EUCLI EVRC EW EXEC Emergency Service Routing Digits Emergency Service Routing Key Electronic Switching System Enhanced Signalling Systems Extended Service Set Exchange Termination Extended Total Access Communications System End of Transmission Block Electronic Toll Collection Enhanced Throughput Cellular Extended Time Division Multiple Access Education to Home Electronic Telephone Interface Electronic Tandem Network ETSI Technical Report European Telecommunications Standard European Telecommunications Standards Institute End of TeXt character End of Transmission End User Common Line Charge European Community Line Interface Enhanced Variable Rate Voice Coder Electronic Warfare EXECutive & protocol function (BSS) F FAC FACCH FACCH/F FACCH/H FAMOUS FAQ FAS FAT FAU FB F-BCCH FBWA FC FC FC FC FCC FCCH FCI FCN FCS FCT FCS FD FDCCH FDD FDDI FDHM FDL FDM FDMA FDMMA FDN Frequency Final Assembly Code Fast Associated Control CHannel Fast Associated Control CHannel/Full rate Fast Associated Control CHannel/Half rate Future Advanced Mobile Universal System Frequently Asked Questions Frame Alignment Sequence File Allocation Table Fixed Access Unit Frequency correction Burst Fast Broadcast Control Channel Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Feature Code Fiber Channel Frame Control Functional Component Forward Control Channel Frequency Correction Channel Forward Call Indicator Fully Connected Network Frame Check Sequence Full Cellular Terminal Frame Check Sequence Full Duplex Forward Digital Control CHannel Frequency Division Duplex Fiber Distributed Data Interface Full Duration at Half Maximum Facility Data Link Frequency Division Multiplex(ed) Frequency Division Multiple Access Frequency Division Multiplexing Multiple Access Fixed Dialling Number 56 57 .

INDUSTRY TERMS F FDS FDTC FDTD FDX FE FEC FECN FED-STD FELP FEP FER FERF FET FEXT FFDI FFS FFSK FFL FFT FH FH FH-CDMA FHMA FHS FHSS FIB FIBR FIBT FIGS FIFO FIP FIPS FIR FIRMR Fraud Detection System Forward Digital Traffic Channel Finite Difference Time Domain Full DupleX Functional Entity Forward Error Correction Forward Explicit Congestion Notification FEDeral StandarD Far End Loop Back Front End Processor Frame Erasure Ratio Far-End Receive Failure Field Effect Transistor Far End Cross Talk Fast Fiber Data Interface For Further Study Fast Frequency Shift Keying Fast File Transfer Fast Fourier Transformation Fiber Hub Frequency Hopping Frequency Hopping CDMA Frequency Hopping Multiple Access Frequency Hopping Synchronisation Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Forward Indicator Bit Forward Indicator Bit Receiver Forward Indicator Bit to be Transmitted Fraud Information Gathering System First-In First-Out Federal Information Processing Federal Information Processing Standards Finite Impulse Response Federal Information Resources FIRST FISINT FISU FITL FLAG FLAM F Link FLL FLMPTS FLOPS FLTSATCOM FM FM FMC FMH FMI FMT FN FN FNE FNN FNPA FO FOA FOC FOCC FOI FOIRL FOR FOT FOT FOTS FOV Management Regulations First IntegRated Systems Technology Foreign Instrumentation Signals INTelligence Fill in Signal Unit Fibre In The Loop Fibreoptic Link Around the Globe Frankenstein-Limes Access Method Fully Associated Link Fixed Loss Loop Future Land Mobile Personal Telephone Service Floating Point Operations Per Second FLeeT SATellite COMmunications Fault/Function Management Frequency Modulation Fixed Mobile Convergence Function Management Header Fixed Mobile Integration Filtered MultiTone Fiber Node Frame Number Fixed Network Equipment Full National Number Foreign Numbering Plan Area Fiber Optics First Office Application Final / Full Operational Capability Forward Control Channel Freedom Of Information Fiber Optic Inter Repeater Link Forced Output Rate Fiber Optic Transceiver Frequency of Optimum Traffic / Transmission Fiber Optical Transmission System Field Of View 58 59 .

INDUSTRY TERMS F FP FPGA FPIS FPLMTS FPMN FPP fps fps FPS FPS FR FR FR FRA FRAD FRBS FRE FRND FRP FR PVC FRS FRSS FRU FS FS FS FSDPSK FSE FSK FSL FSN FSOQ FSP Fixed Part Field Programmable Gate Array Forward Propagation Ionospheric Scatter Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunications System. renamed IMT 2000 Forbidden PMN Fixed Path Protocol foot-pound-second frames per second Focus Projection and Scanning Framing Pattern Sequence Frame Relay Frequency Response Full Rate Fixed Radio Access Frame Relay Access Device Frame Relay Bearer Service Fixed-side Radio Endpoint Frame Relay Network Device Federal Response Plan Frame Relay Permanent Virtual Connection Frame Relay Service/Switch Frame Relay Switching System FRame Unit Fixed Service Frequency Synchronisation For further Study Filtered Symmetric Differential Phase Shift Keying Functionally Spaced Equaliser Frequency Shift Keying Flexible Service Logic Frame Sequence Number Frequency Shift Offset Quadrature Modulation File Service Protocol FSS FSU FT FTA FTAM ft/min ftn FTP FTTC FTTCa FTTEx FTTH FTTK FTTN FTTP ft/s FTS 2000 FU FUNI FVC FW FWA FWHM FWLL FWT FX Fixed Satellite Service Fixed Subscriber Unit Fibre optic T-carrier Full Type Approval File Transfer Access & Management feet per minute forwarded to number File Transfer Protocol Fibre To The Curb Fibre To The Cabinet Fibre To The Exchange Fibre To The Home Fibre To The Kerb Fibre To The Neighborhood Fibre To The Premise feet per second Federal Telecommunications System 2000 Functional Unit Frame User to Network Interface Forward Voice Channel Firewall Fixed Wireless Access Full Width at Half Maximum Fixed Wireless Local Loop Fixed Wireless Terminal Fixed Service 60 61 .




Second Generation Third Generation giga government to business e-commerce Global 3G CDMA standard proposal Group Access Bridging Global Area Network Generic Access Profiles/Protocol Global Automotive Telematics Standard Gigabyte Gigabits per second Generic Connection Admission Control Generic Conference Control Generic CLocK board Group Call Register Generic Call Rate Algorithm Global Communications Service Global Direct Access Group Distribution Frame Generic Digits Parameter Global Emergency Call Origination GEostationary Orbit Geosynchronous Earth Orbit Geosynchronous Earth Orbit Satellites Ground Earth Station Government Emergency Telecommunications Service Generic Flow Control Generic Format Identifier Gaussian Filtered Frequency Shift Keying Government-to-Government Communications Link Gateway to Gateway Protocol Gateway GPRS Support Node GSM Hosted Short Message Teleservice GigaHertz


General Inquire Access Code Graphic Interchange Format Global Information Infrastructure Group Identification Mark Generic Interface for Operations GSM Interworking access Profile Global Internet eXchange GSM text messages Global Maritime Distress & Safety System Global Mobile Multimedia Global Mobile Personal Communications by Satellite Gateway Mobile Services Switching Centre Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying Geostationary Mobile Satellite Standard Greenwich Meridian Time GrouND Global Navigation Satellite System Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite Grade Of Service Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile GSM PMN Area Gateway Protocol Converter Global Point Of Presence Generic PROCessor board General Packet Radio Service Global Positioning System GPRS Register Global Reach Internet Connection Generic Remote Switch Unit GPRS Roaming eXchange Ground Station General Services Administration GSM System Area






Golay Sequential Code Ground Switching Centre Global Service Logic Global System for Mobile communications Groupe Spécial Mobile GSM operating at 1.8 GHz; formerly DCS1800 GSM operating at 1.9 GHz; formerly PCS1900 GSM Mobile Station GSM Public Mobile Network GSM for Railways GSM Service Control GSM Service Switching Function Global Subscriber Number GPRS Support Node Geostationary Satellite Orbit Group Switching Sub-system General Switched Telephone Network Global Title Global Title Address Generalised Tamed Frequency Modulation Government Telecommunications Program GPRS Tunneling Protocol GTP Control GTP User Government Telecommunications System Global Title Translation Global Telephone Exchange Carrier GVNS User Group Graphical User Interface Globally Unique IDentifier Global Verification & Location System Global Virtual Network Service GateWaY


hecto Host Application HLR Authentication Distributor Highway Advisory Information Radio Home Area Network HANDOver High Altitude Platform Station Highway Advisory Radio Home Base Station Home Base Unit Hadamard Code Home Country Hybrid Compounding Delta Modulation High Capacity Digital Services Host Controller Interface High Capacity Multiplexing Hard Clad Silica (fibre) Hierarchical Cell Structure Hundred Call Seconds PeR hour High Capacity Voice Half Duplex High Density High Density Bipolar High Density Interface High level Data Link Control Handheld Device Markup Language High Data Rate High speed Digital Subscriber Line Host Digital Terminal Half Duplex Transmission Module Handheld Device Transport Protocol High Definition TeleVision Half DupleX Header-Error-Check






Head End Hopp Off High altitude ElectroMagnetic Pulse Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Fuel Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Personnel High Frequency Hyperframe Hybrid Fibre Coax High Frequency Distribution Frame Hands Free Telephone HIgh PErformance Radio Local Access Network HIgh Performance Parallel Interface High Layer Compatibility High Level Domain High Level Language Higher Layer Protocol Identifier Home Location Register Human Machine terminals High Memory Area Home Mobility Provider HaMming Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Home Network Home Network Identity Home Numbering Plan Area Home Radio Frequency HOST IDentifier High Probability of Completion Home Public Mobile Network High Power Modification High Performance Routing Hand Portable Unit Half Rate High Speed Circuit Data High Speed Circuit Switched Data


High Speed Data High Speed Data Access High-speed Subscriber Data Line High Speed Data Unit High Speed Local Area Network High Speed Local Network HLR Subscriber Management Host Specific Mechanism Hopping Sequence Number Hot Standby Routing Protocol High-Speed Downlink Packet Access High Speed Packet Switched Data Home Subscriber Service High Speed Serial Interface High Speed Switched Port High Speed Transfer Protocol hypertext markup language hypertext transfer / transport protocol hypertext transfer / transport protocol secure High speed Digital Subscriber Line Transmission Unit Home Units High Usage Report High Voltage High quality Voice HardWare Hertz



INDUSTRY TERMS I I&A IA IA IAB IAC IAC IACS IAD IAM IANA IAP IAP IAPP IAR IASG IAT IBC IBCN IBDN IBSS IBW IBX I&C IC IC IC IC IC (pref) ICB ICC ICCB ICD ICE I-CF Identification & Authentication Incoming Access International Alphabet (CCITT) Internet Architecture Board Inquiry Access Code International Access Code Integrated Access & Cross-connect System Integrated Access Device Initial Address Message Internet Assigned Number Authority Intercept Access Point Internet Access Provider Inter Access Point Protocol Initial Address Reject Interconnect Address Sub-Group Integrated Access Terminal Integrated Broadband Communication Integrated Broadband Communications Network Integrated Building Distribution Network Independent Basic Service Set Instantaneous Bandwidth Integrated Business eXchange Installation and Checkout Integrated Circuit Interconnect Interexchange Carrier Interlock Code Interlock Code preferential CUG Incoming Calls Barred Integrated Circuit Card Internet Control & Configuration Board International Code Designator Information Content and Exchange ISDN-Call Forwarding ICI ICI ICIP ICL ICLATA ICM ICMP ICNI ICO ICP ICP ICS ICS ICSI ICT ICW ID IDA IDAL IDCP IDD IDDD iDEN IDF IDFT IDI IDLC IDMR IDN IDNX IDP IDP Incoming Call Identification Interexchange Carrier Interface Interexchange Carrier Interface Protocol Inserted Connection Loss Intra-Local Address and Transport Area Carrier Selection In-Call Modification Internet Control Message Protocol Integrated Communications. Navigation and Identification Intermediate Circular Orbit Intelligent Call Processing Internet Control Protocol Incoming Call Services Integrated Communications System International Charged Subscriber Identifier Information & Communications Technologies Interrupted Continuous Wave IDentification/IDentity/IDentifier Integrated Data/Digital Access International Dedicated Access Line Internet Device Control Protocol International Direct Dialling International Direct Distance Dialling Integrated Digital Enhanced Network Intermediate Distribution Frame Inverse Discrete Fourier Transformation Initial Domain Identifier Integrated Digital Loop Carrier Inter-Domain Multicast Routing Integrated Digital Network Integrated Digital Network eXchange Internet Data Packet Internet Datagram Protocol 68 69 .

Friend or Foe International Frequency List Ionospheric Forward Scatter International Gateway Facilities Interior Gateway Protocol Internet Gateway Routing Protocol International Gateway Switch ISDN Hold Capability Interworking Issues DataBase Interworking and Interoperability Function Infinite Impulse Response Internet Information Server Interim Interface Signalling Protocol Inter-symbol Jitter Free Integrity Key Internet Key Exchange Internet Keyed Payments Protocol Intermediate Light Amplification International Least Cost Route ILD ILEC ILEC ILLP ILNP ILR ILT I&M IM IM IMAP IMASS IMEI ILS IMAP IMASS IMBE IMD IMEI IMM IMN IMP IMS IMS IMS IMSI IMT IMT IMT IMT 2000 IMTS IMUI IMUN IMUX Injection Laser Diode Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier Independent Local Exchange Carrier Inter Link-to-Link Protocol Interim Line Number Portability Inter System Location Register Idle Line Termination Installation and Maintenance Instant Messaging Intensity / InterModulation Internet Mail Access Protocol Intelligent Multiple Access Spectrum Sharing International Mobile Equipment Identity Instrument Landing System Internet Managed Application Provider Intelligent Multiple Access Spectrum Sharing Improved MultiBand Excitation InterModulation Distortion International Mobile Equipment Identity IMMediate assignment message Intelligent Mobile Network Interface Message Processor Information management System Interactive Multimedia Server IP Multimedia Subsystem International Mobile Subscriber Identity Intelligent Multimode Terminal Inter Machine Trunk International Mobile Telecommunications International Mobile Telecommunications 2000 Improved Mobile Telephone Service International Mobile User Number International Mobile User Number Inverse MUtipleXer 70 71 .INDUSTRY TERMS I IDT IDTV IDU IE IEC IEC IEDI IEEE IEI IES IETF I-ETS I/F IF IFF IFL IFS IGF IGP IGRP IGW I-HC IIDB IIF IIR IIS IISP IJF IK IKE iKP ILA ILCR Integrated Digital Terminal Improved Definition TeleVision Interface Data Unit Information Element Inter Exchange Carrier Internet Engineering Consortium Internet-based Electronic Data Interchange Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Information Element IdentifierIES Industry Executive Subcommittee Information Exchange Services Internet Engineering Task Force Interim European Telecommunications Standard InterFace Intermediate Frequency Identification.

INDUSTRY TERMS I IN IN IN/1. IN/2 INA INA INAP INCM INDB INE INFA INFOSEC INIC INIM INMC INMS INN INOS INP INP INPA in/s INS INS INS INT INT INTELSAT InterNIC INTFC INWATS I/O IOC IOC Intelligent Network Interrogating Node Intelligent Network Concepts Individual Number Allocation Integrated Network Architecture Intelligent Network Application Protocol Intelligent Network Conceptual Model Intelligent Network Data Base Intelligent Network Element Intelligent Network Functional Architecture INFOrmation systems SECurity ISDN Network Identification Code ISDN Network Interface Module International Network Management Center Integrated Network Management System Internal Network Number Intelligent Network Operations System Interim Number Portability INtermodulation Products Interchangeable Numbering Plan Area inches per second Inertial Navigation System Intelligent Network Service Interconnection Network Subsystem INTernet Roaming Intermediary INTernational TELecommunication SATellite organisation Internet Network Information Centre Interface Inward Wide-Area Telephone Service Input/Output Independent Operating Carrier Initial Operational Capability IOC IOC IOC IOD IOPS IOS IOT IOT IP IP IP IP IP IPA IPC IPCP IPDC IPDR IPE IPEI IPM IPM IPM Ip/m IPN IPNG IPNS IPO IPP IPR Ip/s Ip/s IPS7 IPSec Input-Output Controller Integrated Optical Circuit Inter Office Channel Identified Outward Dialling Internet Operators’ Providers Services Internet Operating System Inter Office Trunk Inter Operator Tariff Information Provider Integrated/Intelligent Peripheral Intelligent Peripheral Intermodulation Products Internet Protocol Intermediate Power Amplifier Information Processing Centre IP Control Protocol Internet Protocol Device Control Internet Protocol Detail Record Intelligent Peripheral Equipment International Portable Equipment Identities Interference Prediction Model Internal Polarization Modulation Interpersonal Messaging system interruptions / impulses per minute Intelligent Peripheral Node Internet Protocol Next Generation ISDN PBX Networking Specification Initial Public Offering Independent Payment Provider Intellectual Property Rights Interruptions per second Instructions per second Internet Protocol Signalling 7 Internet Protocol Security 72 73 . IN/1+.

Scientific & Medical ISDN Standards Management Interference Sense Multiple Access Information Systems Network ISO Reference Model Internet Service Provider ISDN Signal Processor Integrated Services Private Branch eXchange International Signalling Point Code International Simple Resale license Intelligent Services Switch Inter-Satellite Service InterSwitching Interface Information Services Technology ISDN User Part Information Technology Internet Telephony Integrated Trunk Access Interim Type Approval International Telegraph Alphabet Independent Telephone Company Information Transfer Capability Independent Telecommunications Network Individual Telephone Number Pooling Interface to Transmission Intelligent Transportation System Internet Telephony Service Provider International Telegraph and Telephone Intelligent Terminal Transfer Protocol International Telecommunication Union 74 75 . also known as D-AMPS Industry Standard Architecture Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol Independent SideBand International Switching Centre Integrated Services CenTreX Intergrated Services Digital Network Integrated Services Digital Network ISDNUP ISI ISL ISL ISM ISM ISMA ISN ISORM ISP ISP IS-PBX ISPC ISR ISS ISS ISSI IST ISUP IT IT ITA ITA ITA ITC ITC ITN ITN ITR ITS ITSP ITT ITTP ITU Integrated Services Digital Network User Part Inter Symbol Interference Inter-Satellite Link applications ISDN Signalling Link Industrial. also known as CDMA US Cellular Standard.INDUSTRY TERMS I IPT IP-VPN IPX IQF IR IR IRAP IRAS IRC IRC IRC IRD IREG IrLAN IrLAP IRM IROM IROS IRP IRSC IRTF IS IS IS IS-95 IS-136 TDMA ISA ISAKMP ISB ISC ISCTX ISDL ISDN IP Telephony Internet Protocol – Virtual Private Network Inter-network Packet eXchange Intrinsic Quality Factor InfraRed Intelligent Roaming International Roaming Access Protocols Internet Routing & Access Service International Record Carrier International Roaming Coordinator Internet Relay Chat Integrated Receiver-Decoder International Roaming Experts Group Infrared LAN Infrared Link Access Protocol International Roaming Mobile Identification Number Internal Read-Only Memory Internet Radio Operating System Independent Routing Processor International Roaming Signalling Converter Interstandard Roaming Task Force Information Systems Interim Standard Intermediate System Cellular Standard.

INDUSTRY TERMS K IT&T IUF IUN IUO IUT IVA IVDLAN IVDM IVDT IVN IVR IVR IVS IWF IWMSC IWU IXC Information Technology & Telecommunications Implementation Under Test International UMTS Number Intelligent Underlay-Overlay Implementation Under Test Integrated Voice Application Integrated Voice/Data Local Area Network Integrated Voice Data Multiplexer Integrated Voice & Data Terminal InterVening Network Internet Voice Recognition Interactive Voice Response Interactive Video Service Inter Working Function Inter Working MSC Inter Working Unit InterEXchange Carrier K K kbit/s kbps KB Kc KDC KDR KDT KG Kgms kHz KIi KSG KSI KSR KSU KSW KSWX kT KTI Kelvin / coefficient of absorption Kilo kilo bits per second kilo bits per second Knowledge Base ciphering Key Key Distribution Centre Keyboard Data Recorder Keyboard Display Terminal Key Generator kilogram-meter-second kiloHertz subscriber authentication key Keystream Generators Key Set Identifier Keyboard Send / Receive device Key Service Unit Kiloport SWitchboard KSW eXpander halfsize board noise power density Key Telephone Interface Key Telephone System Key Telephone Unit kiloWatt J JAE JDC JPEG JTACS Java Application Environment Japanese Digital Cellular Joint Photographic Experts Group Japanese TACS KTS KTU kW 76 77 .

INDUSTRY TERMS L L2CA L2CAP L2ML L2R L2TP LAC LAC LADS LAI LAM LAMA LAN LANE LANS LANX LAP LAP LAP LAPB LAPD LAPDm LAPF LAPM LAPX LASINT LASS LAST LAT LATA LAV LAW LBO LBS Logical Link Controller & Adaptation Logical Link Controller & Adaptation Protocol Layer 2 Management Link Level 2 Relay function Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol Link Access Control Location Area Code Local Area Data Service Location Area Identification/Identity Line Adaptor Module Local Automatic Message Accounting Local Area Network Local Area Network Emulation Local Area Network Services LAN eXtender half size board LAN Access Point Link Access Procedure Lower Address Part Link Access Protocol Balanced Link Access Protocol Digital channel Link Access Protocol Dm channel Link Access Procedure for Frame mode bearer services Link Access Procedure for Modems Link Access Procedure half-dupleX LASer INTelligence Local Areas Signalling Services Local Area Signalling Services Local Area Transport Local Access & Transport Area Least Acceptable Value Local Area Wireless Line BuildOut Location Based Services LC LC LCA LCD LCGN L-CH LCM LCN LCN LCP LCP LCR LCSS LD LD LDAP LDC LDDI LDM LDN LDS LDS LE LE-ARP LE LEAP LEC LED LEN LEO LEOs LERG LES LES Limited Capability Link Controller Local Calling Area Liquid Crystal Display Logical Channel Group Number Logical CHannel Line Concentrator Module Local Communication Network Logical Channel Number Link Control Processor Link Control Protocol Least Cost Routing Link Controller Service Signalling Long Distance Loop Disconnect Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Long Distance Carrier Local Distributed Data Interface Limited Distance Modem Listed Directory Number Local Digital Services Local Digital Switch LAN Emulation LAN Emulation Address Resolution Protocol Local Exchange Light Extensible Authentication Protocol Local Exchange Carrier Light Emitting Diode Line Equipment Number Low Earth Orbit Low Earth Orbit satellites Local Exchange Routing Guide Land Earth Station LAN Emulation Services 78 79 .

INDUSTRY TERMS L LET LF LF LFB LFSR LGE LGS LI LIAR LIDB LIFO LIM LIP LIR LIS LIS LIU LL LLB LLC LLC LLF l/m Lm LM LMC LMDS LMDS LMEI LMF LMF LMI LMOS LMP Line Equipment Transfer Line Feed Low Frequency Lookahead For Busy Linear Feedback Shift Register Loop or Ground-Start Exchange Loop or Ground-Start Subscriber Length Indicator Limited Inquiry Access Node Line Information DataBase Last-In First-Out Link Interface Module Large Internet Packet Location Identification Restriction Local Interconnection Service Logical IP Subnet Line Interface Unit Leased Line Line Loop Back Logical Link Control Low Layer Compatibility Line Link Frame lines per minute traffic channel Link Manager Loop Maintenance Centre Local Multipoint Digital Services Local Multipoint Distribution System Layer Management Entity Identifier Language Media Format Location Management Function Local Management Interface Loop Maintenance Operations System Link Manager Protocol LMR LMS LMS LMS LMSI LMSS LMT LNA LNA LNA LNC LND LNM LNNI LNP LO LO LOCI LOF LORAN LOS LOS LP LP LP LP LP LP01 LPA LPC LPD LPD LPDE LPDU Land Mobile Radio Land Mobile Service Local Message Switch Least Mean Square Local Mobile Station Identity Land Mobile Satellite Service Local Maintenance Terminal Launch Numerical Aperture Local Numbering Area Low Noise Amplifier Low Noise Converter Last Number Dialled LAN Network Management LANE Network-to-Network Interface Local Number Portability Local Operator Local Oscillator LOCation Information Lowest Operating Frequency LOng-Range Aid to Navigation system Line Of Sight Loss Of Signal Language Preference Linear Programming Linearly Polarised Linking Protection Log-Periodic Fundamental mode (of an optical fibre) Linear Power Amplification Linear Predictive Code Low Power Device Low Probability of Detection Local Position Determining Entity Link Protocol Data Unit 80 81 .

INDUSTRY TERMS L lpi LPI LPMN lpm LQA LR LRC LREC LRF LRN LS LSAP LSB LSB LSI LSI LSL LSMS LSP LSPI LSPSD LSR LSSU LSTR LSU LT LTB LTC LTE LTE LTU LU LU LUDT lines per inch Low Probability of Interception Local PMN lines per minute Link Quality Analysis Location Register Longitudinal Redundancy Check LT long RECtangularly Encoded pulse shape Location Registration Function Location Routing Number Liaison Statement Link Service Access Point Least Significant Bit Lower Side Band Large Scale Integration Line Status Indication Link Support Layer Local Service Management System Local Service Provider Local Service Provider Identification Low Speed Packet Switched Data Label Switch Router Link Status Signal Unit Listener SideTone Rating Line Switch Unit Line Termination Last Trunk Busy Line Traffic Coordinator Line Termination Equipment Local Terminal Emulator Line Termination Unit Line Unit Local Unit Long Unit Data Message LURM LUF LULT LUNI LUNT LV LVR LXT Location Update Request Message Lowest Usable high Frequency Line-Unit-Line Termination LANE User Network Interface Line Unit Network Termination Low Voltage Local Voucher Recharge Local eXchange Terminal 82 83 .

INDUSTRY TERMS M M M & PC M2M MA MAC MAC MAC MAC MACA MACN MADN MAF MAF MAH MAHO MAI mailext MAIO MAI MAN MAP MAP MAPI MAPs MAS MAS MASE MASER MAT MATSE MAU MAU MB Mega Mobile & Personal Communications Machine to Machine Mobile Allocation Medium Access Control Message Authentication Code Mobile Attenuation Code Multiplexed Analogue Components Mobile Assisted Channel Allocation Mobile Allocation Channel Number Multiple Appearance Directory Number Management Application Function Mobile Additional Function Mobile Access Hunting Mobile Assisted HandOff Mobile Allocation Index mail extensions Mobile Allocation Index Offset Multiple Access Interference Metropolitan Area Network Manufacturing Automation Protocol Mobile Application Part Messaging Applications Programming Interface Multiple Access Protocols Mobile Application Subsystem Multiple Address System Mobile Application Support Environment Microwave Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation Metropolitan Area Trunk Mobile Automatic Telephone System Europe Medium Access Unit Multi-station Access Unit Megabyte MBFT MBONE Mbps MBS MBS MBS Mbit/s MC MC MC MCC MCC MCC MCCF MCE MCF MCHO MCI MCM MCPA Mcpc MCPC MCR MCS MCS MCTD MCU MCU MCVF MCW MD MD MDBS MDC Multipoint Binary Transfer File Multicast Backbone Millions of bit per second Message Building System Mobile Base Station Mobile Broadband System Mega bits per second Main Cross-connect Message Center Multi-Carrier Maintenance Control Circuit Mobile Control Channel Mobile Country Code Mobile Call Control Function Multi-Protocol Encapsulation Message Communication Functions Mobile Controlled Hand-off Malicious Call Identification Multi Carrier Modulation Multi Carrier Power Amplifier Million Chips-per-second Multiple Channel Per Carrier Minimum Cell Rate Master Control System Multipoint Communications Service Maximum Cell Transfer Delay Master Control Unit Multipoint Control Unit MultiChannel Voice Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Mediation Device Message Display Mobile Data Base Station Meridian Digital Centrex 84 85 .

INDUSTRY TERMS M MDCP MDF MDI MD-IS MDLP MDN MDN MDR MDS MDSL MDT MDT MDTP MDTRS MDVC ME ME MEA MEECN MEF Megaco MEL MEMO MEO MERCAST MERS MES MES Messenger MexE MF MF MF Media Device Control Protocol Main Distribution Frame Mobile Data Initiative Mobile Data-Intermediate System Mobile Data Link Protocol Mobile Dialling Number Mobile Directory Number Memory Data Register Multipoint Distribution Service Moderate speed Digital Subscriber Line Manufacturer’s Delegated Testing Mean Down Time Media Device Transport Protocol Mobile Digital Trunked Radio Systems Mobile Digital Voice Channel Maintenace Entity Mobile Equipment Message Encryption Algorithm Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network Maintenance Entity Function Media Gateway Control Protocol Multos Executable Language Multimedia Environment for Mobile Mid Earth Orbit MERchant-ship broadCAST system Most Economical Route Selection Master Earth Station Mobile End System Racal Standard for wireless packet data networks Mobile Execution Environment Master File Mediation Function block Medium/Multi Frequency MF MFAS MFC MFD MFJ MFLOPS MFM MFSK MG MGC MGCF MGCP MGW MHF MHN MHS MHU MHz MIC MIC MIC MIC MIC MID MIDA MIDS MILNET MIL-STD MIME MIMESGLM MIN MIP MIP MIPS MultiFrame Multi Frame Alignment Signal MultiFrequency Code Mode Field Diameter Modification of Final Judgement Millions of Floating Point Operations Per Second Modified Frequency Modulation Multiple Frequency Shift Keying Media Gateway Media Gateway Controller Media Gateway Control Function Media Gateway Control Protocol Media GateWay Medium High Frequency MultiHop Network Message Handling System Message Handler Unit MegaHertz Medium Interface Connector Minimum Ignition Current Mobile Interface Controller Monolithic Integrated Circuit Mutual Interface Chart Message/Multiplexing IDentifier Multiple Integrated Digital Access Multifunctional Information Distribution System MILitary NETwork MILitary STandarD Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension MIME content-type for SGML documents Mobile Identification Number Medium Interface Point Mobile IP Millions of Instructions Per Second 86 87 .

INDUSTRY TERMS M MIS MIX Mks MLP MLC MLP MLPP MLPPP MLS MLSE MM MM MMB MMDS MMDS MME MMF MMI MMIC MML MMM MMS MMS MMS MMSE MMSK MMSS MMUSIC MMW MN MNC MNIC MNLP MNO Management Information Systems Multimedia Internet eXchange meter-kilogram-second Multi-Layer Protocol MultiLink Control field MultiLink Protocol MultiLevel Precedence & Pre-emption service MultiLink Point-to-Point Protocol Mobile Location Services Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation Maritime Mobile system Mobility Management MultiMetric Band Microwave Multichannel Distribution System Multi-channel Multi-point Distribution Service Mobile Management Entity MultiMode Fiber Man Machine Interface Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit Man Machine Language Mobile Media Mode More Messages to Send Multimedia Messaging Service span line identifier Minimum Mean Square Error Modified Minimum Shift Keying Maritime Mobile Satellite Service Multiparty MUltimedia SessIon Control MilliMeter Wave Message sent from Network Mobile Network Code Mobile Network Identification Code Mobile Network Location Protocol Mobile Network Operator MNP MNP MNRP MNT MO MobiteTM MOC MO/PP MODEM MOMENTS MOMUSYS MOO MOP MOS MOSPF MOSTRAIN MoU MOU MP MP MPC MPCAP MPCI MPE MPEG MPH MPLPC MPLS MPLS MPOA MPPI MPPP MPT MPTY Microcom Networking Protocol Mobile Number Portability Mobile Network Registration Protocol MaiNTenance Mobile Originated Ericsson standard for wireless packed data networks Mobile Originated Calls Mobile Originated Point-to-Point messages MOdulator DEModulator MObile Media ENTertainment Service MObile MUltimedia SYStem Mud .Object Oriented Maintenance Operations Protocol Mean Opinion Score Multicast Extensions to OSPF MObile services for high speed TRAINs Memorandum of Understanding Minutes Of Use Multilink Protocol MultiPlexing Mobile Position Centre Mobility Positioning CAPabilities Mobile Protocol Capability Indicator Maximum Permissible Exposure Motion Picture Experts Group Management PHysical layer Multiple Pulse Linear Predictive Coding Multi-Protocol Label Switching Multi-Protocol Layer Switching MultiProtocol Over Asynchronous Transfer Mode Message Processing Performance Issue Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol Ministry of Post & Telegraph MultiParTY 88 89 .

INDUSTRY TERMS M MPX MR MRE MRN MRO MRP MRP MRRA MRRC MRTR MRVT ms MS MS MS MSA MSB MSC MSC MSC MSC MSCA MSCIN MSCM MSCP MSCS MSCU MSE msec MSF MSI MSI MSID MSIN MultiPleXed Message Reference Mobile Radio Endpoint Mobile Roaming Number Maintenance and Replacement Operations Market Representation Partner Mouth Reference Point Mobile Radio Resource Allocation Mobile Radio Resource Control Mobile Radio Transmission and Reception Message Transfer Part Routing Verification Test millisecond Mobile Service Mobile Station Multiplexing Sublayer Metropolitan Statistical Area Most Significant Bit Message Sequence Chart Mobile Switching Centre Modem Status Command Multipath Search Coding Mobile Switching Centre Address Mobile Switching Centre Identification Number Mobile Station Class Mark Mobile Service Control Point MSC-Server Mobile Station Control Unit Mobile Subscriber Equipment millisecond Mobile Serving Function Mobile waiting Set Indication Multiple Serial Interface board Mobile Station Identifier Mobile Station Identification Number MSISDN MSK MSM MSO MSP MSRN MSS MSSHO MSU MT MT MT/PP MTA MTA MTBF MTBM MTBO MTBPM MTBR MTC MTF MTI MTM MTP MTRN M&TS MTS MTS MTS MTSO MTSR MTTF MTTR MTU Mobile Station International ISDN Number Minimum Shift Keying More Short Messages Multiple System Operator Multiple Subscriber Profile Mobile Subscriber Roaming Number Mobile Satellite System/Services Mobile Speed Sensitive Hand Over Message Signal Unit Message Type Mobile Termination Mobile Terminated Point-to-Point messages Major Trading Area Message Transfer System/Agent Mean Time Between Failures Mean Time Between Maintenance Mean Time Between Outages Mean Time Between Preventive Maintenance Mean Time Before Repair Mobile Terminated Calls Modulation Transfer Function Message Type Indicator Mobile-To-Mobile Message Transfer Part Mobile Terminal Roaming Number Maintenance & Trouble Shooting Message Telecommunications Service Message Toll Service Mobile Telephone System Mobile Telephone Switching Office Mean Time to Service Restoral Mean Time To Failure Mean Time To Repair Maximum Transmission Unit 90 91 .




Mobile Telephone eXchange Mark Up Message Unit MultiUse Bearer service Multi-User Dimension Maximum Usable Frequency Multimedia User Interface Multi User Mobile Station Multi-User Simulated Environment MUltipleXer Microwave Video Distribution System Multi Vendor Integration Protocol Mobile Virtual Network Operator Mobile Virtual Private Network Multiple Virtual Storage MicroWave Message Waiting Indicator Message Waiting Notification Managed Wireless Network Entity Message Waiting Set Multimedia Wireless Systems Maximum Working Voltage Mobile eXchange Mobile eXchange for Base station


nano / refractive index Network sea level refractivity spectral noise density Numerical Aperture Network Adapter Network Address Netwok Architecture Network Aspects Network Access Centre Network Automatic Call Distribution Non ACKnowledgment North American Cellular Network National Communications Security Emanation Memorandum National Communications Security Information Memorandum North American Digital Cellular Standards Network Access Identifier Network Adaption Layer Number Assignment Module Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone System North American Numbering Plan North American Numbering Plan Administrator Network Access Point Network Access Provider Numbering/Addressing Plan Identifier Network Application Support Non-Access Stratum Network Address Translation North American TAP Network Accessible Unit Navigational Satellite Timing and Ranging – Global Positioning System






Normal Burst Node B Application Protocol Narrow Band Frequency Modulation Network Busy Hour NonBroadcast MultiAccess Narrow Band Radio Voice Frequency Narrow Band Secure Voice Network Channel Non-Call Associated Signalling National Coordinating Center for Telecommunications Network (PMN) Colour Code Network Control Centre Network Communications Control Facility Network Control Centre System Neighbouring CELL Non Coherent Frequency Shift Keying Notification CHannel Network Control Interface Network Code Of Practice Network Configuration Process Network Control Point Network Control Program Network Control Protocol National Communications System Net Control Station Network Call Signalling Network Channel Terminating Equipment National Destination Code Network Data Control System National Defence Executive Reserve Network Device Interface Standard Network Driver Interface Specification Network Design Order


Non-Dispersion-Shifted Fiber No Dial Tone Network Determined User Busy Network Element National Emergency Airborne Command Post National Electric Code Network Element Function Network Element Layer Noise Equivalent Power Noise Equivalent Signal NETwork Normes Européennes de Télécommunication Network Basic Input/Output System NETwork Identifier Near End Cross Talk Noise Figure Network Function Network Functional Architecture Non-Facility-Associated Signalling Network File System Next Generation Digital Loop Carrier Next Generation Network Next Generation Network Access Network GateWay Next Hop Routing Protocol Network Identity Network Interconnect Network Interface Number Incomplete Network Interface Adapter Nearly Instantaneous Compounding Network Independent Clocking Network Interface Card Network Information Centre






Network Information & Control Exchange NATO Integrated Communications System Network IDentification Network Information Database Network Interface Device Network Inward Dialling Network Interface Function Network Input Ouput Network Inward / Outward Dialling Number Identification Presentation Narrowband Integrated Services Digital Network Network Identity and Time Zone Network Interface Unit Network Layer Network Layer Address Network Logical Data Manager Network LinK processors Near Line Of Sight National Level Program Network Layer Protocol Identifier Network Layer Protocol IDentifier Netware Link Services Protocol nanometer Network Management/Module Network Management Centre National Military Command System nautical mile Network Management Layer Network Management Protocol Network Management System National Mobile Station Identification Number National Mobile Subscription Identity Nordic Mobile Telephone system Network Node


Network Node Interface Network to Network Interface Network News Transport Protocol Network Operator Network OperAtor Facility Network Operations Center Network Operations Control Centre Network Outward Dialling Notice Of Inquiry Network Operating System Network Office Terminating Equipment Neper Network Performance Number Portability Numbering Plan Area Number Portability Administration Center Network Parameter Control Number Portability Database Network Position Determining Entity Network layer Protocol Data Unit Network Protocol Data Unit Numbering Plan Identification Numbering Plan Indicator Non-Public Mode service Noise Power Ratio Number Portability Routing Protocol Network Performance Report Message Nonvolatile Random Access Memory Net Radio Interface Network Reference Model Network Resource Manager Network Routing Number Nuclear Risk Reduction Centre Network Routing System



Mark Non-Return-to-Zero .Inverted Non-Return-to-Zero .Space nanosecond National Security or Emergency Preparedness Telecommunications Network Service Address Network Service Access Point Network Service Access Point Address Network Service Centre Non-Signalling Data Protocol for Billing & Settlement Non-Signalling Data Protocol for Fraud Network Service Data Unit Network Specific Facilities Network Service Interface National Significant Mobile Number National Significant Number National Signalling Point Network Service Provider Native Signal Processing Network Service Protocol Network Support System Network Switching Subsystem National Signalling Transfer Point Network Termination New Technology National Telecommunications Coordinating Network Naval Tactical Data System Network Terminating Equipment Network Terminating Interface NTMS NTN NTO NTP NTP NTS NTS NTT NTU NU NUA NUI NUID NUP NV/NG NVIS NVM NVP nW N/W NWM NXX National Telecommunications Management Structure Network Terminal Number Network Terminal Option Network Termination Point Network Time Protocol Network Test System Number Translation Service Numbered Test Trunk Network Termination Unit Network Unit Network User Access Network User Identifier Network User IDentification National User Part Non-Voice/Non-Geostationary Near-Vertical Incidence Sky wave Non Volatile Memory Network Voice Protocol nanoWatt NetWork National Wireless Network Network Numbering eXchange 98 99 .change on ones Non-Return-to-Zero .INDUSTRY TERMS N NRT NRTRDE NRZ NRZ-1 NRZ-I NRZ-M NRZ-S ns NS/EP telecoms NSA NSAP NSAPA NSC NSDPB&S NSDPF NSDU NSF NSI NSMN NSN NSP NSP NSP NSP NSS NSS N-STP NT NT NTCN NTDS NTE NTI Near Real Time Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange Non-Return-to-Zero Non-Return-to-Zero .

Nonconductive. Administration & Maintenance Mobile Office Automation Telecoms Over-the-Air Activation Teleservice Object Exchange protocol Operations Center Operation Code Optical Carrier Outgoing Calls Barred Other Common Carriers On-line Call Detail Data Operating Company Number Optical Character Reader/Recognition Oceanic Control System Originating Call Screening Outgoing Call Services Orderwire Control Unit Optical Density Outside Diameter Open Document Architecture Operator Determined Barring Open Document Interchange Format Opportunity Driven Multiple Access Original Equipment Manufacturer Office of Engineering & Technology Optical Fibre.INDUSTRY TERMS O OA OA OAA O&M OACSU OAI OAM OAT OATS OBEX OC OC OC OCB OCC OCDD OCN OCR OCS OCS OCS OCU OD OD ODA ODB ODIF ODMA OEM OET OFC OFCP OFCR OFDM Originated Address Outgoing Access Over-the-Air Activation Operations and Maintenance Off Air Call Set-Up Open Application Interface Operations. Conductive. Nonconductive Optical Fibre. Plenum Optical Fibre. Riser Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex OFN OFNP OFNR OFR OFX OGM OGT OHVA OID OLAP OLC OLC OLI OLNS OLOS OLR O&M OMAP OMC OMC-IN OMCR OMCS OMCT OMCWAN OML OMM OMP OMS OMT ONA ONAL ONC Optical Fibre. Conductive Optical Fibre. Nonconductive. Conductive. Plenum Optical Fibre. Riser Off Frequency Rejection Open Financial eXchange Out-Going Message OutGoing Trunk Off-Hook Voice Announce Object Identifier Online Analytical Processing Optical Loop Carrier OverLoad Control Originating Line Indicator Originating Line Number Screening Obstructed Line of Sight Overall Loudness Rating Operations & Maintenance Operations & Maintenance Application Parts Operations & Maintenance Centre Operations & Maintenance Centre-Intelligent Network OMC-Radio part OMC-Switch part Operations & Maintenance Centre-Transmission Operations & Maintenance Centre-Wide Area Network Operations & Maintenance Link Operation & Maintenance Module Operations & Maintenance Processor Operations & Maintenance System Operations & Maintenance Terminal Open Network Architecture Off-Network Access Line Open Network Computing 100 101 .

INDUSTRY TERMS O ONI ONMS ONP ONU OOK OOS OPC opm OPMODEL OPSEC OPSP OPTS OPX OQPSK OR OR ORB ORM OS OSA OSF OSI OSI OSI OSINET OSIRM OSITOP Protocol OSN OSP OSPF OSRI OSS OSS Operator Number Identification Open Network Management Systems Open Network Provision Optical Network Unit On-Off Keying Out Of Service Originating Point Code operations per minute OPerations MODEL OPerations SECurity Originating Participation Service Provider Over-the-Air Programming Teleservice Off-Premises eXtension Offset Staggered Quadrature Phase Shift Keying Off-Route service Optimised Routing Object Request Broker Optically Remote switching Module Operating System Open Service Architecture Operations Systems Function block Objective Systems Integrator Open Switching Interval Open Systems Interconnection OSI NETwork Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model Open Systems Interconnection Technical & Office Operations System Network Operator Service Provider Open Shortest Path First Originating Stations Routing Indicator Operation Subsystem Operational Support System OSS OSS OSS7 OSSN OTA OTAM OTAPA OTAR OTASP OTC OTDR OTI OTP OVHM OW OWS Operator Specific Services Operator Service Switch Operator Services Signalling System 7 Originating Stations Serial Number Over The Air Over The Air Management Over the Air Parameter Administration Over The Air Rekeying Over the Air Service Provisioning Operating Telephone Company Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Open Telecom Infrastructure One Time Password authentication OverHead Message OrderWire Operator Workstation 102 103 .




Octantal Phase Shift Keying peta pico Power Amplifier Private Automatic Branch eXchange Priority Access and Channel Assignment Personal Access Communications System Public Access Cordless System Personal Air Communications Technology Public Access Cordless Telephone Public Access Cordless Telecommunication Service Packet Assembly/Disassembly facility PABX Access Phase Alternation by Line Public Access Line Phase Alternation by Line – Modified Pass-Along Message Pulse Amplitude Modulation Pulse - Address Multiple Access Public Access Mobile Radio Personal Area Network Public Access Network Packet Level Procedure Password Authentication Protocol Peak-to-Average Ratio Performance Analysis and Review Project Authorisation Request PARametric AMPlifier Private Advanced Radio Services Public Available Specifications Personal Area Wireless Private Automatic eXchange Pseudo Bit-Error Ratio Packet Burst Protocol


Personal Base Station Private Branch eXchange Path Control Personal Computer Point Code Printed Circuit Program Counter Power Circuit Breaker Printed Circuit Board Process Control Block Per Call Control Packet Control Function Paging CHannel Peripheral Component Interconnect Protocol Capability Indicator Protocol Control Information Plug Compatible Module Process Control Module Pulse Code Modulation Personal Communications Network Post Call Processing Power Control Pulse Peak Cell Rate Personal Communications Services / System Plastic-Clad Silica GSM network operating in 1900 MHz frequency band Personal Communications Switching Centre Private Circuit Switching Network Parallel Channels Signalling Rate Private Communications Technology Per Call Test Failure Public Cordless Telephone Service Packet Control Unit Packet Data







PhotoDetector Protocol Discriminator Personal Data/Digital Assistant Personal Digital Cellular Personal Digital Communication Packet Data Convergence Protocol Position Determining Entity Portable Document Format Protocol DIscriminator Pulse Delta / Duration Modulation Packet Data Network Public Data Network Packet Data Protocol Power-Down Registration Program Data Source Protected / Power Distribution System Packet Data Service Call Control Functions Public Data Serving Node Programmable Data Terminal Protocol Data Unit Phase-Encoded Primary Exchange Public Enquiry Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol Portable Electronic Devices Pan European Digital Cellular Peak Envelope Power picoFarad Power Factor Presentation Function Packet Forwarding Module Pulse-Frequency Modulation Packet Handler PHysical layer


Packet Handler Interface Personal Handy Phone Packet Handling System Personal Handyphone System Presentation Indicator Protection Interval Programmable Interface Adapter Plastic Insulated Cable Point In Call Preferred Inter-exchange Carrier Code Primary Inter-exchange Carrier Primary Interexchange Carrier Charge Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement Premises Interface Device Protocol IDentifier Protocol Independent Multicast Personal Identification Number Packet INternet Groper PSTN and Internet Interworking Private Telecommunications Network eXchange Path Independent Protocol Pre-Impulsing Pulse Peak Inverse Voltage Parallel Interface eXtender half size board Protocol Implementation eXtra information for Testing Public Key Criptography Public Key Infrastructure Physical Layer Private Line Programming Language Programmable Logic Array Private Line Automatic Ringdown Payload Loop Back







Power Line Carrier Physical Layer Convergence Protocol Phased Locked Loop Power Line Telecommunications Private Line Network Packet Layer Protocol Pulse Link Repeater Physical Signalling Sublayer Private Line Service Private Line Service Centre Performance Management Personal Mobility Phase Modulation Physical Medium Polarisation-Maintaining Preventive Maintenance Phase / Pulse Modulation Packet Mode Bearer Service Personal Mobile Communicator Public Mobile Carrier Physical Medium Dependent Public Mobile Network PMN selector Program Management Office Point-to-MultiPoint Private Mobile Radiocommunications Public Mobile Phone System Permanent Nucleus Personal Number Pseudo Noise Private Network Node Interface Public Network Operator Personal Number Service Phone line Network Transceiver


Private Network Terminatio Public Operator’s Code Programmable Option Devices Public office Dialling Plan Path Overhead POint of Interface / Interconnection Passive Optical Network Point of Presence Post Office Protocol POPulation Point of Return Packet over SONET Profiles for Open Systems Interworking Technologies Portable Operating System Interface for computer environments Point Of Termination Plain Old Telephone Service/System Plain Old Telephone Service-Centralised Plain Old Telephone Service-Remote peak-to-peak Point-to-Point Polarization - Preserving Portable Part Pay-Per-Call Public Packet Data Networks Primitive Procedure Entity parts per million Pulse Position Modulation Point to Point Protocol Point to Point Protocol over ATM Point to Point Tunneling Protocol pulses per second Public Packet Switched Network Public Packet Switched Service



INDUSTRY TERMS P PPTP PR PRA PRAMP PRBS PRC PRD Pref CUG PRF PRI PRM PRMA PRN PRNG PROM PRP PRR PRS PRSL Ps PS PS PS PS PSAP PSAP PSB PSC PS-CN PSDN PSDS PSE PSI Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol Pulse Rate Primary Rate Access Power RAMP Pseudo Random Bit Sequence Premium Rate Charging Permanent Reference Document Preferential CUG Pulse-Repetition Frequency Primary Rate Interface Pulse-Rate Modulation Packet Reservation Multiple Access Provide Roaming Number Pseudo Random Noise Generation Programmable Read Only Memory Primary Routing Point Pulse Repetition Rate Primary Reference Source PRimary area Switch Locator location Probabilities Packet Switched Paging Systems Permanent Signal Personal Station Presentation Service Access Point Public Service Answering Point Public Service Board Public Service Commission Public Switched Core Network Packet Switched Data Network Public Switched Digital Service Packet Switching Exchange Packet Switching Interface PSI PSID psi PSK PSM PSN PSPDN PSQM PSRCP p-static PSS1 PSTN PSTS PSU PSU PSW PSX PT PT PTE PTF PTI PTM PTM PTM PTM PTM-SC PTM-TC PTN PTN PTNO PTNX PTO PTP Peripheral System Interconnect Private System IDentifier pounds [force] per square inch Phase Shift Keying Protocol/Service Multiplexer Public Switched Network Packet Switched Public Data Network Perceptual Speech Quality Measurement Public Safety Radio Communications Project precipitation static Private Signalling System number 1 Public Switched Telephone Network Public Switched Telephone Service Packet Switch Unit Power Supply Unit Pure Sine Wave Power System eXchange Payload Type Pocket Telephone Path Terminal Equipment Patch and Test Facility Packet/Payload Type Identifier Packet Transfer Mode Packet Transport Mode Point-to-Multipoint Pulse-Time Modulation Point-To-Multipoint Service Centre Packet Transfer Mode Transmission Convergence Personal Telephone Number Public Telecommunication Network Public Telecommunication Network Operator Private Telecommunications Network eXchange Public Telecommunication Operator Point-To-Point 110 111 .

relative to a 0TLP PoWeR Personal Wireless Telephone peak envelope power (in dB) peak envelope power (in watts) Private eXchange Private eXchange Master List mean power [in dB] mean power [in watts] carrier power [in dB] carrier power [in watts] QA QA QAF QAM QAPSK Q-bit QC QCELP QCIF QCPM QEAN QLLC QMF QMR QORC QoR QoS QPAM QPSK QPSX QPSK-C QRC QRS QRSS QSIG QSTAG QUE Quality Assurance Q (Interface)-Adapter Q-Adapter Function Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Quadrature Amplitude Phase Shift Keying Qualified data bit Quality Control Quadrature Code Excited Linear Prediction Quarter Common Intermediate Format Quadrature Continuous Phase Modulation Quick Entry Access Number Qualified Logical Link Control Quadrature Mirror Filter Qualitative Material Requirement Quadrature Over-lapped Raised Cosine Querry on Release Quality of Service Quadrature Phase Amplitude Modulation Quadrature Phase Shift Keying Queued Packet Synchronous eXchange Queued Packet Synchronous eXchange-Compatible Quick Reaction Capability Quasi Random Signal Quasi Random Signals Sequence global DSS1 based signalling system for corporate networks Quadripartite Standardisation Agreement Call QUEing 112 113 .INDUSTRY TERMS Q PTS PTT PTT PTTC PTTI PU PUCT PUI PUK PUREG PV PVC PVCC PVN PVP PVPC PVXC pW PW PWA PWC PWM pWp pWp0 PWR PWT pX PX PX PXML pY PY pZ PZ Public Telecommunications System Post Telephone & Telegraph Push-To-Talk Paper Tape Transmission Code Precise Time and Time Interval Power Unit Price per Unit Currency Table Personal User Identity Personal Unblocking Key Power-Up REGistration Protocol Version Permanent Virtual Circuit Permanent Virtual Channel Connection Private Virtual Network Permanent Virtual Path Permanent Virtual Path Connection Pulse Vector eXcitation Coding picoWatt PassWord Predicted Word-length Assignment Personal Wireless Communicators Pulse-Width Modulation picoWatt .psophometrically weighted picowatts .

INDUSTRY TERMS R R R RA RA RAB RAB RACON RACF RACH RAD RADAR RADHAZ RADINT RADIUS RAD/RASP RADSL RAI RAINBOW RAM RAMDAC RAN RANAP RAND RAO RAP RAP RAP RARP RAS RASC RASP RAST Ring Route service RAndom mode request information field Remote Access Radio Access Bearer Random Access Burst RAdar beaCON Radio Access Control Function Random Access CHannel Radian Absorbed Dose RAdio Detection And Ranging electromagnetic RADiation HAZards RADar INTelligence Remote Access Dial In User Service Remote Antenna Driver/Remote Antenna Signal Power Rate Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line Routing Area Identifier Radio Access INdependent Broadband On Wireless Random Access Memory Random Access Memory Digital-to-Analog Converter Radio Access Network Radioa Access Network Application Part RANDom number Remote Access Outsourcing Radio local loop Access Profile Returned Account Procedure Remote Access Point Reverse Address Resolution Protocol Remote Access Server Radio Access System Controller Remote Antenna Signal Processor global RAdio STandardisation RATT RAX RBBS RBER RBOC RBS RBW RbXO RC RC RC RC RCA RCC RCC RCE RCF RCF RCH RCL RCT RCU RCVR RD RDBS RDC RDCCH RDF RDF RDF RDI RDQ RDS RDSS RAdio TeleTypewriter system Rural Automatic eXchange Residential BroadBand Service Residual Bit Error Ratio/Rate Regional Bell Operating Company Radio Base Station Resolution BandWidth Rubidium-crystal oscillator Rate Centre Reflection Coefficient Repeating Coil Resource Controller Regional Calling Area Radio Common Carrier Reverse Control Channel Remote Channel Extenders Remote Call Forwarding Routing Control Field Random Access Channel Release Complete Message ReCeption Time Remote Cell Unit ReCeiVeR Routing Domain Routing Data Base System Remote Device Control Reverse Digital Control CHannel Radio Direction-Finding Remote Distribution Frame Route Designator Field Restricted Digital Information Redirect Query Packet Radio Data System Radio Determination Satellite Service 114 115 .

INDUSTRY TERMS R RDT RDT RDTD RE REA REA REAL REC RECC RED REGNOT REJ REL RELP REM REN REQ RES ReTINA RF RF RFA RFC RFC RFC RFCH RFH RFI RFI RFID RFM RFN Recall Dial Tone Remote Digital Terminal Restricted Differential Time Delay Radio Exchange REcipient Address Rural Electrification Administration Reconfigurable Embedded Architecture Low-cost/low-power RECommendation Reverse Analog Control Channel Random Early Detection REGistration NOTification REJect(ion) RELease Regular pulse Excitation Linear Predictive coding Ring Error Monitor Ringer Equivalent Number REQuest Radio Equipment & Systems Real-time Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture Radio Frequency Range Finder Radio Fixed Access Radio Frequency Channel Remote Feature Control Request For Comment Radio Frequency CHannel Remote Frame Handler Radio Frequency Interference Request For Information Radio Frequency IDentification Radio Frequency Module Reduced TDMA Frame Number RFS RFS RFSK RFTR RFU RH RHR RI RIC RIF RII RILD RIM RIP RIR RISC RJE RL RLAN RLC RLCI RLCM RLCS RLDI RLL RLP RLR RLS RLSD RLT RMS RMS RMS-D1 RMTI Radio Frequency System Ready For Service Radio Frequency Shift Keying Radio Frequency Transmission and Reception Reserved for Future Use Relative Humidity Radio Horizon Range Routing Indicator Radio Identity Code Routing Information Field Routing Information Indicator Remote ISDN Line Drawer Request Initialisation Mode Routing IP Protocol Routing Information Request Reduced Instruction Set Chip / Computer Remote Job Entry ReLay function Radio-based Local Area Network Radio Link Control Receive Line Clock Input Remote Line Concentrating Module Remote Live Call Screening Receive Line Data Input Radio in the Local Loop Radio Link Protocol Receiver Loudness Rating RadioLocation Service Receive Line Signal Detector Release Link Trunks Roaming Management System Root-Mean-Square Remote Measurement System Digital 1 Random Mobile Terminal Identity 116 117 .

INDUSTRY TERMS R RMUI RNA RNC RNCS RNR RNS RNSAP RNTABLE RNTI RO RO ROA ROC ROER ROH ROIV ROM ROMP ROR RORJ RORS ROS ROSE RP RP RP RP RPC RPC RPCU RPE RPE-LTP rpm rpm Random Mobile User Identity Remote Network Access Radio Network Controller RNC-Server Receive Not Ready Radio Network Subsystem Radio Network Subsystem Applicatopn Part table of 128 integers in the hopping sequence Radio Network Temporary Identity Read Only Receive Only Recognised Operating Agency Required Operational Capability Remote Operation ERror Receiver Off Hook Remote Operation InVoke Read Only Memory Remote Operations MicroProcessor Remote Outdoor Router Remote Operation ReJect Remote Operation ReSult Remote Operation Services Remote Operation Service Element Radio Part Registration Point Reply Path Roaming Partner Radio Port Controller Remote Procedure Call Radio Port Control Unit Regular Pulse Excitation Regular Pulse Excitation-Long Term Prediction rate per minute revolutions per minute RPM RPOA RPR rps RPS RQ RR RR RR RR RRC RRM RRP RRQ RSA RSC RSCV RSDN RSE RSFG RSGCP RSGP RSID RSL RSL RSLEV-D RSLEV-U RSM RSM RSP RSQUAL-D RSQUAL-U RSR RSS Remote Packet Module Recognised Private Operating Agency Resilient Packet Ring revolutions per second Ring Parameter Server Repeat-reQuest ITU Radio Regulations Radio Resource Receive Ready Repetition Rate Radio Resource Control Radio Resource Management Registration RePly Registration Reply Request Rural Service Area Remote Switching Centre Route Selection Control Vector regional Switched Digital Network Radio System Entity Rote Server Functional Group Reliable Signalling Gateway Control Protocol Reliable Signalling Gateway Protocol Residential System IDentifier Radio Signalling Link Received Signal Level Received Signal LEVel Downlink Received Signal LEVel Uplink Radio Sub-system Management Remote Switching Module Route Set Prohibited Test Message Received Signal QUALity Downlink Received Signal QUALity Uplink Restricted Test Message Radio SubSystem 118 119 .

INDUSTRY TERMS R RSS RSS Rss RSSI RSU RSU RSVP RSZI RT RT RT RTA RTE RTF RTOS RTP RTP RTS RTSE RTSP RTT RTTU RTTY RTU RTX RUIM RVA RVC RWI Rx RXCDR RXLEV RXLEV-D RXLEV-U Received Signal Strength Remote Switch Subsystem Root-sum-square Received Signal Strength Indications Remote Service Unit Remote Switching Unit Resource ReSerVation setup Protocol Regional Subscription Zone Identity Real Time Ringback Tone Remote Terminal Remote Trunk Arrangement Remote Terminal Emulator Radio Terminal Function Real Time Operating System Real-time Transport Protocol Release to Pivot Capability Request To Send Remote Transfer Service Element Real-Time Streaming Protocol Radio Transmission Technology Remote Trunk Test Unit Radio TeleTYpewriter Remote Terminal Unit Request To Transmit Removable User Identity Module Reactive Volt Ampere Reverse Voice Channel Radio and Wire Integration Receive(r) Remote transCorDeR Received signal LEVel Received signal LEVel Downlink Received signal LEVel Uplink RXQUAL RXQUAL-D RXQUAL-U RXU RZ Received signal QUALity Received signal QUALity Downlink Received signal QUALity Uplink Remote transcoder Unit Return-to-Zero 120 121 .

INDUSTRY TERMS S S () SA SA SAA SAAL SABM SABME SAC SAC SAC SACCH SACCH/C4 SACCH/C8 SACCH/T SACCH/TF SACCH/TH SADL SAI SAM SAM SAM SAMBA SAMI SAMPS SAN SANC SAP SAPI SAR SAR SARM SAS chromatic dispersion slope Source Address Switched Access Systems Application Architecture Signalling ATM Adaptation Layer Set Asynchronous Balanced Mode Set Asynchronous Balanced Mode Extended Service Access Code Source address Access Code Subscriber Access Control Slow Associated Control CHannel Slow Associated Control CHannel/SDCCH/4 Slow Associated Control CHannel/SDCCH/8 Slow Associated Control CHannel/Traffic channel Slow Associated Control CHannel/Traffic channel Full rate Slow Associated Control CHannel/Traffic channel Half rate Synchronous Auto Dial Language Service Area Interface Service Access Multiplexer Synchronous Access Mode System Administration Module System for Advanced Mobile Broadband Application Service Access Multiplexer Interface System Assisted Mobile Positioning through Satellite Storage Area Network Signalling Area Network Code Service Access Point Service Access Point Indicator/Identifier Segmentation And Reassembly Specific Absorption Rate Set Asynchronous Response Mode Security Acrreditation Scheme SAS SASE SAT SAT SAT SATAN SAVD SAW SB SBC S-BCCH SBS SBS SBSVC SC SC SC SC SCA SCA SCA SCA SCAF SCC SCC SCC SCC SCCA SCCP SCCS SCDMA SCE SCEAF SCEF Special Access Surcharge Specific Application Service Elements Satellite Subscriber Access Termination Supervisory Audio Tone System Administrator Tool for Analysing Networks Simultaneous or Alternating Voice Data Surface Acoustics Wave Synchronisation Burst Sub-Band Coding System message-Broadcast Control CHannel Satellite Business Systems Strict Band Segmentation Selective Broadcast Signalling Virtual Channel Service Centre Service Code Signalling Converter Switching Centre Selective Call Acceptance Service Centre Address Subsidiary Communications Authorization System Communications Architecture Service Control Access Function Service Control Code Service Control Customisation Specialised Common Carrier Switching Control Centre System Change Control Administration Signalling Connection Control Part Switching Centre Control System Synchronous CDMA Service Creation Environment Service Creation Environment – Access Function Service Creation Environment Function 122 123 .

INDUSTRY TERMS S SCEP SCF SCF SCH SCID SCL SCM SCM SCM SCM SCN SCN SCO SCP SCP SCP SCPC SCR SCR SCR SCSA SCSI SCSR SCTP SCTS SCU SCU SCVF SCWID S-DAB SD SDA SDAP SDCCH Service Creation Environment Point Service Control Facility / Function Shared Channel Feedback Synchronisation Channel SubChannel IDentity Supervisory Control Language Single Carrier Modulation Station Class Mark Status Control Manager Sub Carrier Multiplexing Sub-Channel Number Switched Circuit Network Synchronous Connection-Oriented Satellite Communications Processor Service Control Point Switching / Service Control Point Single Channel Per Carrier Selective Call Rejection Semiconductor / Silicon Controlled Rectifier Sustained Cell Rate Signal Computing System Architecture Small Computer Systems Interface Single Channel Signalling Rate Stream Control Transmission Protocol Service Centre Time Stamp Standards Coordination Unit System Control signal Unit Single Channel Voice Frequency Spontaneous Call Waiting Display Satellite Digital Audio Broadcasting Service Discovery Service Discovery Application Service Discovery Application Profile Stand-alone Dedicated Control Channel SDCU SDB SDDB SDE SDF SDF SDF SDH SDK SDL SDLC SDM SDM SDMA SDMA SDMF SDN SDP SDP SDP SDR SDRAM SDRM SDS SDSL SDT SDU SDU SE SEAL SEAS SECABS SECAM SECORD Synchronous Data Channel Unit Switched Digital Broadcast Service Discovery DataBase Secure Data Exchange Services Data Function Specialised Database Functions Sub Distribution Frame Synchronous Digital Hierarchy Software Development Kit Specification Description Language Synchronous Data Link Control Space Division Multiplexing Subrate Data Multiplexing Space Division Multiple Access Station Detail Message Accounting Single Data Message Format Software-Defined Network Services Data Point Service Discovery Protocol Session Description Protocol Special Drawing Right Synchronised Dynamic Random Access Memory Sub-rate Data Multiplexing Short Data Service Single/Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line SDL Development Tool Selection and Distribution Unit Service Data Unit Support Entity Simple and Efficient Adaptation Layer Signalling Engineering and Administration System Small Exchange Carrier Access Billing Specifications Systeme Electronique Couleur Avec Memoire SECure voice CORD board 124 125 .

Technical Assistance and Management Services Secure Voice Access System Store-and-Forward Service Feature Single Frequency Superframe Format Slow Frequency Hopping Single Frequency Signalling Standard Frequency & Time Signal Service Start of Frame Sequence Signalling Gateway Simple Gateway Control Interface Signalling Gateway Control Protocol SuperGroup Distribution Frame Standard Generalised Markup Language Special Grade Network Trunk Serving GPRS Support Node Sample and Hold Secure Hash Algorithm Sidereal Hour Angle Super High Frequency (3 GHz to 30 GHz) Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol Signalling Handoff Point SI SI SI SI SI SIA SIB SIC SICAP SID SID SID SID SIDN SIF SIGINT SIM SIN SIO SIP SIP SIR SIT SIU SIWF SIX SLA SLC SLC SLCP SLD SLEE SLI SLIC International System of Units Screen(ing) Indicator Service Interworking Signalling Intelligence Supplementary Information Supplementary Information A Service Independent Building block Service Initiation Charge SIM Card Application Platform Send IDentifier Silence Insertion Descriptor Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance System Identifier Security Industry Digital Network Signalling Information Field SIGnals INTelligence Subscriber Identity Module System Identification Network Services in Operation Session Initiation Protocol SMDS Interface Protocol Sustained Information Rate Special Information Tone Subscriber Interface Unit Shared InterWorking Function Serial Interface eXtender Service Level Agreement Subscriber Line Charge Subscriber Loop Carrier Service Logic Control Program Super Luminescent Diode Service Logic Execution Environment Service Logic Interpreter Subscriber Line Interface Card 126 127 .INDUSTRY TERMS S SECTEL SEF SEF SEIR SeP SEP SEPP SEPT SES SET SETAMS SEVAS S-F SF SF SF SFH SFS SFS SFS SG SGCI SGCP SGDF SGML SGNT SGSN S-H SHA SHA SHF S-HTTP SHP SECure TELephone Source Explicit Forwarding Support Entity Function Shared Equipment Identity Register Serial Port Signalling End Point Secure Electronic Payment Protocol Signalling End Point Translator Satellite Earth Stations Secure Electronic Transaction Systems Engineering.

INDUSTRY TERMS S SLIC SLIP SLIP SLCC SLMP SLNK SLP SLP SLPI SLR SLS SLS SLSA SLT SLTM SM SM SM SMA SMAE SMAF SM-AL SMAP SMC SMC SMD SMDA SMDB SMDBACH SMDF SMDFWD SMDM SMDPP Service Subscriber Loop Interface Circuit Serial Line Interface Protocol Serial Line Internet Protocol Subscriber Line Carrier Circuit Service Logic Management Program Serial LiNK Service Location Protocol Service Logic Program Service Logic Processing program Instance Send Loudness Rating Signalling Link Selection Single Link Set Single Line Switching Apparatus Single Line Telephone Signalling Link Test Message Security Management Switch Manager Switch Module Subscriber Carrier Module-100A System Management Application Entity Service Management Agent Function Short Message Application Layer System Management Application Part Security Management Centre Switch Management Centre Short Message Delivery Station Message Detail Accounting Short Message Delivery Broadcast Short Message Delivery Backward Subscriber maintenance Distributing Frame Short Message Delivery Forward Short Message Delivery Multipoint Bearer Service Short Message Delivery Point-to-Point Bearer SMDR SMDS SME SME SMEKEY SMF SMF SMG SMI SM-MO SM-MT SMP SMP SMP SMP SMPP SMR SM-RL SMS SMS SMS SMSA SMSC SMSCB SMSCH SMS-GMSC SMS-IWMSC SMS-MO SMS-MT SMS-PP SMS-SC SMSP SMSS SMT Station Message Detail Recording Switched Multimegabit Data Service Short Message Entity Signalling Message Encryption Short Message Encryption Key Service Management Function Single Mode Fiber Special Mobile Group Short Message Identifier Short Message – Message Originated Short Message – Message Terminated Service Management Point Significant Market Power Switching Module Processor Symmetric MultiProcessing Short Message Peer-to-Peer protocol Specialised Mobile Radio Short Message Relay Layer Satellite Multiservice System Service Management System Short Message Service Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area Short Message Service Centre Short Message Service Cell Broadcast Short Message Service CHannel SMS-Gateway Mobile Switching Centre SMS Interworking Mobile Switching Centre Short Message Service-Mobile Originated Short Message Service-Mobile Terminated Short Message Service-Point-to-Point Short Message Service-Service Centre Short Message Service Parameter Short Message Service Status Short Message Terminal 128 129 .

INDUSTRY TERMS S SMT SMTA SM-TL SMTP SN SN SN SNA SNAP SNC SND SNDCP SNDR SNHC SNI SNI SNI SNL SNMP SNP SNR SNR SNRM SNRME SO SOA SOA SOC SOC SOI SoLSA SONET SOR SP Surface Mounting Technology Single line Multiextension Telephone Apparatus Short Message Transfer Layer Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Sequence/Subscriber Number Service Node Switching Network Systems Network Architecture SubNetwork Access Protocol SubNetwork Connection SeND Sub-Network Dependant Convergence Protocol SeNDeR Syntactical Natural Hybrid Coding SMS Notification Indicator Subscriber Network Interface Systems Network Interconnection Signalling Network Layer Simple Network Management Protocol Sequence Number Packet/Protection Serial NumbeR Signal to Noise Ratio Set Normal Response Mode Set Normal Response Mode Extended Switching Office Service Order Activation Suppress Outgoing Access Statement of Compliance System Operator Code Service Order Interface Support of Localised Service Area Synchronous Optical NETwork Support of Optimal Routing Special Product SP SP SP SP SPA SPAP SPASM SPC SPC S-PCN SPCS SPCS SPDU SPE SPE SPI SPI SPID SPIN SPINA SPINI SPL SPL SPM SPMC SPN SPN SPNE SPNP SPOC SPOI SPP SPS Service Provider Signalling Point Spare Switching Point Service Provider Access Secure Password Authentication Protocol Subscriber Parameter Administration Security Mechanism Signalling Point Code Stored Program Control Satellite PCN Satellite Personal Communications System Stored Program Controlled Switch Session Protocol Data Unit Signal Processing Element Switch Processing Element Security Parameter Index Service Provider Interface Service Profile Identifier Service Provider Identification Number Subscriber PIN Access Subscriber PIN Intercept Service Programming Lock Sound Pressure Level Subscriber Private Meter Signalling Point Management Cluster Service Provider Name Subscriber Premises Networks Signal Processing Network Equipment Support of Private Numbering Plan Single Point Of Contact Signalling Point Of Interface Signal Processing Platform Signalling Protocols & Switching 130 131 .

Suppressed Carrier Supplementary Service Control string Service-Specific Coordination Function Service Specific Connection Oriented Protocol Service Switching and Control Point System Services Control Point Service Support Data Shared Secret Data Synchronised Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line Service Switching Function Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping Signal Strength Indication Service Set Identifier Secure Sockets Layer SCCP State Machine Station Serial Number SubSystem Number Service Switching Point Signal Switching Point Service Subscription Record Storage Capacity Issue Subscriber Switching Subsystem SIM Service Table Spread Spectrum Technology Synchronous Service Transport Switched Services Transport Protocol 132 133 .INDUSTRY TERMS S SPS SPSN SPTN SPX SQAM SQL SQN SQORC SQPSK SQT SR SR SRAM SRD SRD SRDC SRDM SREJ SRES SRF SRH SRI SRM SRNC SRNS SRR SRT SRT SRTP SRTS SS SS SS SS Standard Position Service Synchronisation Point Serial Number Single Protocol Transport Network Sequenced Packet eXchange Staggered Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Structured Query Language SeQuence Number Staggered Quadrature Over-lapped Raised Cosine Staggered Quadrature Phase Shift Keying Sequential Tone Coding Selective Repeat Speech Recognition Static Random Access Memory Service Request Distributor Standards Requirement Document SubRate Digital Cross-connect SubRate Data Multiplexer Selective REJect Signed RESponse Specialised Resources Function System Roaming Handler Status Report Indication Signalling Route Management Serving Radio Network Controller Serving Radio Network Subsystem Status Report Request Screening and Rerouting Table Source Routing Transparent Sequenced Routing Table Protocol Synchronous Residual Time Stamp Spread Spectrum Supervisory Signals Supplementary Service Switching System SS SS-CD SS-CFB SS-CFNR SS-CFU SS-CI SS7 SSAP SSB SSB-SC SSC SSCF SSCOP SSCP SSCP SSD SSD SSDSL SSF SSFH SSI SSID SSL SSM SSN SSN SSP SSP SSRSCI SSS SST SST SST SSTP System Simulator Supplementary Services Call Deflection Supplementary Services Call Forwarding Busy Supplementary Services Call Forwarding No Reply Supplementary Services Call Forwarding Unconditional Supplementary Services Call Intrusion Signalling System No. 7 Source Service Access Point Single Side Band Single Side Band .

INDUSTRY TERMS S SSU SSUPS ST ST st2 STALO STAT STC STD STDM STE STE STFS STI STID STK STL STL STM STMR STN STP STP STP STS STU STX SU SUB S-UMTS SUT SVC SVC SVCC Subsequent Signal Unit Solid-State Uninterruptible Power System Signalling Tone Signalling / Subscriber Terminal internet stream protocol V2 Stabilised Local Oscillator STATistics Signalling Transport Converter Subscriber Trunk Dialling Statistical Time Division Multiplexing Signalling Terminal Equipment Spanning Tree Explorer Standard Time and Frequency Signal / Service Service Trigger Information Service Termination IDentifier SIM ToolKit Standard Telegraph Level Studio-to-Transmitter Link Synchronous Transfer Mode SideTone Masked (loudness) Rating Switched Telephone Network Shielded Twisted Pair Signalling Transfer Point Standard Temperature and Pressure Synchronous Transport Signal/System Secure Telephone Unit Start-of-TeXt character Signal / Subscriber Unit SUBstitute character Satellite UMTS System Under Test Signalling Virtual Channel Switched Virtual Circuit Switched Virtual Channel Connection SVD SVM SVN SVN SVPC SW SWAP SWAP SWATS SWFM SWKF SWR SX SXS SYLK SYN SYNC SYNTRAN SYS SYSGEN SYSOP SYU Simultaneous Voice and Data SerVice Manager Software Version Number Subscriber Verification Number Switched Virtual Path Connection SoftWare Shared Wireless Access Protocol System Wide Area Pager Standard Wireless AT Command Set SoftWare Fault Management Shannon’s Well-Known Formula Standing Wave Ratio System eXchange Step-by-step switching System Symbolic Link SYNchronous idle character Synchronisation SYNchronous TRANmission SYStem SYStem GENeration SYStem OPerator Synchronization Signal Unit 134 135 .

4 TCH/H4.8 TCH/F9.8kbit/s) Full rate data TCH (9.4 TCH/F4.4kbit/s) Half rate data TCH (4.INDUSTRY TERMS T t T T T T1 span T43 TA TA TA TAC TAC TACACS TACS TAD TADIL TADS TADSS TAE TAF TAFAS TAI TAMS TAN TAP TAP TAPI TAR TARM TARP TAS TASI TAT TATP TB tera Timer Transparent Type only pulse code modulation system Type 43 Interconnect Board Terminal Adapter Timing Advance Terminal Adapter Terminal Access Circuit Type Approval Code Terminal Access Controller Access Control System Total Access Communications System Telephone Answering Device Tactical Data Information Link Teletypewriter Automatic Dispatch System Tactical Automatic Digital Switching System Terminal Adapter Equipment Terminal Adaptation Function Trunk Answer From Any Station International Atomic Time Telephone Answering Message Service Tiny Area Network Test Access Path Transferred Account Procedure Telephony Application Program Interface Temporary Alternative Routing Telephone Answering & Recording Machine Target ID Address Resolution Protocol Telephone Applications System Time Assigned Speech Interpolation Trans-Atlantic Telecommunication Traffic Announcement & Traffic Program terabyte (trillion bytes) TB TBB TBCD tbps TBR TBR TC TC TC TC TC TC TC TC TCAM TCAP TCB TCC TCC TCCF TCF TCH TCH/F TCH/F2.4kbit/s) Full rate data TCH (4.6kbit/s) Full rate Speech TCH Half rate TCH Half rate data TCH (2.8 TCH/HS TCI TCI TCIC Transparent Bridging Transnational Broadband Backbone Telephony Binary Coded Decimal terabits per second Technical Basis for Regulation Timed Break Recall Telecommunications Closet Test Concept Toll Centre Transaction Capabilities Transcoder Transmission Control Transmission Convergence Transport Connection TeleCommunications Access Method Transaction Capabilities Application Part Trusted Computing Base TeleCommunications Centre Telephony Country Code Tactical Communications Control Facility Technical Control Facility Traffic CHannel Full rate TCH Full rate data TCH (2.8kbit/s) Half rate Speech TCH Test Control Interface Transceiver Control Interface Trunk Circuit Identification Code 136 137 .6 TCH/FS TCH/H TCH/H2.

INDUSTRY TERMS T TCM TCM TCP TCP/IP TCS TCS TCS TCU TCU TCU TCVXO TCXO TD TD T-DAB TDC TD-CDMA TDD TDD TDF TDHS TDL TDM TDMA TDMS TDMS TDP TDRSS TDS TD-SCDMA TE TE TEC Time Compression Multiplexing Trellis Coded Modulation Transmission Control Protocol Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol Telephony Control Specification Transmission Convergence Sublayer Trusted Computer system Telecommunications Control Unit Teletypewriter Control Unit Trunk Coupling Unit Temperature Compensated-Voltage controlled crystal Oscillator Temperature Controlled crystal Oscillator Time Delay Transmitter Distributor Terrestrial Digital Audio Broadcasting Time Division Controller Time Division CDMA Telecommunications Device for the Deaf Time Division Duplexing Time Division Filtering Time Domain Harmonic Scaling Tapped Delay Time Time Division Multiplex Time Division Multiple Access Time Division Multiplex System Transmission Distortion Measuring Set Trigger Detection Point Tracking & Data Relay Satellite System Time Division Switching Time Division Synchronous CDMA Transverse Electric mode Terminal Equipment Telephony Echo Canceller TED TED TEDIS TEHO TEI TEID TEK TELCO TELSET TEM TEMP TEMS TETRA TETRAPOL TETRAPOLPAS TFA TFM TFP TFO TFR TFTP TFTS TFU TG TGB TGCP TGM TGMS TGW THD THF THI THz Transferred Electron Device Trunk Encryption Device Trade Electronic Data Interchange Systems Tail End Hop Off Terminal End point Identifier Tunneling Endpoint ID Traffic Encryption Key TELecommunications Company TELephone SET Transverse Electric and Magnetic mode TEMPorary TElecommunications Management System Terrestrial Trunked Radio Access TETRA-based global PMR standard Tetrapol Publicly Available Specification. for digital PMR applications TransFer Allowed Message Tamed Frequency Modulation TransFer Prohibited Message Tandem Free Operation Transfer Restricted Message Trivial File Transfer Protocol Terrestrial Flight Telephone System Time Frequency Unit Trunk Group Trunk Group Busy Trunking Gateway Control Protocol Trunk Group Multiplexer Third Generation Mobile Systems Trunk Group Warning Total Harmonic Distortion Tremendously High Frequency Telephone Headset Integrator TeraHertz 138 139 .

Length & Value Traffic Manager Transverse Magnetic mode Terminal Mobility Terminal Multiplexer Transmission & Multiplexing Terminal MoveAbility Traffic Message Channel Traffic Metering & Measuring TMN TMP TMR TMS TMS TMSI TMUX TN TN TNRN TNS TO TO TOA TOF TON TOPS TOS TP TP TP TP TPAD TPAU TPC TPCC TPDU TPMR TPON TPP TPUI TQFP TR TR Telecommunication Management Network Test Management Protocol Trunk Mobile Radio Test Mobile Station Time Multiplexed Switch Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity TransMUltipleXer Timeslot Number Telephone Number Terminating Network Routing Number Transit Network Selection Telecommunications Operator Toll Office Time Of Arrival Time Out Factor Type Of Number Traffic Operator Position System Type Of Service Toll Point Transaction Processing Transport Protocol Twisted Pair Terminal Packet Assembler/Disassembler Twisted Pair Attachment Unit Transmitter Power Control Third Party Call Control Transport Protocol Data Unit Trunk Private Mobile Radio Telephone Passive Optical Network Terminating Party Pays Temporary Portable User Identity Thin Quad Flat Pack Token Ring Toll Restriction 140 141 .INDUSTRY TERMS T TI TID TIE TIF TIFF TINA TIP TIPHON TIPI TIS TKIP TJF TL TLD TLDN TLF TLH TLI TLLI TLP TLPU TLS TLS TLV TM TM TM TM TM TMA TMC TMM Transaction Identifier Terminal IDentification Time Interval Error Terminal Interface Node Tag Image File Format Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture Terminal Interface Processor Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonisation over Networks Telephone Industry Price Index Technical Information Sheets Temporal Key Integrity Protocol Test Jack Frame Transmission Level Top Level Domain Temporary Local Directory Number Trunk Line Frame Transport Layer Header Transport Layer Interface Temporary Link Level Identity Transmission Level Point Telecommunications Line Protector Unit Transparent LAN Service Transport Layer Security Type.

INDUSTRY TERMS T TR TRA TRA TRANSEC TRAPI TRAU TRC TRF TRFR TRIP TRI-TAC TRS TRS TRU TRU TRW TRX TS TS TSAP TSAR TSB TSB TSC TSC TSDI TSG TSI TSIC TSID TSIQPSK TSIU TSK TSM Transmitter Traffic Restart Allowed Traffic Routing Administration TRANsmission SECurity TRansport Application Program Interface Transcoder & Rate Adaptation Unit Transverse Redundancy Check Tuned Radio Frequency TransFeR Telephony Routing Information Protocol TRI-services TACtical equipment Telecommunications Relay Services Trunked Radio System Tone Receiver Unit TRaffic Unit Traffic Restart Waiting Transceiver Technical Specification Transmission Speed Transport Service Access Point Teleservice Segmentation And Reassembly Telecommunications Systems Bulletin Transcoding Selector Bank Training Sequence Code Transit Switching Centre Transceiver Speech & Data Interface Technical Specification Group Time Slot Interchange Time Slot Interchange Circuit Test Signal IDentification Two Symbol Interval Quadrature Phase Shift Keying Time Slot Interchange Unit Transmission Security Key Time Switch Module TSO TSP TSP TSPS TSR TSR TSR TSRM TSS TSS TST TSU TT TT TTC TTCN TTE TTL TTP TTP TTT TTTN TTY TUB T-UMTS TUI TUP TUR TV TW TWA TWS TWT TWTA Terminating Screening Office Telecommunications Service Priority system Telephony Service Provider Traffic Service Position System Telecommunications Service Request Terabit Switch Router Terminate and Stay Resident Telecommunication Standards Reference Manual Tandem Switching System Trunk & Signalling Subsystem Time Space Time Switching Tone Sender Unit Translation Type Trunk Type Terminating Toll Centre Tree & Tabular Combined Notation Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Transistor-Transistor Logic Trail Termination Point Trusted Third Party TAP Testing Toolkit Tandem Tie Trunk Network TeleTYpe Traffic Usage or Billing Terrestrial UMTS Telephony User Interface Telephone User Part (SS7) Trunk Utilization Report Type & Value Travelling Wave Two-Way Alternate Two-Way Simultaneous Travelling Wave Tube Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier 142 14 3 .

INDUSTRY TERMS U TWX TX TeletypeWriter eXchange service Transmit / Transmitter UA UA UA UADSL UAM UAN UAP UART UBR UC UCA UCD UCIC UCS UD UDC UDH UDI UDL UDLC UDP UDPC UDR UDT UDT UDTS UDUB UDWDM UE UEM UHF UI UI UIAC Unbalanced Asynchronous Unnumbered Acknowledgement User Asynchronous Universal Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line Universal Access Method User Access Node Upper Address Part Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter Unspecified Bit Rate User Control Utility Communications Architecture Uniform Call Distribution Unequipped Circuit Identification Code Universal Communications Standards User Data Universal Digital Channel Universal Data Header Unrestricted Digital Information User Data Length Universal Digital Loop Carrier User Datagram Protocol Universal Digital Portable Communicator Usage Data Protocol User Data Length Unit DaTa message UDT Service message User Determined User Busy Ultra Dense Wavelenght Division Multiplexing User Equipment Universal Equipment Module Ultra High Frequency Unnumbered Information frame User Interface Unlimited Inquiry Access Code 14 4 145 .

INDUSTRY TERMS U UICC UIFN UIM UITS U/L ULF ULP Um UMS U-MSC UMTS UN UNE UNE-P UNI UNICODE UNMA UNMR UP UPC UPCMI UPCS UPD UPN UPS UPSR UPT UPTAA UPTAC UPTAN URI URL URN us UMTS IC Card Universal International Freephone Number Universal Identity Module Unacknowledged Information Transfer Service Up Link Ultra Low Frequency Upper Layer Protocol GSM air interface Universal Messaging System Combined UMTS Core-Node Universal Mobile Telecommunications System Unbalanced Normal Unbundled Network Elements Unbundled Network Elements-Platform User-Network Interface Universal trunk-out-of-service Code Unified Network Management Architecture Universal Network Management Architecture Unnumbered Poll Usage Parameter Control Uniform PCM Interface Universal Personal Communications Services UP to Date Universal Personal Number Uninterrupted Power Supply Unidirectional Path Switched Ring Universal Personal Telecommunications UPT Access Address UPT Access Code UPT Access Number Uniform Resource Identifier Uniform Resource Locator Uniform Resource Name microsecond US USART USAT USB USB USD USF USIM USIM USO USOC USPID USSD UT UT UTC UTDR UTP UTR UTRA UTRAN UTS U-SIM UUCP UUENCODE UUI UUS UWB UWC Unit Separator Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter Ultra Small Aperture Terminal Universal Serial Bus Upper Side Band Universal Synchronous Data Universal Single Frequency User Services Identity Module Universal Subscriber Identity Module Universal Service Obligation Uniform Service Order Code User Service Profile IDentifier Unstructured Supplementary Services Data Universal Time Upper Tester Universal Time Constant Universal Trunk Data Record Unshielded Twisted Pair Universal Tone Receiver Universal Terrestrial Radio Access UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network Universal Telephone Service UMTS Subscriber Identity Module Unix to Unix Copy Protocol Unix to Unix Encoding User-to-User Information User-to-User Signalling Ultra WideBand Universal Wireless Communications 146 147 .

INDUSTRY TERMS V V VA VA VA VACC VAD VADS VAN VAN VANS VAP VAPC VAPD VAPN VAR VARISTAR VAS VAX VBNS VBR VBR-NRT VBR-RT VBS VBSS VC VCA VCC VCELP VCI VCL VCO VCPI VCS VCXO Volt Value-Added Variable Algorithm Volt-Ampere Value Added Common Carrier Voice Activity Detection Value Added Data Services Value Added Network Vehicular Area Network Value Added Network Services Videotex Access Point Vector Adaptive Predictive Coding Voice Activated Premier Dialling Voice Access to Private Network Value Added Reseller Variable resistor Value Added Services Virtual Address Extension Very high speed Backbone Network Service Variable Bit Rate Variable Bit Rate-Non Real Time Variable Bit Rate-Real Time Voice Broadcast Service Voice Broadcast Service Status Virtual Channel/Circuit/Container Voice Connecting Arrangement Virtual Channel Connection Vector Code Excited Linear Prediction Virtual Channel Identifier Virtual Channel Link Voltage Controlled Oscillator Virtual Control Program Interface Virtual Circuit Switch Voltage-Controlled crystal oscillator V/D VDB Vdc VDI VDL VDPS VDSL VDT VDU VED VEPC VERONICA VF VF VFCT VFDF VFDN VFO VFTG VG VGA VGA VGCS VGCSS VGE VGF VGPL VGS VHDSL VHE VHF VHI VHSIC Voice/Data Visitor Data Base Volts direct current Voice Data Integration Very high frequency Digital Link Virtual Private Data Service Very high speed Digital Subscriber Line / Loop Visual Display Terminal Visual Display Unit Voice Enhancement devices Voice Excited Predictive Coding Very Easy Rodent Oriented Net-wide Index to Computerised Archives Variance Factor Voice Frequency Voice Frequency Carrier Telegraph Voice Frequency Distribution Frame Voice Frequency Directory Number Variable Frequency Oscillator Voice Frequency TeleGraph Voice Grade Variable Gain Amplifier Variable Graphics Array Voice Group Call Service Voice Group Call Service Status Voice Grade Equivalent Voice Grade Facility Voice Grade Private Line Voice Group Service Very High bit rate Digital Subscriber Line Virtual Home Environment Very High Frequency (30 MHz to 300 MHz) Virtual Host Interface Very High Scale Integrated Circuit 14 8 149 .

INDUSTRY TERMS V VI VISN VL VLAN VLF VLF VLPA VLR VLRIN VLSI V/m VM VM VM VMAC VMB VMI VMLA VMP VMS VMS VMSC VMWI VN VNET VNL VNLF VNO VNS VoB Vocoder VOD VoDSL VoFR Vector Identifier Virtual Integrated Sky Network Vector Length Virtual Local Area Network Very Low Frequency (less than 30 kHz) Visitor Location Function Vehicular Location Probability Area Visitor Location Register Visitor Location Register Identification Number Very Large Scale Integration Volts per meter Virtual Machine Virtual Memory Voice Mail Voice Mobile Attenuation Code Voicemail Box Voice Messaging Interface Virtual Mobile Location Area Voicemail Platform Virtual Machine System Voice Messaging/Mail System Visited MSC Visual Message Waiting Indicator Virtual Network Virtual private NETwork Via Net Loss Via Net Loss Factor Virtual Network Operations Virtual Network Services/System Voice over Broadband Voice-coder Video On Demand Voice over a DSL line Voice over Frame Relay VoIP VoWLAN VOLCAS VON VOX VoxML VP VP VP VPC VPC VPDN VPDN VPDS VPF VPI VPL VPM VPMN VPN VPOTS VPT VPT VPX VQ VQC VQL VRC VRC VRML VS VS/VD VSAM Voice over Internet Protocol Voice over Wireless LAN Voice-Operated Loss Control And Echo / Signalling Suppression Voice On the Net Voice Operated relay circuit / transmission Voice Mark-up Language Validity Period Virtual Path Voice Privacy Virtual Patch Connection Virtual Point Codes Virtual Private Data Network Virtual Private Dial-up Networking Virtual Private Data Services Validity Period Format Virtual Path Identifier Virtual Path Link Voice Privacy Mask Visited Public Mobile Network Virtual Private Network Very Plain Old Telephone Service Virtual Path Terminator Virtual Private Trunking Virtual Path Cross-connect Vector Quantitisation Voice Quantising Code Vector Quantum Level coding Vertical Redundancy Check Virtual Redundancy Check Virtual Reality Modelling Language Virtual Scheduling Virtual Source/Virtual Destination Virtual Storage Access Method 150 151 .

INDUSTRY TERMS W VSAT VSB VSC VSD VSELP VSM VSNET VSP VSP VSS VSWR VT VT VTAM VTE VTNS VTOA VTP VTU VTX vu VXC VXML Very Small Aperture Terminal Vestigial Side Band Videotex Service Centre SenD state Variable Vector Sum Excited Linear Prediction Vestigial Side Band Modulation Virtual SS7 Network Vehicular Speaker Phone Versatile Signaling Point Voice Server System Voltage Standing Wave Ratio Vertical Tabulation Virtual Terminal Virtual Telecommunications Access Method Virtual Terminal Environment Virtual Telecommunications Network Services Voice & Telephony Over ATM Virtual Terminal Protocol Video Teleconferencing Unit VideoTeX service volume unit Vector eXcitation Coding Voice Extensible Markup Language W WACS WADS WAE WAIS WAN WAP WAS WASP WASU WATM WATS WAW WAWS WBA WB/BB WBDTS WBMF WBS WCAPS W-CDMA WCMP WCS W-DCS WDCX WDM WDMA WDP WDS WEP WFA WG WID Wi-Fi Watt Wireless Access Communications System Wide Area Data Service Wireless Application Environment Wide Area Information Servers / Services Wide Area Network Wireless Application Protocol Wireless Access System Wireless Application Service Provider Wireless Access Subscriber Unit Wireless Asynchronous Transfer Mode Wide Area Telecommunications Service Wide Area Wireless Washington Area Wideband System Wireless Broadcast Access Wide Band/BroadBand Wide Band Data Transmission System Wide Band Frequency Modulation Wireless Business System Wireless Competitive Access Providers Wideband CDMA Wireless Control Message Protocol Wireless Communications Service Wideband Digital Cross-connect system Wideband and Broadband Digital Cross-connect Wavelength Division Multiplex Wavelength Division Multiplex Access Wireless Datagram Protocol Wireless Data Service Wired Equivalent Privacy Wi-fi Alliance Industry Working Group Wireless Integration/Interface Device Wireless Fidelity 152 153 .

Read Many times Wireless Office System Windows Open Services Architecture Wireless Office Telecommunications System Working Party Wrong Password Attempts Wi-Fi Protected Access Wi-Fi protected Access version 2 Wireless Private And Branch eXchange Wireless Personal Area Network words per minute words per second Weighted Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Wireless Residential Extension WS WS WSC WSF WSP WSSUS WT WTA WTAI WTC WTLS WTP WTR WTS wv wvdc WVI WWAN WWDD www WWDSA WWMCCS WWW:MMM TM Wireless Station Work Station Wireless Switching Centre WorkStation Function block Wireless Session Protocol Wide Sense Stationary Uncorrelated Scattering Wireless Transceiver Wireless Telephony Application Wireless Telephony Applications Interface Wall Transmission Coefficient Wireless Transport Layer Security Wireless Transport Protocol Wireless Technology Research Web Transaction Security working voltage working voltage direct current Web Voice Integration Wireless Wide Area Network World Wide Direct Dialling world wide web World Wide Digital System Architecture World Wide Military Command and Control System Mobile Media Mode 154 155 .INDUSTRY TERMS w WILL WIM WIMS WIN WIN WIN WIPP WITS WITS WISP WLAN WLL WLNP WLS WM WML WMLS WNE WNP WO WORM WOS WOSA WOTS WP WPA WPA WPA2 WPABX WPAN wpm wps WQAM WRE Wireless In Local Loop WAP Identity Module Wireless Information and Messaging Services Wireless In-building Network Wireless Intelligent Network WWMCCS Inter computer Network Wireless Internet Protocol Partnership Washington Integrated Telecommunications System Wireless Interface Telephone System Wireless Internet Service Provider Wireless LAN Wireless Local Loop Wireless Local Number Portability Wireless Location Services Wireless Manager Wireless Markup Language Wireless Markup Language Script Wireless Network Entity Wireless Number Portability WLAN Operator Write Once.

INDUSTRY TERMS Z X X25 networks XA XA-FR XC XCOR XDF XDS XDSL XID XMIT XML XMS XMSN XMTD XMTR XO XOFF XON XPAD XPSK XSL XSLT XT XTP XTAL Cross International Standard for packet switched eXchange Access eXchange Access Frame Relay Cross Connect fullrate TransCORder eXtended Distance Feature Extended Data Service X-type Digital Subscriber Line eXchange IDentifier transmit eXtended Markup Language Extended Memory Specification transmission transmitted transmitter crystal oscillator transmitter off transmitter on eXternal Packet Assembler/Disassembler cross-related Phase Shift Keying eXtensible Stylesheet Language eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations crosstalk Xpress Transfer Protocol crystal ZBTSI ZC ZCS ZD 0TLP Zero Byte Time Slot Interchange Zone Code Zero Code Suppression Zero Defects Zero Transmission Level Point 156 157 .

Industry definitions & organisations .

as a second stage. cascade billing. but also from access to MNOs connected to other MMS hubs – as all of them are. The MMS HUB is designed to allow efficient interworking of MMS traffic between MNOs by providing a centralised platform connected to the MNOs network and elected participating MNOs. and can also be seen as a central point of protection for operators from well-known threats like fraud.where interworking of SMS traffic between operators is implemented and operated through a centralized SMS platform called Hub or which both operators have a direct relationship for network use. as per the GSMA’s recommendation. This allows operators to send and receive SMS messages to multiple destinations globally. spam and viruses. rapidly establishing interworking relationships by using only one connection and one contract. transparency . rapid and proper launch of the MMS service. The SMS Hubbing Service appears to be a more efficient and effective solution for SMS interworking between operators and is seen as a key enabler.INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS What’s Hot? SMS Hubbing Today there are two technical and commercial solutions which enable operators to implement an SMS Interworking relationship between them: • A Bilateral solution . MMS Hubbing The MMS HUB is a concept developed and promoted by the GSMA in order to ensure the smooth.. interconnected..g fixed operators) shop for mobile operators as the service is not limited to traffic transmission but also provides contract aggregation. DNS MMSC BG Wireless Operator in Europe Intra-PLMN BG Bilaterals MMSC BG MMSC BG MMS Peering Partner DNS MMS Relay Server BG Peering Agreement MMSC BG Wireless Operator in Africa Intra-PLMN Peering Agreement MMSC BG BG MMS Relay Server MMS HUB Service BG Peering Agreement BG MMSC Wireless Operator in Europe Intra-PLMN BG MMSC Reporting Interface Wireless Operator in Asia Intra-PLMN In addition to the efficiency gain created by migration from the bilateral approach to SMS Hubbing for current GSM SMS interworking relations. end-to-end quality. Hub Services are provided on a turnkey basis. charging and billing. allowing operators to develop subscriber take-up of SMS as a mass-market service. 16 0 161 . the utilization of an SMS Hubbing Service could. be seen as a way to: Operations Customers Service As a centralized platform. thus offering a broad and rapid deployment of MMS interworking. the MMS Hub can be seen as a one-stop MMS • enable connectivity between GSM operators and non-GSM operators (mobile to mobile) • enable connectivity between mobile operators and non-mobile operators (e. MNOs would benefit not only from the access to all MNOs connected to the same MMS HUB. • A Hub Service solution .

an MVNO is an entity or company that works independently of the operator and can set its own tariff structures. To do so. it does not own any GSM. As more MNVOs expand in the marketplace. billing and customer care operations. In general. service knowledge and supplier relationships to complete against independent MVNOs. The broker operator or parent company utilises the GSM Signalling Platform in conjunction with existing roaming agreements and network infrastructure and then establishes a billing mechanism (transaction or usage-based) to charge the smaller operator-customer. which allows more flexibility since multiple host networks could be used and the MVNO then appears as a roaming partner. The major benefit to traditional mobile operators in cooperating with MVNO A mobile virtual network operator is a company that does not own a licensed frequency spectrum. Dual IMSI An IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) is used within the SIM in all mobile phones to uniquely identify the mobile subscriber on a specific mobile network. 16 2 16 3 . Each IMSI is given a different priority by the SIM card. MNVOs can treat incumbent infrastructure such as radio equipment as a commodity. In this way. Usually.INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS Through a single agreement with a single provider. In addition. which ultimately leads to greater choice and lower prices. As a result. Most regulating bodies are in favour of MVNOs as a means of encouraging competition. a central contact point for testing and technical matters and a single billing counterpart. they are likely to first target prepaid customers as a means of low-cost market entry. the phone has access to two alternative GSM networks. MVNOs have business arrangements with traditional mobile operators to buy minutes of use (MOU) for sale to their own customers. With the advent of the MVNO. CDMA or other wireless infrastructure. while the MVNO offers its own advanced and differentiated services based on exploitation of its own intelligent network infrastructure. branding. as appropriate. Some may own their own Home Location Register (HLR). The GSM Signalling Platform enables larger GSM operators to offer roaming capabilities to smaller operators by acting as brokers. exiting mobile operators will use their established branding. When a dual IMSI SIM card is used. MNOs can better focus on core activities – especially customer services. but resells wireless services under their own brand name. marketing. An MVNO’s role and relationship to the mobile phone operator may vary by market. the incumbent mobile operators normally keep their own OSS/BSS processes and procedures separate and MVNOs is to broaden the customer base (i. sell additional MOUs) at a zero cost of acquisition and it is likely that incumbent mobile operators will continue to embrace MVNOs as a means of deriving revenue to offset the enormous cost of building 3G networks.e. such as a Mobile Switching Center (MSC) or radio access network. using the network of another mobile phone operator. MVNOs have full control over the SIM card. distinct from those of the MVNO. The strategy of offering value-added services is to differentiate versus the incumbent mobile operator. Leading MVNOs deploy their own mobile IN infrastructure in order to facilitate the means to offer value-added services. many incumbent mobile operators will evaluate the opportunity to offer supplementary MVNO services of their own. allowing for customer acquisition and preventing the MVNO from needing to compete on the basis of price alone. MNOs will benefit from wide and global MMS coverage. While sometimes offering operational support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) to support the MVNO.

is the way to connect the mobile phone to the fixed line infrastructure. The larger operator’s IMSI (the second) is stored in each subscriber’s mobile phone along with the original IMSI that is provided by the smaller operator. To implement commercial international roaming. (Network operators in the start-up phase of international roaming can benefit 16 4 16 5 . This results in the IMSI query being sent to the GSM Signalling platform (located in the larger operator’s network) where it is translated (mapped) to the smaller operator’s IMSI. telecommunications operators can provide services to users irrespective of their location. The roaming agreement allows the two operators to transfer call charge data and subscription information back and forth as their subscribers roam into and out of other networks. we will see this experience extended to include roaming and service portability for a growing range of new and advanced voice and data services. Piggyback roaming An operator signs a roaming agreement with a sponsor operator. Mobile Roaming at a Glance Roaming is defined as the ability for a cellular customer to make and receive voice calls. Using this method. the operator can expedite gaining access to multiple markets. an operator must satisfy three major requirements: • Own an operational network with signalling facilities (CCSS7 – Common Channel Signalling System No. How does this happen? Network operators enter into roaming agreements with the operators of networks in other areas or countries. 7). then sent to be validated by the small operator’s HLR. send and receive data and access other services automatically when travelling outside the geographical coverage area of the home network.INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS The operator-customer or subsidiary gains access to as many visitor networks as the larger operator is able to offer. Fixed to Mobile Convergence Fixed to Mobile Convergence (FMC). The operator thus acts as both Home Public Mobile Network (HPMN) and Visited Public Mobile Network (VPMN). GPRS introduced a new business model for packet switched services. • Own a billing system capable of generating and receiving TAP files. without the need to negotiate individual agreements or integrate their SS7 networks. currently one of the crucial strategic issues in the telecommunications industry. While GSM has set the norm for automatic roaming. The translation application is referred to as Dual International Mobile Subscriber Identity (DIMSI) Mapping. by means of using a visited network. With UMTS/WCDMA. When the subscriber roams into another network. This agreement provides roaming not only with the sponsor operator but also with the sponsor’s roaming partners. • Conclude roaming agreements with other operators (roaming partners). access technology and terminal. These bilateral agreements provide for home subscribers to visit the foreign network and have the reciprocal facility for subscribers from the foreign network to visit the home network. Roaming between mobile networks has been one of the key drivers of the massive global success of GSM. Utilising the services of a clearing house or roaming broker can greatly ease and speed the implementation of these processes. With the convergence between the mobile and fixed line networks. the larger operator’s IMSI is activated because the smaller IMSI is not recognized. The larger operator or broker provides the smaller operator with a second range of subscriber IMSIs. This second IMSI now identifies the roaming customer as the larger operator’s subscriber.

This SIM card is the key as it is personalised to the subscriber. described in the MACH services section of this guide. 2 or 3 Base Station Controllers (BSC). and sets up calls from. but now also for UMTS systems worldwide Technological advances such as dual-mode phones now enable users to roam between different network technologies (e. GSM networks operates in different frequency ranges: • 850 MHz frequency range.INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS from outsourcing to MACH’s Professional Services. The Home Location Register (HLR) is the main database for all MSs in a network. The MSC connects calls from mobile users to either another mobile within the network. as the subscriber may frequently be moving. N-AMPS. with radio waves. Each BSC is usually connected to 5 Base Transceiver Stations (BTS). which allows billing to the subscriber’s Home Network. The MSC is a telephone exchange with switching capacity that is able to handle mobile calls. the global explosion of roaming activities continues. needs constant updating of location. HLR and authentication data about all the subscribers (MSs) registered in the MSC service area at the time. The HLR also identifies the network to which a visiting roaming subscriber belongs. CDMA. TDMA. a fixed line phone or a mobile in another network. the MS. a cellular phone. The VLR is a regional database containing information such as IMSI and subscription. It contains the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI). The BSC controls and supervises a number of BTSs. known as a cell.TADIG and IREG. the two GSM operators party to the roaming agreement can agree on a date to launch commercial roaming between their networks. TETRA and iDEN and GSM) rather than between different GSM frequencies only. Thanks to the commercial drive of network operators and the efforts of organisations such as the GSM Association and the Global Roaming Forum. an internal subscriber identity within the network used only by the system. A GSM phone cannot be used without the SIM. It contains the entire profile of the subscriber – telephone number. AMPS. a number of BSCs. Roaming and GSM Network Infrastructure The GSM network infrastructure consists of one or more Mobile Services Switching Centres (MSC) each connected to and controlling of an antenna and all the other radio equipment necessary to communicate by radio with a Mobile Station (MS). extends coverage • 900 MHz and 1800 MHzb – the most predominant frequencies in most of the world • 1900 MHz – originally for GSM systems in North and South America. the operator can commence the testing procedures established and documented by the GSM Association working groups . On successful completion of these procedures.g. It identifies and authenticates the subscriber’s account to the local Visited Network and provides authentication. For the MSC to route calls to. The BTS consists All mobile phones contain a ‘smart card’ called the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM). it needs subscriber information that is stored in the Visitor Location Register (VLR). An 166 167 .e. not widely used.) Once these requirements have been met. subscription information and authentication and ciphering parameters. services available. The HLR keeps track of the subscriber’s location and. and set them up from. i. It routes calls to. The SIM is a smart card that contains a subscriber’s subscription details and can be moved from one piece of mobile hardware to another. The MS consists of a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) and the mobile telephone equipment. Each BTS covers a defined area.

The TMSI covers the IMSI so that intercepting traffic on the air does not allow tracing and identification of the subscriber. Each time a call is made. it is routed through the GMSC. Security measures include assignment of a Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity (TMSI). When a mobile telephone is switched on. TAP3 is the latest version of the standard and enables billing for a host of new services that networks intend to offer their customers. Whenever a call is made out of. Operators exchange call event details on these roaming subscribers. Subscriber authentication is the 16 8 16 9 . then routes the call to the MSC where the roaming number is located (VPMN). or received from outside. Roaming & GSM Network Infrastructure The Authentication Centre (AUC) generates parameters for subscriber authentication and ciphering. the GMSC of the HPMN asks the HLR for routing information. Ciphering ensures the privacy of the information. The Equipment Identity Register (EIR) contains a record of the Other Networks GMSC MSC International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) of all MSs in a network and includes a database of all equipment reported as lost or stolen. AUC AUthentication Centre BSC Base Station Controller BTS Base Transceiver Station EIR Equipment Identity Register GMSC Gateway MSC HLR Home Location Register MS Mobile Station MSC Mobile Services Switching Centre VLR Visitor Location Register BSC The gateway between one network and another is called a Gateway Mobile Services Switching Centre (GMSC). Purpose of TAP Roaming is a key feature of GSM. The TMSI is valid only in the MSC area in which it was allocated. which is then sent to the EIR for authorisation or for access to be denied. it can be used only if the security data sent by the SIM is the same as the data provided by the AUC. TAP is the process that allows a visited network operator (VPMN) to send billing records of roaming subscribers to their respective home network operator (HPMN). the MSC requests the IMEI of the MS.INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS MS file is created in the VLR when a roaming MS enters the area of an MSC and is deleted from the VLR when the MS leaves the area. when the MS moves to another MSC area. the network in which the MS is located. To locate a roaming MS. giving consumers seamless same-number contactability in over a hundred countries. another TMSI is allocated. identification and verification of a valid SIM.

• There are five TAP Formats to date.. e. easily expands to cater for the development of existing services and the launch of new ones. TAP3. TAP3 also uses an industry-standard.11 (the current version). TAP3. having no size limitations or constraints. • TAP1. • TAP2.10. TAP3 is future-proof and will be used for 3G and other new applications as defined by the TADIG committee.9. TAP3. TAP Formats TAP regulations are laid out in the GSM Association’s Permanent Reference Documents (PRDs). TAP1-2 and others. which undergoes one minor and one major release per year and TAP has already been through the following releases: TAP3. TAP3.1. TAP3 – advantages compared to previous versions TAP3 provides many advantages over previous TAP formats in terms of support for new services and in providing additional customer service information.3. TAP also gives the HPMN call control (CC) information to service customer queries and liability for call charges is transferred from the subscriber’s VPMN to its HPMN. which enabled operators to bill for new services and provide the additional information required by satellite and US operators. The first generation of billing formats..HPMN) for services used by the Home Network’s subscribers whilst roaming in the VPMN. Charging records are batched into a TAP file indicated by a 17 digit file name such as CDVPMNHPMN00001. Furthermore. allowing the use of commercial tools. TAP3.INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS TAP is essential for GSM Roaming.) • Charge all GSM Phase 2+ services • Discounts on a call basis • Alternate TAP currency. This new set of standards was approved and launched on 4 June 2000.VPMN) to invoice the Home Network Operator (or Home Public Mobile Network . These advantages include: • Supports features in other versions of TAP • Content charging • WLAN • Location service • Satellite inter-working • Unique format for all standards (including inter-standard roaming with CIBER. • TAP2+ • NA TAP2 • TAP3 The first TAP standard quickly progressed to TAP2 and then to TAP2+. ASN 1.2. TADIG has transformed TAP3 into a living standard. Logical / physical definitions of TAP formats are defined by TADIG (Transferred Account Data Interchange Group). Commercial requirements are defined by BARG (Billing & Accounting Rapporteur Group). and TAP3. TAP enables the Visited Network Operator (or Visited Public Mobile Network .. as it allows subscribers to use their own mobile phones when visiting another cellular network.4. TAP3 is the current standard in use today. TAP3. although it is a continually developing standard. Hot on the heels of TAP2+ was TAP3. have fixed and rigid standards and are difficult and costly to expand and also slow to develop because of file size limitations which impact on the amount of information that can be transferred. TAP enables the HPMN to recover the roaming call charges from its subscribers and to calculate the rerouting charges for mobile terminated calls.g. Euro/USD • Separation of Air and Toll charges • Support of Rejects & Returns process 17 0 171 .

TETRA: TErrestrial Trunked RAdio (TETRA) is a new open digital trunked radio standard that is defined by the European Telecommunications Standardisation Institute (ETSI). This standard is a natural extension of existing Private Mobile Radio (PMR) standards in Europe.5 gigahertz in Japan) Introduction to Inter-Standard Roaming Until recently. as well as North & South America and other countries. roaming was possible only among networks deploying the same radio technology in the same radio frequency band and. N-AMPS uses the TIA standard IS-41. fax and internet). It provides Mobile Telephony with a reduced set of diversion and call barring features. iDEN is a fully digital integrated system used commonly on the 800 megahertz frequency band (and 1. Services comprise Mobile Telephony (similar to GSM features). South America. Two-way radio. The roamer records generated by the billing system or billing vendor of a carrier/operator of a network technology can generally be defined as follows. TDMA: Time Division Multiple Access is a digital cellular technology that shares the 800MHz frequency band with analogue. TDMA. 17 2 17 3 . dispatch messaging and data services (data. It uses the US Telecoms Industry Association (TIA) standard IS-41 as the network protocol and is the predominant system still in use today across 95 percent of the United States. uses the TIA standard IS-136 and is usually available where analogue service is offered in the USA and Canada. Technological advances such as dual-mode phones now enable users to roam between different network technologies (e. the same network infrastructure protocols. The standard was developed for the ESMR (Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio) industry (similar to PMR). What are these other technologies? AMPS: Advanced Mobile Phone Service is an analogue cellular system operating in the 800MHz frequency range. Interstandard roaming goes under other names such as cross-protocol roaming and cross-technology roaming. some South American countries and the Far East and provides Mobile Telephony (similar to a reduced set of GSM features) and data services (data. It is currently in use across the United States. Canada. This is what we call Inter-Standard roaming. CDMA. Essentially they are the same. It is implemented in North America. It provides Mobile Telephony (similar to a reduced set of GSM features with a reduced set of diversion and call barring features) and data services (data. fax and Internet). What roamer file types do they use? CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access is a digital cellular system operating in the 800Mhz band using (TIA) standard IS-95. CIBER is generally used by carriers employing: AMPS. N-AMPS. AMPS.g. Israel and other Far East countries. that integrates wireless services for mobile workgroups. N-AMPS: Narrow band AMPS is a variation on AMPS and is a narrowband advanced mobile phone service which uses a narrower bandwidth and has greater data capabilities. the key is that a subscriber is allowed to roam from its home network (and its technology) onto another network infrastructure that is of different technology. TETRA and iDEN and GSM) rather than just between different GSM frequencies. fax and Internet). in most cases.INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS • TAP records are of variable length and the physical definition of TAP3 is flexible enough to include requirements coming from UMTS and other 3G technologies iDEN: iDEN® (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network) is a proprietary standard from Motorola.

g. the serving (visited) network GSM Network AMPS Network will create a switch Call Detail Record (CDR) that will be sent to a mediation device or data collector for on-passing the CDR to a billing system or billing vendor.INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS N-AMPS. 174 17 5 . regardless of frequency. incoming service only. current status. current location. what service features are allowed. These batches are sent from the billing system/vendor to the serving carrier’s clearing house. the serving network will switch the call for the roaming subscriber. MIN/ESN AMPS Service Features Address (NPA/NXX to DPC) Local Database IMSI/IMEI/MSISDN GSM Service Features Address (GTT to DPC) What happens to the call records? These are processed normally by the billing system/vendor and calls will be rated. iDEN Air-interfaces. The ILR is shown as performing: • The protocol conversion between ANSI SS7 and ITU SS7 • The protocol conversion between IS-41 and MAP/ISUP • Mapping and conversion between MIN/ESN and IMSI/IMEI/MSISDN • Mapping AMPS Service Features and GSM Service Features • Mapping Network Addresses (NPA/NXX and OPC/DPC) to (GTT and OPC/DPC) Normally both networks will be updating the ILR with valid details of their subscribers that are allowed to perform inter-standard roaming AMPS Carrier The AMPS Carrier will create CIBER batches from all of the serving SID/BIDs that calls were made/received by the home operators subscribers to all the home SID/BIDs that the customers belong to. The diagram below shows Inter-standard roaming between an AMPS carrier in the US and a GSM operator in Europe IS-41 ANSI SS7 MAP/ISUP Interworking Location Register ITU SS7 (ILR) (such as identity in both networks. GSM1800. the subscriber will register on the network for the first time using the air interface and relevant radio and signalling protocols with the serving (visited) network. outgoing service only.). GSM/PCS1900. the serving network may (or may not) validate that call again with the ILR and. TAP is generally used by operators employing: GSM850 GSM900. They will also be communicating with the ILR on the status of roamers on their network at the time (e. (For more details on CIBER batches please contact our experts at MACH). etc. An interval is agreed with the roaming partner. if allowed. CDMA TDMA Air-interfaces. for that time interval (a number of CIBER batches). Dependent upon serving network policy when the subscriber makes a call. etc. current paging areas. have they just been barred from service. When the call is completed. When a subscriber turns a phone on for the first time in the serving network.). The serving (visited) network will communicate with the ILR to authenticate the subscriber (the ILR may even communicate this directly with the HLR). have they just been restored to service. For Inter-Standard roaming scenarios this is usually daily.

the subscriber that is roaming. For Inter-Standard roaming scenarios this is usually daily. it is developed. processing and output on the subscribers’ next bills. Term is predominantly used in non-GSM based mobile industries. as agreed with the serving carrier. and clearing houses. The visited operator’s clearing house will apply relevant validations (edits) as agreed with the visited operator to those files to assure their quality and send them to the home carriers clearing house (the Authorised Receipt Point [ARP] for the home carrier). network. N-AMPS. CIBER is a set of proprietary protocols for the exchange of billing information among wireless telecommunications companies. and has the service contract with. billing vendors. Forms part of the subscriber’s identity with the MIN (MIN and ESN together are the subscribers identity). These files will be sent from the billing system/vendor to the visited operator’s clearing house. This is the identifier for the subscriber’s handset in non-GSM/ iDEN technologies.INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS The serving carrier’s clearing house will apply relevant edits (validations). ESN: Electronic Serial Number – synonymous with IMEI in the GSM world. Term is predominantly used in non-GSM based mobile industries. If the home carrier/operator is a GSM operator then the records will be converted from CIBER to TAP and these records will be forwarded to the home carrier’s/operator’s billing system/vendor for loading. Synonymous with MSISDN in the GSM world – this is the phone number that forms part of the subscribers’ identity with the ESN (MIN and ESN together are the subscriber’s identity). MIN: Mobile subscriber Identity Number. regardless of frequency. to these batches to assure their quality and send them to the home carrier’s clearing house (the Authorised Receipt Point [ARP] for the home carrier). If the home carrier/operator is an AMPS carrier then the records will be converted from TAP to CIBER batches and those records will be forwarded to the home carrier’s/operator’s billing system/vendor for loading. CIBER: Cellular Intercarrier Billing Exchange Roamer RecordTM or CIBER is the roaming record generally used by carriers employing AMPS. maintained and updated on behalf of the US cellular industry by CIBERNET Corpora- 176 17 7 . Other Useful Definitions ARP: the clearing house that acts as the Authorised Receipt Point for roamer call records on behalf of a carrier/operator. or mobile phone network that ‘owns’. The ARP for the home carrier (clearing house) will apply relevant validations (edits) as agreed with the home carrier to those files to assure their quality and may (dependent upon the version of TAP) reject records failing those validations. processing and output on the subscribers’ next bills. Serving Carrier: synonymous with VPMN – the operator of a cellular or mobile phone network that provides service to [or serves] the roaming subscriber. CDMA and TDMA air-interfaces. Home Carrier: synonymous with HPMN – the operator of a cellular GSM Operator Each GSM operator creates a TAP file for all calls that were made/received by the home operator’s subscribers in that time interval. Carrier: term used for an operator of a cellular or mobile phone The ARP for the home carrier (clearing house) will apply relevant edits (validations) as agreed with the home carrier to these batches to assure their quality and will reject records failing those edits. predominantly used in non-GSM based mobile industries.

However.4 kbit/s Time EDGE GPRS WCDMA CDMA2000 1X First Step Into 3G 64-144 kbit/s 20-60 kbit/s 2000/2001 CDMA2000 1EV 3G Phase 1 384 kbit/s . Similar to a SID. This segment is achieved by associating a line range with a particular BID. From a home carrier’s perspective.4 kbit/s data Actual user data rate 14. IS-95 and IS-136 based systems. Has no equivalent in the GSM world. In all IS-41. an “all-IP” architecture facilitating mobile internet services and applications and new service creation options.INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS tion. a BID is a five digit decimal number. the SID is used to notify wireless users if they are in their home area or roaming. the SID can also used to route roaming call records in CIBER for billing among roaming partners. a multislot data technique. HSCSD (High Speed Circuit-Switched Data) The first high-speed data capability for GSM networks. This is why the GSM Association proposes the universal adoption of “3GSM” to describe the 3G services delivered over the evolved GSM core network. Because each SID is unique to a particular operator.10 Mbit/s Over 384 kbit/s 2003 Evolution of Mobile Systems to 3G As GSM matures and moves forward into the next evolutionary phase. BID: Billing Identification Number. more and more companies are reaching the deployment phase. The SID is a 15-bit binary number that translates into a five-digit decimal number. or customers “homed” in a particular service area. HSCSD requires a new radio 17 8 17 9 . Third Generation wireless systems provide new and better services ranging from location-dependent to multimedia services such as fast web access and file transfer. Has no equivalent in the GSM world.2 Mbit/s 60-120 kbit/s 2001/2002 Evovlved 3G 384 kbit/s . Batch: term used with the CIBER standard for a collection of roamer records (CIBER Batch) to be sent to a particular entity. is HSCSD. The intent of a BID is to either segment a carrier’s subscriber base. From a serving carrier’s perspective. Synonymous with the use File (TAP File) in the GSM world. SID: System Identification Number. the BID can be used to identify a particular customer segment. now available. the many terms used to describe next generation GSM networks and services do nothing to leverage the unique value of the GSM eco-system and much to instil confusion. video on demand and multi-party video conferencing. Key developments for 3GSM include a new wideband CDMA radio interface capable of supporting data rates of up to 2Mb/s. Synonymous with TAP in the GSM world. or to further segment a geographic area defined by a SID. a BID can be used to identify a portion of a wireless service area. The Road to 3GSM TDMA GSM PDC cdma One 2G Voice and up to 14. A BID can exceed the 15-bit constraint because a serving carrier’s cell sites do not broadcast BIDs.

Multislot phones allow simultaneous use of up to four channels for a data call.INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS link protocol which has been standardised by ETSI and is a modification of the existing protocol used to provide the GSM voice channel. This makes HSCSD a better protocol for timing-sensitive applications such as image or video transfer.4 kpbs over one channel (or slot) are already available. is less bandwidth efficient with expensive wireless links than GPRS.5G technology. GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) GPRS is a packet-based GSM transmission technique that allows speeds of up to 115 kbps. Due to this. CDMA 2000 1x CDMA 2000 1xRTT is a 3G wireless technology based on the CDMA platform. EDGE therefore presents a valid option for GSM operators which do not have 3G licences. It permits connection to a wide range of public and private data networks using industry-standard data protocols such as TCP/IP and X.6 kbps in GSM networks. HSCSD is a high-speed circuit switched data technology. HSCSD is considered a 2. HSCSD is not as widespread as GPRS. By upgrading their networks to GPRS. which can be introduced into an operator’s current GSM or TDMA network in existing frequency bands.5G technology. 180 181 . GPRS has the advantage over HSCSD for most data transfer because HSCSD. GPRS has been standardised by ETSI as part of the GSM Phase 2+ development and is considered a 2. CDMA 2000 1xRTT is a CDMA version of the IMT-2000 standard developed by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). HSCSD vs. Packet switching uses the network only when there is data to be sent. The shift from the well-established circuit-switched environment we know today to the packet-switched world of GPRS will render a multitude of new functions and services possible. GPRS is ideal for large data applications such as e-mail or Internet access. The 1x in 1xRTT refers to 1x the number of 1. HSCSD phones capable of transmitting data at 14. The RTT in 1xRTT stands for Radio Transmission Technology. This allows for faster wireless Internet and e-mail access and files can be downloaded much more quickly.25MHz channels. which is packet-switched. GSM operators are taking an important step towards third generation capabilities since UMTS uses packet-switching technology. which is the major difference to today’s circuit-switched technology (a continuous stream of data via permanent connection) in systems such as GSM. An important attraction of EDGE is the smooth evolution and upgrade of existing network hardware and software. EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) EDGE is an important step in the evolution to third generation operation. which is circuit-switched. The implementation of GPRS allows Internet Protocol (IP) capability for the GSM network. EDGE uses existing GSM infrastructure. a rate which represents an improvement of 50% compared to the current speed of 9. Cdma2000 1x is considered to be a 2. which will ultimately enable data speeds of up to 57. but allows data speeds of up to 384 kbps which is the speed being offered in the first phase of third generation deployment.5G technology.25. GPRS HSCSD has an advantage over GPRS in that HSCSD supports guaranteed quality of service because of the dedicated circuit-switched communications channel.6 kbps. thus speeding up transmission significantly.

pedestrian speeds 384 kbps. in-building 2Mbps. UMTS enables networks that offer true global roaming and can support a wide range of voice. seamless interfrequency handover.INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) is adopting EDGE as a standard. The first stage of service and network evolution is from today’s GSM systems. UMTS) Other Useful definitions The world’s leading equipment manufacturers are now presenting their first WCDMA/UMTS handset models. through the implementation of HSCSD and GPRS. W-CDMA allows data transmission with a quality comparable to that of ISDN. Bluetooth operates in the 182 183 . The UMTS Forum is an international and independent body. It offers excellent characteristics for high-speed transmission of video and large-volume data. Several Wideband CDMA proposals have been submitted for third generation wireless systems. complex spreading. fast power control and optional multi-user detection(see also sections on IMT-2000. Data rates offered by UMTS are: vehicular speeds 144 kbps. This technology is available under a free licence to anyone wishing to use it in their products. such as for connecting wireless phones to computing allowing users to switch seamlessly between UMTS. GPRS and GSM services in different frequency bands as they travel around the world. committed through the building of industry consensus to the successful Bluetooth Bluetooth is the name of a new. Bluetooth devices are capable of linking up to 256 units. data and multimedia services. UMTS networks build on the success of GSM and its existing infrastructure and resources. In addition to the large amount of data being carried.5G networks. with many of them featuring in-built cameras. low-power radio technology that is being developed to deliver short range wire-free mobility. W-CDMA has the advantage of building on existing GSM equipment and making very efficient use of the available radio spectrum.umts-forum. Established in 1996. Most models in this first wave of UMTS terminal designs are multi-band and multi-mode. W-CDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) W-CDMA describes a radio technology with a bandwidth of 5MHz or more which provides multimedia access at up to 2 Mbps in the local area and 384 Kbps wide area access with full mobility. UMTS offers greater spectrum efficiency and capacity compared to the current 2G and 2. high quality mobile personal communications. packed data. Some of the goals for UMTS are being met by the evolving GSM standard such as global roaming and personalised service features. introduction and development of UMTS to satisfy future market demands for low cost. A new air interface operating at above 2GHz offers superior capacity. More than that. of which eight can be operational at the same time. UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) UMTS is the European member of the IMT 2000 family of 3G mobile cellular standards. the UMTS Forum now has over 100 member organisations (www. efficiencies and performance and will build on today’s investments in second generation infrastructures and systems by re-using critical resources. They can all be characterised by the following advanced features: provision of multi-rate services. Thus UMTS provides an evolutionary path from the second to the third generation. amongst them W-CDMA and CDMA 2000.

Under the IMT-2000 model. Technical specifications for UMTS are being developed within 3GPP (Third CAMEL (Customised Applications for Mobile Networks Enhanced Logic) CAMEL is an application that permits Intelligent Network (IN) functions to be integrated into the GSM network. with suppliers developing specialist websites that allow potential customers to ‘browse’ as if they were in a department store. now IMT-2000. Then the system was called FPMTS (Future Public Mobile Telecommunication System).4 GHz band and devices equipped with the new technology should be capable initially of exchanging data at speeds up to 720 kbps and at ranges up to 10 meters. The IMT2000 group has specified that 3G systems should conform to the following definition and will provide support for: • high data rates: 144 kbps (minimum) in all radio environments and 2 Mbps in low-mobility and indoor environments • symmetrical and asymmetrical data transmission (so the data rate from basestation to handset may be the same or different to the data rate from handset to basestation) 184 185 . The CAMEL feature complements and adds to the standard GSM supplementary services. Generation Partnership Project) which is a global co-operation between the world’s major standardisation bodies. but will be founded on common standardised flexible platforms which will meet the basic needs of major public. much like Ethernet MAC addresses. People are increasingly shopping for goods and services through the Internet. The initial market representation partners are the UMTS Forum. The development of Bluetooth started in early 1998 when several major telecommunications and computer companies formed the Bluetooth Special Interest Group which now has over a Each device is either trusted or untrusted. OSS can be extended to serve customers roaming to any other GSM PMN that supports the CAMEL feature. Bluetooth security is based upon device authentication. the take-up of e-commerce was inhibited by fears about the security of Internet transactions but advances in the encryption process have largely addressed these concerns and the e-commerce market is set to flourish. This work is supported by the participation of market representation partners to ensure that the technical standards produced meet the market requirements for all regions. Initially. the ITU studied the requirements for 3G mobile systems. The location of suppliers is irrelevant – they can be in the same country or many thousands of miles away. not user authentication.bluetooth. fraud control and prepaid roaming services amongst others. Internet Service Providers (ISP). Transmission power is 1mW and integrated frequency hopping avoids interference.000 members (www. fixed and mobile markets around the world. the ITU plans that mobile telephony will no longer be based on a range of market-specific products. e-Commerce (Electronic Commerce) e-commerce is the broad definition of the new phenomenon of remote commercial transactions using telecommunications and the Internet.INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS globally available 2. W-CDMA is the radio technology used for UMTS (see section on W-CDMA). content providers and vendors. CAMEL facilitates the allocation of special numbers. Bluetooth devices are identified by unique 48-bit identifiers. GMSA (Global Mobile Suppliers Association) and the GSM Association. private. Network operators which implement the CAMEL feature are able to provide new and unique operator-specific services (OSS). A key element in the success of e-commerce will be the forging of alliances and partnerships between the different operators. IMT-2000 (International Mobile Telecommunications 2000) As early as in 1985.

This means that the total bandwidth required can be reduced since nothing needs to be sent when the caller is not speaking. Internet Protocol (IP) is used for the transmission of data. Even if the recipient phone is not switched on. so the user experience is somewhat like a slide show. possibly.e. The time that each “page” is displayed can be specified. will therefore maintain their handsets’ “environment”. Contrary to common technology. On each page. A number of Multimedia Messages can be stored in the users handset and reviewed or forwarded at a later date. or can use images and sounds stored previously in the phone (and. with MMS supporting the transmission of additional media types: • text • picture • audio • video • combinations of the above At present. The originator can easily create a Multimedia Message. either using a built-in or accessory camera. VoiP (Voice over Internet Protocol) MMS Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a store and forward messaging service that allows mobile subscribers to exchange multimedia messages with other mobile subscribers. sounds. 186 187 . In a non-roaming case. i. there can be one image and one set of text. EMS Enhanced Message Service (EMS) is an extension of SMS that enables the sending of a combination of simple melodies.and third-generation systems • global. in order not to have any discontinuity between second. As such it can be seen as an evolution of SMS. Each Multimedia Message contains a number of pages (think of a PowerPoint slide show as an analogy). Voice over IP takes standard voice signals and encodes them using IP. the Multimedia Message will be stored and sent to the recipient as soon as the phone is switched on. An audio file can also be attached. most voice signals are carried using circuit-switched bearers where a channel is set up and maintained between the calling and called parties for the duration of a call. Users. IP divides the voice into packets and each packet is sent separately.INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS • circuit-switched and packet-switched services. downloaded from a website). animations and formatted text as a message to another EMS-compatible phone. primarily between computers over the Internet. while roaming all over the world. International roaming. images. which allows the sending of multiple media in a single message and the ability to send a message to multiple recipients. between different IMT-2000 operational environments • economies of scale and an open global standard that meets the needs of the mass market The Virtual Home Environment (VHE) as well as the UPT (Universal Personal Telecommunications) will enable handsets to keep an application’s context wherever they are located. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is an important service. such as Internet Protocol (IP) traffic and real-time video • good voice quality (comparable to wire-line quality) • greater capacity and improved spectrum efficiency • several simultaneous services to end-users and terminals including the seamless incorporation of second-generation cellular systems for multimedia services. it is expected that subscribers will allow Multimedia Messages to be downloaded automatically to their phones and they would then be notified and could see the Multimedia Message immediately.

Public WLAN services have thus so far been developed in relative isolation. Although WLAN came to the wireless communication market much later than cellular. information provision and messaging. industrial parks.11 based wireless standard back in 1999. The availability of WLAN devices and the reasonable low cost of devices have resulted in the increased use of WLAN for residential broadband services. Access to the public WLAN services provided at public hotspots is primarily offered on prepaid basis through vouchers (or scratch-cards) or online credit-card payment. WAP will enable operators to develop innovative services to provide differentiation in competitive market environments. a mobile operator. schools and. Current WLAN standards deliver data rates at 11 Mbps and 54 Mbps – with future WLAN standards promising data rates up to 540 Mbps and. The ability to subscribe to public WLAN services using a common service provider. increasingly. enables a subscriber to utilise hotspots from different WLAN providers with the same user id and password and be invoiced for the WLAN service through a single bill from the home service provider. online banking.g. WAP integrates telephony services with microbrowsing and enables easy-to-use interactive Internet access from the mobile handset. Typical WAP applications include over-the-air e-commerce transactions. It is a protocol optimised not only for use on the narrow band radio channels as used by second generation digital wireless systems. Pioneers of high speed internet access have also built WLAN hotspots to provide WLAN access at public locations. hotels. In this environment. as WLAN operates in the unlicensed 2. WAP has been developed as a co-operative project between a number of suppliers to help boost mass-market wireless Internet services. especially in data service. There is now a large range of WAP phones available on the market. they are all identifying possible ways of acting in this new Public 188 189 . such as coffee shops. the number of users is growing rapidly and WLAN services are playing an important role. WLAN Roaming at a Glance Since the adoption of the first IEEE 802. an increasing number of vendors have used this and subsequent standards to produce WLAN products.4 GHz frequency band. Mobile operators are reaching the conclusion that WLAN service is a required element in their service portfolio to attract new subscribers and reduce churn – especially in the business market. WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) WAP is a technology designed to provide users of mobile terminals with rapid and efficient access to the Internet.INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS The main benefits of VoIP are the ability to get international calls at local rates by routing voice traffic over the Internet and the future convergence of today’s networks into a single network for voice and data traffic. many residential areas or even entire cities.wapforum. anyone can establish their own WLAN hotspot. This would result in scale and operational economies for the network operator and greater opportunities to integrate voice and data services. but also for the limited capabilities and functionality of the display systems used by today’s mobile terminals. The WAP Forum develops and promotes WAP technology and consists of over 100 members from leading telecommunications and software companies (www. e.

The NAI is the User ID submitted by the client during authentication and used when roaming to identify the subscriber as well as to assist in the routing of the authentication request to the authentication server of the service provider serving the subscriber. or Access Controller. Personal Data Assistant (PDA) or (Smart) Phone used by a roaming subscriber to Inter-Operator Solution Provider Roaming platform • Roaming database • Accounting database • Signalling Gateway and • Radius Proxy 802. a username and password. In addition. auditing usage and providing the information necessary to bill for services. access a WLAN. A framework for intelligently controlling access to computer resources.11 a/b/g Air Interface Billing System End User Bill standard GSM SIM Visiter from GSM Operator INVOICE WLAN Solution Architecture Useful Definitions AAA: Authentication. Authentication: The process of identifying a subscriber – usually The figure below depicts the WLAN roaming model.INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS WLAN space. Access Controller: The Public Access Control (PAC) Gateway. WLAN hotpots only provide limited coverage and WLAN therefore does not allow for truly ubiquitous service. The Access Controller can perform several key functions for the WISP in order to support the Universal Access Methodology (UAM). and Accounting. as access point providers. 190 191 . NAI SoftSIM SMS OTP SIM (SSL or EAP) • Radius • SIM/HLR Access Server Access Point Authorization: The process of granting or denying a subscriber access to the service once the subscriber has been authenticated. Authorization. authentication. may be used by WISPs to provide the access and services control in their Wi-Fi network. Public WLAN requires certain network capabilities including access control. but not limited to. The missing link is roaming. NAI: Network Access Identifier. WISPs and home service providers all need to be paid appropriately. including necessary functions and participants based on. enforcing policies. WLAN Device: refers to a Personal Computer (PC). inter-operator clearing and settlement is required. which resides on the subscriber’s WLAN device and assists in establishing connectivity between the device and a WLAN Network. Only through the implementation of these capabilities can WLAN roaming be provided by a service provider to it subscribers. Access Point: Transceiver that connects a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) to one or more wireless devices or that acts as a connector between the wired and wireless segments of a WLAN. Authentication Credentials: A unique user ID and password GSM Operator Authentication platform WLAN Operator Ethernet combination which is typically in the form of a Network Access Identifier (NAI) as defined in IETF RFC 2486. authorization and accounting. Client Software: A client-based software application that may be used by roaming subscribers.

The UAM utilizes an Internet browser-based secure authentication portal. 802. RADIUS is an authentication and accounting system used by many Internet service providers and organizations to provide secure internet access. Universal Access Method (UAM): An access method that allows a roaming subscriber to access WISP services with only an Internet browser and Wi-Fi device. 3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project www. The UAM represents the lowest common denominator for granting access to a WISP network. 802.3gpp. ATIS. TTA. regardless of device type or operating system. but not widely deployed in public access environments. user credential entry and RADIUS AAA. The current Organizational Partners are ARIB.INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS Hotspot: an individual location or area within the Public WLAN where WLAN access is provided and accessible for roaming subscribers. and TTC.. can utilise the WLAN roaming service. The original scope of 3GPP was to produce globally applicable Technical Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP): A WISP is a business entity that manages and sells broadband Internet access to a network of public WLAN Access Points located at hotspots. so that all users. in which data is transmitted from point to point without the use of wires.e. CCSA. Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (UTRA) both Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) and Time Division Duplex (TDD) modes). The collaboration agreement brings together a number of telecommunications standards bodies which are known as “Organizational Partners”. Key Organisations Secure Authentication Portal (SAP): A web page where users of the wireless network enter their user credentials to obtain access to the network using an encrypted mechanism.11g The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is a collaboration agreement that was established in December 1998.11b.g. General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE)). Unlike the UAM. WLAN: A Wireless Local Area Network.1x access method requires client software on the subscriber device. to provide secure access to the company network. Specifications and Technical Reports for a 3rd Generation Mobile System based on evolved GSM core networks and the radio access technologies that they support (i. RADIUS: Remote Authentication Dial In User Service. WLAN is standardised through the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802. The scope was subsequently amended to include the maintenance and development of the Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) Technical Specifications and Technical Reports including evolved radio access technologies (e. the 802. ETSI. ensuring that all users can share the same experience. or Wireless LAN.1x: A protocol for authentication and port-based access control supporting enhanced access security. There are a number of key organisations involved in all aspects of telecommunications and this section presents a selection of various international and major players in the industry. WLANs are also known as Wi-Fi networks. such as the internet. Virtual Private Network (VPN): A way to use a public telecommunication infrastructure. The establishment of 3GPP was formalized in December 1998 by the signing of the “The 3rd Generation Partnership Project Agreement”. 192 193 .11a or 802.

or. CDG CDMA Development Group www. is an international consortium of companies who have joined together to lead the adoption and evolution of 3G CDMA wireless systems around the world. The CDG is comprised of CDMA service providers and TTC : Telecommunication Technology Committee (www. ALACEL is the leading and most effective information exchange forum. In addition. satellite and PCS of Latin America and the Caribbean. knowledge and expertise to the common benefit of all ETSI: European Telecommunications Standards Institute (www. These relationships include Market Representation Partner for 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project).org The CDMA Development Group (CDG).INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS ARIB: Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (www. membership in CITEL (Inter-American Telecommunications Commission).tta. GPRS. RCA provides opportunities to learn more about the industry and network with other members through various meetings and seminars. and other global wireless organizations to promote truly seamless interoperability and 3GA 3G Americas www. application developers and content providers.ccsa. and UMTS/HSDPA.or.or. RCA has been at the heart of the rural wireless success story since it began in These companies primarily serve small rural markets each with its own set of challenges and opportunities. EDGE.000 subscribers. Founded in Mexico in 1992 by representatives of 21 countries at the 2nd Pan-American Cellular Conference. sharing experiences and all kinds of externalities among cellular. By working together. As the fastest growing technology in the Americas. Their primary focus is representing two-way wireless communication providers with less than 500. RCA’s primary goal is to help its members meet those challenges successfully and capitalize on all opportunities.cdg. The mission of 3G Americas is to promote and facilitate the seamless deployment throughout the Americas of GSM and its evolution to 3G and beyond.etsi.alacel. UMTS Forum. RCA speaks with a strong. 194 195 .org RCA is the premier association representing rural wireless telecommunications providers across the United States. Representing more than 75% of the world’s digital wireless market. technical standards bodies. GSM is the most extensively used digital mobile network technology in the world with the most extensive wireless footprint. ALACEL Latin American Wireless Industry Association www.atis. founded in December 1993. united voice on issues that concern its members and keeps them informed through timely sharing of information. LLC unites mobile operators and manufacturers in the Americas to provide a single voice to represent the GSM family of wireless technologies – GSM. and ASETA (Association of Telecommunications Enterprises of the Andean Community). 3G CCSA: China Communications Standards Association (www.ttc. and is comprised of the most important companies in the region. collaborative working agreements with the GSM Association. 3G Americas is committed to working with regulatory ALACEL is an international organization which represents private wireless TTA: Telecommunications Technology Association (www. RCA Rural Cellular Association Founded in January 2002. GSM grew by 90 percent from Q3 2004 to Q3 ATIS: Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (www. ALACEL is a non-profit corporation that is supported by the contributions of its members.rca-usa.

whose mission is to produce telecommunications standards for today and for the CTIA . ETSI unites 654 members from 59 countries inside and outside Europe. With a vision to establish and sustain a world-class cellular infrastructure and facilitate affordable mobile communication services in India. The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) is officially responsible for standardization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) within Europe. ECTA now has some 150 member companies .INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS the members help to ensure interoperability among systems.ctia. ECTA works for a fair regulatory environment which allows all electronic communications providers to compete on level terms in order to multiply investment and innovation throughout an effective European internal market. research bodies and users – in fact. The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) was constituted in 1995 as a registered. non-governmental society dedicated to the advancement of communication. conferences.coai. ETSI plays a major role in developing a wide range of standards and other technical documentation as Europe’s contribution to world-wide ICT standardization. wireless data and Internet companies and other contributors to the wireless universe. particularly modern communication through Cellular Mobile Telephone Services. while expediting the availability of 3G CDMA technology to consumers. COAI’ main objectives are to protect the common & collective interests of its members. non-profit organization. These technologies include telecommunications. we represent service providers. the licensor. This activity is supplemented by 196 197 . all the key players in the ICT arena.The Wireless Association®. As a nonprofit membership organization founded in 1984. The association represents the telecommunications industry to key government and regulatory bodies and maintains a forum for networking and business development. the association looks after the regulatory and commercial interests of new entrant telecoms operators. seminars. service providers. ISPs and suppliers of products and services to the communications industry. including manufacturers.operators. the spectrum management agency. the industry (telecom /non-telecom) associations CTIA Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association www. COAI is the official voice for the Indian Cellular industry and on its behalf it interacts with: the policy maker. ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute. is an international organization representing all sectors of wireless communications – cellular. the regulator.etsi. administrations. manufacturers. network operators. personal communication services and enhanced specialized mobile radio. Keeping the mandate given to it. ECTA European Competitive Telecommunications Association www. service providers and suppliers as well as National Associations of such who all contribute towards regulatory policy development and participate in our comprehensive range of networking events. broadcasting and related areas such as intelligent transportation and medical electronics.ectaportal. COAI Cellular Operators Association of India www. briefings and executive The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) is an Founded in 1998. www.

and Telecommunication Development (ITU-D) — work today to build and shape tomorrow’s networks and services. www. and service successes. So when purchasing a Bluetooth enabled product. ETSI’s prime objective is to support global harmonization by providing a forum in which all the key players can contribute actively. The three Sectors of the Union — Radiocommunication (ITU-R). and ITU. is the forum for. ETSI is officially recognized by the European Commission and the EFTA secretariat. com and in publications such as the GSM/3G Network Update. Bluetooth SIG Bluetooth Special Interest Group www. Their activities cover all aspects of telecommunication.gsmworld. the Global mobile Suppliers Association. and access to the global market. GSA co-operates with and supports other key organizations including 3GPP (GSA is a Market Representation Partner). services. GSA Global Mobile Suppliers Association www. policies and strategic direction are determined and shaped by the industry it serves. device availability. hardware and software developers. ITU International Telecommunications Union. European Commission. SIG members drive the development of Bluetooth wireless The International Telecommunication Union is unique among international organisations in that it was founded on the principle of co-operation between governments and the private sector. GSA. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is a privately held. It is an organization created to meet suppliers needs and already represents over 80% of GSM/3G market share globally. you are not purchasing a product from the Bluetooth SIG. equipment manufacturers. Telecommunication Standardization (ITU-T). but from one of its many valued members. and implement and market the technology in their products varying from mobile phones to printers.gsacom. the leading GSM/3G suppliers world-wide. computing. music. automotive. from setting standards that facilitate seamless interworking of equipment and systems on a global basis to adopting operational procedures for the vast and growing array of wireless 198 199 . and represents. not-for-profit trade association. EDGE and WCDMA/HSPA network deployments. Organizing regular briefings is a key element of GSA programs and is targeted to the key influencers. network operators. The SIG is composed of over 6. With a membership encompassing telecommunication policy-makers and regulators. and network industries. Sweden. GSMA Global System for Mobile Communications Association www. and a small group of dedicated staff in Hong Kong. GSM. GSMA. business development opportunities. and the USA.itu. applications and solutions from across the entire supply chain. regional standards-making organisations and financing institutions.gsacom. devices.000 members who are leaders in the See GSM Association Section for detailed information. GSA provides a single information resource for the industry including subscriber growth. ITU’s activities. ITESAP.bluetooth. COAI. Membership is open to all suppliers of GSM/3G systems. GSA also facilitates networking and dialogue between member companies for information sharing. GSM/3G market and technology updates are provided on the website www. industrial automation.INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS interoperability testing services and other specialisms.

openness means that any interested party may join OMA and contribute to the technical specifications. TIA Telecommunications Industry Association. TIA strives to further members’ business txt to be provided by Christian Thrysoe asap. Openness also means developing industry solutions in a transparent manner. The MDA reflects the common voice of the mobile data industry.goirap. In this rapidly changing environment. seminars and the maintenance of a web The mission of the Open Mobile Alliance is to facilitate global user adoption of mobile data services by specifying market driven mobile service enablers that ensure service interoperability across devices.INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS services and designing programmes to improve telecommunication infrastructure in the developing world.openmobilealliance. www. Finally. conferences.mda-mobiledata. while recognizing and fulfilling the expectations of newer players. allowing other organizations insight into the technical aspects of the organization. As well as providing a focal point for industry participants to meet and share information on technical and business issues. TIA represents the communications sector of the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA). 200 201 . and any entity (both members and non-members) may build applications and services in accordance with OMA’s open specifications and interfaces under the same conditions. Already it has created a new level of awareness amongst users and advisers directly influencing operational management. MDA Mobile Data Association www. domestic and international policy advocacy. and networks. service providers. ITU is changing too. reshaping itself to ensure it remains relevant to the evolving needs of its long-standing members. TIA serves ICT suppliers to global markets through its leadership in standards development. domestic and international policy advocacy. while allowing businesses to compete through innovation and differentiation. geographies. Maintaining an open organization is key to OMA’s vision for broad industry participation and adoption. The association facilitates the convergence of new communications networks while working for a competitive and innovative market environment. Openness in this sense comprises of actively collaborating with other organizations and inviting comments and communications with other industry The Mobile Data Association (MDA) was established in 1994 to increase awareness of mobile data amongst users and their advisers. OMA Open Mobile Alliance TIA is the leading trade association for the information and communications technology (ICT) industry. IRAP International Roaming Access Protocol www. TIA represents providers of information and communications technology products and services for the global marketplace through its core competencies in standards development. and facilitating member business opportunities. Being able to see and comment on early versions of documents and contributions allows external organizations to be more involved in and aware of evolving service enablers. economic growth and the betterment of humanity through improved communications. and facilitating member business opportunities. the MDA actively works to promote the uses and benefits of wireless value added services through industry and business press.tiaonline. operators.

com Founded in 1988.INDUSTRY DEFINITIONS & ORGANISATIONS UMTS Forum Universal Mobile Telecommunications System Forum www. and The UMTS Forum is an open. the Wireless Communications Association International (WCA) is the non-profit trade and professional association for the Wireless Broadband industry with member companies on six continents representing the bulk of the sector’s leading carriers.11 specification. The WCA is an established leader in government relations.wlana. Through the vast knowledge and experience of Sponsor and Affiliate members. As well as offering guidance to governmental and financial communities it also provides marketing input to technical standardisation bodies and advises on spectrum requirements both for the present and future 3G The Wireless LAN Association is a non-profit educational trade association.including new entrants . international body for promoting the global uptake of UMTS third generation (3G) mobile systems and The Wi-Fi Alliance is a non-profit international association formed in 1999 to certify interoperability of wireless Local Area Network products based on IEEE 802. the mobile value chain. WLANA Wireless LAN Alliance The UMTS Forum recognises the importance of all players . The goal of the Wi-Fi Alliance’s members is to enhance the user experience through product interoperability. 202 203 . Currently the Wi-Fi Alliance has over 250 member companies from around the world. issues and trends and serves as a resource to customers and prospects of wireless local area products and wireless personal area products and to industry press and analysts. Wi-Fi Alliance www. WLANA provides a clearinghouse of information about wireless local area applications. over 2800 products have received Wi-Fi certification since certification began in March of 2000. The UMTS Forum serves the interests of all its members through educational and promotional activities in its role as the voice of the 3G mobile market.wcai. technology standards and industry event organization.wi-fi. vendors and consultants. WCA Wireless Communications Association International www. voice and video services on broadband spectrum through land-based systems using reception/transmit devices in all broadband spectrum bands. The WCA’s mission is to advance the interests of the wireless carriers that provide high-speed data. comprised of the thought leaders and technology innovators in the local area wireless technology industry.umts-forum.

GSM Association .

regionally and globally. • Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange (NRTRDE) – the exchange of roaming usage details. Where a number of Working Groups are required to coordinate their activities together to deliver a specific topic then a project team is created for this purpose. GPRS. MACH is an Associate Member of the GSM Association. The TAP3 specification is available from GSM Association Working Groups Working Groups of operator and supplier members from around the world oversee the practical aspects of running wireless services today and for the future. output documents. visit the website at: www. which allows Members to register to join a group.the exchange of international roaming agreement (AA.gsmworld. meeting schedules and contact details. The Working Groups are responsible to the Association’s Executive Management Committee (EMC) and maintain an annual work programme that is approved by the EMC. For more information. This work includes the definition and implementation of charging principles for international roaming. administrative and procedural issues. also reporting to the EMC. The GSMA’s Associate Members support the Association’s Full Member operators providing GSM. EDGE & 3GSM services. communicate between Transferred Account Data Interchange Group – TADIG The main focus of TADIG is the development and maintenance of data interchange specifications facilitating inter-operator billing. Each group has a section in the Infocentre (Members-only website).14) data. • The Roaming Agreement Electronic eXchange (RAEX) . Accounting & Roaming Group – BARG BARG supports international roaming through the on-going evaluation and assessment of the specification. the exchange of wholesale billing information. The scope of these groups is considerable. commercially prioritised operator requirements and to take leadership in representing the global GSM mobile operator community with one voice on a wide variety of issues nationally. focusing on financial.GSM ASSOCIATION GSM ASSOCIATION The GSM Association (GSMA) is the global trade association representing the interests of more than 720 GSM mobile operators and over 190 key GSM manufacturers and suppliers across 215 countries and regions around the world. TADIG is responsible for the following specifications: • Transferred Account Procedure (TAP3).2 Billion GSM customers worldwide.shtml. Email: tadig@gsm. • Electronic Invoice Data (EID) – the exchange of inter-operator invoice data. reflecting the sophisticated and thorough approach to the maintenance and growth of the GSM family of wireless communication Members of that group and access relevant information such as current issues. Email: barg@gsm. billing harmonisation. together with the related inter-operator 206 207 . technical and regional interest groups listed below. The Association is assisted in achieving its objectives and implementing its business plan by the various working. There are currently over 2. credit control and liaison with other groups regarding fraud control. for international roaming purposes. The GSMA aims to accelerate the implementation of collectively identified. financial settlement and fraud monitoring. Billing.

resolving interoperability. Email ireg@gsm. In conjunction with the Security Fraud Forum – FF The main focus of the Fraud Forum is to identify and analyse the various techniques that are used throughout the world to perpetrate fraud against member networks and to recommend practical. The group also works closely with the Fraud Forum by examining and recommending infrastructure solutions to combat fraud. WLAN. to define the end-to-end functional tests of bearer services. cost effective solutions. and quality issues • Working with SDOs for device testing and certification • Field Trial testing for input into GCF Email Smart Card Working Group – SCaG The SCaG group addresses all issues related to Smart Cards (SIM / USIM) • Smart Card and SIM development issues • The role of Smart Cards in future services • The role of Smart cards as an enabler for connecting the unconnected Email scag@lists. NGNs (Next Generation Networks) and IP/Packet Data Networks. PSTNs (Public Switched Telephone Networks). the IP packet Exchange (IPX) architecture and delivery of Open Connectivity initiatives such as SMS and MMS hubbing. C7 emulation etc. ENUM. its interfacing with 3rd Generation and converging technologies. and the Chair of the SRG sits on the EMC. IMS. The Group consists of technical representatives from Association members who study the security threats to GSM. GPRS. IREG studies the compatibility and interoperability perspectives of the signalling (SS7/MAP) and interworking of roaming issues between voice and packet data networks including PLMNs (Public Land Mobile Networks). Email sg@gsm. operational and performance issues supporting inter-working and roaming in close liaison with the operator community. and advises members of possible security Services Review Group – SRG The main focus of the Services Review Group (SRG) is the prioritisation of services work from a roaming and inter-working perspective within the GSM community in order to ensure a consistent service offering to mobile customers on a worldwide basis. IREG is responsible for the GPRS Roaming Exchange and its evolution. and between operators themselves 208 209 . supplementary services and IP services such as MMS. Interconnect Working Group (IWG) IWG has overall responsibility for Interconnection and Interworking related matters aimed at improving the quality of GSM operator interconnection and Interworking relationships worldwide between operators and third Devices Working Group – DG The DG is actively involved in all Device matters covering issues such as: • Specifying device requirements. and has responsibility for maintaining the technical security aspects of network infrastructure and customer apparatus. or required countermeasures. SRG members are nominated by the EMC.GSM ASSOCIATION Inter-working Roaming Expert Group – IREG IREG specifies Security Group – SG SG maintains and develops GSMA algorithms and protocols. Email srg@gsm. the Fraud Forum monitors and reports on all types of cellular fraud and security breaches throughout the world. IN/Camel (intelligent Networks). ISDNs (Integrated Services Digital Networks). teleservices. Email ff@gsm.

operators and related test industry organisations across the world. Members of the GSM Association participate in various industry standards bodies and fora. enhance.GSM ASSOCIATION covering the following responsibilities: • Development of procedures and processes to enable efficient interconnect accounting and setting rules and/or guidelines for relationships between parties. the GSMA. Accordingly. Regional Interest Group Africa Arab World Asia Pacific Europe India North America Latin America Fora & Standards Bodies e-mail contact gsmaf@gsm. Email: iwg@gsm. the GSM Association has set up Regional Interest Groups to focus and work on common issues that are affecting operators in a particular region. coordinates member input and organises activities in some of these external groups: Global Certification Forum – GCF The Global Certification Task Forces Task forces typically supplement Working Groups and are designed to be short-lived. protect and support the investment in network infrastructure within the geographical area • Identify and pursue future directions and gsmna@gsm. is a leading authority whose certification programme assures the global interoperability of 2G and 3G terminals at both bearer and application enabler levels. 210 211 . They focus on the key issues of the GSM business and the future of the GSM platform that are most appropriate to the region. the list of task forces will always be dynamic. Each of the seven Regional Interest Groups aims to represent the interests of GSM operators at the highest gsmla@gsm. • Development of interworking charging principles • Promoting and development of Service Level Agreements. Key Performance Indicators and generally improving Quality of Service for Interconnection and Regional Interest Groups Whilst the reach and impact of the GSM family of mobile communications is by every definition gsmaw@gsm. The sub-structure of the regional groups may vary according to the issues addressed. there are always particular issues that may be of higher importance or relevance within a specific region. To ensure that GSMA strategies are focused and championed. • Support the evolution of the GSM family of mobile communications and inter-operator relationships • Represent regional issues and concerns at a regional level • gsmin@gsm-india. For this reason. highly focused entities with the purpose of quickly delivering on specific topics. known as GCF. The membership is a unique partnership of over 250 companies The primary objectives of the Regional Interest Groups are to: • Promote and facilitate development of the GSM family of mobile communication platforms within a particular region comprising handset manufacturers. on behalf of its operator members.

This means certification can be timely and costs are kept to a minimum. 11 terminals were certified. Block 2. GCF certification is voluntary.openmobilealliance. the first year of certification. In It has become a catalyst for the affiliation into OMA of other standards bodies working on a broad array of innovative Membership The GSM Association offers two types of membership. 212 213 . Ireland membership@gsm. regardless of the air interface. ATIS. or email Member Services Department 3rd Generation Partnership Project – 3GPP 3GPP is a collaboration agreement which brings together a number of telecommunications standards bodies which are known as ‘OrganisaGSM Association HQ. reflecting the dynamic nature of the industry. For further information please visit www. Tel: +353 1 289 1814. The number of terminals awarded GCF certification is growing rapidly. For further information please visit the 3GPP website at www.gsmworld. EDGE & 3GSM).3gpp. In 2001. For further information please visit the OMA website at www.GSM ASSOCIATION Membership is open to all operators who are full members of the GSMA. ETSI. EDGE & 3GSM) for digital mobile communications. Full Membership and Associate Membership.globalcertificationforum. The current Organisational Partners are ARIB. CCSA. Handset manufacturer members can self certify their terminals online through the GCF portal provided they have a recognised Quality Assurance Program in place. Applicants can apply under any of the 13 available categories. fax: +353 1 289 1551 Application forms and further information for both full and associate membership can be downloaded from: www. and TTC. tional Partners’. Associate Membership is open to suppliers and manufacturers of the Open Mobile Alliance – OMA This organisation develops open standards and specifications for service enablers running on all mobile technologies. to activate your membership and start taking advantage of GCF benefits: • Early notification of newly certified terminals (operators only) • Full access to members-only portal where all the certification criteria can be found • Active participation in defining certification criteria to ensure operator requirements are met. The scope also includes the maintenance and development of GSM Technical Specifications. 3GPP is tasked to produce globally applicable Technical Specifications and Reports for a 3rd Generation Mobile System based on evolved GSM core networks and the radio access technologies that they support. Third Floor. Simply contact secretariat@globalcertificationforum. Full membership is open to licensed 2G and 3GSM mobile network operators committed to implementing any or all of the GSM family of technologies (GSM. though operators are increasingly requesting this requirement. Co Dublin. By the end of 2006 well over 200 terminals had been certified that year alone. GSM Family of technology platforms (GSM. over 760 terminals have been approved. Deansgrange Business Park.

Mobile Operators .

ag Cable & Wireless Caribbean Cellular (Antigua) Limited 216 217 . DAndorra Wireless Ventures (Anguilla) Ltd Unitel K Telecom CJSC Wataniya Telecom Algerie Servei De Nextel Argentina ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA ATG03 1900 ATGCW 850 ARGENTINA ARGCM 1900 ARGNC 900 ARGTM 1900 ARGTP 1900 CTI PCS S.unitel. Anguilla www.sta. New Millenium Telecom Services (NMTS) ArmenTel Telecom Personal SA www.cti. www. www. KARABAKH TELECOM AUSTRALIA AUSGS/GM Globalstar GSM Satellite OPER ATORS AFGHANISTAN AFGAR 900/1800 AFGAW 900/1800 AFGTD 900 ALBANIA ALBAM 900 ALBVF 900/1800 ALGERIA DZAA1 900 DZAOT 900/1800 DZAWT 900/1800 ANDORRA ANDMA 900 ANGOLA AGOUT 900 ANGUILLA AIACW 850 1900 Cable & Wireless (West Indies) Ltd.a. REPUBLIC OF ARM01 900 ARM05 900/1800 ARMKT 900 ARUBA ABWDC 900/1800 ABWSE SETAR (Servicio di Telecomunicacion di Aruba) 900/1800/1900 Telefonica Comunicaciones Personales SA ATM MOBILIS Vodafone Albania Afghan Wireless Communication Company Antigua Public Utilities Authority-APUA www.htm Orascom Telecom Algerie Spa Areeba Afghanistan Albanian Mobile Communications Telecom Development Company Afghanistan Ltd www.amc.anguillanet.globalstar.

S.mtc-vodafone.candw.Tel GSM 1800 PTY Telstra Corporation Limited www.azerfon.bttb.bakcell. Hutchison 3G Austria GmbH www.) Grameenphone 900 BGDTT 900 BGDWT 1800 BARBADOS BRBCW 1900 BRBDC 900/1900 BELARUS BLR02 900/1800 BLRBT 900/1800 BLRMD 900/1800 Cable & Wireless Barbados Ltd. .mts. www. Bakcell Sheba Telecom ( Warid Telecom International LLC JLLC Mobile TeleSystems T-Mobile Austria GmbH Mobile Digital Communications Mobilkom Austria AG www.optus. Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd www.MOBILE OPER ATORS AUSHU 3G AUSOP 900/1800/3G AUSOT 1800 AUSTA 900/1800/3G AUSVF 900/1800/3G AUSTRIA AUTCAON 1800/3G AUTHU 3G AUTMK/PT 900/1800/3G AUTMM 900/1800/3G AUTTR 1800/3G Hutchison 3G Australia Pty Limited Azercell Telecom Azerfon LLC Digicel (Barbados) Limited Cellular Communications Barbados 900/1800/1900 Bahrain Telecommunications Company www. Belarussian Telecommunications Network Vodafone Pacific Limited Singtel Optus Limited www.Banglalink 218 219 .bh ONE GMBH T-Mobile Austria GmbH BAHRAIN BHRBT 900 BHRMV 900/1800/3G BANGLADESH BGDAK 900 BGDBL 900 BGDGP TM International (Bangladesh) Ltd MTC Vodafone (Bahrain) REPUBLIC OF AZEAC O900 AZEAF 1800 AZEBC O900 BAHAMAS BHSBH 1900 The Bahamas Telecommunications Company Ltd J. RS Telecommunications JSC Banja Luka BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA BIHER 900 BIHMS 900 BIHPT 900 BOTSWANA BWAGA 900 BWAVC 900 BRAZIL BRAAC 900/1800 BRABT 1800 BRAC3/C4/CT BRACL 1800 BRACL 1800 BRACL 1800 Amazonia Celular S/A M3 Wireless Ltd BOLIVIA BOLME 1900 BOLNT 1900 BOLTE 850 Entel BH 900/1800/1900 Telecommunications (Bermuda & West Indies) Ltd www. www.bellbenin.digicelbermuda.claro.A Mascom Wireless (Pty) Limited 220 221 .Algar Telecom Leste Base NV/ Mobistar OPER ATORS BELGIUM BELKO 900/1800/3G BELMO 900/1800/3G BELTB 900/3G BELIZE BLZ67 1900 BENIN BEN02 900 BENBB 900/1800 BENLI 900 BENSP 900 BERMUDA BMU01 1900 BMUID Satellite BMUNI 1900 BHUTAN BTNBM 900 B-MOBILE www. Bell Benin Communications (BBCOM) CTBC CELULAR (BRAC3) Americel BCP SA www. ATL Nuevatel PCS De Bolivia SA www. Joint Stock Telefonica Celular De Bolivia www. Sarajevo Office des Postes et Telecommunications du Benin Belize Telecom Ltd. Orange (Botswana) Pty Limited ACeS International Limited (AIL) Spacetel-Benin Telecel Benin Belgacom Mobile Brasil Telecom Celular HT MObile Communications Ltd Mostar www.amazoniacelular.brasiltelecom. Telmob (ISRCL MVNO solution) Global telecom SA Telemig Celular S/A Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile EAD (Globul) www. BRNDN/DS 900 BULGARIA BGR01 900/1800/3G BGRCM 900/1800 BGRVA 900/1800 BURKINA FASO BFA03 1800 BFACT 900 BFAON 900 BFATL 900 BURUNDI BDITL 900 DataStream Technology Onatel TNL PCS BTC Mobile EOOD www.tim. Telecel Faso SA TIM CELULAR SA Mobiltel EAD Telecel-Burundi Company Africell PLC Company BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS VGBCC 900/1900 Caribbean Cellular Telephone Nextel Brazil 900 900 900 Globalstar 222 223 Sercomtel Celular S/A Tess Econet Wireless Burundi PLC ONATEL BRUNEI DARUSSALAM BRNBR 3G B-Mobile Communication Sdn Bhd www. KINGDOM OF KHMGM 900 CamGSM Telet Celtel Burkina Faso Albra Telecommunicacoes Ltda OPER ATORS BRACL 1800 BRACL 1800 BRACL 1800 BRACL 1800 BRACS/SP/RN 1800 BRAGS/GM GSM Satellite BRANC 900 BRASC 900/1800 BRACL 1800 BRATC 900/1800 BRATM 1800 850 BSE SA Stemar Telecommunicacoes Ltda

cl Globalstar Cambodia Advance Communications Co. CLARO CHILE SA CHLMV 1900 CHLPC 1900 CHLSM 1900 CHLTM 900/1900 Cambodia Samart Communication Co Ltd Globalstar www. CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC CAF02 900 900 CHAD TCDCT 900 CelTel Tchad SA TCDML 900 CHILE CHLGS GSM Satellite Globalstar www.globalstar. Ltd Microcell Telecommunications Inc (Fido) Centrafrique Telecom Plus MTN Cameroon Ltd.MOBILE OPER ATORS KHMKH/SH?? 1800 KHMSM 900 1800/3G CAMEROON CMR01/MT 900 CMR02 900 CANADA CANGM GSM Satellite CANMC 1900 CANRW 850/1900 ICE 1900 CAPE VERDE CPVCV 900 CPVTM 900/1800 Cambodia Shinawatra Company Digicel Cayman ENTEL PCS CAYMAN ISLANDS CYMCW 850/1900 900/1800 850/1900 Cable & Wireless (Cayman Islands) Limited China Unicom ENTEL TELEFONIA MOVIL www. Wireless Inc Telefonica Movil de Chile www. PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF Cabo Verde Telecom T+ TELECOMUNICAÇÕES Orange Cameroun S. www. Rogers Wireless Inc MILLICOM TCHAD TELECEL CENTRAFRIQUE Wireless Ventures (Cayman Islands) Ltd 224 225 CHNCT/CM 900 CHNCU 900 CHNGS GSM Satellite China Mobile MTN CONGO Societe Nationale des Telecommunications Colombia Movil SA Empresa de Telecommunicaciones de Cora De Comstar (Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad) COSTA RICA CRICR/CE 1800/3G COTE D’IVOIRE CIV02 900/1800 CIV03 900 CIVIC 900 CIVTL 900 900/1800 CROATIA HRVCN 900/3G HRVT2 1800 HRVVI 900/3G CUBA CUB01/02 900 CYPRUS CYPCT 900/1800 CYPSC 900/1800/3G Cyprus Telecommunications Auth VIPnet 226 227 Vodacom Congo (RDC) sprl Globalstar Comunicacion Celular SA Comcel SA Telefonica Moviles Colombia Celtel Congo MTN COTE D’IVOIRE S.E. SA OASIS SPRL C CelTel Congo SA www.celtel.A Tele2 OPER ATORS COLOMBIA COLCM 850/1900 COLCO 1900 COLGS GSM Satellite COLTM 850/1900 COMORES COMHR 900 CONGO COGCT 900 COGLB 900 Orange CI www. LLC www.etecsa.vipnet.cct.A. Comium Ivory Coast Inc Supercell Sprl Congo Chine Telecom T-Mobile Croatia.comorestelecom.globalstar.o za telekomunikacijske uluge Areeba LTD Atlantique Cellulaire www. www.comcel. DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CODCC 900/1800 CODCT 900/1800 CODSA 1800 CODVC 900/1800 900/1800 COOK ISLANDS COKTC 900 Telecom Cook Islands www. Telefonica Moviles El Wireless Ventures (Dominica) 228 229 . www.MOBILE OPER ATORS CZECH REPUBLIC CZECM 900/1800 CZEET 900/1800/3G CZERM 900/1800 DENMARK DNKDM 900/1800 DNKHU 3G DNKIA/MX 900/1800/3G DNKTD 900/1800/3G Sonofon CTE Telecom Personal SA de CV www. de T-Mobile Czech Republic a. Hi3G Denmark ApS EQUATORIAL GUINEA GNQ01 900 DOMINICA (COMMONWEALTH OF) DMACW/GS 850 900/1900 Cable & Wireless Dominica Telemovil EL Salvador S. ERITREA ERIER 900 ESTONIA ESTEM 900/1800/3G ESTRB Tele2 ECUADOR ECUOT 850 OTECEL TeliaSonera Mobile Networks AB Denmark www.personal.emt. (Consorcio Ecuatoriano de Telecomunicaciones S. REPUBLIC OF DJIDJ 900 Djibouti Telecom SA www.telia. Elisa Mobiilsideteenused AS DIGICEL.v www. 900/1800 ESTRE 900/1800/3G AS EMT www.digicel.eurotel.vodafone.A ECUPG 850 EGYPT EGYAR 900 EGYMS/VF 900 EL SALVADOR SLVDC 900 SLVTM 850 SLVTP 1900 SLVTS 850 Conecel Telefonica O2 Czech Republic a. www. S.tele2.) ECMS-MobiNil Vodafone Egypt Telecom.A.A de Eesti As www.A.A. Eritrea Telecommunications Services Corporation (Eritel) GESETA DOMINICAN REPULIC DOM01 1800/1900 Orange Dominicana S. TDC Mobil A/S www.vodafone.adjib. Vodafone Czech Republic a.cwdom. Globalstar Alands Mobiltelefon Ab FRAF2 900/3G FRAF3 900/1800 FRAGS GSM Satellite SFR Oceanic Digital FWI Libertis Globalstar OPER ATORS ETHIOPIA ETH01 900 Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation Cable and Wireless Plc Elisa Corporation (Cingular Wireless) 230 231 Finnet Networks Ltd Faroese Telecom Bouygues Telecom Dauphin Telecom (AMIGO GSM) Sonera Mobile Networks Limited FRENCH POLYNESIA FRATK 900 Tikiphone Kall P/F Orange Caraibe FALKLAND ISLANDS (ISLAS MALVINAS) FLKCW 900 FAROE ISLANDS FROFT 900 FROKA 900 FIJI FJIVF 900 FINLAND FIN2G/TA 900/1800/3G FINAM 900 FINES/RL 900/1800/3G FINGS GSM Satellite FINTF/V1 900/1800/3G FRANCE FRAF1 900/1800/3G Orange France Outremer Telecom www.touch.ethionet.smsbtc. DIGICEL Antilles Française Guyane FRENCH WEST INDIES FRAF4 900/1800 GUF01 900/1800 GLPDT 900/1800 GLP01 900 1800 900/1800 GABON GAB01/TL 900 GABCT 900 Celtel Gabon SA Saint Martin et Saint Barthelemy Tel Cell SARL Vodafone Fiji Ltd www. Africell (Gambia) Ltd Mobitel LLC Gambia Telecommunications Cellular Company Ltd (Gamcell) TIM HELLAS Telecommunications S.tim.gibtele. www.magtigsm.t-mobile.Mobile Telecommunications S. Mobilcom Multimedia GmbH Vodafone-Panafon Grenada Wireless Holdings Ltd Dauphin Telecom www. 232 233 .de E-Plus Mobilfunk Magti GSM Millicom Ghana Limited COSMOTE .vodafone. T-Mobile Deutschland GmbH Tele Greenland A/S www.areeba. OHG Gibraltar Telecommunications Vodafone D2 GmbH Q Telecommunications Cable & Wireless Grenada Ltd.MOBILE OPER ATORS GAMBIA GMB01 900 GMBAC 900 GMBCM 900/1800 GEORGIA GEOGC 900/1800 GEOMA 900/1800 GEOMT 1800 GERMANY DEU13 n/a DEUD1 900/1800/3G DEUD2/VF 900/1800/3G DEUE1/V1 1800/3G DEUE2/O2 1800/3G GHANA GHAGT 900 GHAMT 900 Ghana Telecommunications Company Ltd www.A.eplus. Geocell Ltd www. Digicel Grenada GHASC 900 GIBRALTAR GIBGT 900 GREECE GRCCO 900/1800/3G GRCPF 900/3G GRCQT 1800 GRCSH 900/3G GREENLAND GRLTG 900 GRENADA GRDCW 850 900/1900 900/1900 GUADELOUPE GLPDT 900/1800 Scancom Ltd O2 (Germany) GmbH & Comium Gambia Ltd www.

comcelhaiti.sunday. HT 900/1800/3G HKGM3/MC 1800/3G HKGNW 1800 HKGPP 1800 Hutchison Telecom (HK) Ltd www. Inc U-Mobile (Cellular) New World PCS GUAM WIRELESS TELEPHONE COMPANY.A (CELTEL) (Guatemala) Cable & Wireless Guernsey Guyana Telephone & Telegraph IT&E Overseas.V. Telefonica Celular S. SA www.comcel. Telefonica Moviles Guatamala.gtt. 3G GUINEA GIN02 900 900 900 900/1800 Sotelgui sa Wave Telecom INTERCEL Guinée Spacetel Guinee Areeba Guinea Spacetel Guinee-Bissau SA 234 235 . de C. www.MOBILE OPER ATORS GUAM GUMCP 900/1800 GUMGW 850/1900 GUMHT 1900 GUMIW 1900 GUMWR 1900 GUATEMALA GTMCM 850 GTMSC 900/1900 GTMTG 1900 GUERNSEY GBRGT 900 GBRWT SERCOM www.claro. SUNDAY Communications Ltd Empresa Hondurena de Telecomunicaciones HONDUTE Servicios de Comunicaciones de Honduras Communication Cellulaire d’Haiti SA Wave Runner LLC (Guam) Choice Phone LLC GUINEA-BISSAU GNBGS 900 GNBSB 900 GUYANA GUYCS 900 GUYGT 900 HAITI HTICL 850 HONDURAS HND02 850 HNDHM 1900 HNDME 1900 HONG KONG Guinetel Pulse Mobile LLC China Mobile Peoples Telephone Co Ltd COMCEL-Communicaciones Celulares Sociedad Anonim www.L. IDEA Cellular Limited (IDEA Cellular Limited – Andhra Pra www.Maharashtra Pannon GSM Telecommunications V.smartone-vodafone. Ltd www.West Bengal Hong Kong CSL Limited Dishnet Wireless Limited (Assam) Dishnet Wireless Limited (Bihar) Bharti Airtel Limited Bharti Airtel Limited . – Assam Bharti Hexacom Ltd .in Bharti Televentures Ltd.Bihar www. PREPAID (Vodafone Hungary Ltd) Dishnet Wireless Limited (North East) 1800 INDA2 1800 INDA3 1800 INDA4 1800 INDA5 1800 236 237 Siminn hf Dishnet Wireless Limited (Jammu & Kashmir) www.Tamilnadu IND05 900/1800 IND06 900/1800 IND07 Dishnet Wireless Limited (Orissa) Dishnet Wireless Limited (Himachal Pradesh) www.Jammu & Kashmir Bharti Airtel Limited www.vodafone. Vodafone Hungary Ltd T-Mobile Hungary Telecommunications Co.North East Bharti Airtel Limited 900 IND14 900 IND15 900 IND16 900 INDA1 ISLVW/SY/MT/MS IMC Island ehf Shyam ACeS (India) Private Limited Bharti Airtel Limited .hu 900 IND08 900/1800 IND10 1800 IND11 900 IND12 900 IND13 Og fjarskipti hf (Vodafone) R.Orissa www.R.vodafone.Uttar Pradesh Bharti Airtel Limited Bharti Airtel Limited .in Bharti Airtel Limited .MOBILE OPER ATORS HKGSM 900/1800/3G HKGTC 900/1800/3G HUNGARY H0NVR 900/1800 HUNH1 900/1800/3G HUNH2 900/1800/3G HUNVR 900/1800 ICELAND ISL03/TL 900/1800 ISLOC/PS 900/1800 1800 INDIA AILIN GSM Satellite IND01 900/1800 IND02 900/1800 IND03 900/1800 IND04 900/1800 SmarTone Mobile Communications Limited Bharti Airtel Limited .com Dishnet Wireless Limited (West Bengal) Bharti Airtel Limited .Gujrath www.

com Hutchison Essar South Limited www.hutch.Punjab Bharti Airtel Limited – Himachal Pradesh Circle Hutchison Essar South Limited – West Bengal Hutchison Telecom East Limited (Hutch-Kolkata Hutchison Essar Cellular Limited www.City of Delhi Hutchison Essar South Limited – Andhra Pradesh Hutchison Essar South Limited .in IDEA Cellular BPL Mobile Communications Ltd www.Uttar Pradesh (West) www.Karnataka www.MOBILE OPER ATORS INDA6 1800 INDA7 1800 INDA8 1800 INDA9 900 INDAC 900 INDAN 900 INDAP 900 INDAS 900 INDAT 900 INDB1 900 INDB2 1800 INDB3 1800 INDB4 1800 INDBH 900 INDBI 900 INDBK 900 INDBL 900 Bharti Airtel Limited .com INDBM 900 INDBO 900 INDBS 900 INDBT 900 INDCA 900 INDCC 900 INDCH 900 INDDL 900 INDE1 900/1800 INDE2 900 INDE3 900 INDE4 900 INDE5 1800 INDE6 900 INDE7 900 INDEH 900 Hutchison Essar Cellular Limited IDEA Cellular Aircell Digilink – Haryana Aircell Digilink – Rajasthan Aircell Digilink – BSNL – Bihar www.hutch.ASSAM Bharti Airtel Limited Pradesh Hutchison Essar South Limited ( MTNL Delhi .in Idea Mobile Communications – Haryana Hutchison Essar Mobile Services Limited www.Punjab Hutchison Essar Cellular Limited BSNL .ideacellular.Maharashtra 238 239 BSNL – Chennai Bharti Airtel Limited BSNL .City of Calcutta) www.bsnl.Kerala www.Gujarat Bharti Airtel BSNL Andaman & Nicobar www.Tamilnadu Circle) BSNL – Kolkata Bharti Airtel Limited .hutch.UP West) Hutchison Essar South Limited – Chennai www.ideacellular. . East Hutchison Essar South Limited .Madhya Pradesh Aircel Limited (AIRCEL .bsnl. .bsnl.

com Bharti Airtel Limited – Kolkata IDEA Cellular Limited (IDEA CELLULAR LIMITED – Delhi Hutchison Essar Limited – Bombay www.MOBILE OPER ATORS INDEK 900 INDEU 900 INDF1 900 INDGJ 900 INDH1 900 INDHA 900/1800 INDHC 900/1800 INDHK 900/1800 INDHM 900/1800 INDHP 900 INDHR 900 INDID 1800 INDIH 1800 INDIR 1800 INDIU 1800 INDJB Idea Mobile Communications – Kerala www.(East) Koshika Orissa BSNL – Kerala Escorts Telecommunications Limited – Himachal Pradesh BSNL – Gujarat www.bsnl.Madhya Pradesh IDEA Cellular Limited .in Hutchison Essar Limited – Bombay Hutchison Essar Limited – Bombay Escorts Telecommunications Limited – Uttar Pradesh (East) BSNL – Himachal Pradesh BSNL Chennai (old) BSNL – Karnataka BSNL – Maharashtra Escorts Telecommunications Limited – Rajasthan Bharti Airtel Limited – Andhra Pradesh Fascel Limited BSNL – Orissa www.West Bharti Hexacom BSNL – Jammu & Kashmir BSNL – Haryana 240 241 BSNL – Punjab Idea Mobile Communications – Koshika Koshika BSNL – Madhya Pradesh Bharti Airtel Limited – Karnataka 900 INDJH 900 INDJK 900 INDKE 900 INDKO 900 INDKR 900 INDKT 900 INDKW 900 INDMB 900 INDMD 900 INDMH 900 INDMP 900 INDMT 900 INDMY 900 INDNE 900 INDOR 900 INDPB 900 www.P.(West) MTNL Mumbai – Rajasthan Hutchison Essar Limited – Bombay BSNL – North East www.

xl. – Himachal Pradesh BSNL – Rajasthan – Assam 900 Reliance Telecom Private Hutchison CP Telecommunications Excelcom 242 243 .lippotel. (Aircel Cellular Ltd.indosat. – Madhya Pradesh Reliance Telecom Private BSNL – Tamil Nadu www. – Orissa Reliance Telecom Private Ltd. – North East Reliance Telecom Private Ltd. – City of Madras) Reliance Telecom Private Atheer Telecom Iraq PT Indonesian Satellite Corporation Tbk (INDOSAT) Irancell Telecommunications Services Company http://irancell.bsnl.MOBILE OPER ATORS INDRA 900 INDRB 900 INDRC 900 INDRH 900 INDRJ 900 INDRM 900 INDRN 900 INDRO 900 INDRW 900 INDSC 900 INDSK 900 INDSP 900 INDTN 900 INDUE 900 INDUW 900 INDWB 900 900 Reliance Telecom Private Ltd.atheertele. – West Bangal IRAN Bharti Airtel Limited – Chennai BSNL – Uttar Pradesh (East) PT Telekomunikasi Selular Reliance Telecom Private Asia Cell Telecommunications Company Ltd – Bihar INDONESIA Aircel Cellular IRAQ IRQAC 900 IRQAT 900 IRN11 900/1800 IRNMI 900/1800 IRNIM 900 IRNKI 900 IRNRI 900 AILID GSM Satellite IDN89 1800/3G IDNEX 900/1800 IDNIM/SL 900/1800 IDNLT 1800 IDNTS 900/1800 Bharti Airtel Limited (AirTel – Mobile Company of Iran (MCI) Rafsanjan Industrial Complex (Coop) Mobile Telecommunications Company of Esfahan PT Natrindo Telepon Seluler Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (CellOne A&N) BSNL – West Bengal Spice Communications Limited – Karnataka Spice Communications Limited – Punjab www. India) BSNL – Uttar Pradesh (West) KFZO ACeS International Limited (AIL) Jersey Telecom Meteor Mobile Telecommunications Limited SanaTel Cable & Wireless Jersey Limited Hutchison 3G Ireland limited Ltd Vodafone Omnitel N. Vodafone Ireland O2 Communications (Ireland) Ltd.tim.MOBILE OPER ATORS IRQKK 900 IRQOR 900 IRQST 900 IRELAND IRLDF 900/1800/3G IRLEC 900/1800/3G IRLH3 3G IRLME 900/1800 ISLE OF MAN GBRMT 900/3G ISRAEL ISR01 900/1800/3G ISRCL/ CH/03/I1/I2 1800/3G ISRPL n/a Korek Telecom JBRAJ 900/1800/3G GBRGT 900/1800/3G GBRJT/MS 900/1800 JERSEY AIRTEL LIMITED www.three. JAPAN JPNDM/DO 3G JPNJP Partner Communications Company Ltd Pelephone Communications Ltd Telecom Italia SpA Manx Telecom JERSEY Cellcom Israel Orascom Telecom Iraq Corporation www. Mossel Limited T/A Digicel 900/1800/1900 Globalstar 900/1800/3G ITAWI/BL 3G/900/1800 JAMAICA JAMCW 1900 JAMDC Cable and Wireless Jamaica Limited ITALY ITAH3 3G ITAGS GSM Satellite ITAGT/SI 3G/900/1800 ITAOM/VF H3G 3G NTT SoftBank Mobile mb.manx-telecom. Inc Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA 244 245 .

ke Kar-Tel Ltd Globalstar Umniah Mobile Company 246 247 .com/ Enterprise of Telecommunications Lao (ETL) KOREA. DEMOCRATIC PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF PRKSN PEO Korea Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (KPTC) 900 LATVIA LVABC 900/1800/3G LVABT 900/1800/3G TELE2 Millicom Lao Co Ltd SIA Bite Latvija KT Freetel Co. Ltd Celtel Kenya Limited GSM Kazakhstan Ltd Xpress Telecommunications Mobile Telecommunications Sky Mobile LCC SK Telecom www.kcell.MOBILE OPER ATORS JORDAN JORFL 900 JORMC 900 JORUM 1800 JORXT 900 KAZAKHSTAN KAZ77 900 KAZKT 900 KAZKZ 900 KENYA KENKC 900 KENSA 900/1800 KIRIBATI KIRKI 900 Telecom Services Kiribati Limited (TSKL) Lao Telecommunications www. Safaricom Limited Petra Jordanian Mobile Telecommunications Company(MobileCom) National Mobile Telecommunications BiMoCom Ltd www. REPUBLIC OF KORGS GSM Satellite KORKF/KT 3G KORSK 3G KUWAIT KWTMT 900/1800 KWTNM 900/1800 KYRGYZSTAN KGZ01 900 KGZMC 900/1800 LAOS LAOAS/LA 900/1800 LAOET/EM 900 LAOTC 900 LAOTL 900/1800 Lao Asia Telecommunication State Enterprise (LAT) Mobile Telecom Service LLP Jordan Mobile Telephone Services (JMTS) www.

li Tele 2 Aktiengesellschaft www. MIC 2 Cellcom Liberia (LBRI1 MVNO solution) Lonestar Communications Corporation 900 LIEVE 1800/3G Swisscom 900/1800 Econet Ezi Cel Lesotho (Pty) Vodacom Lesotho (Pty) Ltd Mobile Ltd (Liechtenstein) www.MOBILE OPER ATORS LVALM 900/1800/3G LEBANON LBNFL 900 LBNLC/MT 900 LESOTHO LSOET 900 LSOVL 900 LIBERIA LBRAW 900 LBR07 1800 LBRCM 900 LBRI1 1800 LBRLC 900 Latvian Mobile Telephone Co Tango SA LITHUANIA LTU03 900/1800 LTUMT 900/1800/3G LTUOM UAB TELE2 Comium Services BVI (Liberia) 248 249 VOXmobile SmarTone Mobile Communications (Macau) Ltd UAB Bite Lietuva LIBYAN ARAB JAMAHIRIYA LBY01 900 LBYLM 900 AL MADAR Telecomm Company OMNITEL Libyana Mobile Phone Hutchison Telephone (Macau) Company Ltd www.tele2. Inc www. Orange (Liechtenstein) AG Celcom Atlantic Wireless (Liberia) LIECHTENSTEIN LIEMK 1800 LIETG Mobilkom (Liechtenstein) AG MIC 1 MACCT 900/1800 MACHT 900/1800 MACSM 900/1800 CTM 900 LUXEMBOURG LUXPT 900/1800/3G LUXTG 900/1800/3G LUXVM 3G/1800/900 MACAU P & T Luxembourg Malitel SA Celcom (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Wataniya Telecom Maldives Cellplus Mobile Communications Orange Madagascar Corporation sdn Bhd www. Mauritel Mobiles www. THE FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MKDCC 900 MKDMM 900 MADAGASCAR MDGAN 900 MDGCO 900 MDGTM 900 MALAWI MWICP 900/1800 MWICT 900 MALAYSIA MYSBC 900/1800/3G 250 251 .com Telma Mobile SA Maxis Communications Berhad Dhivehi Raajjeyge Gulhun Private Ltd Telekom Networks Malawi Ltd www.MOBILE OPER ATORS MR 900/1800/3G MYSMI MiTV 3G MYSMT 1800 MYSSD/MC 900/1800/3G Maxis Communications Berhad Mattel Emtel Ltd Celtel Madagascar CelTel Limited DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd www. Orange Mali SA Mobisle Communications Limited MALDIVES MDV01 900 MDVWM 900/3G MALI MLI01 900 MLI02 900 MALTA MLTGO 1800 MLTMA/TL/SN 900 MAURITANIA MRTMM 900 MRTMT 900 MAURITIUS MUSCP 900 MUSEM 900/3G MEXICO MEXGS GSM Satellite Globalstar COSMOFON AD Skopje Vodafone Malta Limited T-Mobile Macedonia www. Moldcell www. OPER ATORS MEXMS 1900 MEXNC 900 MEXTL 1900 Pegaso Comunicaciones y Sistemas. FEDERATED STATES OF FSMFM 900 FSM Telecommunications Corporation Monaco Telecom International VoXtel S. REPUBLIC OF MDAMC 900 MDAVX 900 MONACO MCOM1 NETHERLANDS NLDDT 1800/3G NLDLT 900/1800/3G NLDPN 1800/3G Orange Nederland N.ntc.mpt.V MYANMAR MMRPT 900 Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications T-Mobile Netherlands NEPAL NPLM2 900/1800 NPLNM 900 Spice Nepal Private Ltd MOLDOVA. S. Medi Telecom www. De MOROCCO MARM1 900 MARMT 900 MOZAMBIQUE IAM MOZ01 900/1800 MOZVC 900/1800 Mocambique Celular S.voxtel.V Communications Nextel de Mexico S.ptkonline.A de NAMIBIA NAM01 900/1800 MTC Namibia www. 3G MCOM2 900/3G MONGOLIA MNGMC 900 MNGMN 900 MONTSERRAT MSRCW 850 Cable & Wireless West Indies Ltd (Montserrat) MobiCom www. S.L (mCel) www. 252 253 Unitel LLC Radiomovil Dipsa SA de CV (TELCEL) Monaco Telecom SAM www.moldcell. Nepal Doorsanchar Company Ltd Vodafone Libertel

com Telcell NORTHERN MARIANA ISLAND MNPWR 1900 NORWAY NORAM 1800 Telenor Mobile Aviation AS (AeroMobile) MTN Nigeria Communications Limited www. East Caribbean Cellular www. Globacom Ltd.EN Vodafone Mobile NZ Limited Scarlet Telecom Vee Networks Limited (Vmobile Nigeria) Globalstar www.vodafone.MOBILE OPER ATORS NLDPT 900/1800/3G NLDTM 1800 XNLSC 1800 XNLUP 1800 KPN Mobile The Netherlands BV www.A. www.scarlet. www.uts. NETHERLANDS ANTILLES ANTCT 900/1800 ANTTC 900 ANTUT 900 1900 ANTEC/NB 900/1800 NEW CALEDONIA NCLPT 900 NEW ZEALAND NZLBS 900/1800/3G NICARAGUA NICEN/SC 1900 NICGS GSM Satellite Empresa Nicaraguense de Telecomunicaciones OPT New Caledonia Curacao Telecom NORFOLK ISLANDS Norfolk Telecom 900 UPC mobile Freedom Setel NV NICMS 850 NIGER NERCT 900 NERTL 900 NERSC Telefonia Celular de Nicaragua Wave Runner LLC Mariana Islands 254 255 .an Communications Systems Curacao N. Telecel Niger SA Sahel-Com www. .com Celtel Nigeria Ltd 900 NIGERIA NGA40 900/1800 NGAET 900/1800 NGAGM 900/1800 NGAMN 900/1800 NGAVM 900/1800 Nigerian Mobile Telecommunications Limited (M-TEL) Celtel Niger TELFORT

com PERU PERMO 850 Telenor Mobil NETCOM AS www.mobilinkgsm. REPUBLIC OF PANCW 850 PANMS 850 Cable & Wireless Panama www.ufone. Palau National Communications Corp (PNCC) Oman Telecommunications Company www.MOBILE OPER ATORS NORMC 1800 NORNC 900/1800/3G NORT3 1800 NORTM 900/1800/3G 900 Maritime Communications Partner AS www. (Telecel AMX Paraguay Sociedad Anonima www.A www. Hola Paraguay PALESTINIAN TERRITORY PSEJE 900 Palestine Telecomm Co Ltd Pakistan Telecommunciation Mobile Ltd PAPUA NEW GUINEA OMAN. PNGPM 900 Pacific Mobile Communications Co. Nextel Del Peru Nucleo S. www.A.globalstar.A.porthable. Omani Qatari Telecommunications Company SAOC PARAGUAY PRYGS GSM Satellite PRYHT 1900 PRYNP 850/1900 PRYTC 850 PRYVX 1900 Globalstar www. SULTANATE OF OMNGT 900 OMNNT 900/3G PAKISTAN PAKMK 900 PAKPL 900 PAKTP 900/1800 PAKUF 900 PAKWA 900/1800 Mobilink-PMCL 256 257 .ps Automobil Invest AS PERNC 900 PERTM 1900 Telefonica Moviles S. Ltd (Bee Mobile) Paktel Limited Warid Telecom (PVT) Ltd www.palaunet.) Teletopia Mobile Communications AS TELEFONICA MOVILES Telefonica Celular Del Paraguay S.nawras. REPUBLIC OF PLWPM 900/1800 900 Palau Mobile Corporation America Movil Peru Telenor Pakistan (Pvt)

ro Vodafone Romania Polkomtel Globe Telecom Orange Romania Q-Tel Cosmote Romanian Mobile www. z Innove Communications.vodafone.globe.A. PTK Centertel New Telephone Company www.o www. SIBCHALLENGE LTD (Krasnoyarsk & Taimyr Territory)) Nextel Communications Ph.MOBILE OPER ATORS PHILIPPINES AILPI GSM Satellite PHLDG 1800 PHLGT 900/1800/3G PHLIC 900 PHLNC 900 PHLSR 900/1800/ 3G 3G POLAND POL02 900/1800/3G POL03/04 900/1800/3G POLKM 900/1800/3G POLP4 3G PORTUGAL PRT05 3G PRTOP 900/1800/3G PRTTL/WL 900/1800/3G PRTTM 900/1800/3G ONI WAY Infocomunicacoes SA TMN Nizhegorodskaya Cellular Communications 258 259 .pt Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa Vodafone Portugal Globalstar www.era. Digital Telecommunications Phils. QATAR QATGS GSM Satellite QATQT 900/1800 REUNION (LA) FRARE 900 REU02 900/1800 ROMANIA ROMCS 900/1800 ROMMF 900/3G ROMMR 900/1800 RUSSIA RUS01 900/1800 RUS03 900 RUS04 900/1800 RUS07/15 900/1800 RUS14 1800 RUS16 900/1800 Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) www. www.innove.vntc.digitelone. www. Inc ZAO SMARTS Teleset Ltd Orange Reunion Societe Reunionnaise de Radiotelephone ACeS Philippines Cellular Corp Optimus Telecomunicacoes P4 Connectivity Unlimited Resource Enterprise Inc Smart Communications Inc www.teleset.

com DonTeleCom (DTC) 260 261 .e-burg.rnd.The Buryat Republic) CJSC Novgorod Telecommunications Baykalwestcom www.Primiorsky Region) Votek Mobile Uraltel JSC LLC Ekaterinburg-2000 Primtelefon ZAO Ural GSM www.Orensot RUSRP 900 RUSS2 1800 RUSSC 900/1800 RUSSH/12 1800 RUSSK 1800 RUSSP 1800 RUSST 900/1800 RUST2 1800 RUSUL 900/1800 RUSUT 900/1800 RUSUT 900 RUSUU 900 RUSVL 1800 RUSVM 1800 CJSC RP Technologies VimpelCom www. Open Joint Stock Company Cellular Communications of Udmurtia Ulyanovsk-GSM JSC Sakhalin Telecom Mobile (Sakhalin GSM) www.MOBILE OPER ATORS RUS17 900/1800 RUS28 900 RUS92 900/1800 RUSBD 900/1800 RUSCH 1800 RUSDT 900 RUSEC 1800 RUSGS GSM Satellite RUSIZ 1800 RUSKH 900 RUSKM 1800 RUSKU 900/1800 RUSM2 900/1800 RUSNO 1800 RUSNW 900/1800 RUSOR 900 JSC Uralsvyazinform AKOS CJSC (AKOS CJSC Chelyabinsk Cellular Communications LLC (Tele2-Chelyabinsk) Severnaya Korona Corporation (TELE2) www.beeline.mts.GSM Closed JSC (Kuban-GSM) Close Corporation Kemerovo Mobile Communication www.ul-gsm.etk.Kemorovo)900 Central Telecommunication Company (Tambovskaya Electrosvyaz) 900 OJSC Sibirtelecom (ULAN-UDE CELLULAR NETWORK Company of Kuzbass GSM (JSC CTeK GSM) (KEDR RMS Globalstar www. Petersburg Telecom (TELE2) OJSC VimpelCom Rostov Cellular Communications OJSC VimpelCom Siberian Cellular Communications (TELE2-OMSK) Yeniseytelecom JSC Uralsvyazinform www. SENTEL GSM S.mts.yu ProMonte GSM www.mobtel.yu Mobile Telecommunications (MOBTEL) T-Mobile Montenegro LLC OPER ATORS Sonic Duo (MegaFon) 900/1800 900 900 900/1800 900/1800 www. CJSC (Mobicom Globalstar SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE STPST 900 SAUDI ARABIA SAUAJ 900 SAUET 900/3G SAUGS GSM Satellite SENEGAL SENAZ 900 SENSG 900 Sonatel www. REPUBLIC OF RWAMN 900 SAMOA WSMGS 900 900 Samoatel Limited (Samoatel Mobile) Gorizont-RT Ltd JSC Mobicom-Center (Mobicom-Center JSC) MTN Rwandacell SARL www.chita.sentelnet.mgsm.santel. www.yu 262 263 . CJSC Companhia Santomense de Telecomunicacoes SARL Zao Mobicom-Kavkaz (Mega Fon) SAN MARINO WSMGS 900/1800 San Marino Telecom Spa Far Eastern Cellular Systems YUGMT 900/1800 YUGPM 900 YUGTM 900 YUGTS 900/1800 YUGMT 900/1800 TELENOR DOO BEOGRAD .com Telekom Srbija SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO Etihad Etisalat Company Saudi Telecom Company (STC) Mobile Communications Systems www.Telcom (Tatar-American Investments and Finance) 900 900/1800 www.telekom.Si 900/1800 900 900/1800 900 900 www.900 Telecom Samoa Cellular Ltd Mobile Communication Systems-Povolzhie Sayantelecom LLC Sibintertelecom TAIF .promonte.megafon.

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se Hi3G Access AB TT Far EasTone Telecommunications Co Ltd Closed joint-stock company Syrian Telecommunication Areeba Syria (AJSC) In &Phone Indigo Tajikistan OnAir Switzerland Sarl TransAsia Telecommunications Taiwan Mobile MobiTai Chunghwa Telecom TDC Switzerland AG Tacom LLC (BEELINE TJ) ACeS Taiwan Telecommunications Co Ltd KG Telecom TAIWAN AILTN GSM Satellite TWNFE 900/1800/3G TWNK1/KG/TT 1800 TWNLD 900/1800/3G TWNPC 1800/3G TWNTA 900 TWNTG 3G TWNTM 900 TAJIKISTAN TJK01 900 TJK91 900/1800 TJKBM 900/3G TJKIT 900/1800/3G TJKTT 900/1800 CJSC Babilon-Mobile VIBO Telecom Inc Orange Communications SA TeliaSonera Mobile Networks AB Sweden www.indigo.swisscom-mobile.Ltd Swisscom Mobile Ltd www. JV Somoncom Tele2 Telecommunications Services AG TDC Switzerland AG (sunrise) www.mlt.MOBILE OPER ATORS SWEDEN SWEEP 900/1800/3G SWEHU 3G SWEIQ 900/3G SWESP 900/1800 SWETR 900/1800/3G SWITZERLAND CHEC1 900/1800/3G CHEDX 900/1800/3G CHEIP/IN 1800 CHEK7 900/1800 CHEOR 1800/3G CHET2 1800 CHEOA 1800 SYRIA SYR01 900/1800 SYRSP 900/1800 900 Syriatel Mobile Telecom SA Telenor Sverige AB 268 269 Swefour AB www. (MOBILE SYRIA) Tele 2 AB www.

to TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO TTO12 1800 Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd Togo Telecom Timor Telecom www. 850/1900 TUNISIA TUNTA 900 TUNTT 900 TURKEY TURAC/IS 1800 TURGS GSM Satellite TURTC 900 TURTS 900 TURKMENISTAN TKMBC 900 TKMTM 900/1800 Orascom Telecom Tunisie Avea Iletisim Hizmetleri TONGA TON01 900 900 Tonga Communications Corporation Advanced Info Service PLC Globalstar Vodafone Telekomunikasyon www.MOBILE OPER ATORS TANZANIA TZACT TZAMB 900/1800 TZAVC 900/1800 TZAZN 900/1800 Celtel Tanzania Limited MIC Tanzania Limited Digicel Trinidad and Tobago Ltd Tunisie Telecom ACeS Regional Services Digital Phone Co Ltd Total Access Communications Co True Move Company Ltd Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri TTODL THAILAND AILTA GSM Satellite THACO 1800 THADP 1800 THATC 1900/3G THAWP 1800 THAAS 900 TIMOR L’ESTE TLSTL 900 TOGO TGOTC 900 TGOTL 900 Telecel Togo www.telsim.S.bctimobile. Barash Communication Technologies INC ACT Mobile Company. Zanzibar Telecom Ltd 900/1800/400 270 271 Shoreline Communications www.S www. Limited Vodacom Tanzania Limited Altyn Asyr MC TMP Corp CelTel Hutchison 3G UK Ltd Ukrainian Mobile Communications Emirates Telecom Corp-ETISALAT T-Mobile (UK) Limited MTN Uganda Ltd 272 273 .com Manx Telecom Maritime Services 1 O2 (UK) Inmarsat Ventures Plc T-Mobile USA Inc.umc.MOBILE OPER ATORS TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS TCACW 850 UGANDA UGACE 900 UGAMN 900 UGATL 900 UKRAINE UKRAS 900/1800 UKRGT 1800 UKRKS 900/1800 UKRRS 900 UKRUM 900/1800 Astelit LLC Golden Telecom LLC UNITED ARAB EMIRATES AREDU 900/1800/3G ARETC 900/3G ARETH GSM Satellite Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company PJSC Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Co www. inc Airadigm Communications www. Jasper UNITED KINGDOM GBRCN 900/1800/3G GBRHU 3G GBRME 1800/3G GBROR 1800/3G GBRVF/VG 900/1800/3G INXIX GSM Satellite UNITED STATES USAJS/INTJS 850 SHIPS 900 USA11/DC 850/1900 USA27/58/31/ 58/W0/W1/W2/ W3/W4/W5/W6 1900 Ukrainian Radio Systems Kyivstar GSM JSC Cingular Wireless Cable & Wireless West Indies Ltd (Turks & Caicos) Orange PCS Ltd Advantage Cellular Systems Inc www. VODAFONE Ltd Uganda Telecom Ltd USA3G/AT/BS/ CG/PB 850/1900/3G USA1L 1900 USAAC 850 USAAE 1900 Dobson Communications Corporation www.

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nu-z. Inc ( Manx Telecom North America Texas RSA 3 Ltd Partnership Concho Cellular Telephone Co.alltel. www.wwireless.plateautel.Cellular One of San Luis Obispo)and Entertainment Ltd. (CellularOne) SunCom Wireless Holdings Inc Alltel Communications Inc www. Inc Wireless www.westcentral. 276 277 .com Long Lines Wireless LLC Union Telephone Company Cross Telephone Company www. Ltd. Corr Wireless Communications www.nep. LLC www.MOBILE OPER ATORS USAMT 850/1900 USANC 900 USANE 1900 USANM 850 USANP 1900 USAOW 1900 USAPC 850 USAPE 850 USAPS 850 USAPU 850/1900 USAPL 850 USAP1/PW 1900 USAQ1 1900 USARB n/a USARS 850 USASB 850/1900 USASC 1900 Mid-Tex Cellular.crosstel. www. Pinpoint Wireless Inc Public Service Pine Telephone Company www. Telephone Cooperative www. Ltd (Western Wirelss) WWC Holding Co. Inc Pulse Mobile LLC Taylor Oklahoma Western Telephone Company Key Petrocom LLC www.gta.corrwireless.nextel. Tracy Corporation II Wireless Alliance www. LTD (Texas Cellular) CGKC&H No.unionwireless. 2 Rural Cellular LP New Mexico RSA 4 East Ltd Partnership www.petrocom. LLC (Cellular One of East Texas) TX-11 Wilkes Cellular Inc USASK 1900 USASO MBO Wireless Inc SLO Cellular.taylortel. Nextel Communications Poka Lambro NEP Smith Bagley.cellularone-slo. 850 USASX 1900 USAT1 850/1900 USATC 850 USATT 850 USATX 1900 USAU1 1900 USAUN 850/1900 USAUS/XY XIT 850 USAWA 1900 USAWC 850 USAWK 850 USAWV 1900 USAWW 850 850/1900 www.

vn Globalstar Satellite FE ‘Uzdunrobita’ Ltd www.newdimensionwireless.A.Sabafon Abiatar Infonet Redes de Informacion CA 278 279 .MOBILE OPER ATORS Coleman County Telecommunications Inc 1900 1900 1900 URUGUAY URYAM 1900 URYAN 1800 URYGS GSM Satellite URYTM 850/1900 UZBEKISTAN UZB01 Buztel 900 UZB05 900 UZB07 900/1800 UZBDU 900/1800 UZBUM 900 VANUATU VUT01 900 Telecom Vanuatu Limited www.A. Spacetel – Yemen www.htm Zamcells Yemen Mobile Phone Company .vn Vietnam Telecom Services Company (GPC) Uzmacom VENEZUELA VEN01 900 VEND2 900 VEND3 900 VENGS GSM VENMS 850 VIETNAM VNMMO 900/1800 VNMVI 900 VNMVT 900 YEMEN YEMSA 900 YEMSP 900 ZAMBIA ZMB02 900 ZMBCE 900 ZMBCZ 900 ZMBZM 900 MTN (Zambia) Ltd Unitel LLC Telcel AM Wireless Uruguay Digital Celular Gsm Corporacion Digitel Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Company Quantum Communications Group Inc Zambia Telecommunications Company Ltd (ZAMTEL) www. Celtel Zambia Limited Vietel Corporation www. Globalstar Coscom New Dimension Wireless Ltd ANTEL URUGUAY Telecel Zimbabwe (PVT) Ltd www.MOBILE OPER ATORS ZIMBABWE ZWEET 900 ZWEN1 900 ZWEN3 900 Econet Wireless (Private) Limited 280 281 Net*One Cellular (Pvt) Ltd www.

MACH’s Services & Solutions .

Who we are MACH was established in 1987 and our experience in providing clearing and settlement solutions – solutions supporting an operator’s interactions with business partners . It is MACH’s strategic ambition to be the leading global clearing and settlement partner for mobile based transactions. MACH acts as your trusted partner facilitating and optimising your business. Our Business Model Our business model is based on outsourcing and is designed to simplify our clients’ clearing and settlement business while maximizing client profits. Some operators have also started using services and tariffs as competitive parameters to maintain or increase the subscriber base and ultimately their revenue potential.spans more than 2 decades. WLAN roaming. financial clearing and settlement. people travel more and to a larger extend use mobile devises when travelling so the business provides the opportunity of increasing revenues. • Access to expert knowledge to further enhance your inter-operator business. With MACH as your solutions provider you will achieve the following benefits: • Optimise revenues mainly due to our know-how and services which minimise your time-to-market and reduce pressure on resources as MACH assists you with knowledge and services. • Reduce costs mainly based on state-of-the-art service and transparent cost models.MACH’S SERVICES & SOLUTIONS MACH’S SERVICES & SOLUTIONS The market for clearing and settlement is becoming increasingly significant as the competition in many domestic markets rises and consequently experience decreasing prices. As a strategic partner MACH actively participates in setting the industry standards and also continuously seeks for new ways to support clients enhancing their business. In addition. MACH is SAS70 Type II Audited and works according to ISO9001 procedures. Outsourcing to a dedicated partner is therefore the logical response to assure your revenues in the dynamic industry where you need to be at the forefront to take your business to a higher level. 284 285 . MACH is a one-stop-shop provider of solutions that cover data clearing. interconnect and content clearing. As a result the business represents vital revenues for telecoms – revenues which are important but also difficult to manage and control.

interconnect and near-real time fraud. management. Warburg Pincus – which has a long experience and thorough knowledge within the MACH Group On top of providing solutions within data clearing. Progrator MACH’s EDI and ebusiness unit focuses on integration between companies.end2endmobile.MACH’S SERVICES & SOLUTIONS Our consultative approach to each client results in assisting clients to identify the appropriate solution for each challenge and at the right time. within areas such as production. financial settlement. specifically designed for the hosting. financial institutions and the pharmaceutical industry. primarily in Denmark. End2End operates a unique service delivery infrastructure. Consequently. telecoms industry. Operator1 MACH Operator 3 Operatorn Operator4 286 287 . and delivery of mobile data services and content as managed services. PROGRATOR has more than 3000 clients. The aim is to minimise time and costs while optimising business processes irrespectively of platform. End2End serves more than 50 mobile operators in over 20 countries on five continents.progrator. format and means Operator 2 of MACH is owned by the leading private equity firm. transportation. MACH is committed to deliver true quality and value to clients – irrespectively of your very diverse needs. www. WLAN roaming. MACH Group consists of two additional leading brands. End2End End2End is Europe’s leading provider of outsourced solutions for mobile data.

MACH’s solutions are divided into five key areas: MACH Consulting MACH Data Clearing Our solutions are fully compliant to standards set by the GSM Association/industry organisations and based on state-of-the-art technology. MACH Roaming Management System MACH Financial Statement MACH Smart MACH Finance Intelligence Solutions Clearing Solutions MACH Fraud Protection Our involvement MACH participates in setting the industry standards.MACH’S SERVICES & SOLUTIONS advanced billing solutions. delivering true value to clients. 288 289 . Clearing Solutions MACH also has a number of experts who regularly speaks at events related to the market. Our Solutions MACH Solutions are designed to support all types of operators with various inter-operator needs. MACH Fraud Management MACH IOT Check Assurance Solutions Operator MACH Billing Billing Solutions MACH Re-pricing Network Solutions MACH Interconnect MACH WLAN MACH MMS Relay MACH’s close involvement in setting the industry standards is supported by the 100 employees in Research & Development and closely followed by our dedicated innovation lab to ensure full compliance of new services. also giving you the opportunity to offer transparent tariffs to your subscribers without changing or updating your billing system. Both advanced operators in highly competitive markets and new licences in emerging markets benefit from MACH’s comprehensive solutions portfolio. rating and billing of your inter-operator services. What we do MACH Solutions make operators overcome the complexity of the clearing and settlement market – also across technologies. Currently MACH is actively involved in 8 subgroups of the GSM Association. Consist of safe and reliable exchange of your billing and settlement information on which the whole concept of international roaming is based as well as the actual financial clearing and settlement – also covering inter-standard roaming. Moreover. and MACH has been an associate member of the GSM Association since 1999 and member of WBA since 2006. Across all continents MACH supports more than 50 operators with Billing Solutions Cover mediation. our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions has lead to a comprehensive range of future-proof solutions.

Our comprehensive solution portfolio minimises your time-to-market. MVNOs and other players in the telecom market. On top of serving individual clients. but also efficient near-real time fraud protection and correction of erroneous interoperator tariffs. Intelligence solutions speed up your process of bringing services to market. ISPs. We look ahead to predict/? your future challenges which we assist you overcome. This approach combined with our broad range of solutions and industry participation leads to MACH setting new standards of service. you can introduce new services to your customers with only minor changes in your billing system Assurance Solutions Minimise your potential revenue leakages with solutions that not only fulfil the industry standard of minimising fraud. fixed operators. Who we serve MACH has more than 400 clients in the mobile market and you are at the centre of everything we do. Intelligence Solutions Enhance your daily work and knowledge by providing efficient tools and resources to strategic projects. Our corporation with you is based on continuous dialogue through the Account Manager. optimises business processes and provides analysis functionalities to optimise each operator’s business. Our clients from all over the world have very different strategies and needs – all which we support through our broad expertise and solutions portfolio to optimise your business. When signing a new client. regular client meetings. Consequently. events and surveys – feedback which we use to enhance our partnership and take our business in the right direction. 290 291 .MACH’S SERVICES & SOLUTIONS Network Solutions Enable you to tie new networks and technologies into existing business models. Client Support and client applications – and combines global experience with local knowledge. MACH solutions target mobile operators. we also have a programme for international groups as their needs are different from stand-alone operators. On this basis we serve each client individually to support your specific needs and adding value. we enter a strategic partnership in which we are committed to ad value and optimise your return on investment – both now and in the future. assures revenues. How we serve MACH has a unique set-up of dedicated Account Management.

. of Luxembourg Tel. Rue Edmond Reuter.à.D.. MACH invites your suggestions/corrections regarding this or by faxing the attached order form to MACH at +352 27 756 298 Luxembourg No B 89.C. The acronyms. Rue Edmond Reuter L-5326 Contern G.If you would like additional copies you may order them by faxing the attached order form to MACH at +352 27 756 298 or by sending an e-mail to info@mach. A&A Guide. ref. While every effort has been made to verify the information contained herein.r. I enclose my remittance (cheque made payable to MACH) or Please invoice me Date Email Tel Company .l R. MACH cannot guaranty the accuracy of the terms or of the website addresses listed. L-5326 ® MACH Please send your comments by e-mail to info@mach. To order more copies of the MACH Guide Acronyms and Abbreviations – 8th Edition or to book an advertisement in the 9th Edition simply fill out the form below. 2. of Luxembourg Name Title Material from this guide may be reproduced in full or part provided that written permission is firstly obtained from the Editor at the address below: Address Editorial Enquiries The Editor The MACH Guide to Acronyms & Abbreviations Fax MACH 2.. abbreviations and website addresses listed in this guide are for informal purposes only.824 Advertisement in the 9th Edition of the A&A MACH Guide Please contact me/send additional information Signed Copies of the A&A MACH Guide Quantities required (minimum order 5 copies at 5£ each). You may also order the Guide by sending an e-mail to info@mach. G. : +352 27 756 280 Fax: +352 27 756 298 Email: info@mach.

NOTES 294 295 .