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Application for 2011 Afro-Punk Free School

Application for 2011 Afro-Punk Free School

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Please fill out the application and return it to Paula at openroadpark@gmail.com
Please fill out the application and return it to Paula at openroadpark@gmail.com

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Published by: openroadpark on Aug 12, 2011
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Application for 2011 Afro-Punk Free School The Afro-Punk Free School, a partnership with Open

Road, will provide an intensive experience to 13-18 year olds to work on skills side by side with professionals in Skateboarding, BMX, and Photography/Art. August 22 through 26 from 12 noon to 6pm daily we will host 3 groups of 10 students each in Skate, BMX, and Photo/Art. Skate and BMX students will skate the Afro-Punk course, which we’re building early for the students to ride. Skate + BMX students will compete during the festival. Photo/Art students will create art to be displayed at the festival. Skate/BMX bring your own board/bike/helmet, Photo/Art materials are provided. The Afro-Punk free school will be held in Commodore Barry Park, Brooklyn. Healthy lunches and snacks will be provided each day, along with daily field trips, visiting pros, and electives like swimming and art. Please write brief answers to the following questions. What does Afro-Punk mean to you?

We need each person to apply for just one discipline. 30 students will be divided up into groups of 10, by discipline. There will be electives and the opportunity to work in cross- disciplinary ways. Which discipline would you like to apply for? 1. Skate 2. BMX 3. Photo/Art How would you describe your skills in this area? What do you want to work on?

Please describe what you consider “your work”. (in the community, in the arts, in skating/BMX etc)

What does this work mean to you?

Please tell us anything else you think we should know about you.

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