Charlanna W. Spencer 334"386~4346 John M. Bolton, III 334-386~4345

Statement of Nat Winn, Greenetrack, Inc. August 12, 2011 Opponents of legal electronic bingo clearly have friends on Alabama's Last summer former Task Force commander highest court who are willing to John Tyson cited a case to the At approximately which reported 11:00 that the

bend the rules to help them. a.m. today, WSFA reporter

Alabama Supreme Court before its release, and now they have done it again. Jason Shryock ran a story on the WSFA website overturned or retraction Alabama Supreme Court had unanimously would Attorney not return calls from

a judge's order in the Greenetrack However, that over three

case. Within hours later, the

an hour the story had been removed, a prominent Greenetrack notice Greenetrack's attorneys received

posted on the website, and the reporter it had indeed granted

its attorneys.

from the Supreme Court

General's Motion to Stay the August 3, 2011 decision by Judge Houston Brown which ordered

the State to return the property which had been unlawfully seized from Greenetrack. On August 10, 2011, the Attorney order requiring the return enforcement General's Office filed a Motion to Stay Judge Brown's August 3, 2011 that State law Judge Brown also determined

of the property.

In his order, Judge Brown determined

agents lied to him in order to obtain the search warrant. General's Office violated to the case. On August 11,2011,

that the Attorney his appointment attorneys Brown's Order.

the Alabama Rules of Criminal Procedure when it procured the Alabama Supreme Court granted Greenetrack's General's Motion to Stay Judge

until Monday at 9:00 a.m. to file a response to the Attorney

When former Supreme Court Justice Gorman Houston investigated at the Court, Justice Houston concluded:

earlier episodes of irregular activity that confidential information released by the

"I am reasonably co nvinced Greenetrack President

involving Tyson v. Jones was leaked to the public before Tyson v. Jones was formally Alabama Supreme Court on July 3D, 2010./1 goblins of unfair advantage empower still haunt the Supreme Court of Alabama.

Nat Winn said, lilt looks like the The scary part is that this His first action should be to

happened before the new Chief Justice Chuck Malone could even unpack. unlawful actions on the Court." Greenetrack

Justice Houston with the subpoena power he needs to discover the sources of nefarious and

calls on the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and the Governor of Alabama to into this matter. Among other questions, General's Motion; the Governor and the Chief Justice not given an television station receive advance notice that the (2) why was Greenetrack by the Supreme Court; (3) how many

launch an investigation

should ask: (1) how did a reporter with a Montgomery Supreme Court would grant the Attorney opportunity

to respond to the Motion as they had been directed

laws were violated when the Supreme Court appointed a special circuit judge in Greene County for the

sole purpose of issuing an illegal search warrant? Vance to launch an investigation Governor trampled into this matter.

Greenetrack also calls on United States Attorney Joyce

and Chief Justice Malone,

this question

is directed

to you:

how long will you sit on the

sidelines and allow the constitutional

rights and the civil rights of the citizens of Greene County to be

by those public officers and employees acting in the name of the State of Alabama? to expect the citizens of this state to take the Supreme Court seriously when the Supreme its own rules. These are just recent examples of the justices It's time for this perversion of justice to

It is difficult trampling

Court itself so obviously does not follow

the very rights they are sworn to protect and defend.

end, and the Governor and his Chief Justice should make that their top priority. ###


NEWS - WSFA 12 News Montgomery, AL


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Breaking News: Return of Greenetrack machines overruled



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Supreme Court overturns order to return Greenetrack machines
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A"9 T.J_ 2011 17 32 AM COT j'~i9 i 2, 2011 'L32 AM COT
~ ~mail

By John Shryock ~ bEv


~lSI'tIered gaming facility.

Alabama's nighesl court has overturned a Greene the stale to return machines SOIZe<!(rom Ihe



The nine-member as-Republcarv Alabama Supreme Court did nol issue an opinion in their ruling but made a 'l1l18oimovs cectsion. The High C-OUf1 overtumec Judge Houston L Brown's de.c~Sjonwhich said the Sta~e of Alabama lacked probable cause in obtain~ng a search warrant to enter Greehelrack. On Augusi 3, 2011 Brown ordered the business's machines returned wilhln len days. Allomey General l.utner Strange promised he would appeal the [uHog (0 the Hign Court. Greenetract reopened in March at 2011 alter b-eifiQ st-ut down by former governor Bob Riley's Task Force on Illegal Gambling durrng a raid in July 2010 They announces during the opening Ihal Ihe" machines complied wilh Ihe law. Greenet-ack was aga~f1raided in June 2011 at wh~ch pomt !he new /1i.achlnes were serzec Re.aclion from Greene-track and Attorney Genera! Strange's offlce was not irrvnediately avanabte. Copyrlghi 2011 WSFA 12 News. All rig/lis reserved.

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Mon" blll.hh


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STORIES Co. Judge orders Breenetra ck'a macbjnee returned


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NEWS - WSFA 12 News Montgomery,



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RT (.glwsfa12news', r'r1ach~(1es ..

8HEAK.1NG;Ma. 5uPH~me Crxnt overturns order to return ilGfeenetrack



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stcanencrews RT@wsfa12news: m.2lcl:ine5 .. ~ vi<! Twitter BREAKlNG:Ali:l Sup-erne Coon overturns order to retoru #Greeneo-ack

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Court overturns

order to retur-n Greenetr-ack machines Curve homicide

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nal ar-r-ests in Gus Light

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WSFA 12 News issues retraction on Greenetrack ruling - WSFA 12 News Montgomery, ...

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WSFA 12 News issues retraction on Greenetrack
Posted" Aug 12. 201112"48 PMCOT Updated: Aug j 2, 2011 1'19 PM COT

By John Shryock - bio I email
MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - WSFA 12 News is issuing a retraction on our story posted at 11:00am regarding an Alabama Supreme Court decision, The Alabama Supreme Court has made no decision regarding the Greenetrack gaming facil ily in Grae n e County WSFA 12 News inadvertently read a one-page ruling regarding a land dispute in Greene County thai was not connected to Greenetrack The Alabama Supreme Court confirms that it has not ruled on Attorney General luther Strange's appeal dealing with the Greene County order. We apologize for this error. Copyright 2011 WSFA 12 News, All rights reserved,




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AI,FA SkJVi~;iDn Cams

a R'lv~-c)m Media AI: Riqhts 'H:~d our PriY2!GY

StJi"ion Pl)j;CY (lr~d Terms



http.z/ / 1525780 lIwsfa-12-news-issues-retraction-on-greenetrack-stor.



Charlanna Spencer
From: Sent: Alabama Supreme Court [] Friday, August 12, 2011 3:40 PM Charlanna Spencer Sup. of AI., RE: Case # 1101313



To: Charl anna W. Spencer, Esq.,

On August 12,2011, the Supreme COUliof Alabama took the action reflected in the attached document(s). 1101313 Ex parte State Of Alabama. PETITION FOR WRIT OF MANDAMUS: CIVIL (In re: State of Alabama v. Greenetrack, Inc.) (Greene Circuit Court: CV-unnumbered) ..

Enforcement oftrial court's order stayed. Click here for document. This electronic notice was generated to give you notice of the action taken on the above date by the Alabama Supreme Court. This office will, for a Sh01itime, continue to send the parties paper copies of the attached document(s). Please do not attempt to reply to this notice. Should you need to contact the Alabama Supreme Court regarding this action, you may call the Clerk's office at (334)229-0700 or you may write the Court at: Alabama Supreme COUli Office of the Clerk 300 Dexter Avenue Montgomery, AL 36104-3741 Robert G. Esdale, Clerk


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