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PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MEDIA INQUIRES DMAI will generally provide a response to media inquiries within 24 hours of receipt.

Individuals designated to speak on the organization's behalf are the President & CEO, Board Chair, Executive Vice President, and the Vice President of Marketing & Communications. No one other than these individuals (with the exceptions noted below) should represent DMAI s position to the media. Exceptions: When inquiries require a detailed technical explanation, a spokesperson may be designated to address a particular issue. That spokesperson will usually be a senior volunteer leader, member of the strategic management team (SMT) or outside expert who is qualified to speak on DMAI s behalf on the issue in question. For example, the Executive Director of the Destination & Travel Foundation will be designated to address appropriate inquiries relating to the Foundation. Procedure: 1. All media inquiries, whether verbal or written, are to be directed to the VP of Marketing & Communications who will evaluate the request and answer or direct it as appropriate: a. To the President & CEO, Board Chair, or Executive Vice President if it involves DMAI policy or positions. b. To appropriate members of SMT if it regards general functional trends. c. To individual staff members when it regards specific functional requests. All press releases will be issued as deemed necessary and relevant by the Marketing and Communications department. All press releases will be approved by the VP of Marketing & Communications and the Executive Vice President prior to distribution. In addition, press releases which include quotes by members of SMT will be approved by the individual quoted. Staff members working with organizations that ask them to approve press releases which mention DMAI must send such releases to the VP of Marketing & Communications for review prior to distribution.