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Development of hospital pharmacy Hospital pharmacy is the first recognized representative of the pharmaceutical profession Pennsylvania hospital, the

first in the north America was opened Jonathan Roberts as first hospital pharmacist In the Philippines: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. HOSPITAL MILITARY IN CEBU 1565 HOSPITAL MILITAR IN MANILA 1571 HOSPITAL SAN JUAN DE DIOS 1577 HOSPITAL DE SAN LAZARO 1577 HOSPITAL DE SAN GABRIEL 1588 CHINESE GENERAL HOSPITAL 1891 PHILIPPINE GENERAL HOSPITAL 1891

1954 first professionally recognized when the 5 year curriculum included it as an elective in the subjects offered in the school. 1957- the government hospital pharmacists from the association called the government hospital pharmacists association 1960- the private hospital pharmacists also formed a private hospital pharmacists association MINIMUM STANDARD FOR PHARMACIES IN HOSPITAL 1. Application- person must file with the bfad an application supported by the following documents: A. Standard petition form containing among others the name, age, citizenship and a passport size picture 5x5cm of the petitioner and other pertinent circumstances pertaining to the proposed drug establishment including the place where it is to be established B. Proof of registration - For single proprietorship- photo copy of certified registered business name issued by DTI - For partnership, cooperation and other juridical persons, authenticated photocopies of the certificate of registration issued by SEC and articles of incorporation or partnership. C. Valid certificate of registration of the establishments Filipino pharmacist issued by the professional regulations commission

D. A certificate of attendance to bfad sponsored/ accredited seminar on licensing of drug outlets