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We Are Yours

by Bukas Palad ft. Lea Salonga

In the darkness that turned to day, Lord, You made us from breath and clay. With thanksgiving and praise we say, "We are Yours!" From our bondage You set us free, to discover our dignity, Made us Your own for the world to see that we are Yours. REFRAIN Though our journey's uncertain, be our Life and our Way. Be our Truth now and show us who we are; Lord, we pray! CHORUS Gather us into your love, O Lord; make us Your people. Take us and hold us, break us and mold us in Your love, in Your love. Send us Your spirit, O Lord, our God; make us Your own. Seek out and find us, in Your love, bind us for we are Yours. We are Yours! For the triumph of love and grace, You redeemed us from sin's embrace. To You, Lord Jesus, we lift our praise for we are Yours. With Your spirit that brings new birth, You enkindle our lives' true worth. Renewing our hearts and all the earth, we are Yours! (REFRAIN, CHORUS) BRIDGE When the world lays its claim on our hearts and souls, remind us of all that is true: That our hearts are yearning and restless 'till our hearts rest in You, in You! (CHORUS) We are Yours! We are Yours! We are Yours, O Lord!