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pressure sensor--------things to be known ---------boyles law:at constant temperature the pressure is linearly proportional to th e voltage.

piezo-electric effect:when a mechanical stress is applied across the quratz cr ystal electrical charges are applied across the opposite faces of the crystal. ohms law:at constant temperature the potential difference applied across the c onductor is proportional to the current flowing through the conductor connections step 1 take a clamp which is made up of fero magnetic material which vibrates a stound when a small pressure is applied. step 2 upon the clamp a resister made of quarts material is taken, step 3 this resister is connected to wheat stone's bridge. step 4 a volt meter is connected across the wheat stone's bridge experiment step 1 now the pressure is applied to the clamp. step 2 due to the applied pressure the clamp vibrates which in turn makes the q uarts to vibrate. step 3 by piezo electric principle the electric chages are developed on the opp osite faces of the cristal. step 4 this elecric charges changes the resistance value of the quarts. step 5 now the resistance value of the wheat stone's bridge changes. hence the voltage value also changes. step 6 the required voltage is measured using the volt meter. step 7 according to boil's law the pressure is directly proportional to the vol tage. That means in a 2 dimensional graph we have to obtain a straight line by k nowing the voltage value. we can obtain the applied pressure value. precautions the clamp that we use should be protected from the damage for that the followin g procedure should be followed step 1 cover the area where we have to apply the pressure with a mask. step 2 now apply a pressure on the clamp' step 3 now we have 2 portions one covered with uv rays and another uncovered uv rays. this will prevent the corrosion. result now this method can be used to prevent earthquakes in volt. if we built the roa d using the quarts and we have street lamps which have attracting power to attra ct electic charges reduced on the quarts. durin earthquake quarts will vibrate a nd the electric charges will be produced on the faces of the quarts. this electr ic charges will be attracted by the quarts. there by the intensity of the earth quake will reduce.