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High level Requirement Detail

Master Form: Customer Management Role Management User Management Element Management Grade Management(Chemical and Spectrum) Physical grade Management Transaction Form: Physical Sample Registration Chemical Sample Registration Chemical Wet Testing Spectro Chemical Analysis Invoice Impact Physical Bend Physical Tensile Physical Hardness Email Report Pages Report generation Pages

Utility: Database Backup Forgot Password Change Password Reports Spectro Chemical Analysis1 Tensile Test Bend Test Tensile & Bend Slip Proof Load Test Proof Load Test for Nut/Bolt Compression Test Compression Physical Test Salt Spray Test Salt Spray Data Sheet Mask of Zink coating Test / Uniformity of Coating Adhesion Test/ Knife Test

Coating Weight Unit Weight Mick Up Test Spectro Chemical Analysis/Tensile/ Hardness test Mix Hardness Test Macro Test Micro Structure Metallurgical Test Data Sheet Welder Qualification Test Procedure Qualification Test Fracture Test Test Required Slip Impact Test at O0c Impact Test Sheet Hardness Slip Physical Wedge Load Test Wedge Load Thread Shear Test Flexural Physical Test Flexural Test Flattening Physical Test Flattening Test Flairing Physical Test Flairing Test Bend Test Slip Chemical Test Report Spectro Slip Spectro Chemical Analysis2

Notes: This is high level requirement detail so it may vary. Master and Transaction form can be vary as per client requirement and other facility added into the system. Entry pages may be increase as we dont have datasource for many of reports. For each and every report emailing facility its required to develop double report for selected report.