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Shadman cly street # 5 east canal road near agriculture office Mardan. Tel. (0937) 867919 , Mobile Phone: 03018330833

To acquire position in an organization, where the organization itself is always through a process of learning and where people believe on common vision, team work and respects each other.

Father`s Name Sex : Jehan Zeb : Male Place/Date of Birth : Mardan/ July 12, 1988 Religion Marital Status

: Islam : Single

y 2008 - 2010
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Institute of Management Sciences Hayatabad.

2006 - 2008

Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM) o Govt College of Management Sciences Mardan.

2004- 2006

Diploma in Commerce ( o Govt College of Management Sciences Mardan.

2003 - 2004

F.G Public High School Mardan Cantt.

Fields of Interest
y Business Administration y Financial Management. y Project Management. y Computer Science. y Research

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Analytical, Energetic Positive attitude and enthusiasm Desire to grow Can work in all sorts of depression

Skills and certificates

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Having high degree of professionalism and diplomacy skills. Fluent in English. Have excellent command on computer, Internet, Web Browsing. Have done course of MS-Office. Have done Course in Peachtree Accounting. Having knowledge and certificates of Management information system (MIS) and Accounting information system (AIS). Have done course in (Trouble Shooting, Minor Maintenance and Repairing of Computer). Microsoft project SPSS (statistical package for social sciences)

Other Activities and Achievement

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Participated in survey conducted by UNHCR with the collaboration of organization for youth and development in Jalozai Camp. Attended a seminar on Finding relevant Jobs in Market by FASI ZAKA Attended a workshop (certified) on Effective business communication in an organization. Attended a Road show on Islamic finance by PAK QATAR. Attended one day lecture on Self Awareness by KAMRAN RIZVI (CEO of NAVITUS and Head of SOL) Working as a facilitator with NGO (Khwendo Koor) in different peace conferences. Attended a workshop conducted by Ret. Brigadier Sadul Hadi on the Rainbow Concept of Life. Attended Peshawar Youth Conference PYC which was conducted for the development of entrepreneurial, project management and leadership skills.


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