Group 2 script Narrator Happy Frat1 Frat2 Frat3 Beggar kid Narrator: Happy was a second year law

student at San Beda college of Law. He was 5’10 and weighed 160 lbs. He went to the gym thrice a week because he felt it was important to be physically fit while studying law. Frat 1: wow pare, tignan mo, frat material (pwedeng gayish, warever.. ) Frat2: oonga pre, tara let’s make him one of us... Narrator: and so,, they invited happy for 4 times which he refused. One day, it was around 7:30pm in the evening and happy was walking to his car when.... Frat 1: ( makes akbay happy) Pare, sasali kana ba sa amin? Happy: Sorry, pare, wala akong oras sa mga ganyang bagay e. Fratboys: *giggles* Frat3: Ang yabang nito a! Ano pinagmamalaki mo? Narrator: poor happy, it happened so fast! Luckily, one of the kids who usually beg for alms saw everything.. Beggar kid: (approaches happy and kneels beside him) kuya, oh kuya.... (proceeds cpr)  Do not worry kuya. (Calls the jeep) Narrator: they went to the nearest police station and reported everything. Minutes later, the ambulance arrived.

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