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Road Runner

To days Super Computer



A Super Computer Built by IBM at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Mexico, United States. Currently worlds fastest computer Built for U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) National Nuclear Security Administration Uses Operating systems Red Hat Enterprise along with Fedora

Overview (Cont.)

Roadrunner occupies approximately 560 square metres Became operational in 2008. The DOE(Department of energy) plans to use the computer for nuclear weapons. Other uses for the Roadrunner include the sciences, financial, automotive and aerospace industries.



Different from all other super computers. A hybrid System It uses two different processor architectures Opteron 2210, running at 1.8 GHz 2210, PowerXCell 8i, running at 3.2 GHz 8i,



Developed since 2002 & fully operational in 2008 Uses cell processor Cell processor is processor originally produced by Sony Computer Entertainment , Toshiba, IBM Three phases (next).


PhasePhase-1:) In this phase it reaches 71 tera flops PhasePhase-2:) Also know as AAIS (Advanced Architecture Initial Systems) built Hybrid Architecture & cell processor.

PhasePhase-3:) Goal of this phase is to reach the performance of peta flops. 5 times powerful then cell processor.

The Complete System was moved to its permanent location in New Mexico 2008