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0273721704 Dissertation

0273721704 Dissertation

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Published by: Alexandra Au on Aug 13, 2011
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A final way in which you can demonstrate your understanding of the area that you’ve

studied is to make specific recommendations for future research and to follow each

recommendation with a brief explanation of the value of that recommendation. Each

recommendation should be directly related to your study. While the recommenda-

tions are of obvious value to your readers and others working in the same field, they

also show that you’re able to move from the concrete (your study) to the abstract

(studies yet to be) and that you understand your area well enough to point to where

the next steps forward can be found.

Here is how Timothy Curby et al.(2008: 741) went on to make a number of recom-

mendations for future studies:

New research questions emerge as a result of these findings.How do teachers’
perceptions of task orientation change during the early years of school,and
what are the influences of these fluctuating perceptions on the decisions that
they make for young children? From a developmental perspective,what are the
typical social competence profiles of gifted children? Further,how do these
profiles change during the early years in school both as a function of develop-
ment and early school experience?

While they used questions to point the way forward, it is also possible to write the

recommendations as statements. Look at the following recommendations made by

Khanh Bui (2007: 330–1).


Notice how this writer not only pointed out areas for future research, but also indi-

cated why the studies would be useful. This is a combination that we would recom-

mend you use, as it shows that you are not simply thoughtlessly listing possible

studies; you are listing studies that have real value for the field.

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