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0273721704 Dissertation

0273721704 Dissertation

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Published by: Alexandra Au on Aug 13, 2011
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The acknowledgements section of your dissertation comes after the abstract

➨ see Chapter 5, p. 143). It is where you have the opportunity to thank all those
institutions and individuals who have contributed to your research in some way.

Typically, a researcher will wish to extend their thanks to their department and

supervisor, any other external advisors, colleagues and family who offered advice

and support, subjects who volunteered to participate in any empirical studies,

surveys etc., and organisations who made facilities, materials and personnel avail-

able to them for the purposes of their research.

Below are two examples of an acknowledgement page, the first from a dissertation

and the second from a thesis:

Example 1

I should express my gratitude to those various people and institutions that
have contributed to this project in one way or another.First,the subjects who
willingly agreed to take part and give their time to observing and discussing the
interviews.I thank both UCLES (University of Cambridge Local Examinations
Syndicate) for providing the video recordings upon which those observations
and discussions were based,as well as the staff and students of the Research
Centre for English and Applied Linguistics for their input.Finally,I am espe-
cially indebted to Alastair Pollitt,my supervisor,whose constant guidance and
insight were invaluable and always stimulating.

(Author’s own work)

Example 2

I offer my deep,sincere and painfully inadequate thanks to my supervisor and
mentor,Assoc.Professor Reg Cahill,for his inspiration,guidance,enthusiasm,
and almost infinite patience (or so it seemed,since he rarely indicated other-
wise).I will be forever influenced by his incisive wit,tenacity,and clarity of
thought and I count myself most fortunate to have been afforded both his
instruction and his friendship.
Heartfelt thanks,too,to my friend and colleague,Dr Susan Gunner,for her
indispensable optimism,challenging discussions,pragmatic advice,and per-
petual good humour.

Dr Salah Kutieleh and Dr Peter Zeegers also deserve my gratitude.As col-
leagues and friends,their tolerance and moral support have played no small
part in this endeavour.Similarly,Dr Timothy Moss’s counsel and calming influ-
ence cannot go unrecognised – thanks for helping me across the finish line,
Tim:live long and prosper!
Finally,very special thanks go to my family,whose forbearance and encour-
agement never faltered.In particular,my bride,Sheila,enduring more than she
could have possibly anticipated yet not once wavering in her approbation,and
my brother,Paul,without whose dogged goading this might still be a work-in-
progress.Thank you one.Thank you all.

(Klinger, 2005: xii)

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