We would like to express our gratitude to everyone that involved rather directly or indirectly in helping us to complete this assignment. Firstly, we really appreciate all the helps, advises and information which given by our lecturer, Pn. Sri Rahayu bt Ghulam, Pn. Norhayati bt Hawari, Pn. Wan Aliza bt Wan Ali, En. Hakim Khan Bin Mohd and lastly Pn Ruzaini bt Mohd Akib. Without their support, we may not be able to face and solve the difficulties that we encounter during the process until we produce this folio successfully.

In addition, we would like to take this opportunity to thanks those of our friend who helped us and giving some ideal to us in order to complete this English Language Proficiency (ELP) coursework. Besides, we also grateful to our seniors who kindly to guide us,give us suggestion and knowledge to do the this coursework.

Last but not least, thousands of thanks we would like to express to our group members for the cooperation given to our group. We know that without cooperation and tolerance between the group members, we couldn’t finish this coursework perfectly. Finally, I would like to thank again to anyone who had helped us and guided us in order to complete this coursework.