Dear Teena Wilson, I attach the finally approved version of the project.

In this project I have add ed many things so the attachment should be taken as your project. Please follow the instructions given below: 1.Index page is not proper. I also attach the format of the index. Please inset and fill up all the chapter numbers and page numbers in that 2.Before the first chapter, there should be one page Executive Summary. Please a dd that 3.See that the font is the same throughout. 4.After conclusion I have kept one page Annexure. After this page add the quest ionnaire and afterwards the bibliography comes. The last part is the synopsis. Since your project is approved, please do the following 1.Print two copies of the entire project and make HARDBIND (Not spiral bind) 2.Handover one copy to the institute before 5th of August 2011 along with a soft copy in CD format 3.The copy that is left with you should be retained with you now and when they c all you for viva, you should bring and submit it to the viva board. 4.Kindly check once again whether all the initial forms are correct and accurate I wish you all sucess With regards Salim

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