Phone Script for Appointments

The key to a successful Stepping Stones program is the ability of volunteers to set appointments for the Home meeting team. Many of us have made calls for candidates and walked blocks, so making calls directly to Hispanic Republicans and Independents, asking if we can drop off literature on education, should be a piece of cake. We have provided a simple script to help guide your conversation and lead you to successfully setting appointments. Working in concert, several meetings can be set on a weekly basis. Script: A. Hello Mr./Mrs. _______________________. My name is________________________, and I’m calling you tonight on behalf of GOPisForMe a Republican initiative. We’re contacting fellow Hispanic Republicans to inform you of our new education initiative - Stepping Stones. Did I catch you at a bad time? (If yes, get a time to call back and end call. If it is a good time, continue to B.) B. Do you have any kids in school? C. Yes - Great, then you’re probably concerned with their education? (Yes) We have a few people who will be in your neighborhood tomorrow, is it OK if we stop by and drop off some information? It won’t take more than 5 minutes... D. Yes - Perfect. Is there a time that works best for you? (Continue setting appointment. Make sure you get accurate address and time) E. If No, That’s OK, I’m sure you have family who might benefit from some information relating to education opportunities and contacts? F. Yes - then D. G. If no positive response, thank them for their time and call next on list.