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Axial+Bending+Torsion+Combined+Buckling Analysis of a Beam (Abaqus Cae) Jas

Axial+Bending+Torsion+Combined+Buckling Analysis of a Beam (Abaqus Cae) Jas

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Published by Wares Chancharoen

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Published by: Wares Chancharoen on Aug 13, 2011
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  • Problem Description:
  • Creating the Model Geometry
  • Defining Material Properties
  • Creating Sections
  • Assigning Sections
  • Creating a Mesh
  • Creating an Instance
  • Creating a Step
  • Creating Sets
  • Apply Constraint Boundary Conditions
  • Applying an Axial Load to the Beam
  • Click Continue…
  • Applying a Torsional Load to the Beam
  • Beam in Bending
  • Creating a Job
  • Setting the Work Directory
  • Writing the Input File (.inp)
  • Model Analysis (ABAQUS Command)
  • Method #1
  • Method #2
  • Postprocessing using ABAQUS CAE
  • Obtaining Stress Values in Elements
  • Modeling Different Loading Conditions
  • Beam Buckling
  • Conclusion

After the analysis has successfully completed in the Abaqus Command window using Method #1
or using Method #2, return to view the ABAQUS CAE viewport.
Because the last step of creating the model was to create a job/write (and possibly submit) an
input file, the BENDING job should still be highlighted in ABAQUS CAE model tree. Right click the
BENDING job and then click Results.
If this selection was done correctly, the model should turn to a green color and the truss will
have rotated to an isometric view (Figure 61).

Figure 61. Analysis Results Isometric View



REV 03.16.2011

To rotate the truss back into the X Y plane for viewing, click View in the toolbar at the top of the
screen. Next, Click Toolbars and make sure the option Views has a check mark to the left of it. If
not, then click it.
The Views toolbar will appear (Figure 62), and the Apply Front View button can be clicked to
view the model in the X Y plane.

Figure 62. Views Toolbar

To view the deformed shape of the model, click the Plot Contours on Deformed Shape icon

in the Visualization module. The model should look similar to that in Figure 63.

Figure 63. Deformed Shape (BENDING)



REV 03.16.2011

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