August "Medicines of the Month¨

for Nov 2011 Haiti Mission

For the month of !"#"$%, we will be focusing on #&$%'()*%+$%)*&,-.+/)0)*+$. Please
consider donating any of the following:
» 1+20)/-!3-%&4,+%$--5#+*+')06-7&.(%)/)*+-89.#:
» ;.(/)".-%&4,+%$--5#+*+')06--<(2+'&.)/+-8.#:
» 3(,&0+-%&4,+%$=0&2$",+$--5#+*+')06-->(0"$&%+-?(/)".-@99.#:
Or please consider donating any of the following items for which we fell short of our targets
during our Nay, June, and July medicine collections:
;%+.-C++/+/ D*)% 5!$-(E-!"#"$%-@:
Adult multi-vitamins tablet/capsule 55,000
!ron tablet/capsule 33,300
Regular-strength Tylenol (Acetaminophen 325mg) tablet/capsule 2,600
Nulti-symptom cold relief tablet/capsule 1,800
Claritin (Loratadine 10mg) tablet/capsule /00
Antifungal cream - 30 gm tube 290
Throat lozenges (Benzocaine/Nenthol) lozenge 200
Hydrocortisone cream tube 165
Triple antibiotic cream 1¾ tube 125
Eye drops - dry eye relief squeeze bottle 95
Acne cream (Benzoyl Peroxide 10¾) tube or box /0
Eye drops - allergy relief squeeze bottle +5
Hemorrhoid cream tube 20
Selenium-sulfide shampoo bottle 8
Generic or store brands are fine. Please, no liquids and no expiration dates prior to Dec 2011.

Nedicine 0(,,+0%)(*-4)*$ for the Haiti mission will be placed in the .&)*-F+$%)4",+-of the
church and in the small F+$%)4",+-*+&'-%G+-0G()'-$+0%)(*.

We will gratefully accept monetary donations to purchase prescription medicines and supplies.
!f you prefer a monetary donation, please make the check out to St. Joseph The Worker and
add ¨Haiti Nission" in the memo section of the check. Checks should be mailed to Charlie
Fenstermaker at /902 Woodsbluff Run, Fogelsville, PA 18051.

For more information contact John Fagan at (610) 398-9690 or send an email to stjw-parish-

Be sure to check out our website:

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