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1' 1 I r'.!lC"d. at rugh.at the :re.1r'i1 "lR11j.f'or Gu . 1 .illc[. This setting . ..10~ M.e: !I.. if m~. \r ~ ..p. "I~~~_ ! A'i'lI"iln..:\JppU~Cles~.'.etiJ.cb.ck. '~' ~ '~:c "l: . ....ettw COml4CtO\r ~:o' aJlo.~_..~[a1 Co.:u NPP]Y' c-o~a~\ me: :refri'iJ'erat!om" sbould be 1oc~ned wim ~cieJu s.. IIl" II"ilIIni!I'i~1I"'IiiIo~ ~ ~.. ~1I..L.su!pp~y ~em.u. remO'v.. ~. C --1. ~.. . 'I.... ''II:l. .. a:mjb~en.' IFree: .3._.~t~ .. -".~I~IiJ~~1 n..."'''' !U:"\.~'i!'" ... _. -.... .• "'1--::' ":-1 _ .'iL.~ . " . re'm~'~~ me.)'nada wi til the: . a certiDed A·mble 'M.etd t»" ~'!OOd (If .mfl: II" ~o ral~c.-......:-~.'. em be obtained by using."!i.!II! 'II .'l"P"i ~.~ m~ be. ~: .'1OT' mtm~ me apJ"~.:11 .. the gas tiluipm!!fu:.ace !~me: bae. ~.IIJl!il'i.t'' ... :~ .ulifl: 'pan."""':"!ii"il in N .!j.nn~cton .:"...... ~op & side's M'i$ 'Ff(j!m.~ ~.." = "}I!I' 0 ~~--'_'t5 ". .· "Wberil' a. OF." ~.I!I..' 0-..~ L a dg!d.e ap..o:r...' .. .. .~.!'. " ~ ~..JI.~ 'w.~IY\li....~"l 1=6. .')-:..' ~ P''NJiil.'r..'P'Sii ~fIJ..iI~J '~"'~JI~ ~I g.:nJX1e1CtOr used.ll=.'~ "'!!'Iif'"d..leer ' .~ YI4iIIJ.:ILi.~..Nom'.S'\taD-.'i L._.t7 '\"!ili"l'ii' '" ~1Ii "1!.dn'\!m 'wi ithO'lUt UJJJ!: di.5I.. I .'llif!S ~. ocal J\U'tnOri..Ii'!!' _'_'A.~~ijIIUW. l· ~~~. D~~'. ~Q..g.'Ii'"""i'jI ] __ !clnt...... :Ii""'Il'I\D~. v ba. ":!j.00 t. ...i''''!O-i:'I''Ii ~v.~.il:" ~~O'il'i'if'lii(: ..l. :rntiC be ~toed 0~ ~t~ directJY o~ ~~" Q1~: by tl'm.:1 • 1·- • .M~iUon.Ol'" sb.UUeli'ill '_' _ ---ll!l!!!! ..'0".II:''iG.. • ~ ~. ~ ~Wlili.. 'iD'.wi th I~ authorities '~S. 1\"ii~.. til.-... ......iJj min:1_n'ilum slze nf !6~x 2. .~.m ot ..e:m1t.[". .w the refrts~r.nn.!"fo... 'Fl'.ar of '~I 'e refrige.sruptio~ we las:~ppl. HO'WlI1!ve.anCl@..'\ +~.."_ . c. 00'" - -9: use " a iii"'II..t. "".-. .·l~..a.r '..~tor..or yom rem'G.. I tor ltv. 1i.-.aU ~t1on O'~erWI!: ~oollilg un~t.~... .t.)_I.' to itle '~th.y... U~~_u. The Side'~: open oom ''!i..~ ~ 'I:.. . ill C.'l". -. u_aJ.. ...~for' serricinR.-. ~a'---:-11~' ~ "ii"N 'M'i!!io"I"!i.'"N: ii"i Ii7 nei.~ ~O" tnuD' l'f":.• t 'Ow pe.~I .l'M :'IUI..... . i1!~'..'I ooatleu .'~O'i''f'i" . .'~IIii!. l·· Tne P$.plD:St 1 ~~ a....US! e'omply.' -':". J.:... _. . """"""" _ ~ W ai]()W access to me." .. be :provided m. FOf 0' _ .. ~ltD. __ . j . rem' o~the rem:g"e... w:Di..iI I~ 'If'noi''i. . 'I.. f -' .JI':.tes a p~... ..::~U less ~....Pro~:!dIO:as of the current Sta:.h\i" ~.i.!'i......lUI.l~~~ I"'~ .. !CIl.l'!lll' ''W"'!iI~)II!I. .~-~.i...~Jl~-- 'f'!~~"" lI.a'~f~I. mClOrporn.. -=..owd!.....~.gas.' .til.for'se~Jidnl.b'le' . and.~~.ol[' lS ~dw.! Cw-pemrg' ~i ~th ~m mea pptima" wi:t~!:t and ~m (}Jm.~'.:9\lJiill"""li. ·.!UJ...tII.~ :iiI1i' . 'm I I I . .~~t dte' jWl .V~~'. LIi" .. c..

the Fill! stat can be 3i('lj .cut ~ti.€ ~!I1g~raI[O!l ""~' .."e. iI C u'OW'" 1"'0" ~r... sted between "max" ..~n t is r)mphn·ely closed and unv ··n.we'~ ourton umu you :me i.00 . In an .11Iat.l@:n. of 'we thermostat is critiC2] an I f'!ecom.~I.. hm e ilnd l h .:': ..Il__~-J.·"" . 'ti.. ... h.re. ~ m:"1'!lON3..~ to ".:.!O!~ 'fMII MIIIIJ Th.~".e..wpie 'cly block :t .' d iff.l!'!!'!I.'S m I:nm..['[""crn~~1e:r.L . 00 . t.ammolma ili~"l ilolWSwJtte the. id rb...heJ'I!...1"'.. ~~ ....'i!...:(f..etr settion) and is expcsed to ti.l~:~n'"tU~l~ in u m 1'1~r. D '~~ ::"':'~_' __ 1Sr 00 I c.11"1 or ..~'" i"""'iI'ere...m o')t"'. button ~.Il ' l' ~ • 1...TION 1....ons... Q.~ gas..en t rype::s (H moo .. provide a. 5'1::'. Th rmostat: .) ur.em:ger~w:.fii. green area.' oar s. .re'~"::")o. ail "i." 1 • . tho ~'''h. Thc.. I".." ' ... lUi .~'e-sme: set tempe.) the o'Utsic(!.. ~.6 to~.·'o:rJ:ge.~.·on."'.0' li. food.:~ frem"].. ~..m ~ r.e rei±:·ig.. ..r.. 'lbe buncn is pushed . ._ .e me FROZE.e' burner 'b~ck '0 bypass QPe.bu.r. .. "'. ".'f. m 1I!.~eC'ti.ii.e' in seetiens o... -i "'0.:.l .. tII. burner when. _ 'c JS.~GE -OO~IPAR.c .I"hours of th e bypJJSS r~1' or !P~fi n.m'i!~ ~ts '[m.·n 0 '.pe:~tw. J' ~ h I rc'"'1I"I.Iidi.e foed stcClr-ag.d:n v..' 'S op ~ ra m.":'" GAS O:P·£RA. 0"" '. 'The setting..~[€::ctri.l:l n-ost on me cCdJing fins.'ryn:i.~:.DlD" B c '.' .•• ~eoi]. '-.he'r~'lIflIOSUII ann\'!j.~...ru. e 3.~to~ is..... . G' ... :. p. repe~:~:~e.. reparee.m.. ti!!m'Pe. .. the tl1errnchS."1t provided they are .S. 'ID! Ii. ' "w.- o~ lI~.. ~.r"_' r .-.'.p.&..( ignit~ dlise.Clr1J ." [Or.(n' . ~ t tubiag in the eN'4'pora'~. _ ~ '""· ftl'... s ~.... .e..uol' am under the cooling and [O'W .sidon in.~ 'G":!a" (Prcca "r ' IlL:]! ...m"end 'co.-~clEl: mar.1~.' • \ 3e-~iJ ..he Ihermosrat ('l uses '~.le vel .. resuhing in a :oss of .:'"2 .(imide' the '~. ~._..:li Jlid ...aJo..r.I1? 0' A. continuos I~ •• licrui· EWnoma -Iii - hydr-o... " ..'!i"'.r~a.=:~.diJ:il '0'-")3..'''' LI ....~~.. .l. W!'~ '. :' .··. tem.e reiri.' . ~ . mmedl ately push I W~..ti.On.. same .~ored in me: " '?itr:l ~:OO(J s.$ M. when. 11 . . ~.~ f rvinz ~ • '.a:~r..'"3Jtor for lh.~illlOl ""lIe: ~.'vlty through this "de l~ros.1& ~1I!. C' .'p . ' ~__ " e ~·enno.la:rlon of ~'i!il' ~r."':'.ry to maiwnain.n.1!"iil"-':!l'~'O'"" .DOling..~ iinnoo eondenser syst.~'.... oa.. ' .f~eli Iquired Th. 'for' food storng~.]'USu~d~O'mairuain a ci.~---~~.1'c31 r . flow of h.. ac~ng . ~en. . ~.ch is n~ tG5S2. q .ii~..J..l to Obltrin the desi 'i section.yd:rog.~~'f: I.' ~~. T~l.. C'.~arg. 0[.:i.'l"TIlIE:. ~. severe cases.t!ol~ !I a_ ..~" 'U. .1ated~ wru.'_-I!n "k\v.lI'. This will slow the ~J.. This should 'be .. tting.. e.s.'!i Ibe' "on".e:s~... :(I. '.IS ~ '.') "". aun. bu ruer nHli.CMeO trorn "he while. .. p'l. 'OU l. P'Pcf!r..onsid~--ed i. t be ad.es '.:...llia ts coli] at the IOpl rear of The piew .a.~.: ~ c3!r:IJ'.l[l" . .mtl movement cOl: :lq uid temp rruturc.' f"ig~]rt"' 'if.sOl1'tio:n 'r<efr.:: F':' b'utt. jt.. ~'::.lr~. t..OIJ :s s:p~ffieally' on.i. _ ..gl"" ~ ~ .n :g~~ ..~.. H!Wn QuittOD.d by' gra.DaM..Sl:a:t . I.y 11I1'~' recuiee . sparks: ..... .I.[ij... e ~. --c~...aly the 'Pi ezo igniter to U"ft't ior .1f1l :stamrig ~ refriga..:"U) :he..~_~". ..~e burner should n-O.l1l011J .. ':_ '_...L.on the 'G~s e · Tt~ :'!!"IDO~t a t': ~ g....e'!].. .jll...flr''Ost "~..l.r.·'[ '~n '~'-" : _=.. .!J evaporator tubing.f ..ourner. a.··tjng th·...::: lo""t r.~.' -d . ~vaPQnu:o. • . m~j ~'!I . "'~' nM OS10..e compartm. rre ..wg. both. ~... ~. ne. he' rner ro roE:..:~· u) the bon om and hold.e \lre!"'j' ~.~~.Q.s.:0:5- .@s.. ).iL. "-~m~o...' ~... .' R" .."it.:a[]o~. ~~tlng. TIH~ coldest B' Me~S.1'.~~ "TO".is:·' '. ' .o.10 ~porlu.r ·n. cont i!!'UUJUIS~)" a l ..j.~ ~~.TOR. rises. • e.:ItjOir.t~' FOOD S.e $.acC"'olID..em.. - ~'i. the rem:ger-:.owing dO\\Yll'~qr. lJ.. if act reneat me tig"hw ~ ~[]:SIT'lllctiOI1S a'bQ'l..se"ttlnc'. . coM :~onditi·on in..Tt::uia(]ng. and ammonia gas! or im. -=--.]i.I"3..tor..u ' i1e.. will .the l. c-om:.g a 1D·-'~'i7-.'~ I~ ~-~~'..Jl'l.' 'D"C''C''fD'''G'C''![) . aeedle on the ~]a~meensor ID' nas w.a..f the will .'" _. h igh ~ . unit IS ful]y' 2.n me remge. sloped.e. _ .eiiedin . I~:C'" ~ 'jQJJ'....ob closer to ''''Ma.eta:lot must he' adjusted to a vemcal po.e. When..i. ODe'r3Ji()~d wblLID net 1. ~ ~1I.O~.h~r~l!o"kWi' d .ra~.. ..e.. 11 kJoII.~g 'time beiore -llfOlOlllilg."·._.!"..~'11!: .. .aL OI}·r~ID!. rs E" 'THE·· .( ~sno ~e-S\T ed :!elr ~I~gp or ~llic.'0 '1'1 lljso."~' r.0" '_ . lOotto.. the rec e.._ .'. i!".'t~U:re:iIJii!. 'Ii... ~'W~ .olI. ~' ':-ood "m " i.... ·1 il.g~tion 'Li~...th_~. The.n '.LU_ . IJl'fl1 Of..oii1'.... c··. to " •.[iln m.". ]I the ~gra. . mnue to nor ...' ~O S'~ ·0 . which causes m~.~-j'USl..r..0:. 1.·:..

_. B. If he refrigerator . To clean tne interior liner of the refrigera tor.r. ~a-.r refrigera tor opera ling effecti vely and saf)elr~ periodic inspection and. ]n-~~. .ong· cheml'cals ..liLl~.. rAp. rts original posiuon. h rr list be' no allowed togrow lOO [hi ~k as it aC1Sas an Insula tor and advli. be in operation for a period of weeks. HIs importent to keep the area at the back of '~lJ... The LP gas supply must be turned on... The ice. refrigerator ... defrost the refrigerator.~the p~as._".·':5 A. permanent damag.e:r':i t is defrosted or ut lnto storage.iI.aired iDlInediah~:_h:' bY·3 quaufied serviceman..page 2 other sh.> r .g this connection" Cap.~ MAI~'TEN.U-.: The foU:ov!'rin~' aintenance is required once or m interior 0 ~ID·e ret . t.'. on the remg fm3. l:-cetrays and shelves. d'efrOrst~~ cleaned and me' doors: left: open.g.d r-eStd~. :.'. 00 NOT use .tlU! lnain. i The user should be aware of service ~at must be d~ne ion . gerster it. Cj earung the refrigerator 5.i ~. lnstallation must be' hy a 11 censed gas fitter 'in accordance W1.th local codes Or must campi) with I Check .'. C.. \.. shut o·f[.a. tray should also be dried and kept outside 'the cabinet.lace all food and set the thermostat posinon . Turn gas valve knob to the "off" position will not.. Do not' use afiume e "~ARNIN'G· ro check for gas leaks re/ti. Disconnee the gas supply line at th e rear of the. ..Q Jm:ife an ice p~·ck. See figure #5 FIlg..u'.ust ·off the C & coils. .ti~.8 lot of defrost w. u fs ~'rnpoFt:tlnt to ai'wQ. Check all connections for gas leaks 00 NOT use a hot CrtF blower .:. .s keep burner flame for proper appearance. edition) exceeds 1/ .he The name should he ]jg.(I~r~.9in the cons on me back 0''' -'he 'roem:giera.'.~n tU. 'it. should be wiped up with a 't\<Vice a..Check all connectors in the complete refrigera tor LP gas system for gas. suppl.rili: ("N.' '" I... '\lVhen all frost is melted in the rreezer C?:ri[l~3Jrtroe?l Note.arp tools co' '1_pa rrmenr. Th:e appearance o.ays use a back up wrench when looseaing and tightffnin.ply ~ non eorrosi Vie bubble solutl on to al LP' cennections..l.g.ll' source. .i\TION .. I T(J keep YCfu._ ~'n" C~' d .Lsta!uLa:bM.he ~ .H)~ . cleaning of several componen ts is recommended once 0:[' twice a yea " clean.tip.. or any Refer to section J\_ INSfJlJ.sc~..e~\er use s:r. fa rernc.'.0 r a'br·a. . Cle. gasket.e~" ~~en completed replace the cram tube to..a~'~~l c:.".~E' bUl[~ UPI~'~.~.Y. vy :n::OSl.or _ Use a soft bristled brush to d.A..t. to its normal is usually done lJJft. these parts as .S" .i. tt should be emptied. use lukewarm weak soda solution.. ~~. the gas ~ 'W'ARNi" IN-G' supply line and remove the refrigerator.move.D.r bubbles indica tes a leak and should be re .. fIi'!>!F' '" REM'OVAL l Before wo:~king. ""Ii .'\'aJf"feG:ts.uS·' thick.slve$ to clrea n.eraror clean .. leaks.O~:~aln. clean cloth.. oouJ.tDally evaporates. the gas supply.' is the reverse O~ removal.~frige~dtOr performance.~ j.. also tum off gas a. tra~leu. formation of frost every 'Week and when it. Replacement Q '.81regula" SC~ edule to keep the refrigerator operatmg :prop erly.oce ''_!'':II.ue sur/aces will' be.e. .the piQtecEi. . tor.h~ blu e with no y. Check damrlged. refrigerator" Ahv.!.dr.e Re' . ~ rreezer mate and cooling fins ereatmg .frost }Tor]l J the fr-eezer ter runs fr-om . use onlv warm water (0 clean the fi nnOO evaporator. vear.ANCE 1& S.~.9J collector channel to a an..: at the rear 0:_ ~'~e re~~era~or wh~ it ~Ol.'T/"Ct"'> D'iiA9 .ERVICE Frost will gradually accumuiate maide the refrigerator and freezer surfaces.ow at the .'3 The defrost ¥~ ~~ t:tl.r. ~... 1 REFRIGERATOR [Propane 'f..

G".tbe of soot.' wi." .:B See fif!.! .re when. cearun:g m ene .. ~. "'..' i~' . The flue a.. ··......-. These fntings must ..Q'W'lng 'W""·i\..u:re "7 D.. The' LP' gas pressure sbould be eheeked and the ..i!'.sure to reconnect the wire to the electrode.~)~ soot :foru:1M:ion indicates improper func..~.".. " . ." • ..~'!r' . u "ungs . ·1.._ll..n:g t'he .. 7. App1y a ]lJOn eorrosive b~b'ble 1 ' .oeor" ' .0 ule' .-'-'Iz"IIIl!!ll.ll" ". Th' ~!V\li r no . .::-~AP"1\~'··G". '1 . C@I ! . Lr:tJrspe~n :nue' bi. 1 orifice es a'cnnage can -QCODUr to the p'recision opening.d' enser ti..[ ':..~ . cl"eani.NOf[' use a pin 0.UDe~.Ii.tings on the t-e&igerattor need to be' [wain .f:I_'"'O i..be c'becke..i:I <!.1'" water co'~umn .' "'" valve an.allow gas pressure to connection E"..' 'I'~ 'iI' ~ LI: .f.. . A.manne . ~~.dburner both re. This COJ:t cause damage ro me ·re.' w~..<l~·.uire ..t:iIIJ' ""Q.fi.mgerator Or creere ..il e.t..'Ik . DO .de for proper location and gap.burner .~.. I•• jjo'L. Cheek the elect .'Ol"'I'N". correct otera "n~ pressure is 1..'O..'U'".Iii"".an.ofire hazgrd. SO'.". oot~m it and me burner oriflee.8" t:ne gas o"... The checked ~or leaks.IIUuO' '1.·······_·"· 'W' .d before bghting the bume tiorung of the burner.it should be dean and :& .re.gu13lu)f readjusted If pressure is incorrect..

.g.. s.~ hi!ilg~ and tiightel1l 'willh ad.3" W n$oro~w ~'nte{ hinge pin IlJiSmFliga.a.riliiove \' .op~ite side 'Oif reir1igerabJ r an.r.~ i'nstall bOt1om hinge.s.e side.iusta...d:e' ~fflw' ~!lfIidl IOO$eo~r.a~' door haifidnes (see ~n[SI:rUlction:s on next Ip.~!Zt!:~ ~~' irlEO:j ~SE!I' SQ:.h'im to Aemo~' too' griU@! arld lop hlnlg~CO\. ~.t§i!. IlnsfiI'ri and iughl.. i '1O. Repllac~ tee 'gril.. J!). ~l Remove'IVitO' oUJtside SC~'e'W$Ofl . un... 1f\~tJngelr. . 7 j'eh1ig~r~I(1..-: ~ .Qlep~nusing a(j1us.ge:)" '11. P05~~ion ~~lingE'irater tloor onl~~oo'lilom hi ng"e piln aod s-c~e:woerli~e'F hinge pill through oonter-Ih!inge into top cddoor" 010518' refriige~a.door :SlOPS! 'to OIPPO'$!U:e side..as.d s. .le' aJnd top hUl'l!ge cover..' ' DEmtell"hinge pin.elr hEiil91~ ~n. HiIIIe P.a..e' pin with ~dju$'tabl~ wrench. l '14.s~t d(:)or ~side" . Oi. anc fIi1!Ove 1.. ..M .. . in step S. u '12. out. R.~s€: aJn .' • . "" 0.lll!dIrlE!il~igelra. r -.. ... .assEiI!'!libly'" E:ns!Jrre'plastic we~herr stay'S en hinge pirn" 4. 2' .fIII'I ~ r . d 5. lBef()~e $'tart~r'b9 sc~ew$.. 17'..itl up on opposil:~' iilJe of d'OO{ s whi Ie' t~9hl:en~ng s-crew~ te ~r\$ialll\[)'p hi ng!~.e~' d door {)'tf of I"" " sli.S~Il-rw.0oppos'in:.bl~e' wre nch.djQ.ighls(fi centerr hilng. Mov@ 'If.'"heGii: [~ver and IHit '~ree'z. ~ ~ _".lp altgn tJ ifilge' hole'1::3<.tor'.IIQ' iftOJI!" --.s...to~ door' to he. dl®: 6.erll screw :$~ved firnm $1:€lP '7'.-Tighten :scr~w. Rsmo.@@zer . " ' .tor' oor o.e' pin to other ho~e.ve' hin. RlemoV'e't.e.. p 16.op hi ng:9 with 318.Nt two.shim by removing i n$i.£Hnove cabi n!l3'~ aJnd hinQie hole plugs. '1 S.¥e oemer h~rnije aJnG . Cllbi~l. L~r haezel' door oruto cem.llow hinge ._ ".iEU'.1g two' oul:si:de screws enoLilgh to a. Have' an .J P'JLJ!lI!i: R~mO'v~ bOll'Om h~ng@ ~Ilh 3I:B'"nsx driv>er ReinSF.~-.awl to puneture th~ l'oam.ih.e side' of ilnside screw and ~iils~11 center hi ng.~i .and .ril-loside SCrew wil~ go to oppO:5ii~e side. -..13.. ~..ff of bortem tl~r!gG af'!d set asida./~ =" .tOOS€iJ1i! 'I:~!i'!/'O' out~hl~ serews Of! opposnt.a~. 01' . Ul1s-cre~J bOUUIm hi n. for r. .taJb~ewrenchl_ Mo.. r'f~}..s. Fh~¥€m..j~~~bl~ WF'~!l1chan.~ IlIlifiliilt Cfi!i!l '1. C.sis:!arlt !.Jt'$id~ SCU"€JW$ _ ~n holes and 'tightofii..lose lir1ee:zer' door.

eCUfJ8~top of ha nd I~ with sc raws.h'iing handhi1l .ing h Int)Oi ~jllace. T'O' IFtIEIMO.om the do or and sl id~ hand Ie ~irur.idet.W8V from doo.ta'~1 button end iinstalll~ either on l 51 de'" m.S irte' si de •.:» -t .QVli Iigl hole 1~lluQs'f'rOlm 'GOll"lrr'.j~I button.o$i~'iolfl1 and j)1IJ II dowFliward .llld ong ho~~eeo s !o'PP.: 1.fis!E!t~.VE: RIEIFFUtG ER'" lPDIR HIAINIDILE: (H.ind ~~S m.of ha ndl'.MIiI~ a'H~ off'.1 n d ilr1:Sta~I on other s.e'..espo.StCH~'W' and do. S~!alrt\r'!l~lllhhand h~' o.at'tac.of ~1~iI-_ o~ 1~'H!lfildh~' (lV!-J.1111 U1pw~lfd t. :2. 2".elmoved re e~lrl~~'r.NIIDL.. SNMi fig 'hallil.'\'fe~ :SC{f'. with 'lWO.r. aw.e~pply over o Iidl hsnd le~h 011 es.Adhe$ii~'~ ~all!fl e p larte IM.. 7 .ff of dOijleta~11 button.".®wand dloiv.)'veti.o.~."(U·!II 'J'O' AITACHI fRIEIEZER HIANDILE. 3.andle off$~t. Re.e ov.al'lf be easier to reverse' whi lie doers a re Q'ff. usi n 9 the sa rne' h! oles IS· na mep Itill~..3". I~Ug d~.o.ght up and 0'(1' ...li' do '! r= fro m door all1lJd slildle: h~lndl'.ing freezer . .(JV fr. ~ . Remov@: two Si~~'eWs .pof or.e. Sw~ng to p of ha ii'dlle r@iili"l~g:@hli.~~a i~ ItuJlU!i:)1lii.jtliftav '(0 ~.. swing h~ II! d le ~ b nto uori ~ht posi ti on .t'fIO(l!etU '1.e' 1:\tVO serews atta e h.~y'~1Ii'o'm door. lPill!tu:~e bottern or ha n(~'lle (J\ller'" dlov. BUn!]7-: _ .(Ue into. t.ve.er dove''ta~I buuo n.Q.e dQW1~ and G.alto. S.ai.oW d!l. from d ocr and r.n'ACH REflA:iGIERA'iOFl: HA. 2:! S. w'. p I.c' (~t! . ~I Namc~. screws. IP~acetop .TO' R:E:MOVIE IFR:E:EZIEIRHANDILE: (Haodl~:s may be easler to ~!9Vlew~e' ille doors wh Sell.~t~lilll urton. Stan: wiH~!h.Il!:: t. TO A'. le c k~1'IIl9it ~nt. Re'mQ.' 2.od eWsl: U iSle put1y kn if\e to g. Se If.nUy' peel off Iliame plate. Ilock. ~$Qf I I~'-'~""I~' I _ l[il~~ajl &U.e .e>Clu benem of ha iiii(j II!.Mov. 'p.. R'effll!i')\(.EN~!e.an d 1'1.e 11 'to bono m . S:wi [ltgl bottom .

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