Vitamin deficiencies and excess

enlargement of liver and spleen. reproductive failure ‡ Excess: slow growth.Vitamin A ‡ Sources: green. yellow to orange-colored vegetables ‡ Deficiency: xerophthalmia. night-blindness. bone fragility. swelling and pain of long bones. . drying and cracking of skin.

Vitamin B complex ‡ Sources: green leafy vegetables.neuropathy . whole-grain or enriched cereals. legumes. Pernicious anemia. dermatitis. nuts ‡ Deficiency: peripheral neuritis. diarrhea ‡ Excess: not usual. B3.

osmotic diarrhea. broccoli. cooking has destructive effect ‡ Deficiency: scurvy: poor wound healing.Vitamin C ‡ Sources: Citrus fruits. cabbage. bleeding gums ‡ Excess: Adverse effects usually not serious. cauliflower. cantaloupe. berries. other gastrointestinal symptoms. oxaluria . spinach. potatoes. tomatoes.

Vitamin D ‡ Sunshine vitamin ‡ Deficiency: osteomalacia. hypocalcemia ‡ Excess: hypercalcemia . rickets.

Vitamin E ‡ Sources: Vegetable oils. posterior column and cerebellar dysfunction. green leafy vegetables ‡ Deficiency: Red cell hemolysis in premature infants. seeds. nuts. pigmentary retinopathy ‡ Excess: Unknown .

and certain legumes and plant oils ‡ Deficiency: bleeding ‡ Excess: not established . liver. Green leafy vegetables.Vitamin K ‡ Sources: good bacteria in the intestines.

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