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9.4 Glossary

9.4 Glossary

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Module 9.

4: The Search for Better Health

The following list of terms is based on Chapter 7 of the textbook (Kennedy et al 2009). Some additional terms have been provided where needed. This list is not comprehensive and you should add to it as you see fit.

Health Disease Oncogenes Pre-oncogenes

Infectious disease Non-infectious disease Pathogen Host Microorganisms Macroscopic parasites Endoparasite Ectoparasite Symptoms Incubation period Direct contact Indirect contact Vectors

Infective agent Koch’s postulates

5 Anticoagulant Merozoite Gametocyte Prevention Control 7.4 Prions Viruses Bacteria Protozoans Chronic Acute Antigens Saprophyte Macroparasite Allergies Allergens Antibodies Histamines Microflora Viroids Ascomycete 7.7.7 Virion .6 Quarantine 7.

7.9 Basophils Eosinophils Monocytes Neurophils Phagocytes Macrophage Lymphocytes Inflammation Chemokines Mast cells Histamine Prostaglandin Pyrogens Interferon Complement system 7.8 Alimentary canal Mucus Cilia Peristalsis Lysozyme Lysosome Microflora Respiratory surfaces Urinogenital surfaces 7.10 Lymphatic system Lymph Lymph node .

12 Glycoproteins Cell surface molecules .11 Immunisation Vaccination Immunity Genetic immunity Acquired immunity Natural immunity Acquired active immunity Natural passive immunity Artificial active immunity Artificial passive immunity 7.Antibodies Immunoglobulin Antibody-mediated immunity Cell-mediated immunity B-cells T-cells MHC (major histocompatability complex) Active cells Memory cells Plasma cells Perforin Epitope Neutralisation Agglutination Precipitation Immunological memory Immunological tolerance 7.

13 Epidemiology Case studies Cohort studies Randomised control trials 7.7.14 Non-dysjunction Undernutrition Malnutrition .

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