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Published by: unni08 on Aug 14, 2011
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If you don’t believe me, just look at all the people around you. Everyone

wanted to make more money, but only 5% of them make more money. There

are tons of affiliate programs on the net, how many affiliates really made

money? So always make sure that you are committed to success. Make

success a MUST for you. If you only wish for success, want to success, prefer

to success, and hope to success, you will never EVER achieve success!

Once you are committed in it, you will do whatever it takes to achieve it. And I

guarantee that you will succeed if you have this kind of commitment. If you are

just hoping to make more money, then just forget about it. You know that you

are going to face a lot of obstacles on the way to your financial freedom, and if

you are not committed to it, you are merely hoping for it to come true, you will

never achieve it.

The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Secrets
Shawn Lim

So don’t waste your time and energy if you are not committed, because in the

end you are going to achieve nothing. If you are not committed, try to find other

field which is more suitable to you. Find where your interests really are. Many

people don’t have the commitment, but still pursuing for success, and they end

up with nothing.

So if you areso desire to create wealth, then be committed. Do whatever it

takes to achieve your goals.

If you study the life stories of millionaire history makers, many of them came to

a point in their lives where they put themselves on the line and staked

everything they had. And because they had NO CHOICE but to succeed, they

often did it against insurmountable odds. Lack of drive after setting goals and


The only reason that the movie Star Wars came to existence is because

George Lucas was 100% committed to making his dream come true. Many

people have the perception that Lucas was just a genius who was fortunate

enough to dream up this naturally successful movie. If you read about the

history of Star Wars, you would know that up to the day of its release, everyone

believed that it would be a major flop, including the actors!

During the production, anything that could have possibly gone wrong went

wrong! At the end of sixteen weeks of filming everyone had every reason to

believe it would fail. The movie had grossly exceeded the initial budget, it had

overrun the filming schedule, the special effects unit could not create the

desired effects and everyone had the opinion that it was a kiddy movie.

As a result, 20th Century Fox studios wanted to pull the plug and gave Lucas

The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Secrets
Shawn Lim

three days to finish 2 weeks of work that was lost. What made things worse

was that Lucas suffered severe chest pains in the middle of all this and was

warded for severe stress and exhaustion. Most directors would have given up

and cut their losses, knowing that it was impossible to achieve it all in three


If Star Wars had been a ‘wish’, it would have failed there and then. But to

Lucas, it was a must… he would do everything to make it happen. Lucas hired

a triple crew, divided the stage into three sets and directed three scenes

concurrently. Three days later, Star Wars was delivered and the rest in history.

By the end of its first theatrical run, Star Wars became the most successful film

in North American history. It grossed a total of $290 million and George

Lucas‘cut from the box office was more than $50 million.

As a teenager, Lucas set a goal of becoming a millionaire at the age of thirty.

He was off by two years; Lucas made his millions by the age of 28. When it

came time to making the sequels ‘Empire Strikes Back’ and ‘Return of the Jedi’,

Lucas rejected the money offered by Fox studios. He was so committed to

making the sequels an even bigger success, that he took what he earned from

his first film and fully financed Empire Strikes Back for $18 million.

Everyone thought he was crazy as the number one rule as a moviemaker in

Hollywood is to ‘never use your own money, even if it is your own film’. His

belief and commitment paid off. The next 5 Star Wars films generated

revenues of over $20 billion and today, George Lucas has amassed a personal

fortune of close to $3 billion.

Well, you don’t necessarily have to risk all your money like George Lucas to

get totally committed to your goal. There are other ways of putting yourself on

the line. You can put yourself on the line by making public commitments.

The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Secrets
Shawn Lim

Whenever you set a goal, announce it to everyone because you know that the

moment you do so, there would be no turning back. You had to make it


Studies after studies have shown that people who achieve phenomenal

success and wealth did not just want it, they were 100% committed to

achieving it. When you are 100% committed to a goal, it is no longer a wish, a

hope or a want… it becomes an absolute MUST. You see, when something

becomes an absolute MUST to you, it gets you to operate from a totally

different frame of mind.

I believe that when you are willing to do whatever it takes to get something,

you will always find a way. And if you cannot find a way, you will make a way.

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