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Millionaire Insider

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Published by: unni08 on Aug 14, 2011
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The final thing I want to say. I heard a story many years ago told to me by my


And this story really had me thinking about my life. This story is about a

professor; one day there was this professor, who was very, very intelligent. He

has about 3 PhDs.

He was the dean of a university. A very prestigious man. And one day this

professor he went to a river, he had to cross the river to get to his university. So

he saw a boat and he told the boatmen, boatmen boatman, row me across the

river, so the boatman rows him across the river.

The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Secrets
Shawn Lim

As he is going down the river, this professor was very arrogant. He wanted to

show how smart he was. So he picked up a leaf from the river and he asked

the boatman, boatman, have you ever studied botany? And the boatmen said

what? Botany? No. and the professor said, boatman, 25% of your life is gone.

And the boatmen felt so sad. And he continued rowing the boat.

As he wants further and further downstream. The professor again tested the

boatman and he picked up a stone, and said boatman boatman, have you

learnt mineralogy? And the boatmen being illiterate, you know what he said?

No. and the professor said boatmen; 50% of your life is gone. So the boatman

felt really sad and he continued rowing the boat.

And as he went further and further downstream. Suddenly the professor

looked at the mountains and said boatman boatman, have you ever learned

geography? The boat man said no. And the professor said, 75% of your life is


He was so sad and continued rowing the boat. But suddenly the boat started

rowing faster and faster downstream. And the boat went so fast, that it hit the

rapid and the boat was about to capsize and the boatmen looked at the

professor and said, “Professor! Professor!”

“Have you ever learnt swimming in your life?” The professor said no.

The boatman said sorry, 100% of your life is gone. What’s the moral of the

story? The moral of the story is this, what does the river represent? Life, the

river represents life. Life is getting more and more competitive and more and

more challenging.

You see, twenty years ago, or 30 years ago internet didn’t exist, no one knows

The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Secrets
Shawn Lim

what is millionaire mind mastery all about. Why? Because 20, 30 years ago our

parents told us this, just study hard, get good results, then find a good job, in a

good and big and stable company.

And do as you’re told. Don't rock the boat. And the longer you stay your value

will automatically increase. And you get promoted. Until you reach 55, 60 years

old you can retire. In those days it made sense.

But honestly does that concept exist anymore. A lot of people are still living in

that era. Because today technology is changing so fast. Information and

people are changing so fast, 80% of what you learn in school, by the time you

graduate is what? It is obsolete.

So you must always ready to learn and to grow in your life. Don’t stop, once

you stop, your life’s dying. The one principle of success is this, never stop


Now you’ve completely gone through this e-book, The Millionaire Insider.

Congratulations. You can give this e-book to your friends if you like. I believe

that this is the best present that you can give to your friends to encourage them,

to motivate and inspire them.

If you are a Millionaire and you’ve made millions in your life, if you feel that all

these information here are childish, please accept my apology for wasting your

precious time. However, I’ll be happy to receive any comments from you.

Please comment on this e-book:

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The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Secrets
Shawn Lim

I’d be even happier if you feel motivated and driven by this e-book. And if you

want to drop me a testimonial, you’re most welcome.

Once again, thanks so much for downloading this e-book and finish it. May all

your dreams come true.

To Your Success,

Shawn Lim


About The Author: Shawn Lim

Hi, I’m Shawn Lim. Nice to see you here.

The only reason that we can meet here is just because you are so eager to

success, and you wanted to make money, to become a Millionaire. It is great to

see that we both have the same dream and goal.

The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Secrets
Shawn Lim

I’ve been in the internet field and in pursuing for success, and I will share with

you whatever I’ve learnt to help you. Am I a Millionaire? Let me tells you here.

No, I’m not. So what qualifies me to share with you the secrets of success and

money making tips?

The answer is, NONE. I’m just sharing what I’ve learnt together with my own

experiences. However, I believe that what I’m sharing is valuable to you, and I

strongly believe that all these information here can help you moving one step

forward in your life. If you are pursuing for success, then you’ve definitely come

to the right place.

More about me?




To Your Success,

Shawn Lim

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