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Millionaire Insider

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Before we move in and talk about the exact Millionaire mindset that you need,

you must first know what is keeping you from becoming a Millionaire. Have you

The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Secrets
Shawn Lim

ever asked yourself why you are not a Millionaire yet? There must be

something wrong, something that is not correct which prevents you from

becoming a Millionaire.

Below are some common mistakes, or the incorrect mindset that prevents us

from becoming a Millionaire. Read on, maybe you are one of them who are

making these mistakes.

1.Stop Being Misled

“Go to school, get good grades, graduate, get a good job, save for your

retirement and you can retire comfortably with enjoying the rest of your lives”.

Heard this before? Mostly it is from your parents who bring out these

statements. And be ready to surprise, because only 5% of people who are

following this route ever achieve a comfortable retirement.

This means that 95% of people who follow this path fail to retire financially

independent! Don’t believe? Look around you, all your friends and family

members. How many of them are financially secure when getting close to

retirement? If you do know people who are financially independent, chances

are they did it with their own.

If there is a way you could get rich all by yourself, without a "job", would you

want to know about it? Wouldn't becoming job-free and financially independent

be a life-changing accomplishment? I mean you could actually enjoy your life

and do what you wanted to do with your time.

It is indeed that now you can become a rich man, a Millionaire without having a

9 to 5 job. Look at the ages of those young Millionaire nowadays, their age are

The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Secrets
Shawn Lim

getting younger and younger. 50 years back, people successfully manage their

business, and becomes financially free at their 50s and 60s. But now,

someone in their 20s can become a Millionaire in just a few short months!

What an amazing news. Why is it amazing? Because this means that you can

become a Millionaire no matter what age you are in now!

This also means that with the advancement of technology, people can make

money easily and they can make a fortune in a short period of time. So if they

can make it, so can you!

2.Breaking All The Myths

You know, there are a lot of so-called myths that lie within your mind. So what

are these myths? They are nothing but mere limiting beliefs. I’m sure that

you’ve heard of something like “I’m not smart enough to have my own

business”, “I don’t have the time to create an online stream of income”, “I don’t

have the money to start a business”, and so on and so forth. Frankly, are you

one of those who often use these lousy excuses? If you are, then you will have

to change the way of your thinking.

In fact, many people have proven that all these are nothing but limiting beliefs.

Look at all the successful people, look at Ray Kroc (McDonald), look at Jeff

Bezos (Amazon.com) and look at Richard Branson (Virgin Airline). Were they

born with extra luck or born with extra talent than you? Not at all. But they

proved that they can make it, and so all these are nothing but limiting beliefs. If

they can do this, so can you!

If you are 50 years old and you read this e-book, will you say, “Gee, Shawn,

I’m too old to become a Millionaire now, I’m at my 50!” Well, I’m here to tell you,

The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Secrets
Shawn Lim

“No, you’re not old at all. If you truly put your effort in, you can become a

Millionaire in just one short year.” Know who Colonel Sanders was? He is the

founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC.

At the age of 60, the Colonel has to shut down his restaurant business

because a new highway was being built where his restaurant was located.

Colonel Sanders decided to retire and lived off of $105 in the form of social

security checks. Not wanting to accept this as his fate, he decided to franchise

his chicken at the age of 65. He started traveling by car to different restaurants

and cooked his fried chicken on the spot for restaurant owners. If the owner

liked the chicken, they would enter into a handshake agreement to sell the

Colonel's chicken. Legend has it that Colonel Sanders heard 1009 "no's"

before he heard his first "yes".

So you see, age is not an excuse. Many people tend to give a lot of excuses

why they should not success. Don’t be one of them!

3.Leaping From Business To Business

I believe that you know what I mean here. And I believe most of you will do so

in your business, even I myself will switch from one business to another

business after seeing that it is not making me any money. Now if you switch

from one business to another business, you are not going to make any money

and it is a waste of your time and energy. Why did I say so? Let me gives you

an example here.

Let’s say that you join a network marketing company A, and you recruit 10

members. After awhile, you discover another company B which has a better

reward plan, and you join company B. Again, you recruit 10 members for

The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Secrets
Shawn Lim

company B. Then you find company B is not making you much money, you

switch again to company C, and you recruit another 10 members for company

C. You can see here, if you keep on doing only a company, you will have at

least 30 members in your network already!

It is such a waste of time and energy if you keep on switching business. You

will waste all of your effort which you spend on your previous business. This is

pretty much the same for those who want to make money online. Today they

join Adsense and set up a blog and trying to make money from Adsense. The

next day they find that affiliate marketing can make more money than Adsense,

and they go for affiliate marketing. And the story continues.

Success never comes automatically; you will need to pay for it with your time

and effort. If you want to try for something, then don't do it. If you decided to do

it, then don't try, go for 100%, go all out! Only then you will achieve greater

results. You know what, if you go all out and even if you fail to achieve your

goals, you will still feel delighted because it is not your fault or mistake, you've

went for all out. But of course, if you go 100% all out, you will definitely achieve

your goals and success in the end.

So you see, jumping from one business to another will not bring you any

benefits! Stay focus!

4.Mind Your Own Future

Yes, this is your very own future, if you make a lot of money, becomes a

Millionaire, it is all yours. You will enjoy your life with financial freedom and time

freedom. You can do what you’ve always wanted to do and drive your dream

car. When I was studying in university, somebody ever told me that there are

The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Secrets
Shawn Lim

basically 4 types of people in this world. The first type is that those who live

their life without any clues about what they want to achieve in life. This type of

people seldom study and they enjoy more than work. They don’t even know

what they really want in life, they just follow the crowd. The majority of people

are group in this category. Maybe they will be success one day, but this rarely


The second type of people is that those who keep on studying, they focus all

their energy to their studies. After graduate, most of them will become

professionals like doctors and engineers. Maybe they can become a

Millionaire, maybe not; they are considered the middle class people. However

they will have to depend on their jobs for survival.

The third type of people is that those who are very active in activities held in

school. They hold a lot of posts and most of the time they will be running

activities all around the school. So what kind of people will they become after

they graduate? Most probably they will get involve in politics or any activities

such as charity movements.

The last types of people are those I called the entrepreneur type. They focus

on their financial success. And this type of people is who you wanted to be, a

Millionaire. I believe that the moment you visit The Millionaire Secrets, you’ve

decided that you want to be successful in your life; you want to get free

financially. The future is yours to choose, what kind of people you want to be.

Remember the lesson from Oprah Winfrey? I hope you do.

Success is about your future, not mine. If you really want to live a great life with

meaningful purposes, then you MUST PURSUE for success. If you don’t,

chances are, your life will be the same like others, without any reasons or

purposes. You will be following the crowd, dangling in nowhere, you get lost in

The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Secrets
Shawn Lim

the river of life. So take charge of your life today, it is your future, mind your

own future!

5.Knowledge Alone Is Not Going To Make You Rich

You read that right, knowledge alone is not going to make you rich, applied

knowledge will. This means that keep on loaded yourself with tons of financial

education alone is not going to make you a Millionaire. What you need here is

knowledge plus ACTIONS. I’ve seen a lot of people keep on buying wealth

books, they enjoy reading it, but in the end they end up making no money at all.

Simply because they did not put the teachings from the wealth books into


I’ve been liked this too before, so if you are making this mistake, you are not

alone. Before this, I keep on reading a lot of wealth books, I will buy at least

one wealth book each month. And soon I became addicted to read this kind of

books. After that I found that keep on doing all this will not make me rich, so I

decide to put all the knowledge into action. We will come back for more in topic


This is what is happening to most people. Most people only want the ‘feeling’ of

owning the wealth books. Just like if you’ve found an e-book on sale over the

net. A lot of people will purchase it, and finish reading it. However, they will

never really apply what has been taught in the e-book. What they want is just

the feeling of owning that book. They just day dream about how that e-book

help them achieve their success. So I hope that this is not going to happen to

you. After you bought any wealth books, please read, FINISH IT, and please

APPLY what is taught in the book. Don’t just read and dream about it!

The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Secrets
Shawn Lim

If this happens to you, then you will need to change your attitude of how you

treat your dreams. You know that without actions, your dreams and goals will

not come true. It is impossible for you to become a self-made Millionaire

without taking any actions. You need to take massive actions if you desire to

make more money.

6.Success Is Not A Sprint

Success is not a sprint, but a marathon. You cannot become a Millionaire

overnight. The popular saying goes “Rome was not built in a day” is very true.

For me, success is not a short term task; it is not possible that you can make

$100k in just a day. Do you think that Microsoft’s empire was built in 24 hours?

You can see that there are many ads claiming that you can make such and

such money in just few hours. And I’m here to say, it is not possible. However,

there are some exceptions, but very, very rare.

Just think about that if those ads claim that they can make you earn $100k in

just 24 hours, why in the world are they making you rich instead they can make

themselves rich? So you see, success requires time. What you want here is to

create a constant flow of income that can last for a long time, and not just for a

few days.

No matter which field you are in, the real estate, network marketing,

investment like in stocks, and even the internet itself, there is no shortcut to

success. If you want to make more money, then you will have to pay for it. You

will need to spend a lot of time and effort in your business.

Indeed that internet can help us to make more money at a faster rate, but still

you will need to pay for it. It will at least take you a few months before you can

The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Secrets
Shawn Lim

really make big money from the net. Internet is just a medium, a tool to help

you to achieve your goals. In fact the internet is the fastest and powerful

leveraging tool that can make you a Millionaire. What I mean here is that, there

is not instant success.

So the first thing before you make a million dollar, accept the truth that success

will not come automatically, you have to pay for it.

7.Little By Little, We Can Build A Mountain

This is what most people neglect, small steps which can lead to big changes.

One of the most important factors to determine your success in life is the small

steps that you take toward your goal. Take blogging as example here. If want

to make money with your blog, then you should know who JohnChow is. This

guy, make a lot of money from his blog, and he is one of my favorite blogger on

the net. I like him because he is very creative in generating money from his


The same, JohnChow was once an unknown blogger on the net. Little by little,

he put his effort and time into his blog, and now he is considered being one of

the successful blogger. Hence, everything starts from nothing; it is those small

steps that you take that make you a Millionaire. Actually, money is not the goal

of your journey, it is just the process. Seeing yourself taking small steps each

and everyday, moving nearer and nearer towards your goals is the most

valuable moment.

To be a Millionaireis a long run, you cannot achieve this in just one or two days.

All of your tiny hard work counts everyday when you take little action about it. It

is all these small steps that you take each day that will bring you to your

The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Secrets
Shawn Lim

success. Without all these small steps, it is impossible for you to achieve your

goals. Small steps are the most crucial process in creating big results, don’t


This is exactly the same as the power of compounding. Here is an example, if

I’m going to give you money, which one will you choose, I give you $1,000,000

straight away, or you choose to receive $0.01, but this amount doubles

everyday for 30 days? The amazing answer here is to choose $0.01 which

doubles for 30 days. Because if you choose this way, in the 28th

day, you will

receive $1,342,177.28, which is already exceeding $1 million and it is still not

the 30th

day yet.

So you see, this is the power of compounding. Success is just like

compounding. In the beginning, you will have to put in a lot of effort. But once

you get use to it and you know how things work out, you can achieve

tremendous result in a very short time.

Remember, success is not a race; you should plan your journey carefully. It is

fine to be slow rather than unstable. So take your time and think about what

you really want to achieve in your life. Is it that you want to be a self-made

millionaire? Think about it.

8.All You Need Is To Believe

Yes, all you need is to believe that you can make it. This appears to be a very

vital reason for your success. If you believe that you can become a Millionaire,

then you can. If you think that you can’t then you can’t. You can try to ask your

friend or family, “Do you want to be a Millionaire?” Guess what kind of answer

you will get? I’m sure 80% of them will answer you that they really wanted to

The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Secrets
Shawn Lim

be a Millionaire, but they’ve got many reasons why they can’t achieve it.

Maybe they will answer like this “Who don’t wish to be a Millionaire? But do

you think it is that easy?” Well if you think it is easy, then it will be easy for you.

The first thing you need is to change your belief system. Always keep this in

mind;everything happens twice, once in your mind, and once in reality.

I don’t think that Bill Gates created Microsoft just for fun. He has the thinking

that he wants to build his Microsoft’s empire, and he sees that the concept of

every house own a PC. This is what makes Microsoft overtake IBM at that time.

Because IBM holds the idea of every office own a PC instead of every house.

Thus you will have to first change your belief system. For example, if you did

badly in your study, you will first need to change your belief that you can excel

in your study,and then only put effort in it. That’s the reason that religion plays

an important role in our lives! Because you believe in it!

Your beliefs will drive the actions you take, and how much your personal

potential you will tap. When you believe that something is possible, you will go

all out to make it happen. You will take massive actions and have the

commitment to keep doing whatever it takes to achieve it. As a result, you will

tap a lot of your personal potential.

The other thing is that, when you believe something is possible, the process of

making it a reality will be far easier. You will feel that it takes you less energy

and time to make something you believe happens in reality.

Your belief is never real; it is real only to you.

Don’t forget this above phrase. You believe that something is real, but others

The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Secrets
Shawn Lim

might have different believe. When you see a glass half filled with water, do

you see it as a glass half empty or a glass half full?

The answer is not important here. The important point here is that we all have

our own beliefs, and these beliefs are true only to us. For you, maybe the glass

if half empty, but for others, maybe the glass is half full. Both answers are

correct, it is just the way of we play with our thinking here.

Therefore, if you believe something bad, something negative and something

disempowering, PLEASE CHANGE IT to something positive, empowering and


Since your beliefs are never real, why don’t just choose to belief in something

that empowers you toward your success? Right?

Well, these are the common mistakes, or rather wrong concept of creating

wealth in our life. Now you already know these mistakes, so don’t repeat them

in your route to success.

You can pause awhile for all these information to settle down in your mind

before we start the next section.

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