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Millionaire Insider

Millionaire Insider

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  • Testimonials
  • Introduction
  • Know What’s Keeping You from Becoming a Millionaire
  • The Real Millionaire Lifestyle
  • The Ultimate Success Formula
  • Creating Your Belief System
  • Know the Reason Why You Want It So Badly
  • Setting Your Specific Goals
  • Developing Your Momentum!
  • Make Public Commitment
  • Create a Mastermind Group
  • Often Write Down Your Goals and Plans
  • The Power of Imagination
  • Controlling the ‘Other’You
  • All You Need Is... Actions
  • Are You Committed To Success?
  • There Are Only Two Outcomes
  • Adopt The Winner’s Mindset
  • The Golden Rule of Life
  • Having Said All That

The Millionaire Insider

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The Millionaire Secrets http://www.TheMillionaireSecrets.net/ Shawn Lim

The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Insider
Supercharge Yourself to Success

Brought to you by Shawn Lim From The Millionaire Secrets http://www.TheMillionaireSecrets.net/

The Millionaire Secrets http://www.TheMillionaireSecrets.net/ Shawn Lim

The Millionaire Insider

“I finished reading your e-book. Sorry I didn't follow your recommendation of finish it in 3 days. I did it in just one hour and fifteen minutes...you understand about a burning desire, right? Thank you so much for your book, it is so inspiring and motivational. I'm so committed to be a millionaire and your book is like "fuel" to keep me focus toward that goal. I can't thank you enough.” Wanda Villegas

Dear wealth seeker,

My name is Shawn Lim, and I thank you for visiting my blog, The Millionaire Secrets and downloaded The Millionaire Insider. My reason for creating this e-book is not to make money or anything, in fact, this e-book is a compilation of the contents from my blog. I’ve edited and compiled them, thus bringing you, The Millionaire Insider.

I know that you have the thinking of wanting to become a Millionaire and successful, and that’s the number one reason you downloaded this e-book. However, thinking and wishing alone is not enough, a burning desire is what you need.

First I would like to congratulate you because I believe that you’ve planned for your future and you want to be successful, to live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted, to be a millionaire. This is good news. But, there is also a bad news
The Millionaire Secrets http://www.TheMillionaireSecrets.net/ Shawn Lim

The Millionaire Insider

that I would like you to know. Today, there are thousands of people trying to achieve their dreams and goals, and 80% of them failed, plainly because they give up or stop trying.

But don’t worry; I believe that after you reading through this e-book, you will get motivated, inspired and revitalized to get going again. The main reason of this e-book is to help you in your road to wealth and success, start from your mindset.

For me, our mind plays an important role in our life, and if you want to achieve higher financial success, then you MUST make good use of your mind. And hence, you must have the correct mindset before you can become a Millionaire.

Our mind is the most wonderful thing that god had ever created. Did you know that you can program your mind in such a way that it can change your life forever, live the lifestyle that you always wanted? Basically our physical builds are the same; we’ve got nose, mouth, hands and legs. What is different here is our internal resource that is our mind.

In fact, you already have all the internal resources you need in order to be success, to be a Millionaire. If we are of the same internal, what I mean here is, the same bio-computer, then why are some people so talented, they can sing so well, why are there people who can solve mathematical equations so well? To discover the answer, we need to understand how our brain works. Our brain which consists of more than 1,000 billion neurons, each capable of processing information at a speed greater than a P4 personal computer.

Our talents, skills, behavior, abilities, thought are determine by how our neurons are connected, not by how much neurons we have. So, if someone
The Millionaire Secrets http://www.TheMillionaireSecrets.net/ Shawn Lim

The Millionaire Insider

who is very talented in mathematics, it is because he has a richer neuro-connection in the area of mathematical-logical thinking. Our

neuro-system will develop once we were born, and after that we will get influence by role model around us. You can be very talented in singing, but you may have less talent in calculus.

If we can replicate how a winner runs his brain, then we can replicate the way they think and behave, and hence the outstanding results they achieve. If others can walk the stage and deliver a speech confidently, so can you. If others are able to constantly direct their emotions to feel motivated and confident, so can you! Keep this in mind, they are able to do this is because they run an effective mental program. All you need is just to unlock their secret and run your brain the same way.

The good news is that, you already have the most powerful resource you need to be success to be a Millionaire. Each neuron in our brain is capable of making up to thousands of connections, if permutated, the number would far in excess of the number of atoms in this universe. In other words, there is basically nothing our brain cannot achieve, of course with the right strategy and stimuli.

So now you know that there is nothing that you cannot achieve. Are you ready to unleash the giant resides in you?

You should know this fact; around 70% of people who purchase an audio program or a book do not finish them. It is such a waste that if you buy a book and never really finish it. So I don’t want this to happen.

Therefore, I would like you to finish this e-book in 3 days or less. Just take it as an assignment from your boss or your lecturer. I believe that if you spend 1
The Millionaire Secrets http://www.TheMillionaireSecrets.net/ Shawn Lim

she The Millionaire Secrets http://www. But the sad and ironic thing is this. would you blame her? A lot of people won’t blame her. she was sent to a juvenile home for delinquency. Now if you think of a woman like that would you think that she would have a bright future? Probably not. you can finish it within 3 days.net/ Shawn Lim . would you feel sorry for her? A lot of us would. And let’s say today this woman is a complete wreck. She went in and out of rehabilitation for cocaine abuse. Oprah Winfrey. But to her misfortune when she was adopted the people who adopted her were irresponsible. Have you ever heard of this woman. So when she was born she was abandoned by her mother. totally depressed. on drugs. were very cruel. But what if I tell you what happened to this woman today. Before we move into the meat of this e-book. she was also raped. she is one of the most successful respected and wealthiest women in the world today. Alright. This woman was born to an unwed 13 year old mother. with no father. Have you ever heard of Oprah Winfrey? How many of you have watched her show Oprah Prime Time? Is it inspiring? And on the show she talks about things that inspire people. Now as I told you the story of this woman. they sexually and physically abused her over a period of 15 years. maybe you have but you didn’t know of her background. At 13 year old herself. She got pregnant and she gave birth to a still born child. here is an interesting story I would like you to know about.The Millionaire Insider hour a day. because her mother was raped and she was the result of the rape. She was forced to steal. She talks about social issues. they will say it’s not her fault it is the environment. She was forced to take drugs.TheMillionaireSecrets. She had no family and she was adopted.

people who went through emotional trauma. And she also said one thing that really inspired me. But that was not how she started. “My life is better after talking to her and I will conquer the world”. I can talk about it. who are divorced. The woman can change lives. And she said when I look at the difficult issues at society. And during her 1 hour talk show. people who have attempted suicide. And recently someone interviewed her. That’s why I am Oprah Winfrey.net/ Shawn Lim . It’s what we choose to do about it. it happened for a reason. She says it’s because of my tough childhood because of the pain that I went through that it has made me a very strong woman. “Whatever happens to us. So successful people they all believe one thing. And I can use my life as a role model to change their lives. when I look at people suffering. And they asked her. And when she first started her talk shows. Oprah. Tom Cruise etc. why? Because I can empathize. and I can connect with all these people. And people who have attended her talk show. People.TheMillionaireSecrets. do you know who she interviewed? She interviewed people who had been raped.The Millionaire Insider interviews celebrities like Bill Clinton. it’s not what happens to us that defines who we become. And today nothing can shake my foundation. and being a black woman there was a lot of racism. I was there before. they would say. she would inspire and counsel them. And when people saw her show on TV that’s how they became inspired and that’s how she also became as famous as Oprah. what gave you the ability to do what you do today? You know what she said? It’s because of what happened to me last time.” The Millionaire Secrets http://www. When she started her talk show ten years ago she was a nobody.

It is not about what is the meaning of life.TheMillionaireSecrets. yourself. Only if you understand this. Have you The Millionaire Secrets http://www. you can change your life for the better. it is about what meaning you choose to give life. The worst things that happen to us happen for a reason. Do we say for ourselves it is a curse? Or do we say to ourselves that it is a test? It is how you look at things that change everything. That is the main reason that I told you this story. But the question is what the reason we want to give ourselves. Once you understand that everything starts from you. I want you to understand that life is all about choices that you make. but I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. It is the meaning you choose to give.The Millionaire Insider Do you believe that things happen for a reason? I don’t know about you. So are you ready to get into the meat of this e-book now? I bet you are. You need to understand that you are the CENTER of the universe.net/ Shawn Lim . you will have the power to change your life right now. Let’s get started… Know What’s Keeping You from Becoming a Millionaire Before we move in and talk about the exact Millionaire mindset that you need. you must first know what is keeping you from becoming a Millionaire.

TheMillionaireSecrets. chances are they did it with their own. something that is not correct which prevents you from becoming a Millionaire. maybe you are one of them who are making these mistakes. would you want to know about it? Wouldn't becoming job-free and financially independent be a life-changing accomplishment? I mean you could actually enjoy your life and do what you wanted to do with your time. without a "job". because only 5% of people who are following this route ever achieve a comfortable retirement. get good grades.net/ Shawn Lim . This means that 95% of people who follow this path fail to retire financially independent! Don’t believe? Look around you. Heard this before? Mostly it is from your parents who bring out these statements. a Millionaire without having a 9 to 5 job. Stop Being Misled “Go to school. Below are some common mistakes. graduate. How many of them are financially secure when getting close to retirement? If you do know people who are financially independent. or the incorrect mindset that prevents us from becoming a Millionaire. And be ready to surprise. 1. all your friends and family members. save for your retirement and you can retire comfortably with enjoying the rest of your lives”.The Millionaire Insider ever asked yourself why you are not a Millionaire yet? There must be something wrong. their age are The Millionaire Secrets http://www. get a good job. Read on. Look at the ages of those young Millionaire nowadays. If there is a way you could get rich all by yourself. It is indeed that now you can become a rich man.

“I don’t have the time to create an online stream of income”. then you will have to change the way of your thinking. In fact. there are a lot of so-called myths that lie within your mind. The Millionaire Secrets http://www. people can make money easily and they can make a fortune in a short period of time. so can you! If you are 50 years old and you read this e-book. I’m sure that you’ve heard of something like “I’m not smart enough to have my own business”. Why is it amazing? Because this means that you can become a Millionaire no matter what age you are in now! This also means that with the advancement of technology.net/ Shawn Lim . “Gee. people successfully manage their business. and so all these are nothing but limiting beliefs. I’m at my 50!” Well. are you one of those who often use these lousy excuses? If you are. will you say. and so on and so forth. Were they born with extra luck or born with extra talent than you? Not at all. I’m too old to become a Millionaire now. So if they can make it. and becomes financially free at their 50s and 60s. Shawn. Breaking All The Myths You know.com) and look at Richard Branson (Virgin Airline). But now. look at Jeff Bezos (Amazon.The Millionaire Insider getting younger and younger. someone in their 20s can become a Millionaire in just a few short months! What an amazing news. So what are these myths? They are nothing but mere limiting beliefs. “I don’t have the money to start a business”. If they can do this. so can you! 2. But they proved that they can make it. many people have proven that all these are nothing but limiting beliefs. Frankly. 50 years back. look at Ray Kroc (McDonald). Look at all the successful people. I’m here to tell you.TheMillionaireSecrets.

Don’t be one of them! 3. Many people tend to give a lot of excuses why they should not success. If you truly put your effort in. So you see. Not wanting to accept this as his fate. Why did I say so? Let me gives you an example here. After awhile.net/ Shawn Lim . If the owner liked the chicken. Colonel Sanders decided to re tire and lived off of $105 in the form of social security checks. you are not going to make any money and it is a waste of your time and energy. you recruit 10 members for The Millionaire Secrets http://www.TheMillionaireSecrets. even I myself will switch from one business to another business after seeing that it is not making me any money.” Know who Colonel Sanders was? He is the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken. And I believe most of you will do so in your business. the Colonel has to shut down his restaurant business because a new highway was being built where his restaurant was located. At the age of 60. he decided to franchise his chicken at the age of 65. KFC. and you join company B. you discover another company B which has a better reward plan. Leaping From Business To Business I believe that you know what I mean here. He started traveling by car to different restaurants and cooked his fried chicken on the spot for restaurant owners. and you recruit 10 members. age is not an excuse. Now if you switch from one business to another business. Let’s say that you join a network marketing company A.The Millionaire Insider “No. they would enter into a handshake agreement to sell the Colonel's chicken. you’re not old at all. you can become a Millionaire in just one short year. Legend has it that Colonel Sanders heard 1009 "no's" before he heard his first "yes". Again.

you will need to pay for it with your time and effort. you will have at least 30 members in your network already! It is such a waste of time and energy if you keep on switching business. Then you find company B is not making you much money. this is your very own future. You will enjoy your life with financial freedom and time freedom. if you go all out and even if you fail to achieve your goals. You know what.net/ Shawn Lim . And the story continues. The next day they find that affiliate marketing can make more money than Adsense. Mind Your Own Future Yes. This is pretty much the same for those who want to make money online. jumping from one business to another will not bring you any benefits! Stay focus! 4.TheMillionaireSecrets. you've went for all out. If you decided to do it. and you recruit another 10 members for company C. You will waste all of your effort which you spend on your previous business. go all out! Only then you will achieve greater results. Today they join Adsense and set up a blog and trying to make money from Adsense. If you want to try for something. if you keep on doing only a company. somebody ever told me that there are The Millionaire Secrets http://www. it is all yours. But of course. you switch again to company C. You can see here. becomes a Millionaire. if you make a lot of money. So you see. then don't do it. and they go for affiliate marketing. You can do what you’ve always wanted to do and drive your dream car. then don't try. When I was studying in university. you will definitely achieve your goals and success in the end. you will still feel delighted because it is not your fault or mistake. if you go 100% all out.The Millionaire Insider company B. go for 100%. Success never comes automatically.

dangling in nowhere. However they will have to depend on their jobs for survival. If you don’t. maybe not. The last types of people are those I called the entrepreneur type. but this rarely happens.The Millionaire Insider basically 4 types of people in this world. The second type of people is that those who keep on studying. They hold a lot of posts and most of the time they will be running activities all around the school.TheMillionaireSecrets. most of them will become professionals like doctors and engineers. After graduate. And this type of people is who you wanted to be. you get lost in The Millionaire Secrets http://www. So what kind of people will they become after they graduate? Most probably they will get involve in politics or any activities such as charity movements. your life will be the same like others. not mine. This type of people seldom study and they enjoy more than work. They don’t even know what they really want in life. The third type of people is that those who are very active in activities held in school. Remember the lesson from Oprah Winfrey? I hope you do. Success is about your future. they just follow the crowd. they are considered the middle class people. Maybe they can become a Millionaire. I believe that the moment you visit The Millionaire Secrets. then you MUST PURSUE for success. what kind of people you want to be. The first type is that those who live their life without any clues about what they want to achieve in life. without any reasons or purposes. a Millionaire. you want to get free financially. You will be following the crowd.net/ Shawn Lim . They focus on their financial success. The majority of people are group in this category. The future is yours to choose. If you really want to live a great life with meaningful purposes. you’ve decided that you want to be successful in your life. they focus all their energy to their studies. Maybe they will be success one day. chances are.

A lot of people will purchase it. knowledge alone is not going to make you rich.TheMillionaireSecrets. but in the end they end up making no money at all. mind your own future! 5. I will buy at least one wealth book each month. applied knowledge will. they enjoy reading it. This means that keep on loaded yourself with tons of financial education alone is not going to make you a Millionaire. However. What you need here is knowledge plus ACTIONS. I keep on reading a lot of wealth books. What they want is just the feeling of owning that book. After you bought any wealth books. They just day dream about how that e-book help them achieve their success. Just like if you’ve found an e-book on sale over the net. And soon I became addicted to read this kind of books. I’ve been liked this too before. and finish reading it. it is your future. Before this. please read. Simply because they did not put the teachings from the wealth books into action. So take charge of your life today. Don’t just read and dream about it! The Millionaire Secrets http://www. Knowledge Alone Is Not Going To Make You Rich You read that right.The Millionaire Insider the river of life. We will come back for more in topic later. Most people only want the ‘feeling’ of owning the wealth books. so I decide to put all the knowledge into action. and please APPLY what is taught in the book. This is what is happening to most people. After that I found that keep on doing all this will not make me rich. I’ve seen a lot of people keep on buying wealth books. so if you are making this mistake. you are not alone. So I hope that this is not going to happen to you.net/ Shawn Lim . they will never really apply what has been taught in the e-book. FINISH IT.

it is not possible that you can make $100k in just a day. Success Is Not A Sprint Success is not a sprint. and even the internet itself.TheMillionaireSecrets. very rare. You know that without actions. but very. What you want here is to create a constant flow of income that can last for a long time. why in the world are they making you rich instead they can make themselves rich? So you see. Just think about that if those ads claim that they can make you earn $100k in just 24 hours.The Millionaire Insider If this happens to you. No matter which field you are in. the real estate. it is not possible. And I’m here to say. your dreams and goals will not come true. It will at least take you a few months before you can The Millionaire Secrets http://www. there are some exceptions.net/ Shawn Lim . and not just for a few days. but still you will need to pay for it. investment like in stocks. Indeed that internet can help us to make more money at a faster rate. then you will have to pay for it. It is impossible for you to become a self-made Millionaire without taking any actions. Do you think that Microsoft’s empire was built in 24 hours? You can see that there are many ads claiming that you can make such and such money in just few hours. For me. success requires time. success is not a short term task. there is no shortcut to success. You cannot become a Millionaire overnight. However. If you want to make more money. network marketing. The popular saying goes “Rome was not built in a day” is very true. 6. You will need to spend a lot of time and effort in your business. but a marathon. then you will need to change your attitude of how you treat your dreams. You need to take massive actions if you desire to make more money.

If want to make money with your blog. John Chow was once an unknown blogger on the net. This guy. To be a Millionaire is a long run. We Can Build A Mountain This is what most people neglect. moving nearer and nearer towards your goals is the most valuable moment. and now he is considered being one of the successful blogger. In fact the internet is the fastest and powerful leveraging tool that can make you a Millionaire. It is all these small steps that you take each day that will bring you to your The Millionaire Secrets http://www. a tool to help you to achieve your goals. he put his effort and time into his blog. money is not the goal of your journey. it is just the process. All of your tiny hard work counts everyday when you take little action about it. I like him because he is very creative in generating money from his blog! The same. 7. make a lot of money from his blog. small steps which can lead to big changes. there is not instant success. So the first thing before you make a million dollar. What I mean here is that. it is those small steps that you take that make you a Millionaire. Little By Little. Take blogging as example here. you cannot achieve this in just one or two days. then you should know who John Chow is. everything starts from nothing. Seeing yourself taking small steps each and everyday. and he is one of my favorite blogger on the net.TheMillionaireSecrets. Little by little. One of the most important factors to determine your success in life is the small steps that you take toward your goal.The Millionaire Insider really make big money from the net. Actually. Hence. accept the truth that success will not come automatically.net/ Shawn Lim . you have to pay for it. Internet is just a medium.

01.000 straight away. I give you $1. it is impossible for you to achieve your goals. It is fine to be slow rather than unstable. Is it that you want to be a self-made millionaire? Think about it. which is already exceeding $1 million and it is still not the 30th day yet. success is not a race. Small steps are the most crucial process in creating big results. you should plan your journey carefully. You can try to ask your friend or family. in the 28th day. all you need is to believe that you can make it.The Millionaire Insider success.177. So take your time and think about what you really want to achieve in your life. This is exactly the same as the power of compounding.TheMillionaireSecrets. Success is just like compounding.01 which doubles for 30 days.28. “Do you want to be a Millionaire?” Guess what kind of answer you will get? I’m sure 80% of them will answer you that they really wanted to The Millionaire Secrets http://www. then you can. But once you get use to it and you know how things work out. 8. All You Need Is To Believe Yes. you will have to put in a lot of effort. you can achieve tremendous result in a very short time. Because if you choose this way.000. Here is an example. which one will you choose. This appears to be a very vital reason for your success. this is the power of compounding. If you think that you can’t then you can’t. Remember. don’t forget. but this amount doubles everyday for 30 days? The amazing answer here is to choose $0.net/ Shawn Lim .342. So you see. if I’m going to give you money. Without all these small steps. you will receive $1. If you believe that you can become a Millionaire. or you choose to receive $0. In the beginning.

This is what makes Microsoft overtake IBM at that time. That’s the reason that religion plays an important role in our lives! Because you believe in it! Your beliefs will drive the actions you take. and how much your personal potential you will tap. Always keep this in mind. you will go all out to make it happen. Your belief is never real. You will feel that it takes you less energy and time to make something you believe happens in reality. Thus you will have to first change your belief system. then it will be easy for you.The Millionaire Insider be a Millionaire. once in your mind. if you did badly in your study. it is real only to you. The other thing is that. When you believe that something is possible. As a result. the process of making it a reality will be far easier.TheMillionaireSecrets. and then only put effort in it. Maybe they will answer like this “Who don’t wish to be a Millionaire? But do you think it is that easy?” Well if you think it is easy. but they’ve got many reasons why they can’t achieve it. For example. You believe that something is real. when you believe something is possible. You will take massive actions and have the commitment to keep doing whatever it takes to achieve it. everything happens twice. Because IBM holds the idea of every office own a PC instead of every house. I don’t think that Bill Gates created Microsoft just for fun. but others The Millionaire Secrets http://www. He has the thinking that he wants to build his Microsoft’s empire. and he sees that the concept of every house own a PC. Don’t forget this above phrase.net/ Shawn Lim . The first thing you need is to change your belief system. you will tap a lot of your personal potential. and once in reality. you will first need to change your belief that you can excel in your study.

The Real Millionaire Lifestyle What actually determine your success? This question has been asked for so many times. maybe the glass if half empty. or rather wrong concept of creating wealth in our life.The Millionaire Insider might have different believe. Therefore. so don’t repeat them in your route to success. but for others. You can pause awhile for all these information to settle down in your mind before we start the next section.TheMillionaireSecrets. Now you already know these mistakes. and these beliefs are true only to us. Since your beliefs are never real. it is just the way of we play with our thinking here. do you see it as a glass half empty or a glass half full? The answer is not important here. there is only one thing that is going to determine whether you can be The Millionaire Secrets http://www. Both answers are correct. maybe the glass is half full. if you believe something bad.net/ Shawn Lim . why don’t just choose to belief in something that empowers you toward your success? Right? Well. When you see a glass half filled with water. For you. something negative and something disempowering. For me. PLEASE CHANGE IT to something positive. and there are basically hundreds of answers to this question. empowering and motivating. these are the common mistakes. The important point here is that we all have our own beliefs.

If you live this way. or the correct Millionaire mindset should be. Hence. But mindset is the root factor.net/ Shawn Lim . after they have achieved their goals. I can guarantee that all your money will be gone to nowhere. drive luxurious car. your behavior. Before discussing this. without the right mindset. we all are being fooled by the media. then I’m here to tell you. stay in big bungalow and wearing the most branded clothes. So what are the ingredients that you must have if you want to achieve success in your life? The answer is rather simple. This is not the real lifestyle of a Millionaire! Because the media keeps on displaying that the lifestyles of a Millionaire like this. It is not just mindset that is going to determine it. it is your attitude. The biggest difference between a successful person and people who failed is their attitude and mindset. They will buy luxurious materials only after they’ve made enough money. they save more than they spend.The Millionaire Insider successful or not. I know that success requires a lot of determination and effort. This is because they know that spending in materials like luxurious car will not make them richer.TheMillionaireSecrets. your mindset and your belief systems that are going to determine your success. The Millionaire Secrets http://www. how did a Millionaire live their life? What is the Millionaire lifestyle that you can think of? If you are thinking that a Millionaire is someone who spends lavishly. it is impossible for you to success. the real Millionaire will live his life frugally. let me ask you a question. I’m not god. Now you should be exposed to what are the true. the right attitude and the right belief. dining in the finest restaurant. They will save their money for investment more than they can spend. sorry you are wrong. So what is the real lifestyle of a Millionaire? A self-made Millionaire will not spend their money simply without any consideration. I don’t have super powers.

and so the same if you want to achieve great wealth in your life. What you are going to discover is going to change your life forever (if you apply it in your life). if you read up until here. anyone can understand it.The Millionaire Insider The conclusion? Don’t go wrong together with the media. This is it. and apply it. Below is the rough idea of how this formula is going to work: The Millionaire Secrets http://www. This formula is simple. Now. you are going to discover the ‘secret formula’ that can help you to ACHIEVE ANYTHING YOU WANT in your life. you will need formulas. what you see in your eyes may not necessarily true. and you will know what the real lifestyles of millionaires are.net/ Shawn Lim . it means that you are serious in pursuing success in your life. You can read this interesting book. this is a very crucial part of this e-book. The Millionaire Next Door. Just like solving a mathematical equation. Great. the Ultimate Success Formula.TheMillionaireSecrets. Interesting? You are going to discover… The Ultimate Success Formula Now. you will need this Ultimate Success Formula.

I will explain and tell you exactly how each component of this formula works. The Millionaire Secrets http://www. seems so talented. Simply because of their belief system is different. failed to accumulate any wealth. why did you belief in it? You need to have a strong belief system just like you believe in your religion if you want to generate more wealth. and some people just live their life poorly. Just like in religion. yet powerful.TheMillionaireSecrets.net/ Shawn Lim . and that is why some people can achieve so much wealth. everyone has a different belief system.The Millionaire Insider The concept introduce here is simple. Creating Your Belief System So what kind of belief system that you have? Basically.

Why is this so? Simply because Bannister’s achievement had destroyed people’s limiting beliefs that it was impossible! So you see. they are real only to you because you choose to believe it! The belief system is a very powerful tool if you know how to make use of it. Your beliefs are never real. Did you know why network marketing can spread out like wildfire? Besides The Millionaire Secrets http://www. After a lot of training physically and mentally.The Millionaire Insider From the movie of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker: “I don’t believe it!” Yoda: “That is why you failed!” You must know this. doctors also reinforce this belief by showing evidence from their study of human body that it was impossible to achieve this feat. only then you will come to your goals. if you believe that you can become a Millionaire. by merely believing it will not switching you into a Millionaire in one day. another 300 did the same. Of course.TheMillionaireSecrets. this is not the amazing thing. In addition. However. In 1954. within one year of Bannister’s breaking record. people believed that it was impossible for a man to run a mile in less than four minutes. could do it. Many made this generalization and formed this belief because nobody had ever made it. For many years.net/ Shawn Lim . Yet. for thousands of years. he accomplished this impossible feat. take massive actions. You will have to first believe it. nobody. you can use it to achieve basically ANYTHING! This is a real story. 37 other runners also did it and in the following year. read it and you will know how powerful belief system can be. a man called Roger Bannister refused to believe in this. What’s more important here is that until Roger Bannister accomplished this feat. what you belief is only true to yourself. then set your goals and plan. then you can.

you believe in 5 years. Just like our religion. you already have a strong belief. So you see. Now. nothing can ever stop you from doing what you want. It affects how and what we will or will not explore.net/ Shawn Lim . This is because once you believe that you can be successful.The Millionaire Insider leverage. then it will be impossible for you to achieve it. how does your belief affect you? Just imagine. yes or no? No. but all of us have different beliefs in our head. you believe that you can do it. Now if you believe with all your heart and all your soul. will it change the way you do things in your life? Would you begin to think differently? Would you begin to look out for new opportunities? Would you look for certain programs to upgrade certain skills? Will you learn how to invest. let’s say right now. once you believe it. network marketing also make use of the beliefs system in the way to run business. will you definitely become a millionaire by 5 years. John F Kennedy once said before.TheMillionaireSecrets. “We can conquer the moon!” And this dream does come true. you can be a millionaire. it is hard for you to lose the drive. Let me ask you this. to learn to start a business? Will you take a lot more action? And by taking a lot of action. The Millionaire Secrets http://www. If you think you can do it. do you believe that you could become a millionaire in 5 years? Or do you believe that there is no way? Do you believe that it is possible for you to write a book? Or do you believe that there is no way to write a book? Do you believe that you can stand on stage and speak to 500 people? Or do you believe that there is no way to do it? You may answer yes and no. And our beliefs affect what we will or will not do in life. and if you think you cannot. it is your belief system that creates your success path. then you can. It affects the way we perceive the world.

Now. When you believe. If you put in a lot more effort. But how much you release depends on the tap. Now.TheMillionaireSecrets. Motivation cannot change our beliefs. And your beliefs hold back your potential. Simply because you have put in a lot more effort. Even if you don’t become a millionaire. you switch off the tap. many people just ask how they can make more money. there is no way for me to make lots of money”. how to be successful.net/ Shawn Lim . “I can do something”. It is your belief systems. you tap in into more of your potential. And this tap is your belief. But if you believe it can’t be done. “I can’t sell. You may or may not.The Millionaire Insider There is no guarantee in life. When do we have a belief change? When we start to do something we thought we could never do. Beliefs cannot be changed through logic. it is possible. so what? Would you definitely do a lot better than what you are doing now? The answer is a definitely yes. let us talk about… Know the Reason Why You Want It So Badly Often. your potential is like a huge water tank of potential water. you have all these beliefs that make you don’t even try. you turn on the tap and you unleash the potential. the proper question to be asked here is why you want to make more money? Why did you want to be successful? The Millionaire Secrets http://www. They just wanted to know how instead of knowing why. Beliefs are changed through experience. it is through our own life experiences that are going to change our beliefs. But the moment you have a limiting belief.

This is why we should know why before we know how.The Millionaire Insider You must know the reason first before you start to learn how. have you ever feel that you used to have a drive but along the way you lost it? Now this is going to be very useful to you. do goals motivate you? I know some people. the hot button that is going to turn you on.TheMillionaireSecrets. but they don’t feel like doing. you are not going to achieve what you want even if you know the way. you will do whatever it takes to achieve it. You say The Millionaire Secrets http://www. Goals only give you a benchmark of where to hit but it is not going to get you there. If you don’t have the reason that you want something so badly. Once you know why you want something so badly. you are going to give up the moment you face obstacles. Is it the desire? But what creates desire? Is it emotions? But specifically what kind of emotions? Let me ask you this. Even if you know how to make money online. Goals do not motivate you. did you even know why you are doing so? If you want to become a Millionaire today. they say they want all these things. The reason can keep you motivated and keep you moving all the time. frankly. goals only give you a direction of where to move towards. It is the drive. get good grades and work for the whole life. What drives us in life? What is the thing that drives human behavior? Why some people so driven but some people are not. but if you don’t have the drive. I don’t think that you are going to achieve it. If you are one of them. If you lose the drive. Just like most people go to school. they set all their goals. you must first make sure the reason for you to achieve it. This is you and you set a goal. Let’s imagine you are a spaceship. because you’ve got NO REASON to keep on. Have you ever felt that you lack the drive.net/ Shawn Lim .

you will never achieve what you want in your life. You have to know why before you continue. Find out the strong burning desire behind you. setting a specific goal is a very important step that you must take if you are The Millionaire Secrets http://www. But what gets you there is not the goal. their purpose. It is the thrust it is the push and this comes from the fuel. It is the strong and burning desire that is going to make you take all the necessary actions. know the reasons that keep you going.TheMillionaireSecrets. Why it is there are a lot of people who are not motivated in life. it is time to… Setting Your Specific Goals I know that you’ve heard this thousand of times. Once you have found out the reasons. In a human being.net/ Shawn Lim . Without a strong purpose. look for the reasons that you want financial freedom so much before you start your journey to success. what is this fuel that pushes us everyday? What creates that fuel? PASSION and DESIRE. You know Donald Trump? What do you think drives Donald Trump? Winning. But I still need to stress it here. Gives you a benchmark of where you are going to hit. It’s because their goals are not aligned with their passion and desire.The Millionaire Insider your goal is to reach the moon. he is a man who loves to win. It is the purpose that drives you to take charge towards your goals and dreams. So by setting a goal you give yourself a direction. Therefore.

the more easily you can achieve it. you’ll just have to wait for it to come. The more specific your goals are. it is a dream.The Millionaire Insider serious about your journey to success. and must be specific. Why did I say that your goals must be achievable? Because I’ve seen people setting goals which are not achievable. So next time if you heard your friend telling you that he wants to become a Millionaire one day. that will be reasonable. if you say that your goal is to “sponsor 100 Singaporean members in 3 years”. the more tangible the better.net/ Shawn Lim . Thus. What do you think about this goal? Is it achievable? This goal sounds very interesting. So how can you set your goals? Very easy. Please. your goals must be achievable. however.TheMillionaireSecrets. Without a deadline. How in the world are you going to ‘hit’ the market? You are going to ‘hit’ the market with a club or a hammer? The goals you set must be achievable. Be as specific as possible. I believe that you’ve heard your friend told you that he is going to buy his dream car or bungalow one day. setting specific goals is inevitable. If you want to make more money. have you ever heard someone said that “I’m going to hit the Singaporean market in 3 years”. For example. If you set a specific goal. This is because your mind is much focus in The Millionaire Secrets http://www. your one day will never come”. this is not a specific goal! This is because the ‘one day’ or ‘someday’ is not specific enough! You will never know when is your ‘someday’ or ‘one day’ is going to come. if you want to become a Millionaire. Can you see the difference now? What about specific goals? A specific goal must be specific enough. And a specific goal MUST have a DEADLINE. it must have a deadline. it cannot be done. it is not a goal. you can tell him “Sorry pal. This goal will indirectly resulting in conquering the Singaporean market for you.

net/ Shawn Lim . In 1952. Imagine if there was a high jumper The Millionaire Secrets http://www. only 3% of students who wrote down their goals. Here is a real case study. And do you know what kind of result this survey has got? The combine income of the 3% of students who wrote down their goals exceeded the income of the 97% of students who did not write down their goals. 3 times greater! This is the power of setting specific goals! Feeling unbelievable? Let me proves it to you. a follow-up survey was carried out again on that bunch of students. They force you to think out of the box and to develop ground breaking. will be. So what is stretch goal exactly? Stretch goals are extremely powerful as they literally stretch your abilities and skills way beyond your current level. In this survey. lets just walk the life and we will see’. Did he achieve it? Definitely. what they want to achieve in their future. you MUST set a stretch goal for yourself. What about Steven Spielberg? He set his goal at 12 and decided that he wants to make a lot of money in movie business. At the age of 8 years old. 20 years later. By the way. Tiger Woods set his goals to be the number one golfer in the world. let me give you a clear example here.The Millionaire Insider achieving your goals. This means that 97% of the students do not have any clear goals. students were asked this question. Well. a survey was carried out in Yale University. “How many of you have got your goals written down?” And the result. These 97% of students had the attitude ‘whatever will be. another thing about goal setting is this.TheMillionaireSecrets. revolutionary strategies.

since it is what he has always been doing! So you see. If he cleared the bar at 5 feet the last time. it is impossible to jump so high. come up with a strategy that you The Millionaire Secrets http://www. your brains know immediately that it is impossible for you to achieve it if you are using the same old strategy. if you keep on thinking the same old way.5 feet. What your brains will do then is to be forced to think out of the box. you are right. even helicopter. you could come up with thousands of new ideas how to jump over that 50 feet bar. it is impossible to jump that high”. it will be impossible. For instance. he would eventually achieve this goal easily. “No way. he would set an incremental goal of 5. pole vault. a rope. if you were to think it from a different angle. try harder and harder. We will always keep to the same paradigm of jumping from the ground. with the same strategy. You see. what if he could use any strategy known to man to get across the bar? Would it be possible now? Of course! If you think creatively.TheMillionaireSecrets. Yes. Now. you could use a trampoline. If he was into setting just normal. If you set stretch goal.The Millionaire Insider who had to get over a high jump bar. But.net/ Shawn Lim . However. Continue back to the story. you must remember this. everything is possible. he would set the bar slightly higher than what he cleared the last time. what will happen if he was to set crazy stretch goal? Let’s say if he set a goal to clear the bar at 50 feet? Is it possible for him to achieve it? Most people will think. What most people do by setting incremental goals is that they will keep on doing the same thing over and over again. With enough training and effort. did I say that he had to jump over the bar from the ground? No! Jumping is just an assumption that we all make. we will always have the tendency of doing what we used to do. incremental goals. as long as we keep setting targets that are incremental.

The Millionaire Insider never used before. it is going to motivate you even more. your minds will tell you that it is impossible to achieve this by using the same old strategy. However. Everything you see around you first started as an idea in someone’s head.net/ Shawn Lim . by setting stretch goals. and then manifested in physical reality. What you will do then is to come up with new strategies to achieve it. if you told someone that almost everybody today will be walking around with a telephone the size of a credit card and it can also play music. Everything is created twice.000 a month will do the job better? Which one will make The Millionaire Secrets http://www.000 per month. communicate with computers and send pictures. first in the mind. if you are going to set incremental goal like to earn an extra $100 each month. Why did I say so? Just think about it. Why is it now a reality? All it took was for someone to think the ‘impossible’ and then make it real. Another thing is this. but harder. Again. but it was believed by the scientific community that it was physically impossible for machines that were heavier than air to fly. your mind will tell you that you just have to do the same thing. Were the Wright brothers being very realistic when they set out to build a flying machine? Not only were they not scientists or engineers. when you set crazy stretch goal like to earn an extra $5. is earning $1.000 a month is going to make you jump out of bed early in the morning when your alarm rings? Or maybe earning $100. take pictures.TheMillionaireSecrets. you will tap so much more of your own potential. they would think you were crazy. and they finally invented the airplane. by setting stretch and crazy goals. Take achieving financial freedom as example. it forces them into thinking out of the box. As a result. Thirty years ago.

and this way you can create your momentum. What you can do is that you can go to your local property dealers. Well if you don’t have the The Millionaire Secrets http://www. what should you do next? Developing Your Momentum! This is what you should do after setting your goals.net/ Shawn Lim . and obtain some information about your future bungalow. In order to make sure that this works. think about it. develop the momentum to get you going. then set stretch goals that are crazy.The Millionaire Insider you jump out from your warm bed? On the other hand. but you’re not achieving it. After setting your goals. So how exactly can you develop the momentum that can keep you going? The first thing you need to do after setting your goals is that you will need to take some steps toward your goals. I know that you may say that you’ve set your goals. you MUST create the momentum in 72 hours after you’ve set your goals. By doing so. the thought of believing and commitment to earn $100. but make sure that they are achievable and have deadline. right? I mean. if you set your goal as you want to buy a bungalow. and have the feel of owning it. The best is if you can go straight to that bungalow. For example. Bear in mind that setting goals is just the very first step in achieving your goals.TheMillionaireSecrets. if you were to set goals.000 a month will certainly drive you to take a lot more action. There are still many other factors that are going to determine your success. you will get the first step going.

You can also sign-up or pay deposit for any courses The Millionaire Secrets http://www. make sure that you take at least 3 action steps that will develop the momentum for you goals within 72 hours. maybe they will try out another business. Now. If they still have the desire. you can also surf the net for some information about your future bungalow. you can visit and buy some wealth books from our local bookstore. This way. It is because they’re down with their actions which never create any result. However. creating momentum. For instance. I know that a lot of people know about this. you can obtain the brochures of your dream car. Remember. they will just stop and believe that becoming a Millionaire is not possible for them. Developing momentum is not only for the beginning. this method will be less effective than the first method of creating momentum. it will remind you that you’ve got a goal to accomplish and it can continuously motivate you. but if they don’t have the desire.The Millionaire Insider time. print out some pictures and stick it on your desk where you can see it everyday. do you really think that you can achieve them? I doubt that. have a test drive. but many of them did not take this step seriously. there are a lot of ways you can do so. there are still many people failing to achieve their goals. you will need to do it through the whole process until you’ve achieved your goals. and if you goals are to make money.TheMillionaireSecrets. Even after setting specific goals. And in the end they will give up. If you are not serious in achieving your goals. You can always surf the net for your dream cars and bungalow. So what you can do here is keeping on developing your momentum.net/ Shawn Lim . print them out and paste them on somewhere you can see them frequently.

it will keep you going all the way. the kid will fall off the bicycle. As they approached the railway station their hearts began to pound faster and faster since this was the first time they were going to witness a train – the iron horse.net/ Shawn Lim . Just then the whistle blew and the train started moving slowly and then gathering speed. never lose momentum by being distracted or discouraged by others or circumstances. “What do you think?” “Pa” said. After a while the train began to gain more speed and disappeared around the sharp corner. When you set your goal. The moment he stops cycling. The Millionaire Secrets http://www. Just like a kid learning to ride a bicycle. And the moral of the story? Momentum is one of the ingredients for success. Success is a matter of starting to take action and maintaining the momentum. nothing can ever stop you. Both of them were amazed at the size of the iron horse. They looked at each other and “Ma” asked “Pa”. Once you have developed your momentum. This is how momentum can be developed. and he replied. As long as the bicycle is moving the kid will not fall off the bicycle. Here is a story I would like to tell you… An old couple made their way down the mountain to witness the “iron horse”. “Ma” asked “Pa” again. “it will never get moving”.TheMillionaireSecrets. “I don’t think that it will ever stop”. “What do you think?” “Pa” was still recovering from his shock.The Millionaire Insider or seminars of your choice.

tell everyone you know! For example if you tell everyone that you want to become a Millionaire at the age of 28. This is how public commitment works. Many people are afraid of their dreams The Millionaire Secrets http://www. it will be a nice thing. but still some people do not take any actions. you want to put yourself into the sea and swim. Tell your family about what your goals is all about. You must tell the whole world of what you want to achieve. The main point here is to put yourself on the line.The Millionaire Insider So keep your momentum going and going. so how can you make your goals a MUST for you? I’ve got a very simple yet effective way that can help you make your goals a must for you. make a public commitment. you can break through any obstacles that lie in front of you.TheMillionaireSecrets. what happened to your Millionaire dream?” I know that after you’ve made this public commitment. you couldn’t back out anymore. tell your friends. “Well. you will have no choice but to achieve your goals. tell your peers. Now you have developed your momentum. And that will be. Why? Because if you do so. If your momentum is strong enough. Whether you are going to succeed or not is another matter now. Everybody will look at you in a certain way and says. why? You must learn how to… Make Public Commitment Here is the trick. but will it matter? As long as you’ve shown a phenomenal improvement from what you were before. Don’t just set your goals and tell yourself that you must do it.net/ Shawn Lim . it is still not necessarily you will achieve it. tell your boss.

people even labeled him as crazy. Then he rallied his troops with a stirring speech. it is either you succeed with your goal. your dreams. did they achieve their wildest dreams? You know the answer. you will definitely The Millionaire Secrets http://www. When you create back doors for yourself. And in the end. Therefore. Always remember this. because you still have alternative choice! This is what we don’t want. he did win the battle.TheMillionaireSecrets. So if you ever create your goals and plans. they scare to death that their parents and friends will laugh at them. your goals. look at the reality now. When they told people that they wanted to fly to the sky. Those were the options.The Millionaire Insider going public. But. Cortes ordered all but one of his 11 ships to scuttled and sunk so there was no avenue of escape. don’t create back doors for your business. you know that it will be ok for you not to achieve your goals.net/ Shawn Lim . he faced overwhelming odds. It is either you do or you die. people laughed at them. tens of thousands of Aztec warriors against his 400 soldiers. When his troops began to mutiny. Hence. don’t leave ‘back doors’ for yourself. Once you’ve got no choice but to achieve it. Once you have ‘back doors’ your mind will tell you that it is fine even if you are not achieving what you want. Do you think that people laugh at Thomas Edison the moment he told the whole world that he is going to invent something that can emit light? You bet. The same thing goes to the Wright Brothers who invented airplanes. Have you ever heard of this story…? When Spanish explorer Hernan Cortes conquered Mexico in 1519. and your success. or you fail it. make sure that you leave no way out for yourself. Conquer or die. So make everything a MUST for you.

to be a Millionaire. No matter where you go. what are the best deals in town. and discussed about anything which lead them to their goals. you can hear your friends keep saying how to make money. unmotivated. It is your surrounding that is going to influence you. Let me give you an example.TheMillionaireSecrets.net/ Shawn Lim . you can share basically anything about your goals with your group members. you will soon become just like them. Once this group is created. Try to find some of your friends and create this mastermind group. The number one reason why people fail to achieve what they want is because of the people they are hanging out with everyday.The Millionaire Insider achieve it. you can achieve your goals much more easily. By creating a mastermind group. If you hang out with unmotivated people. if you hang out with people who are highly motivated. and what are the best ways to market your The Millionaire Secrets http://www. who and who had became a millionaire. and let them be the motivation for you! Create a Mastermind Group You definitely have to do this if you are serious about your goals. you will also get influenced by the power and becomes motivated as well. remember to tell everyone about your goals. because you’ve got no other choice but to achieve it! Therefore. but you have the choice to choose what kind of environment you should be in. assume your goal is to make money. A mastermind group is a group of people who share the same goals. and in this case. However.

just head to any discussion board or any forums will do. The Millionaire Secrets http://www. you will never ever going to achieve it.TheMillionaireSecrets. let us continue… Often Write Down Your Goals and Plans This is what I used to do every night. and then forget about them. For some people. it is so important to have a supportive group and the same interest of people hanging around you. After you have set your goals. I write down all my goals.net/ Shawn Lim . my dreams and how I’m going to achieve it. and finally join a MASTERMIND GROUP. they only write their goals once. I believe that you can see it now. That is the reason that forums are so hot. There are tons of ways you can do this. make a PUBLIC COMMITMENT. Now. when you go for bowling with your friend. The main idea to write down your goals is just to remind you that you got goals to achieve and they can motivate you. because it is a place for people of the same interest to talk. you can hear them discussing all these things. Once you forget about your goals.The Millionaire Insider business. You can also join groups like Yahoo Groups and Google Groups. Guess what is going to happen? Will you feel more motivated? Of course! You will also join their discussion and talk about how to make more money! So you see. When you go chatting in MSN. you must DEVELOP MOMENTUM. It is easy to look for a mastermind group nowadays. you can hear this.

imagine what is going to happen to you in the future. and once you see that your dream car poster stick on the wall. It helps focus on what you want in your life. If you keep on thinking about something. your friends are going to laugh at you. when you feel frustrated. The more you do this.net/ Shawn Lim . you failed to achieve your goals. you make no money and you are poor! I believe that you don’t want to be a poor guy in the future right? Therefore this The Millionaire Secrets http://www. and that something will really come true. The Power of Imagination And this is another method where you can use to motivate yourself.The Millionaire Insider When you write down your goals. just assume that your goal is to make more money. What you can do is by using your imagination. You may imagine that you’ve given up. that is to purchase it. For example. Preferably to write down your goals before you go to bed and every morning after you wake up. This is how often writing down your goals and dreams can help in your life. the more your mind will be conditioned to achieve your goals. The moment you feel down or you’ve forgot about your goals. you will refresh your mind and feel motivated toward your goals again. This method works like this. it will somehow remind you that you’ve got a mission.TheMillionaireSecrets. just think about what will happen in the future if you give up. Because these are the most suitable time to get these goals set into your subconscious mind. and when you are down.

When you look to the sea. Now. you drive your dream car.net/ Shawn Lim . what if you keep on imagine that you are rich in the future? You made a lot of money. you will have the momentum to keep going on. You will pursue your goals with more energy. Walking besides you is your love one. how to set goals and how you can get motivated when you’re down. your belief system. So why don’t make use of it to help you in achieving your goals? Thus. So what’s next? The Millionaire Secrets http://www. You realize that you are having your vacation in one of the most beautiful beaches on earth. the crystal clears blue sea. and you are financially free! I believe that this is the lifestyle that everyone desired the most.TheMillionaireSecrets. Therefore you must know how to make use of your imagination to inspire and motivate yourself. Just imagine that you walk on the white sandy beach.The Millionaire Insider will scare you and motivates you towards your success. what are the real Millionaire mindsets. and you can feel the warm breeze of the sea wind. And of course. you know so much about how to you can create more wealth using your mind. you can think of whatever you want whenever you want. you can see that it is such a beautiful view. BMW 5 Series here. all your friends envy you so much. live with your love one. You are financially free and you have your time freedom! What a wonderful life! I’m sure that you will become even more motivated. and some children are having fun at the seaside. Our imagination is free. It will be much easier to succeed if you have all the energy. and money is not a problem for you. you will have to imagine about your future. You’ve been exposed to what are the common mistakes that people did. Money still keeps on pouring in during your vacation. On the other hand. you drive your dream car.

If you can control your sub-conscious mind. you can basically achieve ANYTHING! Your inner giant can be good or bad. Do you have this kind of situation before? You want to wake up at 7am in the morning to finish off your homework. It is controlling the inner giant.The Millionaire Insider Controlling the ‘Other’ You Well. you switch it off.TheMillionaireSecrets. Well this is just an example. But most people will have a bad inner giant. However if you have a negative habits. “I’m too tired. I believe everyone faced this kind of situation before. you may hear “Wow. and you heard a voice telling you. This will be your sub-conscious mind. Therefore you must learn to understand more on how your inner giant works. but their inner giant is pulling them back. I’m going to do The Millionaire Secrets http://www. its 7am. then most probably your inner giant is bad. but it is that you can hear voices of yourself talking to you inside your mind. Take back the previous example. It is not that you are actually talking to yourself. I believe that you’ve moments that you talk to yourself. then most likely your inner giant is good. How much you can achieve and how much fulfillment in your life is directly proportional to your inner giant. If you have a positive inner giant. If you have a positive habits. here is what you need to learn if you want to achieve your goals in a much faster and easier way. Let me sleep for another 30 minutes first”. But when your alarm is ringing.net/ Shawn Lim . the ‘other’ you. Only then you can improve your life and achieve your dreams faster. Why did I say so? Because most people want to improve their situation.

You will need to go out there and get on to your bicycle. and ride it. Therefore you must know how you can control your inner giant. Shake off all the negative words when they come to your mind. So how you can develop a positive inner giant within you? Very simple. The following step is important. If you are staying with a bunch of hardworking friends. you are not going to reach where you wanted to go. you have to take actions toward your goals! Just like what Robert Kiyosaki tells us. playing games etc. then you will waste a lot of time watching TV. If The Millionaire Secrets http://www. After a few months. See how powerful your inner giant can be? You must know how your inner giant is developed. What you want is a positive lifestyle that can bring you to success. you will find that your inner giant has become a positive giant that always help you in achieving a successful lifestyle. you cannot learn how to ride a bicycle from a text book.. But if you are staying with a bunch of lazy friends. You will straight away wake up and do what you need to do.TheMillionaireSecrets.net/ Shawn Lim . without it. you can attend to wealth seminars. then mostly you will have a hardworking inner giant. but without solid and massive actions.The Millionaire Insider something that can make me a millionaire today!”. All You Need Is. Do you think that money is going to fall from the sky automatically? That’s impossible! You have to work it out. Actions You can read a lot of wealth books. always tell yourself good and positive words.. Keep on doing this. you’re not going to achieve anything. Your inner giant will get influence by surrounding.

the faster you are going to reach your goals. But there is no failure in our life. One is what we called success. So now you get what I mean. there are actually two results going to happen. Wealth books only teach you the concept. You must know this. This is what we called failure. In fact. However most of them will not do anything about it.The Millionaire Insider you want to be a Millionaire. if you try out your business and it fails. Thomas Edison failed 10. Think about this phrase. There is another result you will get if you take massive actions. because you are repeating the same thing! Einstein define “crazy” as keep on doing the same thing over and over again. rather. So what are you going to do if you getting a lot of feedback? All you need to do is just to change your plan. change your strategy. “The one who has knowledge is more powerful. think of it as a feedback where it is the summary result from your actions.TheMillionaireSecrets. Where you have achieved your goals. you will still need to take actions and make things work. the more you are going to fail. the more actions that you take. People know that they should take massive actions. with the hope of getting The Millionaire Secrets http://www. It is the procrastination and fear that hold people back. Often. what we get is just FEEDBACK.net/ Shawn Lim . do not take it as failure. and try again until you success. there’s no way you can achieve it by simply reading wealth books.000 times before he found the right material for his invention. When you take massive actions. or the one who knows to apply knowledge?” The more actions you take. if you received feedback and you keep trying with the same strategy. But you know that success won’t always come the first time right? We failed more often than we succeed. what you will get is you are going to get back the same feedback.

how many affiliates really made money? So always make sure that you are committed to success. articles. There are tons of affiliate programs on the net. Why is this so? Of all the people who set their goals to become a Millionaire. just look at all the people around you.TheMillionaireSecrets. Everyone wanted to make more money. you will do whatever it takes to achieve it. Make success a MUST for you. and even listen to many audio programs. I know you want to succeed. It is because they are not committed to success! I want to ask you this question: Are You Committed To Success? If you don’t believe me. but only 5% of them make more money. you will never achieve it. and if you are not committed to it. you are merely hoping for it to come true. only about 5% of them really achieve this goal! You must know the reason why. prefer to success. I know you want to be wealthy. want to success. I know that you’ve read a lot of books. you will never EVER achieve success! Once you are committed in it. If you are just hoping to make more money. The Millionaire Secrets http://www. then just forget about it. You know that you are going to face a lot of obstacles on the way to your financial freedom. But still there are so many people cannot achieve what they want the most in their life. and hope to success. And I guarantee that you will succeed if you have this kind of commitment. If you only wish for success.net/ Shawn Lim .The Millionaire Insider different results! Change your strategy after you receive feedback! Now.

and they end up with nothing. try to find other field which is more suitable to you. many of them came to a point in their lives where they put themselves on the line and staked everything they had. If you study the life stories of millionaire history makers. Many people don’t have the commitment. then be committed. Find where your interests really are. As a result. And because they had NO CHOICE but to succeed. Lack of drive after setting goals and procrastinate? The only reason that the movie Star Wars came to existence is because George Lucas was 100% committed to making his dream come true. 20th Century Fox studios wanted to pull the plug and gave Lucas The Millionaire Secrets http://www. because in the end you are going to achieve nothing.net/ Shawn Lim . including the actors! During the production. you would know that up to the day of its release. Many people have the perception that Lucas was just a genius who was fortunate enough to dream up this naturally successful movie. If you read about the history of Star Wars. but still pursuing for success. Do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. anything that could have possibly gone wrong went wrong! At the end of sixteen weeks of filming everyone had every reason to believe it would fail. If you are not committed.TheMillionaireSecrets.The Millionaire Insider So don’t waste your time and energy if you are not committed. So if you are so desire to create wealth. they often did it against insurmountable odds. The movie had grossly exceeded the initial budget. it had overrun the filming schedule. the special effects unit could not create the desired effects and everyone had the opinion that it was a kiddy movie. everyone believed that it would be a major flop.

Three days later. you don’t necessarily have to risk all your money like George Lucas to get totally committed to your goal. Star Wars became the most successful film in North American history. George Lucas has amassed a personal fortune of close to $3 billion. it would have failed there and then. As a teenager. You can put yourself on the line by making public commitments. But to Lucas. Star Wars was delivered and the rest in history. Lucas hired a triple crew. it was a must… he would do everything to make it happen.The Millionaire Insider three days to finish 2 weeks of work that was lost. that he took what he earned from his first film and fully financed Empire Strikes Back for $18 million. Lucas made his millions by the age of 28. It grossed a total of $290 million and George Lucas‘cut from the box office was more than $50 million. He was so committed to making the sequels an even bigger success. Lucas rejected the money offered by Fox studios. The next 5 Star Wars films generated revenues of over $20 billion and today.TheMillionaireSecrets. Most directors would have given up and cut their losses. even if it is your own film’.net/ Shawn Lim . Lucas set a goal of becoming a millionaire at the age of thirty. Well. His belief and commitment paid off. By the end of its first theatrical run. If Star Wars had been a ‘wish’. divided the stage into three sets and directed three scenes concurrently. When it came time to making the sequels ‘Empire Strikes Back’ and ‘Return of the Jedi’. The Millionaire Secrets http://www. Everyone thought he was crazy as the number one rule as a moviemaker in Hollywood is to ‘never use your own money. There are other ways of putting yourself on the line. knowing that it was impossible to achieve it all in three days. He was off by two years. What made things worse was that Lucas suffered severe chest pains in the middle of all this and was warded for severe stress and exhaustion.

and success will eventually be yours. you change your strategy and go all out again. this only happens in the beginning. there would be no turning back. I believe that when you are willing to do whatever it takes to get something. you will make a way. You see.The Millionaire Insider Whenever you set a goal. There Are Only Two Outcomes There are only 2 outcomes after you’ve took massive actions. a hope or a want… it becomes an absolute MUST. most people will fail to achieve what they want after they take actions. like what I mentioned above. And if you cannot find a way. However. Do you think that you can sell millions of ice-cream in just a few days? That will be The Millionaire Secrets http://www. It is either you fail or you successfully achieve what you want. You had to make it happen! Studies after studies have shown that people who achieve phenomenal success and wealth did not just want it.TheMillionaireSecrets. you are not going to become millionaire the next day. When you are 100% committed to a goal. if you take your failure as feedback. Here is the thing. when something becomes an absolute MUST to you. they were 100% committed to achieving it. it is no longer a wish. Everything needs time to grow. To achieve success and financial freedom are just like having a stall that sells ice-cream.net/ Shawn Lim . announce it to everyone because you know that the moment you do so. it gets you to operate from a totally different frame of mind. and success will be the same. you will always find a way. You start selling today.

and their friends will come over to try your ice-cream.The Millionaire Insider impossible. Once more and more people knew about your great nice-cream. Honestly. Most of them will tell their friends about your delicious ice-cream. ‘I don’t have the experience’. So now you know that success is a marathon and not a sprint. Most people go through life with the victim’s mindset and this prevents them from ever changing their financial situation. I don’t think that you can become a millionaire in a matter of days. and if they think it is nice. If you give up. take it as feedback. they will come back for more. and maybe even not the first year. victims tend to give themselves lots of excuses like ‘I’m born poor’. and many other kinds of excuses. ‘I’m not creative enough’. Don’t give up. the moment you face failure.TheMillionaireSecrets.net/ Shawn Lim . When they don’t get the results they want. ‘I’m don’t have the luck’. not in the first few months. put more effort and strive for success. change your strategy and go all out again. They have the winning mindset instead of giving up and adopt the victim’s mindset. Therefore. The Millionaire Secrets http://www. And I don’t think that you can achieve all these results in just a few days time. you are going to waste all your effort from the beginning. your business will grow. Adopt The Winner’s Mindset Those who success in life and able to make big money are those who adopt the winner’s mindset. People will buy your ice-cream. instead.

tools. you’ve come to the final part of Millionaire Insider. Invest in yourself means that you should learn all the skills and knowledge about how to get rich. it is about the responds that you gave the moment face obstacles. So start learning from today. You can learn all these. learn from your feedback. And once you did this. However. illiterate. don’t worry. mindset. The Golden Rule of Life Finally. not a victim. My last advice for you in pursuing wealth is to follow the golden rule of life.TheMillionaireSecrets. Be a winner. This is not the same like investing in the stock market which makes twenty percent of return. In fact. you will have to invest in yourself first. or you can respond by changing your strategy and do it again. The best investment is to invest in you. they are made. You can create tremendous wealth if you have the knowledge and skills. victim blames. Winners were not born. and desire to achieve massive success in your life. You can respond by giving excuses like the above examples. You can actually learn and acquire all the knowledge. but we are talking about thousand percent of return if you invest in yourself. having no financial education at all. “Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you” The Millionaire Secrets http://www.net/ Shawn Lim . So don’t blame from now on. Meaning that if you are poor.The Millionaire Insider Know this. all the skills and knowledge will be with you forever. winner learns. instead.

there is no one man island. But this is pretty much the opposite in the real world. The Millionaire Secrets http://www. The concept is very simple here. So he saw a boat and he told the boatmen. And one day this professor he went to a river.TheMillionaireSecrets. row me across the river. then you must first treat others good. who was very. he had to cross the river to get to his university. Often. You will need my help and I will need yours. I heard a story many years ago told to me by my mentor. A very prestigious man.net/ Shawn Lim . very intelligent. Give and you shall receive. Having Said All That The final thing I want to say. one day there was this professor. When you provide solutions for people’s problems. If you want to become a Millionaire. He has about 3 PhDs. people will help you solve your problems (to become a Millionaire) as well. And this story really had me thinking about my life.The Millionaire Insider Life is like this. what you’ve seen in movie is that rich man equals bad man. you need others to survive. This story is about a professor. so the boatman rows him across the river. if you want others to treat you good. then make others become a Millionaire first. Treat everyone around you nice and they will return the favor and even help you to make more money. boatmen boatman. or you must provide solutions for other people’s problems. He was the dean of a university. Treat others good and you will get what you want.

have you ever studied botany? And the boatmen said what? Botany? No. And the professor said. no one knows The Millionaire Secrets http://www.TheMillionaireSecrets. have you learnt mineralogy? And the boatmen being illiterate. The professor again tested the boatman and he picked up a stone. or 30 years ago internet didn’t exist. the river represents life. And the boatmen felt so sad. He was so sad and continued rowing the boat. twenty years ago. And the boat went so fast. What’s the moral of the story? The moral of the story is this. Life is getting more and more competitive and more and more challenging. 100% of your life is gone. 25% of your life is gone. boatman. “Professor! Professor!” “Have you ever learnt swimming in your life?” The professor said no. and said boatman boatman. He wanted to show how smart he was. So the boatman felt really sad and he continued rowing the boat. Suddenly the professor looked at the mountains and said boatman boatman. You see. The boatman said sorry.net/ Shawn Lim . you know what he said? No. what does the river represent? Life. So he picked up a leaf from the river and he asked the boatman. As he wants further and further downstream. And he continued rowing the boat. But suddenly the boat started rowing faster and faster downstream. and the professor said boatmen. 50% of your life is gone. and the professor said. this professor was very arrogant. boatman. 75% of your life is gone.The Millionaire Insider As he is going down the river. that it hit the rapid and the boat was about to capsize and the boatmen looked at the professor and said. have you ever learned geography? The boat man said no. And as he went further and further downstream.

get good results. Information and people are changing so fast. Because today technology is changing so fast. And do as you’re told. Don’t stop. Why? Because 20. And you get promoted. A lot of people are still living in that era.The Millionaire Insider what is millionaire mind mastery all about. Now you’ve completely gone through this e-book. then find a good job. I believe that this is the best present that you can give to your friends to encourage them. The one principle of success is this. So you must always ready to learn and to grow in your life. But honestly does that concept exist anymore. You can give this e-book to your friends if you like.net/contact/ The Millionaire Secrets http://www. to motivate and inspire them. if you feel that all these information here are childish. 30 years ago our parents told us this.TheMillionaireSecrets. Please comment on this e-book: Contact me using my blog: http://www. in a good and big and stable company. by the time you graduate is what? It is obsolete. I’ll be happy to receive any comments from you. your life’s dying. 60 years old you can retire. And the longer you stay your value will automatically increase. The Millionaire Insider. never stop learning.themillionairesecrets. Until you reach 55. Don't rock the boat.net/ Shawn Lim . If you are a Millionaire and you’ve made millions in your life. please accept my apology for wasting your precious time. 80% of what you learn in school. once you stop. In those days it made sense. Congratulations. just study hard. However.

net/ About The Author: Shawn Lim Hi. It is great to see that we both have the same dream and goal.net/ Shawn Lim . Nice to see you here. May all your dreams come true. To Your Success.TheMillionaireSecrets. Once again.The Millionaire Insider I’d be even happier if you feel motivated and driven by this e-book. I’m Shawn Lim. Shawn Lim http://www. you’re most welcome. thanks so much for downloading this e-book and finish it. and you wanted to make money. And if you want to drop me a testimonial. to become a Millionaire.TheMillionaireSecrets. The only reason that we can meet here is just because you are so eager to success. The Millionaire Secrets http://www.

then you’ve definitely come to the right place.SuperAffiliatesWeapon. NONE.TheMillionaireSecrets. Am I a Millionaire? Let me tells you here.TheMillionaireSecrets. So what qualifies me to share with you the secrets of success and money making tips? The answer is.com/ http://www. I’m not. No. More about me? http://www.EasyAutomaticProfits. Shawn Lim The Millionaire Secrets http://www.com/ To Your Success. and I will share with you whatever I’ve learnt to help you. I believe that what I’m sharing is valuable to you. If you are pursuing for success. and I strongly believe that all these information here can help you moving one step forward in your life.The Millionaire Insider I’ve been in the internet field and in pursuing for success.net/ Shawn Lim .net/ http://www. I’m just sharing what I’ve learnt together with my own experiences. However.

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