Into my Hourglass

Verse 1 Draw your sword for me, bare your soul to me Show your mind to me, don t close the door And with that blade, destroy the sheath for me So I know you will not hide yourself no more You should be clear to me, time should be kind to me Leaves me in misery until it comes to pass Drown me in sanity , a death not of vanity Or put the cracks back into the hourglass Into my hourglass Chorus Come with me and leave behind Broken memories in your mind Forge a path where the broken crawl Hand-in-hand building life for all Flickering image, gone so fast As you watch the hourglass Verse 2 Murky eve will stay and bathe the sky with grey As greedy mountains suck the sun away Gone from life is light, absorbed by deadly night No darkness matching all the poison of your spite Come on and take a bow, stand up and tell me how You will betray me now and try to then surpass The deeds you ve done before, your evil evermore Opposing as we stare into the hourglass Into my hourglass Chorus Bridge There was a time where I d let live When for you I d always forgive There still is time until the last Time I shall turn the hourglass Turn it back for me From you I will be free Chorus x 2

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