Ahead of the planned support rally: TV host Glenn Beck lands in Israel The event will take place

at the end of the month in Jerusalem | It will be attended by hundreds of American politicians, Holywood actors and delegates from World Likud
Matti Tochfeld, Yisrael Hayom, August 14 [Hebrew original here] A day after the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority announced his appeal to the UN seeking recognition of a Palestinian state, American TV host Glenn Beck has landed in Israel ahead of the massive support rally for Israel he is planning to hold in Jerusalem at the end of the month. The event itself will take place on August 24th, and will consist of two separate events, both in Jerusalem: The first will be held at Davidson Arch in the Old City, and the other at Safra Square, near City Hall. Hundreds of American politicians and Jewish and pro-Israel figures will take part in the events, which are aimed at strengthening Israel's position ahead of the diplomatic campaign it faces in September. Among others taking part in the event will be actors John Voigt and Chuck Norris, Senators Joe Lieberman, Orrin Hatch and Jim DeMint, and two Republican presidential nomination candidates. Also arriving will be a group of Congressmen including Eric Cantor, the highest ranking Jewish member of the House of Representatives. Hundreds of World Likud delegates will also attend the event, which was organized among others by Knesset Member Danny Dannon, World Likud Chairman. During his stay in Israel Beck will meet a series of Israeli figures, including Substitute PM Moshe Yeelon, Ministers Yuli Edelstein and Daniel Hershkowitz, and also Knesset Members Danny Danon, Einat Wilf and others.

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