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Published by: Wanmohdhanif Zhafharina on Aug 14, 2011
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Fansites: How Rain Becomes a Worldwide Epidemic?

(Internet Communication) Focus on this particular fan site:
A. Introduction

Jeong Ji-hoon who was born in June 25, 1982 or better known by his stage name Rain, is a South Korean pop singer, dancer, model, actor, businessperson and designer. He is known for his music, dramas, movies and advertisement. He has acted in many Korean dramas and some of it are Full House, A Love To Kill and SangDo, Let’s Go To School. Besides that, he is also known as an influential singer who has produced a number of albums such as Rainism and It’s Raining. He is aware that English is very important in order to boost up his popularity and to expand his career. In 2008, he acted in his first American film, the Wachowski Brothers directed Speed Racer, where he played Racer Taejo Togokahn. He made his starring role debut in Ninja Assassin (2009), as the main character Raizo. Ninja Assassin was directed by James McTeigue, and produced by Joel Silver and the Wachowski brothers. The project was inspired by the ninja scenes featured from Speed Racer, in which Rain had impressed the Wachowskis with his portrayal as a fighter. He speaks English in both of this film and it makes his popularity boost up among English speaking people. Here we can see that, English seems to be an important medium to achieve success because it is widely used and can be accepted by everyone in this world.

pictures taken from various sources. movie. television show. biographies.g. links to other. They often include galleries of photos and/or videos of the subject. The phenomenon can be a book. Language use in this fan site is mainly English and Korean so that everyone can assess his fan site easily regardless of language. and are often "affiliates" with other fan sites.com/ for our research because he is very popular among teenagers and we think his fan site is suitable for this assignment. game. . private message. or a particular cultural phenomenon.Fan site A fansite. band.rainlegend. forum. sports team. chat column. similar fan sites and the chance to talk to other fans via discussion boards. emoticon and download session. fan site. they will be able to share information and interest about Rain and coincidently will increase Rain’s popularity among his fans.. All these features are very useful for both Rain and his fans because by using it. comic. the latest news related to their subject. media downloads. thing. They often take the form of a blog. storyline plots). episode listings. highlighting the latest news regarding the fan site subject. or fan page is a website created and maintained by a fan or devotee interested in a celebrity. There are also many features that we can find in this site for example. For this assignment we have chosen to use Rain’s fan site which is http://www. Fan sites may offer specialized information on the subject (e. or the like.

Besides that. . Peru and Turkey are using English in communicating. In this fan site as well.B. Language a. This fan site shows that non-English speaking people from countries such as Indonesia. we can also say that it was the lingua franca language that brought all fans together. English has become the main medium of communication where Rain’s fans from around the world use it to communicate with each other. How fan sites influence: 1. This shows that English plays an important role in communication process in exchanging information. the fans will be able to get translated version of certain dramas and films and even interviews attended by Rain.

The example is as below. This fan site also has affected the language in which the fans tend to mix up the English language with Korean language or known as Konglish. . b. Figure 2: The phrase ‘aza aza fighting’ means ‘go go fighting’ in English.Figure 1: These are the examples of the fans which come from non-English speaker countries are participating in forum. This happens because the fans tend to associate the native language of the singer in everything that they do including conversation.

So. in this fan site we have discovered that the fans are communicating in proper English. This shows that the native language of the singer which is Korean has affected English in negative way at large.net) and fans in RainLegend fan site. d. Rain is been interviewed in Korean and his fans is unable to understand what the interview is all about. we can use broken English as long as it can be understood.From the evidence above. they need to use proper English sentence so that people will be able to understand what they mean. As we can see. Sometimes. it is still not a serious problem and it is natural process anyway. we can see that the fan mix up the two languages together and we assume that the languages is exchanging between them. Why is this happen? It happens because in order to communicate with people around the world. Rain’s fans are from all over the world while Rain is a Korean. However. this fan site has become a medium where Rain’s fans can obtain the translated interview from other Korean. We always thought that when we are communicating through internet. c. However. . Just look at the example below. They cannot use their own language for instance Chinese English or Malaysian English. Figure 3: the differences of writing between fans from a local forumer (Lowyat.

Culture Through fan sites. The first caption show the type of writing commonly use by Chinese. the . As we have stated before people from all over the world are communicating with each other. While seeking for information about Rain. the fans eventually know that kimchi is a famous food in Korea which is consumed by most of Koreans. we will stumble upon information such as his favourite food. we know that he come from Korea. They use language which suits their preferences by adding ‘lor’ and ‘maa’ into their sentence. So. when we talk about Rain. In this case. Do you think people from other country will understand the message behind this sentence? 2. Culture exchange happens when fans get to know more about the person that they like. µ§ 3. While they are exchanging information about the singer. for example kimchi which is a type of pickled vegetables and it is a very famous traditional food in Korea. fans will be able to learn more about culture of different country.The screen caption above shows us two different types of writing from two different forums. Social The fans can expand their circle of friends through fan sites.

4. new released album and so forth. Popularity This fan site really helps Rain to be more popular among people around the world because it can be accessed by all people. Figure 4: some of the English speaking film acted by Rain. upcoming project. It also becomes a medium of communication between him and his fans. . his schedule. His fans are also able to obtain more information about him for example.relationship has actually developed between them and this make them become closer.

How fan sites affect the spread of culture and the use of English? (+ve) Other people who like Rain will try to use English to understand. body posture.to be able to use the features available in the fan site.prepared for English speaking people. As a medium of interaction. .because sitting too long in front of the computer.resulted in the spread of English.help them to understand more about things related to Rain. - - Spread of the –ve culture.exchange of knowledge and culture.even though they came from diff. background. new words arises.C. (-ve) - The use of jargon.aja aja fighting Short term New term.everything becomes westernized Health problem..eyes.konglish (korean+English).netizen (citizen of the net) Code-switching Translation. ppl from around the world communicate/ make friends with each other A medium to improve English especially in writing. . People become IT literate. and know more about him.

Datuk Sheikh Muzaffar Syukor. Lead to Student centered kind of learningindependent learning. - For e. as teachers we believe that fan site can be such a medium for the teachers to get information and knowledge on certain public figure in order to help them to improve their teaching. - .D. Can be modified and use in class to improve English among pupils. Can be use to trigger pupils interest. How to utilize the use of fan site for a better purpose Use of fan site in class: Fan sites can be both negative and positive thing but it depends on how we use it in our lives.g: Malaysia’s 1st Astronaut. Use it to introduce influential people to pupils or introduce new topics related to learning. However.

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