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58094798 Organon of Medicine Samuel Hahnemann

58094798 Organon of Medicine Samuel Hahnemann

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Published by Girisha Manchandani

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Published by: Girisha Manchandani on Aug 14, 2011
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As long as there is a marked, obviously progressing improvement during treatment, no
more medicine of any kind must be given, because all the good that the medicine taken
can accomplish is speeding toward its completion.

This is not infrequently the case with acute diseases.

If the disease is somewhat chronic, however, a single dose of the appropriately chosen
homoeopathic medicine does sometimes complete the good that that remedy can
according to its nature accomplish in the case, but slowly, over a period of 40, 50, 60, or
100 days. Now, for one thing, this is very rarely the case, and, secondly, it must be a
matter of great importance to the physician and to the patient to reduce this period by half
or three-quarters or more, if possible , so as to obtain a far more rapid cure.

As the most recent and frequently verified experiments have taught me, this can be
accomplished very felicitously if the following conditions are fulfilled: firstly, if the
medicine is very carefully selected so that it is accurately homoeopathic; secondly, if it is
highly potentized, dissolved in water, and given in suitably small doses at intervals that
experience has shown to be the most appropriate for the speediest possible cure. But the
degree of potency of each dose must be somewhat different from that of previous and that
of the following dose, so that the vital principle, which is to be diverted to a similar
medicinal disease, is never roused and incited to untoward reactions, as always happens
when unmodified doses are repeated, especially at short intervals.a


a. What I said in the fifth edition of the Organon in a long footnote to this
paragraph, with the purpose of preventing these untoward reactions of the vital
force, was all that my experience permitted me to say at the time. But for the last
four or five years thanks to the modifications by which I have perfected previous
procedures, all these difficulties have been completely removed. The same well-
chosen medicine can now be given daily, even for months if necessary. In the
treatment of chronic diseases, if the lower degree of potency is used up in one or
two weeks, one proceeds in a similar way to the higher degree. (In the new
method of dynamization, to be explained later, the medicine is administered
beginning with the lowest degrees.)

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