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Over 300 Ways To Say Said

abjured berated confided
accused beseeched confirmed
acknowledged besought confuted
added bleated consented
addressed blew up consoled
admitted blubbered contended
admonished blurted condescended
advised blustered consulted
advocated boomed contested
affirmed bragged continued
agreed breathed contradicted
alleged broke in contributed
allowed brought forth cooed
alluded cackled counseled
announced cajoled countered
answered calculated coughed
apologized called crabbed
appealed caroled cracked
appeased cautioned craved
approved challenged cried
argued chanted criticized
articulated charged croaked
asked chatted cried
assented chattered criticized
asserted cheered croaked
asseverated chided crooned
assumed chipped in cross-examined
assured chirped debated
attested choked decided
averted chortled declared
avouched cited decreed
avowed claimed defended
babbled clamored delivered
baited coaxed demanded
bantered comforted demurred
bargained commanded denied
barked commented denounced
bawled communicated described
began complained determined
begged conceded dictated
believed concluded directed
belittled concurred disclaimed
bellowed confessed disclosed
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discussed gushed lied

disrupted haggled lisped
divulged harped listed
drawled hastened to add made known
droned hastened to say magnified
echoed hedged maintained
elaborated held marveled
emphasized hemmed and hawed mentioned
enjoined hesitated mimicked
enjoyed hinted moaned
entreated hissed mocked
enumerated hollered mourned
enunciated hooted mouthed
equivocated howled mumbled
estimated imitated murmured
exaggerated imparted mused
exclaimed imported muttered
exhorted implied nagged
expatiated implored narrated
explained indicated nodded
exploded inferred noted
expounded informed notified
expostulated inquired raged
expressed insinuated railed
extended insisted rambled
extolled instructed rapped
faltered insulted rattled off
fibbed interjected read
foretold interposed rebuffed
fumed interpreted recalled
fussed interrogated recited
gagged interrupted reckoned
gabbed intimated recommended
gasped intimidated reconciled
granted intoned recorded
greeted introduced recounted
grinned itemized recriminated
groaned jabbered referred
growled jeered refused
grumbled jested reiterated
grunted joked pondered
guaranteed joshed pouted
guessed judged praised
guffawed lamented prayed
gulped laughed preached
gurgled lectured predicted
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prevaricated retorted, suggested

Blabbed, blurted,
proclaimed chirped, cheered,
prodded chuckled, croaked,
professed crooned, crowed,
promised gabbed, giggled,
gossiped, grinned,
Breathed, mumbled, gushed, jabbered, jested,
murmured, persuaded, joked, laughed,
purred, sighed, slurred, marveled, prattled on,
stammered, squeaked, quipped, rambled,
whispered recited, sang, smiled,
squawked, teased,
Admonished, argued, winked, whooped
asserted, barked,
bellowed, chastised, Added, admitted,
commanded, advised, affirmed,
complained, confessed, agreed, announced,
countered, crabbed, asserted, assumed,
cried, demanded, avowed, bragged,
disagreed, exclaimed, beckoned, called,
glowered, growled, caterwauled, claimed,
grumbled, hissed, clarified, clucked,
howled, huffed, mocked, coaxed, commented,
nagged, oozed, ordered, continued, declared,
ranted, raved, retorted, drawled, droned,
roared, screamed, explained, expounded,
scolded, screeched, expressed, groaned,
shrieked, snapped, insisted, interrupted,
snipped, snarled, lied, mentioned, moaned,
sneered, spat, spouted, mouthed, mused,
squawked, trumpeted, objected, pestered,
yelled preached, predicted,
proclaimed, pronounced,
Bawled, begged, bleated, protested, reasoned,
called, cried, exclaimed, related, remarked,
fretted, fussed, gasped, repeated, reported,
groveled, gurgled, stated, suggested,
hollered, muttered, taunted, thought aloud,
peeped, pleaded, pouted, told, urged, uttered,
prayed, shrieked, vocalized, voiced,
sobbed, sputtered, vowed, warned
squeaked, wailed,
whispered, whimpered,
whined, yowled

Asked, answered,
agreed, disagreed,
explained, implored,
inquired, interrogated,
posed, pressed, pried,
proposed, queried,
questioned, replied,
requested, responded,