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Published by: Jeremy Smith on Aug 14, 2011
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Breath Of The Dragon - Homebuilt Flamethrowers Do you have a weapon in your arsenal that will hold off tanks

or a small army of hostile people? What you need is a flamethrower. They're cheap; easy to build a nd maintain; and use common, inexpensive fuel. A recipe for napalm is included. One whiff of the dragon's breath will put attackers at your mercy.

Home and Recreational Use Of High Explosives Who else but Uncle Ragnar could write this down-home guide? How to obtain commer cial high explosives, safely storing and transporting them, detonation technique s, improvised explosives and more are woven in with tales of Ragnar's explosive adventures.

Homebuilt Claymore Mines Until recently, the technology for building claymores was inaccessible to the ge neral public. But Uncle Ragnar has managed to put the pieces together, and here he presents a step-by-step guide to assembling them from basic over-the-counter supplies.

Homemade C4 - A Recipe For Survival Survivors know that the day may come when they need something more potent than d ynamite. For blowing up bridges, shattering steel and derailing tanks, they need C-4. But it is not available in the U.S., so find out how to make your own by f ollowing Ragnar's step-by-step instructions.

Homemade Detonators Ragnar presents the missing piece of the improvised-explosives process - how to make homemade blasting caps! This simple 3-step method requires only 3 drugstore chemicals, a handful of scrap hardware and common tools.

Homemade Grenade Launchers Let Uncle Ragnar walk you through these simple step-by-step plans for making an M79 or M203 in your own workshop! All it takes is ordinary tools and some pipe, washers, nuts and bolts. Reloading info for 40mm ammo and BATF guidelines are in cluded.

Mantrapping This is the first book ever published to explain how to capture that most danger ous animal: man. Based on Ragnar's own mantrapping experiences while on special assignments in Asia, Africa, North and South America and Cuba, this gut-wrenchin g book covers such mantraps as the Malaysian Hawk, the Andes Mountain Trail Trap , the Sheepeater's Rock Fall and the Cuban Water Trap. To know how to trap your

A New and Vital Approach to Retreat Theory and Pra ctice Modern retreaters have a new enemy to fear . feature widely found. Ragnar answers such vital questions as how to identify exactly who threatens your freedom. Ragnar's Ten Best Traps Catch even the craftiest critters with the trap lore perfected over generations. live-mouse set.our own government. unregulated chemicals and can be assembled in no time. The Modern Survival Retreat . especially nitromethane. when to occupy your retr eat and how to fight the government when it goes hard-core against you. And with Ragnar's expertise at hand. These recipes are dirt-simple. In this compani on to the classic book The Survival Retreat. i nexpensive. to nam e just a few. . New and Improved C-4 This book is for all those readers of the original Homemade C-4 who wrote to ask for alternatives that eliminated the need for costly.enemy is to know how to avoid being trapped yourself. you can avoid the baits and s ets that don't work and never have. Ragnar has culled his all-time favorite traps that are easy to build. hard-to-find ingredients. campfire set and fish trap. easy to m aintain and guaranteed to work! Detailed illustrations show you how to build a f loating duck snare. den trap.

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