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Grease Cast List
Danny Sandy Kenickie Rizzo
Brett Johnson Amanda Aitkin Chenier Moore Monique Bastin

THE PINK LADIES Jan Kirstin Smith Marty Kirstyn Dryer Frenchy Charlotte Gee THE T-BIRDS Roger Sonny Doody Patty Eugene Cha-Cha Miss Lynch Vince Fontaine Teen Angel

Morgan Rook Tom Farquhar Jacob Sgouros Melissa McShane Matthew Flaus Demi Turner Meghan Barrell TBA Sean Curran

ENSEMBLE Sara Townsend, Nicole Flaus, Jenny Abbott, Sarah Elias, Lily Crouch, Isabella Fisk, Emily Bailey-Hughes, Remy Burgess, Adrian Bishop, Laura Williams, Kelsey McInnes, Jessica Parkinson, Sophie McGregor, Natasha Thuma, Rebecca Molloy, Michael Garner, Nick Fisher, Joe Rusconi

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