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The Greatest Dictonary Software From China

The Greatest Dictonary Software From China

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Published by Kins
Introduce a great free dictionary software(Lingoes) for every forigne language learner
Introduce a great free dictionary software(Lingoes) for every forigne language learner

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Published by: Kins on Sep 26, 2008
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The Greatest Dictonary software from China

Offer by Http://kinstrace.blogspot.com Maybe you have a good E-dictionary or paper dictionary.But i can tell you a good dictionary software.it is a free software.It contains all famous dictionaries from American and Britain.The most important thing is that it also contains all kinds of Chinese dictionaries.It is a English-Chinese dictionary software.It also contains more than 80 countries dictionary.

This greatest dictionary software from china is free and open to all users.It is updated now and then.If you want to learn English or Chinese or other language,own such a free dictionary software is a good selection. Lingoes is a translating specialist.Its mainpage is here:http://www.lingoes.cn/zh/translator/ index.html Its page language is Chinese.It includes two parts.One is the main program. another is the dictionary sub-program.Every software offers two languges(Chinese and English) to select to install. Lingoes main program downloading page: http://www.lingoes.cn/zh/translator/download.htm Lingoes dictionary sub-program downloading page: http://www.lingoes.cn/zh/dictionary/index.html

When you install the main program, then you can install all kinds of E-dictionaries.It is very easy. Advertisement link:《1-4-1 English and rich life》Two chances to change your life……

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