G, SGR Dental College Road, Maratha halli, Bengaluru

Mobile: +918880651904 Mail: tatareddy9@gmail.com

Objective: To integrate the knowledge and skills effectively in my job and contribute in the development of the organization and achieve a challenging position.

Academics:  Completed B.Tech (ECE) from Akula Gopayya College of Engg & Tech (JNTU) with an aggregate of 61.5% in the year 2011.  Intermediate (10+2) from Aditya junior college with 84.8% in April 2006.  10th standard from Swarna bharthi high school with 75.33% in March 2004.

Technical Skills: Languages Skills Operating Systems Specialization Networking : C, C++, Embedded C : 8051 Micro Controller, TCP/IP, UNIX internals : Windows 98/2000/XP, LINUX. : Diploma in embedded systems at vector institute : MCITP, CCNA, LINUX

Strengths:  Quick learn ability and adaptability  Feeling responsibility in completion of the given work.

We make use of AT89S8252 micro controller.Dist.Satti Reddy 10/05/1989 Male. Place: Bengaluru Date: (K.Academics projects: Title Duration Role Description : Home Security Using RF. English & Telugu. : Batch Leader.fire accidents.G. : The objective of this project is to provide security for houses and offices against the thefts .Tata Reddy) . Pedaparthi.In this the sensors on the transmitter side sends the signals to receiver side continuously. Anaparthi Mandal.by using RF technology. Declaration: I hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. Indian. Watching Cricket. playing Carroms.AP. Shuttle. : 3 Months. Personal Information: Father’s Name DOB Sex Nationality Languages Known Hobbies Residence No Extra curricular Permanent Address : : : : : : : : : K. +91-9959354001 Act as volunteer in blood campaign. E. by making use of different types of sensors . Based upon these signals the security is provided.

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