The recent chain of events have brought in a sudden change in dynamics of the youth thought process, whether its

been the events taking place all over the world be it the Japan tsunami Disaster, or American lust for power and complete dominance ,their tendency to not merely control the administrative prospect of a country they have their eyes set on , everyone around the world knows the real propaganda behind the Iraq invasion, the war on Afghanistan. All of us have laid back seen these events happen in the last few years, i have vetted all kinds of conspiracy theories, some don t seem like mere coincidences.. from the zeitgeist movement u learn that the 9/11 was created to coin the phrase The Global War Against Terrorism which was an excuse, to make the authority of the so called global powers of the world unchallengeable. But this note isn t about anti American propaganda, It is about how we are gradually shifting our thought process , not to just see the show but be a part of it. After independence almost of us has had it really easy in the world we have had barely to fight for something that we were denied(i m not talking with ur parents) I m talking about standing for something against the world . Fight for something , such actions need motivation and inspiration the present change that is in the news is the Jan Lokpal Bill, The idea being carried onto being drafted in the near future and making it official that the worst infected plague in any administration is Bribery . India being a population 1.4 billion people cannot be run with a plagued administration . it was the initiative of Mr. Anna Hazare but the strength behind the movement was the youth of india who now are no longer willing to be on the sidelines while the country seemed to be imploding , morally . To break the dogma of society, and we should have the audacity to challenge it..... As change is only brought on by need....And we need this..

This was written to inspire me as well, as i myself am not so motivated to DO ,something rather than just writing about it, we have to be men of action rather than men of thought.

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