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Soltel Networks, LLC Expands Services With Message Consultant
August 15, 2011 (Bentonville, AR) - Alex Martinez, CEO of Soltel Networks, announced today that Buddy Rogers will become its chief political message consultant. Rogers, whose issue-oriented political writing has appeared in the Morning News of Northwest Arkansas and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, expands the services o ered by the Bentonville-based firm. Martinez said, “I am excited that now we can enhance our Internet, social media, public relations, graphic design, and photo/video services with expert message development – everything from creating a strategic message for political candidates to enacting that message through custom products for virtually every media. Buddy’s leadership and political experience complement his first-rate communication skills, issue sophistication and commitment to the conservative cause.” Rogers, a Northwest Arkansas resident, is a retired Army health care administrator with a Ph.D. in English from the University of Texas. His previous consulting work was in the field of leadership, strategic planning and business communications. He was in the race for the Republican nomination for the US Senate in 2009-10. Soltel Networks, LLC is a media company based in Bentonville, Arkansas, that has been assisting political candidates since 2008 throughout the states of Arkansas and Texas. For more information visit:

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