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Despite all that has been written about Hong Kong for tourists, frequent visitors and expatriates, Hong Kong remains a deeply mysterious city, and the persistent feeling that one is missing something key is hard to ignore. When we decided to write a small guide to Hong Kong for visitors to our tailor shop on Hollywood Road, we wanted it to feature places not necessarily on the tourist circuit, and we wanted it to have as much a point of view as the clothes we make do. Even though I've lived here for three years and devoured every travel guide I've come across, I knew that I wouldn't be up to the task myself. Luckily our colleague Brandice, raised right here in Sheung Wan, remains as enthusiastic about her home city as any travel writer, and is ever striking off to see temples she's never visited, shop in up and coming neighborhoods, and savor all the culinary treats this food obsessed town has to offer. The result is delicious, and whether you're a first time visitor, frequently here on business, or you've lived here for three years or twenty, you're sure to find some wonderfully memorable experiences herein.





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J. A. Daye
About the Author
A fashion obsessed twenty-something Hong Kong girl in love with her Bug Man, who wishes she could have Freaky Funny Friday every week. Loves traveling in search of accomplishment; funny, eccentric, passionate, straightforward, energetic, sometimes hyper, uninhibited but very organized. Let's share her discoveries, pictures & lovely Hong Kong adventures she collects along the way. Brandice


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j. a. daye is our reinvention of the classic Hong Kong tailor shop. We work side by side with local tailors on two distinctive collections a year, all mode with the some eye for croft, construction, and detail that are the hallmarks of this vanishing trade, but with a fashion perspective all too often locking. We buy fabric from all over Asia Chino, Japan, Indio, and beyond - to make a tropical wardrobe that is vintage inspired yet completely modern, combining the ease of off-therock shopping with the true luxury of the made-to-measure experience. Located on a lovely stretch of Hollywood Rood in Sheung Won and also online at http://jadaye.com, we are also happy to work with customers on custom pieces.





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j.a.daye 2/P, Lee Wah Mansion, 171-177 Hollywood Rood, Sheung Won

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The Yuan Heng Spice Company, located on a side street just above Hollywood Road, was founded in 1912 - the burlap sacks filled with whole cloves, extra large cinnamon sticks, ancient orange peel, and grade "A" black pepper gorgeously perfume the air of an otherwise olfactory wasteland. Yuan Heng Spice Co

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G/F, 19 Tung Street, Sheung Wan


1iJ19~:h1t WJ The Siu Woo Trading Company stocks an impressive selection of inexpensive bamboo, rattan, and straw housewares- from toilet brushes to chairs. The clerk and owner still counts out change on the same abacus he has used since the shop opened in 1958. Siu Woo Trading Company


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94 Bonham Strand East, Sheung Wan

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This little shop perched atop a staircase overlooking Hollywood Road stocks bFelix's stylish leather club chairs and Lokman's antiquarian books - cookery, travel, history, modern first editions - for the types that like to spend a good deal of time in their club chairs. Lokman Rare Books



192A Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan


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and Yee Hing .. and helpful old lady.f~1iJ9-1O~~~ 9-10 Stanley Street.Sing Kee. and they all serve classic Cantonese dishes in a classic Hong Kong setting. Q d Q Y e . White Rice Groceries Shop 21 Gage Street Central * S I-JHAZ tf IJJtf ~ 1iJ21~ Nearly 80 years old. The most famous stalls . sells traditional dried food like Chinese sausage and Cantonese dried mushrooms. "White Rice" is the oldest groceries shop in CentraL The shop owner. a very sweet.~~G7d~f1t Sing Kee Tai Pui Dao tf It ± fl.are all on Stanley Street. Central 2541 5678 There are still some street side food stalls in Hong Kong despite government pressure to knock them down. Chen Si Kee.

chewy noodles. people could walk by and have quick bite there. It used to be in doi pui dong in 50's. ~~1!. and for a real local experience. public outcry saved Man Yuen. 3S. 2 Elgin Street Central 25443795 The stall next to Man Yuen. it was a low cost sidewalk: stall selling inexpensive local foods. Despite the government crack down on doi poi dong. Leaf is famous for Chinese dessert like red beans.Man Yuen Noodles ~~~*- 0/ Jjt 1tr*yt:it68~ 70~A 68-70 A Hollywood Road. green beans and black sesame.Jb Leaf Dessert G/F. 0/ *. So pull up a stool and try their tasty. try them with little sauteed pork knuckles. Central 2291 0308 A neighborhood icon long before Soho was Soho. and sago with coconut. Man Yuen Noodle has been dishing up wanton noodles for 80 years.115f~:12i 1iJ2~ Q d Q Y e .

which locals take in a soup in the winter to keep warm. Sheung Wan 25438032 ~'""-'. The ~ ~ -T ~ Lotus Tea is very famous.tr Iif ~ JJ/1' pll PI:! tll1"i'f" ~ Yuen Kee Dessert 'g!:)Ji IE 1iJ 32 ~»H~ G/F. Ji it 3fU1iJ 13~jjH~ r G/F. P C1 o (j) U This dessert house is a Western District institution. 1:.. it£# She Wong Lam 1:...l-I. known for its traditional deserts served in a soup bowl with a metal saucer: a serving style that you can only find in Yuen Kee. Western Distruct 25488687 r .... if you are fascinated by snakes.1 ~...She Wong Lam has been selling snake soup in Sheung Wan for over a decade. 32 Centre Street. It is known for its snake gall. you should go here to have a look.:t a a d y e . Hiller Street.. Even if you don't eat them.

you will see a stall selling hand painted Chinese calligraphy lucky posters. Even if you are not in the market for a shave and a cut. you should visit this very old local salon. Nowadays. A Sifu sits in the tiny shop sewing hand bags and fixing zippers everyday. It is the only shop in Hong Kong still selling Qing Dynasty Kung Fu shoes. W!ffi £j§-*1tW233~ 233 Queen' s Road West Western District 25479749 If you are passing through Upper Lascar Row at the Lunar New Year.{iT Upper Lascar Row There is an old shoe repair shop near Hollywood Road and Sai Street. The old man who runs the stall may be the only man left still doing the business .l.New Ying Wah is the oldest barber shop in Western District. most shoe repair shops have moved to MTR stations. • *lJ:. to see a little bit of old Hong Kong. hidden away on the second floor of a nondescript block of flats. Q 1li~*m-1t {tt~ W 1iT . #fr~*I!~~'P] New Ying Wah Barber Co. this is the only one still keeping up the old traditions. Stair near Hollywood Road Up to Sai Street d Q e Y .

6:00pm to 2:00am every Mon to Sun. Highly recommended for having a gathering with friends. Central 28699089 a d a y e . Black B. has been selling embroidered home textiles and clothes from Shanghai and Qingdao for fifty years. Central 25229246 Half Past Ten is a cozy little spot in Central that's a little less noisy and messy than clubs in Lan Kwai Fong. Chun Sang. 10 Glenealy. Half Past Ten 3ff 1{ 0/ Jf G 1t:f: 7f~1O~ G/F. Try to come before 6:00pm from Monday to Friday. Jf ~1-r 0/ I!G :ilt*7f~3-4~:t~ TBJt 3-4 Glenealy.you can grab some real treasures here! Chun Sang Trading Co. *1.Hardly anyone knows about this old embroidery shop right in Central. G/F. on Glenealy.

. purses. hats. 79 Wyndham 25262450 t:p Jl79 't fiiX. as well as some Tibetan antique Buddhist artwork and furniture. Q Teresa Coleman Fine Arts Gallery G/F.This is the Hong Kong branch of the Paris-London-New YorkMiami-Singapore-Seoul. Central Y e . shoes.MonacoDubai-Geneva Monster. etc. 'I:~~ 1iT G/F. They collect beautifully delicate accessories. M88 Central 28101208 This gallery specializes in antique Chinese embroidered costumes and textiles.1iT J~ T- d Q Street. earmuffs. 2-8 Wellington Street G2 Floor. Always worth a look! Opera Gallery t:p J12-8 Jj. collars.

Soho Gallery on Old Bailey 1l JipfU1iJ 17~ G/F.p.JI 10~:l:* G/F. State-of-the-Arts Pottinger Street. The three story space hosts a monthly exhibition.ifffAiJ Gallery 1tt. 17 Old Bailey Street. Plum Blossoms Gallery 1tzf:1t1lt1 ~~ Y e G6. 10 Chancery Lane. down the old granite steps on Pottinger Street. They showed the work of Chinese artists like Zhu Wei and Wei Dong long before they were art stars. 1 Hollywood Road. which represent mainly new Chinese artists.Soho 10 Chancery Lane Galeery :. Soho r Q d Q Plum Blossoms was established in 1987 staging goundbreaking exhibitions of contemporary Asian artists. is a more international gallery than its many neighbors on Wyndham Street. Soho .State-of-the-Arts.

and is an interesting aside in a city where art and commerce mingle too closely for some tastes.Lok Hing Lane ~.lt This old. Q d Q e Y . largely abandoned playground has become something of a gallery for local grofitti artists to showcase their colorful urban art.

glosses and clothes.Sin Sin 52-53 W1if 52-53 Sci Street. 29758318 ± r . The funky outdoor display is reason enough to make the hike up Peel Street. Chocolate Rain a d a y e it ifJ11if34 B ~:!ik Shop A. this vintage shop has already mode a nome for itself in a town notoriously snobby about vintage. 34B Staunton St. G/F. You can find lamps. old suitcases. Only open for a year. bogs. the designer of this eccentric shop. Sheung Won Prudence. Shueng Won 2521 0308 Sin Sin is the only gallery in Hong Kong representing contemporary Indonesian artists. A perfect spot for a treaure hunt! Select 18 Vintage Shop _l:i_W1if Soi Street. treasure stones and handmade bogs. jewelry. creating her unique objects from what many would put in the rubbish. silver jewelry. designer choirs. It is also a unique studio showing Sin Sin's ladies wear. treasures found objects and overstock textiles.

Soho d Q e Y .Cf 1 La Terrasse Wine Bar & Restaurant tf l_i ~ -lif-7f~fit 19~ J~ T G/F.This cozy little French restaurant takes its name from the charming terrace overlooking a playground a surprising corner of quiet in the heart of bustling Central. dresses and shoes. Its interior design is so chic and fun with old posters and lovely signs on the floor. 19 Old Bailey Street. Many young people bring their designer clothes to sell here. shirts. I . Soho 21472225 n (D i r-t- ~ St c ~ H I--' ~ C/) r. 24 Elgin Street. Q Counter Culture Workshop 24 1f 7f~1[[ fit :l:1!L JfBasement.q ~ ~ ~ (D ~ p ~ This workshop sells second hand jeans.

Amazingly enough.. U Q 1iiJ:f#. the space. Hong is a good man to know when you are stuck in a famous Hong Kong black rainstorm. Sheung Wan 22910006 * This tiny glasses shop bought up the stock from a fifty-year old optician in the Chung King Mansions.The Western end of Hollywood Road is fast filling up with funky galleries and design shops. Mr. .. with an international roster of artists and great opening parties! The Cat Street Gallery 222 J:_ Jl~ 1fi 1! 222 Hollywood Road. the shop has caught the attention of the luxury boutique On Pedder and Dito Von Teese. and The Cat Street Gallery is leading the way. Also featuring a groovy selection of other vintage specs. down to the stationary and logo. no bigger than a bathroom. Something of an historical oddity in a landscape of fancy broken umbrellas stuffed in rubbish bins.-\ tJ Q) o AOC t:1 ~~ ~ ~ 1iJ Abredeen Street Mr.. also doubles from time to time as an art gallery .. Hong has been repairing umbrellas at this tiny shack on Peel Steet and Caine Road for 62 years.~L Ho HeiKee d Q J:_ 1t JiPfU Y e junction of Caine Road and Peel Street 1iJ ~+ If} .

Chez Moi 0/~R. seasonal. Equal time is given to local and Chinese artists and fashion exhibitions like the Yves St. by Gaudi! .Chez Moi is a truly special restaurant: the food is reasonably priced. it's the decoration here .. Laurent unisex Madhouse Contemporary 0/J1 8-10 fL3t\1:w.~~10~ G/F. and keeps everyone coming back for more.what the Titanic might look like if it was built in 1985 ..that takes centre stage. Central 28016768 Madhouse is a contemporary art gallery in a district of old printing presses. dci poi dong.I:~ G/F & Mezzanine 8-10 Kau U Fong Mon to Sat 1100am to 730pm Q r d Q e Y . design boutiques and restaurants. 10 Arbthnot Road. and organic when possible.

you'll find Cantonese cafes. a boutique showcasing up and coming designers and products like funky candles. at the coner of St. T-shirts. Francis Street. wallets and accessories. Kapok :l!ttIl1S~ 5 St.On St. and Kapok. jff 1! Q d Q Y e . The gallery owner collects fine art from Vietnam and China and exhibits the work of emerging artists from Asia. French restuarants. The gallery opens daily and closes on public holidays. Francis Yard. all from the owner's personal collection. Francis Yard 2549-9254 Asia Fine Art Limited :it~1iJ Sik On Street 25220405 Asia Fine Art Gallery opened in Sik On Street six years ago.

Most worshippers of Hung Shing go to pray in the temple on the 1st and the 15th day of the lunar month.. it looked over the sea front. Q ~{k~~ Lok Chow Ming d Q Y e . like on the birthday of KwunYum.. now it is surrounded by skyscrapers and office buildings. Hong Kong people love to have their fortunes told in "Lok Chow Ming" after they pray to Hung Shing and Kwun Yum. ..Hung Shing Temple Queen' *~-t~ 1&J€i:k1t* s Rood East When the Hung Shing Temple was built in 1847.

*. the basement of the Wan Chai Market was used by the Japanese for the storage of corpses.. Q {JRo/. .. a rare public building constructed in the Bauhaus style in the world. Sadly it is due for demolition by the governement as part of an intensive urban renewal programme.q U q ~ d d Chun On was opened after WII.)' 1ffir 1j=f Wanchai Market £j§-*-~* Queen's Road East The WanChai Market is one of the most important buildings in Hong Kong... it's one of the witness of Hong Kong just like Wo Cheong Pawn Shop.. During the Japanese occupation.tlfl Chun On Pawn Shop d Q Y e 91 )'1f~ 91 Wanchai Road Wan Chai .. However. .. the former has been changed as a restaurant now and this is the only one we can still find in Wan Chai.

people use spitting bins and cleaning ladies collect them. Wanchai The Wanchai Livelihood Museum showcases the vitality and colour of the neighbourhood. as it probably won't be there long. The whole area around Nullah Lone. is worth exploring. which is being destroyed in the nome of urban development. 1[& Blue House ~ 7J<_J. full of old buildings and mechanic's garages.~-1ir Stone Nullah Lone. -ljf 1{ #t ~~ 1f tP 1t Wanchai Livelihood Museum l' Q d Q Y e . The balconies are Western style. "The Mosaic of Wanchai Market" is a multi-media piece showing the sights and sounds of the market. but the floor plan is in the Chinese Style. There are no toilet facilities in the building.Blue House was built in 1920 using bricks and wood and has famously been rescued for preservation despite the best efforts of property developers.

the government has not made it easy for their sons and daughters to get the hawker license again.fU jc iir {i(fj7 Gresson Street Market d Q Y e . That's why everyone loves it and has a sense of belonging to it. It's open 24 hours everyday. As the old hawkers pass away. Worth a visit even if you are not a player for a look at the traditional interior of a mah-jong parlour and of course the big neon sign outside the shop. blood and soul and is not just another commercial district.Toi Kam Lon is a mah-jong parlour that opened in 1939. However. especially at 3:00pm on Monday to Friday. because the old Wan Chai has flesh. It is still very crowded. many Wanchai people have been fighting to let the hawkers keep running their stalls here. Spring Lane Wan Chai )'it * lIJ {ir11k r Gresson Street Market is the oldest fresh vegetable market in Wan Chai. so many of the stalls may have to close down. *~~Vfl~1i:~~ Tai Kam Lun Mah Jong Co. % 1! Q ~ . when the night shift workers wake up and go in for a game.

tjd~MJt Jf 1f £ )§2528 1391 Happy Cake Shop 106 Queen' s Road East Wanchai *-:@_ 106~:!1JLr 0/ For more than twenty years this oldschool bakery has been charming customers with warm and friendly service. ff~~~ Kudzu Water Johnston Road (Opposite to Southorn Stadium) Wanchai ~ff*±~:@_. lli 1l¥'(. Mr._.C . it is always good to have a bowl in the hot afternoon._ ~ 0 o ~ p-' 0 ... Wang.it. Q d Q Y e . Especially in summer.. locals love to add some salt on top of it. i!l. still serves traditional Hong Kong favorites unlike so many other bakeries that sell Japanese styles of cake and bread. The tea is made with dried herbs and vegetables. the shop owner.1~ 1m- . and you will see another five people stop by for one next to you. You can find all your childhood memories here from his barley bread.~~~fiW This shop on Johnston Road may not have a sign but it's very famous for herb tea.1.' n$u :a ~ ~ *- . '. .Jif "u . Just stand there for a minute to finish the bowl.!l: 1t ~ lit . . butter cake and walnut cake. tt ~fffi i& §u ~1i '" :It ·it .

ti. you must try their chicken tart and iced milk tea! There is always a long line during tea hour because their patisserie only makes one batch a day. and #H~ shrimp dumpling.rr-~.. especially %: ~ 1k :(. cake. AJ}.f.136 Johnston street.!. :E J.Lung Moon Restaurant is a sixty-year old Cantonese restaurant loved for its dim sum.Wv.Jfi ginger honey chicken wings.~ ~~- iU93d&Ht ± r fa 4~ Kam Fung Cafe *flJ1if 4 Spring Garden Lane. Their tasty orginal 1950s dim sum is ready everyday from 6:00 am to 23:00pm. 25120526 Q d Q Y e Korn Fung is the most traditional Cantonese cafe in Wan Chai. Lung Moon Restaurant 130-136m: ~!z1t:l:-lk G/F. Lets go together and get a dozen at 3:30! .l:! grilled prok-.. . Wan Chai.. 5l. Wan Chai 25734066 ~r. sauced duck.jA ~~. fit t siu mie .130 .

Oi K wan was opened in 1970.lfF -r1T *lIJ1iJ18~ 18 spring Garden Lane . they will show you their way. shampoo is not usually included. Wan Chni Shing Fat Coconut Co. but if you want to see how they work out for washing. they are doing "only hair cutting" service since the space is small. A 1j--{. Oi K wan Salon * lIJ1iJ Spring Garden Lane.Old style Shanghai barber shop . Just stop in and try. Wan Chni a This is the oldest spice shop in Hong Kong featuring exotic spices from all over South East Asia and coconuts too! d a e y .

Service is excellent. Goldfinch Restaurant i~4. and the taste is great. and its decor and menu haven't changed a bit since you must go to this old restaurant! ~it4.Famous rendezvous for Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung in Wong Kar Wai's In the Mood for Love. jJ1t13-15 ~:tik T G/F 13-15 Lan Fong Road Causeway Bay 2577-7981 The little Electric Road noodle shop Sister Wah is loved by locals for its tenderloin noodles. the price is cheap. 13 Electric Road.ll'. Tin Hau 2807-0181 d Q Y e . Sister Wah 7::_ J€i Q *3tiLm~Bm 1t ~ 1t13~A:tik T G /F. Cafe de Goldfinch opened in 1962.

tW lttt The Red Pepper Restaurant Opened in 1970. You will find some famous dishes like diced chicken with hot sauce and braised bean curd with minced pork and chilli sauce. It has a great atmosphere with traditional Chinese architecture. The Red Pepper Restaurant is famous for its Sichuan cuisince. Great place for spicy food lovers! 3ifJ i*!5' M~ ~ 7 ~jjH1lLr G/F 7 Lan Fong Road Causeway Bay 2577-3811 Q d Q e Y .

This is a good place to hide away from the huge shopping centres in Causeway Bay and sit down to have a drink with friends for happy hours in those lovely pubs. and local designer boutiques. Q d Q Sharp Street East #*-1iJ Y e .(:Q i>-. S Q) CJ') Yiu Wa Street *1*1iJ & o ~ U This tiny winding street in the shadow of manic Times Square is filled with cute pubs. bars.

shoes. White Noise Record i~4.If you are interested in discovering something beyond what is out there in the commercial music market. The shop features a large selection of off-beat. It is time to go to feel the youth spirit of fashion life! Open from 2:00pm to 11 :OOpmdaily. You can easily find some interesting and crazy clothes. indie and funk music.ll' ~:t1t* tzg~~-1t 1 IF 4 Canal Road East Causeway Bay jRlt WI. accesories for a very good price here. Q d Q e Y . It is also a good place to get upcoming news for local indie sounds. White Noise Record is the place to go.:l:mGinza Basement i~~ll'~ti1t509~ Basement 509 Jaffe Road The Ginza basement was started by a group of young local fashion people. old soul.

Q Victoria Park d Q *1f §15fU R ~ fI1 Just opposite to Park Lane Hotel tS-$'-y@J6fttB Y e . They sit on the grass or outside the entrance to the park. They have picnics in the park. dancing and chatting with friends. it is particularly packed on Sunday when maids have the day off.Victoria Park is a major recreation area in the heart of the city. You can see that all of them are very energetic and happy.

cartoons. On the other side. lip sticks. etc. Chinese zodiac. the hawkers sell fresh flowers and fruits like orange trees.fu RJ~ III Victoria Park Q d Q Y e . the atmosphere is fun and bustling with New Year festivities. 1f~rP1M New Year Flower Market *it ~. peach blossoms and pussy willows to bring you good fortune in the new year. we have a special flower market in Victoria Park.Every Lunar New Year. Hawkers decorate their booths outlandishly to attract people's attention. Some of them sell blow up inflatable items like crazy giant fake local snacks.

Mr. WongJai ~~if! 5' 1t 52!)jHtIL Jit1t G/F. jewelery. tote bags. Check it out! r iff :It Q la Belle Epoque ~~if!5'1t62C$'E:±1k r G/F 62c.Though Tin Hau is fast filling up with trendy shops and cafes. sketch books and the like.Billie and Leo . They welcome hand-made consignments and cross-over projects. Wong. has been making and repairing the upholstery of taxicab chairs for more than 30 years. most of the ground floor shops are garages and mechanics.one year ago. Wong Jai is one of Tin Han's historical oddities. TinHau 63018893 d Q Y e . This little French de co shop was launched by a young couple . 52 Tung Lo Wan Road Tin Hau La Belle Epoque is a cute shop on Tung 10 Wan Road (enter from School Road) that sells hand-made toys. and is very popular among local school-girls and artists alike. head pieces. the shop owner. Tung Lo Wan Road.

but they also feature a lot of locally grown vegetables. as more and more Hong Kong people realize the health benefits of an organic diet. Some products is imported from the US and Australia. Hon Man Mansion. for very reasonable prices.Savoye is an atmospheric French restaurant serving classic bistro fare oysters. The low lights and vintage gramophones are enchanting and the service is top notch. 9-11 Wing Hing Street (Tin Hau) 25033222 Greens is the only organic vegetable store in Tin Hau. The owner of the shop plans to introduce a delivery service to customers. rack of lamb. SaVoye Bistro 3C J5 7k ~11J 9-1 HJ)U1lL rA)6 Shop A G/F. fois gras. 3 Lau Sin Street Tin Hau 3CJ5 rD 1W11J3~*L'1t J-tlL rA1 ~ 2571 1669 Q d Q Y e . Greens #~1T Shop A1. etc. G/F.

and singer Eason Chen. billionaire Li Ko Shing. There's a "Fire Dragon Dance" outside the temple every year during the Mid-Autumn festival. They have a lot of wel1known customers like the unforgettable happy lady Shum Din He.just look for the sign with a giant pair of coke bottle glasses. *~f~R~JR--P] 278. ~f 1! Q Lin Fa Kung Lily Street. Tai Hang.Woo Ping was established in 1974 in the basement of North Point Centre. North Point ::It 1tJ ~ £ :@_278~:t~ r 25717810 Lin Fa Kung Temple was built in 1864 for fisherman to worship the goddess Kwun Yum in. Woo Ping Optical Co. Tin Hau itttt JUS.*:ljc it tt 1iJ d Q Y e . King's Road. They are famous in Hong Kong for their selection of vintage frames and sunglasses.

cigarette cases. Australia. statuettes and other ornamental objet the shop sells. no. This little shop sells around 300 different wines from France.t. Merlin Street. Wu. California. Tin Hau 23634040 Q d Q Y e . South Africa.9 in Tin Hau. The store owner Dennis is happy to sit down for a chat and a tasting. G/F. G/F. North Point ltm ~Jt{if20~. and beyond. so many of the costumes. then head for Cellar No. Hong Kong Treasures 1fYI. collects vintage pieces from his overseas travels.f 20.9 Wine & Spirits 1:-I-{#83~. 83 Electric Road j()fJ Lee King Mansion. The shop owner. Italy. jewelry and antiques come from Europe. Mr. Cellar No.Hong Kong Treasures opened in Tin Hau ten years agao.fu:l M2~tI¥J Shop 2. Interior artist Benson Chan's Victorian fantasy is the perfect setting for the old telescopes.t1lL T 25033032 If you are a wine lover.

Dragon's Back / Shek-O Headland ft1t/~l~ w1t This local grocery may not look like much. If you fancy something a little bit less arduous. and one of the best places to practice is the Dragon's Back.beach borbeque. which is unsurprising given the many miles of country park. a ridge in the Skek-O Country Park with stunning views of the South China Sea and the Hong Kong headland below. and a large refrigerator packed with all you will need to enjoy another great local pastime. a walk though the village. the same fresh fruit and vegetables you'll find at the area restaurants. but it boasts an interesting wine selection. Fook Lee Fish Shop 419 Shek -0 Village Hong Kong Q ~ 5~#419tlt d Q Y e . up the Headland Road past some of Hong Kong's swishiest residences into the headland park will win you similar views.Hiking might be Hong Kong's favorite sport.

coals. Arrive early on a summer weekend to snag a seaside spot.t~H~1~ Front beach barbeques This ramshackle spot overlooking Shek-O's other beach is the perfect end to a day spent masquerading as a local. For less than two hundred dollars you can hire the barbeque. 1~11Jl7JL i-y@ \1~ BBB . mtr1l.Barbeques for hire line both sides of Shek-O's pretty Front Beach. Cheap beers. unleashed dogs and journalists abound. a friendly lady to light and tend them. a stack of plastic chairs and a table.Sailing Club Q d Q Y e .

Mido is the oldest cafe in You Ma Tei.f~iW.Jong Y e .Going since the 1960s. it is famous for its red bean ice drink and french toast. everbody loves mah-jong. Mido Cafe )tl:/ iW. 34 Shanghai Street Kowloon d Q Mf . The sign for this mahjong parlour in Y au Mah Tei is very special: it is a row of giant mah-jong tiles lined up in a winning formation. )tl:/ JtfJm J:. which can bring you luck and money. Located on the 1st and 2nd floor of an old building at the corner of Temple Street.~ Q fir 34 ~jHmr G /F .Jm~ fir63~Jm r G/F 63 Temple Street Yau Ma Tei Kowloon 23846402 In Hong Kong.1i::gg: ~ Win Win Mah. Most local people come here to relive childhood memories.

really traditional and part of the unique food culture of Hong Kong.Temple Street is well known for its night market. they also sell a wide range of delicious local delicacies. Bing Kee Restaurant 1mJffJ~~ 1iJ 15~}jU~r G/F 15 Temple Street Yau Ma Tei Kowloon ~1t~ Hot Bowl Rice a d a y e . Hing Kee makes the best hot bowl rice. The long queue for dinner every night means it is very good. but it is also a popular place to have hot bowl rice and seafood.

. ~ if "Wu Ja Chi " fried noodles. You can find all the Hong Kong snacks like curry fishbnll.W~~*-1ir Sai Yeung Choi Street All the locals head to Mongkok for street food. They are all cheap and all delicious. egg small ball pizza. mr . !. and "stinky" tofu. ~ m 1ftr ±1if Dundas Street Q d Q Y e .

Good Hope is a well-known noodle and congee shop in Mongkok. Mongkok Kowloon 23939036 Q d Q Y e . Elftd W 5* *1iJ146~ G IF 146 Sai Yeung Choi Street. The plastic menu on the wall is classic old Hong Kong. It has more than 30 years history in Mongkok. Their signature wonton noodle and nam yu pig leg are very original and tasty.

and all the chunky. bracelets and belts.. necklaces. &J}H{it Yu Chou Street Q Chung Wah Hong 96 ~ B:tllL TGIF. beads. It is well-known among fashion people and trendy teenagers in search of buttons and ribbons. 96B Pei Ho Street Shum Shui Po 23870788 1~*1i 1t M{it d Q Y e ..You can find so many cool shops in Sham Shui Po: we love the lovely laces and crochets and the helpful clerks at Chung Wah Hong on Nom Cheong St. There are also plenty of shops selling fabrics in the area with free color cards to take for reference. Yu Chou Street is full of shops selling wholesale accessories like earrings. funky buttons at Jun Hing Hong.

fabric rolls . It is a hotspot for local design students especially on Saturdays. fabric vendors in Sham Shui Po worked on the street until the government relocated them to this giant museum-like hawker's bazaar. The ownership of the stalls is still inherited by family members.are stacked up in towering layers.mostly factory overstock. Q d £~1~ Ki Lung Street Q Y e . Space inside is limited: in order to fully utilise the space. chat. You can see the shopkeepers rest.Yen Chow Street Hawker Bazaar In the 1970s. and even play mah-jong with others in the bazaar. o p-' There is another small fabric market on Ki Lung Street famous for its really cheap woven fabrics. C/) p-' p 8 ~ C/) 8.

If you are not interested in electronic products. Ap Liu Street ~~:f-1iJ Sham Shui Po MTR Exit C2 55ibJd{17J~:?It! 2 t±l tJ C Golden Computer Arcade is another fun place to browse in Sham Shui Po: take exit D at the MTR Station to reach it. watches. This centre is always busy on weekends. glasses. Golden Computer Arcade 1t1t I:Ail WI 1m 146 . etc. jewelry. books. i@i * 1iJ146-152~ a d a y e . If you look up above the crowds on this century-old street. you can still come here to browse the second-hand goods like music discs. It is always crowded. because it is a goldmine for bargain computer products from around the world.152 Fuk Wah Street 5* 71<J. On either side of the street there are tons of shops that sell inexpensive mobile phones. you can see many interesting old buildings.The market at Ap Liu Street has been selling cheap electronic parts and barely legal spy gear since 1970. as well as TV games and Japanese figures.

They are all handmade and are meant to bring good luck for people get married or shop openning in an nostalgia way. you will still see some advertisements on bamboo constructed board. Mickey Mouse. you will see a noodle shop called Wai Kee Noodle Cafe. There is still. a colorful toy wholesale market in Sham Shui Po on Fuk Wing Street. and all the different Japanese cartoons and toys. where you can pick up Hello Kitty. Barbie. If you head back to Pei Ho Street from Fuk Wing Street. Pei Ho Street and Kwe Lin Street ~ )1iJ 1iT ~ tf #-1iT t Sham Shui Po MTR Exit A2 75jb)Cttldl ir6 A2lli tr Q d Q Y e .even Mr. This is a little shop famous for their noodles with pig livers . most of them moved across the border long ago. however. It is nearby MTR exit D2.Hong Kong was well known for its many toy factories in the 1960s. Fuk Wing Street 1&~1iT In Sham Shui Po. Donald Tsang likes to stop by for a bowl.

tofu cubes and soy sheets here to make a healthy soy supper.71<-:1:# ~ U1iJ 1iJ-118 ~ 118 Pei Ho Street 23866871 Q d Q Y e . Hung Fat 5~ibJd#£ ~1iJ-251 ~ 250 Kei Lung Street 23861034 0..Hung Fat started his business in 1955 selling the most traditional Chinese cake in Hong Kong.. His red bean pudding is very famous.. II ::i A C/) .. served with syrup and powdered red sugar. You can choose additional fillings like chopped peanuts or sesame.Flower" JI ~ it. o Kung Wo is a very old soy bean dessert shop. A 8 o C/) ~*P:i JEr fit Kung Wo Dou Bun Chong 5*.. Many locals love to have a quick snack here like Tofu. You can also grab some fried gluten. The black sesame "gai see tung" and dark green "ngai cho" rice cake are tasty too..

:Iff :i{ jl~~* Hong Fat Noodles Q £rl1tr 166 ~1~~ A side of 166 Ki Lung Street 23806772 d Q Y e . The building next door has been renewed as a small guesthouse with a super bright billboard at the top. milk tea. it was abandoned after 2002. Built in the 1920s. stop in at one of the dci pui dong where you can order some typical cantonese dishes like wonton noodles. beef noodles. as it is very tasty for serving with pork and congee. dried and salted fish is also popular for locals. Nam Cheong Pawn Shop 5~bJd:$i¥J §HiJ 117 ~ 117 Nam Cheong Street Not only fresh seafood is famous in Hong Kong. ~tm1tr Pei Ho Street If you're walking around Yu Chau Street. etc. even with steamed salted eggs. You can find many traditional dried food stores in Pei Ho Street.Across from Yu Chau Street on the corner of Nam Cheong Street is an old building called Nam Cheong Pawn. toast.

many part human. There are over a hundred statues in the temple.fu .• * 1m "Jill Lot Chin" is the most exotic temple in the city. part onimul.f~ "Jill Lat Chin" )L 1Jl ~ 'f )j' l±/ J#J 1t w Sherin Pass Road. It was established by an old man from Chiu Chow. Q d Q Y e . Tsz Wan Shan -!if :l{ The strangest arrangement is called "The Retribution in Hell" which depicts people who have done something wrong in their life and are now facing all sorts of different tortures in hell after death. ti1.

Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the largest and best-known temples in Hong Kong. when you may not be able to get a look in. Esta blished in 1921. as hundreds of thousands of people cram inside to have their fortunes told by shaking a numbered stick from a bamboo flask. the stick is then exchanged for a piece of paper which is interpreted by a fortune teller. Q d Q e Y . •* 1ili Jt }C1tlJffJ Wong Tai Sin Temple ~ti'fj} Lung Cheung Road It is busy all year round. this Taoist shrine became a limited company in 1965 to avoid the wrecking ball and is now an historic monument. expecially at the Chinese New Year. Easy! It's open from 7:00 am to 5:00pm everyday.

-tlffIJ j~ tf1 ffi Kam Tin Road Yan Kee is famous for its "Rainbow Rice". J~"Pu*~ft1~ Kat Bing Wai i!l~. Many local people love to drive here and bring their puppies for tea on the weekends. Kam Tin Road.I. a curry chicken rice with different combinations of sausages.t-~ ~ YanKee Cafe 7G ~A j~ tf1 01f~ .# 12~A id~~ 12A Sheung Tsuen. closed and ignored by the village leaders but which retain a traditional elegance. Q d Q Y e . Pat Heung You can find many old mansions in Yuen Long which are empty.:1 -t.Kat Bing Wai was built in the late Ming Dynasty 500 years ago. The iron gate at the entrance was returned by the British government after the "gate Incident". British soldiers took over the entrance gate in the 19th century.

There are many small ancient villages in Yuen Long. not Seven. ~~ 1I1:f~ ~# Kam Tin Chi Tong Tsuen ~~ 1I1 ffifr Kam Tin Road Q d Q Y e . If you want to shop. They were all constructed in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. All the shops were founded by the villagers. please go to the nearby groceries shops. and operated by generation after generation. Kam Tin Chi Tong Tsuen is one of the biggest villages in Yuen Long. The villages all have their own gateways leading to a residential area. The Tang family are the earliest known settlers and the biggest land owners in the district. It is located at the main street of Kern Tin Road.Eleven.

Wah Kwong and Kwan Tai.7G - tlR Pat Heung Old Temple is located at Pat Heung Sheung Tsuen. Many people come here to worship deities like Kwun Yam. If you want to visit. Tin Hau. especially on New Year's day and the God's birthday. take the MTR to Kam Sheung Road West and transit by bus or taxi. all the villagers come together for a "Heritage Bowl" with vegetarian food in front of the temple. far from town. and walk along a footpath to the temple for about 5 minutes. During the big day of K wun Yam. Hau Wong. alight at Kam Tin Road. Yuen Long Y e . The temple is a symbol of glory and dignity for the villagers. Q A#~~*Jt Pat Heung Old Temple d Q 7G ~)H~ j4t 1I1 Kam Tin Road. It was built over 200 years ago and has an imposing structure.

This "Chi Tong" is supported by granite columns and the brackets are engraved elegantly. The hall is only open to members of the Law clan or for special occasions. Mr. If you meet someone called Law."Law See Ka Chi" is an ancestral hall built by a villager with the surname whose Chinese character translates as "Law". Law See Ka Chi *I ~*A~ MTR to Kam Sheung Road and Transit by Taxi *il~*_l1f~*4*s~± Q d Q Y e . take note: you may have a chance to visit. " Its outstanding interior construction is typical of the Qing Dynasty. Law's family have put a pair of co-ordinated and parallel red posters outside the door to bring fortune to their people.

on the western side of Lcntou Island. some from the Ming Dynasty. o People in Toi Olive in very special houses called "bamboo houses": even the ones made of steel are supported by long bamboo stilts. There is also a Kun Yin Temple: many fishermen come to worship Kun Yin everyday as she can bring them luck for fish hunting. Q TaiO *-5~ d Q Y e Take No. Local people come here by boat or bus. is a small fishing village surrounded by a river.ii Bus from Tung Chung MTR Station *1itJ~*'*~±-t-~ . Some people call it the "Venice of the Orient" because so many fishing boats criss-cross the tiny hcbour everyday. There are many temples in Tci 0.Tai 0.

The most famous dishes in Tai 0 are fried rice with diced chicken and salted fish cubes.Tai 0 is also renowned for native products like salted fish. The sunset scenery is especially romantic. dried seafood. and fried rice with shrimp roe. Tai 0 is a fantastic spot for eco tourism and hiking. shrimp roe and shrimp paste. You can see Hong Kong's endangered pink dolphins since they love to frolic here. o a d a y e . salt roasted chicken.

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