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Master Fall

Master Fall

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Published by: Valentine Featherstone on Aug 15, 2011
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Fall House Cleaning & Maintenance Checklist

Outside Tasks:
• Check & Clean the Gutters: Get them ready for all the leaves and rain. • Mow the Lawn: Do one last good mowing of the grass and put your mower up for the winter. • Clean All the Outside Windows: Do before the rainy days come. Also while you're at it hose down the outside walls of any dirt and bugs, and get the outside of your doors. • Check All the Windows and the Doors for Drafts. • Drain, Roll, & Put Your Hoses Away • Fix Up Flower Beds and Pots: If have any dead flowers pull them up and the weeds. Plant some fall plants is desired. If you have any flower pots not being used then clean them, dry them, and put them away. • Clean Your Patio Furniture and Summer-Time Kid's Toys: Also if you have any blow-up pools drain them, let air out, and put away. • Put Away Summer Decorations: Make room for your fall decorations! • Organize Your Shed: Put your gardening tools and summer things more towards that back, and bring forward your cold weather items, like the snow shovel and your de-icer chemicals. Also make sure to gather any liquids that might freeze in the cold weather,and store some where safe and warm.
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Indoor Tasks: Most likely you'll be having more company w/ the holidays right around the
corner. So I suggest make sure to really focus on the rooms your company will be in!

Here's some tasks you want to make sure you do!

• Check All of Your Home's Safety Devices: Change batteries in you

Fall House Cleaning & Maintenance Checklist
smoke alarms, check your fire extinguisher, etc. • Get Your Chimney Inspected & Cleaned: Also make sure you stock up on some firewood! • Get Your Furnace Professionally Inspected • Check Your Dryer's Vent and Exhaust Tube: For any built up lint. Then go check your washer's tubes and make sure in good condition. • Drain the Sediment Out of Your Hot Water Heater • Attic: If you have one, and w/ the cool weather here, go up and clean the dust. Take your vacuum and vac from the top to the bottom. Then reorganize the area. • Grab Your Fall Decorations: Grab your decorations and the things you'll use to put your summer ones away! Sort through all of them, if you have any broken ones either set aside to fix ( if possible ) or throw out. If you see some items you don't care for any more donate them and make room some room for new decorations!!!! Also, clean the decorations your going to put up! • Also Before the Cold Weather & Rain Hits: Grab all the garbage cans in your house, your fridge's shelves and bins, and if you have cat's get their litter boxes. Take them all outside clean them really well (use a good cleaner to help kill bacteria and any smells) and then hose them out, dry, and put them all away. Trust me do it before it get's cold or wet outside! Once that happens you won't ever get to doing this and all of those will get really gross and smelly over the winter!
Now go tackle each room! Go Download their checklists first!

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