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A Loyal Farmer

Folklore from Bali A long time ago, there was a small village in Bali. The villagers were farmers they were very happy. Gods gave them fertile land. They always had great harvest. There were no poor family in that village. One day, a young man came to the village. He came from a very far place. He went to the richest farmer in the village. The richest farmer's name was Jero Pasek. "My name is I Tundung. I came here to work, Sir. I promise I will work hard." "Hmm...Okay, I will let you work in my rice field. But remember, I will ask you to leave if you are lazy." said Jero Pasek. I Tudung was very happy. He did not want to disappoint Jero pasek, his master. He worked diligently. Jero Pasek was very grateful. The harvest was much better. Besides cultivating, I Tundung also look care of the animals, such as chickens, ducks, goats and cows. The number of the animals also increased. Jero Pasek become richer. Jero pasek planned to ask I Tundung to cultivate his field in Kangin Hill. Unlike the land in the village, the land in Kangin Hill was not fertile. However, I Tundung accepted it very happy. He felt that Jero Pasek had already trusted him. He wanted to repay his trust by giving him great harvest. The land in the hill was arid. It was very dry. However, I Tundung was never gave up. There was a small spring. I Tundung made irrigation. He used the water in the spring and flew it through the irrigation. It worked! The land was not dry anymore. The plants grew very well. And again they had great harvest. Now the whole hills are green, thanks to I Tundung.

Unfortunately, their happiness did not last long. A thief stole the harvest and the animals. Sadly, I Tundung was never able to catch the thief. The harvest and the animals kept on missing, Jero Pasek was angry. "I'm very disappointed in you. I have lost a lot of harvest and animals!" I Tundung was sad. He went to a temple to pray. While he was meditating, he heard a voice. "I know your promlem and I can help you." "Thank you. I'm willing to do anything as long as I can protect my master's harvest and animals." said I Tundung. "I will change you into a big black snake. You will live in the hill and you can protect the harvest and the animals." I Tundung agreed. he did not want to make his master disappointed and angry at him. Slowly, he changed into a big black snake. Meanwhile, Joko Pasek was looking for I Tundung. And when he arrived at his field, he saw abig black snake. He was so surprised when the snake was able to talk! "Don't be afraid, Sir. It's me, I Tundung. From now on, I will always protect your harvest and your animals." Jero Pasek was very sad. He never meant to ask I Tundung to do anything. But it was to late.*** 0 comments

Kebo Iwa

Folklore from Bali

Once upon a time in Bali, a man and his wife were praying. They have been married for a long time but did not have any children. They asked God to give them a child. They prayed and prayed. God finally answered their pray. The wife, then, got pregnant and they had a baby boy. They were very happy. The baby was extraordinary. He was very much different from other babies. He ate and drank a lot. Day after day he ate more and more. His body was getting bigger and bigger. And by the time he was a teenager, his body was as big as a buffalo. People then started to call him Kebo Iwa. Because of his eating habit, Kebo Iwa’s parents spent a lot of money to buy his food in large amount. They finally went bankrupt. They gave up and asked the villagers to help them provide the food. The villagers then worked together to cook and build a big house for Kebo Iwa. He was like a giant. He could not stay in his parents’ house anymore because of his big body. Sadly, after a few months, the villagers also could not afford to cook him the food. They then asked Kebo Iwa to cook his own food. The villagers just prepared the raw materials. Kebo Iwa agreed and as an expression of his gratitude to the villagers, he built a dam, dug wells, and he also protected the villagers from animals and people who wanted to attack their village. He did those things by himself. Meanwhile, the troops of Majapahit were planning to attack Bali. They knew about Kebo Iwa. And they also knew that they could not conquer Bali with Kebo Iwa there. Kebo Iwa was more powerful than they were. Gajah Mada, the Maha Patih (Chief Minister) of Majapahit then planned something. They were pretending to invite Kebo Iwa to Majapahit to help them dig some wells. They said that Majapahit was suffering from a long dry season and needed much water. Kebo Iwa did not know the plan, so he went to Majapahit. When Kebo Iwa was busy digging a very big well, the troops covered the well. Kebo Iwa had difficulty in breathing and buried alive. He died inside the well. After the death of Kebo Iwa, Bali was conquered by Majapahit. Until now, people still remember Kebo Iwa because he had done a lot for Majapahit and Bali. The stone head of legendary Kebo Iwa can be found in Pura Gaduh temple in Blahbatuh. *** 1 comments

Manik Angkeran

Manik Angkeran
Folklore from Bali

"I will give you anything you want but you have to promise to stop gambling. This time Sidi Mantra wanted Manik Angkeran really to stop gambling. The dragon knew him. He heard that his father got the jewelries from the dragon living in Agung Mountain. He made me poor. Instead he kept on begging to his parents to give him a lot of money. I want to give him some. Suddenly. jewelries came out from the dragon's body. My son likes to gamble. And now he asks a lot of money. He could provide jewelries to those who could say the right prayers and ring the bell. They always advised Manik Angkeran to stop his bad habit. Manik Angkeran rang the bell. Manik Angkeran was very happy. He wanted to kill the dragon and stole all his jewelries.A long time ago. After arrived in Agung Mountain. Then Sidi Mantra used a stick to make a big line between them on the ground. Sidi Mantra had the bell and he also knew the prayers. The father was Sidi Mantra. Sidi Mantra was very sad. The dragon knew his plan and with his great power he killed Manik Angkeran. I have a problem. There lived a mighty dragon with his great supernatural power. Sidi Mantra then said the prayers and rang the bell. Soon it became a river. He was very happy and immediately brought the jewelries home. water flowed. his parents soon became poor. but he never listened to them. He also had a bad habit. but now I want him to promise to stop his bad behavior. Suddenly he had a bad idea. So he stole his father's bell then went there. After few moments. Because of his bad habit. Sidi Mantra then went to Agung Mountain. From the line. Manik Angkeran lived again. The parents then did not have the heart to see him begging. . The dragon agreed but they had to live in different places. lived a very rich family in Bali. He lived happily with his wife and his only child Manik Angkeran. "My name is Sidi Mantra. He asked the dragon to bring his son back to life. The son then promised." explained Sidi Mantra after he met the dragon. Remember the karma!" then the dragon gave him the jewelries. Manik Angkeran was a spoiled son. He liked to gamble. He was very famous for his supernatural power. But soon he broke the promise and he did not have some money again.

No wonder people call you Bujang Katak. “You are so ugly. She raised her son with great love. She lived alone in her hut. At first. Bujang means a young man and Katak means a frog. He wanted to get married. prayed the old woman. His head and his skin were like frog’s head and skin. It separated Java and Bali. the old woman was sad. She didn’t say bad things about him. He wanted to marry one of the king’s seven daughters’! He told his plan to his mother. She was the most beautiful and kindest daughter. He was very strong and obedient to his mother. “You are very poor. However he did not want to marry the girl in his village. The second daughter also said bad things to him. She was pregnant. She was sad. She was a poor farmer. She knew that the king would reject his married proposal. And later they arrived at the palace. You really look like a frog. said the first daughter. “I really appreciate your courage young man. later on she was grateful to god. One by one all the seven daughters talked. The baby grew as a kind man.Finally it became a strait. But she did not want to see her son sad. She accepted Bujang Katak’s married proposal! “I will marry him. I really want to have a son although he looks like a frog”. *** Bujang Katak Folklore from Bangka Belitung There was an old woman. said the king. People then named the strait as Bali Strait. Finally the youngest daughter had her turn to talk. People called him Bujang Katak. But I can not make any decision. Later the baby was born. Later Bujang Katak was adult. The first daughter didn’t say good things about Bujang Katak. “God. Father” said the youngest daughter to the king. please give me a son. However. She hoped her son could help her work in the rice field. She was getting older and getting weaker. Bujang Katak told the king about the married proposal. I don’t want to have a poor husband”. I don’t want to have a husband who looks like a frog”. She did not have husband but she prayed to god to give her a son. Surprisingly the baby looked like a frog. I will ask my seven daughters to give their opinions and decisions”. So the other daughters talked bad things about him. . God answered her pray. She insulted him.

Mother. He had a lot of gold. “How can you build a golden bridge. Son?” she asked Bujang Katak. said the king. His frog’s skin removed from his body. I will pray to God to help me”. said Bujang Katak. Her husband was very handsome and also very rich. One night. Slowly they built a bridge using the gold. His mother burned the removed skin. Amazingly the skin changed into gold. “I will let you marry my daughter but you have to build a golden bridge from your house to this palace”.Everybody was surprised. Bujang Katak and his mother went home. “Don’t worry. They had a lot of gold. All the elders’ sisters were laughing at her. His head also changed. So he asked Bujang Katak to do something very difficult. He wanted to cancel the married. The youngest daughter was very happy. All her sisters were jealous. He became a very handsome man. amazing things happened. Finally the bridge was built from they house to the king’s palace. His mother was very sad and confused. Then Bujang Katak prayed days and nights. They were even more jealous when the king asked Bujang Katak to be the new king. The king was shocked! He never thought that one of his daughters would marry Bujang Katak.*** 0 comments Kelingking Folklore from Bangka Belitung .

He was as big as a little finger. Time passed by and Kelingking did not grow much. How will you name him then?” asked the wife. “You are right. They were poor and they did not have any children yet.A long time ago in Bangka Belitung lived a husband and a wife. We have to be grateful. Though he was so small. He ate much food. Kelingking means little finger. Let him live there.” prayed the husband. I will name him Kelingking.” said the father. even though he is only as big as a little finger. And that made his parents really worried. His body was still physically small compared to other kids. Their dream came true! The wife was pregnant. “I cannot hold it anymore. “God. Let’s love him. Kelingking ate like adults. They really wanted to have a child. . In the morning.” said the husband. although he is as big as a little finger right? Be thankful to God. Kelingking and his father went to the jungle. Days and nights they prayed to God. He was so small. I want to put Kelingking in the jungle. When they arrived. the father asked Kelingking to cut down a very big tree. please give us a child. Well. They were poor and sometimes they could not eat because they had to give their food to Kelingking. “You prayed to God to give us a child. However they were surprised when they saw the baby. I think he can survive.

He then had another idea. The father was surprised. I’m home.” Kelingking was an obedient kid. He followed his father to go to the mountain. When Kelingking was trying to bring the stone. Since then they always worked together. *** 1 comments Umpit and the Wild Hogs Folklore from Bangka Belitung A long time ago in Bangka. “Father. let’s go to the mountain. When they arrived. But he was a nice kid and he had great power.” asked the father. The father then apologized to Kelingking. The father thought that Kelingking could not cut down the big tree. where do you want me to put this big tree?” asked Kelingking. Where do you want me to put this big stone?” This time Kelingking’s father realized his mistake. And he brought the big tree also! “Father. they could get a job and had a lot of money. The father was sure that Kelingking would be lost in the jungle. It was true that Kelingking’s body was small and he ate much food. At night. “Kelingking.When Kelingking was busy cutting down the tree. lived a hunter. With that power. suddenly he heard Kelingking’s voice. his father silently went home. His name was Umpit. . his father pointed a big stone. Kelingking then went inside the house. But he was wrong! In the morning Kelingking suddenly showed up in front of the house. He asked Kelingking to put the tree in the backyard. The stone was as big as their house! “I want you to bring that big stone to our house. when the father was sleeping . the father immediately ran home. I need a big stone from there. As always he ate all the food and that made his father got angry.

Wow! He got jewelries.” said the woman. The villagers liked him very much. Umpit often hunted the wild hogs. He followed the blood trail and arrived at the cave. He waited at his plantation. After he knew all about it. but you have to cure my daughter. She then pointed a girl. Her leg was bleeding. One day he asked Umpit to hunt the wild hogs. I will forgive you. He ran very fast. He put the leaves on the wound. It went to the jungle. He asked Umpit how he became rich. whoosssh! One of the hogs was shot. While he was waiting. “Come. At night he was prepared and waited at the Pak Raje’s plantation. Finally the blood trail stopped in a big cave. Umpit immediately went home. Then. and he shot a wild hog. However he found blood shed on the ground. suddenly seven wild hogs entered the plantation. But he could not do that. I shot it using my blowpipe. *** 0 comments Putri Pinang Gading Folklore from Bangka Belitung . “She was not a real hog. and that made the woman angry. Umpit prepared his blowpipe. Umpit sold the jewelries and now he became a rich man. He knew some medication because his parents taught him before. At home. the hog disappeared. He followed the blood trail. Pak Raje ran very fast.” Umpit was so scared. He met the woman and the injured girl. He asked Umpit to help him from the wild hogs. She was wounded. the villagers gave him some money.” “So. Amazingly. We are the goddess of the jungle. Umpit agreed.He was called Umpit because he always went hunting using his blowpipe. he borrowed Umpit’s blowpipe. He did not like to donate his money. I’m looking for a wounded hog. After Umpit killed the wild hogs. Umpit immediately opened the present. The woman then gave Umpit a present. Slowly he entered the cave. He did not know that it was not the real hog. Pak Raje heard that Umpit had become a rich man. She asked all the wild hogs to attack Pak Raje. Umpit could not find the hog anywhere. it’s you! You are the man who hurt my daughter!” Slowly a woman appeared in front of him. Then he heard a voice. He agreed to help if only Pak Raje donated some of his money. Nobody liked him. “Who are you?” “My name is Umpit. gold and diamond. Pak Raje was the richest man in the village. He then took some leaves. Those animals often destroyed the villagers’ plantation. After a while. He was very stingy. Pak Raje was asked to cure the girl. the girl was cured. Pak Raje said yes and he also promised he would be helpful to the villagers. He went to Umpit’s house. follow me.

said Pak Inda. bamboo plants grew. he stumbled on a bamboo. It means poisonous bamboos. Later the villagers named the area as Membalong. Pak Inda told his wife about the bamboo. Just aim it at the bird’s heart. Pak Inda and Bu Tumina took care of her with great love. the prince. Bu Tumina suggested him to put the bamboo in a box. The husband was a fisherman. Amazingly the bamboo kept on coming back to him. Before he did that. Membalong is now a district in Bangka Belitung. Wooosshhh! The arrow hit the bird’s heart! The bird fell on the ground and died instantly. the giant bird was flying right above her. They asked her to be careful. They lived alone in their house. Suddenly. Nobody dared to kill the giant bird. In the morning. Be careful my daughter. At home. One day. He knew his daughter could do that. a giant bird attacked their village. He knew that this bamboo was different from other bamboos so he brought it home. Putri Pinang Gading knew she had to do something. was not a good son. The prince had bad . Pak Inda and Bu Tumina looked everywhere to find the baby. there was a king. The husbands name was Pak Inda and the wife’s name was Bu Tumina. It hurt many people. The bamboos were poisonous. he looked at the bamboo carefully. he is very rich and had great power.A long time ago in Belitung. He wanted to throw the bamboo to the sea. He then threw the bamboo to the sea. She wanted to kill the bird. Then he continued walking. Pak Inda and Bu Tumina were very happy. However he was not happy. They taught her to be independent. This is dangerous. On the way there. On the ground where the giant bird fell. Finally they found a baby girl inside the box where they put the bamboo. That was why Putri Pinang Gading grew as a great girl. he stumbled on a stick of bamboo. The bird tried to attack her. take this arrow with you. The villagers were very happy. The bird was wild. Again. However the bamboo was gone. I think this is the same bamboo I threw awhile ago. they heard a baby crying. She aimed at the bird’s heart. They named the baby girl Putri Pinang Gading. *** Panji Kelaras Folklore from Banten ONCE upon a time. Even though Putri Pinang Gading was their only child. said Pak Inda. His only child. He threw the bamboo to the sea. there were a couple of husband and wife. Here. The villagers were scared. They thanked Putri Pinang Gading for her great action. We love you very much and we don’t want anything bad happen to you. Putri Pinang Gading then went to the village. She was skillful with arrows. Pak Inda always went fishing in the morning. How can it be here again? Pak Inda was confused. She was waiting for the bird. And in one morning as always he went to the sea. They put the box in their bed room. They did not have any children. Someone may get hurt with it. “Why are there a lot of bamboos here?” asked Pak Inda to himself. they did not spoil her. They also taught her how to protect herself from wild animals. Putri Pinang Gading then prepared her arrow. The arrow has poison and it can kill the bird.

Until one day. She let her son go to the palace because she wanted him to meet his father. He immediately knock the door. the prince forbade her. The prince rushed to the palace. He did not know where to stay. the king did his bad behaviour again. the king could not hold it anymore. The prince fell in love with her. It was a chicken egg. He was not satisfied. He had never been to the jungle before. So he left the palace and went to the jungle. She named her son Panji Kelaras. the egg also hatched. which soon grew as a cock. He was jealous. And he was more surprised when he saw his wife hugged Panji Kelaras. And when she delivered a baby son. Panji Kelaras became the king.attitudes. When Panji Kelaras arrived at the palace he immediately gave his cock to the soldiers. She was an orphan. He liked to do cockfighting and gambling. The king regretted his mistake. No cock should beat the king's cock. Her parents just died and now she lived alone. He was so happy. then a beautiful girl opened the door. However. And now there was no king in the palace. Panji Kelaras always played with his chick. Where were you? I was waiting for you for long time but you never came back. Every time the prince had cock fighting. Meanwhile. the king. The eagle dropped an egg. The king kept his promise. He led the kingdom wisely. he found a hut. the king. He was so happy. She gave him her blessing. He asked her to marry him. there lived a poor fisherman. and eagle flew above her. When the prince was working in the field. Soon. He gave Panji Kelaras a bag of gold. "He is you son. The girl agreed and later they got married. The prince and his wife had a happy life. " Who is he?" asked the king. The king was surprised when Panji Kelaras went to the hut he used to stay with his wife. They got happier when the wife was pregnant. the king secretly follow him. Panji Kelaras heard about the competition. When his wife asked to join him. Later the king asked them to stay in the palace. Many people brought their cocks and fought them with the king's cock. died. he heard that his father. Finally. The wife was sad. He asked the prince to leave the palace and lived in the jungle. When Panji Kelaras left the palace. He also ignored his father's advice. The prince knew it was his punishment. Panji Kelaras father now was the king. He liked to do cock fighting. He was very confused. And when the king died. While she was working. The king's cock always won the fighting. She keep the egg. His name was Dampu . He apologized to his wife and to his son. The prince worked harder. While he was busy looking for a place to stay. While she was sitting for the husband. Panji Kelaras cock won the fighting.*** 0 comments The Legend of Pinang Mountain Folklore from Banten ONCE upon a time in Banten. the kocks were fighting. She was pregnant and she was alone in the jungle. he made a competition of cockfighting and the prize was a bag of gold." said his wife. He wanted to give the best to his baby. He asked his mother's permission to go the palace.

. Dampu agreed. She mentioned Dampu's name loudly. The ship slowly changed into a mountain. "Okay. If you want to be rich merchant like me. In his dream. Since he join the merchant's ship. He would have a big ship and sail to many places. great storm attacked his ship. And that made him wake up from his . By marrying the merchant daughter. He always sailed in the sea. Rain and thunder attacked the ship. God answered her prayer. "Guards! Ask that old woman to go away. Dampu realize his mistake but it was to late. She is not my mother. The woman was standing in front him.. But if he is my son. Suddenly. Meanwhile. She was also dirty. his name was Raden Budog. Dampu always worked hard.Awang. People named it Pinang Mountain. you have to pay attention to what I'm doing. He was tired of being a poor man. Dampu did the assignment very well. The merchant had a big ship. He was old and wanted Dampu to marry his daughter." God again answered her prayer." Sadly he ignored her. She was old and her cloth was worn-out. let him sail safely. She finally came closer to Dampu. Dampu and his wife arrived at the village." said the merchant. He bough and sold things in the places he visited. Dampu Awang had made up his mind. He asked Dampu to buy and sell the merchant's thing. She hoped that Dampu would come home soon." said Dampu to his guards. He wanted to be a rich man. "If he is not my son. Many people greeted Dampu.. Everyday she prayed to God. Slowly the merchant trusted him. The ship was slowly sinking and it finally submerged. Dampu met the merchant. That was why he could not catch a lot of fish and did not have much money. He had a dream. your mother. Dampu always worked hard. Dampu heard that there was a rich merchant coming to his village. Raden Budog tried to touch her. Dampu's mother heard that her son had become a rich man. He knew that Dampu could be a great merchant. She prayed to God. And he also did not have big net just like his friends.Dampu. When Dampu sailed in the sea. However. They all praised him. he met a very beautiful woman. Dampu's mother tried to meet Dampu. He started to make a lot of money. a twig of the tree fell down and hit him. But you have to work hard. He lived with his mother. He really wanted to be rich. He already imagined that he would be a rich man. I will let you join me. Dampu wanted to work for him. he could become a rich man. Dampu Awang was extremely happy. Dampu was so ashamed of his mother.*** 0 comments The Legend of Tanjung Lesung Folklore from Banten THERE was a handsome traveler. He did not want to be a merchant. "Dampu.. The merchant was happy. He told him that he wanted to work for him. She finally let him go. punish him. She was so sad. He was resting under a big tree and soon he fell asleep. It's me. he only had a small boat. my mother was a rich woman and she already died. She also heard that he was already married and had a big ship. His mother could not do anything. The guards pushed Dampu's mother away.

you can sleep in the terrace. He then tried to find a way how he could stay in the village and got married with her. He even had a tail. Then they got married. until one man yelled at him. Raden Budog enjoyed the sound. he wanted to meet her. Later. Sri Poh Haci woke him up. An old woman opened the door. He had changed into a monkey! Raden Budog was so ashamed. He was trying to find an excuse to stay in the house. He was upset! Raden Budog could not forget that woman. “My name is Raden Budog. All of the villagers were farmers. The people called the mortar as lesung. Since then people named the village as Lesung Village or Kampung Lesung. the villagers screamed. And suddenly. He did not notice that all the villagers were looking at him. He came closer to the girls. Some girls were pounding rice in a mortar.*** 0 comments Nyi Banjarsari Nyi Banjarsari Folklore from Banten . He also wanted to make the good sound. except Friday. Raden Budog was very happy. Aha! He saw the girl he met in his dream. All the girls were afraid and they all went home. She also gave him a glass of coffee. and he forgot that pounding rice in the lesung was not allowed on Fridays. Raden Budog knocked the door. “Who are you. Days passed by and later Sri Poh Haci also fell in love with him. look! A monkey is pounding the rice!” Slowly the villagers came closer to Raden Budog. he told Nyi Siti that he would help her in the rice field. And since the village is located in a cape.” said Nyi Siti. Raden Budog followed the beautiful girl. One day Raden Budog wanted to pound the rice. And when he was busy making the sound. If you want to spend the night here. monkey! Stop it! It is Friday!” Raden Budog did not understand why the villagers called him monkey. Nyi Siti agreed. Raden Budog was extremely happy. They were busy pounding and the sound they made was like a harmony. He traveled days and nights and never stopped to rest. “My name is Nyi Siti and I live with my daughter. he was surprised! His body was full of hair. Raden Budog still worked in the rice field and Sri Poh Haci also continued to pound the rice in the lesung.” said Raden Budog. Friday was a holy day for them. He ran away to the jungle. In the morning. “Hey. And when the beautiful girl arrived home. people then named the village as Lesung Cape or Tanjung Lesung. I don’t allow men to stay in my house. And finally he arrived in a village.sleep. However it was Friday.” asked the woman. And when he looked at his body. The girls pounded the rice everyday. Her name is Sri Poh Haci. “Hey. He was looking at all the girls one by one. My husband passed away. I’m so sorry. May I spend the night in your house? I’m a traveler and I don’t have a place to stay. young man. because it was time to pray to God.

Together with his wife. They built their houses and had their lives back. Mother. and his beloved daughter. his wife. most of them were farmers. "Ha ha ha? You are joking. One night. Pak Bong was one of the farmers. The villagers were happy. How can we leave our rice field? We are going to have great harvest. Finally some villagers believed him.(*) Showing posts with label Batam. They could not prevent their daughter from jumping into the water. In his dream. At first Pak Bong thought it was just a dream but he had the same dream in the following nights. She has to jump into the water!" said the old man. Pak Bong. Nyi Banjarsari. Rain would water their rice field and soon they would harvest their rice. the village was drowned! Pak Bong and his friends could not do anything.IT was a rainy season. you have to sacrifice your daughter. They were sad because their village was under water. He kept on asking the villagers to evacuate to the hill. Pak Bong was very sad. There would be a great flood. He decided to tell all the villagers about his dream and asked them to evacuate on a hill not far from their village. Her parents loved her because she was very obedient. If this is the only way to save our village. Show all posts Mah Bongsu and a Snake . She did not want to lose her lovely daughter. "That's OK. the same old man told him how to save their village. Pak Bong and his friends went to the hill. Slowly. He then told his family about his dream. To show their thankfulness and gratefulness to Nyi Banjarsari. It continued until water entered the houses. She was a very beautiful girl. An old man came to him and said the rain would never stop. His wife did not agree at all. remember?" Everybody was laughing at Pak Bong. I would jump into the water. and his daughter Nyi Banjarsari. They asked God how the water dried up from their village. the villagers named their village into Banjarsari." said Nyi Banjarsari. The answer came in Pak Bong's dream. "If you want the water to dry up. Then they prayed to God. The villagers were sorry they did not listen to Pak Bong and ignored his advice. He wanted to buy some clothes for himself. Pak Bong had a terrible dream. water dried up. heavy rain fell days and nights. Her parents could not say anything. In the meantime. Soon. He was also very happy. Pak Bong and his friends then returned to their village. Pak Bong did not give up.

Mah Bongsu was helpless. Mah Bongsu sold all the gold and she became a rich girl. a piece of the snake’s skin was removed. Carefully. She was richer than Mak Piah. She was so curious. Everyday she prayed to God. Amazingly the skin turned into gold. she often hit Mah Bongsu and sometimes she did not gave enough food to Mah Bongsu. Just right before she left the house. Mah Bongsu. She asked Mayang to find a wounded snake. she brought the snake home. Sadly. She had a daughter named Mayang. lived an orphan named Mah Bongsu. Mah Bongsu was happy. to go to the river. she worked as a maid at a rich woman’s house. I want to propose you to be my wife. She was a nice girl. Since then people named the river where Mah Bongsu found her husband as Sungai Jodoh. She could not do anything. It means the river of soul mate. *** Showing posts with label Bengkulu.Folklore from Batam ONCE upon a time in Batam. She accepted the proposal and lived with the prince. Amazingly. Mak Piah was scared. She saw Mah Bongsu was healing a snake. And when Mayang finally found a wounded snake. She wanted to know how Mah Bongsu got the wealth. When Mah Bongsu was healing the wound. She always asked Mah Bongsu to work hard. It was bleeding. I’m a prince. Mah Bongsu was poor. Mah Bongsu felt sorry to the snake. To earn a living. the snake bit her and poisoned her. And thanks to you I changed into a man now. She wanted to have a better life. Later. Mayang. she brought it home. She wanted to run away. A witch cursed me into a snake . Actually. Suddenly she saw a big snake swimming towards her. Show all posts . she tried to run away. the wounded snake at Mah Bongsu’s house was finally healed. the snake was able to bite her. Mak Piah was very jealous. Mah Bongsu also helped all the poor people. “ Thank you. She wanted to sell it later. She bought a big house and she brought the snake with her. She did not work for Mak Piah anymore. Mah Bongsu took it. Mayang instantly died. Secretly. And she also died then. Meanwhile. Because you already helped me. Everyday the snake removed its skin and the skin always turned into gold. she went to Mah Bongsu’s house. Will you marry me?” asked the prince. Mah Bongsu was scared. She was alone in this world and she did not have any other place to stay. However. she saw the snake was wounded. Mak Piah was a mean lady. Mah Bongsu and Mayang were at the same age. Mak Piah asked her daughter. Mah Bongsu was washing the clothes in the river. Mah Bongsu collected all the gold and save it. the snake turned into a handsome man. her name was Mak Piah. She put the snake in her room and healed the wound. Mah Bongsu was so happy.

The Legend of Tes Lake
Folklore from Bengkulu

THERE was a man lived in Kutei Donok village, Bengkulu. People call him Pahit Lidah. He was named Pahit Lidah because he had magical power. Whatever he said would come true. That was why Pahit Lidah was always careful with his words. Pahit Lidah had a son. One day Pahit Lidah left his village. He wanted to open new rice field. He asked permission to the head of the village. The head of the village gave him the permission. Pahit Lidah went alone. His son still stayed at home. After walking for several hours, he finally found a good place for his new rice field. He brought his hoe and started using it. He dug the soil and threw it to the Air Ketahun River. He was working days and nighst and he never stopped to rest. He was very powerful. He kept on hoeing the soil and always threw it to the river. He had been working for two days and there was a lot of land covering the river. Slowly the soil blocked the water. The soil in the river made the water did not flow smoothly. The villagers were restless. They knew if Pahit Lidah kept on throwing the soil to the river, finally the river would totally blocked by the soil. They were afraid that the water would overflow and their village would be flooded. The villagers then reported this to the head of the village. After he knew the problem, the head of the village sent some villagers to meet Pahit Lidah. They had to persuade him to stop working and returned home. “If he still does not want to go home, tell him that his son is dead,” said the head of the villagers. Later the villagers left. They finally met Pahit Lidah. As planned, they tried to persuade him to stop working. However, Pahit Lidah ignored them. Then they told him that his son was dead. “Impossible. My son is fine. He is still alive,” said Pahit Lidah. They villagers gave up. They went home and reported to the head of the village. “I’m sorry, Sir. Pahit Lidah did not want to listen to us. Maybe if you tell him, he will listen to you. He really respects you,” said one villager. “Hmmm. Alright, I will go now,” said the head of the village. The head of the village then found Pahit Lidah still hoeing the soil. Later he persuaded Pahit Lidah. “Pahit Lidah, let’s go home now. Your son is dead,” said the head of the village. Pahit Lidah stopped working. He really respected the head of the village. Then he said, “Because you said that my son is dead, now I really believe that my son is dead,” said Pahit Lidah sadly. “So, why don’t you go home now?” “I will, Sir. I just need to hoe the soil a little more,” said Pahit Lidah. After that, the head of the village left him. Pahit Lidah just realized his mistake. Pahit Lidah was so sure that his son was not dead, then his son was indeed dead. He was so angry. However it was too late. He kept on hoeing and throwing the soil to the river.

And finally the land completely blocked the river and it made a new lake. People named the lake as Tes Lake.*** 0 comments

The legend of n'Daung Snake
Folklore from Bengkulu ONCE upon a time in Bengkulu, a widow lived with three daughters. They all were beautiful but they had different personalities. The oldest and the middle daughter were lazy but the youngest daughter was diligent. One day, their mother was terribly ill. She could be cured only by eating special leaves that cooked by magical fire. Unfortunately, the leaves and magical fire were on top of the mountain and were guarded by a snake. It was not just an ordinary snake. The snake had magical power. The name was n'Daung Snake. The oldest and the middle daughter did not want to go to the top of the mountain. "I will go there, Mother. I'll take the leaves and the magical fire for you," said the youngest daughter. Actually she was also very scared of the n'Daung Snake. Then, after several days climbing the mountain, she finally arrived at the n'Daung Snake's place. It was a cave. The special leaves and the magical fire were inside the cave. Suddenly, she heard some noises. The n'Daung Snake was coming! She was very terrified but she did not want to run. She wanted to talk about her problem to the Snake. In just a minute, the snake was already in front of her. "Who are you, young girl? What are you doing here?" asked the snake politely. She was surprised. Although the snake looked scary, he was very polite. Then, she asked the snake to give her the leaves and the magical fire. "You can take them, but you have to be my wife. Agree?" asked the snake. She did not think twice. She just wanted her mother to be cured soon. Then, the snake gave her the leaves and the torch burned with the magical fire. She directly went home. Later, the mother got cured. The youngest daughter knew that she had to keep her promise to n'Daung Snake. So, she left the house without saying goodbye. When she arrived at the cave, it was already in the evening. She went inside the cave but she could not find the snake. She met a handsome man instead. "Don't be afraid. My name is Prince Abdul Rahman Alamsjah. My uncle cursed me into a snake only during daylight. In the evening, I became a human. My uncle did not want me to be a king," explained the man. In the meantime, her mother and her older sisters were looking for her. They finally arrived at n'Daung Snake's cave. It was also already in the evening. They saw the youngest daughter was with a handsome man. After they knew who the man was, the older sisters were jealous. They burned the snakeskin. They hoped n'Daung Snake could not change back as a human. However, the result was the opposite. By burning the snakeskin, the spell was broken. Prince Abdul Rahman Alamsjah was free from the curse. He then asked his wife to go with him to the palace. He would be the next king and sent his uncle to the jail. The youngest daughter also asked her mother to stay with them in the palace. How about the older sisters? They were ashamed with their behaviours, so they stayed at the cave. ***

Pak Dungu
Folklore from Central Java

PAK Dungu and his wife lived in a village. His name is Dungu because people thought that he is stupid. People always made fun of him. One day, his wife asked Pak Dungu to sell their cow to the market. “Remember, don’t sell the cow less than 250 rupiahs,” said the wife to Pak Dungu. Unfortunately, Pak Busuk heard their conversation. He is a bad man and always tricks people. He immediately went to his friend’s house, Pak Cokel and Pak Colek. Together, they were planning to trick Pak Dungu. On the way to the market, Pak Dungu met Pak Busuk. “Where are you going, Pak Dungu?” asked Pak Busuk. “I want to go to the market. I want to sell my cow,” answered Pak Dungu. “A cow? Are you kidding? This is not a cow, this is a goat.” Pak Dungu was upset, and then continues walking. Later, he met Pak Cokel. He asked Pak Dungu the same question. “How much?” asked Pak Cokel. “Two hundred and fifty rupiahs.” “Wow, that is too expensive for a goat,” said Pak Cokel. Again Pak Dungu was upset. He thought Pak Cokel was crazy just like Pak Busuk. They thought his cow as a goat. He ignored Pak Cokel and continued walking, and then he met Pak Colek. Again, Pak Colek said that Pak Dungu did not have a cow but a goat. Pak Dungu was confused. Because Pak Dungu did not want to lose a lot of money, he then sold his ‘goat’ to Pak Colek. At home, his wife was angry. She asked Pak Dungu to find Pak Colek to get his cow back. Pak Dungu was very sad. He blamed himself for being stupid. He then prayed and then got an idea. He bought a small bell and told all the sellers to help him. Every time he ate or bought something at their places, Pak Dungu did not have to pay. All the sellers agree to help; they knew Pak Dungu was a kind man. “Hello friends, I want to treat you. Let’s eat,” said Pak Dungu to Pak Busuk, Pak Cokel, and Pak Colek. They all were eating and after they had finished, Pak Dungu rang the bell. When the seller heard the bell ring, he said, “Ok, you have already paid.” They then walked to another seller. After Pak Dungu rang the bell, the seller said Pak Dungu had already paid. Pak Busuk, Pak Cokel, and Pak Colek thought that Pak Dungu had a magic bell. So they asked Pak Dungu to sell it for them. Pak Dungu agreed but he said that the price was Rp250. They agreed and paid the money to Pak Dungu. After they had the bell, they went to a big restaurant. They ordered a lot of food. After they were full, they rang the bell and left. They restaurant owner was angry. He called the police and said that they were criminals. They ate and did not want to pay. The police then sent them to the jail! *** 0 comments

Baturaden is very interesting tourism spot." The princess is sad to hear her father's answer. he hears a woman screaming. His duty is to look after the king's horses. One day. he arrives near a big tree. but he is worried about the princess. He sees the king's daughter screaming. especially after her father throws Suta in jail for having the nerve to ask her to marry him. It's located at the foothill of Mount Slamet in Purwokerto. "Suta is just a servant while you are my daughter. the princess. Suta hurries to find the source of the scream. Batur means servant while raden means noble. Suta. there's a giant snake about a strike.Baturaden A Folktale from Central Java Suta is a servant in a kingdom in Central Java. Central Java. So. They succeed and they run far away. The place where Suta and the princess raise their family is called Baturraden. Nowadays. The snake hisses in pain and finally dies. Suta was afraid. when Suta is walking near a lake. You've saved my life. *** 0 comments Mouse Deer and Tiger Folklore from Central Java . The king is furious to hear about their plans. There they get married and start a family. So. They rest near the river. Suta and the princess become good friends. Suta is not given anything to eat or drink. Hearing that." says the princess. Finally. They even fall in love with each other. Above her. the princess makes a plan to break her lover out of jail. It's my duty as your father's servant to help you." Since that day. "No needed for that princess. It is unacceptable for you to marry a servant. Suta likes to take a walk after doing his chores. In jail. "Thank you. So he takes a big stick and hit the snake in its head. the princess tells Suta to go to her father and ask his permission to marry her.

He could not wait any longer to eat king's cake. tiger was wandering around for food. "said Mouse Deer. Only the king and his family eat it. But first. He would kill me if something happened to the cake again!" Well. crawled.." "Well. And then. The choice is yours."Gotcha!" said's all up to you. go!" He was really hungry. He was really hungry! While he was approaching a small lake. "Hmmm yummy. Phooey.. He looked around and suddenly he had an idea! He said. Mouse Deer explained. "I guard king's cake. Tiger. black lump near the lake. I eat animals like you! Said Tiger. He caught Mouse Deer and bit his leg. He was thinking of a plan to escape from Tiger. Mouse Deer was trembling. "Can I taste it?" "Of course you can not The king will punish me like he did when I tasted it last time.. The tiger want to eat him. Tiger's mouth watered. let me run away as far as I can. By the way.. Mouse Deer took a save distance away from Tiger. Mouse Deer! You! Watch it!" . That's why it meant for kings. the king won't be able to get me. You can have the cake. as Tiger eagerly took the peace of the 'cake'." "All right. He hadn't been eating for days. he saw Mouse Deer drinking.Long Time ago in a jungle of Java. But he still could watch him.... It's very's buffalo's dung! I'll get you.. "Don't be fooled by its appearance. I tasted it once. But he tried to be calm. I know you are hungry and want to eat me. He was really shocked. It did not look delicious at all. finally I get my lunch!" Tiger slowly ducked. and held his breath. then. Tiger smiled. You don't give me much choice. I eat you or I eat the cake. But the king will angry if he knows you eat me now.Now. And you won't get hungry for a month after you eat it. Its taste is very delicious. "Mouse Deer pointed at one big. But Tiger was curious. "Hey Tiger. it's no cake! It's." "Why? The king knows that I eat meat.

But Next Time. while they were praying.*** 0 comments Timun Mas Folklore from Central Java Once upon a time. But you have to give me that child when she is 17 years old. They had been married for many years and still not have a child yet. After it had ripe." said the giant. the parents were very sad. Mouse Deer was safe for now. The farmers planted them carefully. They knew they had to keep their promise to the giant but they also did not want to lose their beloved daughter. Save your life!" said the mother. Everyday they prayed and prayed for a child. a giant passed their house.But Mouse Deer was already far away. a big golden cucumber grew from plants. Right after that. I can give you a child. "Run Timun Mas. They were very surprised to see beautiful girl inside the cucumber. the giant gave them a bunch of cucumber seeds. The were farmers. not far from a jungle. One night. However. Then the seeds changed into plants. He laughed aloud. They did not think about the risk of losing their child letter and agree to take the offer. The giant was angry. take this bag. He . They named her Timun Mas or Golden Cucumber. "What do you mean." said Timun Mas. Years passed by and Timun Mas has changed into a beautiful girl. the farmers picked and cut it. lived husband and a wife. Letter. On her 17th birthday. Not longer after that. Father? I don't understand. The giant heard they pray." said the father. "My daughter. He knew the farmers wanted to break their promise. The farmers were so happy. he might meet face to face with Tiger again. "Don't worry farmers. Timun Mas was very happy. It can save you from the giant. The were diligent farmers and always worked hard on the paddy fields. the giant came into their house.

Bawang Putih then told about the clothes. Finally she met an old woman. Bawang Merah immediately went to the river. She threw them and became cucumber field. Go to the river and throw my clothes into the water. They had been waiting for her all day long. It was cucumber seeds. find the old woman. hurry up. However. Bawang Putih's mother died when she was a baby. her step mother and Bawang Merah were angry. It was a shrimp paste. Then he was drowning and died. Then it was the last magic stuff she had in the bag. We had done bad things to Bawang Putih. The old woman then gave her the big one. not long after that her father died. terasi. you have to take the big pumpkin. Bawang Putih then went home. B ut the giant still could escape from the field. Timun Mas then immediately went home. her mother was impatient. After everything was finished. Later. She threw the clothes and pretended to search them. Remember. "Mom. the giant was still able to chase Timun Mas. It became a jungle with trees. Inside the pumpkin they found jewelries. After thanking the old woman. They were screaming. So she took the small one. Not long after that. When she arrived home. She ran very fast. We have to apologize to Bawang Putih. Timun Mas threw some chilly.chased Timun Mas away. She threw it and became a big swamp. They were afraid the snakes would bite them. It became sea. she met the old woman." said . The giant was still trying to swim the swamp but he was very tired. The farmers were so happy that they finally together again. one pumpkin was small and the other one was big. her mother's clothes were washed away by the river. Her mother was really angry so she grabbed the pumpkin and smashed it to the floor." the step mother asked Bawang Merah to do exactly the same as Bawang Putih's experience. Bawang Putih was washing some clothes in a river. the old woman returned the clothes. Unfortunately. When she arrived home. the old woman. She was really worried so she walked along the river side to find the clothes. She said that she kept the clothes and would give them back to Bawang Putih if she helped the old woman do the household chores. And God didn't like that. Since then. The giant had to swim to cross the sea. Bawang Putih helped her happily. The old woman had two pumpkins. Bawang Merah. Her father remarried another woman and later her step sister was born. There were a lot of snakes inside the pumpkin! They were really scared. "Bawang Merah. Timun Mas took her third magic stuff. She refused and asked the old woman to give her a big pumpkin. and the pumpkin. Bawang Merah was so happy. I think God just punished us. Bawang Putih had to choose one. The giant was getting closer and closer. After that. Timun Mas then opened the bag and threw a handful of salt. Bawang Putih was not a greedy girl. Her step mother and her step sister treated Bawang Putih badly and always asked her to do all the household chores. Accidentally. The trees had sharp thorns so they hurt the giant.*** 0 comments Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih Folklore from Central Java BAWANG Putih lived with her step mother and her step sister. Again she asked Bawang Merah to do household chores. Bawang Putih's life was sad. She directly smashed the pumpkin to the floor. She also gave Bawang Putih a gift. One morning. Suddenly they all were surprised.

The king had to stop his bad behavior. diligent. He was so happy to see Aji Saka.. He decided to go to Medang Kamulan to give Prabu Dewata Cengkar a lesson. Now the family is not poor anymore.. They wanted to leave the kingdom. The old man was the villager in Medang Kamulan kingdom.. Aji Saka then went to the kingdom. His name was Prabu Dewata Cengkar and he ate humans! Every day Patih Jugul Muda always provided some humans to be eaten by the king! Not far from the kingdom. young man? Ha. All the villagers already saved themselves by leaving the kingdom.ha. He was not able to give the king some humans. It all happened because the king was a beast.” said the king. and kind hearted. His name was Aji Saka. A young man with a great supernatural power lived there.. Everybody liked him because Aji Saka was nice. Aji Saka saw an old man was wounded.Bawang Merah. Bawang Putih decided to sell all the jewelries and used the money for their daily lives. The people in the kingdom were very scared. He told what happened in his kingdom to Aji Saka.*** 0 comments Aji Saka Aji Saka Folklore from Central Java A long time ago there was a kingdom. there was Medang Kawit village. One day. eating humans. I’m glad you are here. the king was angry to Patih Jugul Muda. When he arrived in the kingdom. “Who are you.. “I would gladly let you eat .. He thought Aji Saka was there to be eaten by him. He was wearing his magic turban.. Aji Saka was very angry.ha. Its name was Medang Kamulan. Finally both of them realized their mistakes. Some thieves just hit him and stole his money. They apologized and Bawang Putih forgave them. I'm starving.

Suddenly the turban grew bigger and bigger. He then attacked Aji Saka. It finally covered the whole kingdom. It was time for Zuhur pray. But I have one request. The king was totally angry. Sunan Kalijaga answered. Ki Rangga. The people lived happily and peacefully. The king and Aji Saka then measured the size of the turban. “Are we still far from Sunan Muria’s house?” asked Ki Rangga to Sunan Kalijaga. But there was no water around for them to clean up . Several servants also joined them to carry their luggages. Finally Sunan Kalijaga asked Ki Rangga to take a rest under a big tree. We will arrive in Sunan Muria’s house shortly. He asked his friend. He knew Aji Saka was planning to take over his kingdom. They also asked Aji Saka to be their king. They all were very happy. Central Java. “We are already in Kadipaten Pati Pesantenan. The king never returned to the kingdom.” said Aji Saka. Several hours later. Sunan Kalijaga planned to visit Sunan Muria in Pati. to go with him. With his supernatural turban. Please be patient. Of course there were no cars or trains. Aji Saka then ruled the kingdom He led Medang Kamulan kingdom into its golden moment.”Ki Rangga was embarassed to be walking together with Sunan Kalijaga because Sunan Kalijaga did not look tired while Ki Rangga was very tired and thirsty. He then took off his turban and threw it on the ground. You give me your land with the size of my turban. And they began walking to Sunan Muria’s house. so they walked. Aji Saka then asked the villagers to come back. Aji Saka twisted the king’s body and threw him to the ocean. Ki Rangga felt tired. *** 0 comments Sendang Sani Sendang Sani A Folktale from Central Java Once upon a time.

or wudu. Ki Rangga was confused. He said, “I don’t see any water nearby. Where should we take wudu?” Sunan Kalijaga only smiled and said, “We should pray to Allah SWT for water. Now you must guard this big tree, Ki Rangga. It might bring water to us. But remember, everything happens because of Allah SWT. Don”t act alone. You must inform me when water comes out. I will be behind that hill.” Ki Rangga promised Sunan Kalijaga to inform him when water came out. So Sunan Kalijaga went behind the hill and Ki Rangga with his servants sat under the big tree. They quickly fell asleep. Suddenly water came out from the big tree. Ki Rangga and his servants became wet. They woke up. They were very happy to see the water because they were very tired and thirsty. They drank and played in the water. Ki Rangga forgot Sunan Kalijaga’s message to inform Sunan Kalijaga when water came out. Behind the hill, Sunan Kalijaga was worried. So he went to the big tree. He was surprised to see Ki Rangga and his servants were playing in the water. “You forgot my message to inform me when water comes out. Instead, you are playing in the water like a turtle,” said Sunan Kalijaga, softly. A miracle happened. Ki Rangga and his servants turned into turtles. Ki Rangga was sad. He changed into turtles because he did not keep his promise. The water formed a pond. It is now called Sendang Sani, in Pati, Central Java. Many people still visit Sendang Sani now. *** 0 comments

A Test for the King

A Test for the King
A Folktale from Central Java

There is a small kingdom called Mergosono. Although Mergosono is small, it is famous because the king is a very good and wise man. One day, the gods hear about the king’s goodness and wisdom. So, they decide to test him. The king of the gods sends four of his

gods to Mergosono to test the king. At that time, the king’s son, Pangeran Sembara is studying abroad. So one of the gods disguise as Pangeran Sembara. Two other as villagers while one disguise as a villager who is killed by Pangeran Sembara. The two villagers then go to see the king to tell him about the death of their friend. They say that they saw the prince killed their friend. ÒI accept your report. But my son hasn’t returned from his study. I will hold my judgement until his return. If my son indeed killed your friend then I will give him the punishment he deserve. But if you lie then I will punish you for ruining my family’s good name,” says the king. When the two villagers leave, the king calls his trusted advisors. He asks for their opinion about this matter. They all agree that if the report is true then the prince should be punished. The king is sad to hear that but he knows he must uphold the law. The next morning the false prince comes to see his father. He admits killing the vilager. So the king decides to execute the prince for his wrong doing. The next day the prince is going to be hung as his punishment. When the executioner hang the prince, suddenly his body disappear and a voice is heard across the field. “King of Mergosono, you really are a wise and justfull king. You pass my test. So I will give you and your people prosperity as long as you and your descendant stay true and wise. Don’t be sad. Your son is well and on his way home to see you.” When the sound is gone, the people of Mergosono yells with joy. Their prince is safe and they know that their king is a wise man. When the prince finally arrives home, they hold a party to celebrate the event. (BP/X-12) 0 comments

The Baruklinting Dragon

The Baruklinting Dragon
Folklore from Central Java

A long time ago, there was a giant dragon. His name was Baruklinting. One day, one of the gods asked him to take nine shepherds as an offering for the gods. Then Baruklinting went to a mountain. He opened his big mouth everyday. He hoped that shepherds would enter his big mouth. In the village, ten shepherds took their cows to the grass field on the mountain. They didn’t know there was a dragon. One of the shepherds was very skinny and dirty. His friends always made fun of him. The skinny shepherd never got angry. He

just kept quiet and left his friends every time they laughed at him. It was a very hot day. All shepherds were very tired. They wanted to find a cool place to rest. The skinny shepherd had already found a nice place to rest. It was under a big tree. The place was cool so he did not feel hot anymore. His friends were jealous. “Let’s steal his place,” said one of them. “Yes! Let’s do it!” other shepherds agreed. They took some mud and threw it to the skinny shepherds. The skinny shepherd was so sad. Still, he did not get angry. He just left them and walked away. “Ha ha ha go now! You skinny boy!” they laughed at him. Suddenly the sky became dark. There was a thunder and lightning. Heavy rain began to fall. The shepherds did not want to get wet. They had to find a better place. They finally found a big cave. The cave had sharp rocks inside it. All shepherds did not know that the cave was actually the mouth of the giant dragon. Yes, it was Baruklinting’s mouth! When all shepherds were inside the ‘cave’, suddenly one of them pushed the skinny shepherd away. “Go out! You don’t belong here! It’s only for the big boys!” "But it was raining outside,” said skinny shepherd. ÒI don’t care!” then they pushed him. Right after the skinny shepherd was outside the cave, it suddenly closed! Yes, Baruklinting just finished his job to get nine shepherds for the gods. When the skinny shepherds saw the cave closed, he ran away! He ran as fast as he could. He then told the villagers about the cave and the dragon. The villagers then went to the mountain to kill the dragon. But when they arrived, the dragon had already gone. From that day on, the village was named Kesongo Village. Songomeant nine for the nine shepherds who were eaten by Baruklinting Dragon*** 0 comments

Keong Emas (The Golden Snail)

Keong Emas (The Golden Snail)
Folklore From Central Java

PRINCE Raden Putra and Dewi Limaran were husband and wife. They lived in a palace. Prince Raden Putra's father was the king of the kingdom.

Prince Raden Putra was so happy. The couple was so happy that they could be together again. He then prayed and meditated." continued Dewi Limaran. Then. One night she decided to stay up late. The golden snail she caught in the river turned into a beautiful woman. The old woman was very curious. She was surprised to see a golden snail in her net." It happened again and again every morning. After several days praying and meditating. "Who are you. The witch was angry to Dewi Limaran. She could transform herself into anything. The floor was mopped. She talked to Prince Raden Putra about her wife. As a return. Ma'am. She did not know that the snail was actually an old and powerful witch. When the old woman woke up in the morning. And then amazingly the golden snail turned into the beautiful Dewi Limaran. The old woman approached her. "The spell can be broken if I hear the melody from the holy gamelan. And she also had food on the table. *** 0 comments Loro Jonggrang Loro Jonggrang . young girl?" "I am Dewi Limaran. He immediately brought the holy gamelan to the old woman's house. Suddenly she saw a snail. She took it and brought it home. She was thinking very hard. An old woman was fishing and used her net to catch some fish. He played it beautifully. The old woman then rushed to the palace. they asked her to stay in the palace. He had been looking for his wife everywhere. The golden snail was drifting away in the river and got caught into a net. "Yuck!" said Dewi Limaran and then she threw it away into a river. Dewi Limaran was walking around in the palace garden. I can change back as a human only at night. she could not believe what she saw. finally gods granted his wish. A witch cursed me. They also thanked the old woman for her kindness. He wanted to break the witch's spell. The witch then threw it away into the river. It was ugly and disgusting.One day. The witch put a spell on her and changed her into a golden snail. she was surprised that the house was in the good condition. "Who did this to me? The person is very kind. She was peeping from her room to know who cooked for her." explained Dewi Limaran. He asked the gods to give him the holy gamelan.

Pengging could win the war because Bandung Bondongwoso had a supernatural power. "You cannot fool me. I already . All those ladies-inwaiting were confused. Her name was Loro Jonggrang. Genies are afraid of sunlight." It worked! All those genies thought that sun rose. wanted to occupy Prambanan. He asked the genies to help him. She was so scared. "Listen. Meanwhile. However. Come on! Hurry up!" said Loro Jonggrang." said Loro Jonggrang. Those creatures always obeyed Bandung Bondowoso. all those genies are building the temples. Bandung Bondowoso fell in love with her and wanted to marry her. And then she had a great idea. He knew Loro Jonggrang just tricked him. And the noise from pounding the mortar was like the start of a new day. But he did not give up. "Please prepare a lot of straw and mortar. The genies will think that sun is going to rise and they will run away. They always did whatever Bandung Bondowoso asked them to do.Folklore from Central Java Once upon a time. They did not know the light was from the fire that burning the straw. The war between Prambanan and Pengging could not be avoided. Bandung Bondowoso. The king. "What? Impossible! You just gave me an excuse for not marrying me!" said Bandung Bondowoso. you have to build a thousand of temples in just one night. Bandung Bondowoso was angry. "If you want to marry me. The people lived peacefully. Then all those genies worked hard to build the 1.000 temples was almost finished. right? We have to stop them by burning the straw and make some noise by pounding the mortar. soon their happy lives were disturbed by Pengging Kingdom. Loro Jonggrang heard from the lady-inwaiting that the building of 1. They did not know why Loro Jonggrang asked them to prepare a lot of straw and mortars in the middle of the night. The king of Prambanan had a beautiful daughter. there was a kingdom named Prambanan. His soldiers were not only humans but also genies. He was a mean king. She asked all the ladies-inwaiting to help her. Bandung Bondowoso. she did not want to marry Bandung Bondowoso. She hated Bandung Bondowoso because he made the people of Prambanan suffered. Loro Jonggrang. Prambanan lost the war and led by the new king.000 temples.

have 999 temples. I just need one more temple. Now, I will make you the one-thousandth temple." With his supernatural power, Bandung Bondowoso made Loro Jonggrang a temple. Until now, the temple is still standing in Prambanan area, Central Java. And the temple is named Loro Jonggrang temple. *** 0 comments

Ki Semar and Slamet Mountain

Ki Semar and Slamet Mountain
Folklore from Central Java

A long time ago, Slamet Mountain was very high. It was so high that it could reach the sky. People heard that they could take the stars if they were on top of the mountain. But no one dared to go there. The people were afraid that the gods in heaven would be angry if people took the stars. However, the beauty of the stars made some monkeys dared to go to the top of the mountain. Led by their king, they went there and took some stars. Then, the sky became dark at night. People were sad and the gods were angry! Batara Guru was the leader of the gods. He held a meeting. He invited Batara Narada, Batara Brama, Batara Bayu, and others. Batara Narada had an idea how to stop the monkeys. They would ask Ki Semar to help them. Ki Semar was actually one of the gods. He was even older than Batara Guru. But Ki Semar did not live in heaven. He lived on earth with his children, Gareng, Petruk, and Bagong. Ki Semar had a great supernatural power. He could cut the top of the mountain easily. But first, he wanted to give a lesson to the naughty monkeys. They had to be punished for stealing the stars. He then set a plan with his children to trap the monkeys. Gareng then went to the top of the mountain. He had to attract the monkeys to go down by giving them some bananas. It worked! The monkeys followed Gareng. After the monkeys left the top of the mountain, Ki Semar immediately cut the top of the mountain. He threw the biggest part to Cirebon. It became Ceremai Mountain and the small parts became small mountains, like Clirit Mountain, Tapak Mountain, and others. After the monkeys left the mountain and followed Gareng, Petruk

was ready with some hot water. He planned to pour the hot water over the monkeys. He waited and waited but the monkeys never came to him. He did not know that while the monkeys chased Gareng, they met a giant dragon. The monkeys had a fight with the dragon. It was so terrible that both the monkeys and the dragon finally died. Because of tired waiting for the monkeys, Petruk then left the place. He did not bring his hot water and left it there. People then named the place where Petruk left his hot water as Guci. It is about 50 kilometers from Tegal, Central Java. It is famous for its hot water.***

Jangga Hatuen Bulan

Folklore from Central Kalimantan A long time ago, a man lived on the moon. his name was Jangga. He lived with his mother. Jangga loved hunting. Everyday he went hunting with his dog. His mother often told him not to go hunting too long. But Jangga often ignored her. One day Jangga and his dog went hunting as usual. He was looking for the animals. However, he could not find any of them. Sadly, he was lost. He could not find a way to his home. While he was walking, suddenly he saw an old woman. Jangga followed the old woman. She arrived at her house. jangga wanted to stay the night at her house. He knocked the door. an old man opened the door. Jangga told him that he wanted to stay. The old man gave him the permission. Apparently, it was a family. The old man and the old woman had a beautiful daughter. Jangga told them that he was lost. He said that he lived on the moon. The old man said that Jangga was really far from home. They were on the earth.

Jangga was so sad. He could not go back to his home and meet his mother. The old man offered Jangga to stay at his home. Jangga agreed. Day passed by ans soon Jangga fell in love with the old man's daughter. Then they got married. Jangga still enjoyed hunting. With his dog, he often went hunting in the jungle. His wife often told him not to go hunting too long. However, Jangga ignored her. Jangga's wife was pregnant. She often asked Jangga to stay at home and not to go hunting. Again, Jangga ignored her. Her wife was often angry with him. In the morning, Jangga wanted to go hunting. This time his wife was really angry. "Please stay. Don't go! I feel like I'm going to deliver the baby today." "Don't worry. If the baby is a boy, name him Jangga Batuen Bulan. It means Jangga, a man from the moon. And if the baby is a girl, name her Hendan Bawi Bulan. It means Hendan, a woman from the moon," said Jangga. Then he left his wife. Not long after that Jangga's wife delivered a baby boy. She was so angry that her husband was not next to her. She did not want her husband to see the baby. Later Jnagga came home. He heard a baby was crying. He was so happy. "Where is the baby? I want to see my baby," said Jangga. "No, you can't! I don't want you to see the baby!" said Jangga's wife. Jangga was so sad. Ans he was also very angry! He went outside of his home. His dog followed him. After that he prayed. He called out his mother. Suddenly thunder attacked the place. Dark cloud covered him and his dog. Surprisingly, Jangga and his dog disappeared. Not long after that the baby was dead. Jangga brough the baby spirit to the moon. Jangga's wife was so sad. She called out Jangga's name. But it was to late. Jangga and the baby now lived on the moon. Jangga's wife was crying. She never stop crying. The Gods heard how she cried and they didn't like it. The were upset with her and changed her into a bird. People named the bird as pungguk bird. Until now, during full moon we still can hear the sound of pungguk bird. And we can also see the image of a dog in the moon. From the legend, people make a proverb. It says, "Just like a pungguk waiting for the moon". It means that it's just waiting in vain.*** 0 comments

The Salty River
Folklore from Central Kalimantan

A long time ago in Sepang Village, Central Kalimantan, lived a widow named Emas. Her husband died when her daughter was a baby. Her daughter’s name was Tumbai. The villagers in Sepang Village were poor. Though they were poor, the villagers always worked hard. Fortunately there was a well in the village. So they always had enough water to live. Tumbai was a very good daughter. She was diligent and obedient. She always helped her mother and listened to her mother’s advice. She also liked to help other people. That was why everybody knew her. Tumbai was not only famous for her kindness, but she was also famous for her beauty.

probably God was going to help t h e m from poverty. So they all tried to change the fresh water into salt water. Finally she got the answer. an old man asked her to marry a man who could change the well from fresh water into salt water. Until now people still taste the salty water in Kahayan River. Her mother then made an announcement that Tumbai would marry a man who could change the fresh water in the well into salt water. After a while. Fresh water did not have any taste. “I do. I’m here to marry your daughter. But they all failed. Nusa then decided to ask his family to move to another place. They all were curious. *** 0 comments The Legend of Nusa Island Folklore from Central Kalimantan A long time ago there was a man named Nusa. It was different from sea water which is salty. She thought it was diffi cult for a man to change the fresh water into salt water. When she woke up. He had supernatural power. Tumbai’s mother. All the villagers were circling the man. They sold it and they had money. Tumbai always refused the marriage proposal. One by one. Her mother had a feeling. He lived in the riverside of Barito River. She was confused. Tumbai was happy. They needed water.” said the man. They changed the salty water into salt. she knew that her daughter was very good and wouldnít lie to her. They also think that the legend really happened.” said the man to Emas. Everybody was laughing. they proposed her to be their wife. I will change the fresh water into salt water. They really wanted to marry Tumbai. He was meditating and prayed to God. He stood up and asked the villagers to taste the water from the well. “Ma’am. It worked! He succeeded in changing the water. They thought Tumbai and her mother were crazy. After walking for three . Nusa and other farmers in the village were sad because the rain had not fallen for a very long time. Tumbai was very confused. However.She was very beautiful! Many young men fell in love with her. Their rice fi elds were dried. “Do you know the test?” asked Emas. After the water was salty. The salty water was fl owing from the well to the Kahayan River. In her dream. When Tumbai told her mother about her dream. One day a man came. her mother was also confused. So she prayed to God to give her guidance. Nusa and his brother were very diligent farmers. However. he was a farmer. The man then sat down next to the well. He lived with his wife and his brother. the man finished meditating. She fi nally found her dream husband. the villagers were not poor anymore. And her mother was right. But it did not stop those young men to try.

Days and nights Nusa was preparing the fight.” The small fi sh then came to Nusa. They had to stop Nusa from eating them. “What happened to me?”. Now I changed into a dragon? Nusa then asked his wife and brother to move him to the river. His body slowly changed into an island. Nusa looked for something to eat. It was very fertile. After they arrived. I will live in this river. said the small fi sh to Nusa. But it was too late. The dragon is bigger and more powerful than you are. the small fi sh screamed. He could not walk and move his body on the land. Later he brought a very big egg. Nusa had completely changed into a dragon. When Nusa was sleepy. I cannot live with you anymore. People then named the island as Nusa Island. They were not sure with the egg. His body was full of scales. He ate fi sh. After he ate. It was very big. Nusa did not care because he was so hungry. His legs changed into a tail. he asked his wife and his brother to eat the egg. They all bit Nusa’s body. Slowly they tried to pull Nusa’s body. He was always thinking about his enemy. Later Nusa disappeared into the river. Finally he died. hmmm I’m the biggest dragon and the most powerful dragon. He thought his tail was his enemy. He was very weak. They were surprised to see what happened to Nusa. there is another dragon live in the river. In the morning Nusa screamed in pain. they refused to eat. “Master. They had a lot of water because there was a river there. “Master! Your enemy was behind you!” Nusa turned his big body very fast. The fi sh had to do something. “Attack!” Than all the fi sh attacked Nusa.” said a small fi sh. His tail was still in front of him. “I have an idea. Nusa ate a lot of fi sh. All the fi sh were scared. 0 comments The Curse of King Mintin Folklore from Central Kalimantan . Central Kalimantan. His body was getting bigger. Finally they succeeded. He swam to the river side. He said. “Please forgive me. He attacked and bit his own tail and he screamed. then he slept. After it was cooked. Ask them to be careful with what they eat” said Nusa. However. They then held a meeting. He said.days. I will fi ght him!” said Nusa. It’s located at Kahayan River. He asked his wife to cook the egg. He was very tired. “Just be prepared to attack the dragon when I give you all the sign. they finally arrived in a new place. Suddenly the small fish said. Nusa tried to save his life. He challenges you to fight”. He could not sleep. go home and tell people about me. “Oh yeah. “Was it because of the egg I ate last night? Oh my God! Maybe it’s a dragon’s egg. His wife and brother immediately came to him.

“You have more mistakes. He loved his people very much. while Buaya was very caring and loving to the people. The fighting was getting bigger and it changed into a civil war. it did not last long. they could not live peacefully. a great hunter named Sangi lived. However. Mintin Island was in chaos! The king finally heard the war. The soldiers were divided into two parts. Naga and Buaya had different personalities. Because of the war. When he arrived. he immediately asked his twin sons to stop the war. King Mintin. to lead the kingdom while he was away. The king of the island. Both of them were angry and could not control themselves. was wise. Naga and Buaya led the kingdom wisely. Go away and live in other place!” asked the king. He then talked to Naga. Buaya then asked Naga to stop his bad habits. Naga was angry. you have fewer mistakes than Naga. He asked Buaya not to disturb him. Right after the king finished his last words. The king was really angry. heavy storm attacked Mintin Island. But you cannot control your emotions. He asked his twin sons. At first. I curse you into a dragon. The people in the island lived peacefully.A long time ago in Kahayan Hilir. They did their father’s advice to them. “Buaya. Every time he . It was because the soldiers were involved. I don’t care who is right or wrong. The kingdom was mourning. The queen just passed away. “I’m very disappointed with you. They were fighting. soon the happiness was ended. He reminded Naga about their father’s advice. But you have failed. Buaya and Naga slowly changed. Some of them were very hungry and suffered from illnesses. I know you are a good son. You are wise and love the people. The king was sad and decided to leave the palace and went to another island.Buaya became a crocodile and Naga became a dragon. why do I have listen to you?” said Naga. there was an island named Mintin. Naga and Buaya. The people of Mintin Island were suffering great pain. You can stay here in Mintin Island and your job is to take care of the people. I trusted you to take care of this kingdom. Buaya was also angry. I curse you into a crocodile. Unfortunately. But I still have to punish you. Both of you will be punished!” said the king. Some of them supported Naga and the other soldiers supported Buaya. He then continued. He decided to go back to Mintin Island. Naga was ignorant to the people and loved parties. Buaya. Central Kalimantan. So. *** 0 comments Sangi the Hunter Folklore from Central Kalimantan A long time ago in Central Kalimantan.” said the king. You are not allowed to stay here. sons. the punishment is bigger. “Father is not here! And you are not my father.

The footprints ended in a big tree. ''I am a dragon!'' screamed Sangi. Siuk . he ate the hog. there was a handsome man. It is great to be like us. Sangi thought the hog was behind the tree. the dragon looked at Sangi. He told them that he was actually half dragon and half human. Don't tell anyone that you are a half dragon and half human. Sangi went to the jungle. Slowly he walked around the tree then he was really amazed. If you are a dragon. ''What happened to me? Why could I change as a dragon?'' said Sangi. Slowly he changed as a dragon. As always. Sangi was really sad. he brought a lot of animals home. Later. He saw a big dragon was trying to swallow a wild hog. After that. The dragon slowly came to him.'' said the man. He was upset because they did not believe him. Their parents died when Siuk Bimbim was a baby. He said. ''Eat that wild hog. I'm more than 100 years old but I still look young right?'' said the man. Then they were face to face. People always asked the secret. his feet could not move at all. finally the dragon gave up. They were running away. He slowly followed the footprints. you could be a dragon forever and unable to change back as human. Sangi gave up. People were scared. He went to the river and lived there. He thought the dragon would eat him alive. I cannot eat a wild hog that big.went to the jungle to go hunting. Though Sangi had tried to run. He was really shocked! He wanted to run very fast. people could not stand it anymore. Sangi had two lives.'' ''I can't. If you did. ''Yes. ''There is one condition that you have to do. When the dragon was exactly in front of him. Since then. he disappeared. People were laughing at him.'' said Sangi. After that. Siuk Bambam always takes care of his younger brother. ''It also happened to me years ago. Since then. it turned into smoke. They did not believe that. he changed back as a human.'' said the man. I am a human. More and more people asked him. Sangi lived with his family on a riverside. He also looked young although he was really old. This is your punishment for seeing me try to eat. his body was shaking. but he never told them why he could look young forever. you can be forever young. You can change to be a dragon or human anytime you like. Suddenly. On his 150th birthday. Besides that. one as a dragon and one as a human. He saw some footprints of a wild hog. people named the river Sangi River. *** 0 comments Siuk Bimbim and Siuk Bambam A Folktale from Central Kalimantan Siuk Bimbim and Siuk Bambam are brothers. Then Sangi changed into a dragon. Right after Sangi finished saying that. I did what you did. They are orphans. After several times trying to swallow. He knew he could not live in the village with his family anymore. He continued. He regretted for telling them his secret. I saw a dragon ate then the dragon made me a dragon. you can eat that hog. When the smoke was gone. you can. The hog was so big that the dragon could not swallow it easily. We are half dragon and half human.

Siuk Bimbim is very happy. OK?" Siuk Bambam then leaves. He is shocked. He doesn't realize now he is near the river. suddenly he bites the calf's leg. "We don't have enough food." explain the calf to the monkey. can I play outside?" "OK. he wakes up. he wants to eat me. He is calling his brother. what are you doing Mr. He looks for his brother everywhere. Lock the door and never open to anyone except me. "Siuk Bimbim." says mother cow. . He hugs his younger brother and takes him home. But don't play near the river. "Hey. I'm really hungry. a monkey passes by. Siuk Bimbim is very scared. he can go there faster by walking quikly. now you have to help me becoming my lunch. I didn't see the accident. now he remembers his mother advice. After the crocodile is free. The calf then goes outside. It really hurts me. Suddenly he hears an animal asking for help. Suddenly. He asks the calf to remove the trunk. The calf then removes the trunk. "The crocodile is bad to me. I have to go to the barn now." the crocodile is crying. A crocodile lives there." says Siuk Bambam. I already helped him but now. Then he is fainted. They are the giant's footprints! Siuk Bambam gets much panicked. he sees a giant the front of the door. The calf is very sad. They help each other and never quarrel. They are not his brother's footprints. "Mom. He cannot move. It can cure any disease. It's the late afternoon. Now can you repeat your help?" asked the monkey. He gives some water to his youger brother. "Help me. Siuk Bimbim is unconscious.Bimbim. Siuk Bimbim cured. whre are you?" No one answers Siuk Bambam gets more shocked when he sees some footprints. Siuk Bimbim and Siuk Bambam want to the dinner. The giant then breaks the door and enters the house. He feels he cannot stand up anymore. Siuk Bambam comes home from the rice barn. After a while." says the crocodile. When he looks outside through a window. "Is it true? Well I cannot say if the crocodile is bad or not. Ho will eat you if he is hungry. Ater a while. He asked what happens to them. Suddenly he sees his brother under the tree. Please come back soon. Crocodile?" the calf is very shocked." says Siuk Bimbim. He is very tired. He doesn't want his younger brother to be tired. Please remove the trunk. He is still biting the calf's leg. *** 0 comments The Calf and the Crocodile A Folktale from Central Kalimantan A Calf wants to play outside his house. He has a plan to help the calf. Besides that. Suddenly. Siuk Bambam then takes him to a well. But it's very far. He hears someone knocks the door. He sees a crocodile pinned down a big trunk of a tree. don't go too long. "Don't worry. He is shocked when he sees the house is in a mess. not to play around the river. Thanks for your help. Siuk Bimbim is sleeping. He runs and runs until he gets very tired. Meanwhile. It's a magic well. The sound is very loud. "But. Actually he wants to take his brother goes with him to the rice barn. Siuk Bimbim then runs.

He had an idea. "Aha!" said the monkey. Both of them immediately ate. "Why did you make a lot of noise? You promised to keep quiet!" said the buffalo while they were crossing the river. He made a lot of noise. Suddenly. "Ok then. "Now run! That stupid crocodile cannot eat you!" "Thank you. (*) 0 comments The Lazy Uder . "Hello. I always remember your help!" The calf then runs as fast as he can." The buffalo then rolled over his body."I don't care. The calf and the monkey put the big trunk of the tree to crocodile's body. The monkey had to hold very tight. a buffalo was drinking some water in the river. A farmer owns it. And the crocodile regrets his stupidity. He was thinking how he could ask the buffalo to go back across the river. "Come on! Let's go now." The monkey was impatient. You are very clever. Wait for a moment. He apologized to the buffalo. One big stone hit the buffalo's head." "But I cannot swim. The monkey was very wet. Not far from him. After the buffalo finished taking bath. The monkey followed him and jumped on the buffalo's back. he won't be angry. I really want to eat some grass. But they were across the river. Monkey. The buffalo's cried in pain. I want to clean up my wound." said the buffalo." said the buffalo. You made me bleeding. If you take a bath here. After a while. Then. "I know a place where you can eat a lot of grass. It is across the river. He came closer to the buffalo and told him his plan." the monkey was panic." "I know that place. he wanted to trick the buffalo. then he crossed back to the riverside." said the monkey. he saw some banana trees." said the buffalo. "Now. He wanted to sit on the buffalo's back while they were crossing the river. "But I'm not full yet. When he saw two animals were eating on his field. I'm already full. It was very loud! The farmer heard the noise and he approached them. "Mr Buffalo. He did not have problem in crossing the river. they arrived at the farmer's field." said the monkey. Mr. A monkey was walking by the riverside. "You are right. But promise you won't be noisy. He was very weak and frightened. He was very thirsty and hungry. He was very scared. And then the monkey whispers to the calf. *** 0 comments A Buffalo and a Monkey A Buffalo and a Monkey Folklore from Central Kalimantan IT was a very hot day. It's a field. He took some water and drank it. Let's go back. The monkey immediately jumped to the buffalo's back. He was very happy. He immediately ran to the river. Are you hungry?" "Yes. I want to take a bath here. The monkey could not swim so he was thinking very hard. Then he had an idea. We just have to be quiet and do not make noise. Actually. right?" the monkey kept on persuading the buffalo. He is angry if he sees you eating the grass. I will be drawn.The crocodile then opens his mouth. Mr Buffalo. The buffalo's body was big. And he promised not to do it again. He will be angry if I eat the grass on his field. the farmer threw some stones. If he does not see you. I am.

He was upset. This time he could not take it anymore. “Hey Uder. he met another neighbour. After he arrived home.The Lazy Uder Folklore from Central Kalimantan He always woke up in the afternoon. They took Uder. where are you going?” “I’m going fishing. After that. While he was walking very fast. Uder went fishing. are you going fishing?” asked one of the monkeys. Uder never listened to his wife.” “Go across the river. he met a group of monkeys. He also asked the same question. “Yes.” Then the monkeys freed him. On one afternoon. Then he met another neighbour.” answered Uder. I was just upset with all those questions my neighbours had asked me?” explained Uder. the neighbour asked where Uder was going and what he had for the bait. Then he went fishing on the river until evening. You can eat those rambutans until all of you are full. She never gave up giving him advice. “ Please forgive me. *** [link] The Legend of Bagga Stone . “Hey Uder. On the way to the river. he apologized to his wife and promised to be a good husband.” “What do you have for the bait?” Uder was still upset with all those same questions. So he decided to ignore everyone. There you can see a very big rambutan tree. Uder then ran as fast as he could. We will free you. he met his neighbor. Then he continued walking. He took some worms as bait. I did not mean to make fun with your mother. “I’m going to use your mother for the bait!” said Uder. That’s why she always worked alone in the field. “Okay. “What do you have for the bait?” “Some worms. We are hungry. if you can tell us a place where we can eat fruits. Uder never helped his wife. But. Uder was tired of answering. Then they tied him in a big tree. I am. “Hey! Don’t make fun with my mother!” Those monkeys were angry. They could talk like humans. Uder answered.” said Uder. Again. we forgive you.

The man’s name was Intobu and his son’s name was Impalak. He let Impalak join his bagga. “Go away. Sadly he already forgot his promise to his father. The bagga’s owner planned to ask Impalak to marry his daughter. Sir. “I’m your father!” “Who is that old man?” asked Impalak’s wife “I don’t know. Until now the stone is still in Tolitoli. However. People named the stone as Bagga Stone. Wait for me!” Intobu rowed his sampan. One day Impalak’s wife asked Impalak to sail in his bagga. Impalak’s father. Central Sulawesi. Impalak’s dream really came true. Whenever a bagga came. Finally the bagga was stranded. Maybe he is just an old crazy man. his father let him go. Though it was very diffi cult. They left Intobu. The local people there named the big ship as bagga. lived a man with his son in a hut. In the mean time. you crazy man! You are not my father!” said Impalak. Intobu’s wife passed away when Impalak was a baby. Again storm attacked Impalak’s bagga. *** 0 comments . Impalak was also skillful in fi shing. “Impalak?. Impalak worked very hard. Impalak promised to his father that he would come back after he was rich. And he was right! Impalak was there! “Impalak? Impalak?“ said his father. But he was ashamed with his wife. Everyday he went to the port. He saw a bagga.” said Impalak. But he never found his son.” said Impalak. they held a wedding. He prayed to God to punish him. He wanted to meet his son. “May I join you to sail in your bagga? I will work hard. The owner agreed. Central Sulawesi. The bagga’s owner was very happy with him. They really wanted to have a big ship so they could have a lot of fish. Impalak was happy. they always got a lot of fi sh. Stormed attacked and it accidentally arrived in Impalak’s hometown. Impalak was a diligent and obedient son. He asked permission from his father to leave him to fi nd better life. After Impalak joined. Impalak went to a port. This time it was very hard. Intobu. They did not have a big ship to go fishing. always thought of his son. He felt that Impalak was inside the bagga. He came to the owner and said. He was a rich man and he had a big bagga! Several years had passed.Folklore from Central Sulawesi ONCE upon a time in Tolitoli. Intobu saw a big bagga. Slowly the bagga turned into a big stone. Impalak asked his crew to leave. Impalak wanted to be rich. Intobu and Impalak were fishermen and they were poor. but Impalak never returned home. he always looked for him. Intobu was very sad. So when they arrived in the bagga’s owner place. His dream to be a rich man would soon come true. He knew Impalak had already forgotten him. They only used a small sampan. Actually he recognized his father.

*** . How did the deer get the horns? Here is the story. Do you mind if we have a running match? I really want to practice. “Don’t worry. how are you?” asked the male deer to the dog. “Well. they started the running match again.” said the male deer to himself.” “Hi. deer did not have horns. He was trying to steal the dog’s horns. Until now. What if you let me wear the horns. “How about you?” “Not really good.” replied the male deer. Instead. I will be very careful. The dogs want to get their horns back. But I have to admit that his horns are beautiful. “Wow? my wife is right. By the way. you are still more handsome than he is. “OK. “Hey come back! Bring back my horns!” the dog was very angry.” answered the dog. who is he? Wow! He is very handsome with his horns. that’s my friend. “I’m just fine. right? But long time ago. If you have those horns. He ran very fast and did not stop.” asked the male deer. my friend. “Of course not. He is a dog.” After that. they immediately drank some water. I really look great with these horns.” “Don’t worry. the wife saw an animal coming. After arrived in the lake. You see my wife over there? He thinks that I cannot run fast like other male deer.” said the male deer. The male deer won. did you say he is more handsome than me?” asked the male deer. “My husband. dogs always try to catch deer. And then he immediately put the horns on his head.” “Ok. dogs had horns. Let’s have the running match now. You cannot run fast because you have your horns on your head. Suddenly. don’t be sad. I don’t want them to be broken. A couple of deer went to a river to drink. He was jealous. It was a very hot day. The male deer ran as fast as he could. he tried to cheer the dog up. They were husband and wife. I have an idea how to take the horns from the dog. Just wait here. Then. I think you will look very attractive. but please wear the horns carefully. the running match began. then.” said the female deer. “Oh. Then.The stupid Dog The stupid Dog Folklore from Central Sulawesi DEER have horns.

“Don’t stop the competition now.Lembusura Folklore from East Java BRAWIJAYA was the king of Majapahit Kingdom. Everybody was so scared. She told his father. “My name is Lembusura. He thought no one could win the competition. I’m going to hold a competition. he cursed the King. her name was Dyah Ayu Pusparani. He continued. Later. “I’m getting older. She was very beautiful. I have an idea. he will be your husband. he succeeded. So the winner must had supernatural power too. He could not do anything. But he had no choice. “King Brawijaya. some soldiers pushed him into the hole.” Everybody was looking at him. Many young men fell in love with her. They really believed that Lembusura would revenge to the . Lembusura was helpless. a man came to him. their hands and backs were broken. Princess Dyah Ayu Pusparani was sad. “What’s your name?” asked the king. my daughter. he had to lift the gong. He had to keep his promise. He was very strange. She just hoped that she would marry a great man.” Then he tried to stretch the bow. he asked his men to prepare a wedding ceremony. King Brawijaya planned to stop the competition. She knew her father really wanted her to get married. He was digging until the hole was deep. He had a bull’s head.” said Princess Dyah Ayu Pusparini. before he stopped it. He asked Lembusura to go to the top of Kelud Mountain. Again. She was thinking very hard. He really wanted to see his daughter to get married. King Brawijaya was also sad. His head was unlike human’s head. If a man can stretch Kyai Garudayaksa’s bow and lift Kyai Sekardelima’s gong. However. They all were amazed by his power. Lembusura dug the ground.” said King Brawijaya. She knew the bow and the gong had supernatural power. King Brawijaya was sad. However. He had a daughter. Lembusura agreed. Everybody applauded. One by one men tried to stretch the bow and lifted the gong. They buried him alive. “You have to get married soon. She never thought that she would marry a man who had a bull’s head. ask Lembusura to make a well on the top of Kelud Mountain. I haven’t tried it yet. They were injured. I will destroy your kingdom!” cursed Lembusura. She really wanted to cancel the wedding. I know you are looking for a great husband. The next test. he succeeded. King Brawijaya understood the plan. However. Before he died. she always refused their marriage proposals. wait for my revenge. Finally she had an idea. The well is for me to take a bath. The ceremony was getting closer and Princess Dyah Ayu Pusparini was really sad. No one succeeded. Princess Dyah Ayu Pusparani was speechless. Suddenly. “Father. When he arrived.

“Are you hungry? Here. Jantur did not want to listen to him. he spent the money foolishly. It was not surprising that Jantur became poor again. he just walked and walked. the food is not ready yet. every time Kelud Mountain erupts. and it was getting worse. However. people say that Lembusura is doing his revenge!*** 1 comments Jantur and Menur Folklore from East Java JANTUR and Menur were twins. “Be patient Jantur Iím still cooking. They never thought that Jantur would ask them to leave the house. Jantur was lazy. Finally. again. Menur and her parents lived in another place. When all the money was gone. He wanted to have much money in an easy way. diligent. He always said bad words when he was angry. Until now. I have some food.” said Menur. he arrived at his parents’ house. cocks and hens. His body was very thin. He did not have any money and he did not have a house. he got angry easily. Menur was very sad. you are so slow!” said Janur. Menur told them about Janturís bad behavior. Jantur lived alone. “Arrrgggh! What took you so long? I’m hungry. However Menur . they did not recognize each other. Menur thought that Jantur was a beggar. They were very sad. After Jantur sold the house. How about Jantur? Soon all his parents’ wealth was gone. He could do anything he wanted. Her father then advised him. At first. Jantur was lazy. his skin was full of black dots. “Menur! Where are you? Iím hungry! Give me some food!” said Jantur. He was so hungry that he did not recognize his sister. So he sold the last wealth. After his parents and his sister left he house. goats. Menur was a very kind. patient and always helped their parents.kingdom. He suffered skin disease. Jantur did not have a way to go. Jantur asked his parents and his sister to leave the house. cows. Why don't you help me mop the floor? Father and mother will be home soon. he did not want to work. She always reminded her brother to behave well. Menur was in front of the house sweeping the floor. they did not bring anything. Jantur was happy. They were rich. Meanwhile. He ignored him. At first he felt very happy because no one disturbed him. When they left home. She cried. it was the house. he sold his parents animals.” said Menur. Because they worked very hard. He even spent his parents’ money for bad things. However. Jantur was a boy and Menur was a girl and they had different personalities. And he said bad words to Menur. they could build a new home and they had new animals. When their parents went home.

since they did not have enough water. what happened to you?” said his mother. they found a big diamond. Jantur was surprised. They are thirsty.” “Where are you going to find it?” “I don’t know. Again.” promised Jantur. They did not have enough water. “Come on. However. they saw a girl was there first. And finally they arrived. “Jantur my son. Therefore. Jantur became a very good man. the villagers sometimes had to walk very far away to fi nd water. *** 0 comments The Legend of Panekan Folklore from East Java “Where are you going?” “I need some water for my cattle. They have already forgiven Jantur and amazingly Jantur was cured. the head of the village always asked some young men to find water. In one afternoon. And as he promised.” Then those young men went to the water spring. the girl disappeared. The family now reunited. they were right. and Menur! Please forgive me. the girl disappeared.” said another man.” said one man. is that really you? Father. a long time ago. “There was a water spring far from here. They all thought that a girl could not go there.” “Wol. Actually they were quite lucky because the land was fertile. Sir. They were surprised. The diamond was next to the well. I have done bad things to you all.” It was a very common conversation for people in Magetan.knew him. “Look! She is over there!” he pointed to one place. the villagers could not plant a lot of trees. However. I suffer an illness. before the men came to her. Then they brought home the diamond and a lot of water. mother. They had to be very careful. mother. “We will go there. it was very difficult to go there. such as taking a bath and washing dishes and clothes. “Look! What is that? It is shining!” Exactly on the ground where the girl was standing. I’m poor. Jantur is here!!” screamed Menur. I was punished by God. They immediately ran to come to her. They also needed water for their cattle and trees. East Java. “Jantur? Is that you brother? Father. The place was not easy to reach. and I don’t have a house to live. who dares to go there?” asked the head of the village. I promise I will be good. Some young men raised their hands. Strangely. the young men came home with good news. “Mother. “Maybe she is not really human. let’s approach her. When they showed the diamond . They needed water for their daily needs. maybe she is an angel. However. In every morning.

he just walked and walked. However. He could do anything he wanted. patient and always helped their parents. He ignored him. again. So let’s name the water spring as Manikan. Jantur asked his parents and his sister to leave the house. When their parents went home. After his parents and his sister left he house. How about Jantur? Soon all his parents’ wealth was gone. Jantur lived alone. He did not have any money and he did not have a house. She cried. you are so slow!” said Janur. When they left home.” Everybody agreed. So he sold the last wealth. he did not want to work. Menur was very sad. He suffered skin disease. “Menur! Where are you? Iím hungry! Give me some food!” said Jantur. diligent. They never thought that Jantur would ask them to leave the the head of the village. the food is not ready yet. *** 0 comments Jantur and Menur Folklore from East Java JANTUR and Menur were twins. Her father then advised him. and it was getting worse. His body was very thin.” said Menur. “Our great great grand parents named this kind of diamond as Manikan. “Arrrgggh! What took you so long? I’m hungry. Jantur did not want to listen to him. Menur was a very kind. He always said bad words when he was angry. Menur told them about Janturís bad behavior. “Be patient Jantur Iím still cooking. They were rich. Meanwhile. he said. She always reminded her brother to behave well. The word Manikan had changed into Panekan. he got angry easily. he sold his parents animals. he spent the money foolishly. Why donít you help me mop the floor? Father and mother will be home soon. they could build a new home and they had new animals. cocks and hens. they did not bring anything. After Jantur sold the house. Finally. Since then the area was named Manikan. his skin was full of black dots. The people are happy because they have fertile land. it was the house. They were very sad. he arrived at his . Jantur did not have a way to go. And he said bad words to Menur.” Then he continued. goats. At fi rst he felt very happy because no one disturbed him. And now Panekan has become a great area in East Java. He even spent his parents’ money for bad things. “Since the diamond was found next to the water spring. Jantur was a boy and Menur was a girl and they had different personalities. When all the money was gone. Jantur was lazy. Because they worked very hard. Jantur was lazy. Menur and her parents lived in another place. cows. However. It was not surprising that Jantur became poor again. He wanted to have much money in an easy way.

“Stay here. I was punished by God. he wore it. mother. the man was ill. They have already forgiven Jantur and amazingly Jantur was cured. She always said that she did not want to get married yet.” that’s what this ugly man always thought. And that made his mother really worried about him. Mother. He did not want to eat and he could not sleep either.” The man thought it was a great idea. “Are you hungry? Here. I have done bad things to you all. And as he promised. I’m here to propose your daughter. He was so hungry that he did not recognize his sister. So he went to the palace confidently. Jantur was surprised.. there was a young man who lived with his mother.” said Menur.. The man’s job was a mask maker.” said the king. However Menur knew him. and I don’t have a house to live. “Mother. I promise I will be good. And when the mask was finished. “How can I propose her? The princess even refused the proposal from handsome and rich men. is that really you? Father. Menur thought that Jantur was a beggar. “What's a matter with you? Is there something wrong? Please tell me. He immediately made the best mask. His father died a long time ago.parents’ house. mother.” “I. love the princess. I’m poor. Many young men fell in love with her and proposed her to be their wife. “Jantur? Is that you brother? Father. Days and nights the mask maker always thought the beautiful princess. Menur was in front of the house sweeping the fl oor. I will talk to my daughter. He also fell in love with the princess but he did not have any courage to propose her. Jantur is here!!” screamed Menur. Make a mask of a handsome face and wear it when you propose the princess. The family now reunited. In the small village. I suffer an illness. “Your majesty. I. The man was ugly. .” The mother replied. I’m ugly and I’m sure the princess doesn’t want to marry me. Jantur became a very good man. Amazingly the mask really looked like a real face. Soon. I have some food. they did not recognize each other. But the princess always refused the wedding proposal politely. “You are a great mask maker.. But he could not stop thinking about her. But I’m not confident enough to express my feelings to her. Jantur was happy. there was a kingdom named Bintolo. *** 0 comments The Twin Masks Folklore from East Java A long time ago in East Java. “Jantur my sonÖ what happened to you?” said his mother. and Menur! Please forgive me.” promised Jantur.” said the man to the king. The king had a very beautiful princess. At fi rst.

. He introduced himself. I want you to make the same mask you are wearing. Sri Tanjung also loved him. However. the princess was not angry. still do the dance.” said the king.The king then told his daughter that there was a very handsome man wanted to propose her. You can continue hunting tomorrow morning. The King asked Patih Sidapaksa to give him the flesh of a young deer. she fell in love with him at the first sight. She thought that he was the most handsome man in the world. because you are so handsome. Now. he missed the target. “It’s all up to you. he realized that the princess did not fall in love with him. Patih Sidapaksa fell in love at the first sight. . And that inspired some people to create a dance and named it Joged Topeng Kembar or Twin Masks Dance. *** 0 comments The Legend of Banyuwangi Folklore from East Java ONCE upon a time in Sindureja Kingdom. King Sidareja was talking to his vice regent. Unfortunately. Patih Sidapaksa took the mission. He then planned to tell the truth to the princess and the king. Patih Sidapaksa knocked the door. The man was ready with all the risks. You can find a lot of deer in the jungle. But after I know you so well. I want to wear it in our wedding. If you love him. Until now people in Lumajang. He came back because he wanted to marry Sri Tanjung. East Java. his name was Patih Sidapaksa. The girl's name was Sri Tanjung and her father's name was Ki Buyut. He was running and running until he arrived at a hut. Later the princess told the king that she accepted the man’s wedding proposal. Later Patih Sidapaksa asked them to join him to the palace. He ran after the deer... he saw a young deer.. You can come and spend the night here. His dream finally came true. you can marry him. A young and beautiful girl opened the looking for a young deer". Dear. he could marry the girl of his dream. I love you the way you are. At first the man was very happy. Patih Sidapaksa was speechless.” said the princess. She was very beautiful. He pointed his arrow to the deer. said the girl. "I. When he arrived at the jungle. Patih Sidapaksa continued his hunting and after he got a young deer he returned to the hut. all the guests were surprised to see the bride and the groom were wearing the same masks. But she fell in love with his mask. But it s already late and it will be dark soon.“How can I help you Sir?” asked the girl. Luckily. In the morning. And when the princess met the man. “It is true I love you at the first time we met. Both my father and I are happy to welcome you. Patih Sidapaksa accepted the offer. After the man told the truth about the mask. The King was very happy Patih Sidapaksa brought him a young deer. During the wedding.

Jantur is lazy and gets angry easily. Suddenly he throws the food on the floor. “ father tries to calm him down. Jantur eats. “I don’t care! Her food is not delicious! I hate her. Since then the place is named Banyuwangi. it means I m innocent. When their parents return home. and patient girl. She is very sad. However he still accepted the mission. He regretted not to believe her. Menur tells about the food. go away! I hate you all!” Jantur is very angry. Indran Kingdom was not an ordinary kingdom. After the food is served. Jantur and Menur are very different. Banyu means water and Wangi means good smell. When Jantur is angry.However he was also amazed by the beauty of Sri Tanjung. he asked Sri Tanjung to wait for him. Patih Sidapaksa could do the mission and came back to the palace. “Why did you do that to your sister? She already helped you. The King asked Patih Sidapaksa to give him three golden rings from Indran Kingdom. he always says bad things. *** 1 comments Ungrateful Son A Folktale from East Java JATUR and Menur are twins. people instantly said Banyuwangi. Menur and her parents then leave the house. “What food is this? Yuck! It’s not delicious!” Menur cries. After Patih Sidapaksa left. But Sri Tanjung then said. Patih Sidapaksa then threw her into the river. “Why did you defend her? Why didn’t you support me? I f you don’t love me anymore.However if the river smells bad. The King also fell in love with her. The King lied. diligent. He wanted to marry Sri Tanjung. Menur is kind. The King had a bad plan. Patih Sidapaksa knew the mission was more difficult than hunting a young deer. She did not accept the proposal. then the King is lying.” “Lease don’t say that. So he gave Patih Sidapaksa a very difficult mission. At first Patih Sidapaksa believed the King. When their parents are working in a paddy field. It was a kingdom of criminals! No one ever came back after going there. The King said Sri Tanjung wanted to be a queen. On the other hand. He said Sri Tanjung was in jail because she asked the King to marry her. She loved Patih Sidapaksa and she already promised to wait for him. Sadly he could not meet Sri Tanjung. Amazingly. When the river smelled good. He is hungry. Jantur as Menur to cook. the river smelled good. The father advises Jantur. Everyday they pray to God to make Jantur becomes . He promised Sri Tanjung to be a queen. said Sri Tanjung.” Jantur is angry. Sri Tanjung died.Luckily. Menur then cooks for her brother. She is your sister. The King was angry and put her in the jail. the King approached Sri Tanjung. Throw me to the river. But she is not angry to her brother. If the river smells good. They now stay in a mountain. And before he left. He proposed Sri Tanjung to marry him. He cannot control himself. Slowly she collects the food on the floor and put it in the trash bin. Jantur is a boy and Menur is a girl. Patih Sidapaksa was very sorry.

East Java. take this gift. Not long after that. He looks very ugly. I want to give you something. Finally he finds them. Suddenly all the tumors in Jantur’s body are gone! Jantur is very happy. "You are a very kind girl. the rabbit. They are poor. Everyday we pray for you. This is the King Ngarancang Kencono's ring. I fell when he washunting here. "Is this your ring?" asks Putri Kemuning. Putri Kemuning is very sad because she does not have enough money to buy medicine. "I can help you. they see a bag full of gold coins. God! Thank you. His body is full of umors. Mom and Dad. Now please forgive me. He regrets. Come here…” Mom then hugs Jantur. I just want to go home. Right now." Putri Kemuning hesitates. While She collects the woods. I have done bad things to you all. When she arrives. Dad. One day. "My name is Putri Kemuning. "No. Finally she says. Take this ring and then sell it. Now God hears our pray. “I’m sorry.*** 0 comments Putri Kemuning A folktale from East Java Putri Kemuning and her mother live in a jungle. Putri Kemuning's mother is ill. My mother is very ill. What do you want?" "I don't anything. It’s very bad. He is worried because Putri Kemuning looks very sad." says Putri Kemuning. Now. Jantur realizes that God punishes him. “Thank you. In the jungle. Her mother is very proud of her.” Jantur says. Putri Kemuning meets her animal friend. and Menur. Then he leaves his house to look for his parents and his sister. Nobody wants to see him. I have to return this ring to the king. She then collects many woods and plans to sell them. I want to return your ring. "No. She wants to spend the money to buy medicine. Putri Kemuning has animal friends. Putri Kemuning always helps her mother collect woods in the jungle and sell them in the market. Sidomukti is .a good person." says Putri Kemuning. I’m sorry Menur. She really needs the money but it is not her ring. Putri Kemuning tells the problem to the rabbit. They are very happy because they can buy medicine. I promise I will be a good person. Jantur suffers a disease. “We all already forgave you. Son." Putri Kemuning then goes to see the king at his palace. Putri Kemuning tells her mother about the king's ring." Putri Kemuning goes home. Mom. "What is your name and what is your purpose here?" says the king. *** 0 comments Sidomukti A Folktale from East Java SIDOMUKTI and his father live in Widorokandang. "Thank you very much." says the rabbit. Now. When they open the gift. He asks for their forgiveness.

"Aunty. a golden fish was rushed by the water and went into the cooking pot. On the way to the river. To show his gratitude to Sidomukti. She also put a black spider to guard me. Putri Bunga was a beautiful girl. Sidomukti agrees. she heard someone called her name and asked for help. She was an orphan. They put them on the riverside. He wants to use something to kill the black spider." Sidomukti and the princess then go to the kingdom. In the jungle. Sidomukti is confused. young man. An old woman opens the door. the king gave him gold. it's getting late outside and going to be dark soon. After you have finished. His father asks him to go to a jungle to take some special leaves for his medicine. Now I want to go to the river to clean the dirty plates. Her parents died when she was a baby. I was the old woman. sweeping and mopping. . I want to find some special leaves for his medicine. people greeted her back warmly. Suddenly. While he is busy searching the leaves. "My father is very ill. Actually I'm a princess. "Who are you?" The beautiful woman answers. One by one she cleaned the plates." "Well. Putri Bunga did not see the fish." said Putri Bunga to her aunt. I have done the chores. Suddenly a beautiful woman comes to his room. young man?" asks her. and the cooking pot. The spider stings him. Dear. When arrived at the riverside. His father is seriously ill. Sidomukti then immediately goes to the jungle. suddenly he finds a hut. A witch cursed me into an old woman. You can continue searching for the leaves tomorrow. She lived with her uncle and aunt. He goes to the hut and knocks the door. "What can I do for you. Sidomukti screams in pain. *** 0 comments Putri Bunga and the Prince of Fish Folklore from East Java PUTRI Bunga was a kind girl. and the last one was the cooking pot. While he sleeping. Putri Bunga sang a song. She was a truly polite girl. In return." said the aunt. That's hurts!!!" He is looking around the bed room. She greeted people she met nicely. Everybody in the village knew her. spoons. "the old woman offers him a help. I will tell my father the King to help you. Because you already helped me. And don't spend too much time there. But please be careful.sad. He also orders his people to help Sidomukti find the special leaves. she immediately cleaned all the dirty kitchen utensils. "Yes. "Gotcha?" He kills the black spider. forks." said Putri Bunga. He feels very tired and wants to sleep. When she was cleaning the forks. He asks her. "Don't be afraid. Sidomukti goes here and there to find the leaves. "Ouuuchh. Her aunt watched her go. Why don't you stay here and spend the night in my place. Aunty. he feels something moving on his leg. forks. she was too busy cleaning the forks. The king is very happy his daughter is back. Putri Bunga then rushed to the river. go home immediately. spoons. "I will. He takes a broom in the corner of the room.

I'm in love with you. I always watch you. you are very beautiful. Besides that. the fish turned into a handsome man. She was jealous with the queen. She never thought that a prince of fish would propose her. Then they got married and lived happily ever after. the concubine had bad personalities. Every time you go to the riverside. By doing so. She then continued cleaning the forks. She did not see anyone in the riverside. "A golden fish? Why is it inside the cooking pot?" She then took the fish up. Putri Bunga. "Don't be afraid. she could be the new queen. He had a beautiful queen."Putri Bunga. I have known you for a long time. I'm the prince of fish. She then looked inside the cooking pot. I was rushed by the water and accidentally went inside your cooking pot. "Putri Bunga. . Putri Bunga. "Putri Bunga. please help me. You also have to make us happy. I'm the golden fish you helped. She wanted to throw the fish back to the river. please help me!" Putri Bunga looked around." said Putri Bunga. But you have to live with me and my uncle and aunt on the land. But she was so curious. Will you marry me?" Putri Bunga was surprised. so she planned to make the queen leave the palace. Unlike the queen. *** 0 comments Cindelaras Folklore from East Java RADEN Putra was the king of Jenggala kingdom. She then said." The man then continued. the king also had a beautiful concubine." Putri Bunga did not believe what she heard. "I will marry you. I'm inside the cooking pot. Before she did that. The prince of fish agreed.

The king was angry. the rooster could also sing. he would be punished in a jail.The concubine asked the palace healer to help her do the bad plan. Cindelaras’ rooster won the fight. His name is Raden Putra. the palace healer admitted his mistake. He won again and again. When Cindelaras first heard that song. Cindelaras also brought his rooster to go to the palace. the queen waspregnant. It is the punishment for her. He said that the queen was innocent. Besides that. If Cindelaras’ rooster won the fight. He decided to go to the palace to meet the king. He was very popular in the village. the queen gave birth to a healthy baby boy. However Jaka Tarub thought that they were not beautiful enough to be his wife. Many young girls fell in love with him. Cindelaras great rooster was heard by King Raden Putra. He sent the queen to a jungle. She never tried to kill the king. It was very powerful and skilful in fighting with other roosters. He grew up as a nice. Cindelaras was very surprised. healthy. Raden Putra. The king was very angry. his father. The song was about Cindelaras and his father. the rooster sang the song. In just few minutes. he would get all king’s jewellery. an eagle dropped an egg. However. However. he could not stand it anymore. So. Later. Cindelaras’ rooster won the fight! Then. The king immediately went to the jungle to pick up his wife. if Cindelaras’s rooster lost. On the way to go there.” The rooster often sang the song. he asked who Cindelaras was. They told the king that the queen wanted to poison him. “My master is Cindelaras. He then told the king about her mother living in the jungle. She named him Cindelaras. The rooster had a magical skill. He lives in the jungle. After several months lived in the jungle. and handsome young man. His father is a king. There was one condition that the king did not know. he met some people. He ordered the concubine to be sent to jail. He talked to his mother about it. *** 0 comments Jaka Tarub and Nawang Wulan Folklore from East Java A Tarub was a handsome young man. he ignored it. He took the egg and carefully took care of it. The king made a bet. he invited Cindelaras to the palace to fight his rooster with the king’s rooster. while Cindelaras helped her mother to collect some fire woods. The egg hatched into a chick and then it became a strong rooster. His mother told him the whole story. They asked him to fight his rooster with their roosters. He wanted to have a very beautiful . That's why he was still single. He apologized for sending her to the jungle and made her the queen again. The two roosters fought bravely. One day. The king was surprised.

My name is Nawang Wulan.They had a baby girl. Jaka Tarub asked her about the magic. I will give you anything if you can find my shawl.As always. When those fairies were taking a bath. Jaka Tarub walked to the area. They were not humans. they flew to the sky. "I will go home now. He was really amazed by their beauty. Later they got married. And to keep the promise. He was very restless. He then opened the cooking pan's lid. you can stay at my house. Take care of our daughter. After that they went to Jaka Tarub's home. Jaka Tarub always went out of the house with his daughter when there was full moon. Then Jaka Tarub pretended to look for the shawl. The noise was from the girls taking a bath in the waterfall. the girls slowly took their shawls. he stole one of their shawls. Jaka Tarub went to the forest to collect some woods. She then said. Jaka Tarub was really sad. Suddenly he heard some noise from the waterfall. One day. But if we can?t find it. When he arrived there. On the next day. It was because Nawang Wulan used her magic in cooking." Nawang Wulan then flew to the sky. Nawang Wulan did not tell him the secret and asked him not to open the cooking pan's lid. *** 1 comments The Legend of Surabaya The Legend of Surabaya Folklore from East Java . Jaka Tarub then decided to go back to the waterfall. he saw seven beautiful girls taking a bath. Nawang Wulan knew that Jaka Tarub had opened the lid. And when Nawang Wulan wanted to take the last portion of rice.Nawang Wulan was really happy. Jaka Tarub then approached her. They were fairies!After that Jaka Tarub went home.wife. Now she had to take a big portion of rice to cook. One day. You can be my wife. He was curious. After they were finished. They did not have to work hard like their neighbors. take her out of the house and I'll come to get her. They always had enough rice to eat. And of course they could not find it. I cannot go back home. When there is full moon. All my sisters have left me. He saw there was only a small portion of rice to cook." "I'll help you. Jaka Tarub was really curious. She was angry because she already lost the magic in cooking. Jaka Tarub hid the shawl in the silo. But Nawang Wulan never came back. Amazingly after they wore the shawls. He was still thinking about those seven beautiful girls.She cried. And that made one fairy could not fly back to the sky. She said that if Jaka Tarub opened the lid." said Jaka Tarub. They had a happy life. "What's wrong? Why are you crying?" "I lost my shawl. she found her shawl. Slowly there was not enough rice in the silo.Slowly. When she got home. they had to work hard to get a lot of rice to cook.

They lived in a sea. OK. You are greedy! I had not eaten for two days!” said Sura. this is my lunch. Then they both lived in the different places. They did not want to share their food. Baya did the same thing to Sura.” said Baya. But when they were hungry. Your place is in the sea!” “But. The border is the beach. Suddenly. they were friends. People also put their fight as the symbol of Surabaya city. He had his place again. “Hey. My place is on the land. it’s from Sura the shark and Baya the crocodile. Sura and Baya were looking for some food. “Yummy. Then Sura and Baya fought again. what are you doing here? This is my place. They then named the place of the fight as Surabaya. “Yes. They both hit each other. Do you agree?” asked Sura.” said Sura. they were very greedy. I do. He bit very hard until Sura finally gave up. *** 0 comments Joko Panjer and Lara Inten Joko Panjer and Lara Inten A Folktale from East Java . Sura was a shark and Baya was a crocodile. And you live on the land. Sura went to the land and looked for some food in the river. Baya was very angry when he knew that Sura broke the promise. “Me too. It was a very hot day. Baya. I agree. so I look for food in the sea. Let’s share our territory. He went back to the sea. I live in the water. Actually.. “No way! This is my lunch.A long time ago in East Java there were two strong animals. They would fight for it and never stop fighting until one of them gave up. Baya saw a goat. so we will never meet again. Sura bit BayaÕs tail. But one day. right? So.. I will never go to the sea again. Baya was very happy. Blood was everywhere. He was very hungry and there was not much food in the sea. this is also my place!” said Sura. “Hmm. People then always talked about the fight between Sura and Baya. you look for the food also on the land. there is water in the river.” said Baya. they were very tired. After several hours. What should we do to stop fighting? Do you have any idea?” asked Baya. Sura had a plan to stop their bad behavior. right? So. The place where they were fighting was a mess. let me think about it. From today. “I’m tired of fighting. Sura and Baya. Then Sura and Baya fought again.

” Lara Inten then returned back to the palace.” The boy. So. a little girl came to him. I want you to be my friend.” said the little girl. One day. while Joko was busy looking after the cows. Now everyday. I’m going home now. the king and the queen are waiting for you. “I’m Joko Panjer. here you are. Joko’s parents were very happy. He felt that the girl was not from his neighbourhood. Joko and Lara could play together. He was surprised to see a little girl on the field. Please come back with us.’ “Yes. The king and the queen then decided to ask Joko and his family to stay in the palace. She talked to her parents about Joko. Sometimes. father. They always had a good time on the field. Those men were soldiers from the kingdom.It’s late and going to rain soon. May I be your friend? I don’t have a friend to play. “Princess Lara. “My name is Lara Inten. Lara Inten. “Hello. Joko Panjer was a nice and diligent boy.” “You are a princess? Why didn’t you tell me?” asked Joko to Lara. may I be your friend?” Actually. Joko Panjer. Now the family were not poor anymore. He always obeyed and helped his poor parents. Lara Inten and Joko were friends. Joko was also lonely on the field. If you know who I am. because I am lonely. was a shepherd. Everyday he did not have a friend to talk and play together. Now we know why you always disappear in the palace. young girl. All of his friends were in the village. where do you live? Where are you from?” “If I tell you. She dressed beautifully. *** 0 comments The Story of Pari Temple . “Joko. while Joko and Lara were playing. you don’t want to play with me.'JOKO Panjer. Everyday his father always asked him to take the cows to the field to eat some grass. Since then. they played hide and seek and other times they just sang some songs. They were happy! In one afternoon. What’s your name? And what are you doing here? Where do you live?” Joko gave her some questions. The cows are also full. you don’t want to play with me. take the cows home. suddenly some men came to them. I already told you.

He had supernatural power. I want to learn a lot of things from you. Pari means rice. A young handsome man came to his place." But Jaka ignored him. Kiai Gede Penanggungan heard his bad behaviour. grew a lot of rice. Soon. "My daughter. Kiai Gede Penanggungan also had a beautiful daughter. come here! I want to talk to you. His name was Kiai Gede Penanggungan.The Story of Pari Temple Folklore from East Java A long time ago."Yes. the couple left him and brought pari seed. Agree?" Jaka took a deep breath. Finally. The poor neighbours came to the couple to ask for some pari seed." After that. It's me. "You two are like temples. He then said. "Jaka Pandelegan. Then. give them some. Her name was Dewi Walangangin. he decided to visit him. in the new place. he was even happier. I came here because I want to be your student. "I know you can't live with me forever. God answered his prayer. they planted the seed." said the young man." Right after he said those words. Jaka . That's why Kiai Gede Penanggungan prayed days and nights for her daughter." But Dewi also ignored him. Although very beautiful. your father. Don't be arrogant when you are rich. He kept on doing his activity. now it was time for the couple to leave him and found a new life as husband and wife. So. Kiai Gede Penanggungan immediately called their names when he arrived in the rice field. Before you go. Every time people ask you. Then he said. Dewi. an old man lived in Penanggungan Mountain. You cannot listen to me." Both Dewi Walangangin and Jaka Pandelegan lived a happy marriage. "I will take you as my student but you have to marry my daughter. she was not married yet. you have to work hard like me!" said Jaka. I agree. take this seed of pari. I will marry your daughter. "No way! If you want to eat. "My name is Jaka Pandelegan. an incredible thing happened. Kiai Gede Penanggungan taught him many things. After several years living with Kiai Gede Penanggungan. Now the couple became very rich. Kiai Gede Penanggungan was really angry. He wanted to remind him about his promise. Slowly. Especially Jaka.

*** Princess Bungsu and Maniki Folklore from East Kalimantan Once upon a time there was a king in Berau Kingdom. She always stayed in the palace and never had any contacts with any men. In one morning. Sadly. Nine months later. After all men came to the palace. He said that he was innocent. He had seven beautiful daughters and he did not have a son yet. She was very sad. He brought his knife and showed it to Princess Bungsu. She was a kind girl. She always kept the knife carefully. the palace healer was surprised. One day the princess’ knife was broken. the princess had a baby son. He found out that Princess Bungsu was pregnant! He immediately reported to the king. Maniki also wanted to join the competition. It was Maniki! Maniki was confused. Among the seven daughters. Because the temples stood among the pari. The king then asked the palace healer to cure the illness. Later the king sent Maniki. . He invited all men in the kingdom. His name was Maniki. Princess Bungsu did not feel very well. The king would give great rewards for the winner. The king loved his daughters very much. If the baby crawled to the man holding the banana. Then he gave each of them a banana. a young man came to the palace. One by one. She did not want to cook anymore. He could make anything. the villagers showed their knives to Princess Bungsu. The princess was confused. Her name was Princess Bungsu. She thought that all the knives were not as beautiful as her knife. Princess Bungsu really loved the knife. She even brought the knife to her bed room and put it on the pillow. After they were finished. everybody was busy making a knife. people then named them as Pari Temple. Soon. He came to a young man. The king was really angry. they brought the knives to the palace. The palace healer knew how to find out the father of the baby. Princess Bungsu liked it instantly. The king was wise. Therefore the king had a competition. He did not want to see his youngest daughter sad. He was handsome and very helpful to others and also skillful. On the following day.and Dewi turned into temples. He asked the people to make a new knife for his daughter. the Princess was not interested. the most beautiful daughter was the youngest one. She was not spoiled and liked to do the household chores and cooking. After a while. But the king ignored him. He asked the princess who the father of the baby was. She immediately brought the knife to the kitchen and began to cook. Amazingly the baby started to crawl. then he was the father. She had a special knife to cut the vegetables or meat. The knife was very beautiful. The baby was in the middle. they all sat down in a big circle.

The messenger then told the queen about the wedding proposal. she did not want to choose the wrong husband. He saw the prince was eating. The queen was single. The hole was too small. said the queen. When he met Maniki and Princess Bungsu.The soldier was finally able to enter the ship.Before I accept the proposal.The prince was eating using chopsticks. kind. One day they heard that the king was terribly ill. there was a kingdom in Muara Kaman. One of them was a prince from China. It was true. and loving to her people. However.When the ship arrived at Muara Kaman. But he could hear how the prince ate.Though the queen has rejected proposal from many rich men.The queen thought it was time for her to get married. the Chinese prince asked a messenger to meet the queen. She felt she was old enough. please tell me about your prince. He was peeping from a hole. He brought his soldiers and also a lot of jewelleries. The Chinese prince came with a big ship. . They decided to go to the palace to visit the king. The king was dying. She was also wise. Many kings and princes did not give up.*** 0 comments Queen Aji Bidara Putih Folklore from East Kalimantan ONCE upon a time in East Kalimantan. the king apologized to them and asked them to stay in the palace. tell your prince I need time to think. She only wanted to take care of her people. The prince wanted to give the jewelleries as wedding proposals. That was why she did not reject the proposal immediately. She was a very beautiful queen. she was still not interested in getting married. Many kings and princes from other kingdoms have tried to propose her. The soldier could not see the prince clearly. Your Majesty. asked the queen. Days passed by and the baby turned to a boy. She asked one soldier to secretly go to the ship.Princess Bungsu and the baby to the jungle as a punishment. Alright then. The kingdom was led by Queen Aji Bidara Putih. He was terribly ill because he felt guilty by sending her daughter to the jungle. Maniki and Princess Bungsu were also rich. However. The queen asked the soldier to describe her how the Chinese prince looked like. He is a very rich man and also very handsome. the proposals kept on coming to her. They worked hard and always saved their money.

He asked his soldiers to attack Muara Kaman kingdom. The queen then decided to refuse the wedding proposal. Your Majesty. the queen did not believe him.*** 0 comments The Legend of Pesut Mahakam Folklore from East Kalimantan . People of Muara Kaman then named it as Danau Lipan or Centipede Lake. At first. He told the queen about the strange sound. Amazingly. The soldier was so scared. He never heard that sound before.Maybe he is not a human. He thought the prince was not a real human. He thought the soldier was a ghost!When he arrived back at the palace. She then prayed to God. And that made theChinese prince got very angry. she heard a voice. the betel changed into giant centipedes and attacked them. the soldier immediately reported to the queen. And sometimes people could find pieces of antique Chinese porcelain in that lake.He made strange sounds when he was eating.Queen Aji Bidara Putih was cornered in the palace. But the soldier was very sure with what he heard. The Chinese soldiers died and from the ground appeared a lake. The voice asked her to chew betel then threw the betel to the Chinese soldiers. Suddenly. Maybe he is a ghost! said the soldier.The Chinese soldiers were able to beat the Muara Kaman s soldiers.

He was known not because of his wealth. Although they were poor. After several weeks looked for a new place. There was a waterfall and it was enough to water their rice fields. but because his stinginess. They also helped each other. finally those young men arrived. The head of the family was Pak Pesut. Although Pak Pesut was stingy. there was a village in East Kalimantan. They brought good news. Pak Pesut and his family were beginning to worry. there was a rich family. Everybody knew Pak Pesut. The villagers always worked hard. The village was near the Mahakam River. all the villagers rushed to the new place. All the rice fields could not get water properly. . They had enough water from the waterfall. Some villagers went to Pak Pesut’s house to inform about the waterfall. In the mean time. I have enough rice for my family. That’s why Pak Pesut’s family always lived alone and never mingled with others. “I’m not going with you! I will stay here. It was a very long dry season. Their rice slowly was gone.A long time ago. Therefore. The villagers knew it was useless to ask Pak Pesut to join them. the villagers did not hate him. When they arrived at the new place. they all were very happy. Then they sent some young men to look for a place that had enough water for their rice fields. We will survive!” said Pak Pesut arrogantly. The villagers could not harvest the rice. So. Soon they would not have enough rice to eat. Later. they all left him and his family alone in the village. He did not like to help others. In the village. all villagers were planning to leave their village and find other place to stay. His family always ignored people. they were very happy.

Putri Tangguk fell down several times. The fish looked like dolphin. When they arrived home. “I don’t care! If you all don’t eat now. Therefore the road is not going to be slippery. If we throw the rice on the field. She was surprised and she felt that she just took some rice from the barn and put it in the kitchen. She wanted to take care of the children and mingle with the neighbours. Mother is still cooking it. She lived with her husband and her children. Pak Pesut immediately asked his family to eat the rice. everybody named the fish as Pesut fish. Every time they stepped on the rice. she went to the barn. Putri Tangguk always helped her husband in the rice field. we can step on it. “But the rice is still in the cooking pot. Don't worry. there was no rice in the barn.” asked the beggar.” said his son. Their harvest was always abundant. It was only enough for their . Our rice is stolen!" said Putri Tangguk. It was so hot that they finally jumped to the river. They rushed to Mahakam River. Surprisingly. we have an amazing rice field right?" asked Putri Tangguk. Amazingly. "Look! The rice is gone. Later. He was lying. If we eat the rice. The idea worked.It was in the morning when Pak Pesut’s wife was cooking their last portion of rice. Then. However she could not find any rice in the kitchen. Give me a little rice please. "The road is slippery. She immediately told her husband about the missing rice. Putri Tangguk and her husband had a very small rice field. And after they finished. The people were farmers. Putri Tangguk and her husband immediately went to the rice field. Pak Pesut and his family ate the rice. The rain made the road slippery. She was really upset. they did not fall down. They were very happy with their life. He was worried the beggar would enter his house and stole the rice. Later. One of them was Putri Tangguk. I’m so hungry. “Please mercy me. He then prayed to God. she asked her husband to put the rice on the road. someone knocked the door.” said Pak Pesut. They put their harvest in their big barn. Although he did not completely agree with her idea. "What for?" asked the husband. Since then. Pak Pesut family slowly changed into fish. The beggar saw the incident. the husband still threw the rice in front of them. the rice field was able to harvest a lot of rice. It was very hot. she said that she wanted to quit helping her husband. it will be very hot. In the morning. you will never eat again. On the way home. Suddenly. Putri Tangguk wanted to cook some rice. Amazingly. their rice was only left a little. One day. rain fell down heavily. *** Putri Tangguk Folklore from Jambi THERE was a village in Jambi. They needed water to drink. they brought the rice.” said Pak Pesut. A beggar came to his house. “Go out! I don’t have enough rice.

At night Putri Tangguk had a dream. The water was so hot but still he survived! Finally. Right after his feet were milled. He must be the strongest and the most respected. There was no rice at all. their rice field was full of grass. he had to do the last test. All the leaders had prepared fire. Surprisingly when they arrived. So. However they were not worried. The machine was made of steel. They helped each other. Our king should be physically strong. "You were really ungrateful. let’s set the criteria. He had to enter the winding machine. The villagers of those five villages lived peacefully. Then. The king should be able to protect us from the enemies. Then came another contestant but he also failed. An old man came to her and said. And he cannot feel the pain when we boil him in the hot water. He survived! Audiences were applauding. Muaro Sebo. and a winding machine. Tomorrow morning. Petajin. She really regretted what she did. The machine was stopped. If we mill him in winding machine.dinner. They were really confused. Tujuh Koto. The leaders of the five villagers then had a meeting. The king should be strong from fire. He should also be well respected by us. and Batin Duo Belas. a hot water. Then. The villagers thought that they needed a leader to guide them. You treated us badly. Then another contestant came forward. They wanted to have a king. Unfortunately he also failed in the last test. said one leader. I have a suggestion. You stepped on us! The god of the rice was really angry. All the best men from five villagers failed. Later. he was lying on the surface. You can only get a little rice. Choose the best man in your village. they planned to go to their rice field and took a lot of rice. The man was a bit scared. They wanted to set the criteria who could be their king. Sembilan Koto. They planned to fill their barn. He decided not to give you a lot of rice anymore. She knew it was wrong to throw away the rice but it was too late. First he had to walk through a ring of fire. he will survive." said the old man. ." "I am one of the rice you threw away on the road. the best five men were gathered in the field. So. Not only that. now every village must send one representative. the number of villagers grew highly. said another leader. Alright then. I agree. The first one to come was the villager of Tujuh Koto. He cannot feel the pain if we burn him. the leaders from the five villages had a meeting.*** 3 comments The Legend of Jambi Kingdom Folklore from Jambi Once upon a time. the king should be strong and have good manners. there were five villages. Putri Tangguk then woke up. He knew his bones could break. Soon. said leader from Muaro Sebo. He failed. She could only feel sorry. said the leader from Tujuh Koto. said the leader from Petajin. Next he had to be boiled inside a big water jug. said one leader. he screamed in pain.

Aminah was so scared. it attacked the sampan. She stood up and looked around. I’m not a real crocodile. But she was wrong! The big crocodile was looking at her. They met him and talked about the tests. Finally. One day her parents asked her to go to another village. They finally had a strong king that could protect them. “Please be very careful. When she approached it. Aminah was drowned. The man survived. She was very surprised. Not far from the river. row your sampan as fast as you can. dear. I will come back to you later.” The voice was from the crocodile. If you see the crocodile near you. All the villagers were happy. they arrived in India. She was a beautiful girl. “Don’t be afraid. The crocodile was right in front of her. Aminah was a kind daughter. But they were wrong. And then the final test. they always looked for the best man. she found a lot of jewelries. She was unconscious. When he was lying on the surface. She saw something shining in the dark. The crocodile was swimming silently. It turned upside down. There was a strong man there.” said the mother. Aminah and her parents lived there. Then. It was across the river. He passed the first test. Aminah then took her sampan.” said Aminah. she was inside a big cave. Show all posts Showing posts with label Lampung. I promise you. I was a human. When she was awake. to run but she was cornered. Mother. “I will be careful. everybody screamed. But you have to stay with me. And every time they visited an island. he was boiled in the hot water and amazingly he survived. “Help! Somebody please help me!” screamed Aminah. She did not want the crocodile to hear her. And they named their kingdom as Jambi. She rowed it slowly. no one dared to take the tests. let s find from other area. *** Showing posts with label Lampung. Suddenly she heard a voice.If we cannot find a king from our place. She always obeyed her parents. People believed the crocodile would eat anyone who sailing in the river. It was the same crocodile that attacked her in the river. there was a village. They were afraid the man’s bones would break just like other contestants bones. He passed the test. not many people dared to sail in Tulang Bawang River. the man immediately took the tests. However. Show all posts The Pirate Crocodile Folklore from Lampung A long time ago. Then... When they arrived. I was a pirate and always stole . They then sailed the sea. “You can take those jewelries. A big crocodile lived there. She did not want to make any noise. The man was interested and they went back to their hometown.

“Look! It is blue! I have never seen bluish water like this. Finally she arrived at the riverside. Halmahera. He did not realize that he already broke his secret. the ground was full of water. let’s drink the water. They never saw water coming out of the stones before. Come on.” explained the crocodile. the head of the village arrived at the pond. A year ago.” “How do you go to the river?” asked Aminah. And then. The water was clear and it was bluish. Aminah then pretended to agree stay inside the cave.” Those people were villagers in Lisawa. He was also surprised. Later.people’s jewelries. Water was fl owing out of the big stones. It was very strange for them. “There is a tunnel that connects the cave to the riverside. She fi nally heard that Magohiduruu was dead. They all brought their children. The boy was Magohiduruu and the girl was Majojaru. Majojaru was very sad. They sold all the jewelries and gave the money to other villagers. The water was clear and bluish. “Who is she? We need to know who the girl is! Ask all the villagers including their children to gather here. She spent her time crying. One woman told the villagers about them. Aminah’s parents were very happy. They all prayed and fi nally they got the answer. She told them that Magohiduruu and Majojaru were lovers. The water was flowing into a lower ground. Everyday she was always sat down under a big tree. all the villagers gathered in the pond. Soon. she took the jewelries and went to the tunnel. He wanted to earn a lot of money before they got married. Slowly. She met some villagers and they helped her. When the crocodile was sleeping. However there were two families who did not bring their children. Magohiduruu left the village to fi nd a better life. they were not poor anymore. A witch cursed me into a crocodile. They planned to get married. “We have to report this to the head of the village. He also wanted to know how it happened. He saw something strange. She was crying so badly until the tears was fl ooding the ground. “The water is so fresh. He then asked all the elderly of the village pray to the gods and goddess. Everybody was happy. She did not .” said the head of the village. he tried to taste the water. Majojaru was very sad. And now I keep all the jewelries here inside the cave. *** 0 comments The Legend of Blue Pond Folklore From Maluku “Hey look over there! Water is fl owing!” A man pointed out to a direction.” suggested one man.” said another man. They all agreed. Those two children were teenagers. A year passed by but Magohiduruu did not come back yet. their daughter back home. The water was fl owing from a girl’s tears. The woman was Majoraru’s mother.

a snail.” says the snake.” The snake and the alligator than are fighting. all the villagers agreed to take care of the pond. They are immediately hiding. I’m not the king and I promise I will be good to them. Before he goes. The children are naughty. I’m your king. But the parents still love their children very much. get out now!” The snake goes here and there. They then prepare some food for him.” says the turtle. “We can’t be like this all the time. “Mercy me.” “You are not our king. but she never listened to them. “Are you still the king in this river? Are you going to harm the animals again?” “No. “I’m hungry. They are afraid of the snake. They don’t have any courage to fight the snake. 0 comments The King of the River A Folktale from Maluku “The snake is coming!” screams a fish to his friends. Finally. the alligator meets the snake. She never returned to her home. One day. And since the water was bluish. “I heard what you do to the animals in the animals in this river. He is looking around for all the animals. They are worried the snake will harm them. they named the pond as the Blue Pond. I want to live peacefully. a fisherman and his wife lived with their two children. You have to stop your bad behavior. After the sake finishes eating and leaves them. mercy me!” the snake screams in pain. he tells his children not to eat . Come on. Give me some food. Her parents tried to comfort Majojaru. Ha…ha…ha! Now. Finally he finds them. “Ha…ha…ha…What are you doing here? Why are you hiding? Are you afraid of me? You should be afraid of me. There is no king here. We ask him to help us. Let’s go to the alligator’s house.believe that Magohiduruu had already died. With my big body.” says the alligator. they have a meeting. “Hey! Where is everybody!” says the snake. The alligator uses his tail to hit the snake. I’m the biggest animal in this river. She always cried. He does that several times. After they heard the story. They never listen to their parent's advice. the father goes fishing as usual. “Let’s prove it! Who wants to fight me? I can beat you easily. a daughter and a son.*** 0 comments Mother A Folktale from Maluku Maluku. “I’m not afraid of you. I will twist your body. and all other animals are surprised.” says the fish. All the animals agree with his idea. I can twist you easily. Talk to him about our problem. A frog. a turtle. Everybody is equal.” says the frog. And one day Majojaru disappeared. give me some food!” The animals are afraid. “I have and idea.

"Hey. After they finish playing. Do not eat this fish-egg. They do not pay attention to their father. Once again. she remains her children about the fish-egg. "Mother.. They scream. So please." Again. "Open up!" The big stone opens up. don't eat it.." The children just laugh. She knows that her son just ate it. "Mother please forgives us!" But their mother never returns home. the mother comes home. She says. "We have told you not to eat the I can eat this fish egg. Once again.." Not longer after that. she remains the children about the fish-egg.Mother. "If you are hungry. The mother has to leave the house to do something. The mother has to leave the house to do something.." "But father is not here. She goes to sea.. His sister reminds him.the fish-egg. Father forbids us to eat that. After that the big stone closes. The mother then goes into the big stone. eat something else.don't eat the fish-egg. The children run after her. The son eats the fish-egg. She is very angry. the children have lunch. They continue playing. The children shouts. On the son's teeth there is some fish-egg left. She is so surprised when the fish-egg is gone. They do not pay attention to their father." The children are just laugh. the children do not listen to their mother. The mother is suspicious. But why do you still eat that? Why do you never listen to us?" The mother runs..please don’t leave us!" The mother then stops in front of the big stone. "Your father asked you not to eat the fish egg.. *** 0 comments The Deer and the Sea Snail The Deer and the Sea Snail Folklore from Maluku .

He was another sea snail that was hiding in the first cape.” said the leader. Not far from the jungle. The runners were standing side by side.” said the sea snail. They challenged other animals in a running match. there was always a sea snail. Sea snails were slow in walking. Show all posts Putri Bungsu and the Dragons . If the deer won the match. lived a group of deer. there was a beautiful beach.” the deer leader pointed the capes. “Hooray!” said all the sea snails. They were very sure to win the match. After a few hours of running. And we stay here!” The sea snails then had a meeting. Show all posts Showing posts with label Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. they took over the place and stayed there. Finally. he arrived at the first cape. They set a strategy to win the match. the deer versus the sea snail. In just a second. he already left the sea snail. He fell down on the ground. the deer almost reached the twelfth cape but he was exhausted. He did not have any more strength to run. Then. He continued running. They were very proud of their ability in running very fast. So. All animals watched this unique match. “Hey? Where are you?” “I’m here.A long time ago in a jungle in Aru Islands. And he gave up. And the deer always cancelled his plan to get some rest. “We run from the first cape until the twelfth cape. *** Showing posts with label Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. In every cape. The distance between one cape to another was very far. Maluku. the deer will never rest and gets very tired. He cancelled his plan to get some rest. The deer heard about the beautiful beach and planned to live there. If my runner arrives first at the twelfth cape. And the day of the match finally arrived. He shouted. the deer ran very fast. They were just tricked by the clever sea snails. A group of sea snail lived there. He was really tired. They had a plan to challenge snails in a running match. So the deer came back to the jungle and never returned to the beach. from here until there. “What’s the rule?” asked the leader of the sea snails after he heard about the challenge. you shout. They always stayed in different places. “My plan is to put the twelve of us in every cape. we’re the winner. “Do you see all the capes there? There are twelve capes. The deer were so embarrassed. If their runner arrives in every cape. The deer was surprised.

Tuan Tapa was a holy man. However you have to let her go and stay with her real parents if you both lose the fight. They also always protected her. And the blood dried into a big red stone. She wagged her tail. Putri Bungsu real parents were looking for her. There was an incident and accidentally Putri Bungsu was drifting in the river. look! There is a human baby inside the basket. It broke an island into two small islands. The father dragon immediately swam fast. She was very beautiful. They were arguing and they did not get any solutions. Tuan Tapa realized that the dragons could not negotiate.No problem! We will win the fight!" Then Tuan Tapa and the dragons were fighting bravely. In the mean time. The dragons were male and female. They asked Tuan Tapa to help them. You are our daughter.Folklore from Aceh ONCE upon a time. Although he was alone and had to fight with two dragons. Putri Bungsu's real parents finally found her. They named her Putri Bungsu.. The dragons were angry. We know it from the mark in your hand. Tuan Tapa was very brave. "Ha ha ha. People named the island as Pulau Banyak. you can keep her. They always prayed to God to give them a child. They asked Tuan Tapa not to interfere. They each claimed to be Putri's Bungsu's parents and they asked Putri bungsu to stay with them. Therefore Tuan Tapa challenged them to fight. The dragons always took care of her.. people named it as Batu Merah. thank God we finally found you. And finally he won the fight! The father dragon was dead. there were two dragons lived in Aceh. he used all his skills to fight them. The mother dragon was very sad and angry. Let's save the baby!" said the mother dragon. Putri Bungsu's real parents and the dragons were arguing. Putri Bungsu's real parents asked for help. She escaped. He also had supernatural power. "If you win." said Tuan Tapa. Tuan Tapa then asked the dragons to let Putri Bungsu leave and stay with her real parents. The mother dragon was very angry. The dragons were angry! they said Putri Bunsu was their daugter. Days passed by. One day the dragons were resting at the river side. The dragons were very happy. "Myn husband. She knew she could not win the fight. Putri Bungsu was adult. The tail also wagged another big island into many small islands. putri Bungsu real parents were looking for her. We loved her and she loved us. After years looking for her. People named it as Batu Hitam.*** . She was a baby girl. the dragons really loved her. they were husband and wife. "No! She is our daughter! We have raised her since she was a baby. They had a child. While the body of the father dragon changed into a big stone. people named the islands as Pulau Dua. The basket was drifting by the current of the water." said the mother dragon. Suddenly they saw a baby beside a basket. The dragons really wanted to have a child." said the mother. He brought the baby to the side. In mean time. Although the baby was a human child. "My child.

Princess Pukes was sad. But she remembered her father’s message. The princess really loved her boyfriend. But remember on the way you go. Something bad will happen to you if you look back. Then she looked back. not to look back or something bad would happen to her. Surprisingly. And finally she succeeded! She jumped through the window and ran towards the palace garden. They called outthe princess to go out. However they did not know that their daughter already had a boyfriend. The king and the queen wanted her to get married soon. Soon the king found out their marriage. don’t look back. But she always failed.” asked the guards. Princess Pukes wanted to see her mother for the very last time. but suddenly rain fell heavily. she walked and left the palace. We can continue walking. Meanwhile her husband always waited for her. The king and the queen had a beautiful princess. She desperately wanted to see her mother. The rain has stopped. Later the princess went inside the cave. The king was really angry. The king asked them to guard her. . The princess did not tell his parents because they did not approve their relationships. She was really confused. Her name was Princess Pukes. If you want to leave this place. The princess tried to escape. The princess could not meet her husband. He asked the soldiers to lock her in her room. She could not hold it anymore. thunder attacked the kingdom.1 comments The Legend of Laut Tawar Lake Folklore from Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam A long time ago. Princess Pukes heard her mother crying. The rain was so heavy. And after the rain stopped.” cursed the king. she was caught! The soldiers immediately brought her to the king. The guards asked the princess to go to a cave. While she was walking. She loved her husband and she did not want to be apart from him. there was a kingdom in Takengon. She was standing in the corner of the cave. Therefore they secretly got married. the guards asked the princess to continue walking. She had to choose between her parents and her husband. They did not want to separate. Unfortunately. The king was so angry. She was single. It was a very bright day. Some soldiers followed her. leave now! You can meet your husband. “You really make me angry! You are truly ungrateful daughter. Sadly. “My princess. let’s go now. The guards did not want the princess to be wet. Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. She was locked for many days.

But still the princess did not respond. Kepar’s father left and stayed in other place. “So. One day. his mother refused to tell him. “Good morning. Kepar then told him about himself and his mother. They said that Kepar’s father hated Kepar so much and that was why he left Kepar. That made Kepar did not know his father. He went to a very high mountain where his father lived. He knew his son and his former wife lived there. But don’t worry.” cried his father. Kepar’s friends always made fun of him. He never visited Kepar. “I missed you. . The guards were so curious. One day Kepar had an idea to reunite his parents.” said Kepar. The local people say that when someone visits the stone and feels sad about the story of the princess. She then told everything about his father. After he knew all about his father. “I don’t know about that Kepar. He always helped his mother. The princess had changed into a stone. At first. Meanwhile. Since then he lived in two houses. Why don’t you remarry? I can find you a beautiful woman for you. I always think about you. lived a widow with her son named Kepar. Aceh. He was walking for days and nights. I am really sad to see you live alone. Kepar was a kind kid. He stayed at his father’s for a week and stayed with his mother in another week.” answered Kepar. Kepar was so happy. Kepar went to look for him. Let me think about it. now you can stay with me also. Finally he arrived at his father’s hut. “They were wrong. you are my son. Kepar’s mother gave up. the heavy rain had created a new lake. But Kepar kept on pushing her to tell him the truth.” said Kepar. Father. “Good morning kid. My friends said that you hated me and so you left me. Your mother and I had to live separately. There was a man who wanted to marry her. They said that Kepar was not a normal kid because he did not have a father. The lake was so big and then people named it as Laut Tawar Lake. They were hugging each other. They lived alone in a hut. I never hated you. They went inside the cave. The man was surprised. Kepar also said the same thing to his mother. the stone will also cry!*** 0 comments Kepar Folklore from Nangroe Aceh Darussalam A long time ago in Tanah Alas. People also can still find the stone of Princess Pukes. He dared himself to talk to his mother and asked about his father. the guards asked her to go out.” answered Kepar’s father.” said Kepar’s father.But the princess did not respond. Kepar could not hold it anymore. Finally. “Father. Who are you and where are you from?” “My name is Kepar. Again. They were surprised. Kepar’s parents divorced when he was a baby. Sir. I’m from Tanah Alas.” said Kepar.

"Oh no! I can't sell dead birds to people." advise the parakeet king. we fly fast to the sky. Kepar then begged to them. When they finally met. He puts the parakeet king in a birdcage. They do not know that the hunter is hiding. Some parakeets and the parakeet king are caught under the net. He moves quickly. To make their son happy. Kepar’s parents then forgave each other. I have a plan. The parakeets and their king perch on a branch of tree. they did not recognize each other. now their peaceful life is disturbed. the parakeets free themselves and fly to the sky. He does not want to fly to the sky until the parakeets are free. The hunter goes to his net." He then lifts the net up. But the parakeet king is still trapped. parakeet birds live peacefully with their wise king. they remarried and lived happily ever after. When the hunter lifts the net up. However. Kepar’s parents were surprised. "Gotcha!" he catches the parakeet king. At first. "Relax. The hunter wants to catch the parakeets with his net. And then the hunter goes home. The hunter is surprised when he sees the parakeets are flying. Kepar’s mother was still beautiful and his father was still handsome. They haven’t seen each other for a long time. The hunter throws his net towards the parakeets. A hunter goes into their jungle and plans to catch them.Kepar then set the time and place for his parents’ meeting. Not long after that. He is upset! He thinks all the parakeets are dead. *** 0 comments The Parakeet King A folktale from Nangroe Aceh Darussalam In the jungle of Aceh. He asked them to reunite. . We all pretend to be dead. He sees there is one parakeet left in the net. The parakeets are scared but the parakeet king tells them what to do. It's a beautiful morning.

They set a plan to free their king. I want to give you a gift. He went to a goldsmith and asked him to make the magical stone as a ring. "I will give you some money. the birdcage is destroyed. However they could not enter his house. After he left the palace.In the jungle. Then they all helped him find the Mentiko Betuah." The prince was happy. After that. Amazingly. I will not eat you. He kept on giving some money to people who tortured animals. and a mouse went together to find the magical stone. This magical stone can give you anything you want. Then the parakeet king can free himself. The king and the queen had a son. Later. They loved the prince very much. "says the parakeet king. "Stop! Don't hurt the bird! I'll give you some money if you stop hurting him. The prince was sad. The prince was angry. there was a kingdom in Semeulue. He then promised himself that he could become a great merchant. He said he could not find the magical stone. All the parakeets fly to the hunter's house. Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. Don't come back until you are rich!" asked the king. He also gave them some money. He was so frightened. the prince asked them to stop hurting the snake. Use the money only for trading. So he went home and told his father that the money was from his business as a merchant. only the mouse could. He was so worried. young man. He did not know anywhere to go. The cat and the dog did not know that the mouse actually had found the magical stone. He wanted to give the prince a lesson. the prince went to the forest. the mouse came out of the house. They finally found the goldsmith. he saw some kids were trying to shoot a bird using their slingshots. Slow but sure. After that they all went back to the palace. Now. he saw some men were torturing a snake. a giant snake came to him. he gave some money to those kids." said the prince. He asked the prince to leave the palace and became a merchant. “Thank you. With their beaks. Again. He then . This is Mentiko Betuah. I am the king of snakes in this jungle. You all are very kind to me. the parakeets peck the birdcage. Finally he did not have any money at all. the prince. He knew he could not become a merchant without any money in his pocket. the prince later had a lot of money. the goldsmith stole the Mentiko Betuah. He was also scared of going home. His father would be very angry at him. Next. I'm still trapped in this birdcage. While he was walking. a dog. Without your help. A cat. They always gave him anything he wanted and that made him grew as a spoiled young man. The king realized his mistake. Luckily he had made friends to the animals. He asked the Mentiko Betuah to give him a lot of money. "Don't worry. Unfortunately. He knew his father was angry with him because he was a spoiled boy. The prince kept the Mentiko Betuah carefully. he went to a village. *** 0 comments Mentiko Betuah Folklore from Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam A long time ago. After waiting for a moment. He was hiding it in his mouth. I heard you helped many animals from being tortured. all the parakeets are sad because their king is locked in a birdcage. While he was sitting under a big tree.

And when he wanted to open it using his knife. In one night. He rushed into his house. Lawongo had a strange dream." said one of the villagers. The hog attacked him. it means I'm dead. He immediately went home. one for me and the other one is for my wife. He then told the villagers to do something. their field were safe from the wild hogs." "What happened?" asked him. Besides that we still want to hear you play the flute. Please prepare two coffins. They were very happy. They loved each other and promised to be always together. With Lawongo's help. If you cannot longer hear my playing. "I cannot live without my wife. Lawongo was also very great in playing a flute. He felt very strange. he saw his knife was full of dried blood. He picked a coconut. Show all posts Napombalu Folklore from North Sulawesi ONCE upon a time there were a handsome hunter. You are still young and we still need you here. Male a hole on the coffin's cover. Everybody always enjoyed listening his playing the flute. The girl also loved him. She always listened attentively. In the jungle he only hunted wild hogs. Somehow he had a bad feeling about his wife. He was confused. On the next morning. Lawongo went hunting. Lawongo. He was so happy and said that the mouse was the hero. "Don't worry. One of the people said. A strange thing will appear from the sea. The animals often always destroyed the villagers' fields. In the jungle ha did not see any animals. Please accept our condolences. The villagers were very grateful." "No. *** Showing posts with label North Sulawesi. He did very hard to kill the hog. It is my ."We're sorry for your wife. his name was Lawongo. They tried to kill the mouse. Show all posts Showing posts with label North Sulawesi. He could not find any wild hog either. When he arrived home. please don't do it. One of the people was a beautiful girl.gave the Mentiko Betuah to the prince. Do not point at that thing and do not say anything. Her body was full of blood. later they got married. He saw his wife was dead. Lawongo knew there was a beautiful girl who always paid attention to him. In his dream he was hunting a very big wild hog. many people were in front of his house. I still play the flute for you. It was still early in the morning and he did not want to wake his wife up. Lawongo fell in love with her. Lawongo was very sad. it was so melodious. The cat and the dog were jealous and angry. He knew last night he stabbed hi wife. He walk and he felt very thirsty. He felt very guilty. You go to the beach. He used his knife to stab the hog and it finally died. They would be together until they died. That's why until now cats and dogs always try to catch mice. Suddenly he remembered his wife.

He ignored his grandfather’s warning. At the first night. They all were surprised. Sadly. The villagers used their sampan and came to the thing. Then. The thing finally stooped growing. he always stopped for a moment. “Grandpa! Grandpa! Where are you? Grandpa. It was a coral island. don’t leave me here. *** 0 comments The Legend of Moopoo Bird Folklore from North Sulawesi A long time a go in Minahasa lived an old man with his grandson. He was really amazed. “You can join me this time. Nondo could not wait to see the animals. darkness covers the forest. They named the island as Napombalu. They all set down on the beach. He was a nice and diligent boy. Nondo was limped. Grandpa. Napo means a coral island and Nawalu means a strange thing which turn into an island.” Nondo screamed. please. When his grandfather went to the jungle to collect some fire woods.reincarnation. Nondo was lost in the jungle. He promised to his grandfather that he would always be near him. However the sound was getting weaker and weaker. On one morning. In the evening.” Nondo was so happy. The old man did not want to disappoint his beloved grandson. the distance was getting farther. The old man loved Nondo very much. Later. The sounds of the animals . He was separated from his grandfather. Nondo always wanted to join his grandfather to the jungle. And finally they arrived at the jungle. His grandfather always went to jungle in the morning and returned home in the afternoon. It was very big. They did Lawongo's request.” Nondo begged. “Please. He could not walk well. so I cannot see you all the time. Slowly. okay? I will bring the woods. He always did the household chores." said Lawongo. Nondo was so happy looking at the animals. And finally the villagers did not hear anything. However. which is from the words Napo and Nawalu. Nondo was really scared. they left the house. The grandson’s name was Nondo. Just this time. Nondo could not hold his feeling anymore. Nondo really enjoyed listening about the animals in the jungle. Suddenly. He begged to his grandfather. Nondo was able to walk near his grandfather. just before bedtime. Nondo always dreamed of going to the jungle and seeing the animals. They went to the beach. a strange thing appeared from the sea. Nondo stayed at home. The grandfather always reminded Nondo not to stop walking. He really wanted to go to the jungle and see the animals. he then said. the villagers buried the two coffins. Soon. At fi rst. Let me join you. However soon. they could still hear his playing. But you have to be near me. Every time Nondo saw an animal. However they did not say anything. the grandfather always told Nondo anything that happened in the jungle. his grandfather did not allow him. After thinking deeply.

He then had a bad feeling. I want to take you to my place. *** 0 comments Abo and The Giant Folklore from North Sulawesi ABO Mamongkuroit and his wife. It was a big cave.” It means “My grandpa... Even though they were poor. lived in a jungle. Tulap was a giant. He ates humans! Not long after Abo left. My grandpa. Since then. And when he arrived in the jungle. North Sulawesi. The grandfather was really sad. He remembered his grandson. "Ha ha ha. He felt that the bird said. He looked at the bird carefully. In the morning.. He was very surprised because the bird was limped.. he saw a bird.really frightened him. he finally arrived at Tulap's place. Tulap was breaking the front door. They loved each other. Moo po. people named the bird as Moopoo bird.. Monondeaga was so scared. he had heard the Tulap was hungry... She had to hide under the bed. He wanted to fi nd Nondo. It can be found in Minahasa." On the following day. Later. He was afraid that Tulap had taken her. Come back tomorrow. Tulap then got out from his cave. He regretted to let Nondo join him. they lived very happy. “Opoku. . Abo went home. Abo then left their house. But it was too late.” Then he felt very strange. Suddenly. Abo was ready with his weapons and he immediately attacked him. He hoped Nondo would already arrive at home. the grandfather just realized that his grandson was lost. “Moo poo. Come here.. "Don't take me now. "I don't want to hear your excuses again!" He then grabbed Monondeaga and took her to his place. Nondo did not come home yet. The grandfather cried.” Being really curious. He looked for Nondo and called out his name. the grandfather went to the jungle again. He though Abo did not have any guts to fight him. He did not have to hunt him. "Don't go too long. The grandfather decided to go back home. Tulap was not ready with the attack. The bird made a strange sound. He asked his wife permission. he did not want to leave his wife alone. But he could not find her. He immediately rushed to Tulap place. Monondeaga. He was so happy because there was a human came to his cave. She then remembered Abo's message.. He called out his wife's name. "Tulap! Get out! Bring back my wife!" screamed Abo. After several days.. she finally had an idea. Meanwhile. Actually. “Moo poo.. He was sure that his grandson had changed into a bird." said Monondeaga. I haven't taken a bath yet. He kept on calling his grandfather. One day Abo had to go the village. Please come back soon. It said. Opoku. Unfortunately. and again the bird said. Monondeaga heard heavy footsteps... Tulap was impatient. he approached the bird. But still he could not find Nondo.." said Tulap. He never heard a bird make a sound like that.” The grandfather was really curious. However...

Every time he hunts in the jungle. he did not . Finally. in one beautiful morning. it meant that Limbat was innocent. At the same time. Abo immediately opened yhe cage. today was not his lucky day. His name was Sigarlaki. Everybody inside the cage was so happy. Now people could live peacefully. Then Sigarlaki asked Limbat to prove that he is innocent. Sigarlaki prepared his great weapon. Sigarlaki and Limbat went to the jungle to hunt some animals. He was a very famous hunter. he succeeded. Sigarlaki accused Limbat stealin the food. But. Sigarlaki became angrier when Limbat told him that their food at home was stolen. As always. Limbat was always loyal to him. He saw many people were inside the big cage. there lived a great hunter. Limbat had to jump also to the big pond. He never thought that his master would accuse him as a thief. Abo and Monondeaga then went home. Sigarlaki was not able to bring home an animal. Limbat was sad. The giant was dead. Sigarlaki would throw his spear to a big pond. *** 0 comments Sigarlaki and Limbat Sigarlaki and Limbat Folklore from North Sulawesi A long time ago in Tondonao. Sigarlaki had a servant. They thanked Abo for his great courage. His name was Limbat. he always went home with some animals. the spear. Limbat was always next to him. He used his spear to hunt animals in the jungle. Monondeaga. They have looke for animals for several hours. Tulap was dead! Abo hurried entering Tulap's cave. One of them was his beloved wife.Abo did very hard to kill Tulap. Sigarlaki was very lucky. Everywhere Sigarlaki went hunting. He was very skillful with his spear. If the spear would com out from the water earlier than Limbat. For the first time in his life.

Sandean Raja. Seeing this. He was not really alone actually. She finally died. He had to wait until he was adult to be the king. He could not climb the big tree. The spear came out earlier than he was. If you are really my nephew. Uncle Kareang wanted to have the sword. Sigarlaki saw a wild pig near the pond. he decided to go to the Western Kingdom. However. Show all posts Dayang Bandir Folklore from North Sumatra Once upon a time. But. The King. So he directly jumped to the pond when Sigarlaki threw his spear. They named her Dayang Bandir. King Soma. Sandean Raja then left alone in the jungle. Sigarlaki was ashamed. Sandean Raja cried under the big tree. "Ouch! That's hurts!" Sigarlaki was screaming in pain. However. when the spear reached the bottom of the pond. He knew he got the punishment. . remove that big tree. She wanted her brother to be the next king. They named him Sandean Raja. Dayang Bandir was getting weaker and weaker. they had a baby girl. So he asked for the second chance. Just before Sigarlaki was ready to throw his spear. But he really wanted to prove that he was not guilty. when he was adult. He wanted to talk about his bad experience. He already accused Limbat. They still could talk each other. King Sorma was surprised when he met Sandean Raja. That automatically made Limbat innocent. Sandean Raja was still a kid.steal the food. Soldiers then tied Dayang Bandir on top of a big tree in the jungle. Uncle Kareang was the Eastern King's younger brother. A big crab bit him! *** Showing posts with label North Sumatra. he knew Dayang Bandir hid the sword. That strange rule made Limbat very sad. his father. Uncle Kareang was really angry. the Eastern King died. The Eastern king had a magical sword. suddenly a big crab bit him. instead Limbat helped him. the Eastern Kingdom and the Western Kingdom. there were two kingdoms in North Sumatra. He was not sure that Sandean Raja was really his nephew. was his uncle. Show all posts Showing posts with label North Sumatra. The rule said that the king's son would be the next king. so he was guilty. She wanted to give the sword to her brother. Limbat came to his master and helped him. The elderly of the kingdom asked Uncle Kareang to be the king. the pig was gone. Without the sword. But she never told them. He heard that sandean Raja and Dayang Bandir died in the jungle. he fell down. Seven years later. Days passed by. Sigarlaki did not want to admit that. They would bring her down after Dayang Bandir told them where the sword was. When Sandean Raja was adult. The Eastern King got married with the Western King's sister. He was looking for the sword everywhere but he could not find it. Later. When Sandean Raja was a kid. Just before he was ready to throw his spear. said king Sorma. if Limbat came out earlier than the spear. Everytime he tried to climb. He asked the soldiers to take Dayang Bandir and Sandean Raja to the jungle. they had another child. Then the soldiers left Dayang Bandir and Sandean Raja alone in the jungle. He immediately jumped to the pond and took his spear. he was only the temporary king. Her sister spirit always accompanied him.

There were many rich people there. Afterall. lived a man named Sampuraga. The merchant wanted to retire and gave his business to Sampuraga. Then the merchant set a great wedding party. Later. He invited many people. When they had harvest. He wanted Sampuraga to have his own business.s spirit told him where the sword was. There are many girls there. "Don't worry. Sandean Raja then became the king of the kingdom. He wanted to hold the best wedding party for his daughter.Sandean Raja was a powerful man. They said Sampuraga was very lucky. Sampuraga agreed. the neighbor gave some money to Sampuraga for his work. He lived with his mother. Tandean Raja told told him about his sister and all his bad experience with Uncle Kareang. The land was fertile.*** 1 comments Sampuraga Folklore from North Sumatra Once upon a time in Padang Bolak. She did not want to lose his only child. His father had passed away when Sampuraga was a baby. Later he told his mother about his plan. . People started to talk about the party. North Sumatra. They were poor. He really wanted to go to Mandailing and became a rich man. Sampuraga worked in his neighbor’s rice field. the merchant gave Sampuraga a lot of money. King Soma then asked his soldier to attack the Eastern Kingdom. Sampuraga worked in the morning and went home in the afternoon. He wanted Sampuraga to marry his daughter. He was very rich. The news about Sampuraga’s wedding party finally arrived in his hometown. Go to that dark room. Sandean Raja then could find the King Sorma's daughter. The merchant knew that Sampuraga could be a great merchant like him. One day while he was working. He could remove that big tree easily. He was going to marry the most beautiful girl in Mandailing. he worked for a very rich merchant. It was a great place. I will help you. he fell in love with her. her sister." said Dayang Bandir's spirit. They were talking about the great party and the merchant’s daughter. Sampuraga and his mother lived in a hut. The merchant’s daughter was very beautiful. The merchant liked Sampuraga because he was diligent and honest. his neighbor told him about a place named Mandailing. After that. "I have the last test. Finally Sampuraga went to Mandailing. His mother was sad. But Sampuraga promised that he would go home and brought her a lot of money. Sampuraga listened to his neighbor carefully. He had a plan. Sampuraga was successful with his new business. my brother. Which one is my daughter?' said King Sorma. There. Soon. The king then was sure that the young man was really his nephew. The Western Kingdom won the war.

Thunder attacked the place. While Lundu Nipahu was resting under a big tree.” Sampuraga was surprised. “Sampuraga… Sampuraga…It’s me… I’m your mother. They also did not believe that Sampuraha could become a rich man. the party changed into a big pond. She cried and cried. People ran away to save themselves. This ugly and old woman is not my mother. His mother was crying. She was very sad. He killed the king.Padang Bolak. However his mother believed that. Unfortunately. He asked Lundu Nipahu to run away and save himself. When she arrived at the party. The people there almost did not believe that Sampuraga would marry the merchant’s daughter. there was a prince of a kingdom. He took a piece of wood then pressed it to the snake’s head. He already promised me that he will be a rich man. “I’m sure my son is a rich man now. *** 0 comments Lundu Nipahu Folklore from North Sumatra ONCE upon a time. “Who is she? Is she really your mother?” asked Sampuraga’s wife. the king gave Lundu Nipahu a ring. The water was hot. He did a terrible thing. The snake had a frog in his mouth. His name was Lundu Nipahu. Go away!” Sampuraga yelled at his mother. . Before he died. Lundu Nipahu later hid in a jungle. She wanted to attend his son’s wedding party. People said that the stone and the ruins were from Sampuraga’s party. His father. the king. With great happiness. Lundu Nipahu was very sad to see that. She prayed to God to punish him. rain fell down heavily. There were also other ruins. His wife was also surprised. had already planned Lundu Nipahu to be the next king. Soon. It looked like a cow. the king’s younger brother also wanted to be the next king. He pressed it very hard and finally the frog was able to escape. The frog was screaming in pain. Sampuraga’s mother immediately called his name. Around the pond there was a big stone.” said Sampuraga’s mother. After the frog ran away. a snake passed by. She knew Sampuraga had already forgotten her. she went to Mandailing. the snake looked at Lundu Nipahu. Suddenly. “No! My mother is dead.

He was angry. Lundu Nipahu was ready to attack his uncle. The king gave him the permission. He asked Lundu Nipahu to marry his daughter. “Because you have made my lunch gone. She was very weak and always stayed in her bed. The ring was the proof that he was the prince of the kingdom. He continued his mission. . Lundu Nipahu was helpless. Give me some fl esh in your leg. She was able to walk! The king was happy. Lundu Nipahu thought the snake would attack him. the princess was healed. Amazingly. you have to replace it. Amazingly the bleeding stopped. When he arrived at the palace. The king agreed. Lundu Nipahu wanted to heal the princess. Lundu Nipahu wanted to go home. It was the frog he helped! The frog opened his mouth. After se veral years lived in the pa lace. accidentally Lundu Nipahu’s ring fell down to the river. He then continued his journey. Lundu Nipahu was sad. the snake was able to talk! “Why did you do that? The frog is my lunch!?” “I’m sorry. You obey your parents and love to help others. Amazingly. He took his knife and then cut his leg. Otherwise I will bite you!?” said the snake. These are special leaves. He asked Lundu Nipahu to put the leaves on the wounds. he told the king that he wanted to heal the princess. He was bleeding. The snake gave him some leaves. The ring was inside his mouth! Lundu Nipahu was very happy. While he was thinking of the ring. Lundu Nipahu put the leaves on the princess’s forehead. I saw the frog was in pain. humans or animals that need a help. He kept on walking until he finally arrived in another kingdom.” said the snake. My father said I have to help anyone. There he heard that the princess was ill.” said Lundu Nipahu. You can heal any illness with these leaves. He gave Lundu Nipahu a big ship and some soldiers. a frog jumped out of the river. and the leg was cured and back to normal. Lundu Nipahu thanked the snake. “You are a nice kid. While the ship was sailing.

he asked Wa Lancar to help him in the rice field. And he showed them his father’s ring.*** 0 comments Wa Lancar Folklore from North Sumatra WA Lancar was a poor young man. He was surprised. His uncle was dead. they hated his uncle very much. Everybody believed him. He was willing to teach Wa Lancar. . “When you are tired walking. Again. He punished Wa Lancar. After that Lundu Nipahu went to his uncle’s room. it was time for him to leave. He also gave advice to Wa Lancar. the teacher thought it was enough for Wa Lancar as his student.” Wa Lancar then left. He met the second teacher. It was the snake that gave him the special leaves. He immediately looked for his uncle. there was a snake. and then grind the knife. Like the first teacher. And that made another teacher jealous. Fortunately he met a kind teacher. He was a terrible king. “Get a stone and a knife. would die mysteriously. Wa Lancar agreed. He was the prince. he did not have to pay some money. the palace. Later.” Wa Lancar still not satisfied. He and his wife lived happily. He still wanted to study. Just wait. stop and get some rest. However he always wanted to study hard. After all. The jealous teacher went to the palace and told the king that Wa Lancar taught bad lessons to the children.Finally he arrived at home.” Wa Lancar was very thankful. Wa Lancar was scared. The teacher taught him everything. At first. the teacher gave him one advice. “If you are hungry don’t eat immediately. Next to him. Lundu Nipahu then became the king. For a return. The punishment was Wa Lancar had to marry the king’s daughter. He then taught them. Wa Lancar also did not have to pay. Again. Before Wa Lancar left. After several years. He was just asked to help the teacher in the rice field. He met the third teacher. It was because any man who married the king’s daughter. The king was angry. he just had few students. the third teacher gave him an advice. He did not have enough money to go to a teacher. He was also asked to help the teacher in the rice field. He was not around. He wanted to help all the poor kids. Lundu Nipahu made an announcement. Wa Lancar studied for several years and the teacher asked him to leave. after that he had more and more students.

the jealous teacher told Wa Lancar that the king asked Wa Lancar to give the king a black stone from the hill. the king talked to his daughter about the wedding proposal. a wedding ceremony was prepared. the food was poisoned. In the following morning. The jealous teacher could not do anything. After several hours walking. The soldiers were trapped in a big hole. He was sure that all the bad things happened because of the jealous teacher. The prince came to Simalungun and talked to the king. The king and the queen were happy. the man suffered stomachache terribly. Then. there was a king with her beautiful daughter. Wa Lancar took a knife and ground it with the black stone. After he was finished. Wa Lancar refused the food. The jealous teacher gave Wa Lancar food. The king asked the jealous teacher if it was true. Wa Lancar was tired.S he knew her parents wanted her to accept the prince s wedding proposal. Suddenly he remembered his third teacher’s advice. *** 2 comments The Princess of Snake Folklore from North Sumatra ONCE upon a time in Simalungun. to stop and get some rest if he was tired walking. Wa Lancar told his wife everything. When he arrived at the palace. He remembered his second teacher’s advice. He told everything and confessed his mistakes. Wa Lancar went with some soldiers.At the wedding reception. Wa Lancar wanted to sleep. However the man next to him ate the food. Wa Lancar remembered his first teacher’s advice. Wa Lancar was lucky. Later. the king. Not long after that. She heard all the noise. to grind a knife with a stone. He saw a centipede on the bed! He killed the centipede with his knife. Everybody in the kingdom was busy. not to eat immediately when he was hungry. His wife woke up. She did not want to disappoint her parents.They were glad that finally their daughter planned to get married. Apparently. The princess was a very kind daughter. One of the young men who fell in love with her was a prince from the neighboring kingdom. They all wanted to contribute to the wedding. North Sumatra. She was surprised to see a dead centipede on the bed. Wa Lancar then took the b l a c k stone and brought it to the palace. . Many young men admired her beauty. His wife immediately told his father. all the bad things. The king then punished the jealous teacher. the guests were served with delicious foods. Later the man died. The princess was famous. He wanted to propose the princess. Wa Lancar told the soldiers to walk first. he went to bed.

I cannot make my parents proud of me.And if that really happened. the princess and her ladies-in-waiting were taking a bath in the pond inside the palace garden. the snake went to the bushes and disappeared. She was afraid that the prince would cancel the wedding.The princess was so happy and she was playing around inside the pond. the old man asked her to dig a hole. The ladies in-waiting immediately helped her. Kantan’s mother knew it was not just a dream. prayed the princess. When they could stop the bleeding. She was not careful and she accidentally slipped.The princess was also busy preparing herself. An old man came to her and asked her to go to the jungle. that was her prayer to God. When the king and the queen arrived at the pond. They were poor. But who is going to buy this stick? All our neighbours are poor.Slowly. Later. We will be very rich!” said Kantan. They went to the palace and reported to the king. they found a box. She would a find something very valuable. So. mother. I cannot live anymore. it was too late. It started from her legs and slowly to the upper body also changed. “Mother. *** 0 comments The Legend of Kantan Island Folklore from North Sumatra ONCE upon a time in Labuhan Batu.Her nose hit a big stone and got bleeding. The princess nose was no longer beautiful. However. There was no use for her to regret what had happened. we have to sell this. God. I will find a very rich man to buy this golden stick. she asked Kantan to go to the jungle with her. After all. she was not careful in the pond. The snake also looked very sad but she could not speak anymore. The king and the queen were sad. Kantan dug a hole. One night. the princess slowly changed into a snake. The princess then prayed to God. The golden stick is so beautiful. they saw a golden stick.I am not a good child. Kantan’s mother had a dream. she was very sad. Please punish me. I don t want to see my parents being sad just because of me. the princess had completely changed into a snake. “You are right.Amazingly. Her husband passed away when Kantan was a baby. I will go to the other island to sell it. The ladies-in-waiting were shocked. They lived in a village not far from a jungle. When they opened it. North Sumatra lived an old widow with her son named Kantan. .” “Don’t worry. It was very beautiful. the king would be very angry.” said Kantan. She wanted to look very beautiful during the wedding ceremony.When the princess knew what happened. Under the big tree. The snake could not live in the palace anymore and could not change back as a human anymore. One thing that she had to do was she had to take care of her body carefully. They saw their only daughter had changed into a snake. I’m sure someone is willing to pay with a lot of money. When they found a big tree. As always. right after the princess finished praying. they were surprised. The prince was very sorry.

But they could not pay him. The stick is very beautiful. Those women look dirty. “You are right. Suddenly. A moment later he gives the food to those old women. I will ask you to marry my daughter. Everybody in Malaka knew that Kantan had a beautiful golden stick. Kantan’s mother heard the news. seven old women come to Olih’s house. “Good evening. It’s very kind of you. She was an old woman and wore ragged clothes. The king also heard that. When he arrived there. We are hungry. slowly an island appeared. The king then continued. Kantan’s mother was very sad. Kantan agreed.” said the king after Kantan showed him the stick. “Don’t worry. Not long after that. He asked his soldiers to take Kantan to go his palace. They are poor.” . In the meantime. they sailed to Kantan’s hometown. a big storm attacked! Big waves swallowed Kantan’s big ship. Kantan was very happy and started to forget about his mother in the village. Since then. He opens the cupboard then takes some food.”says Olih’s mother. The king wanted to see the stick. I’m your mother. Kantan sailed the sea to go to Malaka Island. Kid. You all can stay here. and they are wearing ragged clothes. In the evening.” “Don’t worry. Ma’am. But I will not give you a lot of money. His wife really wanted to meet her mother-in-law. “Thank you very much. We are also very tired. When his wife asked. When they arrived. Would you let us stay here to spend the night? Nobody wants to let us stay in their house.” Olih then goes to his house. She was very happy. The news spread very fast.Later. “I want to have this stick. Kantan immediately agreed. Kantan just said she was a crazy woman pretending to be his mother. “Thank you very mich. You can stay here in the palace and later you can be the king to replace me.” said the king. Kantan asked them to pay with a lot of money. they got married and stayed in the palace. “Kantan! Kantan! It’s me. When she arrived at the ship. We are strangers here. She prayed to God. Just wait for a moment. Finally. You two are very kind to us. He was ashamed with his mother.” But Kantan ignored her. she immediately called Kantan’s name. we have no place to go. Kantan offered the stick to merchants.*** 0 comments Glutinous Rice A Folktale from North Sumatra Olih and her mother live in a village in North Sumatra. When the storm was gone. With a big ship. Could you please give us some food?” ask one of the old women. all the villagers were surprised to see Kantan. Their neighbors love them because they are kind and always help other people. They are also very hungry. Kantan’s wife always asked him about his mother. We have some food for you. He was a prince! They then told everyone about Kantan. people named the island as Kantan Island.

Olih and her mother are very happy. They call it beras pulut or glutinous rice. He was so happy and used all the money. They had two children a son and a daughter. He kept on borrowing some money until he had a lot of debts. please release my brother. Their mother then died. “God. He then left his sister and his uncle. he lost again and he borrowed some money again. At first he won some money. He thought gambling was the answer. Suddenly Olih screams! “Mom! Come here!!!” Olih’s mother then runs to the bedroom. They put him in the jail! In the mean time. He was upset. The son’s name was Tare Iluh and the daughter’s name was Beru Sibou. Now they have enough rice to eat. it means sticky and delicious rice. I’m willing to pay my brother’s debts. Beru Sibou was waiting for his brother. She met an old man and asked about his brother. The rice is so delicious. She finds the room full of rice. He changed me into an old woman and ask me to deliver this special rice to a family that helped me. *** 0 comments The Story of Sugar Palm Tree Folklore from North Sumatra A husband and a wife lived happily in a village. She was lost in a jungle. Tare Iluh could not pay them. When the villagers asked him to pay the debt. She rushed to go and wanted to meet her brother. They also share the rice to the neighbors. Sadly.” Nobody listened to the song and that made Beru Sibou frustrated. my hair. and all . He gambled using the money his uncle gave him. those seven old women are still sleeping. “Don’t be afraid. He did not have any money. Olih’s mother asks Olih to wake them up to have breakfast. Tare Iluh decided to find a job in another village. She then prayed to God. After that he borrowed money from the villagers. Tare Iluh and Beru Sibou stayed at their uncle’s house. Later. The old man knew that there was a man in the jail because of gambling. She sang and screamed his brother’s name. Beru Sibou then climbed a high tree. I will pay with my tears. Days passed by and those kids have grown into adults. He has a great super natural power. His brother might hear her song. She worked so hard that it made her suffer from a terrible illness. The old women are gone. Finally she heard that his brother was in the jail. The villagers were angry. My father sent me here. But there is one beautiful girl sitting on the bed. Tare Iluh wanted to make money in a short time. All the money he had was gone. I am one of the women. She was worried because he had not given her any news. he lost. “My brother Tare Iluh? Where are you? The villagers. “says the girl. Beru Sibou did not know the way to the village. Since then their mother worked hard for them. He then suggested Beru Sibou to climb a high tree and sang a song about his brother. She sang a song about his brother. Their happy life ended when their father died.In the morning.

People in other villages name it as pohon aren. The king and the queen had a baby boy. One day. he was inside an old man’s house. Then he continued. ” Not long after that. The king was King Indra Sakti. He was a man with great skills of martial arts. Since then. All the palace healers tried to heal him but did not succeed. Panglima Badau asked his people to pay expensive taxes. It was time for him to go to the palace and freed his parents.” said the king to the queen. Please train him and teach him how to be a good king. and that was including Kelana Sakti’s house. The old man . Punishment for people who refused paying the taxes was sent to jail! “Please don’t take my parents away!” said Kelana Sakti. The king sent them to the jail. “Where am I? Where are my parents?” “Don’t worry. Kelana Sakti was a nice boy. It was just not an ordinary tree. especially martial arts. He was diligent and always helped his parents. heavy storm attacked. Panglima Badau to meet him.” Right after she finished praying. He really enjoyed his time as a king. I don’t have enough money. the kingdom was in a mess and the king only had fun in his parties.” said the old man. Make him the king when he is adult. there was a small village. “Panglima Badau. “You are a liar!” The soldier then brought Kelana Sakti’s parents to the palace. You are safe here. The fruits of the tree named kolang kaling are very delicious. You are the king until my son is adult. You are in my house. Your parents are in the palace. “My wife. He was a wise king. Panglima Badau then became the king. Soldiers went to people’s house to collect the money. To pay all his parties. I cannot live any longer. he completely changed. “Give me your money! You have to pay the tax!” said a soldier. Kelana Sakti was unconscious. He often had parties and neglected the people. there was a bad news from the kingdom. Her tears changed into sweet water. When he was awake. I have spent my money to buy some of my body can be used by the villagers. King Indra Sakti died. So. Her hair changed into very strong leaves. The King was getting weaker and weaker everyday. People name it as sugar palm tree or pohon enau. Kelana Sakti lived with the old man. And slowly Beru Sibou changed into a tree. When Kelana Sakti was adult. People can use them as roof of their houses. In Purnama kingdom. He was the prince of the palace. “I’m sorry. *** 0 comments The Story of Kelana Sakti Folklore from North Sumatra ONCE upon a time in North Sumatra. All of his people lived prosperous and happy. But please free my brother. A soldier was angry at him and hit him. there was a kingdom named Purnama. Please take care of our son. Kelana Sakti and his parents lived there. he called all his family and the palace commander. King Indra Sakti was terribly ill. please forgive all my mistakes. He learned many things from him.” said Kelana Sakti’s father. I trust this kingdom to you. Soon. All parts of tree were useful.

Then. Kelana Sakti fought bravely against the soldiers. Bao Partigatiga was very pleased now. he got an inspiration to carve a wood into a statue of a beautiful woman. a priest and his wife passed by.gave him the blessings and asked him to be careful. He then put on the clothes he wanted to sell on the statue. His name was Datu Panggana. The couple had any children yet." said Bao Partigatiga. he put the statue in front of his house. The statue still had any clothes yet. Again he won the fight and freed everybody in jail. His name was Bao Partigatiga. 0 comments Nai Manggale Nai Manggale Folklore from North Sumatra Once upon a time. He won. The prince then asked Kelana Sakti to be the palace commander. He could carve wood into many things. North Sumatra. ." said the priest to his wife. Later. It was not finished yet. The prince was so thankful to Kelana Sakti. He sold jewelleries and clothes. there lived a famous sculpture in Tapanuli. Their dream came true. The priest and his wife then took the girl home. He was very impressed by the beauty of the statue. Then he left Datu Panggana's house. The statue had changed into a very beautiful girl. So. Then he sent Panglima Badau to the jail. One day. Then the last one was fighting against Panglima Badau himself. I want to make her as our daughter. a young merchant passed by in front of Datu PangganaÕs house. The statue looked like a real human. "I want to pray to God to make her live like a real human. "She would be more beautiful by wearing my clothes. They were also impressed by the beauty of the statue. After that.

And now they were happy because they all could ask her to stay in their houses."The three men accepted Aji Bahir's advice. All the villagers came to the priest's house to see Nai Manggale. So. and her grandchildren all went to the party. At home. the son asked her wife. All the barns were full of rice.They named her Nai Manggale. The statue was mine. her daughter-in-law. and of course. Everybody was having good times! They were singing." . "She is wearing my clothes. Datu Panggana. Datu Panggana said. Among them were Datu Panggana and Bao Partigatiga. To calm them. And you the priest. The farmers just had their best harvest. "Remember. she stays here. *** 0 comments Lau Kawar Lau Kawar Folklore from North Sumatra IT was a beautiful day. On one beautiful day. "She has to stay in my house. she has to stay in my house. Everybody in Kawar village was happy. Her daughter-in-law did not cook that day. Ask our son to deliver it." Those three men then were busy arguing. she was very sad." The priest did not want to lose Nai Manggale. you are her brother. His name was Aji Bahir. She is too old and weak to go to the party. Her son. eating delicious food. now those three men were related. "Why don't you take some food from the party and give it for my mom. At the party. The news about Nai Manggale spread very fast. The villagers were planning to hold a party to celebrate the good harvest. But when she tried to find some food in the kitchen. They wore beautiful dresses and made delicious food. all the villagers gathered in a field. So. They claimed to have the rights of Nai Manggale. laughing. Bao Partigatiga also claimed the same thing. Did everyone go to the party? Unfortunately." But. the old woman felt very sad and lonely. Besides that. "You all can have her and have a relationship with her. there was one old woman still stayed at her house. you are her father. an elderly of the village gave a solution. She was very hungry too. Bao Partigatiga. you are her uncle. I am the one who made her live like a human.

The lake was getting bigger and bigger and finally the whole village turned into a big lake. the mother cow. Before a family stayed in their new house. Then. Aji Tonggal and his parents build a new house for them. So. He even could talk with them. They tried to find shelters. Then. old woman cried and cried. She thought bad things about her son. the field turned into a lake. The old woman did not know that it was her grandson who ate the food. The old woman was so happy. . And it was Siranggir. But it was too late. The old woman was so sad and angry. And heavy rain started to fall. She thought that her son neglected her. People then named the lake into Lau Kawar. All the villagers were so scared. There was a great earthquake! Thunder struck the village. The people had a tradition. Slowly. an incredible thing happened. the father asked Aji Tonggal to sacrifice the biggest cow they had. Aji Tonggal. She had some children. The fish just had the bones. She was very sad. He did that on the way from the party to the house. Everyday they went to a field to eat some grass with their owner. She cursed her son. they had to sacrifice a cow. They wanted to save themselves. But her happiness turned into sadness when she saw the food was not in the good condition. (*) 0 comments Siranggir the Cow Siranggir the Cow Folklore from North Sumatra SIRANGGIR was a cow. It just had little rice. It seemed that someone has eaten the food. He was a young man and he loved his cows very much.Then the little boy brought the food to her grandmother.

Then. After Siranggir was killed. a strange thing happened to the family. He saw a beautiful girl was cooking in the kitchen. They did not want to lose their mother. The food was enough for the whole family. he went home earlier. The parents agreed. Aji Tonggal's parents shared the meat to the neighbours. Even though I'm dead. The family still kept Siranggir's head. He wanted to marry the girl. they always had food in the kitchen. But he could not find it. So. "Please let me go. He asked somebody else to do that. One day. Give me time to talk to my children. "Don't worry. I'm ready to be sacrificed. Please promise that you will always take care of my kids after I have gone. and grabbed her hand. it was ceremony for their marriage. They understood about the tradition after their mother explained it to them." said the girl. And I have a request. ***[link] 0 comments Raja Omas Raja Omas Folklore from North Sumatra .Siranggir was very sad. I will explain everything. Aji Tonggal was really curious. That's why I transformed my life into a girl. he went to Siranggir and explained what happened. Siranggir knew about the tradition. it was time for the ceremony. the family went to the field and when they arrived home in the afternoon. I want to say good bye to them." said Siranggir. Every morning. Aji Tonggal. Aji Tonggal did not have the heart to kill his beloved cow. I still want to dedicate my life to you. Aji Tonggal was surprised. I am Siranggir. and he also knew that sooner or later she would also be sacrificed. Aji Tonggal then fell in love with the girl. Once again the family had a ceremony. All the children were very sad. After that. he talked to his parents. Slowly he walked towards the girl. Then he believed that Siranggir's head had already transformed into a young girl. This time. Several days after the ceremony. He then looked for Siranggir's head in the kitchen. But Aji Tonggal had to listen and obey his parents. The head was hung in the kitchen.

Raja Omas then asked the angel to marry him. the old woman told the truth. Raja Omas decided to visit the villages to find the right woman. there was a king with six wives. Many people came to his coffee shop to drink his tuak. The king only loved his seventh wife and the baby. Since then. So. she wanted to grab her son. She heard a baby crying. now she could fly to the heaven Right before she flew. he saw some women were taking a bath. Although the king had six wives. He stole one cloth. His tuak was very delicious. I have a mother. a traditional drink. But Raja Omas moved very fast. The angel hated smelly ingredients. Then they got married and had a baby boy. His seventh wife gave him a son. She was so happy. So. He heard that there was a young man sold delicious tuak. the king went there. However." But then. Raja Omas covered the baby with some smelly ingredients. She was surprised to see ababy boy inside a pumpkin and brought him home. the angel found her cloth. The old woman took good care of Raja Omas until he became a handsome and diligent man. She found Raja Omas in the river. He only could be cured by drinking a very delicious tuak. Later the king brought him in the palace. a typhoon. Raja Omas was not her son. In the mean time. He did not know that those women were angels from heaven. he did not have a child yet. They got rid of the baby by putting him in a big pumpkin and let it drift in a river. She was sad. the king knew that Raja Omas was his son. On the following day. He also provided tuak. the king was ill. They are afraid that saringgon would take their babies away. To help the old woman. the king asked Raja Omas to get married. When he arrived in a big lake. North Sumatra. The other six wives were jealous. The king named him Raja Omas. Therefore. Raja Omas said. Because her cloth was stolen. Raja Omas opened a coffee shop. Right after the king met Raja Omas. Your Majesty. The angel was angry. He wanted his son to stay with him and did not go to heaven. She turned into saringgon. After that. Those six wives had a bad plan.IN Simalungun. an old woman was washing her clothes on the river. *** . She is inside. he decided to marry another woman. To protect his son. "It is impossible. mothers in Simalungun also covered their babies with some smelly ingredients every time they hear saringgon. one angel could not fly to go back to the heaven.

And as always. the stone broke down into three pieces. They had changed into birds. said the children. Mother. said the mother. she was shocked! She could not find her children. Amazingly. When the mother finished pounding the rice. there was a family of farmers. Just the minutes kids. They lived happily. Show all posts The Legend of Golog Stone Folklore from Nusa Tenggara Barat Once upon a time. The first part fell in an area which later called Gembong Village. the stone is getting taller. Strangely. said the father. she brought the children to the rice field. "Mother? The stone is getting taller!" They screamed. Show all posts Showing posts with label Nusa Tenggara Barat. the stone where the children were sitting down was growing. I will go to the rice field after I finish selling the harvest. The father's name was Amaq Lebain and the mother's name was Inaq Lebain. She wanted to bring her children down but she did not know how to do it. The second part fell in area which was later named Dasan Batu. I will finish this soon. The children could not be seen it anymore. The parents really loved their children. Again. She then prayed to God. It was repeated again and again. We were scared. The children were scared. Then she hit the stone with the rice pounder. said the mother. Be patient. Somehow God answered her pray. the two children could not come back to their mother. She had to use the rice pounder to cut down the Golog stone. Unfortunately. She was crying. and the last part fell in area which later was named Montong Teker. I will finish pounding the rice soon. They screamed. They had two children. Okay. The golog stone was getting taller and taller and finally it reached the clouds. Every time they went farming. I won't to be long in the market. a son and a daughter. the children were crying. Later the mother was busy pounding the rice.*** 0 comments Princess Mandalika . I will be carefull. The mother could not hear them well. One day the father went to the market to sell their harvest Meantwhile. every time the mother pounded the rice. they always brought they children to the rice fields. But mom. said the mother. she could not hear them well. the mother went to the rice field alone to pound the rice. Pllease take care of our children.Showing posts with label Nusa Tenggara Barat. It was quite noisy. She thought the children asked her to go home.

The king and all other people in the beach did not understand what she meant. The king then held a competition in Seger Kuta beach. She was very beautiful. Nyale is very delicious and that is why more and more people come to Lombok to catch it. She did not want the war to get bigger and hurt many people. Princes from all over the place wanted to marry her. they came to propose her. Princess Mandalika jumped to the sea. and she also did not want to make them sad. The king had a very beautiful daughter. But no one dared to jump in the sea. And I don't want you to be sad either. The rule was simple: whoever shot the target perfectly. he could be the husband of his beautiful daughter. They all wanted to be the winners. All the princes tried to swim to find the princess. One by one. Lombok. She hated to make people sad. "Everybody. the waves were too high. Princess Mandalika was really worried. Her name was Princess Mandalika. there was a kingdom in Lombok. many young men fell in love with her. The king then came to her. People were screaming. Finally. Later he named the worms as nyale. She was disappeared in the big waves. The tradition to catch the sea worms is called Bau Nyale. After several hours trying to search the princess. I want to be someone that everybody can have. she had an idea. So. He asked all the princes to take part in archery competition. I want you all to have me.Folklore from Nusa Tenggara Barat ONCE upon a time. One by one. I don't want you to fight because of me. But I can't be all your wives. they all were fighting. she was very confused. Those princes were great in archery. listen up! I know you all love me and want me to be your wife. they cannot catch it anytime they want. I want to be nyale that you all can enjoy together. but not as your wives. Because there was no a winner. The argument was getting hotter and hotter. It was like a war. Show all posts Showing posts with label Nusa Tenggara Timur. then they started to argue. people in Lombok always try to catch nyale. there was no winner. Finally. But before he came closer to his daughter. *** Showing posts with label Nusa Tenggara Timur. She could not decide. suddenly they found a lot of sea worms on the beach. when those princes came to propose her to be their wives. Soon. the fighting was bigger. Show all posts A Story from roti island A Story from roti island . because all princes brought their soldiers in the archery competition. I want to be useful for you. They can only find it once a year. It was chaos on the beach. in February or March. After several time. They claimed to be the best." said Princess Mandalika. The king then realized that his daughter had returned as sea worms. Princess Mandalika was a kind girl. However. All the participants were great. Until now. all participants tried their best.

On one morning. she felt a grain of rice would not be enough for them. “I think it’s not enough for me and my grandmother. It’s enough for both of us. The people of Roti Island believe this story. From the tree. The little girl has turned into a monkey and never came home. something bad happened to the rice pot. You are all alone. Suddenly. The grandmother was very sad. She regretted what she done to her beloved grand daughter. no! The rice flowed out of the pot!” shouted the girl. “You are a naughty girl! Why didn’t you listen to me?” the grandmother was so angry. However. “ Please come back to me. It flowed and flowed until it covered the kitchen. “Oh.” Then she took two handful of rice. Please forgive me. “ Please forgive me.” Then the monkey climbed up and disappeared. Show all posts Showing posts with label Papua.” “Why. the grandmother came home. Suddenly. The monkey then ran away and climbed a tree. But just cook one grain of rice. my grand daughter!’ but it was too late. Later. “ Please cook some rice for lunch. Before she left. *** Showing posts with label Papua.Folklore from Nusa Tenggara Timur ONCE upon a time. I’m a monkey now. And that is why until now. I cannot live with you anymore.” The grandmother then left for the market. people in Roti Island never hit their children or other people’s child. “Grandmother. she asked her granddaughter to cook. a grandmother and her grand daughter lived in Roti Island. Then. Grandma!” the little girl cried and cried. “What should I do?” The rice became rice porridge. The grandmother sold them at the market. They are afraid that the child would turn into a monkey. Show all posts . the monkey said. She hit the girl with a wooden stick. an incredible thing happened! The girl turned into a monkey. But the grandmother kept hitting her. Grandma?” asked the girl. the grandmother would go to the market. Nusa Tenggara Timur. the girl started to cook. The girl explained what happened. The grandmother chased the monkey. They had a field and grew some vegetables. “Just do what I said.

After several times." says Mrs Brown Bird. he finally kills the dragon. "I want to have beautiful feathers like Mr Green Bird's feathers. "Choose now!" Mr Brown Bird then looks up to the sky. "Aha! I know which color to ." The God of Jungle is upset. He thinks they were ugly. Mr Brown Bird then goes to the God of Jungle." "Hmm I don't know. and healthy man. That's why we live alone here. I can make your wish comes true. Mr Green Bird. *** 0 comments The Unhappy Cendrawasih Folklore from Papua Mr and Mrs Brown Bird lived in a jungle in Papua." says Mr Brown Bird to his wife. His father has died. After the boat is ready. strong. Her boat is broken so she cannot go back to her hometown. She is hanging to her boat and finally arrives in a land. they are not afraid to sailing in the river anymore. "Honey. Then he plans to take his mother to go back to their hometown. set traps to catch animals. She is very sad. Son.Biwar A Folk tale from Papua PEOPLE in a village in Mimika are busy. She is pregnant and her husband is killed. He also makes a lot of weapons. humans are not interested in us. They are very beautiful. How about red? Yellow? Green? I'm confused. they are sailing in the river. where is my father? And how do we live alone? Where is everybody?" Biwar's mother cries. One day she asks his mother. Biwar uses his arrow to attack the dragon. With feathers like this. After three days. and how to make fire. They want to find sago. suddenly a dragon comes! The dragon uses his tail to attack people. The person is a woman. When they are arrive in the village. Biwar makes a big boat. Later she gives birth to a son. He has an idea. I'm the only one survived from the incident. "Mother. Mr Brown always complains about his feathers. "Your father is killed by the dragon. suddenly there is a big wave. The tail makes a very big wave in the river. He wants to protect his mother from the dragon.” says Mr Brown Bird." Biwar is very sad. Biwar becomes a handsome. Most of them are drawn. Thanks to him. people are happy to welcome Biwar. His feathers are not brown like mine. "I want to have beautiful feathers like Mr Green Bird. their boats are full with sago and now they want to go back to their hometown. She names her son Biwar. "Don't worry. While they are sailing. Just choose one color. Only one person survives. like how to make weapons. So they will not hunt us. He is jealous with his friend. The dragon is coming! From his boat. They prepare 12 boats to sail in the river. While they are sailing. you have to be grateful with your feathers. She raises Biwar and gives skills.

Since then. don't hunt my friends. please go away! Our lives are in danger if you are still here. If they hunt and eat crocodile’s meat. *** 0 comments . He was really amazed to see a crocodile talked like humans. They also protected other animals that lived in the river. "I will help you. all your descendants have to protect crocodiles. She is crying. Towjatuma and his descendants promised to protect the crocodiles from other hunters. While busy looking for the stone. Go home now and I'll come to your house tomorrow. You have to tell Narrowra not to hunt crocodiles. "Honey. The pregnancy was in the ninth month. After a while. "Towjatuma. a big crocodile was in front of him! The crocodile was different from any other crocodiles. my husband is not like you! His feathers are brown!" says Mrs brown Bird. What are you doing here?" asked the crocodile politely. They were very happy." said the crocodile. Wit color like these. humans will hunt you. The baby was a boy. "Yes. but his wife was still unable to give birth. I'm your husband. I'm not going to harm you. However. And not only Narrowra. I already helped you. he explained about the crocodile to his wife. Mr Brown Bird tries very hard to convince his wife realizes that he is really her husband." says Mrs Brown Bird." Not longer after that. On the following day. So I will teach my child and all my descendants to protect you and your friends. I understand. Towjatuma needed a sharp stone. I want to do an operation. I will never forget your help. *** 0 comments Towjatuwa and the Sacred Crocodile Folklore From papua ONCE upon a time in Papua. Mr Brown Bird is very sad. "I'm here to find a sharp stone. Soon. My wife is pregnant and she has a problem. he then answered. It means a bird of paradise. Mr Brown Bird's feathers are colorful. What if thy also take our children? Now. With his magical power. Days passed by.choose. suddenly the crocodile talked. The feathers were like kaswari's. To help her give the birth. the crocodile helped her to give birth. When he goes home. He then lives his house. She cannot give birth." said Towjatuma. all your descendants will die. He has great skills in hunting." said the crocodile." "No. So. the crocodiles. he went to the river side to find a sharp stone." explained Towjatuma. it's me. my husband. When he arrived. I don't want want one color of my feathers. his wife would give a birth. Just before he left. his wife does not recognize him. Towjatuma immediately went back to his house. She had a problem that made her in the great pain. He was so scared. Towjatuma was ready to run. "Don't worry. his wife got pregnant. the crocodile came to Towjatuma's house. So. He knows he just made a very big mistake. he heard a noise. They had been waiting to have a baby and after some time. I want my feathers to be colorful like the rainbow in the sky. It had feathers. I want many colors. He knew the river was full of crocodiles. He can catch many animals. He wanted to have an operation to help his wife. The crocodile named him Narrowra. Towjatuwa and his wife lived by the Tami River. Now I ask you to help me. "You are very stupid. His name then changes into Cendrawasih. Your son Narrowra will grow as a great hunter. Towjatuma was really scared.

She wanted to look like rich woman. She was in great pain. she felt very happy when the people did not talk to them. "Don't worry. They were so poor and they were not satisfied with their lives. Now go away!" May Lamah's bad behaviour made the people hate her. And finally it was time for Mai Lamah to deliver her baby. I really don't have any money. "I don't care. She did not want to get along with her neighbors." said Mak Semah to Mai Lalmah. you have to work. I'm sure the people there will help us. Mai Lamah was pregnant. Mai Lamah changed her appearances. They wanted to be rich." said Mak Semah." said Baitusen to Mai Lamah. But after she was rich. His name was Baitusen. she was a nice and kind woman. They were kind and helped each other. The people were very nice. She hoped that Baitusen could help her. They soon would have a baby. "What? If you want to have some rice. do not hesitate to call me. you have to buy. He really wanted to be rich. His work hard finally gave him great wealth. He build bigger house. They planned to go to Benguran Island. Slowly he became very rich. She wanted to ask for some rice to cook. Sadly." said Mak Semah. I don't want to help you. They hoped they lives would be better." "But. She was a midwife. However. Indeed. they did not disturb her anymore. They were so grateful. Baitusen asked Mak Semah to help his wife. She was poor. Show all posts The Legend of Senua Island Folklore From Riau ONCE upon a time. Mai Lamah and Baitusen were happy. Let's go another island. They decided to go to another island. they were so happy. His wife also started to buy jewelries. And I'm too old to work. In one night. May I have some rice? I'm so hungry and I don't have any money to buy rice. They also helped Baitusen build his house. He asked other neighbors to help. she did not care. there lived a poor fisherman. Riau. Whenever you are not feeling well. "Please help me. Baitusen and Mai Lamah were also happy to live in Bunguran Island. Baitusen worked very hard. Show all posts Showing posts with label Riau. So. she also helped sick people. They lived in Natuna. His work hard finally gave him plained. His wife's name was Mai Lamah. One of the people in Bungutan island was Mak Semah. it was not only her appearance that changed. Besides that. Mai lamah was upset. Her attitude also changed. When they arrived in Bunuran Island. She did not want to look dirty and poor. No. The island was rich with the natural resources. And if you don't have any money. The people did not treat them differently although they were new comers on the island. "Remember. Mah Semah went to Baitusen's house. . she became arrogant.Showing posts with label Riau. but they also refuse to help. He helped pregnant women in childbirth. He never complained. But she refused to help. Previously.

However. he heard a baby cry. In the morning. he was not lucky.*** 0 comments Dayang Kumunah Folklore from Riau Once upon a time. He was a handsome and rich man. Mai Lmah's body turned into a big stone. However." said Mak Lemah. Finally he found the baby! It was a baby girl and she was very beautiful. lived an old fisherman. they were sailing in their ship. Unfortunately. Dayang Kumunah grew as a very beautiful and diligent girl. Thunder attacked their ship. Sadly. Then. He proposed Dayang Kumunah to be his wife. “You are lucky. he told the head of the village about the baby."Okay. He hoped he could catch some fish today. She never laughed. His name was Awang Gading and he lived alone. It was loaded with their wealth. One of the young men who fell in love with her was Awangku Usop. Dayang Kumunah was so famous for her beauty. When he reached the riverside.” Awing Gading was very happy. their journey was not in the good condition. It was almost dark and he did not see anyone there. Slowly their ship was sinking. There was a great storm. Bunguran island is known as home for swallow birds. When the head of the village saw the baby. He took care of her with great love. Meanwhile her jewelries turned into swallow birds. Sanua mean one person with two bodies. He named the baby girl Dayang Kumunah. Awing held the baby and brought her home. they asked for help. Awang Gading was fishing. he still tried to find the baby. . In one morning. Carefully. Until now. He planned to go home and rowed his sampan to the riverside. His wife died a long time ago and he did not have any child. The baby is the child of the spirit of the river. He was surprised. Slowly the stone turned into an island. Please take care of her. but don't forget to bring our jeweleries. People named it Sanua Island. there was something strange about her. he said. But no one helped them. It was almost dark but he still did not catch a fish yet.

He ignored the voice. I am not a human. On the following day. why did you break your promise?” Said Dayang Kumunah.” said Awangku Usop. And he broke his promise. People named the fish as Patin Fish. but he had to promise one thing. Everybody was laughing because the child was so funny. The house was clean and he had food on the table. they got married. Bujang Enok went home. He tried to kill the snake with the woods. Dayang Kumunah was very sad.*** 0 comments The Legend of Putri Mambang Linau Folklore from Riau BUJANG Enok was collecting fire woods in the jungle. We have been married for years but I never see you laugh.” said Dayang Kumunah. Awangku Usop actually wanted to know why Dayang Kumunah never laughed. He saw all the seven girls were doing the . “I am really curious. she laughed. They all were wearing colorful shawl. on the next day he was hiding in the bushes in front of his house. He wanted to sell them in the market. He wanted to know who did it. I am from the river and I will live here. Awangku Usop agreed to promise. then he saw seven beautiful girls were entering his house. And when she laughed people could see her fish gills. it happened again. He just learned how to walk. Then he heard a voice of women talking. She then changed into a fish. One day. After waiting. Awing Gading died. Days passed bu. He never asked Dayang Kumunah to laugh. “I have told you not to ask me to laugh. Though he felt very strange. This time Awangku Usop could not hold it anymore. Their youngest child was still a toddler. after they got married. Sadly. he asked his wife to laugh. Awangku Usop and the children followed her. now Dayang Kumunah and Awangku Usop had five children. And he did it! The snake died. When he arrived. The food was also served! He was really confused. “Please take care of our children. he saw the house was clean and neat. a snake was in front of him. Bujang Enok was peeping through the window. They saw Dayang Kumunah slowly changed into a fish. Then. They saw the youngest child tried to walk. He loved his father very much.Dayang Kumuna agreed. “The snake is dead. He already broke his promise. Dayang Kumunah was so sad. Suddenly. It was noon. However. Everybody was laughing except Dayang Kumunah. So.” The voice was from the river not far from the jungle. we are safe now. She ran to the river and swam. Then Dayang Kumunah did it. Awangku Usop was really sad. the whole family gathered in the house. he did not want to break his promise.

Her sisters were wearing the shawl then they were flying. people still do the dance. The King was very wise. And I will give it to you if you marry me. The King had a beautiful daughter. After they finished. In the ceremony all the women had to dance. The king was really touched. Find your shawl and go back home immediately after you find it. They were angels. we have to go home now. The people lived happily and peacefully. Putri Mambang Linau was sad. then the dance was named elang-elang dance. However. but she knew her husband really respected the king. the girls wore their shawls.household chores. I will leave you and I will go back home in the sky. He was very impressed with his sacrifice. the name is gradually changed into olang-olang dance. “Alright. He always helped the needy. He already promised his wife not to ask her to dance. Bujang Enok was very confused. Then he decided to ask her to dance.*** 0 comments Prince Suta and King Bayang Folklore from Riau SULTAN Hasan Salehuddin Kemaramtsyah was the king of Indragiri Kingdom in Riau. He invited Bujang Enok and his wife to the palace. Everybody was surprised. Later. He was also very kind to his people. I do. but please don’t ask me to dance. The girls went to the river. He fell in love with this beautiful angel. He was very generous. Because the movement was like a flying eagle. I’ll do anything for you.” said a girl. they were talking. Bujang Enok followed them. She wore her shawl. Until now. However. It was their voice.” “Yes. Bujang Enok remembered the voice when he was collecting the woods. They put their shawls on the river side. my name is Putri Mambang Linau. The girl who lost the shawl was really sad. Bujang Enok explained all about it. She asked. Then Putri Mambang Linau danced. “Do you see my shawl? If you give it to me. Bujang Enok saw the girls flying and he was surprised. The girls were taking a bath. The king asked Bujang Enok who she was.” said Bujang Enok. They had happy life. There was a ceremony there. To honor him. The king heard the news about Bujang Enok. he asked the girls to dance like Putri Mambang Linau’s dance. Actually she loved Bujang Enok. one of them could not find her shawl. He became famous. I will marry you. but he had to respect the King. Her name was Princess Halimah. Bujang Enok took one of them.” After that Bujang Enok and Putri Mambang Linau were married. Then he came to the girl. She was flying. and soon Bujang Enok became a rich man. Slowly her body was going up. She . “I’m sorry. they left the house. If I dance. She moved her hands like an eagle fl uttering it’s wings.

” “Alright then… fi nd Prince Suta. he immediately went to the palace. we need to get some help. His name is Prince Suta. Sultan Hasan!!” King Bayang was very angry. if I win I will stay.” said one soldier. “I’ve heard about King Bayang before. Luckily he found Prince Suta. Sultan Hasan and his soldiers set a new strategy. and some loyal soldiers escaped. Luckily. I will help him. However he did not have many soldiers. Actually. They lost the fi ght. *** 0 comments The Ungrateful Student . “Ha ha ha… Sorry if I make you angry. A king from a neighboring kingdom came. When he arrived in Indragiri. He challenged King Bayang to fight. With the soldiers we have right now. He already helped Jambi Kingdom from bad people. He is a bad king. Prince Suta and Princess Halimah were very happy. “Impossible. His name was King Bayang. young man?” asked King Bayang. Later. Prince Suta was younger. Sultan Hasan and Princess Halimah went back home. I’m sure my daughter doesn’t want to marry a bad king like you!” “What?! You refused my proposal?! You will be sorry. The people were so happy. Finally they arrived in a small village. “Ha ha ha…. They stole and robbed people’s house. “Your Majesty. Why do you want fi ght me. Sultan Hasan immediately sent his soldiers to fi ght King Bayang’s soldiers. Many young men fell in love with her. Sultan Hasan.” Prince Suta and King Bayang were fi ghting! Both of them were very powerful. we cannot win our kingdom back. “Do you have any ideas? Who can help us?” asked Sultan Hasan. The King brought his soldiers. I will go to Indragiri now. his daughter. The peaceful life in Indragiri Kingdom was disturbed. He disturbed many people. King Bayang lost the fi ght. you have to go back!” “Alright. Soon. King Bayan came to the palace. Sultan Hasan’s soldiers lost the fight.” said Prince Suta. Since then Indragiri Kingdom was always safe from bad people. I will go back home. He left the palace and later came back with more soldiers. He had more power than King Bayang. The soldier immediately left. The soldiers told him about Sultan Hasan’s messages. I’m here because I heard you have a beautiful daughter.” said King Bayang.” said Sultan Hasan. King Bayang and his soldiers left Indragiri Kingdom. He is very kind. “Why did you do terrible things to our people?” asked Sultan Hasan. I want to marry her. He wanted to meet Sultan Hasan. Tell him about King Bayang and also tell him that we need his help to win our kingdom back.was very famous. Sultan Hasan fought bravely. He is from eastern area. Sultan Hasan asked Prince Suta to marry his beautiful daughter. And if I lose. “I heard there is a great prince. They attacked the palace. Sadly. Prince Suta agreed. “Because this is not your kingdom. To express his gratitude. Tell Sultan Hasan.

he stayed in the palace. the people in Daik Lingga kingdom lived happily. Normally. wherever you go. some soldiers were in front of him and cornered him. Mahmud was bleeding. He suggested Mahmud to go to other place. Apek Huang Tai felt that it was time for Mahmud to stop learning from him. He always challenges people to fight him. “Why are you here. I’ve told you to use the skills wisely. The new life in palace changed Mahmud. it was not a cock. He attacked the commander. What do you mean? I am new here. He was old and had many students. The king finally met Mahmud’s teacher. and that included the king. It was peaceful and no criminals would dare to do bad things there. It was in mid day. old man? I don’t need you anymore. “Because you have just crowed. If someone responds to his crow. One of the students was Mahmud. Mahmud was an intelligent student. His nick name is Commander Cock Crowing. Remember my advice. He wanted to be responsible. cocks crowed in the morning. He was a master of martial arts. then you have to fight him!” Mahmud knew he just made a mistake. The criminals were afraid of Apek Huang Tai. he imitated the crow. He knew that Mahmud was more powerful than the commander. Without waiting any longer. However. Use it only when it is necessary. The crow was made the Commander of the palace. Mahmud did whatever he wanted.” said Mahmud. “Remember. the commander attacked him. because it can hurt people. You respond. They learned martial arts from him. Before he left. otherwise he would be killed! Mahmud fought back.” “I don’t understand. Suddenly. He finally arrived in Palembang. The soldiers later brought him to the open field. he did not want to run away. I can ask my soldiers to get rid of you!” said Mahmud to Apek Huang Tai. then you have to fight my Commander. Mahmud did not have any place to go. The commander gave up! He asked Mahmud to stop attacking him. He used all the skills he mastered. He was curious. The king then asked Mahmud to be the new commander. Nobody dared to remind him. use your martial arts skills wisely. The king asked him to talk to Mahmud to do good things. Apek Huang Tai gave him an advice.” .” said Apek Huang Tai. He was now arrogant. he heard a cock crowing. “You have changed. He then had funny idea. “You heard a cock crowing right? Well. he has to fight him.Folklore from Riau A long time ago in Riau. He remembered his teacher’s advice. The commander was waiting for him. I am the commander here. He just listened to his heart. In a very short time he already mastered all the skills and techniques of martial arts. The king saw the fight. He thought he had to use his martial art skills. Right after Mahmud was appointed to be the new commander.

However dinner was not ready yet. You only listed to her when you want to eat. Instead. and Diang woke up and felt hungry. Please open your body. It could open and close its body like a sea shell. In the meantime. She always worked alone.. Let my mother go outside. please help me prepare the dinner".. The stone could also talk to humans. "Well. I'm so sick and my children did not want to help me. Sadly after they finished eating. two sons. Those three children were crying very loud. They knew their mother was inside Batangkup Stone s body. But you never help her. So she asked her three children to help her. Even though Apek Huang Tai was old. They knew they were wrong. Her three children were lazy and only liked to play..The fight could not be avoided. She was so sad. Breakfast was not ready so they were looking for their mother. Riau. Batangkup Stone then opened its body. said Utuh. They saw their mother s hair. The stone had magical power. Mahmud and Apek Huang Tai fought courageously. they played again. she called her children to have dinner. And he knew Mahmud’s weaknesses. "Batangkup Stone. he still had a lot of energy. "Utuh. there was a village in Indragiri Hilir. But it was too late to regret. Utuh. I will open my body now. And Mahmud gave up! He apologized to his teacher. They would never see their mother again. *** 0 comments Batangkup Stone Folklore from Riau ONCE upon a time. This time they listened to Mak Minah. and a daughter. She sold the woods in the market and used the money for their daily needs. And her youngest child’s name was Diang. Those three children ignored their mother and continued playing in the front yard. It was not the first time her children did not help her and ignored her. You always ignored your mother and never helped her". please help me. She had three children. The children went here and there to find their mother. if that s what you want. asked Mak Minah. get inside". Ucin. They always ignored me. "Yes. the children did not help their mother clean the dishes. *** . You will never see your mother again!" said Batangkup Stone. Mak Minah then forced herself to prepare the dinner. He knew he was wrong and he promised to be good again. They never helped her. asked Mak Minah. "No. Mak Minah cried. When it was ready. Her son s names were Utuh and Ucin. you need her now because you are hungry. After selling the woods in the market. There was a magical stone called Batangkup Stone. In the morning. Mak Minah did not feel well. It was already late in the evening. Ucin. Finally they were in front of the Batangkup Stone. said Batangkup Stone. Mahmud thought he could beat Apek Huang Tai. I cannot hold the pains anymore. she wanted to go to bed immediately. Her long hair was still outside of the stone. and Diang. Mak Minah went to the riverside. scr eam Diang. He was wrong. Everyday Mak Minah always went to the jungle to collect some fire woods. I won't! You are not good children. Mak Minah later went inside. There lived a widow named Mak Minah. She was so sick that she went to bed immediately. "Please swallow my body". "But we need her now".

Those three children had different’s mango. He won! He then released the princess and brought her back to the palace. Nobody dared to release her because the king had big elephants as his soldiers. Bujang Buta always helped his mother. his happiness soon ended after he saw there were a monkey and a tiger in font of him. the middle child was Bujang Pengail. They wanted to leave Bujang Buta alone in the jungle! “Bujang Buta. Take these ropes and stick. “What is this? I think this is a fruit. He wanted to run away. He was very hungry. my friend. He was so scared. The king was so happy. Bujang Perotan and Bujang Pengail agreed to help. he stepped on something. His brothers had hid it. He was named Bujang Buta. He wanted to go home. Bujang Buta was so happy. Wait for us and we’ll go home together. He forgave them and also . While his older brothers were busy playing. their mother asked them to go to the jungle to collect some fire woods. He was no longer blind! However. One day. and the youngest child was Bujang Buta. he was fighting bravely against the elephants. The mother and Bujang Buta did not know that Bujang Perotan and Bujang Pengail planned something bad. We want to help you. he then asked Bujang Buta to stay in the palace and marry his daughter. Although he was blind. He could not find his stick.0 comments Bujang Buta Folklore from Riau ONCE upon a time in Riau. Bujang Pengail and I will look for the woods in other areas. He accidentally swallowed the pip fruit! His eyes were wide open. Hmm. After saying thank you. He ate the mango very fast until he made a mistake. Bujang Buta was the kindest child. he immediately went home to ask his mother to stay with him in the palace. lived a mother with her three sons. On the way home. Suddenly. Bujang Buta received those things. His brothers did not show up! Bujang Buta was so scared. Yummy!” Bujang Buta then enjoyed the fruit. We know you are a good kid. stay here under this tree. With the ropes and the stick. He was really happy to eat the mango.” said the monkey. Amazingly the incident made his eyes able to see. He tried to walk. “Don’t be afraid. Bujang Buta wanted to release the princess. Bujang Buta then continued walking. which are why he was named as king of elephants. The oldest was Bujang Perotan. Bujang Buta did not have a hard feeling towards his brothers. Then. he met some people. because he was blind.. You will need them someday to help you. We’re not going to hurt you. “We know everything. Bujang Buta waited and waited for hours.” said Bujang Perotan.” said the tiger. They told him that the king’s daughter was arrested by the king of elephants.

But it was not enough. Mother. Then they went to the river. His mother asked him to go the pond. he ignored his mother’s advice. Carefully. You have to return it. she advised him to put the egg back to the river. I will live in the sea. He had a dream. lived a kid named Dang Gedunai. A giant dragon came to him. My throat is very hot. “You stole my egg. It was very cloudy when he arrived at the riverside. For the punishment. He was her only child but he never made her happy. They promised to be nice. “What happened?” “I don’t know. It was a very big egg. Dang Gedunai brought the egg home. His mother was surprised to see him brought a big egg. that means I’m eating. He would become a dragon. his mother was ready to go to the paddy field. Dang Gedunai did not say anything. Dang Gedunai finally gave up. It was a dragon’s egg. He felt very thirsty. I want to go fishing.” said Dang Gedunai. He drank another glass.asked them to stay in the palace. His brothers really regretted their bad behaviours. He planned to boil the egg and ate it. he immediately boiled the egg. If you see big waves in the sea. “Mother.” His mother then gave him a glass of water. However right before he left. His mother was sad. But if the waves are calmed. please forgive me. His father passed away when he was a baby. I will change as a dragon. When his mother left the house. He was so full then he fell asleep. *** 0 comments Dang Gedunai Folklore from Riau ONCE upon a time in Riau. Later his mother went home.” “Be careful with the egg. “It’s cloudy outside. Rain will soon fall. As always. you will become a dragon!” Dang Gedunai woke up. Again. I want to go to the river. Her son was eating.” said Dang Gedunai. he saw something shining in the river. I cannot live with you anymore. His mother cried. he ate it. It was so delicious. Again it was not enough. Dang Gedunai was a stubborn kid. Until now fishermen do not want to go fishing in the sea when the waves are big. Why don’t you just stay at home?” As always Dang Gedunai ignored her. Dang Gedunai knew his dream would come true. I ate the egg. Then slowly Dang Gedunai left her. He then went to the river. Dang Gedunai drank all the water until the pond was dried. “Mother. His mother then told the villagers not to go to the sea when the waves were big. When it was cooked.” replied his mother. Soon it was drizzling but Dang Gedunai was still busy fishing. then another glass until there was not any water in the house. I ignored you. Suddenly I feel very thirsty. Later rain fell down heavily. then I’m sleeping. He lived with his mother. They . It’s not enough. “What egg is that? Where did you find it?” “In the river. In the morning. then another glass.

know the dragon is eating. Cut the golden chain. Their clothes were the ones they wore everyday. He just slept and slept everyday." But the poor man ignored the bird and kept on pulling out the chain. One night the husband had a dream. But then he realized that it was a lesson for him to work hard if he wanted to have a lot of money. It created big waves and the waves almost swallowed the poor man. "Yippee!" said the husband. He forgot the old man's advice to take only short chain because it was enough for him. Riau. One day they ate. He thought about his dream and wanted to do the old man's advice. When he arrived on the river side. remember the old man's advice. on the following day they did not eat. After arrived in the river. He did not want to help his wife to earn a living. He wanted to take the golden chain as long as possible. The golden chain was sinking and went to the bottom of the river. The wife always asked the husband to work hard. He told the husband to take his sampan and went to Sepunjung River. slowly he rowed his sampan. See you later!" the husband did not want to tell about his dream. but don't take the chain too long. *** . He knew his wife would think he was crazy by following up a dream. But he was lazy. He was so panicked and swam fast to the river side. Take the rope slowly then you will find a golden chain. While he was busy pulling out the golden chain. He talked. They were very poor. she often prayed to God to help her husband. Pelalawan. It was so full that finally the sampan could not hold the weights any more. He pulled the chain again and again. They just wait until the dragon is finished eating and the waves are calmed. lived husband and wife. The poor man became a greedy man. Suddenly a rope appeared from the river. "The old man is right!" said the husband. he felt sorry to himself. Slowly he pulled out and later at the end of the rope he saw a golden chain! The chain was sparkling and glowing. They were not able to eat everyday. an old man came to him. The sampan was drowned. It was made by real gold. "Hey poor man. Take only a short golden chain. The wife was helpless. a bird came to him. "Just go to the middle of the river and wait until a rope appears from the river. "I want to go fishing. He blamed himself for being a greedy man. He wanted to sell the golden chain and had a lot of money." said the old man. his sampan was full of the golden chain. In his dream. "Where are you going?" asked the wife. He then pulled out the rope. So he took his sampan and went to Sepunjung River. He wanted to make sure he would be right in the middle of the river. Then he waited and waited. But it was too late and it was useless for feeling sorry. The poor husband then woke up from his dream. She was so surprised to see her husband was busy preparing the sampan.*** 0 comments The Greedy Poor Man Folklore from Riau Once upon a time in Negeri Rantau Baru. Slow but sure.

All the daughters were screaming. Their daughters were all still single. I’m willing to marry the snake. The king was hopeless. “Your Majesty. However they all were very brave. It was very powerful and mean. he still had problems with the giant bird.” The king was speechless. they were very shocked. This time a giant snake came to the palace. Those seven princesses were very beautiful. She said. Come back tomorrow. Show all posts Showing posts with label South Kalimantan. The snake wanted to meet the king and his family. the kingdom was restless again. I’ll command the attack. The king did not want to wait any longer. . He was very touched with her youngest daughter’s sacrifice.” said the snake. They all were afraid. He told the king a very bad news. The king had seven daughters. At fi rst. It was because the bird was still alive and it could return and attack the kingdom and his people at any time.” said the king bravely. The king was wise and always protected his people. However the king was silent and calmed. I’m afraid the snake will be angry and attack our kingdom if nobody wants to marry him. I’m here to marry one of your seven daughters. The king and his family spent their time in the garden. For a moment they were safe from the bird. Many people are wounded. The bird is destroying the rice fields. there was a big kingdom in South Kalimantan. It was a beautiful afternoon. There were no poor people. One by one the king asked them. but they all refused to marry the snake. “I cannot decide right now. The bird was very big. The kingdom was also peaceful. Prepare the soldiers. The land was fertile and they always had great harvest. He planned to prolong the time. Suddenly the chief soldier came. When the king and the soldiers arrived. A week later. We need to discuss. “Your majesty! A giant bird attacked our kingdom.” said the king.Showing posts with label South Kalimantan. Amazingly the snake could talk like humans. It was very tired and stopped its attack. “Father. The king and the soldiers fought bravely. they could not match the fight. Show all posts The Dandaung Snake Folklore from South Kalimantan A long time ago. Slowly the giant bird gave up. He knew he had to be very careful. He tried to fi nd a solution. He then took his weapon and led the soldiers. The people were happy. my name is Dandaung Snake. The king and the queen really loved them. Suddenly his youngest daughter came to him. It is also attacking the people. Meanwhile he also had to ask his daughters. The people lived happily and peacefully.” said the soldier. He was afraid the snake would attack his kingdom. “We have to do something.

Now I want all the strong men to dig the land. The party was great. “I agree. When everybody was having fun. long drought attacked their village. more people are going to die. All the guests were proud with the youngest princess. He was Datu Beritu Taun’s oldest son. “Well. A bad witch cursed me into a snake. “I think we have to dig to fi nd well. during the meeting. Antun had a sister. Do you have any ideas?” asked Datu Beritu Taun. Everybody was happy.Then he ordered his people to hold a great wedding ceremony for her youngest daughter and Dandaung Snake. You have already helped me from the curse. I think we have to dig deeper to find the source of water. He wanted to discuss how to fi nd the solutions of the problem. There has been disaster. He looked into the youngest princess face and he said. They had wasted all the blessing from God.” said another villager. We have to fi nd water!” said Datu Beritu Taun. After that. suffered. Yes. South Kalimantan. Children were crying because they were very hungry. “My fellow villagers. all strong men were busy digging. their village was flooded. After all the big trees were cut down. Her name was Dewi Luing Indung Bunga.” said another villager. *** 0 comments Dewi Luing Indung Bunga Folklore from South Kalimantan PEOPLE in Kampung Datar. We need a lot of water. He knew God was angry with them. Sir. Actually I’m a prince and I have great supernatural power. Their life was prosperous. Without waiting any longer. One of them was Antun Kumara Sukma. Water was easy to fi nd. It was very terrible. The king was also happy. Their parents could not work because they were too weak. It all changed when the villagers cut down the trees recklessly in the jungle. And fi nally he succeeded! The giant bird was dead. “But we are too weak to work.” The prince went away. Many people were ill. He knew the people were still afraid with the giant bird. Dandaung Snake slowly changed into a very handsome man. He asked all the villagers to have a meeting. let’s fi nd solutions for this disaster. “Don’t be afraid. if we don’t do anything. . The head of the village was Datu Beritu Taun. the head of the village. Long drought has made them lack of water. The prince wanted to kill the bird. previously their village was fertile. He asked the prince to be the new king. Since then the kingdom was always peaceful. suddenly something strange happened. Days and nights the villagers were digging. They had not eaten much.” said one villager. In one night.

Suddenly. The prince was single and wanted to get married. In his dream. Dewi Luing Indung Bunga was a very kind girl. However. Many young men fell in love with her. She knew she had to be sacrifi ced. As he arrived at Rangda's house. Do you want to know the whole story why Ning Rangda always sewed a new wedding dress? Read on! When Rangda was a young girl. The villagers waited and waited… Sadly. right after the prince arrived at the palace. “Father. All the villagers gathered in a big fi eld. Dewi Luing Indung Bunga was standing in the middle. Not long after that rain fell down heavily. And every time the prince slept. He asked his advisor about the Rangda's name. When the prince arrived at Rangda's house. Rangda was also very beautiful. she always helped her parents. Rangda. Though they were very sad. she always said that it was for her prospective husband. Datu Beritu Taun told the men about his dream. After got his dress. he told Rangda and her parents that the king and the . Since then the villagers were very careful to the forests. he always whispered a name. She died. he immediately went back to the palace. Rangda. let me sacrifice myself. He was a prince of the kingdom and one day he would replace his father as the king. Her father was a tailor and Rangda always helped him sewed people's dress. He wanted to tell his father that he already found his prospective wife. he suffered a terrible illness. but the family let Dewi to sacrifi ce herself. They did not want to cut down the trees recklessly. He wanted to order a dress from her. he fell in love with her. She was called Ning because she was old and had a hunchbacked body. The king then asked his soldiers to take him and the prince to Rangda's house. He asked them to fi nd a girl who was willing to be sacrifi ced. If there is no girl to be sacrifi ced. *** 0 comments Ning Rangda Folklore from South Kalimantan A long time ago. He was asked to tell Rangda and her parents about the wedding proposal. no girl wanted to be sacrifi ced. mother… I want this disaster to end. She then told his father about it. The girl had to be kind hearted and obedient to her parents.Datu Beritu Taun had a dream while he was sleeping. He got high fever.” said Dewi Luing Indung Bunga. there was an old woman named Ning Rangda. The king's son heard about Rangda. When he woke up. Every time people asked why she sewed a new wedding dress. Everybody knew her because she always makes a wedding dress. I want our people to be happy again. A soldier went first to Rangda's house. So. They would never forget Dewi’s sacrifice to them. he decided to go to Rangda's house. All the villagers were thankful to God. she fell down. he heard that the village could be prosperous again if a girl was willing to be sacrifi ced. The advisor then told the king about the beautiful Rangda." The king was really worried. "Rangda. The king knew that his son fell in love with her.

Then he went back to the palace. The king was sad. Everyday. The host agreed with one condition.*** Showing posts with label South Sulawesi.” said Pak Kikir. there was always a ceremony when someone passed away. you have all parts of the buffalo except the legs. Before he went home. Why don’t we put them together and gave them back to the host. Everybody knew him. Nobody liked him. Rangda was very happy because she also fell in love with the prince. After they got the young buffalo. “Pak Kikir. We raise the buffalo until it is big.” said La Dana. How can you say he is getting fatter?” . Meanwhile. He thought it was useless to continue the trip. La Dana came to Pak Kikir’s house. He was happy. We ask him to exchange it with a life buffalo. Pak Kikir and La Dana went home.” said La Dana. Together they went back to the ceremony. She wanted to give him the best wedding dress. Pak Kikir was a very stingy man. On the way home. That’s why the villagers loved him. Do you agree?” “That is a good idea. she waited and waited for the prince but he never came. His name was La Dana. “Hey! Look! The buffalo is getting fatter. Show all posts La Dana and His Buffalo Folklore from South Sulawesi IN Toraja. He was then cured from his illness. “I agree. “The buffalo has just been here for a day. In the ceremony. He wanted to raise it by himself because he was afraid that La Dana would steal it. and the soldiers went to Rangda's house. In Toraja. his idea was running well so far. The trip was very tiring and that made the prince suffered his illness again. La Dana went to the ceremony. When the prince heard that she would meet the beautiful Rangda. On the following day. La Dana met Pak Kikir. “La Dana. Let’s meet the host. He brought the whole body parts of the buffalo except the legs.prince would come to propose her. let me raise the buffalo. And I only have the legs. She kept on sewing the wedding dress until she was old and had a hunchbacked body. he was very happy. She was sewing a wedding dress for the prince. Then the prince. She always waited for the prince. He was known for his clever ideas. Show all posts Showing posts with label South Sulawesi. the host gave him buffalo legs. the guests could get buffalo meat from the host of the ceremony. La Dana then had an idea to trick him.” said Pak Kikir. the king. South Sulawesi. He always tricked bad people. He would exchange with a young buffalo. Rangda did not know that the prince had died. The illness was worse than the previous one. It was so bad that finally the prince died. but let me visit the buffalo everyday. lived a young man.

His son. here take this buffalo with you!” said Pak Kikir. La Dana was happy. right?” said La Dana. he would suffer from terrible disease. After that. Many of his people would suffer. According to the culture. “Don’t take the legs now. Then. They are mine. Pak Kikir could not hold it anymore. Any man who saw her would fall in love with her. If you want to get the legs. On the following day. the buffalo would die. Everybody knew about her beauty. We will not get a lot of meat. he knew if he refused it. Otherwise. King of Bone paid a visit to Luwu in order to propose Princess Tandampalik to be her daughter in-law. Wait for another time. I want the legs now. But. He knew if the legs were cut. was still single.“Look at the buffalo carefully. the buffalo would die. Finally. kingdom of Bone would attack Luwu. Then La Dana came and came again. Bone was a kingdom that was far away from Luwu Kingdom.” said Pak Kikir. La Dana again came to Pak Kikir’s house and asked for the legs. he asked La Dana to wait. King of Bone came to Luwu and talked about the . Her name was Princess Tandampalik. *** 0 comments Princess Tandampalik Princess Tandampalik Folklore from South Sulawesi KING of Luwu had a very beautiful daughter. She was very beautiful. King of Luwu actually did not want to accept the proposal. Pak Kikir. he always asked Pak Kikir to give him legs. “It’s enough La Dana! If you cut the legs. Prince of Bone. including King of Bone. He gave the buffalo to La Dana. His plan worked! He got a living buffalo and brought it home. Pak Kikir said the same thing. Pak Kikir was silent. Every time he visited the buffalo. The buffalo is still young. It is getting fatter. he could not have a son-in-law who lived very far from him.

"I will let you stay here and do this business. but remember. He wanted to ask the king's permission. Show all posts Showing posts with label South Sumatra. He landed in Wajo Island. King of Luwu said he needed time to decide. a bad thing happened. The captain of the ship was Tan Bun Ann. many people would be infected. Prince of Bone was sailing in the sea. The princess was sad.marriage proposal. Suddenly. He tried to find out more about her. "I agree. The king had a very beautiful daughter. He was so surprised to see a very beautiful girl lived in such a remote island. It was in a remote island named Wajo Island. The king then decided to put the princess in a safe place. The King of Luwu was so happy that her daughter was cured. *** Showing posts with label South Sumatra. He came to the palace to meet the king." he thought. The princess was not alone. He immediately brought Princess Tandampalik and the soldiers back to Luwu Kingdom. Tan Bun Ann felt it was time for him to propose Siti Fatimah. Her skin was smooth again. One day. He really admired her beauty. He was a prince. may be she is an angel. He was a merchant. Tan Bun Ann also approached Siti Fatimah secretly. they did not have any courage to propose her. your majesty. Several days after Princess Tandampalik lived in Wajo Island. "Wow. there was a kingdom in South Sumatra. a ship from China arrived. you have to share your profit. The king wanted his daughter only to marry a rich man. Princess Tandampalik then explained everything. The skin was albino. He came to South Sumatra to do business. "Who are you. The kingdom healer said the disease could infect others. The information made Tan Bun Ann worked harder. the King held a wedding party for her daughter and Prince of Bone. beautiful girl? Do you live here?" asked Prince of Bone. Prince of Bone had heard about her before. Amazingly. he wanted to be richer. The cow licked Princess Tandampalik's skin. Tan Bun Ann often came to the palace. Her beauty was back! In the mean time. . You have to give half of your profit to the kingdom." said the king. he planned to stay for several months. After a while. Tan Bun Ann finally got information about Siti Fatimah. Princess Tandampalik was ill. Siti Fatimah really admired his patience and his spirit to work hard. She also fell in love with him. He was so happy that he finally met her. her name was Siti Fatimah. Some soldiers accompanied her. the disease was cured. they secretly had a relationship. Since then. But she knew if she stayed in the kingdom. He asked his man to ask the people about her. He knew that she was single and the king only wanted to have a rich son in law." said Tan Bun Ann. She was single. however. After several days. Show all posts The Legend of Kemaro Island Folklore from South Sumatra A long time ago. So she was not angry with her father for making her stay in a remote island. King of Bone understood and went home. The cow was different from other cows. He met Siti fatimah several times. a cow came to her. Not long after that. She got skin rash. many young man fell in love with her.

The field was in a mess. He heard. but he never showed up. People named it that because the island is never drowned although the level of the water in the Musi River is high. To cover the gold from the thieves. And several days the people saw a pile of soil. The parents agreed and sent him nine big jars filled with gold.Maybe the gold is in the second jar. it means drought season. And he also takes care of the animals. he left his house and went to the field. It seemed that some people had already taken his sugarcane. The guards waited and waited." said the king. And when the jar was broken. "If you see a pile of soil on the river bank. Everyday he always takes care of the trees. he saw rotten vegetables. he was so surprised when he arrived at the field. "I will let you marry my daughter. But there is one thing you have to do. Kemaro is from the word kemarau. Show all posts Oheo Folklore from Southeast Sulawesi THERE was a handsome man in Kendari. He is a kind and diligent farmer. he did not see any gold. He wanted to fi nd the thief! He heard some people were laughing. he always threw it to the river. Show all posts Showing posts with label Southeast Sulawesi.*** Showing posts with label Southeast Sulawesi. He threw the jars into the river. He was so happy.. He only looked at the top of the jar. And when he looked . I’m going to catch them!” Oheo tried not to make sounds. he did not search at the bottom of the jars. He did not have any power to throw the jar into the river. He was so surprised. She was impatient. and that means it is my grave. “Hmmm this sugarcane is so yummy!” “Aha!” said Oheo. He wanted to collect the gold. Again. And finally he opened the last jar. “The thieves are still here. He immediately jumped to the river. Tan Bun Ann wrote a letter to his parents in China and told them about Siti Fatimah. the nine big jars arrived at the pier of Musi River. she told her guards a message. The soil was getting bigger and bigger. the parents put some vegetables on top of the gold. When he opened the cover of the jar. Southeast Sulawesi. Every time he did not see any gold in the jar. Tan Bun Ann found the gold! He knew he made a mistake. Give me nine big jars filled with gold. However. He was so upset. Tan Bun Ann immediately looked for the jars. he could not fi nd them. He plants sugarcane trees on his fi eld.He talked to the king." Then she jumped into the river. She waited for Tan Bun Ann at the river bank. His name is Oheo. The people named it Kemaro Island. Early in the morning.. Siti Fatimah saw what was happening. She also wanted to jump and helped him. It was time to harvest the sugarcane. Instead he smashed the jar with a big stone. Before she jumped. Later. However. It finally became an island. This time he was so tired." thought Tan Bun Ann. "Hmmm. He was so angry. Again he did not find the gold.

The child was defecating. Princess Anawai asked Oheo to wash the child. the tree is getting higher and higher.*** 0 comments The Naughty Monkey . It was kept in the bathroom. you can take her back to your home. And then accidentally. “Why don’t you stay at my home while I’m looking for it. As promised. he saw seven beautiful angels fly at the sky. he got help. But if you cannot find her. If you can find her. He blamed himself for not being able to keep the promise. Instead. they went back to their home on earth. He really loved his wife. Princess Anawai was so beautiful. “You already made my daughter sad. Oheo asked her to marry him. He also thought that washing the child is not difficult thing to do. “My name is Oheo. I cannot fly back to my home. Therefore. When he arrived. Oheo was not angry anymore. Oheo had to clean and wash their children. A tree was willing to help him. the room was no longer dark. if they defecated. They wanted to take a bath. Why do you look so sad?” “My name is Princess Anawai. Oheo and his child climbed the tree. He fell in love and wanted to marry one of the angels. Without it. After he found her. She was so disappointed. He pretended that he was willing to help her. Oheo was able to go to the palace in the sky. And soon. He tried very hard to fly to the sky. he was so happy. a firefly came to him. one angel could not fly to the sky. In one morning. the king was angry. He did not know how to find her wife in the very dark room. Slowly.” Oheo was confused. So. With the help of firefly. She wore her shawl and flew to the sky. Secretly. I live in a palace in the sky. after finished taking a bath. He said that he was very busy. Oheo refused. Oheo tried to impede her but Princess Anawai had already made up her mind.” said the angel. he took one of the angels’ shawls. I just lost my shawl. Princess Anawai agreed but Oheo had to promise one thing. Finally. It was a year after they got married and they had one child. Oheo agreed. Later. she found her shawl. Oheo then showed up. he could find her wife easily. He promised to be a better husband. Later. Oheo always washed the child after the child defecated. she washed the child. go to that dark room. She did not know that Oheo was hiding her shawl. He was really in love with her. Princess Anawai was so sad that her husband did not keep his promise. If you want to find her. And of course.” said Oheo. Oheo asked her to forgive him. He was willing to help Oheo. I will put you in the jail. Oheo followed them. They had the sugarcane! Those angels flew to the river. Suddenly. Oheo was busy in the field. I’m an angel.upward. Princess Anawai agreed to stay at his house. Oheo was so sorry.

A Folktale from Southeast Sulawesi A hen and her children are eating. On the following day. I have an idea to give him a lesson." says the hen. "Hmmm yummy. The Giants name was Bandawasa. While they are enjoying the food. He is thinking himself. *** Showing posts with label Yogyakarta. .. but promise you will never do bad things again. The hen realizes that the monkey just tricked her. I'll never do bad things again. He led the soldiers and fought bravely. You and I can use it to cross the sea. They were fighting. Prabu Boko. His name changed into Joko Bandung Bandawasa. "Help! Help! I can't swim!" The hen shout. they are in the boat. That made Joko Bandung became more powerful. While the hen is protecting her children. Show all posts Showing posts with label Yogyakarta. They see the monkey is very scared. She says. she gives some of her food to the monkey. "Don't worry. He is very hungry. They were at war! Pengging's king was Joko Bandung. Later. Before he died. "Wow. "Hey. Joko Bandung was not afraid with the giant. Bandawasa's spirit joined Joko Bandung's spirit. He had great martial art skill. "Let's go to the island over there. After that the monkey runs away. The hen is shocked! She immediately protects her children." "OK. He has an idea. a monkey comes. this food is delicious. the monkey steals her food. my friend. Too bad I only can get some?" The monkey then is planning to steal the entire hen's food. They were Pengging Kingdom and Prambanan Kingdom. The monkey does not know that the crab is hiding and making a hole inside the boat. Slowly the boat is full of water and drowning. "I will help you. look at the sky. The crab swim and the hen flies. I promise. The hen tells all the problems to the crab. the king of Prambanan sent a giant to fight against Joko Bandung. He was very strong and powerful. He goes to her another friend. The king were fighting. I have a boat. There is much food in that island. "Don't worry." says the monkey. Show all posts The Curse of Joko Bandung Folklore from Yogyakarta A long time ago. there were two kingdoms." says the crab. So." says the monkey. An eagle is coming. After that the hen and the crab help the monkey. the crab. Meanwhile. He then added Bandawasa's name into his name. And finally Joko Bandung won the fight. May I have some?" asks the monkey. Bandawasa was very big. Soon they arrive in the land." screams the monkey. He wants to take your children. the hen meets the monkey." "But I cannot swim. The monkey immediately eats the food. The monkey is the hen's friend. The hen feels sorry to the monkey. He screams.

000 temples before sun rose. She hopped that the spirits and the genies would think that sun was going to rise. Yogyakarta. Joko Bandung was looking for Prabu Boko. He accepted the challenge. "You are so stubborn like a stone. "Why did you do that? If you do not want to marry me. Joko Bandung and his genies started to work. he fell in love with her. The spirits and the genies were afraid of the sunlight. And the people also named the Prambanan Temple as Roro Jonggrang Temple. Roro Jonggrang did not want to marry him. he would asked the genies and the spirits to help him. He asked all Prabu Boko's family to gather. He wanted his guests to eat his delicious food. He said it was the most delicious food he ever had. She asked all the girls to make a lot of noise by grinding the rice in the mortar. He was not worried. He met Prabu Boko's beautiful daughter. Joko Bandung occupied the palace. She knew Joko Bandung could not finish building 1. the chef accidentally cut his finger and the blood dropped into the food. The spirits and the genies thought that morning would come soon. She hated Joko Bandung.Joko Bandung and his soldiers were attacking the palace of Prambanan Kingdom. He wanted to kill the king of Prambanan Kingdom. there was a kingdom named Medang Kingdom. He liked to eat. One day. The king was King Dewata Cengkar. His friends agreed. The king was never satisfied with the food. The chef was really scared and he told his friends not to tell the king about it. Joko Bandung agreed.000 temples only in one night. Then he had a party and invited many people. She was thinking very hard. I curse you to become a statue!" Joko Bandung's magic power had changed Roro Jonggrang into a statue! Since then people named the temples that the spirit and the genies build as Sewu Temple. And they also thought the sun would rise soon. After the food was served.*** 1 comments The Legend of Lime Stone Hill Folklore fom Yogyakarta Once upon a time in Gunung Kidul. She had an idea how to refuse the proposal. why don't you just say it? You are just looking for an excuse to refuse me!" said Joko Bandung. the king immediately ate. He continued. He killed Prabu Boko. Roro Jonggrang would marry him. However she was afraid and did not have any courage to refuse the marriage proposal. They left Joko Bandung alone. He really enjoyed the food. It worked! The noise and the fire woke the cocks up. Her name was Roro Jonggrang. She had to find a way how to stop the genies and the spirit fro building the temples. They build the temples one by one. However. He wanted to marry her. The cocks were crowing. The chef in the palace always worked hard. Suddenly she had an idea. the food was not as delicious as . Joko Bandung was very angry! He knew Roro Jonggrang was plying a trick on him. Joko Bandung was more powerful. She also asked them to make fire. If he could build the temples. She would ask Joko Bandung to build 1. Roro Jonggrang was really worried.

” said Aji Saka. The king then asked his soldiers to bring him a villager and dropped his blood to the food. Later. grew a lime stone hill. And amazingly the king slowly changed into a white crocodile. That was because his soldiers could not find a villager who was wiling to give his blood. Show all posts Showing posts with label West Sumatra. the chef’s friends told the king about the chef’s blood in the food. They prayed to Gods days and nights. They did not want their blood to be taken. Their daughter's name was Sabai nan Aluih and their son's name was Mangkutak Alam.” said the king. However when he tried to take off the robe. He was rich but he never helped people. They sent Aji Saka. She was also kind to other people. West Sumatra. he told the soldiers that he wanted to give his blood. The soldiers later told the king that there was a man who willing to gave his blood. the king never succeeded. It was very difficult for the villagers to plant a tree there. one daughter and one son. And on the spot where the crocodile lied down. His name was Rajo nan Panjang. The king was very happy. Mankutak Alam was lazy. Nobody liked him. When he arrived at the kingdom. When he was meditating. lived a family. Gods listened to their prayer. Those two children had different personalities. they always protected Rajo nan Panjang. Since then the king always asked his soldiers to go around the villages and bring him someone’s blood. When the king stopped to rest. Aji Saka pushed him. The father's name was Rajo Babanding and yhe mother's name was Sadun Saribai. He had not eaten delicious food for a long time. They had two children. The villagers then made good use of the hill to decorate their houses. He pointed the arrow to the white crocodile. but with one condition. She was famous because she was beautiful. The robe seemed to be very long.the king had earlier. He sent his guards to meet Sabai's . Aji Saka prepared his arrow. He never helped her parents. He was a man with great supernatural power. it died instantly. He was also cruel. People were scared. The king fell down. You have to take off my robe. He often played outside with friends. While Sabai nan Aluih was an obdient girl. Show all posts Sabai nan Aluih Folklore from West Sumatra A long time ago in Padang Tarok. It was true! The food was very delicious. Everybody loved her. “I will give you my blood. Rajo nan Panjang wanted to marry Sabai nan Aluih. Right after the arrow hit the crocodile’s body. The hill was infertile. he sent the chef to the jail. He was asked to go to Medang Kingdom to help the people. The news about Sabai nan Aluih was finally heard by a rich merchant. he heard a whisper. Probably the blood made the food delicious. He had three strong guards. “Ha ha ha! That is easy.*** Showing posts with label West Sumatra. The king was angry. The king was very tired.

Then he went to Padang Panahuna." said Rajo Babanding.*** 0 comments Pak Belalang Folklore from West Sumatra . The guards told him the proposal. Sabai nan Aluih knew about the marriage proposal. However Rajo Babanding rejected it. They fought bravely. One of them brought a rifle. He shot the man! Rajo Babanding fell down. I'll be fine. Sabai nan Aluih tried to stop his father to go to Padang Panahunan. This time he asked his guards to invite Rajo Babanding to meet him at Padang Panahunan. It was a place that people used for a fight. He died instantly. Not long after that Sabai nan Aluih arrived in padang Panahunan. And she also knew that Rajo nan Panjang challanged her father to fight. When he arrived. Soon Rajo nan Panjang lost the fight. The guards went home." "Ha ha ha." said Rajo babanding. Rajo nan Panjang was already there. He was angry. Both were very powerful. They also talked about Sabai nan Aluih's great courage. They told Rajo nan Panjang that the Proposal was rejected. With great courage she shot Rajo nan Panjang. They would also attack Rajo Babanding.. I don't want my daughter to marry a man who is as old as I am. Later all the villagers came to Padang pananhunan. "I'm sorry. She was sad. Again he sends his guards.father." said Rajo nan Panjang. you should accept my wedding proposal I'm very rich. you know!" said Rajo nan Panjang. Sabai nan Aluih grabbed the rifle. The guard knew he had to protect his master. He would shoot Rajo Babanding if Rajo nan panjang lost hte fight. She had a bad dream last night. They arrested Rajo nan panjang guards. He died instantly. Silently he aimed his rifle at Rajo Babanding. She saw her father was on the ground. "Why did you shoot him? My father did not bring any weapon.. Until now people still talk about Sabai nan Aluih and they put her name in traditional song. "Rajo Babanding. She was angry. She knew her father was shot. Later they fought. However Rajo Babanding had better skills in martial arts. She cried. "Don't worry my daugter. He felt that he was being humiliated. Rajo Babanding. Rajo Babanding did not know that Rajo nan Panjang's guards were hiding. Your father tried to stop me from marrying you. "I don't care!" said Rajo Babanding.

ha. Pak Belalang did not know that some thieves were hiding under his house.ha.. It was a beautiful evening. Meanwhile. Pak Belalang said.. So. Those were the thieves who stole the king's jewellery. One day." His son immediately went to the kitchen and took the mousetrap. too fat.ha. he said. Ha. He always learned something every time he read the magic book. Please make another.Pak Belalang was famous. "Please make some pancakes. the king called Pak Belalang to the palace to find the missing jewellery.. He actually did not have a magic book.. Pak Belalang was a liar. Pak Belalang said too dark. Pak Belalang went to every place to find the jewellery. he said.... They were Belalang's magic book. he held a farewell dinner with his family. On the seventh day he still could not find them. He had a magic book that could tell everything." When the second one is ready. He wanted to show his magic ability to the guests. "Ha. and so on.. Suddenly he asked his son to get him the magic book. Pak Belalang was right! There was a mouse caught in the trap. I fooled them. The king gave him seven days to find it. Pak belalang had some guests. "I think there is a mouse in the trap.. He would go to jail. make me another one. The guests were surprised. Pak Belalang said to his wife..ha. After reading the magic book. "This is too brown. .. Pak Belalang knew that if he could not find the jewellery. Pak Belalang laughed. he would be punished. "This one is yellow.." When the first pancake was ready. They didn't know I had put a mouse trap. He lied because he wanted to be famous." Within every pancake. After all the guests went home. It was just an ordinary book." Yes. too thin.

a boy and a girl. The day turned into night. The mother remembered her two children." said the mother. They swam together happily. When they heard the words yellow. They enjoyed the music. Your children will appear. She fell a sleep after a long hour of crying. They cried. All the people of the village cheered her up. "Yes." As soon as she woke up. The king was so happy and gave him great gifts. The mother cried and cried again. were very happy. and saw many guests in the party. The show crowded with people. A moment later. The children asked their mother if they could see the music show which was located a few meters away. The children were having a great time. So they took off their clothes and jumped in to the water. Her children. she quickly ran to the pond. Her children turned into big beautiful fish because they disobeyed their mother's message. And she had a dream about her children. fat. They forgot their mother's message not to go too far. There was also a traditional music show. The children were still missing. The mother cried when she saw them. Next time he wouldn't be lucky. you two may go there. a widow took her two children to a party. She went home without her children. If you want to see them. dark fat and thin. the seven thieves knocked on his door. "Please help us. they become frightened because each of them were yellow. brown. he promised himself not to lie anymore. *** 0 comments Legend of Desa Sungai Jernih Folklore From West Sumatra ONCE upon a time in West Sumatra. she threw the rice in to the pond and she called her children's names. She also had a handful of rice in her hand. It felt so fresh! Meanwhile. They wore beautiful clothes to the party. But they were bored just watching the show so they took a walk around the stage. The dream was true! Two big fish with beautiful colors appeared in the pond. The mother cried and cried. The children ran to the stage where the music show was performed.The thieves wanted to know what Pak Belalang would say about them. The water was very clear and fresh. Pak Belalang! We will return the jewellery. don't go to far. In her dream. But please remember. Because the sun was very hot. they were tempted to play in the water. Pak Belalang was so thankful. the party was almost over. She felt so desperate because she could not find them. throw a handful of rice in to the pond. Suddenly they saw a pond. But she was still very sad. "Your children are in the pond near the party house. brown. When she reached the pond. dark. We promise not to steal anymore!" Pak Belalang then brought the jewellery to the palace. The old woman told her. they found delicious foods. The village where the pond was located is now called Desa Sungai Jernih. she met an old woman. thin. He could be punished for his wrong doing. It is called so .

"I don't care. I can have two heads of buffalo. On the following day. Suddenly. in Kabupaten Agam.because the water in the pond was very clear. Desa Sungai Jernih is located in northern part of Nagari Baso. "Pak Lebai. He is very stingy. "said one of them. West Sumatra. I'm still going . On the way to the party. Those two party invitations made him confused. He also could get a buffalo's head frokm the party. One neighbor lived on the east side and another one lived in the west side. he heard someone called out his name. he paddled his smpan with great power to the east side. There are not many buffalo's heads. The name of the village also reminds people today in West Sumatra that it is important to obey our parents. He lived in a village next to a river. He always change his mind before he did something. Today. he got another invitaion. He loved party because he coul eat delicious food." said Pak Lebai. Everyday. *** 0 comments Pak Lebai Malang Pak Lebai Malang Folklore from West Sumatra Pak Lebai was a wishy-washy man. The two parties were held at the same time. he met some friends. but at the different places. It was his neighbou. "The party is awful. He did not want to be late and lost the buffalo's head. Pak lebai was happy. "I will go to the east side. said the neighbor. One day. the people of the village come to that pond because they think it is a sacred place. The two neighbors who invited him lived in different sides of the river. He is richer. can you come to my house tomorrow? I will have a party. Pak Lebai was paddling his sampan at the river. Still on the same day. he always used his sampan for travelling at the river.

When all his neighbors heard what happened to Pak Lebai. right before he arrived at the west side he met his friends again. But if our buffalo dies. he paddled his sampan with great power. They were so restless. The land was fertile and the weather was always beautiful. then they all started to cal him Pak Lebai Malang or the poor Mister Lebai. However. He always protected the people. ÒWe can challenge them to a buffalo fight. we win. He immediately paddled his sampan. Their lives were full of happiness. He also tired because he was padding back and forth in the river. he was already in the different village. ." "We have to make sure our buffalo will win. he changed his mind. he did not have much time. The people worked as farmers. But I have an idea how to beat them. He knew the host was stingy. If we fight them. The king tried to calm them down. Pak Lebai? The party is over. Right before he arrived at the east side of the river. soon their happy lives would be disturbed. Unfortunately. So he turned back his sampan and went to the west side." Pak Lebai was upset and blaming himself for being wishywashy. 'said the king.there. I'm sure he will give me the buffalo's head. they win."Don't worry. a kingdom from Java would attack them. I know Majapahit have many soldiers. When he woke up. The people were so scared. Again. maybe we lose. He did not realize his sampan was drifting awahy at the river. They are also great in war. my fellow country men. Then he continued. later he fell asleep in his sampan. The people also had a wise king. He is my friend. Your Majesty." said Pak Lebai. He thought that he would not get a buffalo's head. "What are you doing here.*** 0 comments Minangkabau Minangkabau Folklore from West Sumatra Do you know why the roofs of houses in West Sumatra have the shape of buffalo horns? Here is the story. Majapahit. Once upon a time there was a kingdom in West Sumatra. If their buffalo dies. They went to the king to talk about it.

The skin had scales. ÒWe just need to find a strong baby buffalo. we win!" The people of West Sumatra cheered. they were surprised. It's so small. But still they were very happy. Now it was time for the buffalo battle. Then the king took two sharp knives and attached them strongly to the baby buffalo's horn. It means the buffalo won. After that. And when the baby was born. the strong baby buffalo was separated from his mother. "Yes! We win. The knives at the baby buffalo's horns cut through the big buffalo's stomach. just like the body of a fish. He asked his parents to fi nd him a girl. Everyone was surprised with the size of the buffalo. The parents knew it . West Sulawesi. They remembered their pray. That is why the roofs of the houses in West Sumatra are similar to the form of buffalo horns and the traditional headdress of the women of West Sumatra is also like buffalo horns. Everyday they prayed to God. The husband was a fisherman.How?" asked one of the people. Everyone gathered on the field. the West Sumatran released their baby buffalo.” prayed the couple. He was diligent and obedient to his parents. the wife was pregnant. And finally God answered their pray. ***[link] Showing posts with label West Sulawesi. They never gave up asking God to give them a child. They took care of the baby with great love. They had been married for many years but they had no any children yet." The king then ordered his people to give him the strongest baby buffalo. He continued. Show all posts I Tui Tuing Folklore from West Sulawesi THERE were a husband and a wife lived in Mandar. the king changed the name of the kingdom into Minangkabau. we win. The Majapahit soldiers were laughing. The baby buffalo was very hungry! The baby buffalo cried and cried. please give us a child even though he looks like a tui-tuing fish. It was time for him to get married. How can you win?" They did not know that the hungry baby buffalo had two sharp knives on the horn. The king smiled. "Ha ha ha. The baby looked like a fish. The Majapahit soldier released a big and wild buffalo out of his cage. Show all posts Showing posts with label West Sulawesi. They named him as I Tuing-Tuing. Later. They did not give any food to the baby buffalo for several days. He asked for food. I Tuing-Tuing grew as a great boy. The baby buffalo ran fast towards the big buffalo and went straight under the big buffalo's stomach to find the teat. Tui-tuing is a flying fi sh found in that area. “Dear God. Then. Soon I Tuing-Tuing grew as a young man. The big buffalo fell down to the ground and died.

West Sulawesi. They did not know that Rukiah did not want to live with them anymore. They put charcoal dust in my body. He did not care although Rukiah’s skin was very dark. It was the merchant’s house. Rukiah. . The merchant lived in a very big house. three men came to Majene. there was a girl who was willing to be his wife. While she was waiting for her husband. Rukiah had lot of time washing her skin. But I have completely washed and cleaned my skin. However. “My name is I Tuing-Tuing. There was one last house they hadn’t visited yet. “Yes. And after they got married. “I’m Rukiah. But after I got married. By the way. Her white skin turned into dark. Therefore. They thought no girls wanted to marry him. was not happy.” All of his sisters were laughing. After they explained the purpose of their visit. Suddenly. I Tuing-Tuing worked as a fisherman and Rukiah stayed at home. Rukiah opened it and saw a handsome man in front of the door.” “It is true. proposing any single girl to be their daughter-in-law. they put charcoal dust on her body. I Tuing-Tuing was very happy. They wanted to open a new place. “You are lying. And they were very happy. She was the most beautiful daughter and her sisters were very jealous to her.was not easy to find a wife for their child. they lived in their own house. She got her beauty back. In the meantime. I Lauwella. He had six daughters. They were I Lauase. He also did not recognize his wife. Rukiah answered. the third daughter. Where is my wife?” he asked. it was completely clean. And it happened as they thought. Finally. My sisters have done a terrible thing to me.” said Rukiah. So the parents went to the villagers’ houses. who are you?” asked I Tuing-Tuing. I Tuing-Tuing has fish scales in his body. All the daughters rejected! They also insulted I Tuing-Tuing as a fish. All the villagers really admired their great looks. My skin has changed into normal. Later. They said that Rukiah was crazy. All the daughters looked very happy. a man knocked the door. the merchant asked all his daughters to answer. All the girls they met always rejected their marriage proposal. I’m cured. They were not ugly anymore. Those three men were brothers. And Rukiah’s sisters were even more jealous to her. I will marry I Tuing-Tuing. Actually.*** 1 comments The Legend of Pamboang Folklore from West Sulawesi A long time ago. and I Labuqang. they did not want to make him sad. I Tuing-Tuing’s parents arrived at the merchant’s house. “Who are you?” asked Rukiah.

He disappeared. Their kingdom was attacked by their enemy. The three brothers were the leaders of the village. “When will you give us the tambo?” asked I Lauase. Besides that. The three brothers then discussed. Slowly the word tambo changed into tamboang. And slowly it became a new village. I Lauwella and I Labuqang worked on the beach. They won! However Puatta Di Karena did not show up yet. The name Pallayarang Tallu was so famous. They all agreed. The leader. “Next week. You can build this town. They worked hard everyday. He was from Passokkorang kingdom. I Lauase worked in the land.” explained I Lauase. No humans lived there.” said I Lauase. Can you help us?” asked Puatta Di Karena.” answered I Lauase. Pallayarang means ship pole and Tallu means three. Then the people of Pallayarang Tallu helped them. “But we really need your help. “Well. More and more people came to Pallayarang Tallu. He wanted to open new fi elds for plantation. I’m sure we can win if you help us. And finally they succeeded. They needed more money. I Lauwella cleaned the beach from the seaweeds and I Labuqang covered the hole made by the crabs.” said Puatta Di Karena. He went to Pallayarang Tallu with many people. Later. It was empty. They thought they had to fi nd a name for their village.They arrived in the beach.” Tambo means fee or money. West Sulawesi. The people of Pallayarang Tallu always talked abou the tambo. I have to discuss with my brothers. The village was growing into a small town. I will give you tambo.” asked I Lauwella. There are not so many people live here. Since then they named the village as Pallayarang Tallu. After that they met Puatta Di Karena to tell him about their decision. “We cannot help you. They came to Pallayarang Tallu to ask for help. I Lauase had fields with so many trees. And the tambo could be used to build Pallayarang Tallu. Nobody knew where he was. “If you help us. fruits and vegetables. One by one people came to their place. “What does it mean.” explained I Lauase.*** .” answered Puatta Di Karena. It means you have great power. the three of you are very strong men. “Our kingdom is attacked. Puatta Di Karena came to I Lauase’s house. Since then the people changed the name Pallayarang Tallu into Pamboang. So the three brothers divided jobs among them. Let’s name it Pallayarang Tallu. He continued. I Lauwella and I Labuqang already cleaned the beach from the seaweeds and the covered the holes. You can see that Pallayarang Tallu is a new town. One man was interested to know more about the new town. Pamboang is an area in Majene. “I have an idea. They were refugees. We don’t have enough soldiers yet. Pallayarang Tallu is the nearest town from our kingdom. then changed into pamboang. His name was Puatta Di Karena. “I’m not the only leader here. the three brothers held a meeting.

Their parents had died. Later. “I want to drink water from the waterfall. The king heard that. She was so confused. the king immediately asked the soldiers to take Samba’ Paria. the sister went to the waterfall. Days and nights she was locked in the room. he was amazed by Samba’ Paria’s beauty. Actually Samba’ Paria was locked in the room and she could not show herself because the room did not have any windows. She thought her older sister did not want to see her anymore. One night they had a dinner. In a hurry. She tried to release herself. “May we come in?” asked the king. Their hut was in the jungle. And I want your sister to go to the waterfall and bring me the water. “Yes. are you there? If you are in the palace. She was always thinking about her younger sister. She lived with her younger sister in a hut. Suddenly she saw some leaves on the ground. . please show me yourself in the window. He wanted to kidnap Samba’ Paria and brought her to the palace. She was speechless. We are lost in the jungle. The king wanted the sister to think that Samba’ Paria did not want to see her anymore. We are hunting here. However he had a bad plan. Samba’ Paria loved her younger sister very much. So he put a cat in the window. “Kakak Samba’. Samba’ Paria was also sad. Samba’ Paria prayed to God.” answered Samba’ Paria. She did not know what to do. But it was useless. you can. so she grabbed some leaves and put them one by one on the way to the palace. She knew she could not escape. The king fell in love with her. “We are the soldiers and the king. West Sulawesi. He never saw a beautiful girl like her. The soldiers were too strong. The sister was surprised to see a cat in the window. But she did not want to. Suddenly someone knocked the door. the younger sister arrived at home.” said one man. She followed the leaves and finally she arrived in the palace. The king asked her to marry him. He was thinking and fi nally he had an idea. Right after she left. So she went home crying. The door was open . She knew her sister needed her very much. Samba’ Paria then opened the door.” said the king. No one was at home .” asked the sister. And when the king was inside the house. “Who is that?” asked Samba’ Paria.0 comments Samba’ Paria Folklore from West Sulawesi A long time ago in Mandar. She was crying and screaming her sister’s name. There were some soldiers and the king! Samba’ Paria was very nervous. They both lived alone. They always helped each other. lived a beautiful girl named Samba’ Paria.

the more Bekkandari’s father gave them the fee. the merchant felt something strange. When he arrived. She prayed to God. Bekkandari’s father would sail to Java to sell his coconut oil. So he ignored her. After it was finished. She tried to approach the merchant. Many people said she was more beautiful than Bekkandari. Her name was Bekkandari. Bekkandari’s father sold the coconut oil to a rich merchant. He saw a picture of a beautiful girl in the coconut oil. It was harvest time. *** 0 comments Hawadiyah Folklore from West Sulawesi The people of Mandar were farmers. Bekkandari’s father gave coconuts as the fee for the villagers. the merchant met Hawadiyah. she mixed it with water. Unlike Bekkandari. And it worked! And when the king arrived at their home. God heard her prayer. She immediately grated and cooked them in order to get the coconut oil. Hawadiyah was a poor girl. Other villagers also brought the coconut oil to him. They were crying. He fell and his head hit a big stone. When they arrived in Java. He introduced the merchant to his daughter. Bekkandari. When he bought the coconut oil from Hawadiyah’s mother. it was not Bekkandari’s face he saw in the coconut oil. She wanted to throw the water to king’s face. In one night. Her name was Hawadiyah. The villagers worked very hard in the plantation. Finally. Finally. Since then Samba’ Paria lived peacefully with her younger sister. He met Bekkandari’s father. She had a best friend. He brought the merchant to his house. However. The merchant could not forget about her. She prepared some chilies and later she was grinding them. Samba’ Paria threw the water to the king’s face. So the two girls set a trap. She loved him instantly. Later Bekkandari’s father and his men sailed the sea.She asked God to help her escape from the palace. The rich man had a beautiful daughter. She hoped the man who bought her coconut oil would marry her daughter. Bekkandari . She then brought the coconut oil to Bekkandari’s father. Hawadiyah’s mother really wanted to see her daughter to get married. she was able to escape! She ran very fast and finally she arrived at home. The king’s screamed in pain. Most of them worked for a rich man. Hawadiyah helped her mother collect the coconuts. the merchant went around. The merchant went to Hawadiya’s house to propose her. The more they collected the coconuts. She lived with her mother in a hut. so they brought it to Bekkandari’s father. This time they cried because they were very happy. The villagers also wanted to sell their coconut oil. Samba’ Paria knew the king would follow her. He died instantly. He was so happy finally he found the girl of his dream. Hawadiyah was also beautiful. Hawadiyah’s mother received five coconuts. He was young and handsome. The proposal was accepted and they were going to get married in the merchant’s house in Java. The two girls hugged each other. Later he decided to go to Mandar to find the beautiful girl. He hired the villagers to work in his coconut plantation.

The room was locked and the prince always forbade her to enter the room. He asked all his men to find her. She told the merchant that she was also going to Java to accompany Hawadiyah. And when the merchant’s men found her. they immediately brought her to the merchant’s house. Bekkandari threw hot oil to Hawadiyah’s face. there was a kingdom. those angels finished taking a bath and one by one they wore their shawls and changed back as a dove. I will treat her as my own sister. She cried and then made a promise. She wanted to use the room for their baby. Hawadiyah was very sad. The prince watched them. they had a baby boy.*** 0 comments The Legend of Pattuddu Dance Folklore from West Sulawesi ONCE upon a time in Mandar. then the prince asked the angel to stay with him in the palace. those seven doves turned into beautiful angels. The prince always spent his time in the garden. In the mean time. After all. They put their shawls on the ground then they all swam in the pond. Amazingly. In one morning. On the way to the garden. They loved their son very much. the prince went to the garden.was jealous. she got her beauty back. They suggested Hawadiyah to take a bath in magic pond in the jungle. The rainbow ended in the pond. Hawadiyah made friend with the animals. Before the wedding. I will marry him. He asked his men to get rid of Bekkandari from his house. The palace had a beautiful garden and a pond. The angel agreed because without her shawl she could not fly back to her home in heaven. Because they could not find the shawl. She ran away and hid in a jungle. The merchant was confused. She planned something bad. Then the prince and the angel got married. He was still single. The merchant was really angry. He stole one of the shawls and hid it. He loved gardening and always took care of the plants. the angel wanted to enter one room. "If a man finds my shawl. Amazingly after she took a bath. rain fell heavily. The prince was a diligent man. he saw a beautiful rainbow. and she was ready to be her wife. the merchant ignored her. In one afternoon." said the angel. Hawadiyah was missing. However. There was also waterfall in the pond. West Sulawesi. Hawadiyah told him about everything. Later the merchant and Hawadiyah got married. And if a woman finds my shawl. Because . Bekkandari kept on telling the merchant that Hawadiyah ran away. She was not beautiful anymore. They were sorry to see her life. Her mother was happy to see Hawadiyah to get married and have a happy life. The king and the queen had a handsome prince. Later. He then pretended to help her. The prince heard the promise. Again. After it stopped. the youngest angel could not find her shawl. The prince and the angel took care of their son lovingly. In the jungle. He was amazed by their beauty and wanted to marry one of them. There were seven doves flying through rainbow and they stopped flying above the pond.

And every time he missed her." The angel then waggled her shawl. he always looked at the rainbow. Wow! The fish must be very big! The fisherman thought. He stopped his sampan and put the bait. He hoped he would get a lot of money if he could sell the fish. just look at the rainbow. then imitated the way the angel waggling her shawl into movements of a dance. He hoped this time a fish would catch the bait. He slowly pulled the string of his fishing rod. Slowly. Everyday he went fishing in the river using his fishing rod. He just lost his beautiful wife. When she was inside the room. That was why he always caught a few fish.she really wanted her son to sleep in the room. West Kalimantan. because he did not have a net. In one morning the fisherman rowed his sampan in the river. Please take care of our son. he brought his fishing rod. "My Dear Husband. He was waiting but no fish caught the bait yet. Show all posts The Greedy Fisherman Folklore from West Kalimantan A long time ago in Sintang. she flew to the sky. The dance is known as Pattuddu Dance. She then came to her husband. He changed the bait. The angel immediately wore her shawl. He was thinking about the size of the fish. After waiting for a long time. . “Aha!”. She then knew that her husband stole her shawl and never planned to return it. She found her shawl. Now I want to go back home to heaven. The people of Mandar. she ignored her husband warning. finally he felt that a fish caught his bait. he said. It was hard! The fisherman could not pulled the string. West Sulawesi. I have found my shawl. The fisherman was poor. Show all posts Showing posts with label West Kalimantan. he was not lucky yet. *** Showing posts with label West Kalimantan. she was surprised. Sadly. lived a fisherman with his family. He knew that the big fish was very expensive. The prince was very sad. And if you miss me. As always.

it was too late. there was a voice. *** . he suddenly had more power to pull the string of his rod. two. He wanted to sell the wire and had a lot of money. The fisherman decided to get some rest. The sampan was fi lled with the gold wire. He continued pulling the gold wire. Since then people named the river as Wire River or Sungai Kawat. He wanted to take the gold wire as much as he could. He wanted to be rich. But when he looked at the wire carefully. He regretted his bad behavior. “No! I don’t want to stop now!” said the fi sherman. the fisherman thought that he already had enough rest. He took a deep breath and counted. he did not succeed. Finally. So he pulled the wire. he had been pulling with great power. but still. At first he was very disappointed. However.After thinking about the money. the voice asked him to stop. He wanted to see the size of the fish. The fisherman was very tired. The wire covered all area in his sampan. He hoped that the fish would be weak. he was so happy. The fisherman ignored the voice. The fi sherman did not realize that because he was busy pulling the wire. It was almost dark. he found some wire on the hook. He pulled the rod with great power. the fisherman swam to the river side. “Enough. he pulled more and more wire. It could not hold the wire anymore. and yes! This time he succeeded! He lifted the fishing rod. he did not see any fish! Instead. People heard about the fi Sherman and his wire. The wire was made of gold. The sampan was completely sunk and the fi Sherman panicked! He wanted to save the wire but the sampan sunk very fast. don’t take the wire anymore”. When he found out what happened. Slowly. three! He pulled the String. one. stop now!” Again. the sampan sunk to the bottom of the river. “Enough! Don’t take the wire anymore. Suddenly.

Again the girl answers that her mother is her servant. Her whole body finally becomes a big stone. everybody admires the girl's beauty.. He smells the aroma of the delicious food. She prays to God to punish her daughter. At first the girl refuses." Pak Razak is standing in front of his restaurant. "Mother. Until now people still can see tears falling down the stone. The girl finally agrees. The girl and her mother look very different! "Hello. People then call it the crying stone or batu menangis. Who is the woman behind you?" asks them. One day. come and visit my restaurant. God answers her prayer. She doesn't like to help her mother work in a field. Smelling the aroma of your delicious food makes me full. she agrees to walk behind her daughter. She doesn't want to walk side by side with her mother. He is standing in front of the restaurant. A moment later a farmer comes. She always says that her mother is her servant every time they meet people.0 comments The Crying Stone A Folktale from West Kalimantan IN a small village." says the farmer. *** 0 comments The Wise King A Folktale from West Kalimantan "Hello everybody. But she asks her mother to walk behind her. the mother asks the girl to accompany her to go to the market to buy some food. please forgive me!" she cries and ask her mother to forgive her. The girl and the mother meet other people.yummy. there is an old woman with a simple dress. The girl is very beautiful.. Again they ask who the woman behind the beautiful girl. but the mother persuades her by saying they are going to buy new clothes. The girl is very panicky. Behind the beautiful girl. But it's too late. The girl is very lazy. The mother is very sad. He is inviting people to come and eat in his place. They are also curious. but she doesn't say anything. "Hey! What are you doing? Do you want to come to my restaurant or not?' asks Pak Razak. On the way to the market." Pak Razak is angry. Everyday she puts make-up and wears her best clothes. At last. "No. Although her mother is very sad.” answers the girl. a girl lives with her mother. Slowly. the girl's leg turns into stone. pretty lady. . I don't. "Hmm. “She is my servant. "But you still have to pay! You smell my delicious food. the mother cannot hold the pain anymore. The process continues to the upper part of the girl's body. I have delicious food for you." says the farmer.

. At night. He came to the shiny object and took it. They suggest Pak Razak and the farmer go to the King to solve the problem." "Do you hear the sound of the coins?" asks the King to Pak Razak.I have the solution. Then Pak Razak and the farmer have an argument.” asks the King. He knows the King is right. "Yes." answes Pak Razak. "Please tell me what happened. The King just gave him a lesson. "Then. I do. He was there for several hours. It was a hedgehog statue. *** 0 comments A Farmer and a Hedgehog Statue A Farmer and a Hedgehog Statue Folklore from West Kalimantan IT was a very hot day. A farmer was working on his field. Now put your coins into this bottle. Pak Razak and the farmer tell the King about the problem. Pak Razak is silent. It was very beautiful. Just before he found a nice place to rest. Those were the shiny objects he saw. He was very tired and wanted to get some rest. Its eyes were made of diamond. he saw something very shiny. He then apologizes to the farmer.. His wife was so happy. the farmer has just paid you. He wanted to show it to his wife. People come and ask to calm down."No way! I don't want to pay! It's impossible!" The farmer is also angry. "Hmm. ." explains the King. He pays your delicious aroma with the sound of his money. The farmer then brought the statue home. They were so poor and planned to sell the statue.

In just a moment. According to the monk. He wanted to stop drinking but he did not know how to stop the water. a magic thing happened. Dewi Arum has an unusual habit. she forgets about everything. More and more water surrounded him. *** Showing posts with label West Java. After a long and tiring journey. they finally arrive at the lake. even her duties as a princess. He drank and drank the water. People then named the river as Hedgehog River or Sungai Landak. Those plants must be taken only by Dewi Arum. Dewi Arum agrees and goes to the forest accompanied by her beloved servants. Nyai Wijen and Nyai Empul. Show all posts Showing posts with label West Java. rest. One day. He said the prayer. Many physicians try to cure the people of Umbul Wening but they all fail. He forgot the prayer to stop the wish. I will give you everything you want. A giant hedgehog came to him. The farmer immediately said the prayer to stop it. He was actually a thief! He wanted to know how the poor farmers became rich. Dewi Arum jumps and take a bath in the lake. He had a beautiful doughter. He was very tired from running and was very thirsty.” The farmer told his wife about his dream. “Please let me stay in your home. As a return. one is to start your wish and the second is to stop your wish. Slowly. Umbul Wening is stroke by a plaque. He did not know what to do. It worked! The rice then stopped coming out from the statue's mouth. Dewi Anum. She loves to take a bath and swim in the lake. So the king orders her daughter to go to Krencawahana Forest to get the plants. He immediately took it and ran away. Rice came out of the mouth of the statue. His wish came true. He said the prayer and asked for rice. Just caress the statue’s head and say the prayer. The rice kept on coming out from the statue's mouth. But she never pays attention to them. After the thief found out. Water kept on coming out. there is a catch. The farmer slowly caressed the statue's head. They ran away to avoid the water. But. The king and queen often scold Dewi Arum for her habit. Suddenly. They really wanted to prove it. it became a small pond. Water flowed on the ground. he stole the magic hedgehog statue. There are two kinds of prayers. People who saw the incident were really scared. Water came out of the statue’s mouth. food. Show all posts Origin of Lotus Folklore from West Java PRABU Ranubahu is the king of Umbul Wening. Suddenly a monk comes to see the king and says he has a vision from God.the farmer had a dream. They then shared their materials with the neighbours. Now the farmer mentioned other things. She . The thief was so happy. He was really panic. Everytime she takes a bath. they were jewellery and other stuffs they needed. Now memorize the prayers. Seeing the clear and blue water. He said. Many of its citizen die. There was one neighbour who was very jealous. the farmer and his wife became very rich. It became a river. this plaque can be cured using the plants that live in the lake located at the Krendawahanan Forest. He wanted to get some water from the statue. He asked for help.

He wants to save his belongings first. the villagers have to hold a party to welcome the harvest. Budiman is very generous to the villager. Budiman then asks the villagers to go to the higher ground. He is surprised to see her daughter is bathing in the lake and forget about the duties. the sickness that has been plaguing the kingdom is gone. He secretly takes some food and gives it to the old woman.*** 0 comments Cianjur Folklore from West Java PAK Pelit is the head of the village. Water is now high. More and more water comes out. Their village now gone and becomes a lake. According to their belief. She asks for some food. At first Pak Pelit doesn't agree.*** . They call it Cianjur. The farmers work hard. Nobody knows that the old woman has a supernatural power. His name is Budiman. It's harvest time. slowly water comes out. Pak Pelit and his belongings are down in the water. you should become part of the lake!" Right after the king finishes his sentence. they don't have their own paddy fields. That's why people call him Budiman. But he is afraid not to get good rice. It always grows in lakes. The king is surprised and sad to see what happens to her daughter. Her servants try to remind her about her duties but the princess ignores them. He owns alot of paddy fields.forgets about her duty to go and get the cure for her people. Budiman sees what happens. Budiman asks his father to save himself. a strange thing happens. If not. Suddenly an old woman comes. Dewi Arum turns into a beautiful red flower. The villagers are thankful to Budiman's suggestion. Budiman suggests the villagers to live their new place. Unlike Pak Pelit. Budiman and the villagers are sad. "Arum?! What are you doing? Our people are dying and here you are having fun bathing in the lake. he goes after her. The beautiful flower that was once Dewi Arum is called lotus. He also suggests the people to use the water in the lake as source of the irrigation for their paddy fields. Back at the kingdom. The king furious. So. He also the richest man. The villagers call him Pak Pelit because he is very stingy. When the king arrives with the flower. The village now become a town. Then they have a party. So. Prabu Ranubahu in worried about her doughter. Since you enjoy beeing in the lake so much. They will not have good rice. the harvest will fail. They produce rice with good quality. Pak Pelit has a son. But Pak Pelit doesn't want to do it. Ci means water and anjur means suggestion. he picks the flower and goes back to his kingdom. More and more people come and live there. All the farmers work for him. She then stamps her foot on the ground On the place the old woman stamps up. The farmers then ask Pak Pelit to hold a party.

the princess and the ladies-in-waiting finally arrived in Krendawahana jungle. they found the pond. He was very restless. But it was too late. He regretted what he said. And the person who had to pick the flowers was Dewi Arum. Amazingly. It was very beautiful. She could spend hours swimming and forgot everything. However their happy lives were disturbed when they suffered a terrible illness. I’m really disappointed with you! You don’t deserve to be the princess and live in the palace. He told her about the dream and asked her to pick the flowers. She had never seen a beautiful pond like this. He could not wait any longer. he immediately called the princess. They all were really scared. I’ve told you many times not to neglect your duties. The king was impatient. Her parents often reminded her not to swim too long. And when the king was sleeping. Days and nights he asked god to heal the illness. people lived happily. Nobody had ever been to this jungle before. The king then asked the ladies-in-waiting to accompany the princess. He knew the people really needed the flowers to heal the illness. Wild animals were everywhere. You deserve to live here in the pond!” said the king. “Dewi Arum! What are you doing here? Our people are dying and you are having fun swimming in the pond. he saw the princess swimming! The king was really angry. He then went to the jungle to follow the princess. They asked her to pick the flowers and went home. For a moment. They were amazed by the beauty of the pond. Actually the king was not sure his daughter could go there. He had a very beautiful daughter. An old man told the king that the illness could be healed with flowers in the pond. You are allowed to swim but you have to do your duties first. Unfortunately she ignored them. When the king arrived at the pond. And the king often got angry when Dewi Arum swam in the pond and neglected her duties as a princess. And that made the king sad. The ladies-in-waiting had tried to remind the princess. The water was very clear. The princess had changed into beautiful flowers. Later it appeared a beautiful flower. However the pond was in Krendawahana jungle.0 comments The Legend of Lotus Folklore from West Java ONCE upon a time. the princess disappeared from the water. He already asked the palace healer to heal them. When the king woke up. She had a strange habit. The king was Prabu Ranubahu. And when . He was really angry. The king was surprised. Meanwhile the king was waiting in the palace. After going through a very difficult journey. They really wanted to leave the jungle immediately. Meanwhile. Her name was Dewi Arum. they all forgot about their mission. he had a dream. They all hoped to find the pond soon and picked the flowers. He knew his daughter could not live with him in the palace anymore. there was a kingdom named Umbul Wening. She liked to swim in a pond. The king then prayed to god. It was very far from the palace. Unfortunately the palace healer was also unable to heal the illness. Finally. The princess was the happiest person. She swam and swam for hours.

the king brought the flower to the palace. Nobody dared to cross the jungle. It was a water jug. he found the witch’s house.One of the young men the princess refused to marry was Duruwiksa. The robbers then get angry. She became angrier when she knew that Prince Sumirat wanted to help Princess Nilarani. He heard that Princess Nilarani could be cured if she drank water from a kendi. The king and the queen were sad. Princess Nilarani fell in love with Prince Sumirat and Prince Sumirat also had the same feeling.He won the fight and continued his journey. surprisingly everybody was cured. The kingdom was ruled by KingMarundata. a very beautiful girl. Finally. *** 0 comments . They named it Lotus.Luckily. And people were also amazed by the flowers. Prince Sumirat won and he immediately asked Princess Nilarani to drink water from the kendi. They were fighting.Later. Prince Sumirat broke the window and entered the house. he used the skills to fight the witch. The witch hid the kendi in the ceiling.He had heard that a witch kidnapped Princess Nilarani. He was a handsome man and had great skills in martial arts. She was not only beautiful but also kind-hearted. The King had only one child. One of them was Prince Sumirat from the neighbouring kingdom. The robbers forcedPrince Sumirat to give them his moneyor they would kill him. Prince Sumirat refused to give his money. Prince Sumirat was a brave man. there was a kingdom named Pasir Batang. they got married and lived happily ever after. They were fighting. Luckily. Those robbers were mean and would harm everyone. That was why the people of Pasir Batang kingdom also loved her. The king and the queen loved the princess very much. Afterwards. After he knew all about the kendi. She always helped people. There were robbers and wild animals lived in there. Prince Sumirat then brought Princess Nilarani back to the palace. *** 0 comments Princess Nilarani Folklore from West Java ONCE upon a time in West Java. Many people searched for Princess Nilarani. Princess Nilarani turned back as she was before. His father had taught him about magical skills. But Princess Nilarani could not decide. He was sneaking to the window. He crossed the jungle and met the robbers. Prince Sumirat had great skills in martial arts. She kidnapped Princess Nilarani and changed her into a very ugly woman. Slowly. Prince Sumirat did not only have skills in martial arts. Her name was Princess Nilarani.They then made a promise. They would give a lot of jewelleries to whomever who could find Princess Nilarani. He was a son of a witch. Many young men had tried to propose her and asked her to be their wife. The witch was so angry. He also knew that the witch lived across a jungle. The witch was surprised. She was so angry that someone entered her house without permission. So.

the people of the village heard that the boat sank into the ocean. It's not that we don't love you. to wait for the boat to return. She is not satisfied with her gorgeous look either. but Aki refused. “You should stay home and wait for our two sons. together with Aki. The king and queen love their daughter so much. He tries to convince her that her plan is not proper. but by her attitude. So the princess goes to see her mother and father and tell them about her plan. Nini dressed up and went to the beach.*** 0 comments Telaga Warna A Folktale from West Java The king of a famous kingdom in Cipanas. Which means the beach’s of Nini’s rock. she is not happy. She wants to be the most beautiful girl in the world. But all their love is not enough for the princess. But Nini kept waiting on the beach. Then they looked for her at the beach. West Java lived a couple of elderly husband and wife. Days passed by. Nobody was there either. She looked at the boat as it sailed away on the ocean.”said Aki to Nini. Every Lebaran. to return. But she was not there. The boat was never seen. Aki toldNini that he wanted to visit their daughter. who was sitting down on the beach. He has a beautiful daughter. waiting for her husband. The rock symbolizes a wife’s faithfulness to her husband. Aki. Aki promised that he would return two days after Lebaran day. They kept searching for Nini. Only the wind and the sand. They quickly went to Nini’s house to tell her about the bad news. is very wise man. waiting for her husband. Nini still sat on the beach. Even though they give her everything. Their sons lived across the ocean and their daughter lived in another place far away from Aki and Nini. Nini was sad when Aki left the village on a boat with other passengers. But their daughter never did. The elderly husband was called Aki and the elderly wife was called Nini. They believed it was Nini.The Origin of Pantai Karang Nini A Folktale from West Java ONCE upon a time in a village in Ciamis. calling her name. She imagined meeting her daughter. their two sons visited Aki and Nini. Aki and Nini missed their daughter. She couldn’t wait to meet her husband. but what will people . "My Daughter. The beach is then called Pantai Karang Nini. The king is surprised to hear about his daughter plan. Finally they found a rock that looked like an old woman sitting down on the beach. Hours passed by. Nini wanted to come along. West Java. She plans to put all the jewelries that they have in every single hair in her head. On the day Aki promised to return. Several days later. She is very sure they will not say no. They had two sons and one daughter. All the jewelries that they have are not enough for her. the beauty of a princess is not measured by her clothes or by the jewelry she is wearing. Two days before Lebaran day. The princess then has an idea.

So she runs to her room to get her jewelry box. the villager had to pay double. However. Nyai Bagendit immediately to ask her to go." She throes her jewelry box to her father. amazingly.think if you go through with your plan?" says the king. The lake always reflects multiple colors to its surrounding. Nyai Bagendit then went back to her big house. They were amazed. She then said. not even God can punish me!" Nyai Bagendit was very arrogant. I am returning the every single jewelry you ever gave me. So no one can punnish me. She never felt sorry to any beggars coming to her house. She did not like to help others. "Nyai Bagedit. She had a very big house fill with a lot of jewellery. Go now! I dont want to see you here! Nyai Bagendit then threw a stone to the old beggar. they borrowed the money from her. The princess is shocked to hear that. people named the lake as Situ Bagendit It means Lake of Bagendit. an earhquake happened. Wait for the punishment from God. "Ha ha ha! You are right. You are not grateful to God. I know you are the riches person in this village. Nyai Bagendit cried for help. the place where Nyai Bagedit's house stood became lake. I'm the richest person here. If they were not able to return the debt. It was so big that the entire Nyai Bagendit's house. the earthquake only happened in Nyai Bagendit's house. She was the richest person in the village. Here. I'm so hungry. Her house fell down. the floor of the palace erupts and water pours out from the crack. Then she returns to her parents. when they returned it. Nyi Bagedit would ask her servants to take the villagers belongings. Some say the colors come from the princess's jewelry. Since then. So when the old beggar came to her house. You will be punished!" The old beggar then left Nyai Bagedit's house. *** 0 comments Situ Bagendit Folklore from West Java Nyai Bagendit was a widow. Nyai Bagendit also hated beggars. give me some money or just give me some food. The old beggar was very sad. Nobody in the village felt the earthquake. Said the beggar. She screams: "You are so miserly. The lake is known as Telaga Warna that means colorful lake. and all her wealth were gone. In a matter of second the palace if flooded. She also had many servants working for her. She thought that beggars were lazy people. Not long after that. Go away you lazy old woman! Go out of my house! Please. You have anything but you never help other people. Food? You asked for food? This is my house not a restaurant.*** 0 comments . Whenever the villagers needed some money. The villagers just wathes what happened to Nyai Bagendit and her house. The palace then replace by a lake. "You are ungrateful daughter!" Suddenly. Slowly. Nyai Bagendit was also known for her bad attitude. They knew that God punished Nyai Bagendit for behaving badly and never helped other people. The wise king is outraged seeing his daughter did. "Help me! Somebody please help me!" But nobody listened her crying for help. Nyai. The land was opened. drowning the ungrateful princess and her jewelry.

“We have done a terrible thing. As usual. Before they left. *** 0 comments .” the husband said. He was not eaten by the tiger. Forgive me. It all happened because they did not check the baby first before they killed the tiger. the tiger looked after their baby. “You must have done something bad to my baby! Have you killed him? Why did you do that?” he was very panicked. He looked very happy. which means “wrong guess”. the couple went to the paddy field. When the couple went to work on the paddy field. lived a young couple. my God! What have I done? I am so sorry. They worked from morning until afternoon. The snake was dead and full of blood. They lived happily with their baby. They looked at each other. Then they both entered the house. my wife. “We will go to the field now. They were shocked. Look after our baby. Their baby was sleeping peacefully in his cradle. When the couple arrived home. He wagged his tail and rubbed his body to the couple’s legs. my dear tiger. the couple went to the field. Since then. He had saved our baby. West Java. The word Panyalahan derives from the word “nyalahan”. “Why does this tiger behave strangely? He does not act as usual?” he thought. they asked the tiger to look after their baby. The husband looked at the tiger carefully. the wife took the baby and kissed him. The couple also had some animals. “Oh. He thought the tiger had eaten the baby. the tiger welcomed them. The baby woke up. Oh. They have killed their faithful tiger. The husband became suspicious. One of them was a tiger. Then he remembered his baby. The tiger’s mouth was full of blood. please?” The couple felt very guilty. okay?” The tiger nodded. Forgive me. The tiger must have killed him. but I killed him. He was shocked. They were farmers. The husband took his knife and killed the tiger in anger. He opened his eyes and smiled. The tiger acted differently. The tiger is not guilty! Look at the dead snake. “Why is your mouth full of blood?” he asked the tiger.The Story of Panyalahan Village A Folklore from West Java LONG time ago in Tasikmalaya. the couple’s village was called Panyalahan. The couple found a very large snake under the cradle. Quickly. So.

The color of the skin was golden. The smoke then was gone. "Don't worry. Everyday he collected some woods and sold them in the village. If I did. He then gave the antelope some food. later a beautiful girl appeared. the old man saw a beautiful antelope. You just released me from the curse. Suddenly. He pointed it to the golden antelope. He was so surprised to see a talking antelope. Prince Wijaya took his arrow. "I'm sorry old man. He could not collect the woods. She wanted the old man also to join them. She did not know that some hunters were following her. They then went to the old man's house. One day." said the antelope. I'm Princess Sutha. OK?" asked the antelope." she explained. The old man walked slowly towards the antelope. A goddess cursed me into a golden antelope. the old man was ill." said the golden antelope. I could turn back into human i a prince hit me with his arrow. He did not feel lonely anymore because he had a friend to talk now. He was so happy after Princess Sutha explained everything. smoke came out of the golden antelope's body. The old man was surprised when there were a prince and a princess in his house.The Golden Antelope Folklore from West Java THERE was an old and poor man lived alone in the jungle. I can't tell you who I am. Just donÕt tell anyone about me. "Thank you. The antelope looked very weak. Then Prince Wijaya asked her to go to the kingdom with him. the golden antelope. Princess Sutha agreed only with one condition. One day. The golden antelope then went to the jungle. The arrow hit the antelope's body. many people will hunt me. Sir. ÒThank you. His wife passed away years ago and he did not have any children. it's the golden antelope. He then agreed when they asked him to live with them in the . You are very kind to me. One of the hunters was Prince Wijaya. "You could talk? Who are you? Are you the ghost of the jungle?" the old man was very shocked. Since then the old man had a new friend. I will collect the woods for you. The antelope was different from other antelopes.

I'm older than she is. Amazingly. Father. she asked Lutung Kasarung to accompany her to go back to the palace. Purbararang then set a bad plan with her fiance. Everyday she spent her time playing with some animals there. "A queen must have a handsome husband. Hearing this." said Purbararang. Purbasari had longer hair." The king then measured his daughters' hair. Now she had to stay in the jungle. They were happy ever after.palace. The monkey's name was Lutung Kasarung. He wanted Purbasari to replace him as the leader of the kingdom. Lutung Kasarung planned to help Purbasari. He was actually a god. "You cannot ask her to be the queen. Purbararang was angry. After that. She then said. "You are not as beautiful as I am. It's supposed to be me. Indrajaya. But the king still chose Purbasari to be the next queen. There was one monkey that always tried to cheer her up. She knew she had to come up with another bad idea. *** 0 comments Lutung Kasarung Folklore from West Java PRABU Tapa Agung was an old king. It was not just an ordinary monkey. Not long after that. There were black dots all over her body. Instead. Prince Wijaya and Princess Sutha got married. His name was Sanghyang Gurumina. her bad skin was cured. And he also could talk with humans. he had magical power. Later. Purbasari had bad skin. not her!" said Purbararang. you have to leave this palace and stay in a jungle. Purbararang and Purbasari. He made a small lake and asked her to take a bath there. He had two daughters. "Those who have longer hair will be the queen. Purbasari was very sad. Now she got her beautiful skin back. But Purbararang did not give up. Purbararang was very shocked. Prabu Tapa Agung planned to retire as a king. Together they went to a witch and asked her to put a spell on Purbasari. You cannot be the queen. If my fiance is more .

She forgave Purbararang and her fiance and let them stay in the palace. Purbasari then became the queen." Suddenly.handsome than yours. Purbasari was sad. then I will be the queen. Purbararang was laughing very hard." said Purbararang. was handsome. Indrajaya. Where is yours?" asked Purbararang. "Your fiance is a monkey. She knew Purbararang's fiance. And she did not have a fiance yet. Lutung Kasarung changed into a very a handsome man. Lutung Kasarung came forward. *** Link: Lutung Kasarung changed into a man . ha ha ha. "Here is my fiancé. He was even more handsome than Indrajaya. Indrajaya.

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