Pooh."Wake up." cried Piglet. "Owl just told me there's a big surprise waiting for us by his treehouse!" Winnie the Pooh jumped out of bed and threw on his clothes. .

I'll just have to keep it with me.0> v.'\) ~ a & "Pooh." Piglet giggled as they hurried to Owl's house. "you're still wearing your nightcap." Ib I/) (?~(6V "Oh. I forgot to take it off. "Wewere in such a hurry." . bother!" said Pooh.

~ .---. "Sweet blackberries! They're so delicious!" Piglet said. "Wemust bring some back for everyone.--- . "Blackberries!" Pooh cried.Soon they found Owl's surprise. ." Pooh suggested.

-----."But we don't have a berry pail. Then he had the perfect idea. "How can we take home enough blackberries for everyone?" Pooh thought for a moment. "Let's use my cap.. . "It will hold as much as a berry pail." ""'-...." he suggested." Piglet pointed out...-_ (~'C..::> -- '-.

"And hooray for Owl's blackberry surprise!" . Pooh and Piglet invited all their friends over for blackberry pie.When they got back to Pooh's house. "Hooray for Pooh's nightcap!" they all chorused.

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