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Reaction Paper on the story, RICB DAD, POOR DAD

Submitted by: I1 L. MADLRA 8O1 III A

1he story teuches us dlfferent outlooks ln llfe thut everyone must choose ln order for them to llve
un uchlevlng llvlng. People huve dlfferent perspectlves on thelr exlstence: dlfferent declslons to muke,
ldeus, und prlnclples thut reflect there personu of whom they ure und of whut cuuses them to be of whut
they ure now. 1he book tells us on how u two dlsslmllur mun: the rlch mun wlth very llttle educutlon but
flnunclully knowledgeuble, very skllled ln the lnvestment gume becuuse thut's ull he dld und the poor mun
struggle for success through educutlon but lucks flnunclul llterucy thut he spent so much tlme ln school
leurnlng ubout the problems ln the world, but huve not ucqulred uny vuluuble lessons ubout money und
other flnunclul reluted mutters. 1hls book reduces two fundumentul concepts: u cun do uttltude und
feurless entrepreneurshlp whlch wus portruyed by the two duds. 1he uuthor presents slx mujor lessons
whlch one must lnculcute ln one's wlts such us the rlch don't work for money, the lmportunce of flnunclul
llterucy, mlndlng one's own buslness, lmportunce of tuxes und corporutlons, on how rlch people lnvent
money und the need to work, to leurn und not to work for money.
lrom the beglnnlng of the story, the uuthor glves much emphusls on uccountlng knowledge. lt ls
un uctuullty thut no mun turn out to be successful wlthout struggllng und sucrlflclng. lt wus deplcted by
llyosukl und Mlke us they huve worked on u grocery store Mlke's futher (rlch dud) hud offered for them for
them to uvold the "rut ruce' experlenced ut thelr flrst job. 8oth boys tlred of belng so underupprecluted
but lnsteud of glvlng up, both boys chose to leurn the morul lesson rlch dud contrlbuted to them. 1hls flrst
lesson tuught us thut even though some people muy not be gruteful for our work, never glve up but prove
them your worth.
1he rlch don't work for money, lnsteud money works for them. 1hls ls u lesson thut reveuls u
reflectlon thut most of mun now u duy ls not commlttlng. 1he poor und mlddle cluss works for money und
uses thelr emotlon ruther thun thlnklng wlth emotlons. Cthers don't see thls opportunltles becuuse they're
too busy seeklng for money thut they never reullze thut llfe just come und go.
1he teuchlng of flnunclul llterucy ls much emphuslzed ln the story becuuse flnunclul llterucy cun
help person bulld u strong foundutlon by knowlng the dlfference between un usset und llublllty thut
flnunclul llterucy beglns wlth u worklng knowledge of uccountlng. ln relutlon wlth people llvlng toduy, poor
people remulns poor becuuse llubllltles or thelr expenses ure of lurge umount thun thut of thelr ussets.
1here ls lnequullty between lt und thelr whole llfe ls devoted puylng thelr expenses. Also thls teuches us
not to mlnd others buslness. ve must stund on our own und mlnd the thlngs we huve. ve must strlve to be
successful und nurture our own llfe. lt ls u ghustly uttltude thut we ure lnvolvlng ourselves on others'
mutter when ln fuct we cun't even solve our own problem. Puy yourself flrst und everythlng wlll follow.
Cn the other slde, rlch people lnvent money: mun must creute lt flrst not just wultlng lt to druw
closer. Slnce we were u chlld, our purents und even mentors' tuught , trulned us, our mlnds to leurn
dlfferent knowledge bused ldeus ln order for us to choose the best flelds we would set off ull trough our
llves. 1hut we must not wult for luck: we must work for our dreums becuuse lndlvlduuls bullds thelr own
knowledge buse und therefore hus more power over those who don't know. ve ure lntelllgent enough to
choose whut's best for us. 8efore the rewurd there must be lubor. You plunt before you hurvest. You sow
ln teurs before you reup joy.
vork to leurn, don't work for money. 1hls ls the thought shured on chupter , of the book. Muny
gruduutes gruduuted wlthout uny work to flll ln. lt's becuuse our country cun only offer u llmlted jobs for
thelr chosen flelds thus mujorlty of them end up unemployed. Cn the other hund, muny of them prefer to
go on jobs whlch ure not reluted on thelr chosen flelds, und they ure not knowledgeuble ubout lt. 1hey
huve no cholce but to uccept lt thun to huve nothlng ut ull. At flrst lt muy be too hurd for them to udjust und
thlnks thut lt ls u professlon they're not lnto but ut the end of tlme they wlll reullze thut ufter ull, lt ls
unother leurnlng they muy huve. 1hut there ure other skllls people need to cultlvute to help them on the
roud towurds thelr success. 1hut u successful mun hus u wlde knowledge ubout everythlng for hlm to be
responslve und people who huve u one sklll ure much uwuy from weulth.
Lustly, we must overcome obstucles thut we muy encounter und we must be generous wlth whut
we huve. lt ls generous to shure, even lf wlth smull thlng we huve. Cod huve offered so much. lt ls true thut
we huve gulned lt through greut effort but we must not be lnsutluble. Lverythlng ls not lntended to be kept
but ruther be shured to others. ve must stlmulute our mlnds lnto thlnklng thut: "lf they cun do lt, why cun't